Glenn chats with Mike Rowe about his new book, Walmart, and what he believes to be a ‘fundamentally wicked’ platitude

Mike Rowe joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss his new book, Profoundly Disconnected: A True Confession from Mike Rowe, the infamous Walmart commercial, and the work he is doing to change the way Americans define a ‘good’ education and job.

Mike’s new book is essentially a fundraiser, with all proceeds benefitting the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, to be used for Work Ethic Scholarships and advocacy campaigns surrounding American manufacturing. From the outside, Profoundly Disconnected looks just like any other book, but, as Mike candidly described, it is really anything but.

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“One of the last things Glenn said to me last time I saw him is, ‘Honestly you should write a book or something,’” Mike said. “So on the flight home I wrote this book.”

Yes, that’s right. On his plane ride from Dallas to San Francisco, Mike wrote this entire book. He offered the audience the following disclaimer:

“Take this for the disclaimer it is,” Mike said. “This is a one-page book, all right? My confession takes one paragraph. I wrote it on a Blackberry.”

The book, however, is not just a single page. In it’s final form it includes a foreword written by Mike’s mother, a preface written by Mike, a collection of some of his articles, and a bunch of blank pages in between… literally.

“But here’s what I really like about this book… Right in the middle of the book is the chapter is called, ‘A bunch of blank pages’. And it appears to be just a bunch of blank pages there in the book,” Glenn said. “So I want you to know that he has put a lot of time and energy and thought into this book.”

All kidding aside, Glenn encouraged the audience to consider supporting the cause. Only 5,000 copies have been printed, and on his website, Mike is offering autographed and personalized copies of the book.

You can purchase Profoundly Disconnected HERE.

“But anyway… you can get it at,” Glenn said. “You can get it today, for this audience, and all the money goes to charity. I’d love to sell all these out today for him.”

Mike made headlines last week for a voiceover he did for Walmart. The commercial coincided the launch of Walmart’s initiative to purchase $250 billion of American-made products over the next 10 years. Many criticized Mike for partnering with the retail giant because he is supposed to champion the little guy. Not standing by idly, however, Mike issued well-articulated Facebook response in which he explained there’s nothing inherently good about being small, and nothing inherently bad about being big.

Mike told Glenn that it was because of TheBlaze that his post went viral and mainstream media outlets picked up the story. It has sparked a much needed discussion about work in this country.

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Glenn and Mike always have fascinating conversations about work and education, and this morning was no different. Following the CBO report that Obamacare will cause a reduction in full-time employment of about 2 million jobs in 2014, increasing to 2.5 million in 2024, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, and others have explained how wonderful this new development will be because people are no longer “locked” into working. Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MI) expressed a similar sentiment when he said Obamacare job losses will allow Americans more time to cook dinner. Similarly, the CBO is reporting upward of 500,000 jobs would be lost due to an increase in the minimum wage. Glenn asked Mike what he thinks of those figures.

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“Let me try and respond to that… The first really fun lesson from Dirty Jobs that I made a whole special out of… [is] based on a platitude that I believe is fundamentally wicked. You’ve heard it a thousand times: Follow your passion, period,” Mike explained. “People on Dirty Jobs are passionate about what they do, but… you don’t follow your passion into a sewer. You can go into a sewer, learn how to be very good at what you do, learn to love it and then prosper. So our alternative platitude regarding this topic was: Never follow your passion but always bring it with you.”

In Mike’s view, work and passion are not necessarily one in the same. For some people, it may be. But for most, work will be something you do to support yourself, while passion is something you nurture in your free time.

“You don’t need to identify the source of your happiness when you’re 18 and spend the rest of your life chasing it. We read books about people who have done that and prospered, and so we think that that’s the way,” Mike said. “But the real life I’ve seen, the most passionate, engaging, successful, prosperous, happy, and balanced people never follow their passion. They brought it with them. And if they wanted to learn to paint or do something good for the soul, they did it in the cracks. I wrote a book on a plane… You can do good things, and you do them on your own time.”

  • Connor

    Mike Rowe for President Just throwing the Idea out their.

    • Pat Bak

      Rowe supported Obama for president. Maybe I am petty but that excludes him for quite some time. He is doing good things but I don’t trust him with that power just for what he has done over that last few months.

      • Darlene Kevin


        ◆◆◆ ◆◆◆� ◆◆◆ ◆�◆◆◆ ◆◆◆This is a one-page book, all right? My confession takes one paragraph. I wrote it on a Blackberry.

      • Connor

        Well maybe with all the hate mail he has been getting from Obama’s fans maybe he is rethinking his stance. I know I would with that much push back coming from the left.

      • Aaron

        Did you just make that up or do you have any proof that Mike Rowe supported Obama for president?

        • Pat Bak

          You really want me to dig back through 6-7 years of Mikes life to show you?
          Start with his facebook page, 2.5 million Dirty Jobs likes though so….. This is where I saw it as I have been a fan of Mike Rowe for a very long time from the early episodes of Dirty Jobs(before it was even a series) and his very unique and distinctive voice commentary on The Discovery Channel.
          I really don’t care if you believe me but I remember it well being such a big fan of him/the show. He posted under the Dirty Jobs facebook login in support of Obama. I don’t remember the year, the month but I do remember writing in response to his post, Until this time I didn’t ask you about your political views and you didn’t ask me about mine. Now that you have shown me yours I can no longer support you. Not verbatim but it shows basically what I said. I was hammered by the left for daring to question Mike’s views and so on and I unliked him/dirty jobs from facebook(not that I use it much).
          I am sorry if my warning doesn’t sway you, its not even my intent. I tried that for the last 2 elections with no results and gave up trying. America can get what it asks for and suffer for it and see how bad it is so that we can elect a new Reagan again to fix the years of left muck. I am simply warning you of a wolf in sheeps clothing.
          I tried to look back on web searches and it is pretty hard to even see 2 years back with Mike Rowe because of the headlines with what is happening currently and he has done some good things over the last few years from what I read. My stance still stands even though I am glad to see he is back on a good track because the guy is brilliant and funny. I do not trust him with the presidency just because he has done good things for a couple of years. It doesn’t negate his support for Obama, I don’t know what his views were before that as I posted, I guess I always just hoped he was right leaning due the people he saw everyday in his job. Cant judge a book by its cover though.
          None of this matters because he wouldn’t make it through the primaries even if he ran…..

          • Aaron

            It just sounds made up since everything I have heard him say and have read about him indicate the exact opposite.

            I agree that he wouldn’t be elected president, but only because the American people are undeserving of someone of his caliber, even assuming he once supported the current president.

          • Pat Bak

            It sounds made up? The Truth has no agenda. My agenda is to what? Keep Mike Rowe from being president? You caught me. I was trying to keep all 200 people who read these comments(rather than going to the blaze) from voting for Rowe.
            I am glad that everything you have heard about his life since Glenn discovered him has been good. I applauded the same above. To be honest I cant myself find any dirt on Rowe either and I am glad for that because I have been a fan for a long time and can again be proud of that. I didn’t look at his political leanings back then and not again until yesterday when someone suggested he be president. Because of this, I now have a completely different outlook on Rowe than I did 2 days ago. I wish I had researched his political leanings rather than dismiss him for a single comment on facebook years ago.
            So Aaron, thank you for boldly questioning me which allowed me to have a rediscovered respect for Rowe but I know I am not crazy and that facebook post was made :) I am sorry I didn’t screen shot it thinking the day would come when Rowe for President would be muttered.

  • Anonymous

    A liberal is a genetic defect!

  • Patrick Henry Patriot

    Glenn, if you want to help in NORTH KOREA, please promote People, please repost this if you want to help.

  • Anonymous

    The only respect this WhiteHouse gives is the mirror and other ELITES.

  • Anonymous

    People don’t have to learn to love their jobs, that’s a very old fashioned way to think. There are enough people in America that can be found for any job at all. No doubt there are people around who think picking up trash or working in steel mills or street cleaning is their dream job. They just have to be found, they just have to get over the stigma about liking a job that other people wouldn’t want. Once the right people are found for the right job, no matter what it is, then this country can move ahead. As for Mike Rowe writing a one page book during a plane trip he didn’t have to scrounge around looking for an introduction and an afterward and all of that. He could easily have left things the way they originally were and sold his book as a Kindle Single. Those are usually only a few pages at their longest.

  • Handis O’Hara

    Those of the liberty school know that the ideas, institutions, and traditions upon which our civilization rests were discovered over time.

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