Major update in the case of NJ teen suing her parent’s for private school tuition, child support

Last week, Glenn shared his horrified reaction to the case in which a high school senior from northern New Jersey took her parents to court to demand they pay her child support in excess of $650 a week and pay her private school tuition. 18-year-old Rachel Canning moved out of her parent’s house after deciding she no longer wanted to live under their rules. The teen had been staying at the home of her best friend, the daughter of attorney and former Morris County freeholder John Inglesino, who had advanced her legal fees.

Canning’s parents enjoyed an early victory at a hearing last Tuesday when Judge Peter Bogaard ruled the parents do not need to make any payments for the time being. He scheduled a hearing for next month to decide whether to require the parents to pay for their daughter’s college tuition, but it now looks like that hearing may not be necessary.

In a new development to this bizarre case, the New Jersey Star Ledger is now reporting Canning has decided to return to her parent’s home:

Rachel, 18, “has returned home and reunited with her parents and siblings. Her return home is not contingent on any financial and/or other considerations,” her parents’ attorney Angelo Sarno, said in a statement.

A press conference to announce details of the development will take place at 1:30 p.m. in front of the law offices of Snyder & Sarno in Roseland, [New Jersey].

Read the full Star Ledger report HERE.

On radio this morning, Phoebe Thompson and Crystal Walker of Desperate in D.C. joined TheBlaze Radio Network’s Chris Salcedo to debate the merits of Canning’s lawsuit and why this case should alarm all parents:

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  • AG Dot Com!

    The judge should have, by all rights, had only one thing to say about this case: “young lady, get the hell out of my court room before I have you brought up on charges for filing frivolous lawsuits. And get a damned job like a normal person”.

    • Emily Roberts


      ☭☭☭ ☭☭☭� ☭☭☭ ☭⟸☭☭ ☭☭☭As long as the child is living under the parent’s roof, they abide by the parent’s verbal rules. If not, then move out.

  • Mike Nelson

    This girl should have been publicly spanked for her audacity, and the lawyer who brought the suit should be disbarred and prosecuted for interfering in another family’s business.

    Further, the judge should be put in stocks for 24 hours and permanently barred from practicing law, or being employed in any civil service position.

    • Fat Lip

      Excellent brother you beat me to it.

    • sickandtired

      The lawyer should be brought up on charges as well. If judges saw things this way we would have less frivolous lawsuits which only end up costing all of us. I am so tired of this.

      I agree AG, this brat should be publicly spanked.

  • Anonymous

    the information I have seen said the Judge ruled that they didn’t have to pay tuition or child support, but I haven’t seen any info on whether they had to pay the attorney fees. Does anyone know about this? Gosh I so hope they don’t have to pay the attorney.

    • Hanzo

      I believe they have to pay their own attorney’s fees, not their daughters though, as she was fronted the $ for representation by her bff’s attorney dad …. that’s weird.

      • jesusknight

        Yeah kinda sounds like conflict of interest thing..

  • Deckard426

    It’s time for Mommy, Daddy, and Princess to have a signed contract between them, outlining Princess’s rights, duties, and obligations. Then if she falls short of her contractual duties, she can be sued for breach of contract.

    • Hollace McKinley

      Since when does there need to be a written set of rules between parents and children? And leading to a lawsuit?? As long as the child is living under the parent’s roof, they abide by the parent’s verbal rules. If not, then move out.

      • jesusknight

        Since the ‘child’ decided to sue her parents frivolously…

      • Anonymous

        Hollace – what you describe is the way it is supposed to be, should be and used to be. But it is no more! Until you yourself are caught up in anything that has to do with another parties objection how you are raising your child and or type of medically/psychologically treating them (by a doctor, hospital or psychologist), and one of them or other someone outside your family, (or the child themselves), disagree with your way of doing things, you will not realize that parents do NOT have ANY real power or rights in raising their own child. Additionally, this judge could have just as easily gone the other way on his ruling and many do. If this one had sided with the child you could see just how many conditioned brain dead sheeple would have been writing comments on news columns that support the child, and the judge for making such a decision. It is shocking when your eyes are opened to what is actually taking place in this country as people have been in “deep slumber”.

  • Fat Lip

    What’s the problem here our society has created all these little princesses they are taught that there sitting on a pot of gold and to use it in any way for there benefit .
    Think how things will work out for these pretty panties when the crap hits the fan and they can’t even get a razor to clean up what is natural .
    Don’t think for a moment that I enjoyed making this comment !

    • Hanzo

      Our society? My 19 year old daughter is currently working her way through college with a part time job at Kmart. She has never back talked or presented any other kind of problem to me. All of my kids are homeschooled, and it shows. They are all exceptionally well mannered and considerate, respectful people. If you let your children wander into the lion’s den at an early age expect what you get.

      • Fat Lip

        Hanzo I agree whole heartedly my boy is now 17 and the complements are amazing he was just accepted into a country band were there is no one younger than 38 and they first thought he had to be 30 yrs old now how could that be a bad thing it looks like we are doing the job with our children we are expected to do by the Lord. Thank you for the response : )

        • Hanzo

          Anytime, friend.

  • Anonymous

    Parents send the message “you are entitled”. I took my son out of public school because when he was in public school he was bullied. He would report it to the teachers and the teachers told him to be quite and tattling. If I thought they would allow him to punch the bullies in the nose to stop them and not get in trouble I would ignore the jerky teachers because people like this exist and it is a lesson, people like this exist. But I knew he would get in trouble if he defended himself so I pulled him out and put him in a private school where the people running things are paid money to discipline the children and teach. He never got the message he was better than others, he knew the purpose of being in a private school. Parents send the message you are entitled.

    • Fat Lip

      Absolutely we did the same with our son when he and his Mom (my wife) were hit head on by a illegal Mexican on the way to school and it wasn’t the bullies that picked on him it was our Gov’ that let the guy go and then the death threats came to our family because I spoke out yes our Gov’ tried to scare us into submission so we homeschool , our public schools are nothing more than institutions

      • Hanzo

        Did you mean mental institutions? 😉

        • Fat Lip

          I guess it could be meant that way they are mentally screwing with our children .
          It is much more of a indoctrination program . : {

      • JustRandy

        You meant to say “Indoctrination Centers”!

        • Fat Lip

          That sounds even better than my post Thanx

  • nutt

    Maybe your headline-writer should sue for some sort of education 😉

  • Pachyderm1

    I’ve noticed a lot of teens now feel entitled to everything they want and I blame the parents for that. Raising a brat starts at a very early age and this mentality of trying to reason with baby and not use the word “NO” is the biggest mistake parents can make. While trying to negotiate with the brat, they are missing one very important word: CONSEQUENCES. In fact, most of our teens don’t even know that word, let alone understand what it means because some parents are too lazy to discipline and argue with baby when it can’t get what it wants. And the smarter the child, the worse it gets because that child will quickly figure our how to manipulate and coerce its parents to get what it wants. Raising a child isn’t easy, but that’s the responsibility you assume when you bring it forth into this world. The best raised children I’ve ever seen have parents that use tough love, discipline with a firm hand and spell out what the child is required to do. There are no freebies in this world and the sooner that child learns it, the better life is going to be.

    I’m glad she moved back to her parents and hopefully she’s a wiser teen because of it. And I agree that the neighbor should have kept out of family business and not taken the case to court. Makes you wonder just how his daughter behaves….

    • Anonymous

      The flip side of that would be poor children blaming their parents not having a good start at life. I am reading Charlie Chaplin’s autobiography and he had every disadvantage you could think of and then some growing up. You don’t see him saying a bad word about his mentally ill mother who sent him off to the workhouse before he was 8. Compare that to this girl.

    • Anonymous

      I agree that some of this is the fault of *some* parents, however, I think you better check into what a day in the life at a public school is indoctrinating our children with before going all out on parents. And not just the public schools grades K-12 but throughout college life as well. And throw in to the mix when junior sees a counselor or goes to a hospital for medical treatment etc. with all of them having rights over what a parent says or parents wishes are and you have an all out assault against families, the very fabric of our society. Things have been in the works of “fundamental transformation” for years now. The generation of fundamental transformation are starting to blossom and that is what we are starting to see more and more of now.

  • Connor

    Shocking that they where liberal parents. Oh wait no it is not. She carries the liberal mentality.

  • Anonymous

    I have seen nothing yet about the lawsuit being dropped……

  • Victore Hammett

    Huh? Didn’t the story just say she was 18? That is the age of majority. Judge should have issued a summary dismissal, done. But then, it IS New Jersey!

  • Anonymous

    Imagine that. What a spoiled brat. If I were the parents, I would have to think long and hard about letting her come back

  • Anonymous

    It sounds to me like Mr. & Mrs. Inglesino didn’t want this to go further and sent Rachel home. He’s a highly paid lawyer, and maybe this ugly publicity was hurting his practice–it was stated in court that he and his wife served alcohol to minors, allowed Rachel Canning to get drunk in their home (there was also a picture of her with vodka bottles), and basically interfered with her parents’ custodial actions toward their daughter. Then he gives Rachel money to pursue this suit? It sure doesn’t make the Inglesinos look good. I wouldn’t hire a lawyer with such poor judgement, and I bet a lot of other people wouldn’t either.

    • Anonymous

      It sounds like he was hoping to get money out of the deal as well as money for the girl. When it turned out his lawsuit wasn’t going to profit him he decided he didn’t want the expense of a spoilt 18 year old girl so he kicked her out. Her parents took her back in. The most sensible solution I’ve read so far is for the parents to give her enough money to rent a small, cheap apartment until June. Then it’s up to her to support herself. That at least gives her time to find a job of some sort. I wouldn’t trust her enough to let her back in the house – who knows what she will do next? But I could see how hard it would be to throw her out completely, This way she at least has a chance to find a job, even if at McDonald’s. If you help her find a cheap apartment and get her started on the basic bills and groceries then cut her off she will be forced to earn her own keep and this will at least give her a chance.

  • JimF

    I think the her parents should deduct the court costs out of anything else she thinks she’s entitled to.

  • thedogwalker

    Why on earth would any sane parent take this ungrateful brat back into their home? You can love your child, but there comes a time to let go.

  • Anonymous

    This person is what results from both parents and child embracing the party of “Yes”.

    The parents should teach the young to say “no” to themselves by setting an example. The world does not end because of a “no”.

    If Ms. Canning is Catholic and properly Catechized she should know that this time of year is Lent when practicing Catholics do say “no” to themselves. Hopefully, a bit of humility is realized each year.

  • Anonymous

    I seriously hope they get their daughter some psychiatric help.

  • Buro Cratz

    Patriots: Arm yourself with liberty’s longbow and pierce the illusions of today’s liberals and progressives:

  • el

    girl has no shame!! the attorney is worse.. cos they have both violated “honor thy parents” commandment.. i guess nobody believe in hell anymore.. btw.. looks can be so deceiving.. don’t let pretty faces full u.. lol!!!

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