The day is finally here. Kentuckians are heading to the ballot boxes to cast their votes in the Republican primary that has Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) facing off against Matt Bevin. On radio this morning, Bevin joined the program to discuss why he remains optimistic despite the poll numbers and why he thinks the establishment GOP is about to awake a sleeping giant.

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While Bevin is currently double-digit points behind McConnell in the polls, he fairs quite well against the presumed Democratic candidate Allison Lundergan Grimes. McConnell does not match up well against Grimes, and Bevin explained the media is quite excited about a potential Grimes/McConnell showdown.

“They want desperately for this to between Grimes and McConnell because they will sell a ton more media buys. The amount of money that will be spent would be obscene if that were the case and their odds of getting who they want, which is someone who is a liberal, would be much higher,” Bevin explained. “Alison Grimes has the opportunity to beat Mitch McConnell. She doesn’t have much chance to beat me in a general election. The polling shows that. The enthusiasm shows that. The word on the street shows that, And so they desperately want me to just disappear into the woodwork and allow them to have what they want. We’ll see.”

While the polls are not in Bevin’s favor, Ben Sasse’s recent victory in Nebraska and McConnell’s own showing in his first-ever run for Senate gives Glenn great hope. Glenn asked Bevin what he thinks will happen to the GOP should he win the primary.

“This is more than what happens to the GOP. What encourages me is what will happen to we the people. We the people will get off of our apathetic keisters. We will step up and realize this is still our government. More of us will come out of the fabric, out of the woodwork. We will come forward and be of, by, and for ourselves with respect to our representation,” Bevin said. “There will be enthusiasm that will cascade into each of the races that are coming in the days and weeks that follow, starting in Mississippi and others beyond that. This is an opportunity to awaken the sleeping giant, and that sleeping giant, Glenn, is us. It is we the people.”

“I have to tell you, I think you’re exactly right. Matt, I wish you the best of luck. We will be saying our prayers for you,” Glenn concluded. “This is a really, really important day. If you’re in Kentucky, please get out and vote.”

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