Scorned ex-girlfriend spills the dirt on Soros

Glenn welcomed two very special guests to the TV show Monday night: progressive puppet master George Soros and his ex-girlfriend Adriana Ferreyr (or at least two reallyreallyreally close impersonators). Their domestic squabble made headlines last week when news broke that Ferreyr walked into a deposition and punched her former lover. Glenn has had a long history with Soros, and he wanted to get the story straight from (someone who is dressed as) the man himself so he could tell his story.


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  • Elizabeth

    What I simply cannot comprehend is why the Left is willing to overlook this man’s obvious nefarious & sinister associations, background & apparent agenda simply because he is willing to bankroll them with astronomical sums of money? Do they honestly believe that deep down Soros has the best interest of America at heart?

    • kandy830

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    • KJinAZ

      Soros gets extra brownie points for all of those bad behaviours in liberal land.

    • mercenarygrip

      Is the left “willing to overlook this man’s obvious nefarious & sinister associations, background & apparent agenda” for “astronomical sums of money?” ABSOLUTELY, YES! First off, you have to remember that Soros’ agenda and the Democrat’s agenda are one & the same. Before they can institute their vision for America, it is necessary to dispose of the current system. This is no easy task, nor is it inexpensive. So if Soros is occasionally embarrassing to the Dems, they’ll put up with it, because overall their views are simpatico, and they need his money.

      • Anonymous

        Same goes for Bloomberg.

    • wentworthcheswell

      The progressive left agrees with Soros and they all want a totalitarianist regime just like Soros wants…and they are even willing to use Sharia Banking/Sharia Law to get us there….Sharia is totalitarianist….theocracy that owns your life and work…..and we are getting there faster via Sharia than even they thought we would!

  • soybomb315

    This is like Nero playing the fiddle

  • Anonymous

    Stu should be using a Portuguese accent instead of a Valley-girl accent. How do you sue someone for not giving you something?

    • Anonymous

      No one cares what you think.

      • Anonymous

        Someone liked my post, so apparently you didn’t account for at least one person’s opinion. Did it ever occur to you that believing you represent everyone may be narcissistic.

        • The truth about spammers

          I don’t care. It’s also easy to guest vote up a comment. I bet you know how. LMAO

    • Guest

      Many women sue their boyfriends for broken promises and win. What’s the co habitation laws in Cali, NY?

  •!/zerses Moirrainefortruth

    A billionaire can’t give up a “million dollar” condo?

    The man is a control freak, irrefutable proof.

  • landofaahs

    George Sore Hose who?

  • landofaahs

    Men in drag…what next?

  • landofaahs

    Does anyone else see the resemblance of George and a turtle?

  • Connor

    Glenn that is just weird.

  • Deborah L

    Doesn’t Soros family ties have something to do with the voting machines made for the elections. Isn’t this also a little too easy for the demos to ensure who is elected.

    • Anonymous

      And who will be checking this out before the next two elections?

    • Bill Norris

      It’s true

  • Anonymous

    He is the one who almost broke the bank of England and nearly collapsed the English pound. I do not know why anyone would make deals with that type of person. I bet he feels he can make another billion when the dollar collapses. So he stays close to the source to get all the information he needs until the time is ripe. M15 and M16 should have exterminated that weasel long ago.

    • Anonymous

      He has also recently made significant “put” calls on the US economy. What that means is Soros is betting 1.3 Billion that the US economy will collapse in the short term.

      Being the Huffpo it must be true/?

    • Guardian

      He also had an insider trading conviction upheld by the highest court in France in June 2006. He appealed it, but in October 2011 the court rejected his appeal. I believe he has yet to spend a day in jail for it. If it was anyone here, we would be behind bars.

  • dennis reilly

    I was laughing my butt off thanks

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    This was good!

    Pat and Stu do excellent impersonations all the time, but this one was the best!

    Pat didn’t need makeup, but Stu nailed it! And the acting, Valley Girl will do. The gum-chewing did it for me! “I love money!” Of course, who doesn’t… love Soros for his obscene money.

    Laus Deo

  • Bill Wiz

    Club of Rome……be very weary

  • Anonymous

    Nothing will bring down Soros’ globalist plans quicker than pissing off too many women.

  • Jon McCasper

    Since virtues and moral standards are key pillars upon which liberty rests, attacks upon them undermine the civilized culture they support.

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