‘A moment of courage’: Glenn praises ESPN commentator’s bold condemnation of political correctness

Earlier this month, ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith made headlines for defending Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones, who tweeted “OMG” and “Horrible.” in response to ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam making out with his boyfriend after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Needless to say, Smith caught a lot of flak for the position, and he is once again under fire – this time for his defense of Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban’s comments about prejudice and race.

In an interview with Inc. magazine last week, Cuban discussed the decision to boot embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the NBA because of his racists remarks. Cuban admitted to feeling a bit hypocritical for he himself would “cross the street” if he saw a black kid in a hoodie at night. He also said that he would have the same reservations about a bald guy with tattoos all over his body.

In a bold condemnation of the political correct police on ESPN on Friday, Smith called Cuban’s reasoning “100 percent correct.” He went on to address the “elephant in the room,” which he said many white people won’t talk about out of fear of being labeled “racist.” Some in the black community have labeled the commentator an “Uncle Tom” and a “sellout,” but on radio this morning, Glenn praised Smith’s courage.

“I think this guy has an awful lot of courage and the courage is contagious,” Glenn said. “And as we begin to hear stuff like this more and more more and more, people are going to stand up.”

Watch Smith’s commentary below:

If you watch the video closely, you may notice Smith pauses and takes a deep breath just moments before launching into the monologue, and Glenn believes that moment of pause speaks volumes.

“In his opening paragraph, he takes a breath and swallows. As a guy who, you know, does audio and video for a living, I look for things that most people don’t notice,” Glenn said. “This is not an easy monologue for him to deliver. This is a monologue that has him worried. The only reason why I’m pointing this out is because I want you to look at this man and notice the courage that it takes.”

Glenn believes that in a country of some 300 million people, there are probably only about 100,000 that are actually making a big deal out of the all so-called offensive comments being made lately. Regardless, that small but vocal minority is causing headaches for a lot of people that feel the need to apologize after coming under fire. That is why Glenn believes this monologue is so important.

“That’s why this particular rant from him is so important and is such a relief to so many people. I will bet you that it is 95 percent – 90 to 95 percent of this population – that does not believe any of this politically correct crap,” Glenn concluded. “They know the difference between free speech, and they know that we’re headed on a really dangerous place. And they are sick of it. They are just sick of it. But nobody in power is saying something.”

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  • Brian Hall

    Can we exchange Stephen A. Smith for Obama, sorry he just seams to have a better grip on reality.

    • Ronda Smith

      Your an idiot if you think Obama has a grip on reality!!! He is running this country into the ground!!!

      • Anonymous

        Ronda, that is what Brian is saying! Stephen A Smith has a better grip on reality and Obama doesn’t have one.

        • Ronda Smith

          Sorry Brian. The first time I read it that is what I thought he meant. Read it again and thought I was reading it to be he wanted Obama. Once again I apologize…long day

          • lol

            look how angry u got and you can’t even read! LMAO

          • Ronda Smith

            Gee be a little judgmental!! At least I owned up to my mistake which is a lot more than most people do. Yes I can read lol!!! My mom is dying and we had to call hospice in so EXCUSE ME if I am worn out and tired and upset and misread something. I am sure you are perfect lol!!!!!!

          • # SoulLeister

            Well said, if that is what you meant, wink… welcome to the club (your secret handshake is in the mail), you is one of us right? Just kidding, lmao.

          • http://thatstoneguy.com Stonemason

            God Bless you and yours Ronda— heartfelt sentiments.

          • Ronda Smith

            Thank you and God bless you too

          • stewartdclark

            Ronda, you actually read it correctly the first time. I understand what Brian Hall meant, but he wrote it backwards. He should have written it like this: “Can we exchange Obama for Stephen A. Smith, sorry he just seams to have a better grip on reality.” When you exchange something, you exchange article A for article B. The way Brian originally wrote it, he asked to exchange Stephen A. Smith *for* Obama (even though he meant the opposite).

          • Ronda Smith

            Thank you Stewart. I thought he had it backwards.

          • Anonymous

            You have my sympathy Ronda and I understand the worry and anxiety you have about your mother. It seem that sometimes, when it rains it pours. I’m sure that GOD is looking out for her and will do what is best for her. It seems that the family is the ones that suffer the most because we are the ones left behind. At least that was how I felt when I lost my mother and father. I then realized that my mother and father were no longer suffering and were in a better place and also together again. I know that I have big family reunion to go to when my turn comes and it helps me get through this life easier thinking that
            I hope that I didn’t upset you with my story. GOD bless you and your mother.

      • Mike

        Read, it again Rhonda. He was referring to Smith.

    • Marlene Kelley

      Well said.

    • Jay

      You are all idiots. Such tools.

      • Anonymous


      • Mike Nelson

        Could you elaborate on this thought? I just don’t understand… I think it’s my idiocy…

        • Jay

          No. You’re grown ass people. If you can believe Obama has no (or at least less than SAS) grips on reality, then you are never gonna “get it.” Howeve, i do admit i was being a troll, and to that i apologize.

      • Jon Galt

        Tools are useful. Idiots are not, unless you need useful idiots to push through a totalitarian regime, as has happened in so many countries throughout history.

        There are many useful idiots in this country. We call them Democrats, liberals, progressives, and socialists.

        Thankfully, the useful idiots are usually discarded after their usefulness is used up.


    • Shane

      Smith is attacked for making the sensible comment that some black fail because of their own faults and bad choices. To the left, this is heresey, as they blame pervasive white racism for the problems of all black and Hispanic Americans.

      • Anonymous

        Did you not hear Michelle Obama on national TV say that all the black peoples problems are “Whities” fault? I knew then that she was as racist as they come, just like he is, but they don’t admit it to much, but is slips out once in a while. Blacks are their own worst enemies.

      • Jon Galt

        Well, duh, of course the white MAN is to blame for everything! Look at how well the blacks in Africa are doing compared to the blacks here…

        Oh wait… nevermind..

      • Reality Blows

        Brian Hall: Real person..
        Shane: COINTELPRO

        You guys are gullible idiots.

        “Smith is attacked for making the sensible comment that some black fail because of their own faults and bad choices. To the left, this is
        heresey, as they blame pervasive white racism for the problems of all
        black and Hispanic Americans.”

        Obviously and purposefully dumbed down to seem believable. Pointlessly conflicting. It’s just devil’s advocate solely for the purpose of dividing everyone. There’s no real point that would help people move forward to a better future. Just pointless banter that could run itself into a circle.

        The keywords are “black” “left” “heresy” “pervasive white racism” “Hispanic Americans”

        “Shane” literally took something completely 100% untrue. Used armchair logic to rile up people who only see in black and white (which is the point of keeping people so divided and apathetic)

        People up-voting this comment are falling prey.

        There are MASSIVE efforts on the part of the internet’s corporate owners to try to direct it to become a technique of MARGINALIZATION and CONTROL.
        -Noam Chomsky

    • Anonymous


      This guy is fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    You don’t “catch slack,” genius, you catch FLACK. If he caught SLACK, it would mean people cut him a break on what he said. Oy.

    • Anonymous

      What’s your opinion of the topic at hand? Or are you just here to edit everybody’s grammar?

  • Ryan B.

    I used to listen to Stephen A and see a phony. I am so damn happy someone stands by their words. Stephen A has a new found respect in my heart.

  • Common Man 61

    Sometimes folks realize what really is going on and apply common sense to daily situations…Mr. Stephen seems to see things a little clearer.

  • Lynda

    Awesome,great job on addressing the Elephant in the room. No one could of done it better. We all admire what you said Stephen,all us here in Prescott,Az. Keep up the good and honest work,of speaking well & honestly;-)

  • Flash Kellam

    What is now called “political incorrectness” used to be called “common sense”.

    • Marlene Kelley

      What is now called “political correctness” used to be called speech censorship.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Stephan A. Smith making a ton of sense in 7mins. or less.Thank you Thank You Thank You.

  • Boo2

    I can honestly say I don’t know who Stephen Smith is. My son would. He’s an avid espn watcher.
    But I have to say that Mr Stephen Smith has the respect and backing of a whole lot of people for taking the stand he did.
    Of course, there are a lot of Morons out there who will call him names and try to tear him a new one. He could even be fired…or slowly fade out of the spotlight on espn.
    Never fear Stephen. There will be bigger and better things in your future!

    • Anonymous

      Stephen Smith is a Liberal black man who happens to be a FANTASTIC orator. He debates on a lot of topics related to the social aspects of professional sports and oftentimes, a little Conservativeness will come out of his mouth whether he’ll admit to it or not.

      • Anonymous

        Most intelligent people realize that the truth is somewhere in the middle. When we are actually allowed to discuss things with that in mind, we may actually make progress.

  • Wulf

    Smith has made plenty of racist comments, but doesn’t get called on it by the media. He did make some good points about Cuban, but he still missed the main point.
    If a white commentator made these remarks that Smith made about blacks being uncomfortable in certain states, yet said it about “whites being uncomfortable in Detroit”, for instance, there would be a media firestorm.

    When people like Smith are popular pro sport “analysts”, it’s just another example how much the quality of sports have decreased. It’s all about gossip, “sources”, and PC garbage.

  • Dumeman

    That was a profound oration by a very bright man with tremendous courage in the wilderness of PC Speech Police.

    Good for you Mr. Smith. I know that was not easy to do but you did a very important thing.

  • Gale

    Finally a sane person. This is a country of free speech even if you disagree with the person’s stance. When did we become so intolerant and so short sided about our first amendment rights. If you don’t agree you have the right to say so but you don’t have the right to take away a person’s right to their own expressed opinion.

    Good for this man for going against political correctness. It was the right thing to do and I applaud him!!!

    • Anonymous

      This man has the respect of a lot of Americans for saying the right thing about what is happening in this country these days. I haven’t heard anybody explain what he stated any better in a LONG time. He made me feel that there is a very good chance that this country is waking up to reality and facing the fact that we need to get rid of political correct garbage. Mr. Smith has my thanks and appreciation for being an MAN!

  • LogicDefined

    I’ve been saying since about 1990 that PC is nothing but a ploy for people to voluntarily give up their 1st amendment. You all know how it’s done…in little baby steps. I read a news item just yesterday where Ted Cruz said the Senate is planning to repeal the 1st amendment. Ready to boot these clowns out , yet?

    • Anonymous

      A long time ago, I learned a lesson from a history teacher about free speech. In this class, it was common for people to come to heated debates. We took the opportunity to learn from each other. One day a couple of guys nearly came to blows just talking about politics.
      He taught us, if you really believe in free speech, one particular thought should always run through your mind: My enemy’s right to free speech is more important than my own.
      If you live by that sentiment, you will never infringe upon anyone else’s rights prior to having your own trampled upon.

      • Shirley Crowfoot

        Bert, you didn’t have to tell us that this was a LONG time ago. We could figure that out from the history teacher’s attitude. There’s a guy that deserved merit pay.
        Political correctness is a mandate of Marx who I think is credited with the first use of the term, maybe it was Lenin. Anyway who ever was promoting PC made it very clear by stating,”Control the language and you control the speech”. No freedom thereof!

        • Anonymous

          I exaggerate because it was 1998, my sophomore year of high school. That isn’t really a LONG time ago, but perhaps you’d agree that it sure SEEMS like it…

    • Marlene Kelley

      They’ve already been doing it in the liberal media; now, according to what you wrote, they just want to remove the mask.
      I have always called PC “speech censorship,” cause that’s what it really is.

  • Jim

    My comment was poorly written. There is no delete option.

    • http://thatstoneguy.com Stonemason

      I’m confused, Jim. What is your point with this remark? Keep in mind it’s not a judgmental tone.

      • Jim

        I re-read my comment. It made no sense. I don’t know what I was thinking. Probably over tired and mixed a couple different articles into one comment. I’ve deleted it.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt he’ll keep his job long. ESPN likes liberal people, especially liberal blacks, who cry racism at every turn. Just check out Mike Wilbon on Pardon the Interruption or ALL of the black sportswriters on Around the Horn.

    • Anonymous

      In my free time I like to read biographies of old baseball players and these books are laced with excerpts of newspaper and magazine articles where the sports pundits talked about SPORTS! Imagine that. I am highly interested in both politics and sports, but I can’t stand it when ESPN reports about politics/social issues.

  • Joseph

    Any time a successful black person says anything that doesn’t parrot the “sharpton/jackson” party line, he’s labeled an uncle tom. It’s the knee jerk reaction at character assassination that’s meant to discredit them and allow their opinions to be ignored.

  • racindavid

    Spot on. spot. on. Maybe this guy should run for President …

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Free speech is better than no speech and please liberals stop acting like you are doing my people a favor by going after the Redskins we know why you really do it so you feel good about the racism that comes out of your own mouths. For the only place where racism breeds 90% of the time is inside the liberal mind.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, America still has men of courage and integrity…you cannot ask for more but we do because we must…..
    You can and will be respected for your earned character and hard work…give it a try…

  • Bob

    This guy’s out there and we end up with the likes of Obama? Messed up world, people.

  • Anonymous

    The man is a man of character and common sense. A very smart fellow here.

    Sorry hoodies is the criminal uniform of criminals white and black. So a black guy in a hoodie on a dark street would make me more alert. Just as a I would a white guy. Same with a bald guy covered in tattos white or black. Certain behaviors, situations and appearances do that ……. triggered by self preservation. Not racism.

  • Isabel Benitez

    99.9% of the time stephen A smith is absolutely not worth listening too. There are very few people in human history who have such an opposite take on nearly everything as he comes out with. I applaud him for saying something like this. Awesome stuff.

  • # SoulLeister

    How is it Uncle Tom is not a slur??? Where do militant black DNC agenda driven loud mouths get off calling one of their own an Uncle Tom? They don’t call whites Uncle Toms. Maybe its because they are so conflicted, being allowed (by their masters) to call one another Ni…… without having to suffer the indignation they feign when non-blacks use such (black) gutter language. Clearly, they don’t want to be equals evidenced by the culture they cultivate.

  • mimilundgren

    Now why can’t our president have this much common sense? This man (Stephen A. Smith) is amazing, honest and I am impressed.

    • Anonymous

      Because Obama didn’t bring himself up by the bootstraps and work for what he has the way Stephen A. Smith did. Because Obama didn’t grow up in the ‘hood, fighting for survival in the jungle that puts black men in prison or on crack. Because Obama is NOT Stephen A. Smith. Instead he is a cosseted hothouse flower with thin petals (thin skin). Obama’s more like Elliott Rodger. It’s all about himself. Common sense? He doesn’t have a lick of it.

      • mimilundgren

        Amen, RadioPatriot. We have such a narcissistic girly-guy running this nation….I am delighted when we get common sense from the black patriots in our nation…finally, waking up to reality.

  • Waylon Campbell

    Why is always to few vocal minorities always drown out the majority? Nearly every blog I go to the atheist are always making fun of people that believe in God. They label everyone that has faith in a higher power as religious zealots. Please!!!

  • John Beam

    Here’s an “elephant in the room;” I wonder what Stephen A. Smith thinks about Barack Obama…?

    • Anonymous

      Who knows and who cares? All I know is that this man with a microphone said what needed to be said on a national forum. I am one of those “people of color” (not white, but not black, either) who have been saying this kind of thing FOR YEARS. I respect his courage for saying what he said. Bill Cosby has said similar things and you see how he was treated by the libs! Cheers.

      • John Beam

        Well, it matters to me, because what are you going to say when he is defending somebody, essentially because of his race, like what so many people do with regard to Mr. Obama? You are going to scream “hypocrisy.” Consistency matters.

        • Anonymous

          Quite frankly, I think he is like 95% of the blacks I know (or know of). He probably still supports the clown. Same can be said of Bill Cosby. I just want more of us people of color to criticize the liberal orthodoxy of political correctness.

  • Jack Reed

    Outstanding. Great job Steven. I know you don’t need me telling you that but I felt compelled to say great job, well put, and couldn’t agree with you more.

  • gizzy13


  • Anonymous

    Political Correctness is used by Morons!!

  • Anonymous

    DO we have the courage to face what we’re doing to our children? Everytime we exceed the limits God ordained in the constitution others pay dearly and we eventually reap what we’ve Sown!

  • Anonymous

    It isn’t JUST that Smith has a better grip on reality. Obama and his CONNEDstituents have been losing their grip on reality for DECADES! The public school system and the lamestream media has dumbed them down. The government at all levels has made them physically AND mentally lazy through more and more entitlements. Why should they go fishing when the national teat just hands them the fish? What Smith is talking about has been going on for decades and FINALLY there are more in the black community waking up to the fact that Democrats are simply introducing a NEW form of SLAVERY. Pure an simple!

  • Joey Walker

    This applies to every one

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Dime a dozen, just take a look what and who are running our country down to dust,…and the electorate keeps voting for the same manure over and over and over.
    Information, research , investigation about politicians and issues seems to be a forbidden task.

  • Anonymous

    People have told me I am a racist because I see Ovomit for what he is. I DO NOT care what color he is, but the content of his character is so lacking it is truly pathetic. I have long said political correctness is BS and a cover for people who do not have guts enough to tell truth, the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • http://www.ArtWanted.com/ZbOROVAN ZbOROVAN
  • Anonymous

    Bill O’Reilly tried to open the dialogue on ‘race’ after the Treyvon Martin shooting, but no one was willing to get involved from the black community.
    I think Steven Smith did a great job in explaining the situation.

    As a white, I would also cross the street to avoid ANYONE, white, black, pink, or yellow, that had a shaved head, tattoos, and most likely, body piercings.

    As he explained, that puts ME out of my comfort zone. That’s not to say that I a feel prejudice or racist against those individuals, it just puts me out of my comfort zone.
    To some, there is MORE to be gained by continuously playing the race card, whether deserved or not.
    Just wait until the Benghazi hearing start, and we ALL will hear the terms: racists, sexist, and whatever else the left can dredge up to muddle the issue of the hearing.
    To some, that is SO much easier than dealing with FACTS.

    • LogicDefined

      Denying your gut instincts” can also get you killed. But PC idiots don’t care how many good people get killed as long as they can control your every action and word.

  • Anonymous

    Stephen has way more potential than sports broadcasting, talk about inspirational speaking that was great !

  • Anonymous

    I think its a great commentary from stephen. The problem that i have with Glen sometimes is that he thinks this commentary absolves all bad stuff that has happened before in history as it relates to racism. As if there is no such thing as racism in 2014 and if there is Pres. Obama brought it up. Stephen is right. Its not always racism but sometimes it is. Lets have an honest dialogue with all to figure it out and find a solution together

  • Barnara Apon

    Awesome…main stream media…has to know that the people that work there live in the real world…and the more people of all races are allowed the honor to work and build on their dreams the less division we will have in in our country and the world…and that frightens people of power…like Obama…and his communist friends…. like Opera just to name one….

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntLsElbW9Xo FreedomTrickle

    this guy is obviously pushing for violence and is a domestic terrorist

  • Anonymous

    I bet Sharpton and Jackson are doing a slow steam and plotting how to get this guy back onto the plantation.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing wrong with prejudice. The word means pre-judgement. I have a pre-judgement that if i I drop a heavy object on my toe it will hurt. I remember the Sixties when young people would dress in wild clothing giving the reason “I want to be judged for who I am, not how I dress”. Being a bit older my view was that if i wanted to be remembered for who I am I should dress in such a way that if someone asked the next day “what was Jon Murphy wearing?” they wouldn’t remember. “I don’t know what he was wearing, but he said this.”.

    There is a value to conformity in appearance, it is not the “conforming” so denigrated by the “outre”. If I were a professional mugger I’d buy a nice suit so as to not warn my victims – but most prefer to look mean.

    In my 78 years I’ve often been asked “what are you?”. I’m not sure if they want me to say I’m a lawyer or a truck driver. My answer is that I’m a Jon Murphy, and I’m the only Jon Murphy that is me – despite the fact that others may have the same name.

    I do not pre-judge people by color or status, but I do pre-judge by initial impression (which may involve the speech or other such things). I can change my mind, and have done so often when spending more time with the person.

    Raciism is an assumption based on color, or other ethnic background. Jews aren’t a race, nor are Muslims (although in their origin they are the same Semitic sub-race by language of 3000 years ago).

    I have had the door to the local deli opened for my by blacks and whites with tattoos and droopy “trou”. Nice lads dressing to the style. But I would not be wrong to worry about the same lads were I to meet them late at night in a deserted area – not the same individuals, the same appearance.

    Pre-judgement, prejudice, is a good thing when used as a warning – it becomes bad when it becomes a fixation. If you drop a white ball on my toe that is made of lead it will hurt, if you drop a ping-pong ball on my toe it won’t. Both look the same to me, I have to make a decision to move my foot depending on my pre-judgement.

    • LogicDefined

      I agree, Jon. Most of my pre-judgments proved me wrong because if I liked someone immediately, I was later proved wrong. However, those I didn’t like turned out to be best friends! This happened so many times that I almost “judged” using THAT to decide! It must be pretty prevalent as my daughter seemed to have picked up the same habit.

  • Tom Stirling

    I have to admit when I first starting watching Smith I thought he was just a clown-like entertainer… but some of his comments and opinions do have weight. His bombastic style does not help when he wants to make some serious points. However, occasionally, if you listen carefully, he makes some profound statements. Keep on TAWKIN Steven A

  • Anonymous

    Great speech.

  • Anonymous

    Stephen Smith tells it like it is. What he says is so true. I’m glad he had the courage to take a stand on this PC nonsense.

  • Tagg Heurer

    Not only is competition the most efficient resource allocation method known, it provides a guide for our efforts that is free from the meddling of authorities.

  • Original Critic

    stephen a smith…knows who butters his bread..and on what side it is buttered…ask him he will tel you….he also has his nose so far up you know what…but you cant tell since it matches his complexion

  • Anonymous

    Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto!

  • AlexisJaime


  • James

    Skip it,Alexis-he’s just another hired gun the Democrats sent to start some s**t.

  • John Beam

    “Dōmo arigatō” is Japanese for “thanks a lot.” “Dōmo arigatō, Mr. Roboto!” is a line from a 1982 Styx song “Mr. Roboto.”


  • AlexisJaime

    Thanks for explaining. I am only 18 so I have no idea what song you are talking about, but that’s okay.

  • John Beam

    Well, now you know how to say “thank you” in Japanese. Another way of saying it (in a very formal way) is arigatō gozaimasu. If you just say “arigatō” to someone, it’s very informal, like saying “thanks” to a friend.

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