Must Watch: Tearful Montel Williams has a plan to “pay our debt” to forgotten veterans

Earlier this week, 22-year veteran and television personality Montel Williams made headlines for an emotional speech he gave about the ongoing VA scandal during a Memorial Day picnic in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. On Wednesday’s radio program, Glenn praised Williams’ willingness to speak so frankly about the issue and said he is “exactly right.”

Watch Williams’ Memorial Day speech below:

“If you saw me in the speech – I don’t think people understand why I feel this way,” Williams told Glenn while holding back tears. “I visit our guys at Walter Reed, Bethesda. I cook for our guys around the country. I cook for their family members, for the people who serve them.”

“I’m walking the walk my friend. And right now I am so offended and disgusted by what we are doing as a nation to the guys who let us live this democracy we have.” was among the first and only media outlets to post Williams’ speech, and he subsequently penned an op-ed for the the site detailing the extent of the problem and offering a few solutions. He has come under serious fire from many on the left for associating with Glenn and TheBlaze.

While Glenn and Williams certainly do not align on much politically, the treatment of our veterans is a topic in which they see eye-to-eye. Glenn invited Williams to join him on Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, and Williams passionately explained that he is simply looking for an outlet from which he can draw attention to the deplorable conditions our servicemen and women are arriving home to. Furthermore, he offered a substantiate, straight forward solutions that can – at the very least – begin to solve the problem and allow the American people to repay their debt to our veterans.

In the interview, an emotional Williams said that President Obama could order a surge over the next 90 days simply by issuing an order as Commander-in-Chief. If the different service branches brough soldiers in the reserves back into service on temporary active duty, they could man military hospitals and clear out the backlog in 90 days.

“Why do we need to do it with military personnel? Hear me, please understand, our soldiers are in pain and right now you can’t send a person who doesn’t understand how to speak the speak to a soldier, to understand and get him to open up unless it’s another soldier. So why don’t we employ the ones who are out of work right now?,” Williams said.

“Direct each branch of the service to do this today – 90 days from now we’ll have a backlog cleared up and we’ll understand what the baseline is for what we now have to commit to, to pay for and to take care of our obligation and our debt to our soldiers.”

Williams, clearly getting choked up, said it was on the American people to fix this issue.

“It’s not the President, it’s not Congress, it’s not the Senate. It’s We The People owe this debt. You had a barbecue on Sunday? You did so on the backs of young people who can’t be treated. How dare you. Pay your debt.”

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  • Connor Kenway

    Obama hates the military. Pure and simple.

    • aaron

      but yet he wants to control the world

      • Cheryl Richard

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    • Flex Rockhard

      it’s not just the military…he hates America.

    • Jason Lewis

      Gotta disagree with you Connor. Obama cares, he is simply incompetent.

      • Anonymous

        If you truely believe that . I really feel sorry for you and can only hope you are the first on the bus to the camps.

    • uncle uncle

      prove it or shut up

      • Connor Kenway

        You want proof this is exibit one. He knew this was happening since 05 but did nothing. Proof enough or do you need someone to think for you like all liberalbots.

  • Tammie Caddell

    Thank you Montel :)

  • Adam

    Montel Williams has always been a great man. Always. We need more like him.

  • D Connors

    Montel, you are so right. This is happening all over.My father died in Albany NY VA because they left him in waiting room for 9 hours with a severe infection until he was seen.It was too late.Thank you for standing up for our vets and servicemen.

  • Amy McClelland

    We had a great experience with the VA here in Atlanta, GA not that long ago so I can’t speak for the problems. However, Montel is 100% right! Our great experience was because a vet who worked at the VA fought for and with my dad. He knew how to deal with my dad and manage my father. He fought for my dad’s care and he never once let us fall through the cracks. He did that because he knew. Montel is right, we need military to run the VA plain and simple.

    • Anonymous

      One big problem with the VA is that most of the employees are unionized bureaucrats who have a job for life, so why work your butt off. What is sad is that many of these bureaucrats once served in the military and should know better. Monteil is right, call up the reserves to supplement the adminstrative positions that make the decisions and speed up the process. There is absolutely no excuse for this debacle and heads should roll. The problem Shinseki had was that he was a miltary man used to giving orders that were followed without wquestion. In a buracracy, pople spend more time questioning orders or changes in methods than doing what theya re told. They run to their union every time there is change. Changing the direction fo the VA will be like changing the direction of an aircraft carrier in a narrow channel. Good luck.

      • Anonymous

        We can thank John F Kennedy for the unionization of federal employees. He wasn’t in office very long, but he sure made a BAD decision with that order. Even previous Democrat presidents had known that the last thing our country needed was a federal employees union!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Montel…it should be all hands on deck to get our Veteran’s treated medically like they deserve. Private donations, private hospitals, charities and the government. Montel is right, it can be done quickly. Let the Vet’s get vouchers so they can be seen as soon as possible by private doctors and private health care facilities. Shore up the VA facilities by hiring more qualified, competent medical professionals ASAP.

    • davspa

      yes, why not give them all vouchers now?

  • lindy marie abbott

    excellent solution! All the backlog could immediately be solved by placing National Guard on duty at the VA and have them directed to assist until the job is done. Many of the jobs are routine, administrative and not medically skilled. Even more we have many returned veterans that could be immediately temporarily employed by choice to serve fellow soldiers.

  • Stephanie Cantrell

    How can I get help for my father? He’s a 71 year old retired Captain who served in Korea during the Vietnam War, yet the VA has denied him disability benefits because they claim that he was not exposed to the agents orange and blue defoliates despite the fact that there is so much proof that they were used. He’s suffered so much from health issues that stem back to that experience. If anyone can offer any help, please let me know.

  • Chei Senoire

    Sounds like a plan, Mr. President. A pen and a phone are all you apparently need too!

    • Peggy Moerbe

      America cares, everyday people care, we cannot be silent any more. It’s the bureaucrat in Washington-Obama and the our elected that have been there forever, that don’t care, they may care a little….. What they do care about it the next election. We have got to get out and VOTE THEM OUT. Lets bring honor and truth back into truth and honor back, OUR VETS HAVE FOUGHT FOR US , ITS NOW OUR TIME TO FIGHT FOR THEM!

      • Anonymous

        I’d like to see a veteran challenge every wishy-washy politician in the next election. The current Congress has fewer former military than in many recent sessions and it shows. We need more former military in Congress, NOT more pajama-boy politically correct nuts who refuse to stand up for our country and its Constitution!

        I would also like to see ALL special caucuses in Congress be shut down. An elected official should represent EVERY constituent, not just their preferred few.

        • Anonymous

          Pajama boy — will never forget or stop laughing over that image.

        • Anonymous

          How can an elected official represent every constituent? With a schizophrenic population in each district no one can do that. I want them to support what I want, not what my neighbor wants.

          • Micky Baker

            Yes they can. Comply with the limits of the Constitution and restore the power to the state and local governments.

    • Anonymous

      This president is fond of remarking on the power of his pen. Let’s see if he can follow through on those words in this instance.

  • Anonymous

    Montel and Glenn are both right. People don’t care any more. The media doesn’t care. Everyday citizens don’t care. The government sure as hell doesn’t care. It’s a sad day in America. Why in the world would anyone want to join the military if this is how they are treated?

  • IT IT IT IT 9


    OUR —ENTIRE— economy’s been BETRAYED to RED CHINA!

    WE are in the grips of OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION!

    POLISH NO JOKES are cracking all over the place!

    ‘CHEERS’ and ‘COSBY SHOW” are —OFFF the AIR!


  • Anonymous

    Glenn thinks our country has become worse than the misguided anti-war demonstrators that spat on Vietnam soldiers. What an insult to Americans. Americans look up to our soldiers for serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. I disagreed with the mission in Iraq, but I certainly have the utmost respect for the soldiers that fought for us. Americans do want to support the soldiers. I see Wounded Warier collections at checkout lines and people are donating. I think Montel has a good idea. The VA provides seven million treatments a month. We’re all upset that some vets aren’t getting the support they need. The President now has investigations of 26 VA hospitals to identify problems and solutions. But don’t tell us people don’t care. They do. Montel is right, the people owe this debt. Given the opportunity, I believe people will help however they can because I see it happening in my own community.

    • Micky Baker

      Obama doesn’t look up to them. Most progressives view them as contemptible.

      • Anonymous

        Not true at all. People know to honor soldiers that serve their country regardless of their superior’s decisions.

  • Bill Dodson Jr Dmd

    Friggin excellent suggestion Montel!!! No wait, isn’t that the same idea i sent you earlier?????

  • Anonymous

    One big problem with the VA is that most of the employees are unionized bureaucrats who have a job for life, so why work your butt off. What is sad is that many of these bureaucrats once served in the military and should know better. Monteil is right, call up the reserves to supplement the adminstrative positions that make the decisions and speed up the process. There is absolutely no excuse for this debacle and heads should roll. The problem Shinseki had was that he was a miltary man used to giving orders that were followed without question. In a bureaucracy, people spend more time questioning orders or changes in methods than doing what they are told. They run to their union every time there is change. Changing the direction fo the VA will be like changing the direction of an aircraft carrier in a narrow channel. Good luck.

  • Kathleen Bostock McNeill

    I was a soldier during peace time and what I remember most is this… NEVER leave a soldier behind (Benghazi) and that we always have each other’s backs. That would include our government taking care of the veterans! It breaks my heart that this country is falling apart. It is not the America that I grew up in. Obama is a curse from God. Believe it! Our God has been removed from this nation and he is showing us his wrath by bringing us to our knees! May he show mercy for these veterans because this administration is certainly not going to!

  • Anonymous

    Montel is OK on the vets issue. He’s a complete idiot when it comes to gun control. He wants all of us disarmed. I judge a man by his stance on guns. If he is a liberal gun grabber, I know he is wrong for America.

  • Anonymous

    I am a vet of both the army and Navy. I worked a job that offered good care. I purposely don’t use the VA, as I would detract from services for other vets. This is not a new story. This has been going on since I was in Vietnam. NO one will fix this, it costs too much. More smoke and mirrors have already been ordered by Obama.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always liked Montel Williams. He has a good heart and truly cares about people in general. I totally agree with what he said. Obama needs to go. He is the reason why everything in America is wrong. His only mission has been to destroy us and the only thing that can save us is to get rid of him. Impeach him please!

  • Micky Baker

    In addition to a vasurge, those in the VA who aren’t doing their jobs need to be canned and replaced with dedicated workers who understand who they’re serving.

  • Anonymous
  • Hugh Jass

    Each of us should recognize that, in the fight for liberty, knowledge is our most potent weapon. Arm yourself:

  • SL

    How dare you give time to this notorious Holocaust denier.

  • Christi Mac

    My daughter waited 2 years for 40% of a 100% disability. Today she lives off $798/mo after sustaining injuries to her lower back and both shoulders while in Iraq, which both are documented service related injuries and which she was denied benefits for. She has waited 3 years now for surgery on her second rotator and swallows ibuprophen like skittles daily so she can work as a waitress to feed and house her two young children. She waited over two years for a referral from the VA for POST OP physical therapy for a surgery she had TWO WEEKS BEFORE LEAVING THE ARMY OVER TWO YEARS AGO…

  • Jim Robinson

    I have what the VA calls muti symptoms. They only try to help me for one. The doctor see’s me every three months or so. I between the visits I go to the emergency room.
    I have one rating of 100 % and several for less, the VA should pay for every rating you have.

  • Debt

    “our obligation and our debt to our soldiers.” I dont understand, Y do I own soldiers anything. I pay my taxes, they have us the taxpayes pay there way through college, and give the priority over jobs. Is that not enought? What more do you want from the tax payers? every single soldier full well knew what they were siging up for. They know what they were getting them selfes into. They knew the whole time and now we own them? We have a debt to pay to them? No sorry, no one put a gun to your head and said sign this paper now. I dont owe u anything.

    • DJohnson

      I don’t have kids in school anymore, but my taxes still go to pay for the schools, and the teachers. I stay out of trouble and don’t need the police, but my taxes are still going to pay for the services they provide the community. I have never needed a firefighter, but my taxes continue to pay for them as well.

      Just because you don’t think you need the services of our military members doesn’t mean you don’t owe them anything. They are providing a necessary service to all of us, just like everyone else our taxes are paying for. No one said they were forced to sign the papers, anymore than the teacher was forced, or the policeman was forced, or the firefighter was forced. But they did, because they wanted to serve. They wanted to do what we didn’t want to do ourselves. And for that, we DO owe them.

  • Moozmom

    I spoke with a friend of Clinton’s. This person sat in meetings with Reagan, Clinton, Bush’s, and knows Obama. He knows them personally and while I’m not free to give his rank, etc. he said, “Obama is incompetent”. And gave me the lowdown on every other president he served under. I’d like to think Obama is a fluke, but I don’t like the fluke in office.

  • Liberty For All

    I have totally new respect for montel williams

  • John 8:37 – John 8:44

    In 2009, the Obama regime wasted $400,000 trying to figure out why homos in Argentina engaged in homosexual sodomy while intoxicated.

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