On yesterday’s radio program, Glenn offered a bold prediction:

“Here’s the prediction… This is an extension of what I wrote up on the board years ago at Fox that everybody said was crazy. It would start in Tunisia and then it would spread across the Middle East into Europe and the rest of the world. So this is just a more formulated updated version of this. The unrest will spread. Communists, radicals, and Islamists will work together to destabilize the Middle East and the Western World. It will spread to Europe, first to restore the Soviet borders, next our enemies will see our lack of unity, military, and financial resolve and collapse and transform the U.S. and the West. The new world order will be China, Russia, socialist outliers, and poverty zones.

One of the things that led Glenn to that conclusion was a little-reported story out of Poland. The Polish military called up at least 7,000 Polish workers as army reservists in the last few weeks. While Polish authorities dismiss the call-up as “routine,” it does not appear as though such action has ever been taken.

As Glenn explained on Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Poland in one of the few countries in the region that has not been openly hostile to the United States. With that in mind, what would happen if Putin decided to infringe on Poland the way he did in Ukraine? Would the U.S. get involved?

TheBlaze’s national security editor Buck Sexton joined Glenn to further discuss that point: