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All right, I want to talk to about this.  This book came out today.  It’s available at or wherever books are sold.  It’s called Conform.  The government has a hostile takeover of our system, and the co-author is Kyle Olson.  As he mentioned in the meeting, Common Core wasn’t created by teachers, wasn’t created by educators.  Worse yet, they weren’t even consulted in this.

It was created by a board of directors of governors and business leaders like Bill Gates.  There were no laws passed.  There was no debate, nothing happening in Congress, nothing that happened in your local area.  There was no research done to see if any of this actually worked.  Common Core just seemingly appeared out of thin air and after some fancy talk and bribery, Race to the Top, that’s what the stimulus was about, hey, we’ll give you the stimulus package in your states, you just have to do what we’re telling you to do.  That’s what it is, Common Core.

And now we and the teachers are waking up to the fact that none of us are in control anymore.  In early America, things were much different.  There was zero federal involvement in the schools.  States were barely involved.  It was all local control, closest to the parent.  You’ll never guess what began to change all of that.  Say it with me, come on, who was it?  Woodrow Wilson, the progressive era.

The system for schools was mostly private until the late 1800s, and I’d like to introduce you to one evil dude, John Dewey.  He was a professor at the University of Chicago and then Columbia University.  He was a leading champion of progressive education.  And it’s one thing to say well, I’m a progressive.  Okay, that doesn’t necessarily make you a bad dude.  This guy was brilliant.  What made him a progressive and so evil was he was a social engineer.

He insisted that among a school’s primary goals should be creating social change and reform.  He said, and I quote, “I believe, therefore, that the true center of correlation on the school subjects is not science, nor literature, nor history, nor geography, but the child’s own social activities.”  Look at your kid’s curriculum at school.  Does it make any sense at all?  Are they focusing on science or literature or history or math?  Are they?  No, it social engineering.

It’s let’s focus on making, let’s make the children into the people we want them to be.  And when I say we, I mean the, you know, government progressives but also the corporations.  We are really, look at what happens in China.  What happens with China?  In China, they grab your kid at six years old because they’ve identified that they’re going to be good at this.  They take the child away from the parent and make them into whatever it is because the child, listen carefully, belongs to society and the state, not to the parents.  Does that sound familiar?

He said, John Dewey, that we should use techniques that were “previously ignored as trivial, futile, or even condemned us positively evil.”  Any surprise 100 years later our schools are teaching things that are positively evil, they’re questioning the existence of the Holocaust or equating the founders to terrorists?

This is one of those fights that exposes the frauds on both sides of the aisle.  This is one that can bring all Americans together.  The establishment Republicans, the Lindsey Grahams, the John McCains, the Jeb Bushes of the world, and the Democrats, they’re beholden to the almighty corporation and the progressive agenda, both of them, and they’re dutifully escorting Common Core into every classroom against your will.

What credibility does the federal government have on this issue?  Ask yourself that question.  Have our schools gotten better or worse since the federal government got involved?  Why should we listen to the people who gave us the Department of Education in the 1970s?  Since its inception, spending per child has tripled while student performance has flatlined or declined.  What evidence is there to suggest that they have any earthly idea on what they are doing?

Parents have to stand up.  Teachers must stand up.  Education needs a Rick Santelli moment, it does, a leader to stand up and cry out and rally the troops.  And Ralph Ratto might be that man.  He’s an elementary teacher in Long Island, New York.  Ralph is the president of his local teachers union.  His sixth day of administering the New York State Common Core assessment test, he had had enough.

He said, “I watched my students…,” this is the Washington Post, by the way, “I watched my students valiantly attempt math questions that most adults could not answer.  As I watched my students, I was angry that my efforts to stop this madness were not successful.  I was angry at my students’ parents for not opting out their children.”

Today, he writes, “…I am ashamed.  I am ashamed I didn’t do enough to stop this madness.  But I am not done.  I am pledging to double my efforts to stop this form of institutional abuse.  If my state senator and assemblyman do not work to end this madness, I will work to have them replaced.”  Listen to that line, I’m ashamed.  Remember when I told you, I told you before, you have the opportunity to not hang your head in shame in coming generations.  This guy will be able to do that.

In the Washington Post, “I will work to expose the governor’s education agenda.  I will work to have King replaced.  Today is a dark day but not for long.”  Everybody says that I am a coward for not wanting to go grab a gun and defend a rancher.  Not so, I would go stand for any man’s rights, any man’s rights, but I will do it peacefully.  And I will stand against injustice every time.  Yes, I will not conform.  I will not comply.  I will resist, but I will do it peacefully.  That’s what he’s doing, peaceful resistance.

They are trying to intimidate anyone who disagrees.  That’s all right.  We as a nation have seen billy clubs to the head and dogs and fire hoses open up.  We’ve seen it before, we’ll see it again.  Are you prepared to be the peaceful person that stands up?  We showed you a couple of months ago the parent in Maryland who was violently escorted out of a school board meeting.  Well, the latest comes today. 

A concerned parent, William Baer, now, this guy, there he is, and he’s very calm.  He’s just very upset that his daughter, he was complaining about the fact that his daughter had to read a book that had incredibly strong sexual content.  His daughter is 14 years old.  And she had to read it, and he wasn’t happy about it.  So he goes and meets in the library, and because he speaks out of turn and goes over his two-minute time limit, he’s escorted out, handcuffed, and arrested.  Two minutes, you have two minutes to respond, that’s all you get?  It’s a hostile takeover.

Wear that as a badge of honor.  If you can’t see yourself getting arrested, look at the sheep that were around him.  They didn’t even look at him.  They sat there like sheep.  They didn’t look at him.  They didn’t say come on, this is ridiculous.  Nobody in the room?  They were afraid.  Only people with courage and enough courage to get yourself arrested and be peaceful about it will win.

You are in the crosshairs, and we’re trying to arm you with everything we can.  Today, this came out.  This has everything we think you need to make this argument, and the back has all of the footnotes so you don’t make the argument and say Glenn Beck said.  No, read the footnotes.  This has all of the things, you have somebody who’s not awake, give this to them.  Rip the cover off the front and say here, read this.  It doesn’t need my name on it.

We’ve made it as cheap as we can, and we’ve made it accurate.

  • Deckard426

    Common Core will identify children who, like their parents, will be good at collecting welfare. They will be taught to complain, expect handouts from others, and vote Democratic.

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Re: “You are in the crosshairs, and we’re trying to arm you with everything we can.”

    Wow thanks Glenn, that is mighty patriotic of you to sell us your knowledge at such affordable prices. Heaven forbid you teach us what we need to know right here on your website for free.

    • Guardian

      You can pass the book off to people, you can’t do that with your computer screen. The knowledge he is offering is not “his” – it is all footnoted for the sources, something that would be unwieldy to post here. You really expect him to post the whole book here? I would much more prefer to have a hard copy handy that I can put anywhere, bring anywhere than have to go to my computer. Yeah, it would be nice if he gave away free all the work he had to pay his people to do to put this book together. I am sure you would be so generous too, wouldn’t you?

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly

        Re: “The knowledge he is offering is not “his””

        LOL, you can say that again.

        Re: “…all the work he had to pay his people to do to put this book together.”

        So what did Glenn actually do other than put his name on it?

        Re: ” I would much more prefer to have a hard copy handy that I can put anywhere, bring anywhere than have to go to my computer.”

        Have you ever heard of the I-Pad?


        • Guardian

          “So what did Glenn actually do other than put his name on it?” That is irrelevant.

          “Have you ever heard of the I-Pad?” Why should I waste money on an I-Pad when the alternative is so much cheaper?

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Why is it irrelevant? You are the one who first wrote he paid his people to put it together. I’m curious as to what Glenn actually contributed to the making of this book?

            I have to say, I get a kick out of these talking heads who co-write books. Their own names are always in large print while the co-author’s (who probably did most if not all the work) is in tiny print.

            BTW, no one said you had to “waste” your money on an I-Pad. I was simply pointing out your supposed advantage of a hard copy over a computer isn’t so, merely a personal preference. But hey, thanks for sharing.

            The better question is, why would anyone waste their money on a book Glenn slapped his name on when the information is free on the internet?


          • not a liberal


          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Hello “not a liberal”

            It’s interesting that you feel the need to tell everyone you are not a “liberal”. Are you afraid that you might be confused for one since you employ the same smear tactics as the left?

            You don’t come across as conservative or liberal in the classic sense, but more totalitarian. Something you might want to contemplate…

            A PROGRESSIVE COMMUNITY ORGANIZER? Do you have any facts/evidence to validate your assertions or are you simply bearing false witness?

            From what I can gather, your faulty reasoning seems based upon your assumption that anyone who disagrees with Beck must be a progressive community organizer from a university or Acorn. Idolatry?

            Looking forward to your reply,


            “Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them.” ~Joseph Story

          • Bill Tilghman

            Says the Beck hater, who’s friend looks like this guy…

          • Guardian

            He certainly looks like he’s in distress. Get the men with the nets, quick!

          • Guardian

            It is irrelevant whether it is on the book or not as to accessing it on a computer for free or purchasing a hard copy. It has no effect.

            Beck doesn’t research all the material himself – he has said as much about his books. Have you purchased the book to see if he gives any credit to others who have contributed to the book?

            So, you think the cost of an IPad should not be considered when determining to purchase it vs a book? I am glad you are not in a position to make decisions that effect the general population, or at least my budget.

            Why would someone buy his book rather than take a lot of time and effort to do all that research themselves on the web? LMAO!

            You have so much animosity in your heart for Glenn Beck that it colors your comments. – and it is so obvious.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Re: “Why would someone buy his book rather than take a lot of time and effort to do all that research themselves on the web? LMAO!”

            Interesting you find it funny that people should do their own research for free rather than pay Glenn Beck (patriot for profit) for his merchandise. I would say that I am equally as glad that you are not in a position of power, but with the current crop of corrupt politicians, I doubt you would be any worse.

            Re: “You have so much animosity in your heart for Glenn Beck that it colors your comments. – and it is so obvious.”

            No animosity here, just exposing the wolves in sheep’s clothing. On the other hand, it’s clear you have much animosity for me, being that you also belong to that pro-Glenn Beck troll group.


            Hurry, you are in the crosshairs, buy Glenn’s book and help him make another million before it’s too late for you.

          • Guardian

            I don’t care what people do – buy the book cheap or spend loads of time doing the research. Of course I am laughing at you who want to spend loads of time and effort to research it when you can have the results for far less time and little money, of course that is unless you have no money and have to do it yourself. If you have all that idle time, by all means spend the time researching. Others who have busy lives will opt for paying someone else to do it.

            Indeed your animosity for Beck shows. You scorn his entrepreneurship and talent for making money, where you can’t. While he is seeing the green, you are seeing green. LMAO!

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Oh dear, your worldview is being revealed…

            Proverbs 22:1

            A good name is to be more desired than great wealth,
            Favor is better than silver and gold.

            James 2:5

            5 Listen, my beloved brethren: did not God choose the poor [a]of this world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom which He promised to those who love Him?

            Luke 16:13

            No [a]servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and [b]wealth.”

          • Guardian

            Your callow, shallow assumptions of my worldview don’t concern me. Your need to communicate by quoting others and Bible verses is sad.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            If it is so sad, then why did you start following me? lol


            “It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations. The quotations, when engraved upon the memory, give you good thoughts. They also make you anxious to read the authors and look for more.” ~Winston Churchill

          • Guardian

            One has nothing to do with the other. I find you amusing in an odd sort of way… like a bug under a magnifying glass. I am sure I shall tire of you soon enough as you have nothing to offer.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            If I have nothing to offer, then how can it be that I amuse someone as great as yourself? Simple pleasures for simple minds?

            What I find amusing is the more you write, the more you reveal your worldview. Which keeps validating my assessment of you.

            A bug under a magnifying glass? Careful, your elitism is showing.


          • Guardian

            Draw any conclusion you want – from what I have seen of your talent in this area, it is sure to be wrong. You are just amusing – while I have time to play. You never did address the issue, but it is funny how you whine about something, then avoid it when called on it.

            It is amusing to watch you twist.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Careful, your intellect is showing and it isn’t much to look at.

          • Guardian

            Did you find that in your book of affectations? or do you have it handy on the interwebby? [gasp] is it in a book – a hard copy? LMAO!

          • Bill Tilghman

            Not only that, but he’s misusing them.The scriptures are not supposed to be used to judge or hurt people.

            “The greatest commandment is love.”

          • Bill Tilghman

            As if you can’t figure that out. Are you really this dull witted, flyboy?

        • Guardian

          Re: “Wow thanks Glenn, that is mighty patriotic of you to sell us your knowledge at such affordable prices. Heaven forbid you teach us what we need to know right here on your website for free.”

          How revealing about you that you totally avoided my response:
          . . . “it would be nice if he gave away free all the work he had to pay his people to do to put this book together. I am sure you would be so generous too, wouldn’t you?”

          Instead of responding to my response, you avoided it and commented on my secondary remarks even though you were the one who complained about Beck charging for the book. What follows is a thread of you playing dodger. LMAO!

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            Sorry princess, I am not here to accommodate your fishing expedition and straw-man arguments.


          • Guardian

            That was no straw man – it was directly from your post as can be seen above, as I quoted. Dodge, dodge, dodge little one! LOL The only straw-man builder here is you.

          • Guardian

            Straw-man? It’s the core of your post!

          • Bill Tilghman

            Finally a subject you excel in – Scarecrows. If you only had a brain…

          • Guardian


          • Bill Tilghman

            What a stellar intellect and such an unparalleled display of courage… all I can say is WOW, this fly is a real pest.

      • Bill Tilghman

        That kid is a piece of work. He gives a whole new meaning to the words TONE DEAF.

  • Dan Heizinger

    So, Glenn, how is the pacifist insanity coming? Did you see the Establishment dancing on Greg Brannon’s grave tonight? Yeah, we’re done playing nice.

    • Crassus

      Glenn tells us we must be like Martin Luther King and Gandhi. He doesn’t tell us that they got their heads shot off.

  • Susie

    It has been said the pen is mightier than the sword. And i know that is true. Because of the things I have learned here, read here, researched in the books here…I feel that Freedom still ringing like an alarm bell, and it is because not all of us can talk or write, or find the references that are pertinent to the very truth we seek for this country that we appreciate all you guys do. It is very brave to stand up and say this is wrong. I am going to do my homework. I will choose honor over false bravado any day. I will spread serenity instead of chaos. This is what I have learned. First the truth frightens you, then it makes you mad…then, you hear that still small voice that restores faith, hope, love and most of all…Honor. Sir, we thank you.

    • Winston Blake

      East Carolina University Professor Bans Students From Thanking God In Graduation Statements

      Eli Hvastkovs is a devil worshipping Jew…

      Biochemical applications of ultrathin films of enzymes, polyions and DNA?

      He is a Jewish eugenicist for his Zionist bedfellows at Monsanto…

      Beware of genetically modified organisms and the weaponization of agriculture.

  • scotthudson

    Everyone who is concerned about what is going on in in our country should read The Contract On The Government. It is the book the politicians and bureaucrats DO NOT want you to read. Find out more here:

  • Anonymous

    I have two interests regarding Common Core: quality and freedom.

    I’ve taken a couple Common Core tests and they seem to be good quality to me. Beck tells how the Long Island teacher was ashamed that his students had to answer difficult math problems. Perhaps he should be ashamed that they weren’t prepared to answer those questions. America doesn’t even crack the top 20 in global education rankings, which is shameful indeed. Top educated country’s students can answer those difficult question. America must understand where it needs to be to be globally competitive and give our students the tools to pursue their ideas. An effort to undermine better standards is an effort to weaken our competitiveness.

    Regarding freedom, states voluntarily adopt this curriculum for public schools. As I understand it, private schools and homeschoolers aren’t required to use Common Core. So there seems to be choice.

    I don’t know much about education policy, but based on what I saw in the Common Core curriculum, and from the tests I took, it seems reasonable to expect students to understand at that level.

    If Beck was as altruistic as he portrays regarding this issue, he’d make the information in Conform available on his website.

  • vivalapresley

    the thing that got me the most, was the holocaust question. it Is just amazing that they can ask if the killing of almost 12 million people was a hoax or not! when you have a curriculum that is now asking students questions like that, you have to see that something is wrong here!

  • Sargonarhes

    Quoting a scene from an episode from Babylon 5.
    Sheridan was captured by the Earth government and they were trying to force him to sign a confession. The interrogator starts,
    “The preeminent truth of our age is you cannot fight the system.”

    John Sheridan: “You know, it’s funny, I was thinking about what
    you said, that the preeminent truth of our age is that you cannot fight
    the system. But if, as you say, the truth is fluid, that the truth is
    subjective, then maybe you can fight the system. As long as just one
    person refuses to be broken, refuses to bow down.”

    Interrogator: “But can you win?”

    John Sheridan: “Every time I say “no.”

  • Uncle Rex

    If we are to develop new and innovative ways of doing things, we must have maximum liberty to make use of as much knowledge as possible.

  • Oscar’s Wilde

    The word “collectivism” does not refer to the interactions and voluntary association that arise spontaneously from our social human nature.

  • Anonymous

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