Why is President Obama being called ‘the face of global white privilege’?

On Tuesday, Glenn played portions of audio from the 2014 White Privilege Conference in which some 2,400 educators and students were taught that racism was first invented in the American colonies. Furthermore, speakers at the conference claimed “racism is central to America;” “the longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become;” and “this country was built on white principles for white people.”

This audio was captured by ProgressivesToday.com – a collaboration between Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit and EAG News’ Kyle Olson of EAG News – and the website plans to release their reports as part of a four-part series. Olson is also the co-author of Glenn’s new book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education.

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to some of the shocking audio from part two of the ProgressivesToday.com report. In the compilation clip, University of Iowa Professor Adrien Wing tells the audience “you can’t just look at the face” before slamming President Obama and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Wing goes on to call the President “the face of global White privilege.” Furthermore, Kankakee Community College Professor Stephanie Baran declared capitalism perpetuates white supremacy and privilege, in addition to racism and sexism.

Watch part two of ProgressiveToday.com’s report below:

Glenn, Pat, and Stu were particularly struck by the persistent mentions of tenure by the various speakers. Considering some speakers at the conference stopped just short of advocating for book burning, you have to wonder whose freedom of thought and speech these educators are interested in protecting.

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“How she can be protected for unpopular speech at the same time is talking about banning speech,” Stu asked.

“It is just their speech that they are trying to protect. I got news for you. Why do you have the rise of neo-Nazis in Germany? Why are you having that? Because you can’t talk about it,” Glenn explained. “I mean listen to them! There are things that you can’t talk about, but we can talk about sex with our third graders. We have to talk about it. You can’t talk about Nazis. You can’t talk about racism… You can’t put your finger in the position of a gun… You can’t have a t-shirt… that says the NRA because it’s too powerful… But let’s hand out condoms to kids.”

Glenn believes it will take a Third Great Awakening to right the wrongs of our current society, but the longer we wait, the harder it will be. Glenn has literally been at rock bottom with the decision to die physically or die and be reborn, and he chose rebirth. What will we choose?

“It will be the Third Great Awakening that ends this again… Until you connect with a higher power, we’re going to keep going down this this road and it ends in a cliff. And then when our broken bodies are down at the bottom of that cliff, then we’re going to say, ‘There’s nothing else.’ Everybody cries out for God when they are completely broken,” Glenn said. “I’ve lost my family. I’ve lost everything. And I had a choice: Die physically or die and be reborn. I chose to be reborn.”

After making that decision, Glenn admitted he did not wake up the next day and find everything to be A-Okay, but he made the decision to commit himself to a new path and, with time, things began to work themselves out.

“It’s easy to check out. It really is. And it’s easy to get depressed. And that’s what happens when you’re on the ground and you’re like, ‘There’s nothing I can do. I’m over. It’s over,’” Glenn concluded. “And then you choose life. And it takes you a while, but, before long, you’re not afraid of anything. And you know it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if I lose everything again. I don’t care. I will not lose my soul. I will stand. My family will be proud of what their grandfather did. They will be proud.”

  • Wulf

    Progressives and globalists (communists) have gone way past half-truths and propaganda. It’s just strait-out lies now

  • landofaahs

    So what they are saying is “If you have it , we are stealing it”. Nothing but common communist thieves. I think drawing welfare is a privilege. I also think that welfare needs to be means tested. You no work, you no eat. Is that mean? No it’s called compassion for the human dignity we are supposed to have and many have thrown away.

  • Wulf

    “In our nation, white people cannot experience racism” – says the sociologist.
    When politicians say this type of drivel I figure they know it’s a lie and just are staying in line with the agenda. When these “sociologist” types say it, I think many of them actually believe it.

    They are trying harder than ever to indoctrinate the young… very scary stuff

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    So now even Obama according to liberals haves white privilege. I wonder if any of these people see the irony that their views match closer to Nazism than any other group after World War 2. I mean the must be taking ideas from his speeches to come up with this sort of bull.

  • Anonymous

    what a bunch of sad little people.

  • Anonymous

    Were the Africans that captured and enslaved other Africans and sold them to white slave traders racists?

  • Anonymous

    What a load of crap! Sadly these crap sellers are teaching our children.

  • Anonymous

    This guy on youtube must be one of their spokespersons:


  • Boo2

    They want to legislate morality… Their version!
    If there are people who do not think, act & feel the way they do, then those people are racists. They would be shocked to find out, to realize, THAT is what they are being…racists!
    Plain and simple. And totally disgusting!

  • Anonymous

    Give Obama a break. He’s destroying America [the so called land of white privilege] as fast as he can!

  • Anonymous

    There is no big fix, great awakening or anything else coming down the pike except the death of 3/4ths of humanity. It’s too far gone. Yeshua (Jesus) said that the end would be like the days of Noah. In Daniel it is said that in the times of the end knowledge would abound. Well we’re finding out more and more what the days of Noah were like. Today is almost the exact mirror of those days. You are not going to fix it. You and 20 million other people are not going to fix it. The time has come when God will put an end to man’s problem. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth during this agonizing period. The only escape is to believe that Yeshua is who he says he is and asking God to save you. Yahoshua (Jesus’ formal Hebrew name) means YHWH is salvation.

  • mspatdev

    There were other groups of people that were here in the USA. What about the Indians. The Indians and the whites eventually got a long just fine. When the whites and other nationalities came to the USA, they came for religious freedom. To worship as they wanted to. The Africans brought all of the blacks to the Carribean coast, Cuba and the Americans as slaves. obammy’s forebears brought over the slaves. The face of the white privilege is that why obammy thinks that he gets everything that whites enjoy since he is 50% White? He is a divider of the races. He claims to be black but he is only 6% Egyptian black. England owned Kenya, then Egypt, then it became a country of Africa. The rest of him is 44% Arab.

  • Carmen David



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  • Anonymous

    People like these, holding such conferences, are the main reason that racism is perpetuated, not just in America, but across the entire world. These people are racist and wish to cause division, to steal, kill, and destroy.

  • Anonymous

    Racism is discrimination plus institutionalization plus power? What about a “black” president, black DOJ head, the refusal the pursue investigations against black suspects in federal cases, the dropping of a case against two black panthers after thecourt already ruled against them? What about the nNAACP? Are they fricking serious?!

  • JQ Public

    why is there no NAAWP? Why did my university have a Black Student Alliance but no WSA?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Craigm. The worlds problems are of a complexity that challenges man’s abilities to solve. The intelligence of the individual, corporations, groups, countries, religions all trying to organize an answer that will save and prosper humanity. If we don’t believe God is our creator, with a purpose for our creation, we must turn to what we do have, our abilities to create answers to the worlds growing dilemma. Our answers always end up in power and control and enslavement. The reason, the substance that would hold a complex world together can’t be generated by mathematics, science, philosophy, mechanics or any other tool invented by us. The spiritual substance at the heart of God’s creation is love, the word is tossed around casually by man to describe things such as your favorite food, to the physical feelings of affection for another and to even more mundane purposes. God’s love is the eternal mortar that is at the heart of His creation. Man faces a spiritual enemy that wants nothing to do with God and is determined to destroy His earthly creation. I’m blessed, I believe in His story and accept the redemption offered by His Son’s actions. As we search in confusion for our answers, His answers are eagerly waiting our discovery.

  • Mike Crichton

    Your harbour, safe from the storms of confusion conjured up by today’s liberals, progressives, and mass-media clowns: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878