Earlier this month, ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith made headlines for defending Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones, who tweeted “OMG” and “Horrible.” in response to ESPN’s coverage of Michael Sam making out with his boyfriend after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. Needless to say, Smith caught a lot of flak for the position, and he is once again under fire – this time for his defense of Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban’s comments about prejudice and race.

In an interview with Inc. magazine last week, Cuban discussed the decision to boot embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling from the NBA because of his racists remarks. Cuban admitted to feeling a bit hypocritical for he himself would “cross the street” if he saw a black kid in a hoodie at night. He also said that he would have the same reservations about a bald guy with tattoos all over his body.

In a bold condemnation of the political correct police on ESPN on Friday, Smith called Cuban’s reasoning “100 percent correct.” He went on to address the “elephant in the room,” which he said many white people won’t talk about out of fear of being labeled “racist.” Some in the black community have labeled the commentator an “Uncle Tom” and a “sellout,” but on radio this morning, Glenn praised Smith’s courage.

“I think this guy has an awful lot of courage and the courage is contagious,” Glenn said. “And as we begin to hear stuff like this more and more more and more, people are going to stand up.”

Watch Smith’s commentary below:

If you watch the video closely, you may notice Smith pauses and takes a deep breath just moments before launching into the monologue, and Glenn believes that moment of pause speaks volumes.

“In his opening paragraph, he takes a breath and swallows. As a guy who, you know, does audio and video for a living, I look for things that most people don’t notice,” Glenn said. “This is not an easy monologue for him to deliver. This is a monologue that has him worried. The only reason why I’m pointing this out is because I want you to look at this man and notice the courage that it takes.”

Glenn believes that in a country of some 300 million people, there are probably only about 100,000 that are actually making a big deal out of the all so-called offensive comments being made lately. Regardless, that small but vocal minority is causing headaches for a lot of people that feel the need to apologize after coming under fire. That is why Glenn believes this monologue is so important.

“That’s why this particular rant from him is so important and is such a relief to so many people. I will bet you that it is 95 percent – 90 to 95 percent of this population – that does not believe any of this politically correct crap,” Glenn concluded. “They know the difference between free speech, and they know that we’re headed on a really dangerous place. And they are sick of it. They are just sick of it. But nobody in power is saying something.”