You’ve probably seen the “Ban Bossy” video that has been making the rounds over the past week. In the video, big names like Sheryl Sandberg, Beyonce, and Condoleezza Rice, call for the end of the word ‘bossy’ because it discourages girls from asserting themselves at a young age. But is banning words really the way to encourage girls to take on leadership roles? Some of the team at TheBlaze didn’t think so, and they decided to create their own response to the viral video.

“There’s certainly no better way to teach empowerment to children than to them they’re not capable of being called one word once,” Stu said. “It’s just this weird line. And who thinks it’s a good idea to ban words?”

“Change the language, control the language, and win the argument. That is the progressive way. If you can’t win the argument with facts, change the language and then you win,” Glenn said.