Glenn talks to his co-author Kyle Olson about their new book CONFORM

Glenn’s new book Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education was released today. In the book, Glenn presents a well-reasoned, fact-based analysis that proves it’s not more money our schools need — it’s a complete refocusing of their priorities and a total restructuring of their relationship with the federal government. In the process, he dismantles many of the common myths and talking points that are often heard by those who either want to protect the status quo.

As Glenn has explained, there is no issue more important to America’s future than education. The fact that we’ve yielded control over it to powerful unions and ideologically driven elitists is inexcusable, and we are failing our children, our country, and ourselves. Conform gives parents the facts they need to take back the debate and help usher in a new era of education built around the common sense principles of choice, freedom and accountability.

On radio this morning, Kyle Olson, founder of the Education Action Group Foundation and co-author of Conform, joined Glenn to discuss why this book is so vital and what parents and teachers can do to begin to right some of the wrongs of the American education system.

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“Last year at this time, we published the book called Control. And Control was all about our 2nd Amendment rights. The second book in the Control series is called Conform,” Glenn said. “As we have been talking about today and for the last eight years, we cannot, we must not, conform. This is the ultimate conforming of our society. It is Common Core and public education. And you are seeing it in spades.”

As Glenn explained, Kyle has been one of the people really waving the red flag on Common Core and some of the biggest problems facing the American education system.

“He’s been leading the charge on Common Core along with Michelle Malkin. Kyle and I first started talking Common Core about a year ago, and there is no one place where you can go and get all of the information,” Glenn explained. “So we published Conform today. It is 222 pages of text, and then the next 50 or so pages are all fine print sources. It sites all the notes, so you know exactly where to go, so you don’t have to quote me or Kyle.”

On Tuesday’s radio program Glenn also covered the outrageous story out of a California school district in which 8th grade students were asked to consider whether the Holocaust was “an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.” The district has since said it will change the assignment in the future, but it is really incredible to consider what is going on in some of our schools.

“It is so vital parents know what’s going on. Parents are standing up, as you said, and fighting back. And some more parents need to do that because what we hear about the stories like in Los Angeles is that the district is basically admitting its incompetence. They don’t know what’s in the school,” Kyle explained. “When they are called out on it, they say, ‘That was a mistake,’ or ‘That was never meant to be give to children.’ That sort of thing. So it is so critical parents know what’s going on in the child’s classroom – what textbooks they are reading, what informational texts they are reading, so they can stand up and fight back.”

Conform seeks to arm parents and teachers with the facts they need to stand up to their school boards and local governments and demand changes to the education system. Glenn urged his listeners to consider buying copies for friends and neighbors, for the book runs through some of the most common pro-Common Core and pro-public education defenses and offers an in-depth counter argument.

“I urge you to buy several copies for your friends and give them out. If you are concerned at all about education, we have tried to put together the quintessential book that will cover all the things you worry about, all the of the charges that are leveled against you,” Glenn said. “And we tried to put them with a ton of footnotes, so you don’t ever have to quote me. You know the original source. You know where this answer is coming from. It’s called Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education.”

Purchase your copy of Conform HERE.

  • Deckard426

    “Conform” would not be allowed as a research source for most college papers today, because it wasn’t ‘peer reviewed’ prior to publication. Only articles in the selected databases of the schools can be referenced. Since the universities control what is in these databases, they control the thinking process of higher education.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing Glenn Beck right can be used at universities.

      • Todd A Scheller

        Yes, they can. Everything he WRITES that is non-fiction can be cited.

        • Anonymous

          wrong Glenn Beck does not operate by facts he makes things up and turn stories around to fit his agenda. They don’t use those type of books in Universities.

          • Guest

            What would you know? It is obvious from your poor writing that you have never had much of an education, never mind attended a university.

          • Anonymous

            So is that the only thing you can bring to the discussion

          • Guest

            I could bring far more, but why waste my time as you bring nothing but your ignorance and dislike for Beck.

          • Todd A Scheller

            Thus why all of his non-fiction books have Bibliographies and sources for his facts. And Universities use books like that all the time, they are called TEXT books. Those things I used to get both my Degrees.

          • Anonymous

            Wrong he only sites books that back up his false statements.

          • Todd A Scheller

            Wrong again, “Broke” has 56 pages of references, among them the following which happen to not be books:

            “U.S. Trade in Goods ans Services- Balance of Payments (BOP) Basis”

            Care to lie some more, he has another book with 25 pages of notes made specifically for dealing with people like you, it’s title: “Arguing with Idiots”

          • Anonymous

            SMH, Again those are reference that just support his false statement. The info in “U.S. Trade in Goods ans Services- Balance of Payments (BOP) Basis” spun to fit his agenda. I bet you haven’t read anything that goes against Glenn so that you can see the real facts.

          • Todd A Scheller

            Prove your assertion that he spun the data to fit his agenda. Come on, support your claim.
            I read a lot of things, much of it that does not support Beck, I am even pretty good at using LEFT WING sources to prove my right wing assertions. So what other uninformed statements do you have for us?

          • Anonymous

            Prove that what he says about the numbers are true.

    • Anonymous

      Universities would absolutely accept the work of Glenn Beck, every college and university library has a fiction section, and he fits right in there. Now, if he wants to be taken seriously, then stop making stuff up, do the actual research, publish in an academic journal, and the have the material peer reviewed. Easy.
      Sadly, this will never happen, because Glenn would rather have someone write this pulp for him, then reap the rewards from his zombies buying it up, and regurgitating without critical thinking.

  • Anonymous

    It seems that Glenn and Kyle and a whole lot of “Tea Party Patriot” conservatives NEED Common Core since if you have ever listened closely to what they have to say they are more reactionary than doing any actual thinking. This morning during the interview of the book everyone was talking about how Common Core dumbs kids down. Then they go straight into talking about how parents can’t help with homework because it’s too hard for them to understand. Which is a meaningless statement since if everything was dumbed down the kids not only wouldn’t need help but the parents would have no trouble figuring it out. Without missing a beat the conversation goes right into how the lessons aren’t “age-appropriate” and there are plans to have kids take Algebra at a grade lower than they had before Common Core was put into the schools. Excuse me, didn’t Conservatives complain Common Core was dumbing people down? The fact that Algebra is studied a full class grade before it had always been around means kids are ready to take higher math at younger ages. Which means they are smart. Which should be going on because what was considered age-appropriate to learn about in previous generations is not like what kids learn nowadays. When modern kids go to kindergarten they already understand things on a second grade level if their parents were giving them Baby Einstien games and other learning type things since they were really little.Also, what about those of us who Common Core works for when no other lessons would? Are we to be told we are dumb for learning in a way other people don’t like? It seems that with education standards being high yet simple enough to be understood by kindergartners Common Core is getting everyone to study at advanced placement levels and discover their own giftedness by learning in a “whole-brain” way. Glenn MUST know he’s being played for an idiot but yet he doesn’t say anything to the people he is around when they insist on making completely opposing statements. Just once it would be nice to hear him ask someone if they are even listening to themselves and then to point out how two opposite points cannot work together in the same argument. This fuzzy logic stuff happens a lot in other topics as well as when talking about the Core. Because instead of knowing what they believe most people are reactionary. Which is fine for selling books and getting ratings on Conservative talk radio but not good when it comes to explaining anything. It drives some listeners nuts.

  • Igor Shafarevich

    Those who preach from collectivism’s altar attempt to justify centralized power with the fatally conceited notion that the order around us can only be maintained through the leaden threads of centralized control.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    The School Choice Agenda:

    –Common Standards (state or national)
    –Data-Driven Accountability
    –Assessments/Tests NO ONE CAN SEE
    –Redistribution of Wealth Through Vouchers/Tax Credits/Taxpayer Funds to Corporations…
    –Unelected School Boards/Councils (taxation without representation)

  • Guest

    About Kyle Olson:

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