Last week, Glenn shared his horrified reaction to the case in which a high school senior from northern New Jersey took her parents to court to demand they pay her child support in excess of $650 a week and pay her private school tuition. 18-year-old Rachel Canning moved out of her parent’s house after deciding she no longer wanted to live under their rules. The teen had been staying at the home of her best friend, the daughter of attorney and former Morris County freeholder John Inglesino, who had advanced her legal fees.

Canning’s parents enjoyed an early victory at a hearing last Tuesday when Judge Peter Bogaard ruled the parents do not need to make any payments for the time being. He scheduled a hearing for next month to decide whether to require the parents to pay for their daughter’s college tuition, but it now looks like that hearing may not be necessary.

In a new development to this bizarre case, the New Jersey Star Ledger is now reporting Canning has decided to return to her parent’s home:

Rachel, 18, “has returned home and reunited with her parents and siblings. Her return home is not contingent on any financial and/or other considerations,” her parents’ attorney Angelo Sarno, said in a statement.

A press conference to announce details of the development will take place at 1:30 p.m. in front of the law offices of Snyder & Sarno in Roseland, [New Jersey].

Read the full Star Ledger report HERE.

On radio this morning, Phoebe Thompson and Crystal Walker of Desperate in D.C. joined TheBlaze Radio Network’s Chris Salcedo to debate the merits of Canning’s lawsuit and why this case should alarm all parents:

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