‘You want a revolution?’ Glenn explains why your most powerful weapon is your right to vote

Glenn spent a large portion of this morning’s radio program discussing the standoff in Nevada between the federal government and the Bundy family. Glenn advocated for a peaceful resolution to this tense situation.

“I will tell you that I do believe that the federal government does want to put ranchers out of business… I do believe these things are happening, and it’s called Agenda 21. We wrote a book on it. I am fully clear on what the federal government wants to do,” Glenn said. “With that being said, no matter how clear I am on these things, the answer is not violence.”

Glenn spoke of the power and importance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Pledge of Nonviolence, which was signed by those who marched alongside him in 1963. The pledge reads:

1. As you prepare to march meditate on the life and teachings of Jesus
2. Remember the nonviolent movement seeks justice and reconciliation – not victory.
3. Walk and talk in the manner of love; for God is love.
4. Pray daily to be used by God that all men and women might be free.
5. Sacrifice personal wishes that all might be free.
6. Observe with friend and foes the ordinary rules of courtesy.
7. Perform regular service for others and the world.
8. Refrain from violence of fist, tongue and heart.
9. Strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health.
10. Follow the directions of the movement leaders and of the captains on demonstrations.

But several listeners called in this morning to explain that while they too do not advocate violence, they are unclear how much more Americans are supposed to take. It is easy to feel powerless, and yet, Glenn reminded his audience that 2014 offers a unique opportunity to kick-start a different type of revolution – a non-violent one rooted in principle.

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There are no two ways about it: A lot of bad things are going on in this country right now.

Are things happening that are very bad? Yes. Are they killing people with drones? Yes. Are they spying on you? Yes. Are they using the I.R.S. to harass you? Yes. Are they trying to put ranchers out of business? Yes,” Glenn said. “Yes, they’re doing all of those things. And all of those things are bad. And all of those things we have to stand up against.”

But we must not forget the power we have to affect change. With the 2014 midterm elections just around the corner and a bevy of strong candidates running in tight races around the country, this is the time to get involved and really make an impact.

“May I remind you: We do have representation. We do have people that are coming up for election in the next 60 days,” Glenn said. “You want to do something? Put your gun down. Go grab some signs. Go grab some information and go door to door in Kentucky and get Mitch McConnell out. Go door to door in South Carolina and get Lindsay Graham out. You want to make a difference? That is a way. You want a revolution? There’s your revolution… Everything hasn’t been exhausted by any stretch of the imagination.”

  • Reconmarine7

    Unfortunately Glenn, we don’t get to vote 6 times each as democrats do.

    • Bonnie Somer

      quick get AG holder to NC there is voter fraud afoot but ooooops don’t b racist but don’t u need a photo id to get into a fed building

    • Karen

      This is exactly why our votes have no affect. What are we to do though?

    • Anonymous

      Uhhh Rahhh Reconmarine

  • Reconmarine7

    Does anyone know why TheBlaze is not allowing comments to be posted anymore?

  • Eileen Wright

    Glenn, shame on you for your self=righteous, pompous rant….”I don’t want fans, I don’t want followers.” You want our money though. We support your causes, we buy your books and when you need us WE are there. When other step out, we step up. WE fund the network you are building. We put the food in the 18 wheelers. Who helped save the kids being trafficked? I was just sooooo disappointed in your
    commentary. You owe us an apology

    • Anonymous

      Great post! Many of us feel betrayed by Glenn Beck. The truth is that Glenn Beck is a coward plan and simple.

      • Anonymous

        Done with GB he proved to me he doesn’t get the level that this country’s at. Yes vote but when the elected inflict tyranny and oppression on its citizen free me can no longer stand ideally by.

    • Lynne Holt Miller

      He owes you an apology?? For what, trying to get people not to get into a stand off? For trying to get the worst out of washington? For what exactly dose he owe you an apology for, because he didn’t pick up a gun and join those crazy people? Obama would love that, cause the more people like that rancher, and his gang, the quicker he can declare an emergency, and take everybody’s gun’s. These guy’s are not doing you any favors.

      • Derek Gialenios

        Hanity And others are presenting and encouraging freedom without compromising truth. Glen is to scared to stand up, because he knows all to well whats going on and if he stays true he will be what he wants … GW. But He is wronge there is still time to leverage a peaceful overtaking of our governments agian. This situation in Nevada called for the full expression of the 2nd amendment … you saw what happened to their 1st amendment right. And that is why we are reminding him. Glen 2 times the rooster has crowed.

      • Eileen Wright

        @Lynne….yes he does. Did you bother to read my post? Where did I speak about Bundy and stand offs?

      • Chela Noe

        If you knew anything then you would have seen that the only ones with guns were the feds! the BLM! The only thing the ranchers were “armed” with were flags & cameras!

      • Ed Basler

        For saying he doesn’t need fans or supporters, how did he get where he is its pompous and selfrightious. He is s los lying about protesters calling for violence, the government thugs were the ones doing that.

    • BlueMN

      He owes you nothing. He’s a con man selling fear for fun and profit. If you bought his snake oil, it’s your own fault.

  • stevo5000x

    Is Glenn really serious about this? The voting system is rigged, and for some time now. The only option we have now is to take this country back with force. I’m will not stand by and wait for this government to start rounding up Christians and start butchering them like the romans did around 300 AD.

    • Nancy Wright Christensen

      I couldn’t agree more, Stevo!!

    • Sparky McFarland

      I couldn’t disagree more stevo. The majority of people are still Christians in this country. I don’t believe they will be motivated by your over-the-top- militant message or methods.

      • Derek Gialenios

        Because the church is immature spiritually and in her understanding of the word esp. The old testament. 1 thing to remember about hugging your enemy. Read what Jesus said him self. Luke 22: 34-38. Context the Last supper (happy Passover) the last word recorded before he broke bread and drank wine. And so it is Amen.

      • ken.

        the only problem with what you say is that there is a militant non-christian government who is coming after us and they don’t care about your or anyone else’s beliefs. we have to stand up in defense which is different then starting a revolution or civil war. defense is not violence, violence is destruction of those who will not defend.

      • JCBoston69

        I guess you never read the Bible.

  • ken.

    glenn, if you want to drop your pants and bend over go ahead. when candidates run they tell us what we want to hear, then once in office they do something different, serving themselves instead of we the people. scott brown and a few others ran on the tea party ticket and turned into hard leftists once in office. when you can’t trust who your voting for then voting is no longer valid. when you have to wait until elected to see what they stand for, then voting is useless. when they do what they want for themselves and their power instead of working for us and the constitution. if this is not time to stand up then it never will be. i hope you stretched enough.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

    So you people who claim that voting does not work what is your plan? Shooting up other Americans. Is that what you want another Civil War without reason. Their is no logic in attacking a superior force like our military and to do so will make us no different than the enemy we face. If you guys start a war this soon while we still have a chance to win peacefully you will be condemning this country to death. Because once you people decide let’s do this Obama will label us a terrorist group and hunt anyone who even thinks Conservative. Is that what you want the Constitution dismantled our very way of life destroyed because you people do not have patience. My king died while people mocked him flogged him and nailed him to a cross. You did not see him take a sword to anyone but yet you want to do this to people who are just doing their jobs. I am about ready just to give up on it all because I do not want know part in this lunacy. Jesus would not want us to act in such a manner unless they were dragging people to gas chambers or work camps. Please people I beg you do not do this not while we can still win this peacefully.

    • texastruthtweet


      • Eileen Wright

        No one is for shooting up other Americans. The government did not have to send in snipers, helicopters, over 80 vehicles, to the ranchers land. What did you expect the rancher to do? TP has already been labeled as terrorists…..

        • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

          Some people are talking about that very thing. You might be not and I agree the government was using way too much force but it is what the wanted for us to overreact in order to call us terrorist and they got what the wanted.

    • Guest

      Gen. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson:
      Just as we would not send any of our soldiers to march in other states,
      and tyrannize other people… so will we never allow the armies of
      others to march into our states and tyrannize our people.

      “Gen. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson: I regard the crime of desertion as a sin against the army of the Lord. Duty is ours, the consequences are God’s.”

      • Sparky McFarland

        General Stonewall “This ain’t 1861.” Let’s try waking people up before we start shooting people up.

        • Derek Gialenios

          Its not 1776 either but I still respect the Constitution. I don’t agree with Democrats but couldn’t let yah slide on that one bud.

        • Anonymous

          Sparky I agree to some extent but its been in your face for years maybe pull your head out of the sand

    • Robert Earl Ream

      “General Robert E. Lee:
      I never thought I’d see the day when the President of the United States
      would raise an army to invade his own country. No, Mister Blair, I
      cannot… I will not lead it.”

    • Anonymous

      Connor the things you speak of are already true we have been listed as terrorist or don’t you pay attention to the news or look at the FBI and HMS terrorist list ? Vietnam Vets White Conservative Males Tea party members Patriots yes we are all on the list already so now what is the excuse ? Yes voting is the way but as many have stated we no longer have a expectable and trust worthy voting system. The facts on the last election prove it. Tyranny is succeeding because good men are failing to act.

      • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Davenport

        Yes they did but now they have their proof and may act on it. Not saying what the protesters did was wrong I am saying that they can point at it and call us a danger. Look what happen to my people Native Americans. We had great warriors proud cunning brave and strong but yet we could not stand against the Federal government. Now my people live on government plantations still enslaved to the Feds. If we ever going to take this country back we need to out think our enemy not shoot them.

    • ken.

      who cares if the tyrannical terrorist government calls us terrorists, in case you don’t know, they already call we the people who support american values and principles and the constitution terrorists. they even do it on the floors of congress while in session, on the media, etc,.. there is a difference between dense and violent uprising. standing up in armed protest ready to defend if attacked is different then a violent uprising. this was an armed protest not a violent uprising, don’t allow the tyrannical terrorist government to misrepresent us or themselves. when you do they win.

    • JCBoston69

      Don’t confuse civil war (citizens versus citizens) with revolution (citizens versus the government).

    • The Blue Tail Gadfly

      I am impressed, that was a well thought out post you made.

      At this point in time, America is so debased that a “revolution” here would mimic the French Revolution I am afraid. John Adams, when recollecting the events leading up to our Revolution, wrote:

      “But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American War? The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people, a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations.”

      Our revolution was already fought and won. The revolutionaries now are the people who wish to undermine the principles this country was founded on. To peaceably win, we must counter their revolution by teaching and encouraging true American principles to become a united majority once again to use the government to thwart their lawlessness.

      Some of the States are starting and more are trying to stand up to the feds by officially nullifying unconstitutional laws. Those are positive signs that the ingenious system the Framers put into place is starting to be utilized. Better late than never but that is our own fault. If people will not or cannot organize their local communities and States to stand up to the federal usurpation, then a war as you said is lunacy. As Winston Churchill put it:

      “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
      if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
      come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

      Let’s pray it doesn’t come to that.

      God bless,


      “In times of difficulty and trial it is in the man of piety and inward principle, that we may expect to find the uncorrupted patriot, the useful citizen, and the invincible soldier. God grant that in America true religion and civil liberty may be inseparable, and that the unjust attempts to destroy the one, may in the issue tend to the support and establishment of both.” ~John Witherspoon

  • Anonymous

    Where was Glenn Beck this weekend? Never forget that he was MIA. He was not standing in solidarity with the Nevada ranchers.

    Glenn “Hollywood” Beck was working on a production about American history in Utah, when he could have been making history by taking his entourage and security detail to Bunkersville Nevada and making a PEACEFUL stand with the Nevada ranchers and the assembled patriots. Glenn just didn’t want to get his hands dirty.

    Glenn Beck is all talk. When the time came for him to stand for what’s right (can you believe this guy actually wrote a book called “Cowards”) Glenn was nowhere to be found.

    Glenn Beck lost much of his credibility this weekend and America will never forget.

    • Crassus

      At least Beck has seen fit to mention the Bunkersville incident on his radio show and interview the Bundy family. Not ONCE has it been mentioned on the show of that great patriot, Rush Limbaugh. Not ONCE. He’s too busy talking about Stephen Colbert and those stupid Rush Revere children’s books he wrote. Yes, Glenn Beck has proven himself to be all talk but Limbaugh has proven himself to be nothing.

    • Lynne Holt Miller

      I don’t blame him, who in there right mind would get involved with those yahoos? He is right in what he said, and this rancher needs to fight his battle in court, oh wait he did and lost, what 3 or 4 times?? So now he breaks out the guns? I love the 2nd ammendment as much as anyone else, but what he is doing is going to get everyone’s guns taken away, Obama is just sitting back smiling.

      • Derek Gialenios

        You seriously believe he had a fair setup in court agianst the blm. Blm was a part of the new deal. Harry reid and his son have been quartering land all over the place. Harry Reid’s ex senior advisor now works for the blm at the top and is responsible for all of this. Lol its going on all over the midwest, jim demint brought it to the floor in 2010 (also in the wallstreet journal (of all places)) it was a memo leaked from the white house with various federal lands to “take”. A few hours of time and you can quickly see whats going on here.

        But I digress, So your suggesting that this man is just out of his mind and should be a good citizen and do whatever some rouge criminal element in the federal government tells him to do? By all means you may have it! Your will be done!

        • Derek Gialenios

          Come and take em! Persia.

      • Anonymous

        Lynne how’s that kool aid ?

  • CrapsDealer

    I was waiting for a choir to break into a rousing rendition of “Onward Christian Soldiers”. Nice wholesome theory, but in the voting box…it’s impossible to compete with union-paid voters, illegal voters, dead voters, and voters who vote multiple times.

  • Joe T

    I’ll vote and grab a gun. Best of both worlds

  • Jim Piper Jr.

    offense Glenn, but the answer to well armed(firearms and attack dogs) tyranny threatening your doorstep and
    family today isn’t held in a election eight months away. Tyranny must be
    faced down and stamped out when it happens if at all possible. You
    often go from enlightened insightful guru to stupid shmuck so fast it
    makes me want to question your mental health at times.

    Our elections are almost entirely predetermined through both usurpation of the election infrastructure and outright fraud. You’ve talked about that as well, unless you have forgotten! What happened at the Bundy ranch needed to happen, and it needs to continue happening, again and again and again.

    Americans need to continue to show up in peaceful armed opposition to government tyranny. There are times for waving campaign banners and there are also times to praise the Lord and pass the ammunition in peaceful unity telling tyranny not here, not anymore!

    • Jim Piper Jr.

      armed federal agents on your property violating your Constitutional
      rights that you’ll take care of them in an election eight months away as
      they walk all over and abuse you is asinine. Beck needs punched in his

    • Anonymous

      Well said Jim excellent

  • Andrew Piera

    The Obama administration WANTS us to fight each other. He needs a spark so he can clamp down on us even more. Remember the “boot on the throat” comment?

    The problem is, as I see it, “we the people” have been pushed and pushed and pushed and now we are finding ourselves in “corners” whether it be in Nevada, Colorado or any State of this Union.

    Glenn, I think we have been patient. I think we have turned the other cheek and I think a lot of my brothers and sisters are getting close to maximum capacity.

    Would you have taken the same position in 1791? In reality, are the times any different?

    We are over taxed, we are over regulated, we have losing the ability to speak freely, and freely assemble…we are losing our liberty.

    Yes, the liberals want a spark to ignite the passion that burns within us. The problem is, very different than in 1865 in the South, there are A LOT more of us then of “them” and we are everywhere.

    I truly believe that if push came to shove in Bunkerville, the BLM would have stood down.

    This will not be the last confrontation.

  • Robert Earl Ream

    Gen. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson:
    Just as we would not send any of our soldiers to march in other states,
    and tyrannize other people… so will we never allow the armies of
    others to march into our states and tyrannize our people.

    ‘Stonewall’ Jackson: I regard the crime of desertion as a sin against
    the army of the Lord. Duty is ours, the consequences are God’s.”

  • Robert Earl Ream

    “General Robert E. Lee:
    I never thought I’d see the day when the President of the United States
    would raise an army to invade his own country. No, Mister Blair, I
    cannot… I will not lead it.”

  • Daniel Ferguson

    You are correct, we must vote and get as many as we can vote for the America we used to know. We also need to make voter ID a priority, unlike our president thinks, there is voter fraud in every state. The lady from Ohio is a great example.
    However, when the government keeps arming swat teams for IRS, Education Dept, Dept. of Interior, etc., than the violence is at our door. Should we let them shoot our wives and children, force their will at the end of a gun? Do you remember the aftermath of the Boston bombing? The “government” suspended the 4th amendment rights of everyone in the areas where the suspected bombers were hiding; does this mean, Glenn Beck, you will submit to those kind of searches in your house the next time something happens in your neighborhood. Lexington and Concord were in response to confiscation of arms, we met the British at the bridge to say no more, just like at the Bundy ranch. We have to be prepared to meet force with force, otherwise this government will not stop. We, who have served in multiple wars, are tired of the peaceful sign holding action while being ignored. IRS is still targeting us and what is left to do, wait for 3 election cycles to replace all those who will actually do something, or make the government understand we will not take it any more? DRAW A LINE! I have seen too many body bags to want violence, but I am done with being a pawn for communism.

  • James Isbell

    Until we have voter ID card with pictures we will never have a legal vote in amerika. Dead people vote, people vote numerous times. And to top it all off, all of our politicians are the same, like a pair of shoes, one left, one right, but both the same. They are all controlled by big money, banks and Industry rule america.

  • Nancy Wright Christensen

    Glenn I agree with you in principal, but we now have proof that our election process is flawed and used by the left to “pack the vote”. If they do this again this election, we are in huge trouble and a very different kind of revolution will take place… a bloody one. It is imperative that we demand citizenship IDs to vote!

  • Steve

    You may be right Glenn but the fact of the matter is, in my opinion, that they want a revolution. It’s the progressives and their ilk that want this, not the American people. It’s a trap they are laying hoping we will take the bait…

  • Jason Taylor

    Maybe you guys that are saying the voting is rigged are right, yes you are right. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t stand up and make our voices heard. And that means first and foremost we vote. Men and women have fought and died to give us the right to vote. Even if as soon as we place our ballots in the box some leftist scum scoops it up and burns it we still owe those who sacrificed. We owe it to them to exercise that right that they gave us. We owe it to our children. I want my son and daughter to know that there father does not just sit by watching and whining as our way of life is being attacked from every angle. Those of you who say that Glenn is only about the money are fools. It’s ok to not agree with Glenn 100% of the time but you are no better than the Progressive dirt bags we are up against when he has one commentary that you don’t like and you attack him like he is suddenly a Benedict Arnold. Shame on you!! Glenn Beck is a true American Patriot and I thank God for men like him who have the guts to tell the truth. Thank you Mr. Beck and carry on. Give me one of those signs, I will stand with you!!

    • Jason Taylor

      I pray that it will never get so bad that we actually do have to take up arms to defend ourselves from tyranny. Glenn is right, we are not there yet. But I can promise you that if it were to get to that point Glenn would be one of the first ones to pick up a rifle.

  • watchdog

    And if your “strong candidates” lose, then what? Think it’s bad now? I just don’t see a few freshmen congressmen making that much difference in largely corrupt Government. Stay prepared people.

  • Anonymous

    I quote :

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    Who do I believe? The Founding Fathers, or Glenn Beck?

    • Sparky McFarland

      I believe both. The founding fathers did more than shoot redcaots full of buck shot. They wrote a document that allowed citizens a way to have “revolutions” without bloodshed. We should honor them and use it.

      • Anonymous

        Again, I quote :

        “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

        Yeah… you may want to re-think that last post.

      • ken.

        the government no longer respects that document or we the people.

  • Sean

    Come on guys. Don’t you know that the federal government hates Glen Beck for trying to undermine their agenda? By us turning our back on Glen Beck is accomplishing exactly what the federal government wants. We don’t have to agree with everything Glen Beck says, but we must support his cause. Don’t turn your backs on him, please?

  • Deckard426

    In Chicago the dead take their vote very seriously.

  • landofaahs

    Glenn, we were a much different people in the days of Gandhi and MLK.

    • BlueMN

      True, you were Britsh troops or Bull Connor’s deputies back then, completely different situation.

  • Sean

    I once read that the Obama administration considers Glen Beck a threat. That is exactly what we want, isn’t it? We want them all to know We The People of these United States are all a threat. How we do that and to make us regain control of this nation determines if we are successful or not. Think about one of the segments in which Glen Beck said where many Americans just don’t care. I see this to be very true. They won’t care until they lose their freedom. Are we more apt to get Americans involved in retaking America by asking them to take up arms against the federal government or by taking back America by through political means? I believe the latter. Think about it. Voting is not the only way to do this either. Unifying, demonstrating, rallying, and oh so much more we can do. Talk to people, email your friends, hold rallies, organize a march on Washington, DC, write letters to your representatives and the list goes on. Let’s not stand idyll wanting to take up arms when we know that 99% of Americans will not do that. Get busy

    • Anonymous

      There’s some 30+ state representatives working on Article 5 to Const.–Convention of States–as recommended in Marc Levin’s book, Liberty Amendments, to regain their sovereignty from the fed gov through making amendments to Const. that are perfectly legal; not sure on all the details. People can check into that also. In addition, Utah + NV both have reps who are taking steps to get their lands back under their own authority. Patience is a virtue. Our Freedoms weren’t won in a day!

      • Sean

        Thank you for your comment jacoo. We can all support these 30+ representatives if we will only take the initiative to do so.
        People! Will you support these representatives, or will you sit back and rant and rave on sites like this but take no meaningful actions?

      • Sean

        Amendment to the Constitution can happen in one of two ways: either by 2/3’s vote from the House of Representatives and Senate, including a ratification of 3/4’s of the state legislatures or a Convention proposed by 2/3’s of the state legislatures followed by further ratification. Amendments to the Constitution are few and far between, only 27 since it came into existence. It is critical for the Supreme Court to approve the amendment when it is proposed because it is very difficult to reverse the court’s decision once it is made unless there is a very huge public outcry and support. However, we must be careful when it comes to amending the Constitution. If it comes easily, the liberals and federal government will take every opportunity to change it to suit their every whim. Then, it will not be a Constitution for the people anymore. It will become another political agenda. That is why we must have people who are willing to put up or shut up because talk is cheap. We must have people who are not afraid to get involved. The liberals certainly are not afraid.

  • Crassus

    If you want to get rid of evil you have to grab it by the horns and wrestle with it. Kick it in the groin if you have to. The one thing you cannot do in the fight against evil is sit in the corner and pray that it will go away. That seems to be the Glenn Beck method.

  • John Hebert

    Glen Beck is trying to be a gate keeper to the liberty movement. He thinks that his way is the only way. He thinks that if you stray to far from his path, he’s there to “lead” you back on course. He is a fake and a fraud! Plain and simple!

  • watchdog

    There’s a reason Dept of Homeland Security has over 1000 mraps sitting on rail cars waiting to be deployed somewhere in the U.S. There’s a reason National Guard units are being trained on handling anti government and gun activists, and how to disarm them. I will always vote, but my guard will always be up. Not paranoid, just prepared like I was in Iraq.

  • Cary Harper

    Glenn I did make a comment on you’re open letter that we should not use violence. I also know we follow God not you. And just like you I am truly concerned with the way people do not seem to understand this is not the way we do things. It is also just like the post I see below me Eileen Wright Glenn is not a leader and has always told all of us that he is not a leader and you do not have to buy his stuff. Glenn I have lost many friends and have been mocked because I have to stood by non violence. I support the right to have a gun but full well know this is not the time to use them. So I pray lord will you continue to be our guide show us peace so that all of us may now that peace that also lord help us to remember that the BLM and other federal people on the other side of this is still our fellow Americans also lord I pray that the ranchers and those others whom stand with them also remember we are all Americans. Lord also give us the strength to be patient and know that you are God I say these words in the name of Jesus Amen.

  • Christie

    One can both vote and be ready to resist tyranny in an active manner.

    Before the people at Bundy ranch were armed they were tazed, thrown on the ground, and had a dog attack them. Once they were armed and ready to defend themselves the opposition had to either kill people and possibly be killed themselves or back down.

    Nonviolence only works when the other side has a moral compass. In this case the BLM goons were threatening to shoot people in order to enforce grazing fees. That tells me they have no compass, are willing to kill on command and are the useful idiots for the bullies behind the scene. Ghandi was lucky he was facing the Brits in the early 20th century. Had he been facing the fascists on the other side of the world, he would have been dead.

    Peace and freedom through strength! It works with international bullies, It works with local bullies too. By all means try to keep things peaceful, do not fire unless fired upon. However, if fired upon defend yourself.

    No one wants a shooting war. We all want to live our lives in peace. However I don’t want the type of peace that is only to be found in a silent controlled gulag.

  • Sparky McFarland

    We need to exhaust all other avenues before we “Grab our guns.” It is easy to be a bravo on the internet. Take a minute to see how utterly stupid you sound, just what the lefties want to hear – right wing nut jobs threatening Fort Sumter again. Jesus people live in the now. It ain’t 1776 or 1861.

    • Christie

      What options did Bundy have this weekend? When they surround your ranch with snipers, you are out of options. The feds were not going to wait for an appeal, court action, and a lien on his ranch. They wanted blood. All you can do when a tyrannical regime is out for your blood is call for help. This over grazing rights……utterly ridiculous.

      The gov’t wanted to make an example out of him. They intended to make a show of force. Because people said that is ridiculous, and your are not going do to that, the incredible injustice of handing out lethal force for grazing fee disagreements was at least postponed.

      I don’t want Fort Sumter I don’t want 1776. However it was an incredible abuse of power by the Feds and the lethal force threatened that prompted the reaction of the people.

    • Lynne Holt Miller

      Thank you Sparky, I was starting to think I was the one loosing my mind.

  • Anonymous

    Americans need to continue to show up in peaceful armed opposition to government tyranny. And it is obvious it is government tyranny.

    • ken.

      peaceful, but ready to defend.

  • Marie

    I’m sure Beck has done a lot of research on this and probably still is, unlike most people…

    He has a right to his opinion. Period.

  • JH

    After your post’s about rampant voter fraud, you just want us to sit on our hands till we can vote them out ?! Seriously ?! The ones that are behind the voter fraud ?!

    • Derek Gialenios

      Three times the rooster crowed! Well played sir!

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    I think you all need to take a collective deep breath, and think about what your saying.

  • Jason

    Glenn is right, Americans fighting Americans is not the answer but I don’t know what really is the answer because we have a ton of people laying down their right and voting for handouts…

    We need a reset but I don’t know how we get there because a shoot out is not the answer :-/ We are, without a doubt, the Divided States of America, there is nothing united about us anymore…

    • ken.

      this is not americans fighting americans, it is americans standing up to a tyrannical government attacking the american people and our constitution and country.

  • Anonymous

    My guess is establishment $$$ has been pouring into Beck’s bank account recently.

    When you giving away your guns, Glenn?

  • Derek Gialenios

    Martin Luther King Jr. Spoke in peace because of the fight we took to Brittain. Thats a no go pal esp. For you

  • Brenda Lynn St Peter

    I have been voting for years. I encourage people to vote only to hear some excuse why they don’t. As a woman I can not understand people who don’t. The biggest problem the voters face is knowing who to vote for. Dirty, self serving, party serving, corporate serving politicians, judges, and federal agencies are a dime a dozen! They have wreaked havoc throughout the world and left the American citizen feeling helpless, homeless, and penniless while they continue to profit and bend the laws to serve their desires. No matter who we put in (even if it’s not a fixed vote) they don’t live by the same laws they impose on us, they don’t set term limits, they don’t dissolve unneeded agencies, they don’t take a wage and benefit cut, and they don’t put their friends out of a job! They live like royalty, throw bread crumbs to the citizens, stomp on our constitution, attempt to dissolve our principles of faith, family, and nation, and allow illegal aliens the right to vote. How are the working people to win??? We won’t! Our numbers decrease every day and too many are happy with bread crumbs. Well, I’m not and neither are a lot of other people! We have seen better days and we want them back! We want a better future for our children, we want the land of opportunity, and we want the “American Dream” to be the hope of everyone who desires it. We want a government that works for the people! When the citizens have had enough of tyranny and push comes to shove, this is still the home of the brave, and this is the land that we love!

  • Cary Harper

    When Jesus came to his people they did except him for he would not bring a war with the romans. I tell you as he tried to tell them he did bring war but a war of the spirit not of the fiscal. I do not come in peace but with a sword. So I ask you why is it everybody’s idea that to have freedom you must engage in the worst of things freedom is at it’s best when we take moral superiority over the sins of our flesh. I know people are mad and fed up but vengeance is God alone.

  • Wddammer

    The anniversary of Lexington and Concord 1775 just occurred, would you be saying the same thing to them Glenn? Would you be trying to dissuade Paul Revere from making his ride? Very disappointed. I liked what happened this weekend at the Bundy ranch, brought tears to my eyes, but let them fire the first shot!

    • Anonymous

      Nonviolent revolutions succeed a lot more often then violent ones.

      • ken.

        standing up in armed protest without starting violence but being prepared for defense is what will stop tyrannical government from violent attacks on we the people. it just worked in nevada. when the instigators of violence realize they will be counter attacked, they will back down.

  • Bill Alcorn

    glenn, what do you think would of happened if militias and other americans that went there with signs only ?? what a joke …would the feds back off or just start beating people, phazing them and such …. dam glad some americans have balls to stand up to them !!!

    • Anonymous

      He didn’t say take signs to NV…you’re being deliberately obtuse! He said to grab a sign (for your yard or at the polls) and help the good guys win at the voting polls…and there are some good guys and gals standing up to take the place of the Mitch McConnell’s of the country. Pay Attention! And do your homework/research on who the Constitutionalists are that are now running in November.

  • Carl Mennare

    Okay, we are not at the point of tyranny when the revolution started, but we can see it getting there soon so why wait until thousands are being killed. Let’s stop the madness sooner instead of later.

    • Bruce Cory

      OMG Carl wake up……we have states confiscating weapons from the people, we have criminals in the whitehouse and at the DOJ, we have 100% un secured borders and government showing up with armored vehicles over where cattle graze ……cattle that have grazed there for over 100 years, i could go on forever on how our freedoms are being ignored wake up, Thomas jefferson wrote that he thought we’d have an armed revolution abouy ever 25 years or so…..we’re past due

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    the first time i knew of this list was alveda king reciting it.
    some well-needed calm-down from glenn.

  • ken.

    armed protest in the name of defense is not the same as a violent uprising. this was not a violent uprising it was a armed protest ready to defend itself against a militant tyrannical terrorist government. the 2nd amendment is as much about a show of force in defense as it is a revolution when needed. don’t allow the militant tyrannical terrorist government to label us as terrorists or criminals. they are the criminals.

  • ken.

    when the government fears the people we have liberty, when the people fear the government we have tyranny. right now the government doesn’t fear the people, the people fear the government. we the people need to stand up and put the fear of we the people back into the government. a non-violent armed show of force ready to defend ourselves if needed is the only way that can be accomplished. it’s not the same as a violent uprising, which is not needed, yet!

  • democideafterdisarmingchattle

    right to vote? this puppet vs that puppet? everything the founders and peers said in personal writings and anti-federalist papers is coming to pass. the congress has abdicated every important facet of legitimate authority for maintaning sound government – the coinage of the currency being the most important. the “federal” reserve debt note is eternal bondage and the power to destroy. as Jefferson said “first by inflation then by deflation…” if the currency were sound, the people would have the ultimate control to reign/rein in the criminals in gummit.

  • Bruce Cory

    HUGE fan of Glen Beck, but if our founding fathers had followed Glens path we would all still be british, in fact it was ONLY 3% of the american population that brought on and won the revolutionary war, 3% isn’t enough to win dog catcher in a local vote, yet 3% of americans with GUNS changed the world, and like Thomas Jefferson i think it’s WAY past due that this now LAWLESS nation be brought back into lawfulness by any means nessasary, and i believe washington DC needs to be CRUSHED and all 3 branches wiped clean of the criminals currently within, and then we can move forward and return America to it’s Glory

    • Anonymous

      Since George Washington didn’t have a representative government option prior to war pursuits, Did you happen to study up on how many and how long their battles took before they actually attained freedom from the British? Oh, and when DHS brings their civilian troops in the 5 or 6 digits, tanks, drones, and hyped up arms that you don’t have, what is your plan of action? Who will play the part of intelligent leader in your war game stance? Is everyone supposed to take off work for days, weeks, months, and years to stand by your side in your crushing of D.C.? Think me and mine will follow Glen’s plan of action first, by getting down on our knees and begging God to forgive us for our apathy in letting our country slide into corruption in the first place. It appears we need to pray for intelligence before any other action is taken.

      • Bruce Cory

        clearly you dont know history, and God?? no one has seen him in over 2000 years, i’m sticking to reality we have a lawless government, that forces laws on us that they ignore themselves, they delay laws to win elections, and they leave our borders unguarded to bring in more illegal votes, the revolution was started by farmers in lexington massachusetts who didnt want their guns taken…..just like conn/new york are trying to do now, and from those simple farmers a country was born, once the 1st shots are fired many of the military will join us, as happened in the civil war, as i am a veteran and a member of oath takers and the III%ers and local militia you would be shocked at how ready we are……and if you believe we have repesentative government now, go ahead call your congressman ans see how far any of your idea’s get

  • http://www.shannonblogs.com shannondocheff

    I’m thankful for the information GB offers. I’m thankful that we still have the freedom to produce, air and watch shows like his in this country. I fear that these resources will soon disappear under this growing tyrannical regime. It seems to me that the aim of this particular commentary is to avoid bloodshed and imprisonment. I agree that we still must vote and urge others to do the same, even in the face of all the voter fraud. But I don’t agree that we should lay down our arms, especially when tyranny stands at our doorstep.

  • JCBoston69

    Politicians no longer fear the vote. But they might fear death if given reason.

  • Joseph Fedele

    I used to like beck but since he left Fox he is only interested in his fame and fortune.He keeps talking about voting to change things but I have heard this for years and nothing has changed.As long as “We the People” allow obuma and his goons to keep getting away with his transformation of our country by voting for the same rinos nothing will change.I hate the thought of using violence but if our founders didnt use it America would never have been! I am sorry to say but I really believe the time for hoping our votes will change things is long gone.

  • Guest

    The ONLY way to get this country back on track is to eliminate a majority of Congress by voting them out or by whatever means necessary. Congress simply needs to abolish BLM, EPA, FDC, USD, FTC etc. and our problem goes away with them. None of these organizations are authorized by the US Constitution. Don’t fight the men in uniform, fight the men in power.

  • Anonymous

    The ONLY way to get this country back on track is to eliminate a majority of Congress by voting them out or by whatever means necessary. Congress simply needs to abolish BLM, EPA, FDC, USDA, FTC etc. and our problem goes away with them. None of these organizations are authorized by the US Constitution. Don’t fight the men in uniform, fight the men in power.



  • Anonymous

    Beck says:………”Use voting” as the vehicle for
    revolution?……The native born Americans are being outvoted by the
    Immigrants who vote Democrat and want more government (taxpayer
    subsidies). Empty suit Beck does not have a solution.
    Beck “talks” the talk, but does not walk the walk.

    If a gun goes off because of provocations by BIG-Brother,,,Beck will be the first to defend BIG-Brother’s aggression (law and order blah, blah, blah). Beck would never risk losing his posh lifestyle by defending Joe and Jane Average in a showdown provoked by BIG-Brother.

  • Anonymous

    Glen Beck in Boston – 1770

    Go home, don’t provoke the British troops to shoot you.
    Also, tell all the militia at Lexington Common to go home…We don’t want anyone killed. We can vote our way out of this situation.

    We can have a revolution by voting King George out.

    King George = Global Bankers, Global Corporations, Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama/Clinton

    ………… The “illusion” of Democracy – Well said by George Carlin


  • Anonymous

    Do you get this Glenn?

  • William Fryer

    Our right to vote has been usurped, and overridden by the MASSIVE voter fraud that re-elected Obama, and will likely, return the democRATS stranglehold on our government to them. The numbers voting won’t matter when the results will be fabricated fraudulence.

    • Sean

      So Mr. Fryer, what is your proposal? Do you propose we not go to the polls and thusly giving only the Liberals the right to vote while giving the Obama administration total and complete reign over who can vote? Tell me Mr. Fryer, what is it that you will be bold enough to do to change America?

      • ken.

        when the government fears the people we have liberty, when the people fear the government we have tyranny, right now the government doesn’t fear us and they use that to commit crimes against us. only when the government fears us again will they stop lying to us, committing crimes against us and start working for we the people and the country instead of themselves.

      • Anonymous

        Like maybe start going to the polls and doing what those thugs did intimidating voters…..except this time, show the voters you’re there to support and protect their right to vote by keeping a watchful eye on the thugs that show up, and most of all, monitor the machines that keep changing the vote that the voter keys in. Would that help?
        Come on…..are you kidding me!!! Going to the polls the way things are now is a joke! That’s precisely why the criminals got elected. It’s like doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The election process in this country has been hijacked by a bunch of criminals and until it is restored to an honest system, there’s no way voters can expect an honest election.
        It will have to be restored by force…..they’re not going to willingly restore it.

  • Wojciehowicz

    Glen is correct. The power is and always has been in the hands of the people, but we have a large and growing group of drama queens who almost never vote, are largely not registered with either party, take no part in the political process, don’t go to town council meetings, never see their state assembly in session, don’t even write letters to the editor, but instead rant about a need to revolt (and by subtext extension, conquer those who disagree with them).

    Meanwhile, liberals register Democrat, work the telephones at their local Democratic Party offices, show up at town and state hearings, talk endlessly to the people about their inane ideas, and otherwise make serious headway. All because the right has been overrun by a scum tide of idiots and bunglers who are so weak, they don’t even try and instead throw tantrums.

    I’m ashamed of my fellows many days, but none so much as now. They’ve adopted quitting without trying, making excuses they’d smack their own children for daring to use, and melodramatic fantasies about revolution against their own nation.

  • Liberty Or Death

    Oh please! come on, like we will ever regain our country and our freedoms via the ballot box. That’s exactly how we have lost them! I dont expect redemption via a politician and I doubt I will ever be disappointed

  • Ed Basler

    Glenn your argument is a straw man, the only people calling for violence was the government thugs who threatened to shoot the protesters as they peacefully march towards the cattle. Its all on video so to keep saying violence was called for is a lie. The two party system is a failure, our only hope is to take back the republican party or the country is toast. The rancher called for help and the Lord provided him with a shield of righteous men and women. Our greatest weapon is the video camera, shinning a light on tyrants gets thousands on our side, I prayed no government agitators would infiltrate and start violence, so glad it didn’t occur. I’m sure you will move on and hop this all goes away but you have lost a lot of credibility with me.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is showing his naivete again……just as he did years ago when he went on tv and vowed that the FEMA camps were nothing more than defunct bases being used to repair trains! Yes you did Glenn because I watched the show.
    So here we go again…..Glenn showing his lack of judgement about the patriots who showed up at Bundy’s ranch and his remarks regarding violence. The patriots did NOT go there looking for an excuse to use violence Glenn so wake up and stop fantasizing.
    I don’t care what, we the people have some decisions to make and we either stop the madness by our sheer numbers or we sit back and let the feds do as they wish.
    No good crying over spilled milk Glenn. Once they finish the destruction of this country, there will be no turning back. We either show some backbone or we throw up our hands and give up.

  • Voluntaryist

    We’ve voted for 200+ yrs and this is where it got us. Isn’t it time to try something else?


  • Dullhawk

    If voting could change anything it would be illegal.
    But really, voting out the current bad guys is like cutting out a cancerous tumor… and then stuffing a dead cat in its place before stitching it back up. Withdraw consent, and defend yourself from those who come to violate and molest you.

  • Herman Nelson

    I guess Glenn Beck can’t handle the truth and deletes posts. You had best wake up and quit hitting the snooze button.

  • Anonymous

    I’d say this is the last chance for the people to do the job non-violently through voting. If there are lots of incidences of voter fraud, or if people are left with the feeling that the elections were somehow “stolen” this time around, I’d say it’s pretty much over and only a question of time until the shooting starts. At that point, all that it will take is a single spark and this country will go up in flames. I guess at that point, Democrats will have gotten the fundamental change they were hoping for.

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