Bevin: This is an opportunity to awaken the sleeping giant

The day is finally here. Kentuckians are heading to the ballot boxes to cast their votes in the Republican primary that has Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) facing off against Matt Bevin. On radio this morning, Bevin joined the program to discuss why he remains optimistic despite the poll numbers and why he thinks the establishment GOP is about to awake a sleeping giant.

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While Bevin is currently double-digit points behind McConnell in the polls, he fairs quite well against the presumed Democratic candidate Allison Lundergan Grimes. McConnell does not match up well against Grimes, and Bevin explained the media is quite excited about a potential Grimes/McConnell showdown.

“They want desperately for this to between Grimes and McConnell because they will sell a ton more media buys. The amount of money that will be spent would be obscene if that were the case and their odds of getting who they want, which is someone who is a liberal, would be much higher,” Bevin explained. “Alison Grimes has the opportunity to beat Mitch McConnell. She doesn’t have much chance to beat me in a general election. The polling shows that. The enthusiasm shows that. The word on the street shows that, And so they desperately want me to just disappear into the woodwork and allow them to have what they want. We’ll see.”

While the polls are not in Bevin’s favor, Ben Sasse’s recent victory in Nebraska and McConnell’s own showing in his first-ever run for Senate gives Glenn great hope. Glenn asked Bevin what he thinks will happen to the GOP should he win the primary.

“This is more than what happens to the GOP. What encourages me is what will happen to we the people. We the people will get off of our apathetic keisters. We will step up and realize this is still our government. More of us will come out of the fabric, out of the woodwork. We will come forward and be of, by, and for ourselves with respect to our representation,” Bevin said. “There will be enthusiasm that will cascade into each of the races that are coming in the days and weeks that follow, starting in Mississippi and others beyond that. This is an opportunity to awaken the sleeping giant, and that sleeping giant, Glenn, is us. It is we the people.”

“I have to tell you, I think you’re exactly right. Matt, I wish you the best of luck. We will be saying our prayers for you,” Glenn concluded. “This is a really, really important day. If you’re in Kentucky, please get out and vote.”

Learn more about Bevin’s campaign HERE.

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  • Anonymous

    Bevin is just not an impressive candidate. Going after McConnell at this important juncture in our history not one of Glenn’s brighter ideas.

    • Anonymous

      I agree as much as I hate McConnell and the whole we will never get rid of obamacare hot mic crap we don’t stand a chance with someone falling so behind in the polls we need to fight the fights we can win then replace these RINO’s after we have control of the government again.

      • Pat Vick

        The apathy of the two above posting is the problem with this country. What the heck are you two waiting for? Do you really think it makes sense to wait until “after we have control of the government again?!?” With this attitude, that may never happen! Go out and vote for Bevins! And encourage others to do the same!

        • Anonymous

          Some people don’t want to vote for someone they think might lose?

          • FRAN MacDougal

            You are a loser. Just vote for the same man who has been in for 30 years.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t want to vote for Mitch or many others in our Congress but right now these are the choices. One person does not have the numbers to beat Mitch so what we
          dived the vote and the dem gets in? It’s a lose lose situation but better the devil you know then the devil you don’t. I hate hate hate Mitch you got a better idea because the left is doing everything trying very hard to have us dived on our vote so that they skip merrily on their way into the
          Capital Building to finishing off America. I am raising money for every Tea Party or presenting as a real Conservative Candidate in my State.

          I am out there daily pushing for these people
          I am also a realist I see the writing on the wall, it won’t stop me from trying but I will NOT give these LIBERALS what they want. I want a REAL Republic and not these same old RINO’S ruining everything so they can become bigger millionaires to remain in office an ushering in a Marxist style government.

          We need Term limits tell me how are we going to get those we vote in to really except that they run one
          and done? They all claim to be that person. Mark Rubio for instants and Col West both are pushing to give illegal immigrants amnesty. What do you recommend
          we do about getting these men and women out of office without giving seats up to the liberals? You want to tell people off but have no plan to fix the problems either.

  • fire lion

    It’s interesting that the only reason Matt Bevin even got this close is because he’s rich.

    How can anyone compete if they are not rich anymore? The best candidates cannot be only rich. In the end it doesnt matter who is in office conservative or liberal. They are all rich and serve the elite power.

  • Crassus

    This just in:


  • Dan Heizinger

    So what now Glenn? Still opposed to those who want to challenge the Federal Government? The Establishment is entrenched, and will never leave. I hope Glitch McConnell loses against Grimes. Had enough of traitors.

    • Anonymous

      Yes lets have McConnell lose against Grime you seriously can’t want that? Grimes a person whose only interest is pushing Obama’s agenda forward in the state of ky. A women who supports Obamacare a women who supports abortion a women whom if elected would give Harry Reid another vote and even more power. If anyone sounds like a traitor it is you.

  • Anonymous
  • Populist democrat

    The “sleeping giant” is a noisy pipsqueak. Why are voters rejecting candidates like Bevin? Aside from Bevin’s dishonesty over the cock-fighting event, the tea party is outside of the Overton Window, too extreme.

    Glenn Beck will never tell you this; I just did.

    • Dan Heizinger

      So, you’d call the Founding Fathers ‘extreme’, ‘cos they would favor even lower taxes than the Tea Party does.

      • Humorless

        Given the Tea Party never does anything but scream about cutting taxes….and never where they want them set….their level of desired taxation is apparently…zero.

      • Populist democrat

        Where did they write that?

        Many of the Founders were racist slave-owners. Yes, that’s too extreme for today’s moral standards.

  • Humorless

    As you try to tell yourself “Well, we still got Ben Sasse”…keep in mine, one thing-

    The FIRST thing Ben Sasse did after winning his Primary? Was to call up Mitch McConnell and swear loyalty to him.

  • Populist democrat
  • Anonymous

    I live in KY and Bevin did not awaken a sleeping giant. I will admit I voted for McConnell. He might have his issues but he has done more for the state of KY than Bevin ever did and Grimes ever has. . For crying out loud Bevin lied on his resume about going to MIT. And to those of you who say McConnell should lose to Grimes I am not going to mince words you are idiots and should have your heads examined.

    Yes lets elect Grimes a woman who has not done a solitary thing for the state of KY who is hand picked by the Democratic elite. A women who is for abortion, obamacare, a woman whose only interest is pushing the Obama agenda forward nationally and in the state of KY, an agenda that has failed on every conceivable level.

    So yes by all means if you want to see the state of KY fall into ruin and give Harry Reid more power then by all means vote for Grimes.

    • Humorless

      ” For crying out loud Bevin lied on his resume about going to MIT”

      Are you saying GLENN BECK supported a guy who was a known liar???

      • Populist democrat

        Why not? Glenn Beck is a known liar!

  • John Kenner

    Since we, like our ancestors a century ago, are unable to predict civilization a century from now, it is foolish to think that civilization’s advance simply depends upon applying today’s knowledge and ideas.

  • Humorless

    Within two weeks, Glenn will start telling his audience that Alison Grimes is a “Stalinist who wants to impose Sharia law so that gay marriages can take place in public schools using Common Core, officiated by abortion doctors who confiscated your guns”… help re-elect Mitch McConnell.

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