Free Justina! Glenn explains why you have ‘the opportunity to save a woman’s life’

After breaking a gag order and speaking to Glenn and TheBlaze on Monday, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) filed for Lou Pelletier, the father of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier who is being held against her parents’ will, to be held in contempt of court, a family source told TheBlaze.

“I will tell you that in a meeting I had this morning, I said: I don’t care if only four people read the story. I want this to be the lead story on TheBlaze from hereon out.” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Find every reason to talk about it. Turn over every stone. Show me everything that people can do and are doing. Put it in there. I don’t care if nobody’s reading the story. This is the most important story to me because you have a chance. You have the opportunity to save a woman’s life.”

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Glenn admitted that when he first heard this story last fall he assumed there had to be another lawyer – something that would help explain why something like this can happen in America. But after reading the thoroughly researched reports from the journalists at TheBlaze and speaking to Lou for several hours this week, Glenn is sure that he and his team have not missed anything.

“I want to talk to you about Justina who is that little girl up in Boston Children’s Hospital. She has been transferred and is to be transferred again. She was taken away from her family. The story doesn’t make any sense,” Glenn said. “For the longest time, we didn’t report on it because we were like, ‘Okay, there’s got to be something that we’re missing. What is it that we’re missing here? There’s got to be something.’ No, we’re not missing. We talked to her father yesterday, spent two days with him. No, I don’t think we’re missing anything.”

Because juvenile court records are confidential, a Massachusetts judge placed a gag order on all involved in the appeal process. Justina’s parents, doctors, and caregivers have been unable to talk about the case, but 13 months after this ordeal began, the family has had enough. By speaking out this week, however, Justina’s father, Lou, now faces possible jail time.

“Because he was on this broadcast yesterday and television on Monday, DCF has filed that he be held in contempt of court. He may go to jail for standing up for his daughter. If he doesn’t go to jail, the other option is that the state fines him. The family is already broke because he is David, and he’s standing up against Goliath,” Glenn explained. “And they have already destroyed this family. Emotionally the State and Boston Children’s Hospital have already destroyed this family. He doesn’t have any more money left. All he has is his voice, and the state is trying to silence that. I think Lou is willing to go to jail. I know he is. He’s willing to go to jail.”

What will happen to this case if Lou does in fact go to jail? Who will speak out on Justina’s behalf? The media has been all but silent in this case, but Glenn made an emotional plea on radio this morning.

“Somebody has to stand in the gap because all they have to do is silence people… I want to come to you and humbly beg for your help,” Glenn pleaded. “This is why they are silencing Lou. If he dries up as a source… then there are no sources. The hospital will just say, ‘Well, the state has custody of her, we can’t talk about any kind of patients’… And the state will say, ‘For the good of the child, we can’t talk about it anymore.’ Meanwhile, dad will be rotting in jail… and mom won’t say anything because mom’s got to be there for her other sick children! And so what will happen? The story will be lost. In this particular case, the press is literally trying to bury the story.”

While Glenn will be doing anything and everything he can think of to raise awareness for Justina and her family, he cannot do it alone. It is important that you share this story any and every way you can. Just an hour into the radio program, #FreeJustina was trending nationally in the United States:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.00.31 AM

“If they put Lou in jail, if they take what little money he has left away from him, who will stand in the gap? Who will be Justina’s voice? I will. But one cannot do it,” Glenn concluded. “You are more powerful than you think you are. Those who are with us far outnumber those who are against us. If we will just all choose to do something good, if we will all see Justina as our daughter, the world changes. They’ve said horrible things about us – let’s show them the good we can do… Go to I am currently calling everybody I know in Washington, which is, I know all of them or they know me but not a lot of them are friendly. I’m calling every civil rights attorney I can think of. Please don’t call me and tell me what we can do. Just do it. Twitter. Facebook. Just do it.”

Learn more about how you can get involved HERE.

  • Anonymous

    A couple of dozen lawmakers recently demanded the resignation of Massachusetts DCF head Olga Roche. I will be e-mailing all of them tonight and asking them for their intervention in this latest case of state sponsored child abuse. Please also release the names of the case workers involved so that we can ruin their careers for destroying this family. Furthermore, the “home” where they plan to send Justina next is in Merrimac, MA. I live in the next town over.The Pelletiers are welcome to stay in my home when they come to visit Justina, if it comes to that, and I think it will. My home is small but full of love. Please accept the invitation, as I’m sure there will be more people reaching out to you. I herein authorize Disqus to give my contact information to Glen Beck for the purpose of reaching out to this family. People, let’s get cracking. These people need our help!

    • Darlene Kevin

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      ◆◆◆ ◆◆◆� ◆◆◆ ◆�◆◆◆ ◆◆◆Can anyone who understands the medicine in this situation, clarify this for me?

      • Anonymous

        The child was being treated for Mitochondrial disease by a reputable doctor at Tuft’s Medical Center. She caught the flu and deteriorated. Her doctor wanted her seen by a former colleague who was now at Boston Children’s. The doctors at Children’s disputed the Tuft’s doctor’s diagnosis and said she had Somatoform disorder (a mental illness). The child was never seen by the doctor whom the Tuft’s doctor had referred her to (and who knew her). The treatment strategy imposed by Children’s denied them the right to a second opinion. When they attempted to take their child back to Tuft’s, security was called in, a report of abuse/neglect was filed with the state, and Massachusetts DCF was granted custody of the child. When the media got wind of what was happening, the judge imposed a gag order. Subsequently, the child was held for about a year in a locked psychiatric ward at Children’s. She was recently transferred to group home. The child’s father, who believes that his daughter is dying because treatment for the original diagnosis is being forcibly withheld, is defying the gag order. So, to answer your question, the medicine in this situation is the bitter pill that this family has been forced to swallow every single day that they have been forced to endure this hell, in order to satisfy the insatiable egos of Boston Children’s and MA DCF.

        • chip griffin

          if this is in fact true, the state, us, will pay a huge fine for each day she was kidnapped. no one will be punished in this life that anyone will be brave enough to say, THAT MY FRIEND, is the hand of GOD! i will.
          i was held at a state ran mental hospital against my will for 8 days. my parents and my older brother all signed on the dotted line. to have me put away for the rest of my life.

          the doctor laid the court order out in front of me on the table as he signed it also. he then stated the judge will rubber stamp whatever he says to do.

          i sat back and said, sign it, and you will not make it to your car before GOD drops you dead in the parking lot. after that, GOD will drop this hospital and all who are under it’s roof. i will walk away untouched to finish my work. I WAS SIGNING MY RELEASE PAPERS 15 MINS LATER. i walked home because no one would pick me up.

          how did i make it to the hospital to start with? well GOD took me to heaven and said a few things, then placed me back in my home. the next few weeks were followed by visits from angels telling one future event after the next to the point of not only was i afraid but so was my whole family. i never would have guessed in a 100 years, their fear would push them to try and lock me away. this was way back in 2006.

          folks, keep your eyes on the 4 blood moons, things are going to change and never change back. obama has made a pack with the devil back in his teens, how do i know? the angels took me back in time to that very day and i watched it with my own two eyes.
          obama was holding a sick child in his arms and he was cussing the USA, the devil walked up to him and ask him if he would like to change that? his reply was YES!
          today he is our president.
          i am taking a big chance just writting this here. i am not playing. the angels showed me many other things, such as the military coming in and forceing everyone into fema camps, those who would not willingly take the mark of the beast. the mark will come in the form of a shot, the digital chip already inside the shot. this is the NWO SYSTEM. it is already law with obamacare. we just don’t know the day in which they will start inforcing it, it is already law!
          much much more was shown to me, we are at the end folks, prepare to leave the cities both great and small. we must not get the mark of the beast at all cost, even at the cost of death. we are at the door…

        • Tammy McAbee Brookover

          Her doctors from Tuft’s need to step up to the plate and talk about her diagnosis and treatment.

          • Jean Shepherd

            Doctors at Tufts are under the gag order imposed by Judge in early November 2013.

        • Anonymous

          It not Justina who need a shrink doctor , it the chief shrink doctor at BCH that needs a shrink he has the obama complex of being a false savior ,that he is perfect ,that he can interpert the diagnostic tests better than the renown experts who knows how after operations,nutrients, drugs and per the patient situation that can give false readings,,he most likely he didn’t even consult with these renown experts before he claim know more than others in physical medicine which outside his field of expertise ,he just going on a power trip that he know everthing and no one else have right to say anything even if they present true facts !! So he cancel out parents rights and won’t let recently tranferr renown doctors from Tufts to see the patient !! So he get the rest of his progressive click to along with him only hearing his side DCF what call it social worker and the so so judge who wouldn’t not even hear the other medical opposing side, So he his click to take away the parents rights ,and the right to decide on treatment now the parents have more knowledge than DCF and Judge of Justina condition, and access to both medical side argruements in treating Justina also denied the rights Tuft renown specialists . So between Tufts specials and parents they both have more knowledge and more balance info not one sided than DCF and the so so Judge they are denied rights to decide or to have a voice in the decision on how to treat Justina !!!!!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Maybe now this so so judge & DCF will claim that they have more medical knowledge than the Tufts specialists and more knowledge than Justina parents that why didn’t even consult them or hear their case or side , I think this obama complex have rub off on them from the shrink doctor at BCH who is fully infected and is very contagious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            You refer to Obamacare, as if the Affordable Care Act has anything to do with this. This is actually Romneycare (Massachusetts health care reform). Which has been around a lot longer than Obamacare, since 2006 to be exact. Obamacare is not even utilized in Massachusetts. Get your
            facts straight and stop pandering your agenda of hate, as blame for this horrendous atrocity.

          • Guest

            You refer to Obamacare, as if the Affordable Care Act has anything to do with this. This is actually Romneycare (Massachusetts health care reform). Which has been around a lot longer than Obamacare, since 2006 to be exact. Obamacare is not even utilized in Massachusetts. Get your facts straight and stop pandering your agenda of hate, as blame for this horrendous injustice.

          • Anonymous

            You refer to Obamacare, as if the Affordable Care Act has anything to do with this. This is actually Romneycare (Massachusetts health care reform). Which has been around a lot longer than Obamacare, since 2006 to be exact. Obamacare is not even utilized in Massachusetts. Get your
            facts straight and stop pandering your agenda of hate, as blame for this horrendous injustice. It is the States DCF department and Boston Children’s hospital that are to blame.

      • Anonymous

        Creepy spammer; get off of the site u pos.

        • Anonymous

          Agree with this comment.

    • deputygregswife

      Can you provide the emails so more of us can do the same?

  • Connor

    We must demand her freedom before they kill her.

  • Amber K

    Changed my profile pic to support Justina and parents rights! Change yours too to get people talking!!! Go to the free Justina Facebook group to sign petitions and learn other ways of helping out! #FreeJustina

    • Linda Schmitt

      Great idea! I just changed my fb profile pic. Not sure why it isn’t changed here yet. Ah well. FREE JUSTINA!!!!! There but the grace of God go I. Justina is now America’s beloved

  • Anonymous

    I am confused. Why is she in the hospital and where do I go to read the story on it? This article didn’t tell me anything.

    • Anonymous

      click on the blue links in the article and you’ll be redirected to the rest of the information.

      • Billy W

        The blue link took me to paypal.

        • Huskergram

          Go to the very first sentence and click on “speaking to Glenn and TheBlaze on Monday.”

    • Anonymous

      Just go ahead and Google Justina Pelletier and Boston Children’s Hospital and MA DCF. And if you’re a loving parent, you’ll need a stiff drink while you’re reading it all.

  • Anonymous

    I just sent an emergency/high importance email to Bill O’Reilly asking him to have G. Beck and the parents on The Factor and shed some light on this mess before its too late. Say a prayer he does this. I think this is the only way to get the court and DCF to back off.

    • KJinAZ

      Greta may be a better choice. She’s always looking for ways to one-up Bill.

      • Tammy McAbee Brookover

        Kelly is the best of all.

      • Anonymous

        I like to see Justice with Judge Jeanine to cover this story she will tear into this shrink doctor and his progressive click what it call social worker of DCF and the so so judge who only hear one side, and that have no business in medical decision of the parents on what treatment to have for their daughter from two supposedly outstanding hospitals (BCH ????) Who does this shrink doctor think he is to cancel out parents rights and for them to make the decision on what type of treatment for daughter from a another reputable hospital and just label the other hospital as full of incompetent doctors don’t know anything ,but then BCH just hire these renown experts from Tufts ???? Judge Jeanine won’t hold back any punches to these lower life forms who have obama complex disease !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Paolucci, you rock! I sent that email to all of the MA reps as promised, but if you can get O’Reilly involved, you’ve trumped me. This is a spitting contest in which I will gladly engage. I’ll see your O’Reilly and raise you a DeGeneres. I don’t know how I’m going to pull it off just yet, but here you have it in writing!
      (Hey, Mr. Beck? Do you know Ellen by any chance?)

      • Suzanne Bell

        Oreilly is a fence hugger, he is now saying oboma is a good american…and u want to trust HIM?

        • Anonymous

          O’reilly called Obama a Patriot! Are you kidding me! Whose drinking the kool aid now Bill? O’reilly your a NWO hack. You say Obama’s Birth Certificate isn’t an issue. You say 911 happened the way the Government says it did. Now your calling Obama a Patriot. You have no credibility Bill.

          Hey Bill answer me this. What kind of Patriot leaves 4 Government employees stranded at an Embassy and lies about what happened to the American People. What kind of Patriot target returning Vets as Terrorists.


          • Anonymous

            nonsense. which returning vets are you saying he called terrorists. can’t wait.

      • Anonymous



    That is OUTRAGEOUS! BCH and DCF must be stopped #FreeJustinaPellitier

  • Fat Lip

    Give her back to her family remember murder is a felony if you kill her prepare for a huge court battle and there are a lot of us getting our money together we will not back down testing us could be a very large mistake we don’t take abduction lightly !

  • eaglemom67

    Got to wonder, can anyone answer the issue of the DNA in this diagnosis. If I read the material correctly, Justina’s initial diagnosis is a DNA connected condition and the diagnosis is confirmed through DNA testing. If Boston Children’s did the DNA testing and Justina didn’t have the condition….but the parents refused to believe it…wouldn’t the hospital’s actions in taking custody make sense? Could the hospital legally allow a minor to undergo treatment for a condition she didn’t have? Can anyone who understands the medicine in this situation, clarify this for me?

    • Anonymous

      The true question is, can a hospital and court system take a child away from her parents for a YEAR? Justina’s sister has the same condition, by the way.

      This is a parental rights issue. They barely get to see her. She is not getting an education and her health is declining. None of these things are in the best interests of the child.

    • Kennedy

      Not everything is black and white with DNA and Genetic disorders no matter how rare. As in other Rare diseases like all forms of Periodic Paralysis, 60-70 percent are genetic the rest are caused by unknown reasons. Problems is Doctors don’t like to think outside the box, it may be a form that they do not know the genetic markers for or it may not be genetic.

      The hospital had no rights to do what they did and make an insocent child suffer. I could see if Justina was getting better and thriving but she is doing the opposite.

      Boston Childrens needs to admit they were wrong on record, lift the gag order, and release Justina. I am thankful I do not live in Boston or will ever have take my child there. I would rather drive out of state then risk ignorance and stupidity.

      • Anonymous

        Jamie, I don’t want you to “risk ignorance and stupidity” either so let me help you out: hospitals do not issue gag orders, judges do. The hospital no longer has custody, DCF does. I also happen to love Boston and that’s why I’m so dismayed by what is happening to this family in our back yard. I don’t like it when people go all regional, but in order to hide my mild contempt for you, I’ll be glad to correct your spelling and grammar free of charge!

        • Anonymous

          There really is no need to sound like a condescending Bostonian elitist. This site doesn’t require English, Government, nor Spelling Test parameters to reply with one’s opinions here. Better to stick with the content of the story on this poor abused family by all the Boston entities they’re having to deal with and pray for them.

          • Anonymous

            jacoo, I don’t want to have to break this you, but read the first comment in this thread. I’m the one reaching out to this family to help them. What are YOU doing to help??? Call me rude all you want. I would have gladly excused the grammar and spelling if not for the silly and petty regional slight.I travel all over this country, love it, and have never been called “elitist”, nor have I ever had a problem with “rude” or “cliquish” people anywhere in this country. Maybe you are the one with the problem.

          • Anonymous

            Well aren’t you just the perfect little Angel, ambling along the roads of this great country meeting all perfect people like yourself, SCS! *smirk* To be truthful, I didn’t notice the name on your 1st comment until after I had already posted mine to, let’s re-name it, “frosty” Bostonian one; which is what made me go back and edit a bit of mine so I wouldn’t sound like you. I feel nearly all the people here want to help this family in any way they can, just as I have done as well in various ways, along w/making a healthy donation. Oh, and I too have traveled extensively and have lived in many large cities across this country; but unlike very lucky ole you, I have run into people as I described and I can assure you their rudeness didn’t begin w/me. Perhaps the rude people in my acquaintance while living in the Boston area for several years were transplants from other places because I’m sure Boston couldn’t have even 1 rude native running around anywhere within it’s boundaries. You truly are an exceedingly blessed person in your perfection and that of everyone you stated to have come in contact with — well, except for here, with me, of course. 😉

        • Anonymous

          How rude!

          • Anonymous

            I’m sorry you feel that way. What are YOU doing to help this family? That is what I’m trying to accomplish. What about you?

          • pekin

            I am sending $$ How bout it??

    • Amy Benson Young

      I do not know what kind of mitochondrial disease Justina is diagnosed with, but I DO know that this disease is a new frontier. My daughter has been in the diagnosis process for a couple of years and before that, there were two years where noone could identify what was happening to my daughter. There is no one test that confirms or rules out mito. Some of the mitochondrial diseases are more easily diagnosed than others and still some that have not even been given a name. So the term “mitochondrial disease” is really a big umbrella that covers many different conditions. A simple DNA test, in most cases, won’t do it.

    • Ebh

      What if the test was faulty? What if Boston made a mistake? It does happen. Idiopathic versions exist. Since Justine is not getting better, but declining, who is abusing her?

  • Anonymous

    There are too many instances of Child “Protective” Services around the country that are out of control and drunk with power, harassing and threatening people like this poor family, who have done nothing wrong, while other children who are supposed to be on their radar get neglected and abused and killed. CPS operates on an “accusation equals guilt” basis, and there are no checks and balances on them.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Well said.

  • Guest

    There is a Indiegogo account set up for her also. The other links above didn’t go anywhere.

    • Grieving Mom

      Check these donations sites popping up BEFORE sending your money to them. This site that Sheri just put up starts out with this ….

      “My name is Eric Wright. I’m a US Navy Veteran (5 years active duty, been out one year) and now work as a contractor for the Department of State. I am also a human rights activist and avid Anti-Human Trafficking Activist. I own, manage, and operate, which is a website dedicated towards maximizing communications, reporting, and the gathering of intel and information to make the rescuing efforts of trafficking victims more precise — and quicker.”

      “We intend to take Boston Children’s Hospital to court, to challenge the previous ruling, and charge the hospital with kidnapping, and attempt to also introduce new terminology dictating that what the hospital has actually done is Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking and Kidnapping have one thing in…..”

      – So who is this guy going to take the hospital to court without the Pelletier’s??? Sounds like a scam ?

      • Sheri Elmont

        I deleted my comment just in case. Looks like Glenn’s links are working now.

        • Watch it

          Sheri, when you hit the “delete” button, it doesn’t actually delete the comment, it deletes your identity (avatar and name) from the comment and replaces it with “Guest”. The comment remains. To delete what is written, click the edit button, then replace everything you wrote with a couple dots, then save. It won’t let you save a totally blank comment.

          • pekin

            WHY give Her a way out??

          • Watch it

            Why be like that???? Way out of what??

  • Anonymous

    Here we are getting exactly 1 side of the story. The hospital did DNA testing and confirmed she doesn’t have mitochrondrial disease! the parents had put the daughter through MULTIPLE surgeries and were making her take all sorts of unnecessary medications (all of which have side effects). If she doesn’t have the disease, this is CHILD ABUSE. Do you really think Boston Children’s Hospital has any incentive to fight this fight unless they are 100% sure her parents are abusing her? Wake up people, Glen Beck is just trolling for emotional outrage on an issue that is only getting one side of the story told. The judge is hearing both sides and continues to side with the hospital? Why? because the PARENTS ARE CRAZY!!

    • Fat Lip

      Yea that is it you got it all figured out don’t you I bet you feel free in this country to don’t you everything is perfectly fine and so are you we all are, head back in the sand its so safe there BOOB

      • Anonymous

        oh ok fat lip… so why don’t you tell me what the doctors and court and child protective services are saying?? since you know all the facts of the case… ok, now who’s head is in the sand? keep listening to the theatrics and nonsense of glenn beck, because he’s the only winner here.

        • Fat Lip

          Yea dark train tell that crap to the illegal Mexicans spending your money I will keep listening to Glenn ,O’Reilly Fox and the rest of my commi leaders but you are the only wiener.
          My X never got away with murder either the system works back to the sand with your head doctor .

        • Anonymous

          nt44, When somebody REFUSES to talk, it makes them look pretty guilty to me. You are plenty guilty as well sitting there judging when YOU know nothing of the other side either! One other thing. If the Drs. are so good why is the child getting WORSE? Why won’t the courts let tutors in to teach the child? Why has she regressed several years in her ability to learn? Yeah, dude, you got it ALL straight, NOT!

    • Cindy Border White

      You don’t know anything more than Glen Beck!
      But at least he is positively bringing this to the forefront!

    • Carol

      Since we only have one side willing to talk I have to take the parents at their word. I would not want my child taken away from me. From what I read the child was under the care of another doctor before Boston took her. There needs to be an independent doctor evaluation or something. They cannot just take your kids away and limit your access to them w/o proof of intentional abuse. The child is getting sicker! And yes, I think Boston CH likely does have “incentive” to keep this up. Someone messed up and it’s cover your bums time.

    • Anonymous

      I have absolutely no idea on who is correct on this issue. I can tell you something that happened in our state about ten yrs ago. The Children’s hospital diagnosed a boy with a rare form of cancer. The family took him for a second opinion and they said “No cancer”. When the family said they wanted another opinion the children’s hospital got DCFS involved, stole the kid and if legislators hadn’t intervened would have started unusual and very traumatic “treatments”. Parents finally got kiddo back–after huge and expensive legal battle. Kiddo is adult now, doing great and never did develop cancer.

    • Anonymous

      night_train44 Where are you getting your information? There is a seriously ill young woman’s life at risk here, and you are posting false information about this case. The hospital didn’t test her for the disease. Stop making up stories.What’s your beef? Is it Glenn Beck? If so, Google The Boston Globe’s two part story on this case. The Globe is a liberal newspaper. Furthermore, MA DCF is under the gun right now, with many state reps calling for the resignation of its leader, Olga Roche. What’s going on with the Pelletiers is a reflection of the MA DCF train wreck. This is abuse of power and any rational parent would go crazy if this happened to their child.

    • Cathy Bailey Parker

      Hospitals aren’t always right. They make many, many, many mistakes. I’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds in my 20+ years as an RN. If ANYone thinks hospitals are perfect and 100% sure = 100% correct… boy, you’re naive! I’ve seen children abused and SENT BACK TO THE ABUSIVE PARENTS by DCS!

    • Anonymous

      Get lost Troll.

      • Anonymous

        HA! HA! HA! Oh, jacoo, why not admit that you’re just as bad as me. Let’s be friends – you sound just like a Boston cabbie!!!

        • Anonymous

          He’s a GB hater; he is a troll. He didn’t deserve the polite but very mildly ornery comments I’ve given you! :) You might want to forego the “let’s be friends” bit after you read another response of mine to you…but hey, anything’s possible. I’ll take the Boston cabbie comment as a compliment since the one’s I had the good fortune to ride with were quite pleasant characters.

    • Tammy McAbee Brookover

      They why were they not charged? Mito testing for diagnosis takes months. They acted long before they could have had results. Just over a year ago the child was living a full life with her treatment. She was in sports….but now she is in a wheel chair. Boston has a history of disagreeing with diagnosis’ that were not made by them. You might want to research a little. You don’t look very intelligent.

    • pekin

      YOU are a sick 8888….***… Glenn Beck has helped many ~ In 1 Day vi HIS reporting, $300,000.00 was raised for the group ~ THEY save children sex slaves! WHAT have You ever done to help someone???

      • Anonymous

        Persons like nighttrain are not the type to help anyone, they just complain and criticize, but give of their time and money, no way! His type are in abundance unfortunately

    • Anonymous

      All the surgeries were recommended by her Tuft doctors and are documented. I think you are mentally deranged to assume something of which you have no facts. How personally involved are you with the family, or physicians?

  • Anonymous

    The fact that Glenn Beck compares this to Terry Schiavo proves how ignorant he is in medical ethics issues. After Terry Schiavo died, they did an autopsy and her brain was pure liquid. In other words, she died a long time ago… But Glenn Beck keeps thinking and propogating the lie that somehow Terry Shiavo was going to wake up and walk out of the hospital, liquid brain and all.

    He’s wrong here too. The hospital has so far proven to the courts that these parents are abusing their daughter and a danger to her well-being. Apparently the independent judges and courts and medical experts here all agree with the hospital–the parents are the danger. Multiple surgeries, unnecessary medications, etc, all on an innocent but troubled young girl.

    • Fat Lip

      Thanx again Mr. doctor your faith is something you never need to worry about you seem to be like a God Notice I never said what type of doctor Boston need lab rats give it a whirl..

    • Carol

      If so where are the abuse charges against the parents?

    • Anonymous

      night_train44, Nothing has been “proven” by any independent judges, courts or medical experts, so stop making stuff up. There is an amazing new invention to which I’d like to introduce you. It’s called Google. And everyone can use it. The child was diagnosed, and was being treated, by another well known doctor at another well known Boston hospital. The surgeries and the medications were all prescribed by her doctor. That’s all the work I’m going to do for you. Google, Google, Google…

    • Anonymous

      Do you have a reference for Terry’s “water” brain???
      I would like to read it!

    • Andrew

      Except that no, no allegations of abuse have been filed, and the parents aren’t abusing their daughter, nor are they a danger to her well being.

    • pekin

      I bet You voted for OBOO- CARE, huh???

  • Carolyn

    Glenn thank you for speaking out for this. I pray our voices can help her. Mitochondrial diseases are real. It is unconscionable that her doctors do not acknowledge this and have stolen custody of their daughter.

    • pekin

      I agree, but the VILLIAN is Family PROTECTIVE Services!

  • Grieving Mom

    This family needs everyone’s immediate and ongoing support before it is too late. My little girl was taken by psych and locked on the psych ward just after another brutal round of chemo at Mayo. Psych student wanting me to sign consent to put daughter on psych drugs before we go home and i wanted to first consult with daughters medical team. Instead of allowing me to get a second opinion and a medical team consult this student put in a call to DHS. We were cut off all communication when the student in psychiatry called DHS in our home state and made allegations that I was not providing daughter with critical medical and psychiatric care, even though her doctors and medical records clearly proved otherwise. But once allegations are made against a parent then dept of human services calls all the shots and everything is drug through the court system.. my daughter was very sick, very alone and completely defenseless. Can you even wrap your mind around this happening? My little girl did not make it back home. She died 2 1/2 months after she was taken from me and her medical team and never received her life saving stem cell transplant. This too was another very well known and highly rated children’s teaching hospital. On the children’s cancer unit for God’s sake. It seems to be a trend. I am finding many others this has happened to. As Mr. Pelletier said today, “They have very deep pockets” – and a very large and well put together legal team the average person cannot possibly fight against and win. So far, all the others I have read this has happened to, happened in reputable teaching hospitals around the country.

    • Fat Lip

      Ma’am i’m truly sorry to hear of your loss I to understand the loss of a child it was a much different situation than yours but no this we grieve together may God bless you peace be with you I mean this from my heart be strong you will never be alone dear.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely horrifying. I am sick with despair in reading this post. Please, I beg you, name the hospital, name the perpetrators. There is strength in numbers. These monsters will be brought to their knees when they realize that their accusers have nothing left to lose. Bless you for sharing your unfathomable pain in order to help others. Thank you.

    • Tammy McAbee Brookover

      I emailed the governor of Mass.

    • pekin

      God Bless You an offer You some comfort, Grieving Mom!! I am so sorry for Your loss ;(

  • Anonymous

    I WILL SHARE AND pass this info.

  • Jill Witbeck

    If you’re truly at the end of your rope, as a parent, I would get the biggest mafia guys I could find, get them into the hospital one way or another, unhook my daughter from their tubes, get a wheelchair and wheel her out the front door. Continue moving forward until I, or the mafia guys, are shot. I mean, really…..what is left other than to do this???? HEY!!! I just had to give out my personal information to post a comment on here!!!!! I thought Glenn was against this!!!!!????? I’m pissed.

  • Brandi M. Polatty

    She was diagnosed by Tufts. She was treated for things that the parents could not have made up or inflicted upon her (congenital birth defects, she had a stroke, inability to move her bowels). All procedures were insurance approved and performed by physicians. They are mandatory reporters. If they felt like she was being medically abused for the three years they treated her, they have a duty, by law, to make a report. They did not.

    Her GI moved from Tufts to Boston Children’s. They took her to BCH at the urging of their primary mito physician because he wanted the GI to care for her when she got the flu.

    Boston Children’s didn’t do the testing to rule out or diagnose mitochondrial disease before diagnosing her with Somatoform disorder. They couldn’t have because it takes months to diagnose. They made the decision to institutionalize her in days, and court papers obtained by various media outlets report that the caseworker with CPS left out of the paperwork in the initial hearing that they had failed to consult with any members of her diagnostic team at Tufts.

    According to reports, the parents had not been charged with any crime until Lou Pelletier broke the gag order. They still have custody of all their other children.

    Justina’s sister is 25, and she also has a diagnosis of mitochondrial disease, which has not been questioned. Mitochondrial disease is genetic, but it presents differently in each patient, even within a family.

    Regardless, no child should ever be institutionalized unless they pose a threat to themselves or to others. Even then, experts have said it is rare for pediatric patients to be institutionalized for this duration of time…and it violates many of the patient’s bill of rights to withhold visitation, correspondence, gifts, etc.

    Also, it would be different if she were doing better in their care, but she was ice skating a year ago. She was responding to the mito cocktail of medications. Off of them, she’s wasting away. She’s not able to move. She can’t speak.

    Seems that it would make sense to try her back on that cocktail, but they won’t do that. They know they are wrong, and they are going to fight it until the end. Imagine the lawsuit if they admit they are wrong.

    Upon doing some research, you’ll find she’s not the only case, either. Another parent’s child died in custody of CPS in MA after she refused to sign consent for her child to try a kidney drug that had bad side effects. The state took custody, administered the drug, and the child died. There are multiple cases involving BCH, as well.

    In conclusion,

    1. Parents should be allowed to disagree with medical professionals without the fear of retaliation.

    2. Parents should have the right to seek a second opinion without the fear of retaliation.

    3. If parents are asked to sign consent to treat, they should also be allowed to refuse consent to treat without fear of retaliation.

    The list goes on and on.

    I’d love to believe that our system and BCH is perfect, and there is more to this story than what we’re hearing…that certain professionals (not all) from the #1 children’s hospital in our country aren’t being a bully to families while professing to care. We may find out one day that is true.

    However, the reality is that we live in a fallen world, and it’s not perfect. There are a lot of people who do good things in their positions, who have good intentions (whether that is with CPS, law enforcement, medical, government, law, etc).

    Likewise, there are also a lot of bad people in powerful positions. Ego, ignorance, and power can be a lethal combination.

    My hope for Justina, is that it’s not.

    • M Val

      well said

    • Anonymous

      Great post. Thanks for taking the time to write about the history of this case. There are many cases involving BCH and MA DCF and I’m glad to see the Pelletiers taking a stand. They need and deserve our support.

    • grieving mom

      So accurate and very well written Brandi

  • Anonymous

    Anarchy would be infinitely better than this.

  • Anonymous

    The father needs to kidnap his daughter back.

  • Fior Gael

    I have seen the ego of those who “know better”. Why do we not have the freedom of caring for our children in THEIR best interests. Taking children away from abusive or neglecting parents is for THEIR safety. But then, how does the state intervention here apply? Do doctors know best…always? Why do we seek second opinions? People are not perfect and make mistakes. If the Children’s people are wrong and the girl dies, will they not be liable for damages? If you are wrong in this country you pay. This does smack of STATE CONTROL.

  • Jean Shepherd

    I have no printable words to suitable describe how I feel!

    I wonder if other hospitals have a similar “Wards of the State” policy AND which hospitals have this. THIS is the missing piece in WHY it has taken so LONG. Wonder if the information is available that Judge Joseph Johnson “hears” all the “seized on the grounds of medical abuse” cases: he is following the steps laid out in the policy! Wonder if the “advocates for the children” are paid by the research group? Just WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • deputygregswife

    Hello Everyone,
    I was trying to follow the woman’s example who called the show yesterday. I wanted to also contact the list of donors from the hospital’s website. Now the site will not let you access the information!!!

  • deputygregswife

    I found them~ Please give a shout out to these people/corporations to make them aware of how their money is being spent. Free Justna!!! God bless her and her family. This breaks my heart.


    Bank of America Foundation
    CVS Caremark Charitable Foundation
    New Balance Foundation


    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation
    Citizens Bank Foundation
    Delta Dental Oral Health Foundation
    Liberty Mutual Foundation


    BJ’s Charitable Foundation
    Boston Scientific Foundation
    Citizens Energy Corporation
    Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation
    GE Foundation
    John Hancock Financial Services
    J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation
    Newman’s Own Foundation
    P&G Gillette
    People’s Federal Savings Bank
    Pioneer Investments Charitable Foundation

  • DB

    If it came to that, I would not go through legal channels. I would talk to family and friend to fight and free my daughter and run. It would be quick and bloody because my nation would be against my family.
    Glenn, please get Congressmen to help you and we will do what we can.

  • deputygregswife

    I just emailed Governor Patrick of Mass. and am working on the hospitals $$ donors I listed below.

  • Denise B

    Do not comply with illegal laws, and tyranny. Do not allow the parents to “face jail time”.
    The family owes the monsters NOTHING.

  • Bea Williams

    I’ve clicked on the freeJustina link above repeatedly and it’s not working, it keeps sending me to PayPal ?? Then I typed in the web address of and once again it went to PayPal? What’s going on? Has someone taken away the website? I would like to help !!

    • pekin

      Contact Glenn Beck or

    • Anonymous

      I had the same thing happen…very strange.

  • Dan O’Brien


  • Anonymous

    Why aren’t the MDs at Tufts who made the initial diagnosis and Tuft Medical Center standing up to the media and the other hospital? How about a peaceful march outside Boston Childrens.

  • Anonymous

    What’s in it for the hospital? Follow the money. Something isn’t adding up. I would look for political connections between the facility and the political entities that affect its bottom line. Federal, state, county, local funding? Who is responsible for bills that are accumulating? How is the hospital, local government reimbursed for this “patient”. Does funding change once DCF gets called? Does DCF have to handle a certain amount of accounts? Is this a billing bonanza for Boston Childrens? Clearly, they don’t care that the child gets better.

    • pekin


    • Anonymous

      Exactly those are my questions a well.

  • Janet Grace Beers Attard

    for me knowing facts is crucial prior to making any judgment call….it is clear that one entity or person filed a report after Mr Pelletier pleaded for his child’s safety to the media, one Judge signed the order which has this horrific ball rolling….the law in this case acted with lack of regard for the family…moving forward steps must be taken to change this as it must not be totally sterile and uniform lacking individuality in handling of children and or matters much bigger than common law or statute, to file a contempt of court action against a grieving father who at best is trying to be with and save his daughter is a waste of the time and energy of the justice system…ie. it is not justice…when we become so numb, black and white as a society to file actions and take from families the right to be with and to treat their children we have gone too far…where is the reasonableness? there is an excellent attorney out there who goes outside the law books and has actual compassion with which he argues well and with total conviction for the truth….he knows the facts and the law and the reality …his name is Joseph Tully, ESQ. location Martinez, CA. (i am certain he would travel if asked)…i give him an A+ for effort, results and collaboration. this is not a solicitation.
    My message …we need compassionate people standing up….ALSO we need compassionate attorneys who look outside the box who will argue to the Judge reasonably to go beyond black letter law.

  • Anonymous

    They need to be sued, the state, the judge, everyone involved in this should be held accountable for this if there is not a good reason for doing this. Abuse pure and simple.

  • Lori Toupal

    The link is broken. Is there some sort of letter writing campaign we can do?

    • pekin

      If You go to I am sure Glenn Beck has link ~ I gave!

  • grieving mom

    Has anyone noticed that the cases such as this one that have been brought to the public forum by media that the parents in every one of them were never charged with a crime? If they are charged with a crime it would be a different ball game, right? An appointed attorney if you cannot afford one, investigation, trial, jury ……You get none of that when DCF is put in charge and someone makes “allegations” against you as a child’s parent. Then it is just the DCF and judge against you the parents. No attorney if you cannot afford one. No investigation done by your side, no trial or jury of your peers, and a biased judge who is the other leg of DCF. Maybe the best thing that could happen is if they do arrest and prosecute Mr. Pelletier on breaking the gag order. ??

  • pekin

    KEEP This going Folks, The Comments are excellent , IF You can afford to give-do so, Just PRAY for Justina!

  • L.C. in Texas

    So much for LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Family’s should not have government interference of any kind. Family’s will then learn to rely on each other, which is exactly what our government employees do not want. Family’s would seek guidance from each other and the church and possibly some sort of professional. I have found that all these Agency’s have to do is mention the welfare where a child is concerned and they evoke hysteria. All they really care about is the revenue.

  • Anonymous

    I just saw this on Megyn Kelly and could not believe my ears and eyes that this is actually happening in the U.S. and at a Children’s Hospital no less!! This DOES NOT at all sound like a munchausen (sic) situation as Tufts had been treating her in the past and also their other daughter has a mitrochondrial condition…yet they did not do anything about her condition. This is absolutely frightening to the nth degree. God help us please!!!

  • Michael Hannah

    This situation infuriates me. Big government out of control yet again. I would call the Governor immediately with news media by my side. If no help there, call the ACLU because it is apparent to me that the family’s civil rights are being violated. This issue needs to be elevated above the local/State court level ASAP to the Federal level. This child’s life is at risk by an agency charged with and bound to protect the child’s life. That is not happening, ergo a violation of he child’s right to life. I would have no qualms about contacting the US Attorney General and/or the President to weigh in if I was in the family’s situation. MAKE NOISE UNTIL YOU ARE HEARD!!!

  • Bozeman

    If the same power is required for fair and unfair income redistribution, we have quite a conundrum on our hands — a conundrum Lenin recognized when he asked: Who, whom?

  • TerrorSquad

    You think you still have freedom? The government can take your kids for disagreeing with a doctor. Pretty soon that doctor will be a government employee to begin with. Resistance is futile you serfs.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps some ex seals would be up for an extraction event?

  • linda barnett

    I hate massachusetts. Born and raised there. Actually makes upstate ny look good. And that is some feat.

  • Massachusetts Resident

    This is what our Department Of Social Services does all the time. They are not good people working for a bad system, they are out of control people working for a system that lets them do anything to anyone any time they want to. I hope they (Massachusetts Department of Social Services) are sued and loose millions over this!
    They are out of control and only a lawsuit will stop them.

  • OneWouldThink

    Thoughts and prayers for this family. I can’t imagine what they’ve gone through and are still being kept in the dark.

  • Tyler Casey

    JUST DO IT……….I say we MARCH on these DCF’ers and BostonChildrensHospital ……..We bring our whole family–men,women, children, young and old, even our pets and simply FLOOD the hospital with people….strong arm our way into her room and take her by force—-cops, swat team, security won’t put up a fight against us if we bring our children to march—THAT’s how we show them they’ve crossed the line…we bring EVERYTHING that’s ours to the table and go all in…………..either that or we shut the city down…..kinda the same way, but with cars……….this story has given myself and a few dozen able bodied vets an idea or two……I still am amazed at this father’s level of self control–his love for his daughter is so great…..I’m motivated, but broke….gonna have to spread this story…..oh but if I had my sword….there are some wicked people in this world—it is time we punish them.

  • csr

    This is an outrage!!! It relates to taking our children to other doctors for 2nd. opinions and if that Dr. doesn’t like the previous diagnosis, he calls CPS. Come on now…. Munchauser is not diagnosed that easily. What is going on here. Did a new Dr. make a bad call and now is afraid to admitt it. The hospital is probably backing him to keep negative feedback away from their facility and why didn’t the Dr. from Childrens hospital consult with the first hospital. I have been a nurse for many, many years and have seen my doctors who suspect Munchausers, always talk to previous medical provider. And what the heck is wrong with the Judge, where is his head……did he not do any research on this childs history before yanking Justina from her parents. His action could very well cause this childs condition to exerbate. SHAME ON CHILDRENS HOSPITAL, SHAME ON THAT DOCTOR AND SHAME ON CPS. GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY………..AND HE WILL, YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST ARE JOINING TOGETHER AND ASKING FOR HER SAFE RETURN AND HEALING OF HER BODY.

  • T M

    Mass is pathetic STATE

    . We should stand with the family in this fight and support them any way possible.

  • Anonymous

    A bed emptied out in the psych ward THE DAY BEFORE- they need to have all the beds full AT ALL TIMES to justify the budget.
    Justina was the lucky lottery ticket- it’s as simple as that.
    The family has to investigate SIMONA BUJOREANU, who made the psyche diagnosis. She has a budget to fulfill & is compromised.
    Rating 1 star POOR

  • Charlene York

    The abrupt psychiatric “diagnosis” that was used by Boston Children’s Hospital to take Justina away from her family reminds of another abrupt psychiatric “diagnosis” made by a prominent Boston, MA psychiatrist. When we lived in New England, my neighbor, a 35 year old mother of three, had persistent severe back pain. When orthopedic and other tests didn’t show the source of her back pain, she was referred to a prominent Ivy League trained Boston psychiatrist, just to check her out. Talking with her for just a half an hour. The psychiatrist assured her that she was malingering, that the pain was all in her head (Her husband was shocked and angry with the psychiatrist for his abrupt “diagnosis”.) Turns out that she had a huge, benign soft tissue ovarian tumor, which had attached itself to and into her spine. The tumor was removed and she was well again. Good thing she was not a child. If she had been, she might have taken away from her family and neglected by the State of Massachusetts DCF. Posted for Sue, my neighbor

  • Shelley DeJong

    Being in the health care field this goes against the patient bill of rights. This physician, hospital and the govt officials need to be stopped and held responsible for her deteriorating health. I emailed the Governor as well.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God Justina is finally released from Mass General’s and the State of Massachusett’s kidnapping and misdiagnosis of her condition. I hope the Pelletiers sue the hell out of this poor excuse for a neurology department at a major hospital, Mass General Children’s Hospital. Neurology is 19th century medicine in many regards to begin with, but to use a child for experimentation is unacceptable.. The child had a Gastrointestinal problem not a psychiatric one. But this young girl was fresh meat for their psychological experiments. The ultimate decision to treat your children is the parents who knew her condition, not some quack that had interviewed and diagnosed a ghost disease for the purpose of experimentation. SUE THE HELL OUT OF CHILDRENS MASS GENERAL AND THE SO CALLED DOCTORS THAT LED TO THIS DEBACLE.

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