President Obama’s approval rating hits all-time low among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents

A new Fox News poll shows President Obama’s approval rating hit a new rock bottom. For the first time ever in a Fox News poll, just 38% of Americans believe the President is doing a good job. That figure is down four points from February. The March polling has his disapproval rating at 54%, up one percentage point from last month. But the most interesting aspect of this data comes when you examine how Democrats, Republicans, and Independents rate the President.

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“Here are the polls. Now listen to how poorly the President is doing,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “But look at the split of this nation. A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

According to Fox News:

Approval of Obama among Democrats stands at 71%, near its 69% record low (September 2013). For independents, 28% approve, which is also near the 25% all-time low among this group (July 2013). And approval of Obama among Republicans hits a new low of 5%.

Furthermore, a record 59% of Americans think the White House has failed in its attempts at job creation. Similarly, 56% say the White House has failed on the economy. When it comes to improving the U.S. reputation abroad, 33% say President Obama has mostly succeeded and 59% believe he has mostly failed.

You may recall this President promising to have the most transparent administration in history – but the American people are not convinced. 59% believe President Obama has mostly failed on the transparency front. Even more telling – 47% of Democrats believe Obama Administration has failed in its quest for transparency.

Glenn believes that statistic is the most significant of the bunch because it speaks to a larger issue of trust.

“This one is really important because this one goes to freedom of the press… You saw on the front page of TheBlaze: Russia Today anchor boldly quits her job on the air,” Glenn explained. “You know what? Brian Williams needs to stand up and say: ‘We have edited things out of context. Even our NBC golf coverage edited ‘under God’ out of the Pledge of Allegiance for ‘time’? I don’t believe that. Nobody believes that. I’m sorry, guys, but it is my face on this. I am the face of NBC News. And when Andrea Mitchell comes out and she makes those cuts and she knows it, I quit. We either fix this and clean this up or I quit.’ When is a journalist going to do that?”

The U.S. is now ranked 46th in the world for freedom of the press primarily because of the actions this administration has taken against journalists. If the trend continues, it is unclear what will actually be left of the First Amendment. As Glenn explained, not until the press begins to demand accountability and transparency will anything actually change.

“When is Brian Williams going to stand up… Jonathan Turley, the Constitutional scholar from Georgetown said, ‘I agree with what he’s trying to do but not this way,’” Glenn concluded. “You don’t have to say… ‘Oh, I disagree with all the things that I really stood for.’ You don’t have to say that. You just have to say, ‘How it’s being done is wrong.’ We can still disagree but not on principles.”

You can see the full Fox News poll results HERE.

  • landofaahs

    Which means 38% of the people are bought off democrats or brain dead democrats.

    • Mike Nelson

      Or, perhaps simply dead.

  • Anonymous

    I am surprised that not more comments were posted. If the US is 46th in the world of freedom of the press that is a really big issue. When government controls the press or what the people say and think, freedom no longer exists. The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees us this right, although it carries a big burden of responsibility. This important right is a pillar of a free society which already the ancient Greek and Romans valued. The right to seek information and ideas, to receive information and ideas and to impart information and ideas should never be stifled.

  • Anonymous

    If anyone cares to tune in to the main media that America is exposed to, then all these stats are garbage. Everything said here is totally turned around 180 and libs accuse the GOP of the same accusations and words that posters use here. One can substitute republican with dmocrat and one wuldn’t know who’s talking.

  • Deckard426

    Obama continues to poll well with dead voters, since they are the only ones who actually can keep their doctors if they like them.

  • Law_dog1

    Where are the real numbers? Much lower I bet.

    • Crassus

      Could be. The Fox News poll is traditionally the most liberal and most inaccurate of the bunch. Back in 2004, it was the only major poll to predict a John Kerry presidential victory.

    • Anonymous

      Well, Huffpo has an article up ( or had, it may be down now) that says that for the month of February, Obama averaged 43.3 percent in the job approval category, and 52.3 percent in disapproval. They tried to put a big smiley face on it by bragging that was an improvement but they’re a big pro-Obama site and it still has more disapproving than approving.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Other than illegally changing the Obamacare laws for the 27th time (waiting until after the mid-term elections) I’m wondering what else the Conniver-in-Chief is getting ready to do to boost his approval rating?! Oh, that’s right. He’s told Democrats to “become more sexy”. Ewwww. Can you imagine Hillary or Piglosi or his wife in a two-piece prancing around touting the glories of their Messiah?

  • Memphis Viking

    What’s the point of having a free press when most of the press voluntarily supports the Democrat party?

  • Bundle Up

    It is because of lies like this that marxist ideologue Hussein Obama has no credibility:

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