In the wake of the tragic shooting in Santa Barbara, Glenn spent time in the morning’s Daily Briefing discussing about society’s shift to darkness and materialism rather than embracing the fundamentals of where people find happiness in a simple and authentic way. When he heard the news, he talked to Tania about possibly selling his house and everything that isn’t essential to their daily life, and just having a more normal existence focused on family and community.

Tiffany also brought up the story of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau getting rid of employee reviews and giving everyone raises to avoid accusations of discrimination. Glenn, Joel, and Tiffany all pointed out how this is just an example of the system being regulated to the point of collapse.

Meanwhile, people like Stephen A. Smith are speaking out against political correctness, with a message for people to work hard and do whatever it takes to build a better life.

The Santa Barbara shooter, who lived a life rooted in materialism, couldn’t find happiness and committed a horrifically evil act. Glenn believes it’s time to listen to people like Stephen A. Smith and get back to a place where people find fulfillment in building and creating, not just consuming.

“Find out what makes you you,” Glenn said. “If you bring your kids close to you. If you start practicing the time tested, eternal truth, you’re going to be fine. It’s going to reset.”

Over the weekend, Glenn and his team made some real progress on the Mercury Studios renovation in Dallas, TX. Glenn hopes it will be a home for people to experiment and create – not just for the company but for themselves. He wants TheBlaze and Mercury to be the example for the audience, so they can be the example to others.

“It’s not just for us and TheBlaze. It’s for people who want to do more. Be more,” Glenn said. “Everyone here should be a mini-entrepreneur.”