Earlier this year, conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, the man behind the wildly successful anti-Obama documentary, 2016: Obama’s America, was indicted in New York on charges he violated campaign finance laws. He has since pleaded not guilty  and was released on bond. D’Souza found out he was being investigated by the feds in the mid-2013, months after his anti-Obama documentary earned roughly $33 million at the box office. Given the success of the film and its anti-Obama sentiment, there was obvious speculation that the documentary could have played a role in this investigation and subsequent indictment.

In February, four Republicans senators asked the FBI  to provide  details about the campaign finance charges brought against D’Souza. Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Jeff Session (R-AK) and Ted Cruz (R-TX), who are all members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote a letter to FBI Director James Comey to ask if there was some degree of targeting involved in the charges brought against D’Souza. You can read the letter HERE.

In the meantime, D’Souza is making the rounds to discuss his new film America, which asks audiences to “imagine the unimaginable” by exploring what America has meant to the world and what could happen if America recedes in importance. The film draws on the notion put forth by classical political theorist Edmund Burke, which says “true patriotism” means loving your country not simply because it’s yours but because “it’s good.” On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program, D’Souza joined guest host Dana Loesch to further discuss the avant garde theme of the film: