On the heels of Ben Sasse’s big win in the Nebraska Republican primary on Tuesday, Glenn is hopeful the momentum will carry over to next Tuesday’s Kentucky primary in which Matt Bevin faces off against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). On radio this morning, Bevin joined Glenn to discuss the waning days of his campaign and why he remains encouraged despite the poll numbers.

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Bevin has been on the campaign trail for a number of months now, and Glenn asked him what the feeling on the ground has been.

“Frankly, we are very apathetic as a nation. Certainly, I don’t think Kentucky is unique, but there are many people who are frustrated, who think we must do better, something has to change, but they don’t feel it’s within their power or responsibility to step up and be that change. It’s disheartening,” Bevin said. “That said, last night I spoke to a group of 250, 300 people. There was a GOP gathering, and it was one where it was not the most hospitable crowd, but boy, we moved some people… So the groundswell of hunger for change is there, at every turn. We got a huge ovation from people when I was done speaking and not because it’s brilliant. It’s because it’s real and resonates with people.”

Glenn explained that he used to have a good deal of “real respect” for McConnell because he considered him to be “one of the good guys.” But much in the way many long-term incumbents have turned into huge disappointments, McConnell suffered the same fate.

“It’s really funny, because I used to have real respect for Mitch McConnell. I really did. I thought Mitch McConnell was one of the good guys years ago,” Glenn said. “If you are there too long, it just wears you down until you are just part of the system. And it’s dangerous.”

“Term limits is what we need,” Bevin responded. “It will happen to any man. There’s nobody who goes to that town and doesn’t change… Yet those who change don’t recognize it in themselves. We need congressional level term limits.”

Ultimately, Bevin asked those listening to remain informed and ensure they understand what is at stake before heading to the ballot box.

“I charge your listeners: America is great, and we will not stay great if people don’t take ownership,” Bevin concluded. “I am just begging people, be engaged, step out there, make sure you are voting in an informed fashion, because this is the greatest nation on earth. And if the American people lose this experiment, if we lose the control of our government, which is quickly happening, then we have lost, and the world has lost a least great beacon of hope. We can’t allow this to happen on our watch.”

“Thank you very much, Matt. We’ll talk to you next week. It’s MattBevin.com – endorsed by FreedomWorks, endorsed by Kentuckians Against Common Core. Heidi Huber, who heads up Ohioans Against Common Core, also big with Matt Bevin,” Glenn concluded. “This is an important one. This is a game-changing election. And that’s why the GOP has spent so much time and so much money trying to dismantle this guy because this one is truly game changing… Keep him in your prayers this weekend. It’s something that can still happen.”

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