Does Putin have his sights set on Poland next?

On yesterday’s radio program, Glenn offered a bold prediction:

“Here’s the prediction… This is an extension of what I wrote up on the board years ago at Fox that everybody said was crazy. It would start in Tunisia and then it would spread across the Middle East into Europe and the rest of the world. So this is just a more formulated updated version of this. The unrest will spread. Communists, radicals, and Islamists will work together to destabilize the Middle East and the Western World. It will spread to Europe, first to restore the Soviet borders, next our enemies will see our lack of unity, military, and financial resolve and collapse and transform the U.S. and the West. The new world order will be China, Russia, socialist outliers, and poverty zones.

One of the things that led Glenn to that conclusion was a little-reported story out of Poland. The Polish military called up at least 7,000 Polish workers as army reservists in the last few weeks. While Polish authorities dismiss the call-up as “routine,” it does not appear as though such action has ever been taken.

As Glenn explained on Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Poland in one of the few countries in the region that has not been openly hostile to the United States. With that in mind, what would happen if Putin decided to infringe on Poland the way he did in Ukraine? Would the U.S. get involved?

TheBlaze’s national security editor Buck Sexton joined Glenn to further discuss that point:

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  • landofaahs

    H yes he does. And the Obama’s jet set around the world “Putin on the Ritz”

  • Deckard426

    Message to Poland: The way to defend your country is NOT to flee to Chicago and sit around all day stuffing sausage into your face, while somebody else fights the Russians.

    • ken.

      exactly, the europeons always expect america to do the dirty work for them. it’s time they stand up and take care of the problems on their own continent, while we take care of our own.

      • bmg

        Please enlighten me as to when or where in history did America do or did the dirty work for Poland. Maybe you mean during WW2 when America and others shoved half of Germany, Poland and other eastern European countries into Russia’s mouth cause US was losing the war and needed Russia’s help. Is that the dirty work you’re talking about?

    • Anonymous

      that’s some hardcore all timey nationalism

    • Anonymous

      They’ve been invaded many times throughout the centuries. They know how to fight. Your comment is crude and base.

    • bmg

      I don’t even know how to comment on your post without stepping down a grade level. Let’s see. Fleeing to Chicago. Did you ever bother to research the American population and companies in Poland? Guess not. Also in order for a Polish person to stuff sausages in their mouths, (face , it’s hard to do) one has to make them in order to stuff them so they don’t sit around all day. As for America defending Poland, well that’s politics, I sure the US would not defend Poland if they didn’t want something in return.

    • Guest

      Omg you’re such an idiot!! What the hell are you talking about? Poland does know how to fight back! + they are also defending the US in THEIR war…Do you know how many polish soldiers died in Iraq? So shut up.

  • Connor

    Well Poland is screwed.

  • Anonymous

    I thought that Poland had an American missile defence system in place. What happened?

    • Anonymous

      SOMEONE (three guesses who, first two don’t count) basically put the kibosh on it back in 2009. Cut our involvement in it back to almost nothing.

    • Anonymous

      Obama had it removed. He even had the others removed too. Of course they put the missile system back up in Alaska I believe.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Think Cuban missile crisis in reverse.

    When the Soviets put missiles on our coast we almost went to war.

    We spent $5 billion in Ukraine and backed the coup that over country. It is in Russia’s vital interest that Ukraine remain neutral.

    We’ve been baiting the bear with our involvement in Ukraine since Bill Clinton was President.

    Now Harry Reid and the Republicans want to give Ukraine another $1.1 billion. They’re putting us in a bidding war over land on their border. Talk about sinking the dollar.

    John McCain wants us to make up for Russia’s oil with our own. We can’t afford it.

    This isn’t 1939. We aren’t going to be speaking Russian.

    The people of Crimea overwhelming voted to cede themselves BACK to Russia.

    There are many things in the world to be concerned about Ukraine and Crimea are not those things.

    • Anonymous

      Let me guess…you were Neville Chamberlain in your previous life.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Curtis LeMay made the same charge against JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The sky will not fall because Crimea ceded themselves back to Russia.

        Ukraine is an economic disaster it is about to be devoured by the sharks of disaster capitalism. The “austerity measures” the IMF place on Greece will soon visit Ukraine. A Ukrainian pensioner now gets $150 a month to live on. It will only get worse. Russia can’t afford to saddle themselves with this burden. International bankers who don’t care about the people living in Ukraine will carve up the assets and divide them among themselves. And the US taxpayer has funded the endeavor.

        Ukraine is of as much strategic interest to us as East Timor. To Russia is a buffer between them and Europe.

        Barack Obama is an agent of international capitalism like George Soros, Lloyd Blankfein or the multitude who run this country unseen, working through agents.

    • Guardian

      The concerns are not so much about Crimea, it is about the rest of Ukraine. Russia has taken Ukraine’s ships and put them in a position where they can be easily overthrown by Russia. Ukraine has no more defenses left.

      • Emily Harmon


        ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛⟱ ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛ ◛◛◛Washington Politician Financier Anti-American-Anti-Semetic-Nazi-Jew-George Schwartz-Soros owns plus the Media to create His Dream Utopia NewWorldOrder!

        • Guardian

          Emily – stop pimping!

    • Crassus

      Sure, the people of the Crimea voted overwhelmingly to cede themselves back to Russia. When someone is holding a gun to your head you always vote the way he instructs you. Good grief.

  • Anonymous


  • william cook

    the rise of the ahtichrist

  • Anonymous

    we haven’t had a good president since Reagan,a proAmerican President. The Left took what worked in every Progressive(regressive) President For A Hundred Years and put it in their Marxist-Socialist-Anti-American-Islamist-Puppet We Have Now! Washington Politician Financier Anti-American-Anti-Semetic-Nazi-Jew-George Schwartz-Soros owns plus the Media to create His Dream Utopia NewWorldOrder!
    and if we don’t get rid of the obamadontcare law of UNaffordable Act We Will Be In That dictatorship for puppetmaster promised BHO would br dictator of “the Citizens of the world” if he did as he says for Soros is on the other end of the blackbery telling him what to do

  • Anonymous

    I have a friend who grew up in Poland, and is now an American citizen. She said her family and friends back in Poland are are extremely concerned about what Putin is doing in Ukraine, and are very fearful that they may be next. They do not trust Obama at all.

  • Elle’s Island

    For example, Smith’s concept of the “invisible hand” of market pricing and free exchange helps explain how civilization’s spontaneous economic forces operate beyond our own personal control.

  • 7tom7

    I think Putin playing a great chess game ,grabbing the port city of Ukraine where a major pipe lines terminates use it to get more countries hook on Russia natural gas and oil so they be at the mercy like Western Europe plus more money for Russia , It also to block U.S if the pipeline just a distribution line to reverse function to serve as supply line to all other pipelines in Ukraine to Western Europe if possible , and shut off the supply pipe lines at the border from Russia !! Use LNG tankers from U.S ,just encase if U.S wake up and develop its energy become energy independent and can supply Western Europe to end Russia holding Europe as hostage or black mailing them into submission to their whims !!!! Maybe this port and existing pipeline could be use with a few modifications to supply Europe but obama let Putin beat him to punch !!! No one can be this stupid with a team of advisors of foreign policy that he undermine everyone of our allies and strengthen the hands of our enemies I believe it’s is on purpose !!!

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