WATCH: The most emotional morning meeting you’ve ever seen

If you’ve been following the show, you know the story of Justina Pelletier, the teenage girl taken from her family by the state because the parents disagreed with the diagnosis from doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital. Yesterday, Justina’s father Lou broke the court’s gag order and spoke to Glenn on TV and radio. And now this morning a motion of contempt was filed against him for standing up for his daughter and the rights of the family.

In the morning meeting, Glenn heard about the contempt charges for the first time – resulting in one of the most emotional and revealing behind-the-scenes segments produced for the TV show.


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  • KJinAZ

    What is it going to take to make the people of this country wake up to the Tyranny in our country?


    “Government is not the solution, it’s the problem” – R. Reagan

    • Jonathan D. Stull

      quite frankly it’s going to take the taking away of our precious cell phones and the cancellations of all of our stupid reality/dancing/”talent” shows that we choose to watch instead of real stories that NEED to be heard and fought for like this one that will wake the rest of the country up. I hope everyone is happy with what they chose to ignore, they made this bed, and i hope it is filled with bugs that bite HARD for them, that’s what it’s going to take to wake America up

      • Ms C

        Must be hard being so perfect.

        • Mike Nelson

          Perhaps he’s merely learned that it sucks to live Godlessly… there’s a reason the young indestructibles hurl vitriol, and it seems that only time and temperance can change a person’s more base tendencies (back?) to the truly needful.

          Many of the more reasoned voices here used to be full of piss and vinegar, but I’d wager more than not have had their own actions be the force that guides one’s own nose back to that cup of filth.

      • Anonymous

        If anyone has read any of God’s word, they should know that when you turn your back on Him, He will turn His back on you! Believe me, our backs have been turned! Uniting and a collective effort could change many things. But we are sliding further away. We have so much power as a united ‘We The People”but we won’t use it. We go and reward the very ones that are destroying our land and way of life. He’s right. It will happen to all of us, just as in history past.

        • Suzie Nunnally Clary

          He never turns his back on anyone. He’s always knocking. But when we turn away, he won’t protect us (though the prayers of the saved will help). He’s always for us. Jesus said he didn’t come to judge, but that sin judges us. It is the unrepentant sin that will destroy us.

          • Anonymous

            You are right. He never turns his back on us. We turn our back on him in rebellion. Since we refuse to repent of our sin and rebellion we get the punishment we deserve. Read the old testament and you will see this time after time.

          • Suzie Nunnally Clary

            The OT also shows year after year, century after century, God’s long-suffering and grace towards those who continue in rebellion. His love never diminishes. His highest will for us is to be in unity with him. Yet if our hearts want to be slaves to something else, he will let us go to it… old or new Testament.

  • Artur Payne


  • Anonymous

    What the hell has happened to the United States of America?! We need to follow the actions of those in Ukraine! Our country is no longer the land of the free.

  • John Gaynor

    How come no one is considering the pain and suffering of the
    parents…. unless of course they are suffering with a gender identity

    • Lisa Peterson Potter

      What do you mean “gender identity crisis”?

  • beckncall

    ‘Well Comrades are you getting it now’? No parental rights? They want our gun rights, they want to put cameras in the NEWS ROOMS and you are playing some stupid game on FACEBOOK and tied to your IPHONE?

    The day they signed Obamacare into law we lost our country. WAKE UP……AND PRAY ITS NOT TOO LATE.

    • bpcats

      This has nothing to do with Obamacare. If you listen to the list of people who are involved in this, I doubt you will hear Obama mentioned at all.

      • jeepers

        It has everything to do with our government.

        • Anonymous

          What I’m seeing here is government want to divide us further for their control, Common core you cannot bond with your child in helping them with third grade math or home school and that parents are stupid. Now with doctors you lose your bond with your doctors you have for years, now by the government limit choice you get a puppet doctor under their control your just cog number 666 ,and they will follow orders just like Nazi soldiers in death camps, with no bond give to give ration care treatments or no care when you need it or lie nothing can be done to you !! The royal elite want to American workers become expendable cogs of none thinkers ,and divide with no bonds for each other or caring and to no have feelings for ones in need for control for good of royal elites slave collective work force !! This slave collective work force will be like a bunch of dumb sheep not smart enough to say no,or know they have the right say no and be a individual and to stand up for each other and fight for each other against this click of the evil royal elites !! All cogs who are not useful to the slave collective will be terminated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I have been praying for a brave, dedicated Christian who knows the Constitution would run and God have mercy on our country that he would win

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    My prayers are with you both, and your daughter, and yes I would go to jail with you. It’s not like your withholding care, your trying to get her care. I wish you all the best, keep fighting.

  • Penny

    Unbelievable! How come news and every media outlet not
    Commenting or covering this story its kidnapping for heaven sake!

  • Melanie Schmutz Hatch

    We are descending into HELL! Not only this but having the Secretary of State of the entire nation, one of the highest offices, tell us that global warming is equivalent of weapons of mass destruction but this! We are on a slippery slope!!

  • Angela Napier

    I just hope there is enough people who will save this great country…

  • Rick Ferguson

    Wow, This is a story that needs to be on every news channel on every TV screen in the country. There is NOTHING I would not do to protect my son….NOTHING. This family has endured more than any family should ever have to from the hands of an out of control State. This family needs justice, and they need it now. Thank you Glenn for giving this family a voice.

  • Lambie Sanford

    There is nothing you can do to stop the NSA, CIA or the DOJ. They are not true branches of our government’s system and they are not under the control of the president. They are being controlled by an higher intelligence that oversees the world. It’s far beyond our understanding. Don’t even try to fight it, because you won’t win.

  • Patrick Henry Patriot

    Glenn, if you want to help in NORTH KOREA, please promote People, please repost this if you want to help.

  • Chuck Hamblin

    The only thing these elitists understand is the threat of loss of political power. Take them or their bosses out in the election cycles. Go to the media (thank you Blaze). Protest! Do something!

  • Anonymous

    So is this what is to come with Obamacare ,…..if they want to take your child from you, misdiagnose them, and if you protest, ect….they may use it to take your child?

  • Betheny Tomseth

    How can we help, Glenn? What can we do?

    • jeepers

      Please see my reply above.

  • Anonymous

    THEY need the child to die and the MSM discover a new crisis.

  • Vickie Correll-Rick

    Thank you Glen for getting this out! So sad that this is what America has become. Thousands and thousands suffering in every state. We are gathering in groups reaching out for help and this is what we need. Are you interested in being our group spokesperson? You get it!! So many turn away. We will NOT STOP fighting for our children and families!!!!!

  • Alapam

    Go back to the starvation death of Terri Schiavo in Florida. Family just wanted to care for her, but the state and her husband wanted to remarry so they killed her instead. Americans should have stood up then and they had better now.

  • Amy Williams

    What frightens me, is this conundrum…

    If you don’t do enough to protect and care for your children – the government will take them away. Now, if you do “too much” – the government will take away your children.

    As the powers at both ends of that spectrum increase – the middle ground – where our rights reside – will shrink until it disappears.

  • Jack W McNish

    this is crazy, what is the plan’ and what is the action to take against this ‘

  • BurntOranges

    I must be missing something within this story. A family’s teenage daughter is taken from them, by the state, because they disagree with the doctors diagnosis? I just don’t get it??

    • SirDanMur

      Their daughter has Mitochondrial diseases, has since she was born, has been treated for it for years by one hospital. Their doctor changed hospitals, so they went to Boston Childrends for treatment. the doctors there claim that she does not have Mitochondrial disease, that the parents are making it up, and instead they are saying she has a psychological condition imposed on her by her parents which causes her to believe that she is afflicted when she really is not.

  • S Clarkson

    And once these arogant doctors kill her with the wrong treatment, they will shrug, walk away and say oh well. We did what we thought best. She isn’t a person to them. She is an experiment.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve experienced a CPS case with a family member. While I was still in disbelief and hadn’t figured things out yet, I said to myself that children are not people to the agency; they are a docket number. I was right! I’ve been fighting back since. CPS has abusive power with the full backing of the courts and all collateral players in the system. It appears that not one of them has a conscience.

      • Bones2Bones

        CPS Funding is based on the number of children CPS removes from homes and place with foster family’s. More likely than not once a child enters the program they will be sexually, emotionally and physically abused. Either because the foster families are mentally ill, simply doing it for the money or are persons intent on ritually abusing children. CPS record of protecting children is beyond dismal. It should be called Child Perverts Society or Child Punishment Service that would better describe what these people really do to children. There is no way CPS abuse could be written of as unintentional-no way!

    • wasabibites

      They where most likely told to do that under B O care..EXPECT MORE OF THESE TYPE OF CASES

  • jeepers

    People PLEASE help the Pelletier family. What if that was YOUR child? We all need to stand up for family rights. This is the most horrendous story. Please flood the following numbers and tell them you are standing with the Pelletier family to bring Justina home. This is definitely government out of control! Dept of Children, Youth, and Family Services = Olga Roche Commissioner 671-748-2000 * Peter Forbes Commissioner 617-960-3304 * Robert Turillo Commissioner 617-960-3268 * Dept of Youth Svs 671-727-7575 * Claudia Henderson Chief of Staff 617-573-1600 * Stacey Monahan Commissioner 617-573-1600. If you can, please send donations for legal fees at

    • isis5551

      Thank you jeepers so very much. Every other link I tried would not allow me to use PayPal. So I clicked on yours and it worked. I am so thankful. I want to help them financially, and emotionally. Now I will call some of these numbers you so kindly listed also.
      God Bless

  • Anonymous

    Rand Paul for President. He wrote a book called “Government Bullies” I believe he would do something about all this injustice.

  • jeepers

    People PLEASE help the Pelletier family. What if that was YOUR child? We all need to stand up for family rights. This is the most horrendous story. Please flood the following numbers and tell them you are standing with the Pelletier family to bring Justina home. This is definitely government out of control! Dept of Children, Youth, and Family Services = Olga Roche Commissioner 671-748-2000 * Peter Forbes Commissioner 617-960-3304 * Robert Turillo Commissioner 617-960-3268 * Dept of Youth Svs 671-727-7575 * Claudia Henderson Chief of Staff 617-573-1600 * Stacey Monahan Commissioner 617-573-1600. If you can, please send donations for legal fees at

  • susan

    … Never Stop talking about this GLENN .!!!! The courts knowingly pushed this father to the edge..So what did they think the father would do… crawl under a rock and die…I know that’s what they wanted him to do but insisted they met their maker !!!! They will really know that one day!!!..Its BS with all this UNDUE DELAY crap from the courts..So now the State wants to win and wants to feel like they have won ..Here is a Update for them…they haven’t won anything..!!!!..They got what they deserved trying to ripe this father heart out of his chest … He did what any real human-being would do if bushed to far…STAND YOUR GROUND..As a Parent I am mad as hell… We the People are Listen NOW!!!….I say Yes, go to the city… people are and will stand with him..!!!! The court needs to give this child back to her parents!!! PERIOD!! No Lie there!!! The court needs to get this thought there heads… Its not your child its Gods child and he gave that Mother and Father the right to raise her and protect her from nuts cases like you …so get over yourselves and reunited this family so they can save their child ..!!!! I will BOYCOTT everything from that state….until she is free…Stop abusing this family…Stop the Undue Delays you are wrong in our eyes and the eyes of GOD!!!! Amen

    • Joey Bonds

      susan that is nothing to what they been doing to me and my family have a look at my facebook pic,s about cop,s who have kid,s molested and spy album im the one behind the whole spying not edward

  • Ron Shegda

    Human Services Agencies throughout Pennsylvania and the US stalk, harass and abuse Families just like this. It happened to our Family.

    Look up the more famous Baby Nikolayev videos from CA. Everything Glenn said about crucifying the Victims is true. All of us who experienced this know.

  • WyomingMother

    This breaks my heart because I know what it is like to be pushed into a corner by a hospital. You HAVE no rights when it comes to your children. Don’t want immunizations? They’ll threaten to take them away. Disagree with a medical decision and want a second opinion? Be prepared to face a fight like no other. Looking for an honest answer – keep looking. It’s devastating for a parent to be told that “the state will take custody” if you don’t agree to what treatment someone decides appropriate.

  • Connor

    Is this country a place for freedom anymore? This is the proof this country is more like a police state than what the founders wanted for us.

  • Anonymous

    Please make this go viral – Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and especially CALLS!!!!!!! Below are the numbers to call:

    Massachusetts Children & Families Dept. – 617-748-2000 – tie up their phones!!!!

    Massachusetts Governors Office – 617-725-4005 – tie up their phones!!!! (Gov. Deval Patrick)

    Massachusetts Attorney Generals Ofc. – 617- 727-2200 – tie up their phones!!!! (AG Martha Coakley)

    Today Show – 212-664-4602 – tie up their phones!!!!

    Fox News – – call & e-mail them all !!!!!!!!!

  • kevin Golike

    so now a second opinion is against the law! just as with medicare,if you check into a hospital you cannot check your self out or you get stuck with the bill!

  • Rick VanDongen

    what me worry?

  • WND

    Whoever concocted such law, should be crucified upside down.

  • isis5551

    I have sent my emails. Tried making phone calls, to which I will continue. But now I need someones help. I am NOT a member of facebook or twitter, and refuse to be. So, when I try to make a financial donation for this family, PayPal will not accept it unless I have what they call, a valid email address. Can someone please help me, so I can help this family? It will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
    God Bless all who are trying to help, and prayers are being sent to this family.
    Glenn, can you give me another address or forward mine to someone that can help me get my finances through to this family? Thank You!

  • Ron Shegda

    Glenn, Pat, Stu — We need You as National Spokespeople for these horrors going on in every State (and around the world). It’s human trafficking for money and sociopathy.

    There are many videos on the Nikolayev home invasion by “social workers.” (Watch how the cops break into a home with their hands on their guns to snatch a baby. The Mom was alerted and set up a hidden camera.)

    Watch these 122 videos on the same thing.

    Look up how former Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer was murdered for want of exposing this corruption.

    Talk to us in Pennsylvania:

    May God Bless Glenn, Pat, Stu, Jeffie and Everyone. Ron Shegda

  • Rose Hardy Church

    Justina Pelletier’s story is one of the more stunning David vs. Goliath scenarios of modern-day medicine. This could absolutely be me facing a contempt order as my child was hospitalized with a less commonly diagnosed disorder, PANDAS, and we,too disagreed with the doctors. As parents of these children, you ache terribly for their lost childhood due to their disorders — to be taken from your parents at such a vulnerable time is a crime. Thank you, Glenn Beck, for aiming your slingshot at Boston Children’s Hospital. Why there is not more public outcry for big medicine pitting themselves against a caring family is incredibly sad!

  • Alice Kegelman Wells

    They tried to do the same thing to me and my husband at Boston Childrens hospital. I tried to contact a friend of the parents but he sent me here and I can’t find him or his tel number. I can really help them.
    Alice Kegelman Wells

  • Pam Korney Gelormino

    this is happening in all walks an tiers of government agencies– it not in the policies- its in the practices stand up and support this family.

  • Anonymous

    It is clear that Freedom and Liberty and the rights of parents are all dead in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. If you live there, get out while you still can.

  • Anita Dillard Moore

    If I had the funds, I would hire ex navy seals to go in there and take her. It can be done.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t tell us what you’d do, show us what you’ve done.

  • Glennfriend67

    This is not the United States any longer- not the one I was born and grew up in. When the government dictates what your children can learn, sends the FCC into local media stations to monitor and control content output, when HOSPITALS are allowed to kidnap, torture and kill your children- no, this is not the United States I was born and grew up in. It’s not the United States our Founding Fathers created and left for us. It is the National Socialist Republic of Amerika. And yes, I intentionally misspelled the last word. When the man who is supposed to lead our country gets elected by fraudulent means and then takes executive orders too numerous to count without Congressional or Supreme Court approval, he is not a president, he is a dictator, a bully and a tyrant who must be overthrown. When that same tyrant orders unmanned drones in the air to kill his own people without even the benefit a trial, we are not living in a democratic republic, we are living in a nazi state. THIS MUST STOP!!! We can start with little Justina, and send a message loud and clear, LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE! Please spread the word, and even if you can only donate $1, please go to, to help the Pellitiers survive to continue their fight to bring Justina home before Boston Children’s Hospital succeeds in killing her! Let’s all do anything and everything we can to help the Pelletiers free Justina and get her back on the medicine she so desperately needs before it’s too late! May God and His Heavenly Host watch over Justina and the Pelletier Family. Amen.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that the average American can not wake up to reality because of disinformation and poor education. Belief in lies and accepting twisted teachings will destroy a nation every time. Hell’s spawn has found a new home in America. God help us all.

  • Josh

    The Feds are out of control. Check out the DMR scandal on the MS Coast. Protecting the corruption at the top, pinning the little guys to the ground.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, those mean parents were overmedicating her into all that ice-skating.

    Now, us wiser doctors have correctly diagnosed her with a somatoform disorder, and look! she is so much healthier in her wheelchair, instead of that nasty ice-skating!

    Yeah, it’s all in her head, and it’s all in your head if you question us, so we gag you so you don’t hurt her or yourself anymore!

    Oh, the wisdumb of those so-called doctors! — And their supporters.

    Sarcasm just doesn’t relieve it for me. Anger at the so-called medical system is rising to a fever pitch.

    Tell everyone about this, warn them of misuse of power they assume unto themselves, and aid the Pelletier family any way you can. I have no money to give, myself, but I can and will talk about this to anyone who would be sympathetic to this case.

    Laus Deo

  • Anonymous

    Please make this GOVT APPROVED KIDNAPPING go viral – Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and especially CALLS!!!!!!! Below are the numbers to call on behalf of Justina Pelletier : #freejustinanow

    Massachusetts Children & Families Dept. – 617-748-2000 – tie up their phones!!!!

    Massachusetts Governors Office – 617-725-4005 – tie up their phones!!!! (Gov. Deval Patrick)

    Massachusetts Attorney Generals Ofc. – 617- 727-2200 – tie up their phones!!!! (AG Martha Coakley)

    Today Show – 212-664-4602 – tie up their phones!!!!

    Fox News –

    call & e-mail them all !!!!!!!!!

    If you can, please send donations for legal fees at

  • Anonymous

    For the institutionalized assault upon his 1st Amendment rights of Speech and Petition; and his 14th Amendment right of Association, Pelletier has earned (after a year of torture) a pair of federal writs issued for and served by U.S. Marshalls upon the judge that issued the gag order: Mandemus (for our Constitution) and Habeas Corpus (for his black-robed Body). Is this a case for Gerry Spence?

  • Coy Snyder

    Child services have NO oversight and they operate outside of Law through “Administrative” code. They violate the privacy and parental rights of anyone they can. Child services causes more damage than some of the most abusive parents I’ve seen. Combine that department with an overzealous healthcare institution and you get hellish consequences. “Consent by the governed” is in OUR Declaration of Independence. The question is how does one remove consent when it is a “Crime” to do so. Freedom is Slavery.

  • SM

    Who wants to head to Washington? long overdue

  • mark pursel

    In an attempt to expose, confront, and stop DCFS abuse I have started the Liberty Scraps channel. I will be seeking out and posting videos that highlight the fight against DCFS / CPS corruption. We must fight and scrap to maintain, preserve, and expand upon the few scraps of liberty our current police state allows.

    I am a 21 year police veteran and current police detective that has actively investigated hundreds of child abuse cases. I am also a victim of DCFS corruption. I offer the following advice: Do not ever speak to DCFS…When they come to your home, step outside and close the door behind you…Collect their business card and listen to the allegation against you…Then exert your right to reman silent and do so…Do not answer ANY questions. Do not allow them into your home. Do not allow them to see or interview your children. Do not sign anything. Do not provide them with ANY information about your children or family. If you have time, record the at the door encounter. If your children are old enough, teach them how to exercise their right to remain silent; children should exercise their right to remain silent if interviewed at school or if DCFS comes back to your home with an investigative warrant (school interviews can be avoided by home schooling your children). Any investigative warrant obtained solely on an uncorroborated anonymous allegation to the DCFS hotline is illegal; you should seek an attorney to file a federal civil rights lawsuit under 42 USC 1983.

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