So long, Piers Morgan

CNN officially announced Piers Morgan as the heir apparent for Larry King on September 8th, 2010, hoping to end what was dubbed a ‘ratings depression’ in the 9pm time slot. Morgan himself said before his program debuted that the ‘only benchmark’ of his success would be whether or not he could lift CNN’s ratings from ‘cellar-dwelling’ status. About three and half years later, the ratings boost never happened – and CNN has finally decided to pull the plug on Piers Morgan Live.

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“So we’re going to do that after we mourn the loss of Piers Morgan… Okay, we’re done with that,” Glenn joked on radio this morning. “So you know… I asked Joel Cheatwood who is our chief content officer… ‘Can you tell me why TheBlaze is reporting that Piers Morgan was fired and other sources are saying that he quit?’ Joel’s response was, ‘Because we tell the truth.’”

Last summer, TheBlaze’s Dan Andros put together an in-depth report of the history of Morgan’s ratings for the Wonderful World of Stu, and the numbers were downright appalling.

Check out the report HERE.

“I was really laughing at the he quit stuff,” Stu added. “This guy, who considers himself the most important man who has ever done anything, is going to walk away from a venue like that? No. He’s getting fired because of his horrible ratings.”

According to the New York Times’ David Carr, the cancellation will most likely take effect in March. Carr actually received a phone call from Morgan yesterday to further discuss the situation.

Carr reports:

There have been times when the CNN host Piers Morgan didn’t seem to like America very much — and American audiences have been more than willing to return the favor. Three years after taking over for Larry King, Mr. Morgan has seen the ratings for “Piers Morgan Live” hit some new lows, drawing a fraction of viewers compared with competitors at Fox News and MSNBC.


“It’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a bath in the ratings,” he said, adding that although there had been times when the show connected in terms of audience, slow news days were problematic.

“Look, I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it,” [Morgan] said. “That’s run its course and Jeff and I have been talking for some time about different ways of using me.”

Only time will tell, but Glenn believes Morgan will ultimately blame his ouster on all those evil pro-Second Amendment gun supporters, who just could not accept his opposing point of view.

“The question is: Why did you bang on about it,” Glenn asked. “You watch. He will eventually say he was kicked out. He was ended by the gun nuts – and those are the people that really control the media in America.”

  • Jy

    jay leno’s new job just opened up

    • Anonymous

      No way. Fox should hire Jay and his entire laid off staff.

      • Anonymous

        Got to be something legal in Leno’s separation contract or Fox (surely) would have snapped him up. That’s a megahit show just waiting to happen. Hopefully, when it does, he’ll bring all his writers with him.

        • JohnB

          JAY LENO…A FABULOUS REPLACEMENT FOR ‘redeye’, FOX NEWS LAMEST ATTEMPT AT HUMOR. Lou Dobbs is funnier and he never tells a joke.

      • Anonymous

        Right on!

  • Richard B

    Good riddance to Piers Morgan. Will they also deport him? The jerk has been trying to sway people on Constitutional issues in this country like gun-control, something he has no business poking his nose into. He should go back to England and spout his gun-control leanings there.

    • Anonymous

      Not even the police-men in England are allowed to carry guns.

    • JohnB

      He should actually be given a job on Al Jazzera promoting gun control for Western Democracies to a Muslim listening audience. He would be popular…

  • Hoot Gibson

    Keith OIdblowaman lousy ratings at ESPN here tis

  • Anonymous

    Piers is arrogant. He came to this country to mock Americans and our constitutional rights. Glad he is gone from CNN but I won’t watch CNN anyway.

    • Ashley Nicholas

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      ☗☗☗ ☗☗�☗ ☗☗☗ ☗�☗☗ ☗☗☗Hope they cancel his visa and send him back to his Socialist dream society back in England

      • Robert Shaffer

        Good for her

        • Alan Cruz

          LMFAO! Good one Robert lol

      • Anonymous

        Not a very good porn star. They should make more than that.

      • Anonymous

        Do you really think people take you seriously with your comment about this discussion! As it is very obvious to everyone that you go around spamming popular sites just to meet your quota! Anything to make a buck on other people’s expense! You my friend have no dignity.

      • ken.

        dude, where do you find all these pictures and names of girls that you would like to become. when are you going to decide which one is the new you?

      • Anonymous

        So Ashley does she work at

    • fire lion

      wait are you saying a white guy from europe and completely disrespected the native of the land? Sounds familiar……

      • Anonymous

        Excuse me but I don’t care what color the guys skin is. If someone is arrogant and going against our laws, he should be called out about it. Why does race always have to come in to it?

        • fire lion

          piers morgan has a deep seated hatred of americans.

  • landofaahs

    Go take a long walk off a short “Pier Moron”. On your way back to Jolly old England.

  • Nancy Smith

    It’s about time!

  • Take 2

    Beck has an opening to return to CNN now! They need to draw from both sides! CNN don’t pass on a golden opportunity that FOX stupidly or forced underhandedly to end. 600 to 800 thousand made a trip to gather in peace…that CNN is something King or Morgan Jimmy etc., could ever do – all combined.

    No restrictions (both sides) interview show!

  • Anonymous

    The fact that it took CNN over 3 years to fire Mr. Morgan doesn’t indicate good things about CNN’s management. Regardless of what one might think of Mr. Morgan’s views, personality, whatever, the man’s show was a well established loser and should have been canned long ago.

    • JohnB

      Actually they should keep him about as long as we keep Obama as President. Nothing makes the Democrats look more like losers in 2014 / 2016 than liberals listening and esteeming the the irritating editorial thoughts of PM

    • Anonymous

      Agree! “Just IN” lasted about a week at the 5PM slot on Fox!

    • KJinAZ

      We all know they will find someone even more extreme to replace him. Maybe a Transgender Muslim, or something like that.

      • David Bennett

        Sorry, she is busy working for the POTUS…

      • bumpkin

        YOU make me laugh! I vote for Mr. Ed the talking horse- or was he a mule?

  • Jy

    well the 10 mins i actually watched the show was the longest 10 mins of my life so no great loss lol

  • FingerBlisters

    I have a feeling the only people watching were the gun supporters who hated him.

    Now that the UK hates him and the US hates him, where will he go next. Hopefully, Nigeria.

    • Anonymous

      I vote for Iran. Now there’s a place where he can really lose his head.

      • Anonymous

        Lol! Yeah, the Shah will totally listen to him when he says “why do you all need guns?”

        • Bill Tilghman

          The Shah? You realize he’s been dead for over 33 years, don’t you?

          • Anonymous

            Okay, the authoritarian regime in power. I guess that’s what I meant.

          • MB

            Ha. The Shah was your friend!

        • Anonymous

          There is no more Shah in Iran only an anti western authoritarian theocracy run by the Ayatollah and Mullahs!

        • Ray Franks

          Irony, people, irony…

  • vigilant2012

    Bill Maher will probably hire him as a straight man for his show

    • Anonymous

      Even Bill Maher knows a loser when he sees one…takes one to know one.

  • David Cowie

    Darn, watching Piers was on my bucket list.

  • Anonymous

    No, what really did him in was that he was not born ‘Jimmy Morgan’.

  • Anonymous

    Buh Bye, don’t let the door hit on the way out! Hope they cancel his visa and send him back to his Socialist dream society back in England

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why it took so long? This arrogant, condescending nasty individual should never have been on the air to begin with. He has the attitude where he was dressing America down constantly. He acted as if his viewpoint was the only one that was correct and we Americans were all wrong. He abused his guest. Whenever anyone didn’t agree with him he was literally shouting at them like they were children. Wonder where he is going to go now especially since the United Kingdom doesn’t want him. They kicked him out of the country. Since he’s too good for America (in his own mind) we won’t miss him. If anyone deserved to be kicked out,it is him.

  • mary ellen

    It’s 3 1/2 years past time. This man is not interested in truth and he is as big a narcissist as our current president. I hope he leave the country, but I know that won’t happen. He has it good here.

  • Anonymous

    Loved this…thanks so much.
    Love Ya Glenn!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully, he will never be cornered by an armed criminal who doesn’t obey laws, with 30 seconds to live and no gun to defend himself. Hopefully, he’ll never have to face the drug cartel that came across our porous southern border, and not be armed. If it does happen I’m sure he’ll have an epiphany about the Second Amendment.

    • Ray Franks

      ….or have to change his pink panties!

    • Anonymous

      That says it all!

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Now…Deport Him!

    • Bill Tilghman

      Maybe he will join Olbermann at ESPN and do Cricket play by play…

  • Anonymous

    Even if that Arrogant Stiff A$$ Brit Piers Morgan, I would not even watch CNN, ABC, MSNBC, or CBS. Everytime I see commentators like Jake Tapper, Wolfblitzer, Ed Schultz, Oldermann, Chris Matthews, I look at them like a dung on their head or a dirty black insects. Nasty looking Communist Nurtured Sub-human Mongrel Propagandists !

  • Smackermack

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio was to be on his show – but they changed their minds.

  • Tom Geistkemper

    No point in getting giddy about the departure of Morgan. CNN will replace him with someone who’s opinions and attitude are carbon copies. It’ll be one of those “it’s not the message – it’s the messenger” explanations.

    And repeating the same process over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

    • Anonymous

      Just like the Democrats, same process always expecting other results!

  • Kathy Hilden

    Can’t stand he man….so arrogant! So no great loss as far as I’m concerned!

  • markymarvin

    All I could say when I heard the news was “lololololololololololololololololololol” He thinks he is the second coming of Simon Cowel when he isn’t even good enough to pick up his dirty jock strap.

    • Anonymous

      Best post yet!

  • Southern Heart

    Piers WHO????

  • Fat Lip

    So sad so sad sometimes he feels so sad , Alone again naturally : )

  • Billy

    so glad i’m not the only one that found him appalling.

  • Anonymous

    The British are coming…opp’s…. going. The British are going. Good riddance.

  • Anonymous

    What’s obongo going to do? He lost the most vocal of his lap dogs.

    • justthefaxs

      Make him his new Press Secretary… The other one is running out of songs, dance and lies.

  • Anonymous

    OK, Chris Matthews is next… He needs that “tingle down his leg” taken care of.. I think he should just feel himself “pi$$ing” his pants over Morgan being fired..

  • Anonymous

    Funny how someone from the UK can bash our Country yet why not look overseas to your MUSLIM INFESTED COUNTRY? Muslims killing innocent people on the street, forcing Muslim beliefs down the UK’s throat yet you talk to us about guns? Really? Give me a break! You will never stop violence, you cannot regulate human behavior and you wonder why you and your show were a huge failure? The American people are tired of liberal ideas and liberal bashing of our country. Mr. Morgan hates this country so much because he knows he will NEVER change our behaviors like the Muslims have done in his once great country. Bye Bye Mr. Morgan, dont let the door hit you on your way out to the UK. We do not want you here!

    • Anonymous

      He couldn’t make it in the UK so he came here – but what kind of an idiot spouts off about the very country he is being allowed to live in! Talk about an abuse of one of our freedoms – I love these liberals who spout their pathetic ideas in freedom-loving countries when they should be in countries where people have NO freedom and trying to help them. Oh, that’s right, you have to be brave, have character, and be a humanitarian to do that . Sorry Piers, that cuts you out right away! Have a nice trip.

  • Bill Tilghman

    More’s the pity – Morgan was given the option to take a long walk off a short Pier(s).

    Now if the rest of that network would just follow him, that would be progress!

  • Anonymous

    Long overdue!

  • Greene Brian

    Let’s pause for ten seconds of silence in honor of Piers Morgan…
    Whew…that was agonizing…
    Who’s next?
    All kidding aside…he’s not the problem. Bullhorns for the Left come and go…somebody else will slip into his seat before it gets cold.
    No…it’s the dumbed-down audience that would ever listen to his blather to begin with. They’re all still here…and still voting.
    They are indicative of an uninterested, techno-hypnotized, immoral majority of people in this country – the bulk of which aren’t interested in spirituality, ethics, self-sufficiency, independence. Their elected leaders keep promising the utopia that they full well know can’t be created. That f**king carrot is always just out of reach.
    Nope…hundreds of thousands of dreamers, smokin’ dope, holdin’ their hands out for their free cell phones and their food stamps.
    More government, more government control, higher taxes to fund more government-controlled social and welfare programs.
    God help us…
    It’s all slipping away…….

  • Jim

    Thank God and Greyhound you’re gone!!

  • Crassus

    Another lib bites the dust
    And another one’s gone
    And another one’s gone
    Another lib bites the dust

    Good riddance, Piers Morgan. Perhaps if you’d been a bit more like your fellow countrymen Alastair Cooke and David Frost you would have had a successful career across the pond like they did.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t celebrate yet Glenn. Remember you yourself were kicked the same way… And look at you, all happy here with your little website and your teaparty rallies… Who knows! Maybe Piers will follow your lead…

    • Anonymous

      Ah, more drivel made from whole cloth, eh, Tapestry?

  • Diane Mandaville

    What makes me upset is he isn’t American and shouldn’t complain about America. Only Americans can complain about America. It’s like brother and sister they can complain and pick on each other but don’t let any one else. Hope you learned your lesson Piers, I was hoping you would do well. But we are forgiving.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree. Check out de Toqueville. Of course, he did say lots of good things about us back in 1835. Sometimes being from the outside can be a good thing. However, Piers Morgan is a lefty idiot. I doubt he’s learned a lesson. Cheers.

      • Anonymous

        “Cheers” English? Australian?

        No, it is not acceptable for foreign interests to come in and insist that we fundamentally alter our Constitutional Law. As far as I am aware he is not a citizen. Having considered that that Law combined with morality derived from Christian principle has allowed us to rise to a position of great power and prominence. His jabber is reprehensible and dispensable. Its especially unwelcomed as the USA is currently fending off a socialist/communist transformation.

        I do not believe that the work of Alexis De Toqueville is comparable to that of Piers Morgan. I own some of De Toquevilles works.

        • Anonymous

          I apologize as I was not clear. I was disagreeing with Diane’s remark, “Only Americans can complain about America.” As Americans…and I am one…we should be big enough to take contructive criticism. Don’t get me wrong, the sooner we send the little pom home, the better!

          True, there is no comparison between de Toqueville and Morgan. However, I brought it up to show that not all foreigners should be disregarded. There are things we can learn.

          No, I am a Yank born in Hawaii. I go to Oz (Australia) once or twice a year…my opportunity to watch footy, rugby, and drink way too much “amber liquid.” Cheers, mate!

          P.S.: I am demonstrably American. Note how I spell and punctuate.


    I’m surprised he was hired in the first place. If you look into his work history, you find it amazing that he would have such a long career in journalism. He was fired by The Mirror for publishing fake pictures of British Army soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. All he had to do to keep his job was apologize for the mistake, but he was so self-righteous that he couldn’t do so. He regularly fabricated stories and was implicated in several scandals even though he was never convicted. He wasn’t even popular in his home country. Piers Morgan getting fired doesn’t surprise me at all. His show was painful to watch. It didn’t matter what topic he was on, he would always bring out the gun debate. Rachel Maddow is more enjoyable to watch.

    • Anonymous

      Rachel Maddow?? Ewwww!

  • Anonymous

    If you’re a nice person but an idiot, you can still do OK. If you’re an asshole but intelligent, you can still do OK. But Morgan was both an asshole and idiot. End of story.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, Piers! Your English ancestors are THE reason why we have a second amendment, moron. Sod off!

  • women99


  • justthefaxs

    “Another One Bites The Dust”

  • Mark

    …. piers Morgan is a poo poo head….

  • francis feiner

    Damn, what took them so long to get rid of this arrogant U.S. hater. I just might give CNN another try but I doubt that I will be able to stomach their political views for very long

    • Anonymous

      What took them so long? Peirs views are the views of the NETWORK. They only gave him the boot because he became a financial liability.

  • dave marquis

    You people are farked ,Piers is right about one thing you Americans are possessed. with guns, and you wonder why there is so much crime ?? REALLY you deserve each other….

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Look! A cheese with legs…and a mouth!

    • Anonymous

      Go drink your Kool-Aid.

    • Anonymous

      Ever been here? If so where? Just curious, since you are the expert on American culture, crime, guns etc. The number one thing knuckleheads like yourself don’t understand is that its NOT about lowering gun related deaths, its about ensuring the freedom of a people, and preventing from tyranny. Heres the crux of the biscuit: This is the Constitutional Law that our nation was founded upon and has allowed us to continue as a free and prosperous peoples for hundreds of years. Why should it bother any foreigner what we do in our land, concerning our lives and our freedoms? When is the last time I ever lectured a Brit or any foreigner for that matter on the merits of their legal system? Govern as you see fit. And buzz off!

  • Susan Fuchs

    If this is true, that the people who are pro-gun run the media, then I want MSNBC shut down, NBC ABC and CBS to either straighten out and report truth or shut down as well!!!

  • Anonymous

    Happy, happy, happy. It does not matter why he is gone but that he is. CNN should have known better than too think that a socialist can bring back the viewing to a defunked network. But the fact that Piers is gone will not change my viewing habits. Sorry, CNN. Sorry that you do not like the freedoms that our forefathers gave us.

  • Sargonarhes

    He can blame 2nd Amendment fans all he wants, but ratings come from people actually watching the show. Apparently he couldn’t draw any.
    And let’s give a big thank you to host of Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson who a long time ago punched Piers Morgan in the face. Which just goes to show even some Brits didn’t like him either.

  • Anonymous

    Being in last place in the ratings, right behind Rachel Madcow, sure is a bummer.
    CNN tells him that he’s worthless, changes the locks on the doors, stops paying him, doesn’t let him in the building, doesn’t advertise his program any more, tells him to get lost, and lets somebody else park in his spot. Then Piers tells everyone that he decided to quit.
    It’s like a NASCAR racer who hits the wall, the car bursts into flames, he bails out of the car, and the car goes back to the garage on the back of the tow truck, and when interviewed later, says that he decided that he would just drop out of the race, even though the car was running great.

    CNN just needs to figure out that the downward spiral started when they started hiring anti-American commentators, and they decided to stop telling the truth. The purpose of journalism is to tell the public what is going on in the world, not to act as a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party.

  • Hans Mossberg

    Piers who?

  • Anonymous

    We have enough commie panty wastes here in the US, we do not need to import any!

  • Robert Schuster

    So what Piers-I think Ann Coulter-the street book walking mouth-I am a conservative-but is she anorexic or just plain unattractive? Drop the hem line Ann please.

  • Anonymous

    Good reddens to bad rubbish.

  • Kyle Powell

    I think Mr. Morgan is arrogant as well and I’m tired of his railing against our 2nd amendment rights as much as anyone. But his right to do that is secured by the 1st amendment. And why deport him? He’s here legally and hasn’t done anything accept piss a lot of people off with his views which is perfectly legal. If you don’t like him don’t listen to him and he’ll go away and so it seems his employer has begun that process.

  • Kenneth van der Zalm

    In a country where 1 out of 4 adults doesn’t even know that the earth is circling the sun (no joke, read the USA today survey of earlier this month), I would take it as a compliment if my ratings were bad. In a land of ignorant, the king of common sense can not rule….

    • Anonymous

      So, you’re suggesting that Piers Morgan’s ratings were abysmally low because ignorant Americans are unable to appreciate his sheer brilliance.

      On the surface level does it offend you the least that a Brit (the folks we won our independence from) is here lecturing us on the perceived error of our Constitutional Law? Given the success and blessing that this nation has enjoyed, that doesn’t bother you in the least?

      Additionally, if the country were filled with brain dead zombies. What does that say about our elected officials, including the POTUS?

    • Anonymous

      MLKjr said we should judge people by the content of their character, not their education. You must really hate Detroit with their 47pct illiteracy rate.

  • Jim Gilmore

    Morgan says he may be gone from CNN but isn’t through with the NRA. Well, Morgan, BRING IT ON!

  • Anonymous

    Piers is full of shit and lies just as much as Obama and Al Gore =his ass was fired but he’s too arrogant to tell the truth – what I really had a huge laugh at is his empty threat to the NRA on Twitter telling them “I’m not Done with You Yet” …yeah you tell them Piers….I mean you’ve proven how much a threat you are by losing your show….”Thats showing them huh” ? …..lmao

  • Anonymous

    P Morgan one big P-O-S ,NRA WILL EAT U ALIVE

  • Paul Marks

    Let us not forget the bigger picture. It is not just P. Morgan (a man with a long vile record in tabloid journalism in Britain – come home Piers there is a nice prison cell waiting for you…), the whole of CNN Is a mess. CNN is kept in business by “bundling” – which means that when one pays for the television stations one wants one gets CNN “free”. “Bundling” is a corrupt system.

    • Anonymous

      Amen. You hit it, bang on! They essentially give you a sandwich with a juicy tomato, crisp lettuce, fresh organic farm raised turkey, but they spread it with tree sap, fill it with dirt and give you molded bread in hopes that the good will overwhelm the intolerable. Most Americans tolerate the nonsense and fork over the hefty cable bill seeking the tomato, lettuce and turkey.

      The point is…WE DONT HAVE TO EAT THIS SANDWICH! They (cable providers & major broadcasters) don’t deserve our patronage or our money, and its making our people sick!

      Cut the cord, dish the dish. Do what you’ve got to do, but free yourself from the spell. You’ll be AMAZED what you can do with your life without 1-6+ hours of media indoctrination daily. (Yes some people watch more than six hours a day.)

  • Llewellyn Andrew

    Watching two gorillas throw shit is more entertaining than Piers throwing his around. What an advert for insanity and the guy thinks everyone love him. Not even a troop of love sick, flea infested monkeys would pucker up to him, so foul.

  • Gregg Grundon

    It was the Racists…No, I mean it was Bush,

  • Boagrius

    Just because the socialist traitors have power in this country doesn’t mean that they are popular. Morgan found out the hard way. Where were his liberal bro’s & ho’s? Why weren’t they supporting him? We conservatives have much more power & influence in this country than the liberals think and come this November and in ’16, you libtards are going to find out when we sweep your pestilence from office

    • Anonymous

      Keep inventing imaginary villains. It’s the only thing your generation of conservatives is good at doing.

      • Anonymous

        “Imaginary villains”…Go ahead and row, row, row your way on outa here. Liberals and socialists are imaginary villains? No, its a destructive ideology and those who adhere to it are enemies of freedom. Pretty straight forward and uncomplicated.

  • ken.

    out with piers in with another just as bad or worse, who’s next a radical islamist terrorist?

  • Anonymous

    If pro 2nd amendment folks got this guy and his trashy program off the air. Thank you. As for me and my house we stopped watching CNN about 20 years ago. Glad y’all are joining us.

  • Glennfriend67

    Good riddance to stinky rubbish! The ironic thing is, even his home country doesn’t want the twat back! Hey Piers, I hear Iran wants to get into the chat-show format. Why don’t you try over there? I’m sure they’d LOVE to have you!

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Heee-Haaaw! Don’t let the door hit you in the arse Piers! Go back from whence you came! Get out! Go away! Dirtbag.

  • Ed

    just like fox said goodbye to you.

    first time I’ve been to this site. saw a link on Facebook. i had completely forgotten about Beck. Looks like he broadcasts his own show. how laughable is that? LOL. don’t bother leaving a comment. i won’t be coming back to this site

    Oh wow, he charges people to view his show. who are the bozos paying for this? LOL

    • Midgetwidget

      If your watching CNN, your paying as well, genius. It is called your cable bill.

    • Bob_Oscar

      Oh damn. Ed’s not coming back? Well, I guess that’s it for Beck..when Ed leaves, its over…heh heh

    • sad conservative

      we won’t miss you either eddie!

    • Anonymous

      1-All content is paid for, some folks are just more upfront about it. Its just like your taxes. Many people dont like flat or consumption taxes bc theyre up front and honest. Folks dont realize how much they pay in taxes bc theyre hidden and when the govt rolls out a new program they say “look its a FREE gift from big papa”. They feed off of ignorance.

      You pay for all your content through your cable bill and advertisers supply the rest. So you pay for your content the same as anyone would the Blaze.

      2-Glenn started his own internet broadcast basicly right off of his leave from FOX and quickly grew into a large successful network. He has had one of the top talk radio shows in the nation for over a decade.

      Im not a Beck groupy, but check up on your facts before you blab dude. You know what I hear? “I have no idea what I’m talking about, and I like it that way! I wont be corrected and I wont even listen to the voice of another! I want to shout my uninformed opinion and run away. Bye.”


  • Pablo Descartes

    Good riddance piers morgan you ruddy bugger.

  • Sally

    English Muffins are only good when Americans eat them with lots of butter …. bye-bye muffin head have a nice trip back to tee-tote-n England tell the Queen and your parliament they can have you back and we will keep our God, Guns, Guts, and Glory, That’s why we left in the first place and guess what, we haven’t changed our minds one bit ……… As Charlton would say …. FROM OUR COLD DEAD HANDS!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good riddance back to England you go !

  • sad conservative

    Just like dog $hit piers will likely show on the street somewhere, to bad!

  • zach z

    wow glen you tell the true lie and u did get fried

  • Anonymous


  • GeneTracy

    Arrogant Piers Morgan brought his judgmental mentality to CNN.Well,we have got news for you Piers.You sucked on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and you sucked on CNN.Head back to the U.K. because you can’t stay…here.

  • Brent Johnson


  • Sam Sung

    Folks, the gift of liberty is the gift of knowledge, prosperity, and a better way of doing things. Learn it, live it:

  • fire lion

    Hey pot !

    Its kettle!

    we should meet

  • Rich Labeau

    Thank god he is gone,as we don’t need a guy to infringe on the constituion

  • the hammer

    Pos Morgan… Hope you get an embassy job for Barry, or Hitllary.

  • Deckard426

    Finally, a job opening for Alec Baldwin

  • Anonymous

    If only replacing this president were that easy…

  • Christian Palmer

    I will personally miss Piers Morgan. He was a never-ending source of obviously moronic liberal quotes. He was one of the few liberals who was open about his hatred of the American way. At least his candor should be admired. An idiot, yes. But for us, a useful idiot.

  • Dani Filth

    I stopped watching his show because the people he brings in he never lets them speak always cutting them off. If they don’t agree with him then he forces hes opinion on you till you shut up. Then brings up gun laws on other countries and i wish someone asked him are we talking about US laws or foreign laws? He wants police and us soldiers to have guns only but never mentions on cops going trigger happy killing innocent civilians? Or soldiers going crazy?

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