Eric Cantor booed during event in home district as establishment GOP suffers “huge loss” in Virginia

Primary season got off to a rocky start for Tea Party-backed, conservative candidates last week, but some local races are turning into huge upsets for the GOP. According to TheBlaze, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) was booed and heckled during a rally in his home district on Saturday. To add insult to injury, Cantor loyalist and incumbent Linwood Cobb was defeated as chair of Virginia’s 7th Congressional District Republican Committee by Tea Party favorite Fred Gruber. Cobb’s defeat has been described as a “huge loss.”

Cantor is facing a challenger in the June 10 Republican primary, and the boos he received at Saturday’s event came as he criticized his opponent David Brat. Brat, who enjoys the support of the Tea Party and conservative groups, is a professor of economics at Randolph-Macon College.

“It is easy to sit in the rarified environs of academia, in the ivory towers of a college campus with no accountability and no consequence,” Cantor said of his opponent. “When you throw stones, you throw stones at all of us who are working every day to make a difference.”

For his part, Brat took a much more conciliatory approach.

“I don’t run against Eric on a personal basis,” Brat said. “I like Eric as a human being; I’m commanded by God to do that and I do that. He’s been strong on national defense, and where he’s good he’s good.”

On radio this morning, Glenn wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about the jeers Cantor faced, but he did commend Brat for being able to separate the personal from the political.

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“Now, you know, I’m not for booing and jeering people per se. I mean what the heck, might as well. But it’s probably beneath us a little bit,” Glenn said. “The reason why I bring this up is because I want to show you the guy who actually handled the situation perfectly. The guy that Eric Cantor was talking about… [is his] opponent David Brat… I don’t know much about this guy, but just on that statement, I like him. More importantly, he happens to be right. Cantor has been very good on some issues. Is there a way for us to get somebody who is much, much better? Yes. And if we could find somebody who is better, why wouldn’t we? We have to do better. And we have to do better in our own lives every day.”

Furthermore, Glenn praised those who showed their dismay with the status quo by taking the action step of actually voting against the Cantor-backed local GOP leader.

According to the Washington Post, the district chairman “is an internal party post, responsible for rallying activists and volunteers at election time — and with the power to influence state party decisions such as whether to hold primaries or conventions to choose party nominees. A chairman is selected only by party activists for each of Virginia’s 11 congressional districts.”

“The activists that gathered at that convention also just happened to do something else. They did something big-time right. They voted out Cantor’s hand-picked district party chairperson and voted in the Tea Party-favorite instead,” Glenn said. “So while they booed – and I would have been there booing with them – they did the more important thing: They moved with their feet and their vote. They made a move. They, quite honestly, shocked Cantor and all of the party loyalists in Virginia.”

The local NBC affiliate described Gruber’s defeat of Cobb as a “huge loss.”

“We need to do exactly the same in Nebraska… [and] in Kentucky with Matt Bevin,” Glenn concluded. “We have to be active and show what we believe with our feet. As David Brat said, we’re commanded by God to do that, and we must do that.”

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  • Humorless

    New poll- NBC/Marist- Kentucky Republican Senate Primary–

    Mitch McConnell- 57%

    Matt Bevin- 25%

    9+ days from now? Glenn Beck will deny he ever heard of a guy named “Matt Bevin”

    • Anonymous

      The funny thing about primaries is that when one person is running away with the election, people tend to stay home and not bother to vote. 18% of people are “undecided” in that poll. It doesn’t take much to swing an upset in a race like this, no matter how long the odds may seem.

      Ted Cruz started at 4%… ask his opponent how that worked out for him…

      • Humorless

        Throw ALL the undecideds at Matt Bevin.

        Mitch McConnell has 57% and by my math? That’s 6.9% more than he needs to win the Primary.

        And again, watch for Glenn to quickly distance himself from Bevin after he loses. He’ll go from “I’ve never backed a candidate as much as I’ve backed you (Matt)” last week, to never mentioning Bevin again after a week from this Thursday…..

        to “Well, we need to get an update of what’s happening down in South Carolina with Lindsey Graham…I’ve never backed a candidate as much as I’ve backed the 5 or 6 guys running against Graham.”….

        then “Ive never backed any candidate like I’ve backed David Brat who’s running against Eric Cantor”….

        then a month of “We gotta make our voices heard my Tea Party friends, hold the Republicans feet to the fire”….

        then by Labor Day, Glenn is backing every Republican candidate…”RINO” or not.

        And then if the GOP take the Senate in November?….Glenn credits the Tea Party…and himself..

        • Anonymous

          Much to your surprise the election in KY is not about Glenn. As much as I hate to put it this way, the people of KY are damned fools if they reelect McConnell. He is an embarrassment to anyone who is truly a republican. I put him right up there with Harry Reid. McConnell is a disgrace to the Republican Party.

        • frank papcin

          I don’t care about Glenn, I only care about Virginia and the people running it–and it way past time, we had a republican senator.–THAT’S THE GOAL–A REPUBLICAN SENATOR
          –“PERIOD “

    • texastruthtweet

      You should consider the source of the poll. If we do not vote to throw the progressives out, nothing will change for the better. NBC is in cahoots with progressives in BOTH parties!

      • BOB

        Is this the same NBC with the pure Communist agenda?

  • D.T.

    Humorless, we are going to change the political landscape whether you like it not. Take your liberal feeling back to France.

  • Anonymous
  • John Jerome Wuthnow

    Check out ” Fibbing Puppet ” on youtube. Punch line came @ about 1 min. into clip.

  • Elizabeth Hayden

    While I appreciate that Glenn discussed the 7th District Convention results, I think he missed the boat on this one. He focused on the fact that the crowd booed Cantor. Granted, it’s a huge thing because it shows that he has lost some of his once-solid base. But, that’s a secondary to the main story.

    The REAL STORY here was the fact that in five years, the people of this district woke up, got informed, got organized and then worked (their tails off) to earn their way into the system. They embedded themselves within the system such that they could reclaim some control over the inner workings of the party and have a seat at the table. It has been a long, hard road which required much time, effort and dedication. And, for that, the people must be commended!!!

  • Richard Williams

    Dave Brat is the real deal.

  • Stephen H
  • Harry McMerkin

    I’m only disappointed that there wasn’t a chorus of people with duck calls in the audience.

  • Osaka Williams

    Since liberty’s survival depends upon the majority of citizens making it their primary objective, liberty has a limited chance of lasting if the mere existence of democratic processes is expected to preserve it.

  • Ray Jacobsen

    Fire Congress – Can Cantor – Be a Brat … Voter

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