On Thursday’s radio program, Glenn delivered an impassioned monologue about the changes he has experienced both personally and professionally over the last several months. All the while, his viewers and listeners have noticed and responded to these changes through social media and emailing the show. On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn responded directly to some of the feedback he has received from you – the people are quite literally building TheBlaze.

When Glenn opens his 5pm program with the line, “Welcome to TheBlaze. This is the network you are building,” he means every word of it. Everything TheBlaze has accomplished in just a few short years is a result of the time and money you have invested. In return, Glenn explained that he and his team have sought to deliver the highest quality product. At TheBlaze, the truth has no agenda. And last Christmas, Glenn unveiled a new mission statement to his staff: We tell the stories of love and courage where the good guys win.

TheBlaze has been able to bring you stories and reports not found anyplace else because of your partnership, and Glenn admitted he has at times failed to keep the audience abreast of where the company is headed. The world is changing rapidly, and TheBlaze is working fast and furiously to keep up. On Thursday’s program, Glenn explained why TheBlaze needs your help now more than ever, and he apologized for the growing pains many viewers have noticed as of late. He responded directly to a handful of letters and emails he has received, and offered a glimpse into where he is headed.

Watch the emotional segment below: