Christians canned by HGTV speak out: Glenn talks to David and Jason Benham

On Thursday, Glenn reacted to HGTV’s decision to can a do-it-yourself program it planned to premiere this fall after media outlets began reporting on the hosts’ Christian views on issues like gay marriage and abortion. Twin brothers Jason and David Benham were scheduled to host Flip It Forward, a new renovation show that would help families make home improvements, and on radio this morning, the brothers joined Glenn to discuss the situation.

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According to TheBlaze, the controversy began when Right Wing Watch, a blog that prides itself on “monitoring and exposing the activities of the right-wing movement,” published a scathing summary of the Benham brothers’ political activity, including information about their father, Flip Benham, who is known as an outspoken Christian minister.

Right Wing Watch accuses “at least one of the Benhams” of being a dedicated right-wing activist in the mold of his father, Flip Benham.” The article claims Flip Benham has shouted “Jesus hates Muslims” outside of mosques, blamed the Aurora shooting on the Democratic Party, and made other controversial proclamations.

To begin, Glenn asked the Benhams if any of the hateful rhetoric attributed to them is true.

“Let me say quick. After reading that article… I started hating myself,” Jason said. “I thought, ‘Wow, I did not realize I hated Muslims. I didn’t realize that I hated homosexuals. I didn’t realize that I hated all these people.’ And if I hate all those people, then I hate myself.”

“Jason and I and our dad, we have never hated anyone. Jesus loves all people, and because Jesus lives in us, we love all people,” David explained. “There’s a narrative that’s been created to make Jason and I look like haters – they couldn’t use our words necessarily. They had to try and pull some of our dad’s words, even when he didn’t say things that they said he said. They’re just trying to create this narrative and make us haters. And you know what? It was actually very effective. And it worked.”

The brothers explained that they were approached 18 months ago about starring in the show and multiple networks expressed interest in the program. They decided to go with HGTV because “of their family-friendly programming.” The brothers maintained the network had done extensive research into their background, and they discussed some points of concern ahead of time.

“One comment was about the judgment begins in the house of God, and how we’ve allowed sex outside of marriage like adultery and pornography and homosexuality – including the homosexual agenda that’s devastating our nation. And that was really a very difficult for them to understand. And I made it very clear distinction with HGTV. Look, I said nothing about anyone as individuals. I have, however, identified an agenda… There’s a big difference there,” David explained. “So after we met in person with one of the executives, they realized, ‘You know what, these guys have no ill-intent. There’s no hate in their heart’…And so we were starting to film.”

Once HGTV announced the show would be part of the network’s fall lineup, various outlets began looking into the brothers’ past and crafting a narrative.

“The media firestorm started with several of these bloggers and other things saying that we were anti- this and anti- that,” David said. “And they began to craft a narrative that a lot of other folks began to catch on to. And one small segment of culture started chiming in… and finally HGTV said, ‘Well, we have to make a business decision and move on.’ So that’s really what happened.”

Ultimately, the brothers have absolutely no ill will toward the network, and their approach to the entire situation was remarkable.

“You guys said about HGTV that you actually felt bad for the people at HGTV,” Glenn said. “Can you explain that?”

“We felt like HGTV was pushed into a corner. We know those folks over there and they’re great, heart-of-America-type people. They loved us, and we loved them. And we just felt that they were bullied into this,” they said. “We told them we understand. It’s business, not personal. No harm. We love you guys, embrace you guys, and wish you the best.”

“It’s a great perspective to have in a tough time,” Stu said.

While Glenn hasn’t had much interaction with the brothers, he was very encouraged by the conversation he had with them this morning.

“I will tell you this, David and Jason, I don’t know you guys… [but] you sound like good Christians that I would be proud to call friends,” Glenn concluded. “I’d love to have you here next week if possible. I’d love to talk to you and have you on television and continue our conversation.”

  • BAB

    I am surprised at HGTV. They let themselves be bullied by groups that have no tolerance for anything unless you share their views and opinons. Shame on you, HGTV!!

    • Shane

      The fascist Gaystopo strikes again. To deprive people of making a living because of their Christian faith is anti-American and just plain wrong. I wished that I watched HGTV so I could stop watching it in protest. Tell all your friends about this and encourage them to stop watching HGTV.

      • Jaamoose

        Thought you righties were all about a corporation being able to express themselves as they choose…oh, that’s just at that chicken joint and hobby hoedown!

        • Anonymous

          We are but this corporation is nt expressing itself it is regurgitating the vitrol of gay incorported so they dont have to deal with them. The queer inc. will back down if companies stand their ground. Too bad HGTV has no balls.

        • FellowPatriot

          Had HGTV not approached the twins, had not offered them a segment, had not interviewed them extensively and knew of their Christian stand, and had not announced the series would begin in the fall. . .then yes, they had an opportunity to not do any of the above. BUT, because HGTV did do all the above and knew about their Christian stand, the the only answer is that the HGTV did not think for themselves or take a stand. The gay extremist bullied them into a corner and HGTV cowered. Any corporation has a right to run their business as they see fit for their bottom line and their culture. But, when a decision is made and then that decision is reversed because of threats, then they are not expressing themselves, their corporation or their culture. They are expressing the bullies’ view. Too bad HGTV added to the already bullying threats that the gay agenda has succeeded in imposing on individuals, corporations, churches, small businesses, and anyone and anything else they have in their sites. If we as a country do not stand for our Christian faith, then any and all will see us as weak and our American lifestyle will be gone, as it almost is. When the Muslims take us over, the homosexuals will all be killed, as will the adulterers too.

          • Angelica Clark


            ✮✮✮� ✮✮✮ ✮✮✮ ✮✮✮ �✮✮✮Yes, they are bullied into who is on the show, but they too are the bullies, part of Hollywood’s flowery portrayals.

          • Anonymous

            If HGTV hypothetically made a show about gay home improvement, the only people who will watch it will be gay construction workers. They don’t realize that half of this country can see homosexuality for the vile perversion that it is, and won’t tune in to anything that contains even a hint of it.

          • Bill Tilghman

            Gay construction workers? I thought there was only one in the Village People. You learn something new every day…

        • Boo2

          So Jamie what you are saying is you can ostracise good Christians because of their beliefs but another person, whether they be Christian or not, cannot decide to boycott a network that ‘let go’ Christians because the Gaystopo decided to run them ‘out of town’, because they don’t agree with you??
          Yeppie! That’s sounds like the way you think it should be….your way or the highway.

        • Anonymous

          Didn’t you mean Chic-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby? I see that you don’t have enough respect for the companies to call them by their actual name. That makes you a disrespectful human being whether or not you’re smart enough to grasp that. “Righties” are in no way as disrespectful and enraged as you are. I bet it bothers you that a “righty” like myself really isn’t even bothered by this. I bet it also bothers you that the Benhams didn’t push back. They handled this with class, and just moved on with their lives, which is what Conservatives typically do and Liberals typically NEVER do! It just bothers you that Conservative people by and large (a vast majority but not everybody) are very good people. You are in denial of that fact due to your Leftist hatred and blind sheep bigotry. Incidentally, I am open-minded and I know that the majority of Liberals are not as hate-filled and ridiculous as you are.

        • Bill Tilghman

          Are you this seriously mentally impaired? Apparently so.

        • Anonymous

          You are going the wrong argument here. Chic fil la has gay employees that love working for them!. The owner/ founder believes in hetersexual marriage as ordained by God and you compare that to hate? You are here only to start trouble. HGTV was either pushing a gay agenda or prejudace against Christians. You pick. Everyone has rights to their own beliefs as lone as they don’t discriminate. This is discrimination against Christians. If you are unbiased you will have both Christians and non-believers in your network. They should be able to work together.

      • Bill Tilghman

        I have a feeling these brothers are not going to suffer much – they are successful in their own right, and this is not much of a set back for them. They will continue to engage in commerce none the worse for wear. HGTV eventually will fade, when you go all in for minority causes that ultimately brings failure.

    • MoparToYa

      I’m not surprised at all, they have been gay & green for a long time.
      Pay attention to the “couples” they pick to do the renos for, too high a % for me, very hard to watch.
      Yes, they are bullied into who is on the show, but they too are the bullies, part of Hollywood’s flowery portrayals.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve seen different episodes of programs that had obviously gay couples both male and female. They would hold hands and one male couple even kissed. I guess what is okay with some beliefs is not okay for all anymore.

        • MoparToYa

          Its not a matter of some beliefs being more, or less, okay than others.
          The issue is; our lives, livelihoods -these brothers lost their jobs- our children, our CULTURE & WAY OF LIFE, who we ARE, are all being destroyed!
          Destroyed by people who don’t believe in the American way. Destroyed by people with NO moral compass, who take the easy way out because to STAND for good is too hard.
          Destroyed by those who are selfish, self-centered and full of fear. Fear & Faith cannot co-exist.
          Destroyed by cowards afraid they may be called a name.
          Destroyed by people who have NO self respect, NO personal morals & NO personal standards.
          Well call me any name you want.
          I stand for Standards Morals Respect Decency.
          I stand for God and my Country – OUR Country – that was built on Gods principles. That’s what’s made us great stewards of this beautiful globe, helping others in all country’s. Now, being made into a bunch of hateful evil people so those bent on destroying us can feel better about themselves.
          Be happy in your beliefs, its okay – just don’t tell me I have to like you because them.

          • Carrie White


          • FellowPatriot

            The scriptures clearly tell us that in the end times what was evil will be preached as good and what is good will be preached as evil. We are seeing it now, everywhere. The political correctness is destroying our children in the government schools and making them into sexed-up, immoral, disrespectful, and lost kids. Too much prophecy in the scriptures is being played out for us not to be in the end times. Jesus cannot come too soon for me.

          • Kathryn Marquis

            Amen…with you all the way! Come Lord Jesus!

          • Anonymous

            Relax Patriot, I can tell by your supposition here that God has already set aside a place for you in His kingdom. He will take you home when he feels that the time is right. Your faith has saved you.

          • Sandy Silvaggio Forro

            i believe as you;;but i made a comment on hgtv site and boy did i get hate and bullied by the gay’s. I was thinking;;i DO NOT care what they do;;or who they are with;;if they are on a show i just turn it to another station;;;they say we hate;;that is so far from the truth;;i believe their minds are so distorted and of course satan has told them so many lies;;i honestly believe they are “struggling” with all this because according to God it is “unnatural”i think they feel guilty or God is tugging at their hearts;i see so much evil coming out of their community(not all but the extremist ones)that if you don’t agree they absolutely go insane;;but they do not understand that we are staying “true” to our faith in what God says in His HOLY word;;;we have that Right;;we christian’s better stand up and start voicing our opinions or we are for sure going to lose our rights which is already happening;;it is so sad the state of our country where God was honored and reverenced;;;and until recently we had laws against sodomy, i believe it is almost to late;;but i prayed hard last night for them ;;that God would open their eyes and minds to the Truth;;they don’t have much time as i believe and God forgive us for not standing up sooner <3

      • FellowPatriot

        When a gay couple looks for a house on House Hunters, it sickens me and I switch to another channel for that 1/2 hour. But, now, will never let my remote see the HGTV station. I hope they experience what A&E did as well as Cracker Barrel. Hard lessons to learn.

      • Samantha spice

        I agree. We love to watch HGTV, but I admit when they have gay couples on we change the channel because we are trying to bring up our children as Christians and watching that type of shows encouraging homosexuality, would only tell our children that we think that it is acceptable to be a homosexual.

    • FellowPatriot
    • Laurie

      HGTV; please look up the work hypocrite in the dictionary. Why is it now okay for anyone other than Christians is okay to have comments, TV shows, etc. but not said Christians? I thought this was a “free” country. This country is no longer “free”. It’s being controlled by whomever has the most money. I am afraid for our children, etc. As much as I’ve loved many of HGTVs shows, I will have a hard time watching them now. Wake up America!

    • Ann

      uh you mean like racism and bigotry? We need to be tolerant of that? Yes, I realize you posted this two years ago.

  • Jim could use a home improvement show. Hire these guys!

    • Steve Carden


    • Divine Insurrection

      I like that idea! 😀

    • Anonymous

      GLENN: Hire these two brothers for The Blaze TV !!!!!!!

  • Wulf

    This will keep happening until businesses/corporations stop kowtowing to these “groups”. If these left-wing groups are politely “ignored” in these cases, they will slowing start fading.

    Sadly, I don’t see this happening anytime soon..

    • Lynelle Hullsiek

      The media are involved up to their eyeballs in this kind of garbage. They’ve been plotting and airing subversive programming for decades. They probably planned this all along, trying to start a crisis. Look up Yuri Bezmenov on Youtube. This is par for the course.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      It is propagated to keep society in control. If you instill enough fear, you can control. It is not about gays but anything that can make you a criminal in the eye of the law whether it is racism, homophobia etc etc.

    • Anonymous

      WULF….No, it will keep on going as long as WE support the groups that do not have the spine to stand up for what is right. Stop buying the products. Stop watching their shows. I have not been to a movie in years and I at one time was an avid movie goer. Not anymore. Any company that bows to the left is not a company or show I will support. We dropped AARP, Progressive Insurance, etc. Hit their bottom line. It is the ONLY thing they really care about. What these people believe in their private lives has nothing to do with a home improvement show.

      • Wulf

        Wabby99- I agree. I canceled cable over a year ago. Stopped attending professional sporting events, etc.

        We need more companies like Chick-fil-a, too, which stick with their beliefs. Ironically, I am not religious and don’t have a problem with gay marriage (mainly b/c I don’t think Govt has any businesses in marriage for the most part).

        I respect Chickf-fil-a for standing up for their beliefs, whether I agree or not; b/c I’ve stood up for some unpopular issues that I believed in as well.

        • Anonymous

          Chick-fil-a’s owner changed his “tune” a few weeks ago in order to expand the chain in the bigger cities that banned them from being there because of his original Christian stance! Very disappointed in him!

          Hobby Lobby, on the other hand, has stuck to their beliefs costing them MILLIONS of dollars!

          • Mol2981

            Let’s all blame the gays… I’m Christian and I am 100% for gay marriage. Let it be and stop judging them. They have done nothing wrong, and certainly aren’t “bringing down ‘MURICA”. And drop the Chick-Fil-A BS. The whole issue to begin with was about them giving a portion of proceeds to fund anti-gay camps and testing that was physically harming people in an attempt to “turn them straight”. The owner actually saw how much income he LOST from admitting what he was funding and pulled the donations, announced it, and then went back on his word just a few weeks later. It had nothing to do with their Christian beliefs because EVERYONE knows that’s what they stand for. Most of us just don’t want to help fund something so cruel and horrific.

          • Wulf

            We are blaming the gay agenda, not ALL gay folks. I know gay people who simply want to live their lives; they are also tired of the agenda .

            It’s the groups attacking people for being anti-gay, racist, sexist, etc.,, who ironically, tend to be the most “hateful”. They don’t like it when others have different opinions or viewpoints.

            HGTV vetted these guys, and knew about their beliefs. HGTV could have made a statement that they believe the twins would add quality to their network, and apologize to those who disagree with their lifestyle or religion. They could have done that without pulling the plug on the show. Like others have said, it some gay people find the show (or people on the show) offensive, they don’t have to watch it.

          • Anonymous

            You are not a Christian! Your words and tone betray you!

          • FellowPatriot

            It is impossible to claim to be a Christian and support gay marriage 100%. Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:18-32; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (9-10: Don’t you know that those who do wrong will have o share in the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin (that would be non-gays too), who are idol worshipers, adulterers, male prostitutes, homosexuals, thieves, greedy people, drunkards, abusers and swindlers – none of these will have a share in the Kingdom of God.). That pretty much sums it up! So, this is God’s Word. If you believe it, you cannot support gay marriage, or any of the other sins listed. If you call yourself a Christian, then you have to believe God’s Word. You cannot have it both ways. God charges us to love all persons. But, we are to hate the sin (sin stops those from sharing in the Kingdom and God wants all to be part of His Kingdom) and share the Gospel. Jesus loved everyone (and still does), but told everyone to “go and sin no more.”

          • Anonymous

            1) you are a liar. Claiming to be a Christian doesn’t make you one. 2) Stop with the ‘murica stupidity. Yeah, I know you saw it somewhere, thought it was so very clever and traded your faux news for it. But all it says is that your a parrot who can’t come up with an original thought so you copy paste others. Grow up and start thinking for yourself okay punkin?

          • Anonymous

            Christians (real ones) are against gay marriage. Please quote me that Bible verse that says that God accepts that two gay people should get married. Oh yeah, there isn’t one. You are not a Christian. Get off of your computer and pick up your Bible.

          • Bill Tilghman

            You have made a lot of statements but not backed them up with any substantiation. Where do you get your information?

      • Daisy Carter

        Yep, we are ready to turn our cable off – mostly garbage on it nowadays.

      • Anonymous

        Thank goodness you dropped Progressive Insurance! I try my best to turn off every one of their commercials when I can get to the remote in time!

        • Anonymous

          I’ve always wondered about Progressive Insurance, is there a political motivation behind that title?

    • JESUSfreeq Dad

      Some of these networks have to step up to the plate and DO the ignoring! A&E did it, and is now making boatloads of money, and I’ll bet that this “epic fail” will come at GREAT COST to HGTV.
      But now that the story’s out, we can look forward to some other network, (with more chutzpah than HGTV) to pick up the Benhams. I for one will be glad to see it happen! ;^)

  • Anonymous

    nothing is wrong, as long as you have a liberal/socialist/communist intent!!! so in this case, the bulliers, who don’t like bullying, are fine!!!

  • Anonymous

    Guess watching HGTV is off my list.

  • Anonymous

    HGTV wasn’t pushed into a corner. Anyone who has watched the channel for years, as I used to, knows that they’ve gone out of their way to curry favor with homosexual groups. It went from being a fun channel to watch with interesting and useful tips to 24/7 realty shows, half of which seemed to feature gay couples! And this was in the early to mid 2000s, long before this crap became commonplace.

    HGTV is your station if you’re ‘married’, gay, and you want to buy a vacay pied a terre on Fire Island! There’s not much there for middle class straight people, and if you’re Christian? It’s back to Better Housekeeping for design tips!

  • Divine Insurrection

    They are CHRISTIANS. Of course they are not for gay marriage. It goes against everything the Bible stands for, regardless of what some may claim. The Word of God stands true no matter who says otherwise. You ask any REAL Christians and they will give you the same answer, “I believe homosexuals are to be treated with love just like everyone else, but no, I do not believe homosexuality is acceptable in God’s eyes.” Expect it and stop asking!

  • Anonymous

    A Christian themed home improvement show would be awesome! God Bless you guys!

  • Anonymous

    Once again we see the ultimate of intolerance displayed by those screaming the loudest about intolerance.

    • Anonymous

      Why is expressing an anti-gay-marriage view any more hateful than those screaming foul pro-gay taunts? You seldom see a pro-gay demonstration without some disgusting statements.

      • Anonymous

        I see two gross errors in this logic. I must agree that I, too, have seen clips and photos showing some “disgusting” statements that are not appropriate. However, does that justify another wrong? If your child comes home saying that his friend next door just robbed a store so he wanted to also. Would you tell him to go ahead or tell him to not be pulled down to the level of the wrongs of others? The second is that there is a difference between expression and coercion. It is one thing to express one’s views it is completely different to attempt to force your opinion on others as is the case here. If you don;t like them or what they believe, no one says you have to watch their program. Just change the channel. If you don’t like what their religious beliefs are, you have no right to destroy their character and their job using trumped up claims that were overly embellished by the media.

        • Anonymous

          You didn’t even address CombatBoots’ logic! The Benham’s didn’t try to enforce anything on anybody! They just tried to get a show and were told no. They didn’t harm anybody at all, but they were deprived of their show strictly on the basis of their beliefs. They weren’t banned for any kind of intolerance because they were never even given a platform with which to express anything anti-gay. They were silenced before they even had the chance. You’ve won Lefty, rejoice and be glad in HGTV’s big gay victory. The Constitution gives them the right to do whatever they want with their own network. I missed how the Benham’s are being intolerant of HGTV or any gays. They just have their own views about life, is that okay with you?

          • Anonymous

            Obviously either I must have very poorly stated my comment or you grossly misinterpreted it. I must say that this is the first time I have even had a person refer to me as a lefty. Nor did I ever refer to Benham’s as being intolerant – they were anything but intolerant. However, I would recommend that you especially read my last sentence which closely coincides with yours. I said “if you don’t like what their religious beliefs are” (your comment – “They just have their own views about life”) people with different beliefs like those expressed by Combatboots “have no right to destroy the character and jobs …” of others.

          • Anonymous

            I was drunk. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    My first thought, they were probably bullies and didn’t want to deal with the heat. There is also the title, Flip it forward, it sounded like Pay It Forward, that is very liberal and as bad as the term, Give Back. They are have that “your obligated to do it” tone. The liberals have created a system where your a terrible person if you don’t give and give, (it’s no longer free will), liberals are god and forcing people. What is wrong with just saying, I gave (meaning you owed no one anything, you gave just because you wanted to). I hate the term Give Back because I didn’t take anything. The obligatory terms irritate me. Like the coffee drive thru’s, what if a person buys a coffee for the behind them, and the next car has 4 people. It’s just irritating, call it what it is, a game and you want to see what happens and how long people will play along.

  • Lisa Lillemon

    These guys embrace everything that the administration is fighting against!

    • Bill Tilghman

      I am not sure if you think that is good or bad. For my part, anything this administration is for is probably bad.

  • Charlotte Lloyd

    Why is it so hard to believe Christians can hate the act but love the person?

    I stopped watching HGTV long ago. One reason was so many homosexual couples being the ones looking for homes; two every thing now is a duplicate of each other – just different people playing the characters.

    • Anonymous

      HGTV was one of two channels I watched on cable (the other being Foxnews). They began featuring a disproportionate number of gay/lesbian couples on their programs. Unplugged a while back.

      I am reborn believer in Christ Jesus (Yeshua). He is my Lord and Savior. Having said as much, disapproval of homosexuality is not merely a Christian thing. Not at all. All over Asia, South America, Mid east, parts of Europe they have standards which discourage sexual depravity. Its deplorable and any sane person understands that. Those vaguely familiar with the human anatomy understand the process of reproduction and sexuality.

      To me the most disgusting part about all of this is the reaction on the part of the sensible. Its this apologetic wishy washy “I promise, Im not a hater! Really Im not. wont you believe me?” attitude. Call HGTV out for descrimination. Institutions accross the US are begining to force co pliance with the homosexual agenda on citizens and persecuting those who will not comply. Its purely demonic its purely Satanic, and this naive soft handed approach will do no good. The message that is being sent is one that says you can force your views on us, you can persecute us, falsely accuse us, our families, and we will sit down and try to tell you how

      • Boo2

        Very well said Cap !

      • Bill Tilghman

        The people who persecute Christians do so because to attack any other group or faith tends to end rather badly. We don’t often go the eye for an eye route as Christians, but there are others, for example the Muslims who deliver tenfold the revenge for an offense. That is why we are targets while CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the like are seemingly ignored.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Unfortunately the only things that seem to be remembered are the bad acts by bad people, and not the kindness, love and acceptance that others exhibit in their good lives. One act of evil offsets a hundred kindnesses.

  • Joe Repp

    Wish The Blaze could produce their show. That would be great. They sound like great guys. I also loved the Captain America tie-in. That’s one of my favorite movies. Hope you do get them on TV next week, would love to hear more from them.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, liberals support the constitution and our freedom of speech…..unless you disagree with them. Their intolerance is astounding. What hypocracy

  • suzeeqbl

    This is wholesale hate on the part of The RIght WIng Watch Dogs. They are the only one spreading hate. Shame on them. The division starts only with them. As a Christian I love all people. There are of course Fundamentalists who read everything in the Bible as literal. That is dumb because it is meant to be read in the full context of the Bible. They need to read it in context. Why is Watch Dog so intent on destroying anyone who does not agree with their agenda? Can they not live and let live. Is it because they are afraid?

    • Concerned One

      You are just as bad, as you are taking the other side. You sure don’t sound like you ‘love’the ‘right wing’ side.

      • suzeeqbl

        The agenda is what I hate. As a Christian I do not hunt out extremists to destroy them. DO you understand what I am saying?

    • Bill Tilghman

      It is not so much that they read the Bible as literal, but they misinterpret it to make the Bible a book of absolutes. These people use the Bible as a weapon to harm instead of a way to deliver healing. A scalpel can heal or kill depending upon whose hand holds it.

      Right Wing Watch Dog is just as wrong as can be, but so are people that persecute anyone – especially when they use objects of faith to do it.

  • jesusknight

    You’re only a doormat if you let yourself be one.. I am guessing they are ok with being doormats, since they are not fighting this. What a shame. Shame on HGTV!! I will not watch you anymore, and I took you off of my emails as well. Christians need to start showing some backbone with that love..

  • Randal Petrerson

    There will come a time when all of us who call ourselves Christians will have to take a stand for Christ even though it might cost us everything….life included!! That time might not be too far off!! God give me the grace and strength to do that.

    • FellowPatriot

      Agreed! The time is drawing near. Be prepared.

  • Lin

    Happy to hear that Nintiendo has rebuked the gender confused sodomites trying to make Nintiendo include homosexuals in one of Nintiendo’s games . . . Nintiendo stood firm and refused; companies will realize that hitching their wagon to this perverted agenda will be their downfall in the long run.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Oh good God – Gay Donkey Kong! What is the world coming to?

      • Lin

        Billy boy, go play with yourself or go “rim” your “husband” butt hole; I hear that really turns on you perverted gender confused sick sodomites. You homos act out of urges and instinct like animals . . . such is the mental illness of homosexuality.

        • Bill Tilghman

          I don’t know how you managed to extract that from what I wrote – which was supposed to be a humorous quip – but you managed to in two sentences make a total jackass of yourself. You are not even close as I am not nor have I ever been inclined to be attracted to men, and have two daughters and numerous grandchildren, but you go ahead and be a fool, you are good at it.

          For the record, I flagged you for being abusive, vulgar and grotesque. You earned it.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently normal people have been doing it wrong. We are not supposed to patronize those who don’t agree with us. This we learn from the liberals. So we must start rejecting all those who disagree with us. We must not patronize gay businesses, or left wing business holders. We must become haters like the left and the gays. We must reject them at every venue. Renounce them when they are given jobs promotions and demand their firing etc. But we of course can’t possibly do everything they do. They wish death on those who disagree with them. Even wishing death on their children. I don’t believe a conservative can go quite so terroristic as liberals. So the left will always win in the hate game. Champion haters indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Boy! Did you hit the nail on the head! I’ve been saying we should turn the tables on progressives for years…use their own Saul Alinsky tactics against them! The only difference is that THEY tell LIES! All we have to do is tell the TRUTH about THEM & hammer it over & over.

      No, we can’t possibly be as EVIL as THEY are because they have no morals & no conscience, but we can push it to the edge instead of taking it but never dishing it out! Call them the “racists” that they are! Call them the “communists” that they are! I’m SICK of the establishment GOP being afraid to tell the truth or do anything for fear of making someone mad or hurting someones’ “wittle feewings”! They certainly don’t mind making Conservatives mad or hurting OUR feelings!

  • Anonymous

    As a Christian you are called to HATE every form of evil, and to love your fellow man. Hate the lie of Islam. Hate every form of sexual immorality including homosexuality, an abomination before the Lord. Hate all such things. Implore your fellow man to repent and turn to Christ! This is how you will truly love them. Who loves his neighbor by saying “Continue in your sin and be destroyed!”?

    ‘Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.’ Rom 12

    • Bill Tilghman

      Actually we are called on to hate the sin but love the sinner. The kind of aggressive response many Christians give those who are different causes a lot of the persecution of Christians we see. We give them something to hate, and then guess what happens?

      I am not saying you are wrong or that your opinion is, I am merely showing you that this bit of round and round is how the dance is done. Someone has to be willing to stop dancing, or the dance continues and escalates. That is why we are tasked with showing love for our enemies. In the scriptures it tells us to love our enemies for it will be as heaping hot coals on their heads. We have to stop treating people badly if we don’t want them to do likewise.

      More people respond in kind than do not. If you cannot abide another person or how they live, then depart from them and don’t associate with them any further.

  • Gdrake

    Fascism at its best. Either you think like them or you have no job.

  • Carrie White

    I left a message on HGTV webpage that they lost me as a Christian viewer…encourage others to do the same!

  • Anonymous

    It’s like this…

  • Charles Eddins

    TheBlaze TV should create a crowd funding arm that allows people to support programming they desire even more directly. Each time a political candidate comes on the Glenn Beck program they get a tremendous response from like-minded people in the audience. If the Benham brothers are as good as they seemed in today’s interview (and I believe TheBlaze team would vet them appropriately) I would participate in a crowd funding opportunity to see them on TheBlaze.

  • RA SI

    Just left this message to HGTV “Why does HGTV HATE CHRISTIANS, why would a couple of Christian brothers be fired from your network for their beliefs? Why do you promote homosexuals on many of your shows and then turn right around and show your blatant hatred of Christians. What has happened to America where Christians are regularly denigrated and bashed and hated. It always surprises me when the left wing socialists constantly shows their hatred of anything Christian and spout that we Christians are the haters. It is a sad commentary for America and on HGTV. I feel sorry for HGTV, you are lambs being led to slaughter by the left wing socialists who hate everyone that does not agree with their agenda. You are making a huge mistake showing your hatred of Christians. There are more Christians in this country than there are leftist haters. You will ultimately pay the price as more and more Christians stop watching your network. My wife and I DVR every show we like on HGTV and we always stop and delete the shows where you promote homosexuality such as showing male couples kissing on House Hunters etc. Did the Christians attack your network for those shows, no we just choose not to watch. But the leftist haters attack attack attack Christians on a regular basis and networks like yours that cowers down to them will ultimately go away as your audience goes away. Shame on your network and the hatred you show Christians.”

    • Anonymous

      AMEN! Thank you! MY sentiments exactly! We don’t DVR HGTV but I watch it sometimes when I have to get away from all the depressing 3/4 truths on Fox News or when O’Dumbo or ANY other Communist Dumbocrap comes on, but as soon as HGTV proudly presents the homosexual couples, I turn it off…NOT because I hate homosexuals but because I totally disagree with their lifestyle. I don’t call them screaming hatred toward them or homosexuals like the ignorant, angry progressive haters do about EVERYTHING!

    • FellowPatriot

      I left them a very similar message. I doubt it will sink in. We also need to hit their advertisers telling them we will not patronize their stores or products as long as they advertise on HGTV. Now THAT is where it hurts! If people are not watching, the advertisers will not advertise, the bucks go away, as does the show. Remember how Cracker Barrel removed the Duck Dynasty merchandise and within 24 hours had it back on the shelf? The seniors who are the prime customers of Cracker Barrel stood their ground and even after Cracker Barrel backed off, they still lost a hefty amount of customers that will never go back.

  • theelviscerator

    I called it homosexual gay tv a long time ago. their agenda is flaming and in front and center.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t agree HGTV..but I guess they can hire who they want. But do have a problem with the Right Wing Watch. Glenn, put your money where your mouth is and produce their show…

  • Anonymous

    The gaystapo…I like that. I have had to deal with them. I have no time for this kind of behavior. It is not hate to disagree with behavior and ideology. Welcome to the future where your thoughts and ideas will be issued to you by the state. Those who deviate with the state sanctioned morality, religion, and doctrines will be punished. (Stay tuned, public executions for deniers of state mandates coming to a state near you.)

  • suz

    THE BLAZE. good people.

  • joseph stern

    So fed up with all these morons yelling about their religion. Those who do, use it for hatred rhetoric and to promote their own agenda. Gays have contributed so much to an ungrateful country. As a gay person myself I am a Christian and do believe in God. However my God apparently is much different than yours. Mine said it was not our place to judge others. In my Bible, there was no mention of homosexuality in the 10 Commandments. Jesus never addressed the subject of homosexuality in the New Testament. I applaud HGTV for sticking to their principles that we are all equal and not allowing their media to be used to promote hatred and bigotry. These two young men need to really study the Bible and learn to accept others as God’s children just as they are. Wouldn’t be surprised to see one or both “come out” eventually. It’s happened before.

    • Duddioman

      You’re wrong on several fronts. You are not a biblical Christian if you are a practicing homosexual. You can make up any kind of god you want to, it just won’t be the god of the Bible or of Christianity.

      Jesus said if you judge, then you will be judged. HGTV is finding that out now. He also said TO judge, not by appearances, but by looking deeper into the situation with righteous judgement. John 7:24

      Jesus said that marriage was a result of God creating humans male and female. – Matthew 19:4-6 “Haven’t you read the Scriptures?” Jesus replied. “They record that from the beginning ‘God made them male and female.’a 5And he said, ‘This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.’b 6Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together.”

      Jesus said he didn’t come to do away with the law, but to fulfill it. The very same law that condemned homosexuality. Matthew 5:17

      These are not morons yelling about their religion. Did you watch the interview? They expressed love for gays, and sympathy for HGTV. You are probably also unaware that David Benham has claimed that Jesus died for gays because they (gays) are a special treasure to God.

      Your bigotry against the faith and the freedom of the Benhams shows you judge without merit and are not following the teachings of Jesus.

    • Anonymous

      Be gay! Nobody cares! I’m sure plenty of gay people contribute plenty to society. But please give me the Bible verse that says that God is okay with homosexuality. Being a homosexual is absolutely 100% an anti-Christian act. YOU have no concept of the Bible. By the way, homosexuality is a form of adultery in God’s eyes because ALL sexual deviancy is. There was a commandment about adultery that said…oh yeah, DON’T DO IT!
      You are free to live your life but I reserve the right to consider the act of two men in bed together as a completely disgusting act that I have no desire to even think about, EVER.

    • Bill Tilghman

      You are amazingly intolerant for one who claims his desire is tolerance.

      Your attitude is appalling, repugnant and a good example of why what happened to these brothers is so wrong. Perhaps if you weren’t suffering from so much guilt and stopped trying to rebuke those you find objectionable you might have learned something about how to deal with others. Follow the master’s example.

      I believe that God accepts all people, and loves them all as his creation. Mankind has done a lot of ugly things in the name of God. Persecution of anyone for any reason should not be tolerated. That isn’t what I learned in Bible school, nor later in life. A lot of people misuse the teachings of faith in this world, and they call that religion. Faith is belief in God, religion is a man made thing, and as such is fraught with many flaws.

      I don’t believe these two men are hateful or that they discriminate and persecute gays, I simply do not know them other than what the media has presented about them, and I have not seen any kind of hateful or prejudiced comments from them. I have seen a lot of lynching going on lately by activists and it is an ugly business. You seem pretty defensive in your accusations, are you sure you aren’t externalizing your feelings and attributing them to others?

      Too many incidents of reverse prejudice have been happening lately. Just as the shouts of racism have diluted themselves, so will go the same kind of accusations of homophobia. Eventually if these situations continue it will become grossly ineffective to vent anger in this way.

  • Nancypat

    My message for HGTV is that you need to find your balls and stop listening to all these groups. As for me, I’m done with HGTV. I haven’t seen any Christians complaining about all the gay/lesbian guests on the shows. Christians are not the problem!

  • Lyn Pertgen

    It’s about time companies and corporations stop bending to the will of far-left groups. I’m not against gays, etc., but don’t believe they should dictate the agenda wherever they choose. Too much power corrupts.

    • Bill Tilghman

      I am against anyone who bullies another – I have no tolerance for that and never have, call it a flaw in my character. When I was a kid, I stepped in to stop schoolyard bullies on several occasions, and the funny thing is I often became friends with both sides of the scuffle after it was over.

      The problem with the liberals of today is they always put on this diversity show, yet when diversity occurs they are the first to condemn it.

  • capa760

    HGTV should realize that there are more fans who enjoy watching the show, than there are members of the Gay Community. America a ‘melting pot’ of All People, and all religions from around the world, and there has never been a government mandate to bow down to any group, No preferential treatment. Let us go back to the REAL America, that follows our US Constitution, Bill of Rights, Amendments, US Immigration Laws, and follows our Border Security. The Patriotic American Citizens have a pride for our country, the spirit of treating others just as we want to be treated, and we teach our children to follow the proud American policy of caring for what our country stands for. Since America’s laws and structuring are influenced by the Christian laws of a brotherly love toward others, There should NOT be the nitpicking and bickering, or the corruption by those groups that are trying to tear down our American War Memorials, our commemorate Crosses and Biblical Statues which decorate our National Government Buildings. Do Not cancel any TV show because of the obvious decency, and great twin personalities on the show. People have Options, Bullys are NOT welcome in our society.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Well said.

  • Chuck

    I always had great respect for HGTV……….until now. If they want to be so open minded, why can’t they accept Christians

  • Marlene Kelley

    HGTV Please reevaluate your decision. We want this program. From what I can tell by the above interview, these men put together a show that exemplifies Values that make the world a better place. They are not about “hate” even slightly, and we need programing like this.
    HGTV, I have not watched TV for years now, because there are so few shows that are decent. But, if you will stand up to these “America destroying bullies” and go forward with this show, I will order cable and watch it. I really mean that.
    Please consider how sick Americans are of being stomped on by slandering liars, and give these good men a chance.

  • Kathy Armstrong

    Settled science? So was the theory on animal fats like butter, cream, and so on. There is no settled science.

    • Bill Tilghman

      The nature of science defies the liberal political viewpoint. As you say, science is all about reevaluating the nature of life and the environment, and I find it odd that their scientists are seldom from the discipline they are declaring is settled. Case in point – the new climate report the White House just dumped on us. Why is this being delivered to us by the White House when we have NOAA which employs thousands of climate scientists? We have never seen a report from NOAA on the subject – they like to use NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to do their dirty work. The real climate scientists, the ones whose careers have been to garner an understanding of how the atmosphere behaves and what it is composed of, they seem absent in the face of all this “settled” science.

      I think the same principle applies to the manner in which liberals approach every topic – they use science in miniscule amounts because there is so much diversity of opinion in the scientific community that there is seldom agreement on anything.

      Regarding this thread, there is only one thing to say – the science of knuckling under to a loud minority has been well demonstrated by the media lately. Personally, I find their lack of fortitude in the face of these bullies appalling. It is past time that we as grown adults should have to apologize or worse yet surrender to this kind of fascism. It is an ugly business and leads to very ugly outcomes.

  • Anonymous

    HGTV = facists

  • Anonymous

    H-ate. G-od. T-ele. V-ision. At least that is what that network seems to be.

  • Deckard426

    If you ever see me watching HGTV, you’ll know one thing for sure.

    IT AIN’T ME!

  • Oscar Pearson

    Way too many organizations are letting a pathetic minority rule the roost! Shame on HGTV for caving to the immoral side of society!

  • joe michael villa

    For decades and decades gays have been discriminated against in this country by Christians.
    Now you know what it feels like.
    Look in the mirror Christians. You only have yourselves and your ignorance to blame.

    • Anonymous

      Please give just one example of what I, as a Christian, have done to discriminate against anyone.

    • Equis

      Apparently you don’t know the difference between religious belief and discrimination. I suppose your intolerance of Christianity goes along with your intolerance for the Moslem faith as well or any faith that doesn’t agree with a lifestyle. However, it’s ok to force others to agree with someones lifestyle even if its against their belief by losing a job or by some form of coercion. Who is really ignorant here.

  • Jasmine An’deez

    The majority decision-making used in democratic processes does not imply the right of larger groups or nations to subjugate smaller ones.

  • Anonymous

    HGTV has bent over packwards to the gay agenda. They couldn’t let the guys have a show and lose all the political clout they had gained. Over 50% of house Hunters now are gay couples. And that is high considering less than 8% in America are gay. Their reno shows have a high percentage of gay couples renovating too. In fact I have quit watching it as much as I used to due to the push of the gay lifestyle. I feel like it is being overly pushed.

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