Michelle Obama tells students to monitor family members for ‘racial insensitivity’

On Friday, First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to graduating high school students in Topeka Kansas, and during her speech, Obama suggested segregation still exists and encouraged students to police the racially insensitive comments of family, friends, and colleagues because federal laws can only go so far in thwarting racism. On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the First Lady’s telling remarks.

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“Michelle Obama gave a speech where… they’re worried about segregation again, and I don’t think that that was something that any of us worried about six years ago,” Glenn said. “Was anybody on the, ‘Hey, we might all be segregated again?’ I don’t know. It’s strange how their policies to bring us all together is just driving a stake in our heart and a wedge between all of us.”

Obama was invited to speak to the Topeka students in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. The Board of Education (1954), which said it was unconstitutional for states to establish separate public schools for black and white students.

While the First Lady praised the diversity of the student body, she warned there is “no court case against believing in stereotypes or thinking that certain kinds of hateful jokes or comments are funny.”

“You see, when you grow up in a place like Topeka, where diversity is all you’ve ever known, the old prejudices just don’t make any sense,” she said. “But remember, not everyone has grown up in a place like Topeka. See, many districts in this country have actually pulled back on efforts to integrate their schools, and many communities have become less diverse as folks have moved from cities to suburbs.”

As Obama explained, Brown v. The Board of Education “is still being decided every single day –- not just in our courts and schools, but in how we live our lives.”

“Now, our laws may no longer separate us based on our skin color, but nothing in the Constitution says we have to eat together in the lunchroom, or live together in the same neighborhoods,” she said. “So the answers to many of our challenges today can’t necessarily be found in our laws. These changes also need to take place in our hearts and in our minds. And so, graduates, it’s up to all of you to lead the way, to drag my generation and your grandparents’ generation along with you. And that’s really my challenge to all of you today.”

“One way you could do that: Maybe tape personal conversations in the kitchen of NBA owners,” Stu joked. “That’s a good way to do it.”

“If we could just do that and then report them right to like the IRS – wouldn’t that be good,” Glenn added.

When you consider what President Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett told graduates at Pomona College in Claremont, California about the methods she has at her disposal to look into everything someone does online before hiring that individual, one can only imagine how this Administration plans to snuff out racism.

“It’s chilling,” Pat said of Jarrett’s off-handed joke. “And all the students think it’s great. ‘That’s so funny. They’re monitoring everything I’m doing… You’ve got special ways? Good. Are you monitoring every keystroke?’ Yes. What’s wrong with this generation?”

“They don’t know any different,” Glenn concluded. “Look what’s happening with Common Core. Why are they dumbing us down? Why are they teaching us not to read Huck Finn? Why are teaching us not to listen to another point of view? They need to get our critical thinking erased.”

Read Obama’s full speech HERE.

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Anonymous

    Oh, Michelle is so bad. We wouldn’t want kids to be promoting sensitivity… the sensitivity!!! Why do we need sensitivity when we took care of it in the sixties… mostly… riiiiiiight….

    • rbblum

      And, to think, the cool aid from Jim Jones (as it is from Jeremiah Wright) is FREE.

  • Robert Pait

    Absolutely some family members are racially insensitive. Children hear this, absorb it and believe it to be ok. Its not.

    • Guest

      BULL – and it’s “it’s” and not its!!!

    • Anonymous

      BULL – and it’s “it’s” and not “its”

      • Robert Pait

        Not in my experience and yes, it is it’s, thanks for the correction. Public education.

    • Guest

      Some WH people and admin people are racially insensitive. So what’s she gonna do about them? Nada.

      • Robert Pait

        no argument here.

    • bob machaffy

      I don’t like the way you part your hair, and you shirt isn’t button up to the neck should I report you for being different and exposing your skin too much.

      • Robert Pait

        You can, God bless!

  • Anonymous

    Then they asked the children to police and report their parent’s comments about socialism, homosexuality, religion, abortion, environment, etc to make sure that their speech and thoughts conform to the “correct” agenda as determined and being reinforced in the schools by the left. Sound familiar?

    • bob machaffy

      so it starts

      • Boo2

        It has been ‘starting’ since the 50’s. they’re just ‘throwing back the rug’
        and letting it ALL come out!

      • Sue Arnold

        You are absolutely correct, and it’s terrifying!

    • sandy

      sounds like what they do over there in the Middle East if the parents aren’t voting for the President or something they come in a kill them, take them away Not in my United States I have the freedom of speech to say whatever I want and think what I want. yes I believe integration yes I believe that no one should be judged by the color of their skin however what I say and think and feel in my own home is nobody else’s business but mine I’m so glad my children are raised because I wouldn’t want to end up dead because of the way I think I feel in my own home

      • ekim

        Think nothing of the ” Black Caucus ” of the congress ! ……. Think nothing of the Miss Black USA ” pageant ! ……. Think nothing of the ” NAACP ” ! These are above and beyond ” BIGOTRY ” !

        • mad man marc

          They truly are the real bigots…and gave the word RACISM it’s call to fame, by using it to their advantage!!! How many times have you seen or heard the “RACE CARD” being used in recent times???

          • Brad Smyly

            because no one was racist before they came up with the term racism.

      • Laurie2

        yes, NoU4EN,,,It’s ,,,sieg heil!

    • Robert

      Hearken back to the days of “John Birch.” As the Chad Mitchell Trio sang in in a ditty with the same title, ……… “if Mommy is a Commie, then you gotta turn her in..” or …. “We’ll use our hands and hearts, and if we must, we’ll use our heads. ” J/C — do we have to go through this all over again??? !!

      • Crassus

        More like the Soviet Union of the 1930’s where children turned in their parents for supposed subversion and the parents were subesquently sent to the gulags–or worse, the cellars to be executed.

    • BigD

      Soon the govt will want them to report their family members for the comments they make! It will be down the road when things like that will be punishable!

      • Vicki M Booth


    • Valerson

      …Yeah, uh. Isn’t this -exactly- what happens in George Orwell’s book,
      1984? One of the parents, a friend of Winston, gets taken away because
      his children reported him.


    Shades of the Hitler Jungen, nee Obysmal Youts.

  • Wulf

    I don’t like any politicians, but Eric Holder and Michelle Obama are truly two of the worst figures in American history.

    Our youngsters are so indoctrinated and learning revisionist history – it’s scary. People under 25 will literally use the word “racist” for anything they don’t like. If your criticize or critique someone’s clothes = racist. Say you don’t like a politician = racist. I was reading another comment board where someone actually said it was “racist” to make fun of senior citizens. What the heck is that about?

    I was rather naïve and perhaps egoistical in my early 20’s, but many kids today are so brainwashed – it is very painful to witness..

    Now the new buzz word – “white privilege”. It’s interesting, b/c all I seem to see is black privilege, yet people like Holder and Michelle Obama keep telling us that there is so much discrimination and racism against “minorities”. These two and their ilk are evil; some of them are just sociopathic…

    • Jewels6964

      not all kids under the age of 25 will act that way.

      • Wulf

        You’re right. Perhaps I should have said “Many people under age 25″. I know there are some intelligent youngsters out there.

    • ruburnt

      “White Privilege” The Moon Bat code word for…You didn’t build that!

      • Denise

        Good one!!!

  • Anonymous

    Heil Micheller!

  • Anonymous

    The race hustling and baiting continues at full throttle. The most divisive, racist, country dividing administration in my lifetime.

  • Anonymous

    How did we ever get along without the parenting skills of libtard wombats channeling our kids?

  • Anonymous

    The fist thing for a totalitarian regime to implement a source spying on the population. What M Obama said has been done before. It was done by those thahave wanted

  • Shane

    Putting middle class white children into inner city black schools will cause a revolt. Those kids won’t have a chance in the Ghetto.

  • Brunski

    The real culprits of all this racism agenda, are the white liberals. They are promoting division.
    Unfortunately many in the black community are buying into these (mostly) empty allegations.

  • Anonymous

    The Soviet Union gave out a national medal to honor children who turned in their parents to the authorities for deviant political views, ie. politically incorrectness. It was called the Pavlic Morozov award, named after an “admirable” young communist “pioneer” who turned his mother and father in for having counter revolutionary views. Pavlic’s parents were both murdered in the Gulag. Evil knows that human beings come equipped with at least a modicum of conscience, so it always seeks a way to award, reward and sanction wickedness to transform it into a counterfeit of virtue. Pavlic Morozov.

    It hasn’t yet happened here to my knowledge but we’re well on its way — reflective of the values the Obama administration espouses and promotes.

    No fear, respect or potential outrage holds them back, and the media is each time bound to present their malicious utterances as merely helpful hints, positive impulses meant to make a better world. What horrendous lies.

    That world Michele — perhaps unwittingly, but perhaps not — is trying to bring about results in every case in poverty and murder — and cannot be otherwise. When free people become the property of a totalitarian state, coercion must increase progressively until the uncooperative, resisting on the basis of class, race, religion or for any other reason — are imprisoned and finally murdered. As situations grow more and more dire, when totalitarians fight to maintain the world they projected psychotically into being — the murder becomes massive, mechanized and blunt. Long ditches full of families are buried, often alive, or incinerated in high tech crematoriums.

    SO I ask you what could be a more profound example of deep seated and poorly hidden totalitarianism than Michele Obama’s impudent address to children regarding their parents. Even if never acted upon or enforced by laws, which of course they are, saying something like that to child is in my estimation child molestation, a form of psychic rape. It leaves scars. It implants an idea that will soon be consciously forgotten but whose echoed attitude with remain perhaps forever. This is an act of supreme violence, not a mere infraction of the rules of decorum.

    Monitor your parents can only mean that a child’s loyalty and respect and obedience is owed primarily to the state and that the parents are merely an impediment to the state’s full consummation of its paternal-maternal rights.

    We can see that in simple terms. They want to influence and control your children (and the future) but their impelling faith, that they will not confess honestly just yet, always leaving wiggle room like the parasitic worms they are, is that they own your children, body, mind and soul.

    In very thinly veiled references, they’ve said so — it’s their truth. It’s what’s in their hearts. Of course, they own you as well and all that you have or aspire to be. That’s the truth, covered by some version of the lie of “if you like your life you can keep it.” What they’re not telling you is that you have no life in the first place. That life you think you own is theirs.

    Remember ” you didn’t make that” ? Do you think they’d restrain their expropriation impulse when it came to the greatest possession you have in this life — your children? Not hardly.

    They know well the art of lying and the habituated use of deceitful language. They’re not even that sophisticated at it, depending on their compliant and sympathetic press. They’ve already said “the children are everyone’s responsibility,” and saying outright the children belong to all of us, a deceitful way of stating their claim to your offspring while pretending they’re the tirelessly responsible adults who’ll share the burdens of you parenthood. The just mean they own you and your children too — and therefore must be obeyed.

    The collective state and not the parents are the children’s authority and providers — and therefore we’re obligated to obey the representatives of the ruling elite. It’s as if God and/or nature had put them in such positions, when in fact there titles were acquired by treachery and bought with your own hard earned money. Where else in this whole universe would Michele Obama get that sense of entitlement to say such things to our children, and therefore to us. You talking to me, Michele? Don’t say no — you’re talking to my kid. That might lay the truth of this too bare. We might have to tell you and your coven to stand down.

    It’s no longer even veiled, their evil doctrine, just articulated in such a way that the gullible or corrupt have room to misinterpret. Like the obfuscating lawyers they are they get across their message without saying something plainly enough to make it politically libelous, at least not direct enough for people who’re asleep or a media populated with co-conspirators who help advance the lies. And while Michele and others make these remarks, common core gets implemented throughout the land — and Obamacare as well. The legal ownership of you and your children is therefore manifest. Look out.

    We must alway examine the context and presuppositions that go into any utterance of theirs. They mean to do us harm in the utmost. Remember “fundamental transformation” — that abstract hyperbole that turned out to be a simply stated fact. Few seemed to understand what an evil prophecy that was.

    • Equis

      Thank you for your post. It was very well written and it should give everyone great pause
      for reflection.

    • SFJ

      Well said, I find that there are many people who can put a finger on one or two issues that will cause future problems. There are not many who can articulate them as well as you have. I am in agreement with your statements and understand the dire situation we face. Let me ask this, with all the forests on fire where is the water to put it out? What I mean is, we have become great at pointing out the problems yet the answer has eluded us. Solutions to the problems are what is needed. Einstein said, you cannot fix the problem you are in now with the same thinking that got you there. Those of us that know and understand truth need to lead those who don’t. However, I have found that in the last six years or so it has become increasingly difficult to get an idea across to the masses. They have figured out that thinking is a difficult task and they much prefer someone else do it for them, in doing so they have decided to live out their life according to the ones who do the thinking. We have a Window of opportunity to reach those who are looking, hungry, teachable and ambitious enough to reach up and grab the hand of a leader who is willing to help them grow and learn. We need to help them to find and understand the truths such as why our constitution is so important to preserve, that freedom isn’t just a word of the past, that our children, are just that, our children. People perish for lack of knowledge. How many times have you heard” if I only knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently” we need to know now. I work with a group of people and that is what we have begun to do build people. We are always looking for leaders to join us. Thank you for sharing.

  • new2la

    Stay the heck out of our schools witch and keep your mouth shut about everything else.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    I love it how liberals still live in slavery days and the rest of us live in 2014. It is time you liberals join us here.

  • rbblum

    As I say . . . not as I do. Taxpayers don’t have enough money to sustain Obama’s fire department (constantly putting out their pants on fire).

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    the Obama’s have nothing to hide, why won’t they tape their private conversations for all Americans to hear, they are the biggest racists in the world and would never do it, evrything is skin color to them

  • Anonymous

    I would comment on this but most everyone in here already has said what I think multiple times. Too bad the closed minded liberals can’t see their way clear to explore other enlightening concepts.

  • Wolfpaw

    This woman has a chip on her shoulder than must be very heavy to always carry around. If only she didn’t project it onto others. She is vile, a spiritual polluter. A walking Chernobyl.

  • Anonymous

    Junior Spies. The book 1984 just seems to come out in this administration more and more every day.

  • Chelsea Scarpuzzi

    I can live where ever I want to live and sit with whomever I chose. If the “laws” specified these things, then we would be under what used to be called – a DICTATOR!

  • Barry A Wright

    Segregation returning is our problem ?? Bigger than a failed economic recovery, Obamacare failure and failed foreign policy ? Go ahead …. I know you want to … I know you want to call me a racist.

  • james c

    She needs to look in the mirrior!

  • Anonymous

    Did the FLOTUS talk about the pride of having reached a major milestone in their young lives, that they and they alone determine their destiny? NO!

    Did the FLOTUS talk about the grim job prospects for those graduating, how to keep from becoming discouraged, and what they can do to help themselves? NO!

    Did the FLOTUS talk about the importance of being a productive part of society instead of joining the millions who are feeding at the gov’t trough via food stamps, unemployment, disability, and every other free program that enables millions to suck the country dry, not out of necessity but because they can? NO!

    Did the FLOTUS talk about service organizations they can become involved in that will benefit those needing help as well as themselves until they are able to find employment that goes along with their skills? NO!

    So what did this arrogant, BLACK female representative of our POTUS lecture about? She drilled the students about the racism of their parents, grandparents, neighbors, and those they may work with. She talked about “calling them out” regardless of circumstances or consideration for how they were brought up or how old they are. This POS defunct law degree holder – bought and paid for by Affirmative Action via YOUR tax dollars AND MINE– had the audacity to degrade Americans who she knows nothing about because they DARE to express their opinion.

    I wonder if she understands that the Second Amendment allows all Americans – not just her – to express their opinion without censorship!!! And what about the student that didn’t care to listen to her lecture on Policital Correctness? Don’t think for a single minute that any student would have been allowed to stand up and leave in the middle of this kind of garbage without suffering BIG consequences!

  • WASP

    I heard ahhhnold and Mooch-hell had a love child, just a rumor mind you, but the photographic evidence seems compelling

  • http://oddhammer.com/tutorials/debt_clock/US_debt_clock_dynamic.swf John Barleycorn
    • Anonymous

      Captured her pissy face perfectly….And nothing has changed.

  • chip griffin

    she said, 2/3 of all families are headed by a woman. sick of this, sad because it is something these people take pride in, the fact our families are gone. the woman has made much of it. now it will be easy to take the guns and they have already took our freedom of speech. the late generations don’t even know why we are the last, yet she told us everyone of these reasons during this short speech. goodbye everyone, well those who went down fighting and being hated. i chip g. did, it was hard and took most of my time during the last part of this life. i said things they would not like, but as long as it is the truth, it is their problem…it would indeed cause my death, bt to die believeing in something and it being the same thing i live for, made it a cause amoung causes. JESUS CHRIST started my fire and the HOLY SPIRIT kept it burning, while GOD’S still voice talked with me from home…

  • Anonymous

    Because she and her husband are SO tolerant of whites, right?

  • Heather Peters

    Am I the only one who feels they fell down the rabbit hole? Nothing makes sense anymore. The inmates are running the assylum and I don’t understand how it started or how to fix it.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the Obama girls should be monitoring their parents for religious insensitivity. There are several examples of Barry dissing Christians. Too bad so many people were misled into believing that he and Michelle are DEVOUT, Bible believing/following Christians.

    • Vicki M Booth

      Only misled if they wanted to be. People with discernment didn’t buy into it.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    “monitor family members for ‘racial insensitivity’” and then call this number for the re-education van to pick them up.

  • Anonymous

    I would have walked out,actually i would never have gone. i hate when a politician does a commencement and makes it a use for their political agenda, the graduation isn’t about you, its about those graduating Why cant they give a message of hope and inspiration….oh wait her husbands president nevermind

  • Denise

    It seems to me the only ‘racism’ going on is the Obama. They keep bringing it up and bringing it up, and bringing it up. All they’re doing is dividing us as a union. I’m Native American, you don’t hear my ancestors running around and yelling and screaming ‘racism, racism, racism’ every chance we get.

    • Vicki M Booth

      Although your ancestors of all people were ill treated. Apparently Native Americans have not let the government sell them the victim mentality they’ve been able to sell certain other ethnic groups. Native Americans seem, as a whole, to be more noble.

    • Equis

      No kidding, I couldn’t agree with you more…

  • Drema Hawkins Harrison

    I would tell Michelle to kiss my A$$ if she would tell my kids to monitor our family on anything!!!

  • Anonymous

    Not only this Michelle pits the blacks against the whites….she also wants to divide the family units…children against parents….and all….and…Obama’s famous Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, a book dedicated to Lucifer wins…thanks to the dRAT PARTY…We need to fight back…

  • Michael Enders

    I am not in favor of racist actions, speech or thoughts, but I am even more opposed to thought police. I remember from my childhood my father making racist comments, but I also remember that he told his employer that he would quit if the empoyer fired his African American co-worker because of his race. My father kept his promise/threat. His atctions and words said different things and his actions spoke louder than his words.

    • Steve Steele

      This disturbs me because it’s one more
      layer of putting the idea in our kids heads that we people of “another
      generation” are somehow not OK. That we don’t know how to raise
      “modern children”…that the things we do and say are suspect and
      that they (children) should question our motives and maybe even our
      sanity. It undermines the parents lessons to our children about
      morals and ethics – especially those that don’t gel with what they may
      be being exposed to at school. It’s an authority figure telling
      children that it’s ok to not take their parents seriously. I’m not racist and I would never condone
      someone speaking around my children in a racism manner. This type of message is permeating our
      schools right now about homo-sexuality, religion, abortion, creationism,
      corporal punishment, promiscuity, and on and on. The message is, “your parents are
      old-fashioned and may not know what they are talking about – so take what they
      say with a grain of salt and come to us if you want the truth on a matter”.

    • Steve Steele

      This disturbs me because it’s one more
      layer of putting the idea in our kids heads that we people of “another
      generation” are somehow not OK. That we don’t know how to raise
      “modern children”…that the things we do and say are suspect and
      that they (children) should question our motives and maybe even our
      sanity. It undermines the parents lessons to our children about
      morals and ethics – especially those that don’t gel with what they may
      be being exposed to at school. It’s an authority figure telling
      children that it’s ok to not take their parents seriously. I’m not racist and I would never condone
      someone speaking around my children in a racism manner. This type of message is permeating our
      schools right now about homo-sexuality, religion, abortion, creationism,
      corporal punishment, promiscuity, and on and on. The message is, “your parents are
      old-fashioned and may not know what they are talking about – so take what they
      say with a grain of salt and come to us if you want the truth on a matter”.

  • Anonymous

    The only thing this generation can monitor effectively is an I-phone.

  • Bridget Morgan

    My experience has shown me that people are naturally drawn like to like. There is no forced segregation. The segregation of today is chosen and not forced. I agree the inner cities have problems but if you look at how they have deteriorated let’s look at Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty. The democrats have done nothing to improve conditions for the very people they claim to care for.

  • Anonymous

    My Russian wife is saying that American news stories are reminding her more and more of the Soviet Union.

  • Jack

    white male interviews 3x, cio and department want to hire him, 3rd interview is with college president who is African American = white male does not get job (president wants more color diversity is discovered)

  • Jacob Ryan LaBarbera

    This is stupid. This isn’t thought control. It is blatantly obvious to any decent person that racism is bad. It should always be discouraged. Why is Glenn Beck complaining about it? Nothing that was said was wrong. This is not an example of the First Lady trying to force others to spread her ideals. It was a simple message to graduates that they should be accepting of all people, no matter what their race. Again, this is stupid.

    • Anonymous

      Individual liberty is not stupid. It determines the difference between your individual thoughts – your individual life – and the life the government decides you should have. When the government believes it must brainwash the People to its liking because they are considered ‘below’ the government standards (standards so low a snake could crawl over them), you just lost your liberty to think for yourself. Are some people racist? Since time began. Read up on what ‘racism’ was considered to be by the Greeks forward – nothing to do with ‘color’ at all.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t get it.

  • Sue Arnold

    So, Michelle wants children and grandchildren to monitor their families and then, do what? Just wait, one of these days she’s going to tell our kids what to do with their collected info on their grannies. She is the one who is racist!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous



    MY White House Dream-Team: Charles Krauthammer & Tom Sowell, in either order

  • landofaahs

    Please children, turn in your teacher for everything you think might be …”questionable”. Frankly I am very sensitive about race. I am incensed at racist jerks whop think they are owed something when they were never slaves and demand recompense from people who were never slaveholders. Frankly, I go by Jesus words when he says “He that will not work, neither shall he eat”. You will prosper as much as God has given you ability of intellect and as much as you are personally willing to add sweat equity to what God has given you. God does not appreciate lazy people.

  • mongosmom

    you know, I used to wonder, if the movie “Idiocracy” were real, how would we get that stupid….well now I know, this is the beginning. If you have never seen it, you should watch it for just a few minutes.

  • Equis

    This is so unbelievable can you imagine being a fly on the wall in their house….

  • don cook

    I live in Mississippi, considered by many to be the most racist state in the nation, and in 57 years I never heard the word ‘racism’ as many times as I have since Obama announced he was running for President back in 2007! For someone who was going to bring the people of this country together, he sure has done a pitiful job. Obama, Mrs Obama, and all their supporters have just created a bigger divide than existed before. Most of us are tired of being called racist just because we don’t agree with the man’s politics. I try to love everybody, and I don’t have anything against anyone because of the color of their skin. I’m also tired of African-Americans pretending like none of them are racists. Malcolm X, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton are three of the most racist individuals I’ve ever seen! There are racists of every color! If Obama and his supporters really wanted to bring the people together, they would do away with all the racism crap!

  • Jenn

    what about policing what black people are saying about white people???…the door should swing both ways but Satans wfe : aka Michelle Obummer is only thinking about herself….

  • Valerson

    Does anyone else hear George Orwell atm?

    “Under the spreading chestnut tree

    I sold you and you sold me—”

  • Anonymous

    The Obama’s have made their lives a tribute to racial propaganda milking their race to gain college degrees, undeserved promotions, undeserved awards and lying to us about transparency, war on women, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS[not a smidgen], Obamacare bankruptcy, VA hospital abuses, Mark Steyn’s book After America” lays out the Obama’s very nicely something the media has failed to do.;

  • Michael Leonard Novia

    Snitching is an integral component of Marxist “truth telling.” Through it they hope to expose the inconsistencies in Western ideologies. They think that eventually their truth will win out. But Protestant Capitalism uses deception instead of truth to motivate production and uses the schools to build the ideology. It really works. Deception has been part of the American political process for a very long time. The ethic of this country, embedded in the minds of our founders and therefore in our
    founding documents, the Protestant Ethic, will prevail through thick and thin.
    Read: God and Education in America: How the Protestant Ethic Reasserts Itself.
    Go to: http://www.educateouramerica.com. The Marxists, Communists Progressives, and
    Intellectuals can never win because they seek the “truth.” The lies
    and hidden pathways of the Ethic motivate, have always motivated, us to be the
    greatest nation in the world. Don’t believe what they show us. Pull the curtain
    aside. Read. If you can read through dense text, you’ll be stunned. If not, you’ll remain confused… and that’s the point.

  • Brad Smyly

    I don’t know. The message I got wasn’t about reporting their parents to anyone for being racist. It was more about checking them when they do say something racist in an effort to change their attitude toward other races and there’s really nothing wrong with that.

    • Anonymous

      Then perhaps you did not get the entire message.
      Once parents are marginalized by children, the government replaces parental authority and can therefore control their actions. Common Core is one way they are trying it…curricula so strange that parents are helpless to assist their children.
      Specifically in this instance, these tactics proliferate the myth that bigotry is still rampant in the USA and that is pathetically false. Nevertheless, ‘progressives’ keep putting it out there as a ‘serious problem that they will solve’ …but it is nonsense.
      Our children are still learning but do not need this kind of insidious indoctrination. Spreading a false narrative confuses children and can and will eventually turn them against their parents…that is a classic first step involving how ‘progressives’, Socialists and Communists take over…which is why it is indefensibly wrong.

  • thedogwalker

    How long before we can kick these freeloaders out? Enough already!

  • Steven Dorsey

    I say we keep Michelle Obama out of the Family. She has no business sticking her annoying, repulsive, grubby little paws in other people’s personal lives where she isn’t wanted. >:(

  • Steven Dorsey

    You young kids and whatnot want a hashtag I would use, here’s the only hashtag I would stand by:

  • Anonymous

    was the racial majority of this school? And not one parent or student
    interviewed? While it’s important to expose the fascist FLOTUS… I
    can’t stand journalists who never complete the story. Not one parent or
    student found this offensive? Maybe… THAT should be the story. And Pat… what’s wrong with this generation? In a word…. Their PARENTS, Pat…their PARENTS.

  • davidmpark

    Recruitment poster:

    “Become a Government Informant! Betray Your Family and Friends! Fabulous Prizes for First 10 Captures! SIGN UP TODAY!!!! :)”

    Seriously, this is stupid: AG Holder calls for students accept racism in their lives and Mitchell Obama tells students to hunt them down.

  • Lisa4colorado

    This speech from the woman who wanted only minorities in her college meetings: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2012/10/30/a-detailed-look-at-obamas-radical-college-past-and-were-not-talking-about-barack/

    She was a board member of a group responsible for this: “Princeton itself, however, was concerned about the self-segregation by black students and proposed reforms to counter it, including no longer permitting black students to all room together in one dorm and integrating black freshmen into the general student body. The TWC strenuously opposed all of these reforms, arguing that integration of non-white students would harm the “support system” available to them, especially blacks.”

  • Wise words …

    All the arguments for decisively defeating your liberal teachers and professors: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • chaly

    Just another racist loser! Minorities are their own worst enemy.

  • Anonymous

    This hateful bigot doesn’t seems to realize that birds of a feather don’t have to be the same color, race, sex or religion. People want to congregate with like-minded folks. Values are where the lines are drawn. Sorry, I don’t want to live next to low lives who think parking on the front lawn is acceptable. I don’t want to live around people who think vandalism is an artistic activity. And I sure don’t want to be around ideologues who think eaves dropping is acceptable or that “dragging” people to any belief is OK.

    Nothing could make me like or respect the first spouse. She doesn’t even get that a fat spokesperson is not a good representative for healthy eating.

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Obama pushing her agenda on our kids.

  • finishstrongdoc

    So, if a black man is exhibiting behavior that would lead someone to think he might just go off on white people, what are the responsibilities of those people in his life to prevent a potential tragedy? Say nothing? Do nothing? Who do you blame if the man goes off and kills a bunch of white people?

    It seems to me that if Michelle Obama wants kids to report “racial insensitivity” of their parents to police, she should also be sensitive to the potential involved with black men who may just go off on whites and kill a bunch of us.

    Imagine what would happen to a black kid who reported to the school that his dad is thinking about “Burning this b—h down,” and he’s worried that he might lose his dad. What do you think would happen to that kid?

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