Lou Pelletier talks to Glenn about the contempt of court charges and what comes next for his family

Despite the fact that the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) filed for Lou Pelletier, the father of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier who is being held against her parents’ will, to be held in contempt of court, Lou joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss what comes next in the fight to save his daughter’s life.

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Below is a rough transcript of the interview:

GLENN: I can’t believe that Lou is coming on again, but he is on the phone with us now from Connecticut. Hello, Lou.

LOU: Good morning, again. And again, many, many thanks to you and your team for spreading the word of Justina’s nightmare.

GLENN: So what happened? When did you hear — can you even talk about any of this?

LOU: We’re all in, Glenn. We’re here to save my daughter Justina.

GLENN: Okay. So when did they call you and tell you, and what could possibly happen to you now?

LOU: I was actually at the train station, which was — speaking of another system — took forever to get back from New York to Connecticut last night. But I was at the train station waiting and I got the email from my attorney that Mass DCF has filed the contempt of court for speaking to the media, which violates the gag order.

GLENN: And the punishment for that is what?

LOU: It can either be a civil punishment, but it could be criminal.

GLENN: So speaking out to try to save your daughter you could — a civil punishment would be that they will fine you.

LOU: Correct.

GLENN: Which is, good news is, I don’t know if you know this, you don’t have anything left anyway. So good luck collecting that one. But the other is you could go to jail. How long could you go to jail for?

LOU: Don’t no.

GLENN: Do you know now what you’re going to — what’s going to happen? I mean, when do you — how do you fight this, what, do you go — have to go to court now? What, because you’re doing it again.

LOU: As of now we do have a regular court date session scheduled for February 24th, this coming Monday. I have not heard if we need to be there earlier. Because the first time when this whole gag order issue came out, which was November 17th, I literally had to hop in a car and get to Boston within two hours to be in front of the judge. So who knows if they’ll wait until Monday, the next scheduled court date, or they’ll try to do something sooner.

GLENN: All right. So tell me what else happened. Tell me, is there any good news that has happened since yesterday?

LOU: Well, again as I said when we first got on, thank you so much. People have been flagged us obviously with donations, with God bless each and every one of you people out there because we are fighting the two-headed monster, the ultimate David against Goliath, State of Massachusetts and DCF, Harvard and Boston Children’s Hospital. And their pockets are pretty deep. So again, many, many thanks to everybody that’s contributed.

GLENN: Well, I want you to know, Lou, that I was in the meeting this morning and we wanted to call and verify what we had heard, that, you know, you were getting hit from DCF. And I instructed TheBlaze and all of my entire, you know, media empire, if you will, TheBlaze television, TheBlaze.com, Blaze Radio that this is the story, we are doing this story that we’ve done this one other time before and it was with Terri Schiavo. And so I pushed all the chips in the center of the table today, and we will do whatever we can to help right this wrong and —

LOU: Thank you so much.

GLENN: — make sure she’s not forgotten. I think they are literally trying to bury this story.

LOU: Because there’s other pieces too that also need to come out because, you know, it’s so hard even in an hour to try to explain the length of what’s going on.

GLENN: Give me —

LOU: One of the things I didn’t even mention, when Justina was 6 or 7, she had a stroke which we didn’t even know about it. It was the left side of her brain. It was a massive stroke. Severely impacted her short-term memory. So one of the things is stress, that little thing that we’ve been living with for the last year, for somebody who has a stroke and has mitochondrial disease can push them over the edge, could lead them to another massive stroke or worse.

GLENN: Seizures, yeah. Well, is there anything that you — anything that we can do right now, anything you want to share before we let you go and spend time with your attorneys, who I’m sure you’re going to be spending time with?

LOU: Biggest thing is, as I said yesterday, there are people with the power to stop this now. The governors of both states hide behind legal things. But the governors, the attorney generals, DCF commissioners all have the power, executive authority, to stop this.

GLENN: Do you have the numbers and everything on FreeJustina.com?

LOU: They’re out there. They have been posted. If you go to the — there are other, along with, you know, the original site was a Miracle for Justina, which, the judge even put a gag on that. Part of that November 17th gag order was we were not allowed to add anything to the A Miracle for Justina website. So many other websites have been spawned.

GLENN: What do you mean you’re not — what do you mean you’re not allowed to add anything to that?

LOU: When that gag order was issued, first of all, we knew nothing of it. It was set in a sidebar basically. You know, we were just told to not add anything to the Free Justina — to A Miracle for Justina. And this whole idea that we can’t speak to the media and all this stuff, you know, was not said directly to us, which, jeez, I thought we had the thing called the First Amendment and that’s why we’re at the stage we’re at right now, making sure we get the word out to try to save our daughter’s life.

PAT: Lou, has Duval Patrick said anything about this at all? Has he brought this up? Has he mentioned it?

LOU: Not to me personally.

PAT: Has he spoken to anybody in the media?

LOU: No.

PAT: No?

LOU: But if you just Google Mass DCF and Duval Patrick, he’s had a few other things going on in his plate up there.

PAT: Yeah.

LOU: Kids, you know, a third of the Mass DCF social workers not licensed, kids dying left and right you understand their watch. You can just pick your — you know, they are trying to get rid of Olga Roche, the DCF commissioner who Duval Patrick is backing to the Nth degree. So I think that’s been taking up a little bit of his time versus the story of a child that not even from his state that they have full control over.

STU: Good news is people are starting to move here, Lou. Right now on Twitter nationally, the hashtag freeJustina is trending for the first time that we know of. And that’s the people just starting to wake up on this story and just starting to hear about it. So at least there’s some positive momentum.

GLENN: Can I tell you something, Lou? I thought about this, this morning in the meeting. As you’re sitting there in bed at night and if you’re anything like my wife and I, you know, we’ll go to bed and that’s when we really start to talk, and I have to believe that there have been times when you have said “We’ve got to speak out. We have got to do this. We are going to post on — we’re going to post on Free — or A Miracle for Justina. We’re going to do it.” And you had the argument back and forth, “Honey, you can’t. Because it will make things worse. Because if you make things worse, then what good are you? And we’ve got to keep the family going.” I mean, you have had to have those conversations with your wife.

LOU: Many times. Because it’s a double, double-edge sword. Can something happen to me? Well, I’ll take the bullet for that. But even more importantly, can they do something even worse to Justina, above and beyond what they’ve already done to her. You know, she’s defenseless. From the get-go she’s totally been treated than any other patient when she was at Boston Children’s. That’s verifiable and identifiable. Hidden, you know, holidays and things where everybody else could see their families and talk to them, she was never allowed to see or talk to them, on Easter, Mother’s Day, you name it, you know. So tell me that they haven’t had their own agenda for Justina from the get-go.

GLENN: Lou, people are probably going to start listening to this for the first time. This will start to hit people in a different way. And I know my wife said this, I know Pat’s wife said this. I don’t know if Stu’s wife said this. But when we went home and we said this to our wives for the first time, each of our wives said, that can’t be. There’s got to be something.

PAT: This is America.

GLENN: This is America. There’s got to be something we don’t know. Could you just address that, for anybody who is hearing this for the first time that say “There’s got to be something about the family, there’s got to be something here that’s not being told”?

LOU: The bottom line is, you look at two key components of this situation. Number one is a doctor who diagnosed her, Dr. Korson from Tufts Medical Center. He’s the one that officially diagnosed, you know, Jessica, Justina’s older sister, with a medical — a biopsy to prove that she has mitochondrial disease. So Dr. Korson, who’s been treating her successfully for almost two years, has not been allowed to have any involvement in her care. Number two, the doctor she came to see who transferred from Tufts to Boston Children’s just a month earlier who Dr. Korson wanted her to see because he was involved with her whole stomach scenario, her GI system, was involved with putting in the cecostomy tube which really saved her life because she wasn’t able to go to the bathroom, he has been blocked. I mean, when Justina was taken over by Mass DCF roughly on February 14th, about a week later Dr. Flores tried to go see her. My wife was in the room, my other daughter. We were downstairs and visiting. Dr. Flores came into the room, gave my daughter a big hug, gave my wife a big hug. In the blink of an eye, a social worker came into the room, literally grabbed Dr. Flores by collar and dragged him out saying, “You’re not allowed to see this patient. You cannot be in here.”

PAT: How can a social worker stop a —

LOU: A social worker.

PAT: — physician from seeing a patient? That’s inconceivable. That’s amazing.

LOU: It’s all verifiable.

PAT: Wow.

LOU: This is the world we’ve been fighting. This is world we’ve been dealing with. It’s like at times you wonder, is the whole world crazy and we’re the only sane ones? Or maybe we’re the crazy ones. It’s — you get to a point where left and right just don’t — nothing seems to add up anymore. You know, in the last piece — and I have to repeat this — is regarding this gag order. The largest newspaper in Massachusetts came to us back in April because there was many other people this had happened to. We were going to be the final piece to this story, and everybody knew that this newspaper was going to be printing a story. DCF, the legal system, the judges. But no gag order. It wasn’t until the local Fox Connecticut station aired the story on November 17th seven months after the Globe announced they were going to publish the story that a gag order came out. So why was there no gag for seven months when the largest newspaper in Massachusetts was going to print something but then Fox Connecticut was going to air something and all hell breaks loose. Those are the things that just make you shake your head, among so many other things.

GLENN: Lou, thank you so much. We’ll talk again.

LOU: Glenn, God bless. God bless America.

GLENN: All right. Thank you. Bye-bye.

Learn more about how you can help the Pelletier family HERE.

  • Anonymous

    I hope all involved in this crime will end up doing serious time. In the meantime, Mr. Pelletier do not give up and do whatever is necessary to remove your precious daughter from the clutches of these evil people.

  • Anonymous

    While I haven’t heard the state’s point of view, there’s no imaginable reason I can think of for not allowing Mr. Pelletier to speak about his daughter’s case. This is totalitarianism and can’t be allowed in our society. Donation sent.

    • Darlene Kevin


      ◆◆◆ ◆◆◆� ◆◆◆ ◆�◆◆◆ ◆◆◆whatever is necessary to remove your precious daughter from the clutches of these evil people.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72EnfFysPFE Connor

    This is evil pure and simple. This is the end game of what Obamacare will become because many things were borrowed from their healthcare system. These are the death panels we been warning about or that they are playing political football with a child’s life no matter what we must stand as one in order to fight this evil.

    • Fat Lip

      We no this is just getting started we will be on the right side its who we no we are brother.we have no other choice they are showing there hand we need to do the same its way past time.

  • Anonymous

    I am going to openly advocate armed conflict with this hospital. No bullshit, a paramilitary unit needs to raid the hospital and remove this girl from the evil clutches of the facility. There is NO reason for her to be held there, NONE! Whoever supports this kidnapping needs to be eliminated from this planet, period.

    • Fat Lip

      I’m with you brother this crap has got to stop even if it cost’s us our lives our children depend on us as men.

    • Anonymous

      Bert, she’s not at the hospital anymore. She was moved to a group home.

      • Anonymous

        Not with her parents though, which is the only point I’m trying to make.

    • Seagypsy

      My husband says, “Have Barrets 99 at the ready. Will travel.”

  • Anonymous

    This hospital must be trying to cover up wrongdoing/negligence and have a judge in their pocket.
    The child’s privacy rights rests with the parents. There’s no excuse for a gag order.
    There’s no excuse for keeping this child away from the parents.

  • Nic Gibson

    there is a civil disobedience option here. There are more options before violence.

  • Republitards suck

    Pretty quiet about Michael Dunn Glenn. Cough… coward.. cough cough.

  • Anonymous

    Lou, give us the names of the case workers at DCF who did this to you and your daughter.

  • Anonymous

    Something is very wrong here and is not with the parents !!! IT is BCH and with their help of this so so call judge are hidding something ??? The parents all ready shown they are very caring brought the child to Tufts teaching Hospital and BCH to see renown doctors ,but at BCH a shrink doctor got involve ,and cancel out renown physical doctors from even seeing this child !!! So what wrong with parents getting acceptance papers to renown hospitals and doctors,medical centers outside Mass, to show this child will get proper care they have right to move her ,right to have 2nd opinon. What BCH and this so so judge will declare that all other medical centers,doctors,hospitals in United States they all are incompetent and not qualifield to treat people she cannot be allow to be move ,and oh ya there are no shrink doctors outside Massachusetts too !!! So BCH,social worker and this so so judge came up with the idea to use false grounds and cancel out the parents rights !!! All shrink doctors outside mass they all are just voodoo doctors who all are just quacks nothing but BS to have control over the child and gag order on parents to keep cover up going for their mistakes !! Most likely shrink doctor that outside Mass will find nothing wrong with her mentally and renown physical doctors out side of Mass will agree with her original doctors at Tufts it’s a physical condition and to resume proper treatment !! The most likely next move by BCH will pull in outside doctors who are brainwash puppets doctors at medical centers with strong ties or connections with BCH , won’t dare to say no if they have different opinion than BCH chief quack shrink doctor and most likely a friend of the chief quack doctor what they be doing is pulling in bias outside opinions ,then claim there is no conflict of interest ,and this so so judge will look the other way,just as our justice dept. look the other way with voters intimidation in Penn. this is obama police state government of goons ,with no rights,freedom,legal recourse without blatant corruptions so BCH can falsely claim outside opinion agree with their findings to silence this outcry !!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I say vote every last one of these progressive Democrats and progressive Republicans out office they are destroying our country and are threats to our family especially for people who not in lockstep,individuals who think for themselves and want their right to be free with inalienable rights and have the right to say no !! Don’t vote for any democrats they are the progressive power base !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop being lemmings or sheep think for yourself and decide for yourself stop letting someone else telling you how to vote for their self interest not for your,or your state, or country best interest!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been posting this story a a link at other children’s hospital Facebook pages. Maybe a little peer pressure will help.

  • Judy Lavin

    can anyone help? I’ve been trying to use the Glenn Beck link to donate to Justina on an off over the last day and each time on click on the link I end up with a screen which notifies me that my action could not be completed. I would really like to send them something, any suggestions? I want to be sure that they receive the money and am concerned about some of the sites I ended up in using Google.Such as a paypal account that is identified as “A Miracle for Justina”

  • Anonymous

    Mass. DCF is shrouded in way too much secrecy that they get away with because they call it privacy. While there is a place for that, too much secrecy protects the system that I do not believe is always acting in the best interest of kids. Any former foster kid in Mass. can send away for their records. I did it and though there was much redaction, it really helped me assess my specific sifuation better. Former foster youth need to speak out more. Please. And also don’t assume we are all too messed up to be logical and reasonable now. That stigma keeps most of us quiet forever.

    • Anonymous

      PS I’m an adult now, I will tell anyone who wants to hear it about Mass. DCF, the stuff that happens to some kids in foster care woukd get them removed from that home if it were their original biological parented home forever but somehow when it happens to kids in care, nobody cares, nowhere safe to go.

  • Guest

    My husband says, “Have Barrets 99 at the ready. Will travel.”

  • Amanda Aikulola

    Thank you for airing your interview with Lou Pelletier tonight. This case is only one of many extremely disturbing cases coming out of BCH. I am a nurse in RI with a rare genetic disorder which my son has inherited. I am an patient advocate, run a support group network called Dysautonomia Divas and serve on the patient advisory board for Dysautonomia International. I hear so many of these heartbreaking stories. It has to stop immediately. It is a violation of our civil rights on the most important level, protecting our children. I have spoken directly to the whistle blowing nurse from BCH who is defending this family’s right to regain custody. What she has told me is a horrific abuse of power, its shocking. These “doctors” need to be held accountable for the abuse they are committing against this and other families. Please continue to shed light publically on these atrocities.

    It would also be wonderful if you could help us inform the public of this petition. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/order-justice-department-investigate-civil-rights-violations-justina-pelletier-case/7s77z28f

  • El Capitan

    Although finding the best way to apply our unique skills and abilities is a tough task in a free country, it is one inseparable from liberty.

  • Anonymous

    News flash this so so judge just put Justina into foster care !!! I guest this is another way to silence the parents from speaking out that Justina no longer their child and have no longer to right to speak out because this child belong to the state and foster parents now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Question maybe this so so judge can say the father is unfit because he violated the gag order ,but say the mother can be no longer be guardian too because she got treatment by renown doctors at Tufts a world class medical center !! Also if the parents unfits don’t you go first to relatives Grand Ma ,Uncle family,Aunts Family before foster parents !!!!!! But even they are very fit to be guardian parents be no good to this so so judge because they live outside the control of dictatorship click state of Mass and may get another medical opinion that BCH was completely wrong and she will get the proper medical treatment !! Maybe beside the parents having no say ,but the team of lawyers cannot bring up it in court for her since Justina is no longer their child !! This to that unbelievable great millionaire god bless you for trying to help Justina and her parents with support and your flown in team of lawyers !!! What this judge is doing is silencing the parents freedom of speech and getting their side out with their lawyers. Plus maybe this judge covering his rear in too if this team of renown lawyers can represent the parents ,then they can ask for transcripts of parents previous hearings and court cases under this so so judge and they might find blatant bias of this so so judge in his bias for this shrink doctor at BCH and prejudice against anyone who disagree with this shrink doctor, only hear one side not the parents or renown doctors from doctors , then of this judge using trump up,and exaggeration take away parents right when they were treating Justina per Tufts renown medical experts !! To me Justina parents were gang up on by this shrink doctor with the obama complex,so so judge, and what you call it social in being railroading them they got no say for Justina you don’t buck anyone in the progressive click or else !!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    To me it’s time for time for Tufts medical center to stand up to the slander by BCH progressive click you wash my hand I wash your of,so so judge and this what you call it social workers to suit the hell out of BCH implying that all medical procedures are wrong at Tufts and that you have only incompetent renown doctors that are at Tufts. It time for for Tufts to step up to the plate for Justina, and all your patients if you care,for them and their well being if BCH get the hold of your patient they will dismiss your treatment and undo all your good work you done for the well being of your patients, your doctors reputations and your medical center reputation is at risk with this progressive click running amok !!!

  • Anonymous

    I hope that this millionaire and his team lawyers are taking steps to protect the rest of Justina family, maybe move them out of state of Conn that is somewhat progressive too and Conn have too strong of ties to the dictator progressive click state of Mass, maybe Texas ?????

  • Anonymous

    Since Justina not getting any medical treatment or don’t need treatent per the state of Mass and she was a resident of the state of Conn. shouldn’t Massachusetss transferr her back to her home state to be a ward of the state of Conn if the parents are unfit, and no family relative are not fit too ???? Plus if this parent abuse happen while she was under parents care while she was a resident of Conn should not the court venue on abuse treatment be in Conn and not progressive click corrupt state of Mass ????????? Should the state of Conn step up she a resident of Connn and supposedly treatment abusive happen when parents were administrating nutrient & drugs per Tufts medical center while in Conn !!! Should not the state of Mass inform the state of Conn for the protection of their resident Justina and Conn should of took action ????? Where is the rights of privacy of parents and Justina to have private conversation they are not giving her drugs or nutrient per Tufts while she at BCH !!! But if Justina blurt out some blatant true facts of miss treatment or reprisal if she speak out , then if parents repeat this fact ,click of the 5 what call it social workers will lie with state trooper with a mind of attack also lie that Justina never stated that facts so they have a click of 6 lying bias people against the two parents to make like the parents are lying , all these 6 will falsely accuse the parents of wrong doing shouldn’t the parents have the same number of people in there favor to represent them from BCH railroading them as guilty just because of bigger number to make false claims against the parents, maybe some lawyers, renown Tufts doctores be there on parents side and Justina sideetc

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