WATCH: This video proves just how broken our education system is

Glenn’s book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education focuses a lot on the dangers of a nationalized set of standards, but it also takes a look at the problems that plague our public education system more generally. Perhaps there is no greater indication of the failure of American education than a video aired on The O’Reilly Factor earlier this week.

On Memorial Day 2014, O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters headed to a Long Island beach to ask beachgoers basic U.S. history questions like “Who did America fight in the Revolutionary War?” and “What was the Civil War about?”

Needless to say, the answers will make your head explode.

Watch the video via Fox News below:

“We know our educational system is bad, right? But if you asked simple questions about the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, you would think that we would know [the answers],” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Here is the stunning result.”

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“This is why I insist the voting age be raised to 35 years old,” Pat joked. “This is pretty telling as to why the youth voted for Obama.”

“Seriously, how do you graduate from the 5th grade not knowing any of that stuff,” Glenn asked. “You are a slave to whatever it is someone tells you… We don’t everybody know our own history. Here’s the good news. The people who have designed the system that is teaching our kids this, they have a new idea, and it’s even better. It’s called Common Core. If you think that was bad, now we have Common Core. They’ll know Che [Guevara]. They won’t know the truth and Che, but they’ll know Che. They won’t know George Washington.”

  • may shady patriot lady

    Cannot believe you’re reposting this garbage Glenn. This disgusting perverted crap they put on tv during the 8 o’clock hour in front of my kids, just to prove the ridiculous point we already know about how awful the path our youth are on is???? I expect better from a God fearing man like yourself than to partake in this shameful degradation of barely legal girls. Screw the point, this is wrong on so many levels.

    • William Shatner Face


    • Malcolm Diaz

      Shameful degradation? How exactly? Just because they were on a beach
      in beach gear? Is that all it takes to exploit someone in your world?
      Having a conversation with them while they wear what would be considered
      situation appropriate clothing?? And if that is so outrageous…how
      about the fact that like 99% of the people interviewed blew this little
      “test” like a $2 hoe trying to make change…isn’t any of that

      Someone is coming off a little bit repressed or something…maybe it’s me

      • J Deezy

        Cuz that sexy girl in the thong. Thats why shes mad.

        • bigmyc

          I hate the fact that I wanna tag that dumb beyotch.

    • Zakar


    • Lyllyan

      How is the exposure that our education is in trouble “Disgusting, perverted crap”? Some of us do know how bad it is, but others may not, thus the point of this video. If you don’t want your kids exposed to the truth during the eight o’clock hour, maybe you should turn off the TV and read to them from a history book instead. If you are opposed to beachwear, then you have a whole different set of problems.

    • Jeff Knowles

      Quite honestly that is almost irrelevant to the matter that plenty of other people that were asked were men, and had just as dumb answers to those questions as any of the girls. Also most of those girls had the correct ones over the guys.

    • JMM

      perverted? how so? It looked like a public beach to me and a guy from a news organization asking questions regarding our history.

    • Kyle Bailey

      This… I don’t even…

    • Lynnette Gilbert Zulli

      To understand your comment people must first understand the mindset of what SELLS !! One need only to view this from the CAMERA PERSON’S view to realize the agenda and it wasn’t AMERICAN HISTORY!! … At no time with any male interviewee did you see their ENTIRE body let alone the BACK of their bodies !. Perhaps EXPLOITATION would be a more acceptable word than PERVERTED. In any event we ALLLL understand that this charade would not have had the same impact if it were done at THE MALL !!! Nor had as many comments! America it’s time to Bless God for Blessing America through it Allllll !

    • Tyson Litz

      Others point out in lengthy detail the idiocy of your comments, but I’ve summed you up easily –
      You’re a PRUDE!!!

  • Anonymous

    What are they teaching in schools nowadays?! Not history obviously!

    • Jerry Coaker

      The only time anything that looks like history is taught is February these days.

      • JMM

        because that isn’t a racist comment

        • Kyle Harper

          Racist. You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

          • Anonymous

            I know what racist means…it means that you disagree with the liberal socialists on anything.

          • Juan Walker

            As a black liberal I still found your comment hilarious

          • Anonymous

            Ha! Love it! It’s inconceivable!

        • Steve DeVito

          No, actually its the truth. Having gone through high school several years ago, I can defend what Jerry is saying. All we learned about was civil rights, women’s rights, and the likes of that. We rarely went over wars, how America was established, etc, but we sure did cover “politically correct” nonsense.

          • bigmac

            I have no idea what school you attended, but we focused on each of those subjects. Every 3 years was all about how America was formed and every 3 years it was all about world history. Maybe you should have paid better attention in class. We went very in depth into these subjects. It is considered to be part of the required curriculum.

          • Jan Chilton

            I was in school in the 70’s, and I think I had one year of history…that was it. They glossed over most of it. Vietnam was all over the news so we knew that and probably talked more about that than anything. The only reason I know anything at all about the Korean War is because of Mash. We didn’t study that as far as I can remember. The young kids now probably know more about the middle east stuff than I do. I don’t remember foreign names. Heck, I don’t remember American names half the time!

          • Steve DeVito

            Yeah, its part of the curriculum to speak about it. We would go over wars in a matter of a class period (which was 50 minutes), yet we would spend up to a couple weeks on topics such as the Civil Rights movement and the “War on Women”. I went to school in northern NJ, and sorry to disappoint you, but I also was a part of the International Baccalaureate program (the most difficult/challenging courses offered), so please don’t tell me that I should have paid better attention in class. I’m glad that you actually got the time to learn about these subjects, because when you live in a really blue state, you don’t learn much of anything unless it deals with race, color, or gender.

        • obama

          racism |ˈrāˌsizəm|


          the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

          • prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief : a program to combat racism.

          … in case anyone was wondering…

          • J Deezy

            I guess god was racist.

            “High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, affects African-Americans in unique ways:
            African-Americans develop high blood pressure at younger ages than other groups in the U.S.
            African-Americans are more likely to develop complications associated with high blood pressure. These problems include stroke, kidney disease, blindness,dementia, and heart disease.”


          • Ben Feller

            Yes. God is racist. I can see you obviously found “proof” of that using ONE ethnic group. Here is a site that covers several different ethnic groups. After you read it (IF you actually read it), you will come to the conclusion that God hates ALL races. (that last comment was sarcasm if you didn’t get it.) You can call ME racist all you want. God knows MY heart.


          • J Deezy

            Good lord, it was obviously smartass answer written with a heavy dose of sarcasm in response to homeboy obama’s posting of the definition of racism. Chill out.

          • centerprise

            So by definition, if I simply disagree with someone on their point of view does NOT make me a racist! Someone alert the media!! Or Congress!!

      • Dee Ward

        Sadly, Jerry Coaker is correct. When my daughter was still in the public school system, the ONLY history that was taught at the elementary level, beyond a brief blurb on Pocohantas and John Smith, was during Black History Month. Not racism – simply fact. Once we removed her after 3rd grade to begin homeschooling, she was thrilled at her Ancient History curriculum, and wondering why she hadn’t heard of it before. The answer is simple – IT ISN’T BEING TAUGHT!!

        • Jan Chilton

          Very little of it was taught when I was in school in the 70’s. Yes, we did the Puritans, Pocahontas and all that. And I think every southerner knows about the civil war…young or old. But I didn’t study Aristotle (someone mentioned above) or ancient Rome or anything like that. I made straight A’s in everything to do with English and spelling, but my math skills are NULL. And when I was young I hated history (love it now) and hated Geography (still hate that) so only took whatever I had to to graduate. I think that amounted to one year for both. Never had a chemistry class. Very little science although I love that now.

    • Anonymous

      No, not history. They’re too busy teaching sex ed and trying to raise the kids for the parents.

    • Patricia Ruedisueli Therrian


    • Laddyboy

      To be honest, Most teachers are to busy teaching to the tests. When a student does not understand a concept, the adminasstration, (misspelled on purpose), simply tells the current teacher, “let the next teacher catch them up. You MUST stay on the time-line the school system has layed out for you to follow. You CANNOT “waste” your time on a few students who “do not want to learn”.

      • Shawn Cameron

        That is exactly the problem I have seen and it’s been going on long before common core. Teach them to memorize something just long enough to pass a test, then we can keep getting our money, that is the mindset. There is no emphasis on critical thinking, as a matter of fact there is an emphasis on discouraging it.

      • Anonymous

        Or the teacher emails the parents asking them to move the child into an easier class. At least that’s what happened with my son and daughter.

    • Anonymous

      My daughter did very well in civics and history classes all through high school, straight A’s. Went to parochial school and was taught our true history and way gov. works etc. Took entrance exams to enter a university in NC and flunked that portion of their testing. It was all bull and no truth. They are not teaching our kids the truth in college. They made her take their civics classes in order to be admitted (indoctrination classes). She knew exactly what they were doing with her but she wanted to go to that university in that part of that state so bad that she did what they wanted. Since she is 18 and I am not paying for her education there I can’t stop her. She is also learning that acting stupid, like the girls in the video, is “cute.” I hope she snaps out of it soon!

  • Louise Esola

    My head just exploded.

  • troy

    As dumb as Americans are supposed to be, this is only outrageous because so many people know all the answers. I find it hard to believe college students are this dumb. I don’t think I could name 2 people I went to college with who would even stumble on any of these easy questions. He had to have either edited or screened people for stupidity before he started asking the questions.

    • Malcolm Diaz

      I love your optimistic view point but I have dealt with MANY people like this unfortunately. Your claim to not knowing anyone who attended college with you who would fail this test so miserably is not a testament to how “fake” this must be but rather it is a testament to your own good ol’ common sense. You chose to affiliate and surround yourself with people who had a little something going on in life besides beer pong and bongs. It is easy to assume that because your life travels did not expose you to a certain element of life, that it must be out of the realm of real but with over 7 billion of us at extreme different levels of development, opportunity, personal fortitude and yes, even smarts…finding that a percentage of people (educated or not) will fit into this bucket is not at all surprising to me. I’m sure there is a video out there somewhere showing some dude who never had a lick of “formal” education who can dazzle you with “beautiful mind” level smarts. Life is kinda diverse like that.

      • Anonymous

        Malcolm, you make some excellent points and I don’t disagree with you, however my position is that I am seeing fist hand opportunities squandered.

        • Malcolm Diaz

          In this we are as one then. I too see so many great opportunities squandered and often for very base reasons. Reasons that speak volumes about the person you are when something doesn’t just come easy.

      • Barnara Apon

        Amen….my Dad only had a fourth grade education… Yet he could do math in his head faster then I could write out the problems…. He knew everything a person could ever know about history…his knowledge of chemistry was awesome…yet he learned to read and write his name when my Mom taught him on his 56 th birth day…..Back in those days people taught History by story telling…it was awesome listening to the story’s he told…you could see pictures in your mind…smell the smoke of the guns, cannons….my Dad made History come alive…and by the time I started school..I could tell the story’s just like Daddy…..

    • Marty Torrez

      Really you haven’t heard of people who don’t know simple question about history? Do this then, invite a bunch of your friends over and have a history trivia game with them and then post their answers and we’ll see just how smart your friends are!

      • troy

        We all have bad days or alcohol induced stupidity sometimes, but I can guarantee you that anyone I would consider a friend would laugh at this level of history trivia.

        • Anonymous

          To your point Troy, I have friends from other countries that know the answers to those questions.

          • Malcolm Diaz

            Yes, but does that prove that there is no way that others exist who would falter? Again, I do not doubt you all have some very smart friends and colleagues but to say that is why this is not credible is a bit naive in a way. Dumb people exist…even in college.

          • Anonymous

            I realize that times change, but as I product of the US public school systems, I possessed that rather basic historical knowledge in my sophomore year in High School. My son had a similar curriculum in his junior year. I live within a stones throw from Jones Beach, and we have some of the finest public schools n the country so clearly the opportunity to learn is there. Unfortunately, this group chose not to take advantage of a tremendous benefit.

          • Malcolm Diaz

            Yes! Exactly my point! I do not have any trouble what so ever believing that video because of my own personal experiences dealing with people exactly like this. People who had the means and opportunity to better themselves with education and simply did not put any real effort into it. They simply moved along with the rest of the cows…”Graduated high school…CHECK! Go to college…CHECK! Get married have 2.2 kids….CHECK!” All following the path to “success” blindly without actually absorbing anything or even thinking about why it might have been important to let some of it sink in. The really scary aspect to this whole thing is the lack of acknowledgement that maybe…just maybe mind you…not being able to answer questions the average citizen (like you and Troy) considers “low lying fruit”…the proverbial “easy out” to coin a term, is a problem. No most of the people in the video and the ones I have come across in life all have the same disease…”Gee, you just proved that I spent like 4 years in college with my head surgically attached to my rectum and all I can think to say or do about it is…’Hee Hee, that’s funny!'”. Yeah, that to me is the saddest part. You shouldn’t have to convince someone to save themselves. You take any one of the girls and guys in this video and tell them their “look” isn’t quite right or that they are doing something that is so “like 2000 yo!” and they will bend over backwards to make sure their “sh*t is a’ight”…tell them they couldn’t think there way out of a wet, hole-ridden paper bag and it’s..”Oh man that’s funny…hey Brad come over here and see how stupid I am! It’s funny dude! Hashtag stupid! lol”.

          • troy

            I have no doubt that people like this exist, but the purpose of the video is to lead us to believe that this is the norm for college students now and this collection of the dumbest drunk frat bros and ditsy bimbos on the beach was a random sampling of college students. I would hope that with a random sampling of students on campus, more than half would know who George Washington was. My five year, fresh out of kindergarten, knew who GW was and knew Lincoln freed the slaves.

          • Malcolm Diaz

            While I never took this to be some sort of “officially” calibrated, fact finding mission of some sort, I will concede that the results here would likely not hold up well next to some official sounding study conducted by some prestigious organization above reproach, however…isn’t the real point to all this is to raise awareness to, at minimum, the fact that this is something that might be lurking and waiting to bite us on the butt? Then there is the fact that every year, or at least it seems like it’s yearly, we get those nice “world” reports on the news where all the kids from various countries are ranked by how “dumb” or “smart” (take your pick) they are as a nation. For all our blustering about “Oh we can’t be that bad” or “whatever dude…you don’t need to know who George Washington is to earn some coin”…we consistently place in the middle or lower on these types of studies. Certainly, the combonation of these things should be making us all a little wary, no?

            By the by, Troy, thanks for a civil exchange of ideas and view points today…feel like trying to converse online is all to often a waste of time that culminates into a string of name calling and “my conservative is better than your liberal…no way buddy…my liberal can beat up your conservative” BS. Nice to have conversation that even features dissenting view points without all the crap!

    • Marty Torrez

      I have come across 100’s of friends of my kids throughout the years and am appalled at what little they know about history. My kids are the only ones who can answer 100% of any questions I pose.

  • Gavin

    Bill OReilly is a dumbass for even sending this guy on the beach to talk to intoxicated people and ask them these questions

    • Anonymous

      Did you watch the video? Watters state that no one was intoxicated. Yes, some of them had drinks in their hands, but they were not too drunk to know who fought in the Civil War or WWII.

      • JJ-JetPlane

        Oh, so because biased reporter who wants to make a juicy story says they weren’t intoxicated, they in fact weren’t intoxicated? On a side note, gullible is written on the ceiling.

        • Anonymous

          Unless you know for a fact those college students were drunk, then I’ll take the word of the person that actually spoke to them.

          And why is Watters biased? Because he is on Fox?

          • obama


          • J Deezy

            Because he was trying to make a point. And this is a ridiculous tactic stolen from late night television shows.

        • 65byteme .

          And on my worst bender I still knew the answers to all these questions. I may have been pissed he was even talking to me
          because my head was on fire but I still knew the answers.

      • J Deezy

        LMAO they were drunk for sure. I’m not sure if you’ve ever taken a beach trip with college friends, but you’re generally drinking during every waking hour. If you think the black dude with the glazed eyes wasn’t high, or the girl in the thong with the red solo cup wasn’t drunk you are too damned retarded to be allowed on the internet.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve taken a few beach trips with college friends before, and they were rarely ever drunk by 11am.

          And what is the interned? Are you drunk now?

          • J Deezy

            Damn typo. lol Internet* 😀

          • MHolme10

            I’ve seen people wasted by 8am. On a beach, in the city, at a parade, at nothing special. It’s college, and while students dont do that like your friends, most do. Your friends are the minority. I agree with J Deezy, the black guys seemed a little high and a few of the girls seemed a little drunk. And while some people can answer those questions while drunk some cant. differences of the human condition right there.

      • Tracy

        And I could have answered those questions intoxicated! This is a clear indication that our government run educational system is broken!

    • Anonymous

      If I were completely plastered I could still answer all of these correctly. However, I look terrible in a bikini, sober or drunk.

    • Rhett Jones

      no hes a ripoff aritist mark dice has been doing this for a while his videos are much better

      • Tyson Litz

        Then I guess Jay Leno & Jimmy Kimmel ripped of Dice too? Get real. A LOT of shows do this, it’s called Man On The Street, and Dice didn’t invent it.

        • Rhett Jones

          leno and kimmel target drunk people as comedy not this is how bad america is getting theirs is a big difference on why they are doing the videos and the message being sent

    • Anonymous

      No one looked drunk to me. Besides, this is only one of many videos like this out there, highlighting people’s stupidity. In all the other videos, no one has alcohol, yet they are all just as stupid.

      • MHolme10

        I disagree, I saw a few that looked drunk, while a few looked high. Not slurring their words black out drunk, but still drunk.

    • Anonymous

      Although I could answer everyone completely hammered so that is no excuse and none of them appeared intoxicated. They are just stupid. The girl in the thing was rocking it though.

  • Marty Torrez

    someone has been teaching “Common Core History”

    • J Deezy

      Was not even in existence while these kids were in school.

    • Aaron

      The Common Core State Standards only have standards for math and for English and language arts.

    • Nick Wilkinson Hansrote

      This is why people are so stupid. Right here. Obviously the OP don’t have a clue what they’re talking about when it comes to common core and what it even covers. Yet they felt the need to make a “witty” comment. OP you fail worse than the green t-back. At least she knows she’s stupid.

  • scotthudson

    Yep, proof of the success of the Dept. Of Education, which is an unconstitutional entity! Everyone who is concerned about the future of our great nation should read The Contract On The Government. It is the book the politicians and bureaucrats DO NOT want you reading. Find out more here:

  • Rusty Shakelford

    Glenn believes that G-d lives on a planet called Kolob, and he wears magic underwear. Shouldnt toss stones in glass houses.

  • Thunder03

    Just want to point out and say yes it is 5th grade history
    “now” A lot of it was 9th and 10th grade for me and I am 22. Add too
    boot half of the people only take history class because it’s a requirement. Also
    yes we learn some of this stuff sooner but when I was that young I didn’t look
    at thing as I did as I was in 9th and 10 th grade but did I remember most of
    it. Did it have more meaning in 9th and 10 th? It sure did. I understood a lot
    more of how things worked and even how the world really worked to some degree.
    Plus how in the end they are expecting you to learn it, you think it’s the
    greatest way to memorize when it’s not and for those half who don’t really care
    I really don’t know what to say about them. But just because you interviewed
    them doesn’t mean you should put all of us “Younger people in the same
    clump” Just like me saying all you older people blame all the younger
    people for texting and driving when I hear on the news half the time that is
    also middle aged and older too. But am I mad at my generation for the ones who
    care less and think politics don’t affect them. I look at it as they are the
    ones who are ruining the future of this country but here in lies the other
    problem it’s across the board it’s not just the younger generation. EVERYONE is
    at fault not just the younger generation. My other problem is our education
    system needs serious work. College I find dumb for requirements when in real
    world you really don’t need all the “Required class for course of study” At the
    end of the day the employers want experience even over the education. “Every
    company has a specific way they do things” Add too boot all of younger people don’t
    have the power that the older generation has. Maybe if the older generation
    made a point to make changes just as much as the younger then things could get
    better. But yet again it involves politics and money at the end of the day for
    some of this and some political people won’t do it for the future of the country
    but for themselves for whatever they make of it. Not the people and not the
    ones outside of themselves who it will affect.

  • Chaelid M

    Dumb people huh

  • Drea

    “You should know”. Is that because he’s colored?

    • Ivan

      Uh, yes. Just like Jews should know who Moses was, Chinese should know about Confucius was, Japanese should know the relation between kamakazi and the Monguls, Irish should know what the great potato famine was, Indians should know what the Sepoy rebellion was, Mexicans should know WHY they celebrate May 5, Native Americans should know what happened at Little Big Horn, Greeks should know about Thermopylae, Africans should know what the Kalahari is, etc.

      • Adam

        BOOM! Love it.

      • Anonymous

        So much for the entire month of February being Black HISTORY Month, eh?

      • Laddyboy

        Ask the American Indians what happens when you give up your freedom for (a little bit) more security!

    • Aileen Foley


    • Anonymous

      Yes, and because it’s extremely basic history that every American over the age of 8 should know.

      • Laddyboy

        True. However, there is a lot of “white” and “mixed skin” history which is being neglected.
        Teach the students how to learn. When this happens, WOW. LOOK OUT!

  • Anonymous

    Now you can understand why the teachers might be a bit frustrated. These kids on Long Island get a great education, but this is just scary.

  • Hunna

    This has little to nothing to do with common core, it would be nice to take a finger and point at one thing for the reason of failing education in America. However, that is cheap, and blatantly not true. This also has nothing to do with “why people voted for Obama”, totally ignorant to say that. You’re saying these same people didn’t exist with G.W. was voted in? No, our education, especially history and science knowledge, has been lacking for some time.

    • George Bara

      Actually a very small percentage of 18 to 22 yr olds came out to vote during both of GWB runs. Also a low percentage of Minorities and women.
      Sooooo BO won with 53% of the vote and a LARGE percentage of these idiots rocked that vote.
      But I do agree that our education system sucks. But what do you expect from a system run by liberals since the 60s

  • Josh walker

    Way to forget the sacrifices of others…man.

  • Daniel Patrick Hall

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  • Dan H

    These ppl should not breed. Truly the WORST GENERATION.

  • Jacob Kargauer

    This video just proves our current education system is failing and that we need to improve it…AKA Common Core

  • Anonymous

    They obviously are drinking from their red Solo cups and putting him on…he selected a nice array of bathing suits…..

    • Malcolm Diaz

      Looking to point out ANYTHING to avoid the actual issue, huh?

    • Anonymous

      Stupid is as stupid does….

  • Guest

    worst five minutes of my life! Its so embarrassing to be in the same age group of these kids our in my age group!!

  • zj sky

    On the bright side America is producing some cute ass girls

    • Anonymous

      Would a dingbat by any other name still be as cute?

    • Bryan Bell

      I was concentrating pretty well……until the neon green t-back showed up!! That girl was dingy….but when you’re that smokin’ hot….eehhhhhhhh she gets a pass.

      • Janson Smithers

        Why would she get a pass? Our country is being destroyed and you give her a pass? It’s because of uninformed people such as herself that we’re in the mess we’re in!

        • Garren Folts

          Well, why don’t we look at the generation that raised them. She looks about between 21 and 25, so assuming her parents are around 45, maybe 50 that would place them in the 60s Right? well, late 60s. And if im not mistaken, birth rate wasn’t the only thing high at the time if you know what i mean. At the time this “anti-generation” were looked at like we look at “ding-bats” (as you call it) today. They’ve always been around and always will be around, we jus finally see all of them because internet, social media, and pop culture promotes it more now than it did 50 years ago. So they no longer care whether people know there “ding-bats” or not. There will always be stupid people in the world. I mean take John Brown for instance, he believed it was his God right to kill slave owners and end slavery, he did believing he was under a mission from God. Wasnt it Admiral William Leahy who stated “The bomb will never go off. I speak as an expert in explosives.” speaking of the one dropped in Japan. Not saying these people were “Stupid” but not everyone knows everything. “If you judge a fish on how well it climbs a tree, it will live its whole life believing its stupid” Thats was said by Albert Einstein. So maybe think a little before throwing things out there like “Our country is being destroyed!!” its a tad bit ignorant.

          • Deneteus

            Ignorance and Stupidity are totally different words that people should know and understand. Assuming people care is also a mistake that he made while talking to people trying to enjoy a day off at the beach. They don’t care why its a day off.

    • Renita Philley-Hale

      OH yeh – like that’s gonna help with anything other than making you enjoy looking! You’re an idiot!

    • Justsomedude

      Those “cute ass girls” were specifically targeted to answer these questions.
      Clearly cherry-picking answers, only asking those who look uneducated, and then on top of that the answers are rigged.
      We did fight China in WW2, the Republic was our ally as we fought a 3-front war on the mainland against Japan and the Communist People’s Liberation Army.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, the question was, “who bombed Pearl Harbor”. It shouldn’t matter thou. These are common knowledge questions everyone should be able to answer. I could be three sheets to the wind and answer all those questions. This is common core education at work. It is also the result of teachers passing kids on to the next grade when they don’t deserve to move up. They couldn’t possibly fail these kids because it might hurt their feelings.

        • Justsomedude

          Must be how you got through school.

          • Anonymous

            I was a straight A student. I actually got through school thinking about banging your mom.

        • Guest

          I didn’t hear him ask that question… I heard him ask who we fought during WWII, that’s why that guy answered with Germany and Japan… And we would have never been involved with Japan if Russia didn’t confuse them. Navajo indians helped confuse the language translations. Japan was enslaving China and Korea, and making the woman comfort women.

          • Anonymous

            Actually, both questions were asked. I just watched it again.

        • Shawn Cameron

          Common core hasn’t been around long enough to blame that. All the rest of it, I agree 100%

      • Garren Folts

        And on top of that, during the Revolutionary War we weren’t exactly our own country through all of it. At the time we were part of the British, and were fighting against the British along with colonist who supported the British. I guess o one remembers about the thousands that fled the colonies after the British were defeated.

    • Janson Smithers

      Considering all that we’re losing in America, that’s hardly a bright side.

  • Bonerhead

    best part of the video @4:28

  • vivalapresley

    I am ashamed to be in the same age group of these people! its sad that they can’t even answer simple questions like these! it just gives the rest of us in this age group who know all of those answers a bad name!

  • Joe Repp

    Did that one guy at the end call George W Bush G-Dubs? Because that is what I am calling him from now on.

  • Anonymous

    OK, for extra bonus points, which one is the grad student?

  • Charles Blair

    He’s not real smart either because he seems to think the civil war was over slavery, when in fact it was over tariffs and taxes. In fact a lot of northerners owned plantations in the south. Slavery was only brought into the equation after the northern territories started loosing so they recruited the blacks and promised them freedom if the north won

    • J Deezy

      Pretty solid strategy though, eh?

    • John Stinemire

      Wow! How much further off base could you possibly be?
      Go back and read your history! Yes, it was more complicated than the slave issue alone, but the north didn’t start backing the anti-slavery movement because they needed the help in the ranks! It was an issue, albeit a political issue, from the beginning, forced and backed by the moderate and extremist Republicans. The Democrats were the pro-slavery movement.

      Your comment is actually laughable at how self-deluded and wrong it is! Sorry!

      • Laddyboy

        STATES’ RIGHTS. Money mongers also played a BIG part in the war. Lincoln, as a Lawyer, set the slaves free to further harass the South.

  • Ellabulldog

    of course you all realize anyone who correctly answered the question is not shown in the video, which does not give a fair sample of the population, and cute girls in bikinis are good for ratings

    • Malcolm Diaz

      Pretty sure they actually had a few correct answers in the video…you may want to re-watch that. Not many mind you but definitely some!

  • AMH


  • Jesse Santana

    so sad to see so many STUPID people……. if you cannot answer these questions. then you really have to be a oxymoron!!!

  • Zep-Floyd

    Good thing Thong Girl has her body to fall back on 😉

  • VStar1

    My favorite part is when they are “dinging” all the correct answers at the end of the video, and the girl in the purple bikini says, “I feel stupid.” And then it dings again….hhahha laughed so hard….mostly, because it is true.

  • Matthew Moreau

    WOW!! Only thing that gets these ladies off is their fine looking bodies.. I’m still going to need someone to check their heads to see if their is a brain in there… DAMN!

  • Vicksburghex

    Now ask questions about climate change and western imperialism and the answers will be much better. Indoctrination is working

  • Leigh Rich

    Hard top focus on the video with those breasts!!

  • Omer Naveed

    I am not an american, But i know all the answers. Damn guys

  • Anonymous

    The future the liberals have planed for us they know all they will ever need to know….This Is our Change…Hope it works….

  • Rhett Jones


    • Malcolm Diaz

      Yeah, Glenn and like 99.99% of the internet that is!

    • Anonymous

      You do realize this is a clip from Orielly, not Beck.

      • Rhett Jones

        you do realize this is becks site he is pimping it on to promote his new book that im sure is ripped off cover to cover the next original thought beck has will be his first

        • Anonymous

          Wait, wait, I’m on Beck’s site?? /sarc

          Clearly, you strongly dislike Beck, and apparently dislike punctuation.

          The point that you missed was this was a clip from Oriellys show. Beck, or anyone else for that matter, is free to use it on their site.

  • AlexisJaime

    As a millennial, born in 1995, I am ashamed of how utterly ignorant people my age are. If it drives me this nuts, it must drive older people up the wall, cotton candy coated clown bonkers. I’m not sure America will survive this.

    I wish parents would take an active role in educating their children instead of leaving it to government.

    • Anonymous

      the problem with that is that most parents are dumber than their kids… The government is preventing our kids from learning from our mistakes by not teaching our kids about the mistakes we made unless it suits their political views and there is no one in the american education system that can honestly deny that.

      • John E. Jones

        your absolutely right there.

        • Lora Stefanowicz

          It’s YOU’RE absolutely right. NOT “your”….. Grammar counts, my friend.

          • Jan Chilton

            It sure does. It upsets me 100 times more that kids can’t spell, and half don’t read well. Even the newspaper journalists have atrocious grammar and spelling. But at least public schools teach SCIENCE and not myth.

          • Corey Gray

            Jan, they don’t because the adults don’t, and put no real importance on it…..
            An unfortunate fact you know to be true, just looking around social media, and seeing what our contemporaries post, say, and do.

          • Anonymous

            Global Warming?
            Which seems to be inculcated into every subject one way or another.

          • ImafanNotaCritic

            Some teach science and not myth. Unfortunately I know of some that teach that the world is only a few thousand years old, are using common core to confuse everyone about math. And spelling is apparently a dirty word. I have close friends who teach and tell me of teachers incapable of spelling, whose writing is illegible and apparently are unable to do even simple mathematics without a calculator. So, while blame can be laid on parents, some also should hit on teachers, the education system itself, and the politicians(who should not be involved at all). The fix to some of this is simple, some not quite so simple. Spelling for example is easy. I grew up reading. I read daily on a huge scale, I ENJOY reading. Consequently I find it virtually impossible to misspell anything. And forming coherent sentences is also pretty simple. And math. Also simple. I learned before there were calculators allowed into school, so until I needed a slide rule for more complex mathematics, I did it all in my head. But that isn’t how it is done anymore. And that is why spelling and math and basic science or history or whatever is disappearing from our schools. I read about how one school was not going to give out awards because it created a mindset of competition. This is why we are failing. Kids aren’t being taught properly and they aren’t being held as accountable for what little they are being taught.

          • Kim

            If you’re referring to science as in Evolution and The Big Bang Theory…..then they are teaching myths that are not proven. They are teaching these theories as though they are facts. If we are going to teach our children theories, then why not teach them all the theories and not just one? Personally I believe that history and math are of way more importance than spelling and grammar.

          • Donna Polles

            I agree when it comes to kids and spelling or grammar. However, all of my kids (and I) went through 12 years of Catholic School and we were taught proper history, science, etc. The main difference between public and Catholic schools is, in a Faith Based school, you also take “Religion”.
            Religion class is not Bible study…in fact, the Bible was rarely used. Basically, the class was about how to be a better person and how to become closer to God. In some grades, Religion class was doing a certain number of hours of community service work. In others, it was helping different groups of people…mostly, the homeless. My personal favorite was in my senior year, we learned about different religions all over the world (as well as here in the US).
            Anyway, please throw away the “myth” that Catholic schools don’t teach properly. If nothing else, especially in this area, a Catholic School education is much more difficult than the public schools. And, get this, all the teachers (who make less than public school teachers) stay at least one hour after the last bell to be available to students.

        • Russell R Weller

          When I aced my way through all of my writing and English courses in college, I learned a simple truth. Grammar Nazis are the worst writers and they hide this by pointing out trivial discrepancies in internet comments. They also fail to understand the context of the material they read and it shows, by how out of touch they are with the topic.

          • Anonymous

            Interesting. When I had similar success as a journalism major, and then in graduate school, I found that the people with the most incoherent writing and who demonstrated the worst reading comprehension, curiously, had the worst spelling and punctuation. The funny thing is, the best writers and the best at grasping material among my law school classmates were my fellow “grammar Nazis”.

          • ImafanNotaCritic


      • Michael Barbalace

        So it is the Government that is destroying our children, that may only explain the Civil War because that was the only time our nation had two separate governments fighting each other. The effects of that war are still seen today because the North and South tend to give different stories and reasons for why the war occurred. Aside from that I completely disagree with this government preventing our children idea! You will probably say funding or political ideas but the main root of this ignorance is our parents choosing to work more or on themselves and giving less time to speak with their children and to an extend learn with them. It is because children tend to ask their parents for help and mimic their parents into adulthood, a child will now view television, working out, or whatever ahead of learning, reading, and God forbid homework. If a mother or father spends just 30 minutes working with their child instead of just saying do your homework, the child may view the assignment as more important because their parents are spending time with them to do it. But if the parent doesn’t help and the child is stuck the child may struggle and just give up on the homework and possibly the class. This is a double sword because the child may feel it is not important and once they become parents they will probably do the same for their child. It will then become a generational problem. So please don’t blame the government for the job parents are suppose to do when it comes to their children.

        • Vinnie Ugots

          Yours absolutely right. 😀

          • Cheryl Richard


            〓〓〓 〓�〓〓 〓〓〓 〓〓〓 〓�〓〓 〓〓〓

          • AlexisJaime

            Your neighbor is another fake spamming account. If you have a neighbor who made $80 an hr, it would be by scamming people with the nonsense spam you are posting. Go get a real job and stop trying to sell your snake oil.

      • Brenda Holloway

        Speak for yourself BS, I know all the answers that were asked, the schools nowadays are a joke. The kids today are idiots.

        • Corey Gray

          He said “most”…and unfortunately, he’s pretty close to spot on.
          I’m in my 40’s, and find I can’t discuss such issues with most people my age, but have to take on the roll of “teacher”, first, to make them familiar enough with it TO discuss it.

          • troncarter

            you must have a lot of dumb friends.

          • Corey Gray

            Nope, plenty of smart friends. Most of them, in fact. Smart, high IQ, educated…doesn’t matter, usually people only “know” what surrounds their hobbies or work life with any detailed ability to discuss it.
            For instance, plenty of absolutely brilliant people in fields like engineering who can discuss engineering and related maths to an incredible level. And if they’re into sports, might be able to tell you absolutely anything you care to know, and a lot you DON’T care about, about football. But ask them where Kazakhstan is, they are quite likely to think it’s not even a country. Ask them about something you’d expect to be generally known, covered in grade or middle school, you’re likely to get met with a blank stare.

            Since Foxworthy’s game show came on, I’ve taken to calling this “the are you smarter than a 5th grader syndrome”. A PhD who can’t answer a question a kid would roll his eyes about you even needing to ask.

          • ImafanNotaCritic

            Really? I am a tad older, and while I am perhaps fortunate that the people around me are easily able to converse about a variety of things, that is due to the nature of our work. Requirements of the job mean that virtually everyone here is above average and have great interest in many things, including education or politics or world events. However, as a rule the younger the people are, the less “on the ball” they seem to be. Being oblivious to the world around you might be a function of youth. It certainly appears that way.

          • roger

            All my friends are above average too we are crude oil haulers in the oilfield and we are in our 40’s we have many discussions about past events plus we are all vets to boot

          • Larry Maher

            Ain’t dis da same school system that also gave us Glen Beck?

          • Corey Gray

            Yup, you’re fortunate. VERY fortunate. I’ve done military time, worked in construction, worked in auto sales and finance….not fields in which broad spectrum education is a necessity. And fields where you run into people that can fairly be called “average Joes”. Most of them aren’t well versed in any field outside of those applying to their hobbies or work.

        • Henry Bingham

          They should of announced their school and their education because these people are our doctors and lawyers.

          • David Patrick Maurer

            “should of”?

          • Thomas Cantwell

            should HAVE

          • johnathan

            These people aren’t our doctors and lawyers. These people are at most the paralegals and dental assistants of the doctors and lawyers.

          • 04TXS1836

            “Should of”??? “Should ‘have'” is the correct modal verb to use in English, and what do you base your prediction that “these people are our doctors and lawyers”?

          • Cody Don Manning

            “Have” is not a modal verb. Modal verbs are those that express likelihood, obligation, ability, permission, etc. There are 5 in English: can, may, must, will, and shall. If you are going to condescendingly correct someone, at least be right.
            You were referring to the auxiliary verb, which he wrote phonetically. The modal in the sentence was correct.

          • roger

            get him verbal police suck not you the other guy lol

        • R Wing

          I agree Brenda. I know all the answers and I believe all the people my age that I grew up with would also know all the answers. This is very disturbing.

        • Michael

          I just graduated high school and I know all the answers i went to public school this is on Fox news its all lies.

          • Anonymous

            Then, I’d say your punctuation and capitalization skills are ample demonstration of what public education produces these days.

    • Amber

      I’m in the same boat, though a tad older than you. I definitely agree. Don’t like what they’re teaching in school? Play an active role at home! I’m grateful for parents who taught me at home and helped me cultivate a desire to learn on my own in addition to learning at school.

      • Pat L.

        Bless you, Amber, for having the ability to think for yourself and realize that education doesn’t stop when the bell rings at the end of the day. You are special because you have learned to think for yourself. Continue always to ask questions and learn something new every day of your life.

      • John E. Jones

        When I was in school back in the 50,s our grade school was over crowded but what we had was disapline, Teachers that cared, parents that cared. if we did get in trouble at school we got it from the teacher and worse when we got home. If we did something bad in the neighborhood we got it from the neighbor then drug home to face our parents.wouldn`t dare to correct a kid nowdays everybody would be sued,fired and charged with sex abuse.

        • Anonymous

          Hey IQ 000. That’s “discipline” and “dragged” home… unless you were high on drugs. Then you were drug home. 😀

          • Bob

            “Hey IQ 000″ does not deserve its own punctuation as it is not a complete sentence. You should leave some insight regarding the content of the idea instead of reading through comments searching for grammar errors. No one likes a troll.

      • AlexisJaime

        I have been to public school, private school and home-schooled for a year, but the thread that remained constant was my parent’s desire to encourage me to think and ask questions and then verify the answers.

    • Jason Wilkins

      I was born in 1981 and knew the answer to every question yet most of the people I went to school with don’t know them. It’s not just you or your generation. Society has been ignorant, especially of history, for generations now. I will admit that it is getting worse though. I have a friend who does not know who Aristotle or Socrates were. I met a high school sophmore who didn’t know the Earth went around the sun and I was shocked. I always think “I didn’t know it was possible not to know that” when I see/hear things like this. That’s why I’m never surprised America is in the shape it is. I hate to admit it but we deserve to fall.

      • Anonymous

        Me too, Jason. I was born in ’83 and I’m shocked by some of the most basic history that my friends have never heard. Or at least don’t remember ever hearing. But they know all about the Kardashians. smh

      • Jeff Sprague

        I was born in 1981 as well educated in ohio… this display of American youth makes me fear our future. We need to have an I Q test before people vote

        • Gary Wofford

          It sure as heck doesn’t make the progressives fearful, this is just what they needed to gain this amount of power. Ignorant, self-centered, drug and sex addled fools as a voting block is perfect; the progressives are the shepherds and we are now a nation of sheep.

          • Laddyboy

            So the Socialists think!

          • Pat L.

            Gary, you have hit the nail on the head.

          • John E. Jones

            Amen to that. read my comment.The sheeple are ruling.

          • ImafanNotaCritic

            Yes, because the mainstream media and celebrities have told them what to think and what to believe. That was how Osama was elected in the first place, because the MM got behind and P.U.S.H.E.D. him into the WH. To show how moderate and progressive we all are. So now he tries to rewrite history and railroad us all into, as one of his flunkies put it, we make Communism work!

          • Ryan Kramer

            These posts are weird, because they infer the progressive is both dumb and smart at the same time. Smart enough to set up the trap and control those caught in it, and supposedly dumb enough to fall for it. So which is it? :-/

          • Anonymous

            You might want to start by learning the difference between infer and imply.

          • Roy

            You might want to start learning what synonymous means.

          • Anonymous

            Perhaps you should consider re-taking English class. Infer is the conclusion that the listener or reader draws. Imply is the unspoken message the speaker or writer intends to convey. They are NOT synonymous.

          • Roy



            verb in-ˈfər

            : to form (an opinion) from evidence : to reach (a conclusion) based on known facts

            : to hint or suggest (something)

            Also if you type in imply on the same website and scroll down it clearly list infer as a synonym.

          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            From : “These two words, which originally had quite distinct meanings, have become so blended together that most people no longer distinguish between them. If you want to avoid irritating the rest of us, use “imply” when something is being suggested without being explicitly stated and “infer” when someone is trying to arrive at a conclusion based on evidence. “Imply” is more assertive, active: I imply that you need to revise your paper; and, based on my hints, you infer that I didn’t think highly of your first draft.”

          • Roy

            What exactly makes your references more legitimate than the Merriam-Webster’s? It doesn’t matter what arguments you bring against it’s validity because the Merriam-Webster dictionary is still an accredited source while you, on the other hand, are not.

          • Anonymous

            What it shows is 1) you’re cherry-picking one part of the M-W definition, while ignoring contradictory commentary (which I quoted), and 2) compared to what I’ve put here, plus way more, that the part you’ve latched onto is an outlier.
            If you’re going to insist on being that thick, there’s not much I can do.

            Want to talk accredited? OK. From the Oxford Dictionary
            ( – note that it states they are antonyms):
            “infer verb
            /?n’f?r/ infer pronunciation American inferring, inferred

            1 to reach an opinion or decide that something is true on the basis of information that is available
            synonym deduce
            infer something (from something)

            Much of the meaning must be inferred from the context.
            Readers are left to infer the killer’s motives.
            infer that
            It is reasonable to infer that the government knew about these deals.

            infer (that)
            infer something
            (non-standard) to suggest indirectly that something is true
            Are you inferring (that) I’m not capable of doing the job?
            Usage notes Which Word: infer imply

            Infer and imply have opposite meanings. The two words can describe the same event, but from different points of view. If a speaker or writer implies something, they suggest it without saying it directly: The article implied that the pilot was responsible for the accident. If you infer something from what a speaker or writer says, you come to the conclusion that this is what he or she means: I inferred from the article that the pilot was responsible for the accident.
            Infer is now often used with the same meaning as imply. However, many people consider that a sentence such as Are you inferring that I’m a liar? is incorrect, although it is fairly common in speech.”

          • Roy

            This has pretty much turned into a tomato/tomahto debate and it’s obvious neither one of us is willing to change our minds on the subject so further discussion is simply pointless.

          • Anonymous

            Fine by me. I wasn’t the one to escalate this and to start calling people names.

          • ZuQiuAi19

            Your argument is as worthless as your grammar …

          • Anonymous

            From your source:

            “Related to INFER


            conclude, decide, deduce, derive, extrapolate, gather,judge, make out, reason, understand, draw a conclusion”

            Hmmm…. what word is missing from that list?

            And this:

            “Synonym Discussion of INFER

            infer, deduce, conclude, judge, gather mean to arrive at a mental conclusion. infer implies arriving at a conclusion by reasoning from evidence; if the evidence is slight, the term comes close to surmise ‘from that remark, I inferred that they knew each other’.”

            And did you miss in the discussion that there’s been an accepted distinction between the words for nearly the PAST HUNDRED YEARS?

          • Roy

            As I stated earlier if you type in “imply” it will list “infer” as a synonym so if it’s such an accepted distinction, then why keep it listed as a synonym? So until it’s changed my argument still stands.

          • Anonymous

            Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including within your own source. Okay.

          • Anonymous

   “These two terms cannot be correctly used interchangeably. In fact, “imply” and “infer” are antonyms. “

          • Anonymous

            BOOM! Kicked his a$$ with THAT one, nicely done!

          • James Glenn

            Maybe you’ll want to learn the difference between a verb and a noun. both “infer” and “imply” are verbs, so “infer” is not a conclusion and “imply” is not an unspoken message

          • Anonymous

            Seriously dude? OK, inference and implication are the corresponding nouns, or I should have said, “to infer,” and, “to imply.” That’s hardly the same as getting the meaning of the words wrong. Sheesh.

          • Bill Sleight

            OMG! A sign of intelligence!

          • Zara Williams-N

            I don’t think his vocabulary error lessened the meaning of his argument. You get his point, right?

            Thanks for the lesson, though.

          • Anonymous

            Granted, it was a good point, but the use of the wrong word inverts the meaning of what other commenters were doing.

          • Anonymous

            OMG Stop!!!

          • Chase Korenek

            Umm?? I hope you didn’t mean “infer”, but hey look on he bright side. You are contributing something to the argument of the article.

          • Roy

            Yes he did and he used it correctly because they are synonymous but hey look on the bright side, at least you know you are an idiot.

          • Anonymous

            I think we’ve identified the idiot, and it’s neither Chase nor I.

          • Matt

            Can we go back to this guy…who seems to think infer and imply are synonymous? This is too funny!!

          • Roy



            verb in-ˈfər

            : to form (an opinion) from evidence : to reach (a conclusion) based on known facts

            : to hint or suggest (something)

            Also if you type in imply on the same website and scroll down it clearly list infer as a synonym.

          • JJ

            This is what I found. Hope this helps.

            by Tina Blue

            March 27, 2001

            All this week I have run into the word infer mistakenly used to mean imply. I’d like to help everyone get those two words straightened out.

            INFER vs. IMPLY

            best way to remember the difference between these two words is to think
            in terms of the model used by communications theorists. Communication
            consists of a message, a sender, and a receiver. The sender can imply, but the receiver can only infer. The error that usually occurs is that the word infer is mistakenly used for imply.

            WRONG: Are you inferring that I am a fool?

            RIGHT: Are you implying that I am a fool?

            If someone gets the idea from your behavior that you are a fool, then he is inferring that you are a fool. But if he is subtly letting you know that he thinks so, then he is implying that you are a fool. You, of course, can infer from his implication that he thinks you are a fool.

            IMPLY = to put the suggestion into the message (sender implies)

            INFER = to take the suggestion out of the message (receiver infers)

            IMPLICATION = what the sender has implied

            INFERENCE = what the receiver has inferred

          • Blues Brother

            They are quite happy to be stupid. What’s so bad about holding 2 or more opposing views simultaneously?

          • Doug Plank

            Easy… The ones who are willing to put out a little effort to get some education wind up making money, moving up in the political world, and they want to stay there so they feed this line of socialist crap (everyone should have the same amount of money whether you work for it or not) to the dummies who then vote for the liars and the liars just keep lying. As long as the dummies don’t have to put out any effort for anything…they are happy as pigs in mud. The problem with socialism is, eventually you run out of other peoples money. Then the dummies are going to really be up sh-t creek.

          • Bill Sleight

            Those caught up in it are dumb. Those who set it up are evil

          • Anonymous

            How about ‘highly educated idiots’ or ‘useful idiots?’ Best example of this I can think of are FDR and Woodrow Wilson.

          • Gary White

            Smart, but deceptive people in power and ignorant people being lead by them…..

          • Anonymous

            The population is Sheeple, but the progressives are not shepherds. More like some sort of stylish predators.

          • ImafanNotaCritic

            Correct. And if those questioned had been asked what their political ideology was, it would be liberal or democrat. Their lack of knowledge was obvious and generally that type lacks knowledge of a vast amount of things. They tend to follow “the herd” which is what their favorite celebrity tells them what to think. Ignorance and the “herd mentality” of the Libtards rotting their brains make the hole even deeper for kids to climb out of. Critical thinking and self-thought is vanishing at an alarming rate for most of the younger generations. Which is what the Libtards/democrats want. They want blind and dumb obedience, not independent thought.

          • Carrie C

            Gary, the fact that you truly believe the media’s portrayal of millenials means you are just another sheep going by a different name. It’s an extreme over-generalization created by people that want your vote too. You forget that YOUR age group is a huge voter block that needs to be pleased as well, and it’s extremely easy to persuade you to vote the Republican way with videos like this.
            The system is playing you just as much as it’s playing the millenials. Never forget that.

          • Doug Plank

            Carrie… you are full of crap. I spent YEARS in the public education sector and tried my dead level best to get some sense of American History into High School students… They don’t care! Cell phone, Ipod, sexting, blowing a doobie… maybe 4 out of 100 actually had any interest WHAT-SO-EVER! So lip up! BTW… I shed my blood on foreign soil so don’t you DARE talk to me about American values and try to feed me the Democrat/socialist line of BS!

          • Christian Stuart Stamps

            @dougplank:disqus If the kids aren’t interested in learning, that means you taught at a crappy school. You were faced with the challenge of keeping the student’s attention, which you failed to do. Why not take their phones? It takes 2 to tango. Its just as much of their fault as it is yours if they did not learn.

            Also, don’t make the mistake of believing that just because you’ve been a soldier that somehow you become the standard on all things good and american.

            Progressives value education, it is the republican/conservative sec that would have us all to be believe that college and education is just a tool of the devil meant to move us away from our Christian values. Both you and @gary_wofford:disqus jokes.

            It is the conservatives that feel that is okay to make cuts in funding for education yet somehow this is a progressive problem. GET A GRIP and Get off of your baby boomer pedestal.

          • Donald Gumm

            Hey Christian , punks like you are whats wrong with America !!! get off your ass get a job move out of mom and dads basement and get a life !!! Not surprised you would blame the teachers your generation take no resposability for anything , every one is a winner all get a trophy and no one in your generation earns anything you are all a bunch of morons who think the world owes you a life !!!! Make sure you tell mommy some one bullied you on line lol Bullies make weak people strong !!!!

          • Anonymous

            Christian, on average we spend more per student than any other industrialized nation. Please explain to me why the more $ spent on education here the more abysmal the results, and the lower the graduation rate nationally. Teachers are not completely at fault, but do bear some responsibility. Looking at history shows the more intrusive in education the Federal Government has become the worse the results have gotten.

            Yes, Progressives value education. They value it as a means of indoctrination and destruction. In order to collapse and usurp our Republic the population need to be stupid, distracted and compliant. Have a beautiful day.

          • Robert

            Yes, on average the US spends more than any other nation on education per student, ditto with healthcare, and yet your education and health systems are abysmal. Why? Well part of the problem is that parents and private institutions are picking up more of the costs. And we have all seen that privatized systems of healthcare and education are worse for a society in terms of the services they provide and the extra costs they charge.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            and just who pays for your school and health care Robert ? Does the money just magically appear in your bank account.What country are you in France or England ?

          • Dyrewulf

            That’s absolute garbage. Only a well indoctrinated fool would believe a word of that. Go back to when America’s school system was the best in the world and see how much federal involvement there was. Not only that, but who do you think pays the taxes used by the feds? Hint: It’s the parents and private institutions.

          • Victor Mancilla

            The dumbing down of society. Can no one else see that this is an agenda that needs to be filled?

          • chrissylane

            If these respondents are not drunk, they should be. Maybe alcohol would stimulate some brain activity. What idiots!

          • Doddlin

            Throwing money at problems is all progressives know. With education all that happens to the money is school bureaucrats suck the cash out of the system and nothing changes. It’s the same reason they lobby for free college… the college administration and professors want MORE money for themselves. Nobody will EVER get a better education as a result of more money. The student has to be engaged and be culturally conditioned for this to occur (like the Asian community has done so well). That is the piece we as Americans are missing and we will continue to. A willing person could be well educated in this country almost for free. We have so much information available online and in libraries that anyone could access at no cost. You could study every single day of your life, every single subject and do it all at no cost. Thinking that teachers can FORCE knowledge into the minds of people unwilling is so ignorant is mind blowing. Yet, we keep yelping about it endlessly.

          • Had Enough

            You are certainly to dumbest idiot I’ve run across today!!!

          • Had Enough

            My youngest graduated high school 1 year ago. She came home with lots of stories about the teachers daily. All of her classes where in the honors program by the way. She said the teachers were more interested in being popular than teaching!!!! High Schools have become battle grounds for anyone who isn’t popular. Several of my child’s friends dropped out because the pressure from other kids was to much!!! I told her I felt sorry for these kids because real life is a million times greater than high school. My child will start her second year this fall in chemistry at ASU. Her goal is bioengineering!!!

          • lillapoyka

            I teach and personally, If the slugs hate me I know I’m doing my job.

          • Stephen Zeigler

            you certainly have the right attitude to be a non teacher. Do you have children …do you see them as slugs ….are do you leave that up to their teachers….

          • Anonymous

            ‘Progressives value education’ only insofar as it furthers their agendas. A truly educated individual will see their crap for what it is and why. Statistics, Logic, Ethics. If you don’t have a working knowledge of these you are fair game.

          • Anonymous

            Speaking of morons… just proved it, son. Pigressives value nothing, but their perception of power, damned the consequences. History, something you clearly have no concept of, shows it over and over.

            Grow a brain. They are using you because of your obvious lack of one. Now, go take your meddies, k?

          • robertwade

            I don’t find that to be accurate. Progressives are fond of throwing MONEY at education and pushing garbage like Common Core. But I find it’s largely (though not always) conservative teachers who take a more direct interest in real education. They tend to get better results.

          • lillapoyka

            Of the kids aren’t interested in learning it is the parents fault because most likely they have no clue what their kid is doing, don’t give a damn about education and/or their kid doing crappy is always the schools fault.

          • Victor Mancilla

            When in doubt blame the Conservatives, or Republicans. It can’t be that this generation is so use to having everything spoon fed to them that they won’t take the time to educate themselves. If you want to play the blame game how about the liberals, or the Democrats. The “Common Core” new teaching standard. Hmm. Maybe you should research how the government, that is the D and R, is needing to dumb down society. You contradict yourself when you played the blame game. Progressive value education and conservatives? The bottom line is the history books have been abridged leaving out important historical teachings. We are doomed as a society because greater importance is placed on celebrities, fashion, music etc. Don’t try to connect A to 7 with things like Christians are trying to keep society dumb. If you get an education you are the devil. Really? This is the acceptable standard now. Standards have been lowered because of the gov, mainly the Dems. This is because it isn’t FAIR for Johnny to not graduate because he can’t meet the standards. So let’s lower them so that it’s fair. I have to work with summer interns. These kids are idiots. They have already graduated, some with honors, and have this complex and allusion that they are smart because they were given a piece of paper that says they are. Get a grip and open your eyes.

          • Dyrewulf

            Well, now if you’re so smart, perhaps you can point out in the Constitution where the federal government is given the authority to interfere in education. The federal Department of Education, which the “great” Jimmy Carter created, is unconstitutional and should be eliminated. Be my guest, prove me wrong, but you won’t be able to.

          • geaaronson

            Article 1, section 8 clearly states the responsibilities of the federal government, which includes the welfare of the people.

          • Dyrewulf

            By your asinine interpretation of the Constitution, the fed would have power over every aspect of our lives. That is most definitely NOT original intent. You have either been well indoctrinated or cannot provide for yourself and family and need the people of this country to provide that for you.

          • geaaronson

            Tough beans buddy-O. Then get the SCOTUS to rule against the Department of Education.

          • geaaronson

            If it is unconstitutional bring the case before the SCOTUS. Your side should have the advantage. Five of the justices were GOP Prez appointees. And don’t try to weasel it out by saying Roberts is a traitor. That would hardly be pertinent. It just goes to show the idiocy of the right in appointing him. You guys aren’t very bright if you keep choosing turncoats. Can’t you do better.

          • geaaronson

            Go ahead and read the Constitution and see for yourself. Don’t take my word for it that it’s in there. Oh, you haven’t read the Constitution?? Why every non native citizen who wishes citizenship is required to read it. They have a better understanding what makes this country so great than you do. And don’t think for a minute that I am one of them. I was born in CT. of American parents. How about you? Read your Constitution yet? No, not Mein Kampf.

          • Bill Sleight

            Exactly right. These last two generations don’t know a thing about our country and they will loose it for us. We’re going to be sunk into being a nation of consumers rather than producers and these people are too dumb and unconcerned to see it.

          • Doddlin

            It’s already happened Bill. Too late.

          • Jim Conner

            The problem is not a simple one and it’s not one that can be solely blamed on one thing/ideology. However, I’ve been saying this for years. If we want to fix the problem we’re seeing in America then we must fix the basic family unit where there’s a loving mom *and* dad supporting and teaching children values *and* educating them simultaneously.

            What we have nowadays is broken families, kids who have no discipline, “parents” who would rather be friends with their kids than parents for them, and non-committal adults who don’t know how to choose to love their spouses rather than give up breaking up a their respective families for their own pride.

            Because children have grown up without guidance, taking from the government is appealing to them because they don’t have to have responsibility. Being lazy at school is OK and perhaps even encouraged in some places. Learning is not important because mom or dad or the school system will bail them out. Breaking laws is normal. Promiscuous sex is the norm. In short, taking responsibility is not necessary.

            American society is breaking down in many areas of the country and we have only ourselves to blame because collectively we aren’t doing something about it. Collectively, we are doing our share to perpetuate the problem in subtle ways. Collectively, we are allowing the media, baby-sitters, the Internet, and other distractors raise our children.

          • leia_tyndall

            @ Jim Connor BINGO!! Shazam!! Nail, on the head!! To infinity!!

          • Donna Fletcher

            You are right in sooo many ways. Why aren’t more people concerned w/ what has happened to our school systems.

          • scouse66

            Part of the problem is angry people such as yourself think you’re the only people entitled to a pov based on foreign service. You do realize that the generation you are scrutinizing are at this moment serving their country in a very barbaric conflict as well? Each generation has it’s share of numbskulls just as much as the genius among them will emerge. Funnily enough, the genius don’t make it into outrageous propaganda clips, do they?

          • lillapoyka

            I agree. I currently teach American History and a lot of the kids just don’t give a damn.

          • Daniel Hoffman

            All I can say to you is this: I have sat through my required history classes many years ago..My first history teacher was the worst mono tone, unexciting professor type man that ever walked the face of the earth..I dreaded that 45 min of the day with a passion.
            My second history teacher was full of energy and engaging, he included the whole class in his discussions and not the select few as had the previous.. He gave examples and opened discussions on all the topics covered in our books.. He covered the what if’s..What If the civil war never happened. What do you think the French point of view was in the war of 1812…
            My point is we can all regurgitate facts if we choose to learn them in the first place..( you have to choose to )The act of learning isn’t just about spewing out facts that you have committed to memory…It’s also being free to explore the different aspects of the problem and being free to draw the proper conclusion on yer own..
            This is what makes America the best place on earth to live..We are free to question, all we need is to be taught how to do it properly…
            Now ask yourself..Witch of the two examples above am I most like ? Do I just spew facts that I expect the childeren to commit to memory or do I engage their minds in the process ?
            In my own example, I worked ten times as hard for the second man as I would for the first..And I have since talked to many former classmates and to a person they always bring up his class in a positive light and the first example in the negative..

          • drewder

            Did they ever?

          • Christopher Coulson

            Growing up, I admittedly could not stand history in school. I love history now, and I read as much I can to better educate myself. The problem is the program that is taught in schools. It is boring and dry, and it is not at all true in many cases. The victor writes the history books though. History is fascinating, American history for the most part is as boring a subject as there ever has been.

          • TheRMSDave

            I can’t relate to the part about history being boring. I’m middle aged at this point and still seek out chances to absorb history from books and knowledgeable teachers.

          • Michael

            Doug good job of schooling Carrie

          • Keith Brockmiller

            Corrected Carrie’s spelling… re: Millennials. Just wanted to keep you in the loop. Thank you for your service, and sacrifice. The nation owes you a debt.

            Merry Christmas

          • Doddlin

            I agree with you Doug. I suspect our schools are filled with excellent teachers. I’m sick of hearing everyone blame teachers and I’m also sick of people blaming money. We have continued to pour more and more money at education and we continue to see worse and worse results. The real issue, in my opinion, is cultural and what is happening at home; parents are not parents anymore. Many have decided to escape life and their children follow their example. They desire friendship with their children and they provide no discipline… it’s now considered abuse. The majority of Americans could care less about education, competitive advantage or enriching the lives of future generations by these means. They look to government to provide it via the nanny state instead. It’s certainly doomed to fail.

          • Donald Gumm

            Carrire , You can;t have it both ways as most of the never lose everyone is a winner millenials do . The reason for all the school shootings is when you millenials hit the REAL world where only hard work and striving to better yourself count . Thats when your generation figures it out and goes insane !!!! Your political correct live at home till your over 30 mentality is whats wrong with your generation !!!!!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            SO, Carrie…you are actually saying that today’s kids AREN’T dumb as rocks? Seriously?

          • Anonymous

            News FLASH: Americans are by and large stupid.

          • Mike Knowlton

            double news flash – Progressives have been selectively BREEDING stupid voters since LBJ and maybe before. How? By paying stupid people MORE for every kid they breed while lying on their butts sucking on the public teat. Look at how the welfare system operates. (You have to ignore all the smarmy rhetoric about “helping the children,”) You’ll see it’s all about making sure each generation has more dependent welfare rats to vote progressive/communist oligarchs into power.

          • Cat Carillo

            agreed u hit it right on the head.. LBJ gave young foolish females a right to get pregnant, a apt and the right o have children without a husband . They are not helping the children. Children need MOTHER AND FATHER

          • robertwade

            Carrie, that may be true for some. But I deal with youth quite regularly, and I get the opportunity to see what they comprehend and what they don’t. An ALARMING percentage are actually as bad as portrayed in this video. These are REAL people I deal with. Sadly, they are product of equally ignorant parents. So, believe what you want, but the video is a more accurate depiction of reality than you’re comfortable admitting.

          • Manbehindthecurtain

            Carrie, you are stupid.

          • mic5o7

            You will some day find out, it’s very difficult for most of us to be “played”!

          • Keith Brockmiller

            Oh, I know I’m late to the party, but it’s Millennials, Carrie.

            Merry Christmas

          • Ryan

            Sad to say its not just the U.S, here in Australia its pretty much the same (and i was born 93) i have little faith in humanity at this stage

          • Blues Brother

            Yeah. You’re in lock step with Glenn and rightwingers in general: it’s always someone elses fault. It’s always the liberals fault. Standard denial and refusal to accept responsibility for the problem and just conveniently blame SOMEONE ELSE, especially THEM, THE LIBERALS. It’s their fault. It’s getting tiresome. Glenn advocates taking responsibility for what’s happening in the world, acutally owning it and doing something about. So stop your whining about progressives and take an action, any action, any size, big or small, of your own initiative that will actualize the world you want to see.

          • propcontrol

            There are a bunch of idiots on the conservative side as well.

          • Anonymous

            Prop, in this case, I wouldn’t agree as much. I think that conservatives are more patriotic and will know more about our history than liberals. Not all, of course, but more of them.

          • Ed

            Kind of like the 60s right?

          • elizabeth cohen

            Good answer Gary!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Which is exactly why they took over the “indoctrination” system in the first place. They created typical liberal economic destruction, and while Conservatives were cleaning up the predictable messes, they took over the system because, you know, they love “the children…”.

            This why, as someone above mentioned, it should require a test of basic history and economics…and if you don’t pass….you don’t vote. And, it ain’t racist, its smart.

          • jsteele

            That’s disgusting of you to even think. Which channel has the least informed viewers again? Which party do individuals that disagree with interracial marriage unfailingly consider themselves a part of? Right, forgot.

        • Corey Gray

          IQ has zero to do with education, knowledge of the issues, or of historical mirrors of the programs/choices, or even the ability and drive to investigate facts and think critically, or using simple linear logic.

          Trust me on that one…MENSA member, and you would NOT have wanted me voting at 16, despite being smarter than 98% of the people in the world, according to IQ tests. Might not have wanted me free to vote at 18, though I did….and my 16 year old son is two IQ points higher than me, doing community college and high school at the same time (will get his diploma and his associate’s in general education within a week of each-other), but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to put my future in his hands, yet…despite the fact I’ve augmented his education constantly since he was about two and a half, so he could answer every question asked right off the top of his head, without added consideration, plus hold decent conversations with top end professionals in many fields as a fellow professional who is at an entry level familiarity, at the very least (Christ, the kid’s taking tensor calculus already….I didn’t touch the stuff until I was a junior in college!).

          I believe it was Franklin who said something to the effect of a nation must be governed by men who vote the issues out of educated and enlightened self-interest. We have plenty of self-interest, not much enlightenment, and our educational system fails utterly to put the RIGHT education in the hands of the populace, if they don’t actively seek it.

          • Brad

            For someone with such a high IQ, you surely do not understand how to construct a sentence, no offense. I mean English was my worst subject as well, but damn.

          • sean

            I believe that might have been the point of that post… read the opening line, “IQ has zero to do with education…” so what if they can’t construct a sentence, their point still stands…

          • Corey Gray

            No offense taken, you’re completely right. Unless writing something that’s going to be seen by someone I need to have appreciate technical knowledge, or where I have to represent myself professionally, I don’t edit or back-check.
            Since I tend to think faster than I can type, or even speak, this usually makes a hash of my ability to write properly, even though it doesn’t interfere with passing the content of the comment or story or whatever I’m writing for on to the person(s) reading it.

            But as I said, education and IQ two very different things, and ability to apply either are also not necessarily one and the same. I know plenty of absolutely brilliant people who can’t apply linear logic to ANYTHING except when in “professional mode”, and plenty of people extremely well educated that still cling to, and can’t be convinced to let go of, plenty of misinformation they’ve undoubtedly been taught differently about.

          • Corey Gray

            I understand it quite well. Just usually don’t bother with editing or paying a lot of attention to the technical rules of grammar, just spelling, because I’m usually thinking so far ahead of what I’m typing that I’m in too much a rush to keep up, lest I lose track of the thought process.

            Not an unusual thing, even in folks who are average intelligence, just well educated. Which I have to admit that I’m not, in any official capacity. A bunch of school, just not enough in any one field for a worthwhile degree, and even more self-education, from the fact I prefer non-fiction to fiction, and read voraciously. So what I am, in effect, is someone who thinks VERY fast, grasps new ideas or expands on them very easily, but couldn’t qualify for a job in many fields/industries.

          • Anonymous

            “Everyone” Q: in a blog comment does it deserve this much Scrutiny ? ? Can’t wait to see the comments on this …
            Me thinks thou does protest too much!! And I get the jest of all above but why the “I’m Right you are Wrong Battle”…Geez Whiz I too have a sister who is a Brainiac, but not a lick of common sense

          • roger

            just because you are smart doesn’t mean you are educated either, all the college in the world doesn’t make you ready for the real world that most of us live in. I have to say I had a friend in college that was of high IQ and was so lacking in common sense that it was ridiculous he would ask the same question 15 times in different ways to get the same answer just to make himself look smart it was a waste of time congrats on your son hope he does something great with all that education and to you too.

          • Corey Gray

            100% agreed…what I said in my first sentence, in fact.

            Hell, as I said, MENSA member…but like your friend, to this day, I’m so lacking in common sense that a few years back I damn near blew my hand up because, after making “sparkler bombs” all day (this was the 4th of July), when my lighter got so hot continuously lighting sparklers for kids, I just put a whole box worth in my hand at once, and tried to light ’em.

            SORELY lacking in common sense.

            My people skills suck in social situations, as well, despite being VERY familiar with psychology and sociology, and having made quite a bit of money in sales….go figure.

          • Sammy

            Haha, my boyfriend says this to me all the time, “I think the higher your IQ, the less common sense you have. You’re an example.” -___- He claims I don’t have common sense, but I’m “book smart”. I agree with you wholeheartedly.

          • rubyt

            So are you inferring that because you know one dumb college kid that college is a waste of time? It sure sounds that way. If you are being sarcastic than you also sound foolish. A fool knows not his own folly. ( I couldn’t resist using infer in a sentence hahahaha).

          • rubyt

            I mean are you implying (hahahahaha) that because you know one dumb college kid that college is a waste of time and all college grads lack common sense.

          • Alec Ganci

            Well hopefully with his degree he can find a job….I know plenty of people with degrees that can’t find work.

          • Guest

            Wait, can we go back to the guy who thinks imply and infer are synonymous? That was too funny!

        • Jason Jermaine Smith

          That will cut out the majority of the tea party. Be careful what you wish for, imo.

          • R Wing

            LOL, I’m not a tea party member but I saw a report that was done recently that showed tea party members scored higher in science and history than democrats. Amazing, isn’t it? No BS, true story.

        • Greg Worthington

          Why don’t we bring back the poll tax while we’re at it. #sarcasm

        • Michael McPartlin

          Absolutely, because IQ tests measure the knowledge of regurgitating irrelevant history facts. Do you even know what an IQ test is? Maybe you should take one yourself.

        • ltdan

          And then we can finally turn imtonthw totalitarian state we’ve always wanted to be!

        • Sam

          We need an IQ test before people vote. I agree.

        • Doug Leuthold

          They should take a I Q test before voting…..these Ignorant college age people voting on issues that affect us in a wrong way and they don’t care what the out come is (mostly Democrats voters)… long they got a video games and pizza come on time life is good….America is going to pay some day from the next generation for being so DUMB….you see there is a 18trillion dollar debt hanging over their heads and they don’t see it….good luck dumb college kids we try to warn you….

      • Laddyboy

        Individual people deserve the right to fail. Do not put me in the failing group by association. I am an American and I refuse to be put into a group due to another individual’s prejudices. I do not care what the topic is about.
        By your statement you are to dumb/stupid to succeed because you are an American.

        • Kathy Allen

          i think you meant “too dumb”

      • WendyHurts

        A few days ago, I was playing World of Warcraft (Don’t judge me!!) and we were discussing the “lore” behind some of the game, and the kids who play the game can tell you the entire history in full, excruciating detail of a world that does not exist. I bet not a single one of them can answer any of the questions that were asked, nor do they know any of the history of stuff that really matters. I think I shall ask them next time I play….

        • Anonymous

          Someone needs to develop games of this sort that are with the story of all our true history. That may be the only way to really turn things around and correct so much with our young people today.

          • Katie

            I hate to say this but there is no true history. As a historian there are always things being discovered and altered about what we really know about history. Should also state that to do so would be extremely hard because you would want it to be all encompassing. Which would mean that you would want to include Civil Rights: Suffragettes, African American Rights, Native American, etc. The way history is viewed is constantaly changing and evolving so I wouldn’t say true history and I would not want to put it as a game.

            Granted I could understand where you are going with the idea to try and spark interest but if you did that it would be so bogged down with inaccuracies to get the interest of the user because modern day individuals need shiny things to keep their attention. An example the movie Shakespeare in Love… heck anything to do with Shakespeare. We know so little about his life and what we do know we take from his previous works. The movie mentioned above weaves a tale and leads the audience to believe that he based Romeo and Juliet off of a young lady who aspires to be an actress in a male driven acting society, the males played female roles. When it is actually believed that Shakespeare had based the play off of a woman of darker complexion, which had inspired many of his sonnets. There was also the question of why there was no African Americans in the film during a period where London had decent number living in the population but that is besides the point.

            Basically what I am getting at is that if anyone tried to make a game that it would either be too dumbed down and filled with shiny that it could no longer be valuable for teaching history. Or it will be so overwhelming with information that no one but diehard history nerds, like myself, will want to get it.

        • VentiMan48

          Well I wrote a very long nice reply. Till it vanished :( silly log in’s

        • Alec Ganci

          Quit that horrific game…it stopped being good in 2010.

      • Janson Smithers

        That whole “I hate to admit it but we deserve to fall” is bull.

        We’re possibly headed for a dictatorship, Hitler style, here in America. Those words “we deserve to fall” have no place being uttered here in America, where we celebrate FREEDOM.

        • Nicklaus

          Well, John Locke’s work played a very large part in how our government was built by the founding fathers. He and many of the men that wrote The Constitution stated that all government is inherently corrupt and over time grows more and more so. The answer to this problem was the periodic overthrow of governments by the people when they come to a breaking point. Some day it will happen. It might not be in our lifetimes but we need to be sure to safeguard the rights of the people to allow them the ability to do so against a tyrannical government (Rights to privacy/assembly/gun ownership/speech…). Please tell me what part of the Patriot Act is an expression of FREEDOM. You lose your rights daily because of the people in this video that do not care. I believe that you both are right about the inevitable outcome of our country, but we are not special because of this. It is simply the nature of all government.

          The night before I walked to get my degree in Economics I stayed up memorizing the Gettysburg Address because I set that goal for myself. That speech shaped the course of our country forever and much of what we associate with this country today is because of what Lincoln said that day as it carried into the Emancipation Proclamation.

          -Be the change you want to see in the world.

          • R Wing

            I agree with most of what you said. If there isn’t a major change in our government in our lifetime, it will not happen. It will be too late. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an overthrow, but if it isn’t done peacefully in the very near future, it will have to be done, probably with violence.
            I read your comment regarding learning the Gettysburg address. I graduated from high school in 1973 and my class had to learn the Gettysburg address when I was in 7th grade. I can still remember and recite it, although I might not remember what I had for supper last night. I don’t think the speech set the course for the future, but it gave a very brief history of the past and proclaimed the war, and the results of it, would be a test of our nation. I think this may be the time for another test, but I’m not optimistic of passing it with what I’m presently seeing.

      • roger

        I was born in 1968 and asked a waitress the importance of kitty hawk NC and she had no clue and she lived in kitty hawk NC, wow and I am a truck driver too

        • Anonymous

          Never looked at her license plate motto either, I guess. There’s a clue there … at least there used to be. Something like, “First in Flight”?

      • Donna Polles

        Unfortunately, the companies who publish text books need to be held somewhat accountable.
        Prentiss Hall/Pierson Education/Simon&Schuster make most of the text books used in schools these days. In the states of Tennessee, Alabama, Louisianna, Arkansas, and Mississippi, they “dumb down” (that is a direct quote from a senior member of Pierson) the text books to make them “more culturally correct”! What?! Its insane.

      • Dani Ilges

        90 and i knew them all :D. My education was only in high school at Affton High, a suburb of St Louis Mo.

      • Andrew Paulus

        Everyone always picks on America. Do you think all Germans know their full history? What about the Russians. I am sure America is not on this sinking boat alone…

      • Bill Sleight


      • James

        1981 here too. Maybe its cause our kind in 81′ missed being gen xers by 1 year… I dunno. Generation WOW is the real concern though, they are lost in the sauce.

      • Sam

        I also knew the answers

      • Pavinz

        Teachers need to teach the subjects they are supposed to, not instill their own beliefs into the students, That being said, the teachers best grade is the worst student’s grade. That student depended upon the teacher to see to it he / she learned about the subject. The good students will learn despite the teacher – they will find out themselves about the subject.

    • 65byteme .

      Cotton Candy Coated Clown Bonkers. IFLI! Yes I was born in 1965.

      • AlexisJaime

        IFL? Cotton Candy Coated Clown Bonkers is the nuttiest thing I could think of at the second that was G rated.

        • Mike Nelson

          “I * Love It”

          My classic favorites still include ‘clown shoes’ and the win/fail one-word dis/approval.

          You seem to be a ‘win’ in the clown-shoes, yolo, millenni-fail generation; here’s to standing out in the crowd :)

          I was born in 1972.

        • 65byteme .

          IFLI — You missed the ” I ” at the end as I too was attempting a G rating. It stood for I F***ing Love It !.

          • AlexisJaime

            I figured it out after a bit, but thanks for clarifying.

      • Patricia Ruedisueli Therrian

        I was also born in 1965 and when Watters World comes on I just cringe, knowing how stupid the answers or “non-answers” are going to be. The lack of intelligence and the “topper” is they all think it is laughable!!! OMG we are in huge trouble!!! We are already in trouble but this stuff will bury us even deeper! smh

    • centerprise

      Here, here, AlexisJaime. You got it!! I too think it is more about kids and parents who no longer give a @#$% than it is about a “broken” education system..

      • AlexisJaime

        Don’t get me wrong, I think the education system is broken, but that’s because parents have grown to rely solely on government for educating their children instead of taking on the responsibility for themselves and using government ran schools as a secondary form of education.

        • John E. Jones

          Now days the schools are basicly babysitters.

          • AlexisJaime

            I agree. I know of several people who view school as free daycare.

          • Anonymous

            Really poor ones obviously.

    • Janson Smithers

      I’m 35 and it drives me nuts for sure!

    • Dion

      So just because people don’t remember information that was given to them in 5th grade about politics their not smart? Other then being a history teacher or needing this information for an online debate as this one what good does knowing who the 1st or 13th president do for anyone?

      • AlexisJaime

        Did I say they weren’t smart? I didn’t say that. In another comment I described them as “ignorant” which is an accurate use of the word.

        As for the second part of your comment, “what good does knowing who the 1st or 13th president do for anyone”.
        Well, in the typical daily lives of the average person, not all that much, but as I said in a different comment to someone else, a person who strives for knowledge will generally have a pretty good command of the basics in most topics.

        When it comes to, “who did we fight in the civil war” and someone answers the “French”, the question using the word “civil” should provide the answer, therefore an answer of the “French” is a stupid, unintelligent and not very smart answer. That question can be solved with basic understanding of the English language without any knowledge of history. Can it not be solved with basic understanding of the English language by knowing what the term “civil war” means?

      • Ed

        They’re not their. It’s not that knowing these facts matter so much as that knowing them is a reflection of learning abilities and personal effort. Just like knowing that their is a plural possessive and they’re is short for “they are”.

      • Anonymous

        You’re missing a point. You said information was “given to them”. I presume you meant it was taught. That they don’t remember it means they never actually learned it. I’m old enough to be your grandfather yet still remember things I was taught in the 1950’s. That’s because I actually learned it. It’s not “what good” it does a person, it’s about actually learning.

        • confederatesteel .

          It’s a shame these kids don’t know history. they just try to repeat what they are told and do a bad job at that. It is a shame to think Lincoln fought the Civil War for the slaves when it is well documented by his own words it was about the Union and money.

      • Anonymous

        It’s not about smart, it’s about ignorance. Those who are wholly ignorant of their history, the enormous good that America has done for mankind, what makes America exceptional, and the sacrifices made to achieve our exceptional status won’t grasp how historically uncommon – and therefore, how precious – our freedom and prosperity is. Because of that, they don’t even recognize what’s being taken away, and/or are less willing to fight to preserve it.

      • LegendXV

        Lol, I remember all that information because it’s held constant throughout higher leveled education (AP and IB). It’s really not hard to remember that Washington is the 1st president and the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, nor is it very hard to remember that Great Britain fought against us in the Revolutionary War, NOR is it extraordinarily difficult to recall that the Civil War was fought between the Union and Confederate States of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis over slavery.

        It’s the education system. Reg ed classes don’t cut it (they learn the bare minimum). World War II veterans are still alive today and yet my generation can’t commit to memory that half a million US soldiers died to fight against the Axis powers (Germany, Japan, and Italy).

        The Cold War is ever more recent, with the Soviet Union failing in the very early 90s and late 80s. This history is very recent … especially with events like the Cuban Missile Crisis little more than half a century ago.

        If you’re going to celebrate Memorial Day, at least celebrate it with some degree of memory to the veterans of the past and not some iconic soldier you hold in your head.

    • Corey Gray

      My older two were born a year after you, my youngest 3 years…all three of them constantly complain about the same thing.
      Especially as the four of us constantly talk politics, history, philosophy.

      The real problem is parents who are no more educated, and have no interest in becoming so, parents who won’t augment their kids’ educations with at-home discussion and teaching, not teaching their kids that teachers aren’t authorities on the subjects, but passing knowledge written by approved authors who, themselves, only CLAIM to be authorities, even though they might actually have the facts right, don’t teach their kids “always go to the facts, always go to the numbers, anything else is just someone telling you their personal opinion”, and parents who trust a system–one universally complained about–to raise and educate their kids, instead of putting more importance on the REAL purpose of a parent (investing in the future people who will be responsible for them when they no longer can be, and will be raising the NEXT group to do the same) than they do in scrambling to keep up with the Joneses, or get the fancier goodies, and move up in the world, or dedicate to their “off time enjoyment” when they aren’t engaged in that scramble for material success.

      And the parents are that way because most of *their* parents were that way.

      It’s a trend those of us raising kids now, and those who shortly will be, have to dedicate ourselves consciously to changing…and because it won’t benefit our “authority figures” for this to happen, it will take dedicated effort, and facing down deliberate resistance to such efforts from those “authorities”.

      • AlexisJaime

        I agree with you, and what you are eluding to, that government schools have become a means of creating generation after generation of obedient tax payers who blindly adhere to fake authoritarian figures.

        • Corey Gray

          Most private schools, too. They have to conform to government set minimums, and teach certain subjects in certain ways, covering particular materials with a given bias.

          Doesn’t matter how “good” a school you send your kids to, it’s up to YOU, as a parent, to raise them, ensure they’re educated correctly, and in the areas YOU think they’ll need knowledge, in the future, not any organization or system.

          • AlexisJaime

            As a former public, private and home schooled student, I can say there is a distinct difference between private and public. Sure the government does tend to regulate a little, but the curriculum is a lot different… But the most important thing is that there is a massive difference in attitude of the students and teachers. The teacher at private school wanted us to question them if we disagreed with them, but in public school the teachers didn’t want us to question them. They simply expected us to take them at their word.

            Home school was boring. I think I ended up teaching dad more than he taught me.

    • Michael Martin

      Alexis, I hope you’re up for a large family. We need your kind to stock this fish tank called Western Culture.

      • AlexisJaime

        Well, I appreciate the vote of confidence but I have ZERO intention of getting married or having children. This world in my opinion is so messed up and with the direction this country is going, I kinda believe bringing life into this world is practically child-abuse.

        That being said, not too many guys like bald girls just coming off chemo.

    • BlueMN

      Yep, you’re pretty ignorant to believe that crap is real alright. Colbert already turned this guy into a laughing stock after he tried this stunt with Columbia University students.–world—-tad-s-turf

      • AlexisJaime

        Yes it is real, it may not represent the typical college student being that it is probable that Fox News picked out the most ignorant answers they received, but that doesn’t make it not “real”.

        Also, you don’t know anything about me to make a REASONABLE assumption of my level of intellect.

        And yes, I saw that Columbia video. Here’s the thing you and other people who buy into the nonsense spewed by ALL the media(including Fox) refuse to see. It is very likely that Fox News selectively aired the most ignorant people they questioned on the beach. It is also likely that the Colbert Report selectively aired the ones with the answers that didn’t make them look like fools.

        But by all means continue to judge me and attempt to insult me if it makes you feel more secure in your position.

        • BlueMN

          The reason he asked those questions was because almost everybody can answer them correctly, especially without a camera and a microphone shoved in their face, otherwise it’s not funny. Would you be able to answer them correctly? Would most people you know have the right answers? I’m going to guess yes.

          He only showed a small portion of the video he shot that day. If someone got the right answer, he moved on to someone else, unless they were “one of us.” You see why he cherry-picked those responses in that way, right? The idea is to make “them,” whatever group or demographic he’s targeting, look dumb and therefore any opposing point of viewpoint they have is easily discredited.

          At least you realize now they are not typical of college students.

          • AlexisJaime

            Did you not read my comment you replied to? You just said the same thing I already said.

          • BlueMN

            I did, you apparently did not read mine. You implied they had an equal amount of edited tape on the floor at the end. I pointed out almost everyone knows the answers so I’m fairly sure that’s not the case. And your reply to me changed significantly from “…ashamed of how utterly ignorant people my age are” in your original comment to realizing Fox only used only a small portion of the actual responses. Well done.

    • Bruno

      Hell! i’m not even from US and I know most of the answers. I know probably most of them don’t read but do they pay attention to historical movies at least?

    • Marisa Esposito

      wow, I sure wish parents would take an active role in educating their children instead of blaming it on public education!

      • AlexisJaime

        I agree. Public education is a part of the problem, and parents shifting that responsibility onto the the state is the greater issue that needs to be solved. Unfortunately after generations of parents using government to educate their kids, the parents have been dumbed down to the point that the parents would (in general) be poor teachers.

    • Ed D

      What everybody has to remember here is statistics class. Do you really think everybody he talked to was this bad? Do you really think that the six or seven people he talked to in that video is a significant enough sample size? There’s a lot of spin here, that’s all I’m saying. Sure, those kids were dumb…but I’m 21 and I’m well aware that most of that was elementary school stuff. Surely these people are representative of a small portion, maybe the bottom 10% of so-called “millennials,” but you and I should both be examples of the fact that this is clearly biased and not representative of an entire generation. Pointing to a few examples as representative of a whole general population is an ugly habit that I can’t believe the “journalists” in this video haven’t realized is problematic yet.

    • Guest

      What bothers me about this, is the fact that it is not always the education system that is failing. Sometimes, these kids just do what they need to do to get by and “get the grade,” and they show zero interest in the topic of study. They just regurgitate the facts in order to pass a test, and then they just throw all their knowledge out the window. They are clearly not doing their part, either. Now I’m sure, some teachers kind of fail their kids and don’t teach a lot of important historic details (*cough cough* Vietnam), but we also have the internet readily available at any hour of any day. The kids are to blame here, as well.

      I’m 21 and currently in college and I’m lucky enough to attend one of the top universities in America, and I’m studying Political Science, a very competitive program at said institution. And I graduated high school in Clark County, which is one of the worst school districts in the nation. I had teachers that didn’t care, but I also took it upon myself to learn what I needed to learn. I didn’t always rely on a teacher to selectively tell me the facts. I was also lucky enough to have parents that pushed me forward and urged me to do what was necessary for success in school, and I’m sure some of these kids may lack that support system. Regardless, they can watch Youtube videos of cats for hours, why not make use of the internet for learning just a bit of history regarding this wonderful land they’re so lucky to live and study (….and drink) in?

      Less complicated point: My generation pisses me off. How did half these people get into college……? The girl in the yellow thong makes me face-palm so hard–her parents must be so proud they’re sending her to school to learn nothing (unless she’s getting scholarships, in which case, what a waste)….

      • AlexisJaime

        I agree with you, especially the implication that the internet is a widely available education tool that isn’t being utilized. It boggles my mind that many people go through their lives wondering about this or that, not knowing the answers to random questions they have, and yet with the answers only a few clicks away these people remain ignorant.

        never before in history has knowledge been so equally available, and yet, ignorance still wins the day…

    • Rousseau Welch

      Europeans aren’t a whole lot better with their education system which is a hell of a lot more centralized than that of the U.S. You are well on your way to being a well-informed American. Imagine, you are on this website, contributing your opinion. Well done.

    • Brian Hsia

      its funny how im asian yest I know more then these idiots

      • AlexisJaime

        I wouldn’t call that “funny”. I might call it sad or peculiar.

    • Jenn Rockefeller

      I was born in 1975 and yes, it was driving me nuts at how ignorant most of those people are. It’s really sad. Were they asleep in history class? Or are they just that stupid? That one girl answered “the French” for almost everything! SMH.

      • AlexisJaime

        Well, first thing I want to point out is that intellect and knowledge aren’t the same thing. These people were shown to be ignorant, but they could still be smart.

        I also have a theory as to why that ignorance seemed so common. I suspect the mentality of a beach going college student and a college student that doesn’t frequent the beach are fairly opposite. I suspect the party mentality(that you will see at the beach) is not typically the same as you will see on campus. The beach could be like bait for the ignorant. But that’s just a thought.

    • Muzamil Panezai

      wow, I did not know about the word MILLENNIAL, I just learned here, I will be using it somewhere soon!

    • Warrior KM


    • Bill Sleight

      Absolutely right about the responsibility of the parents.

    • elizabeth cohen

      I am 60 and trust me I am scared that this is what the future of America is. You are right, this drives me crazy!!!!

    • Had Enough

      I taught my children, I’ll give you a thousand bucks for every wrong answer my children give you, I’m that certain my children know the answers!!!!

      • AlexisJaime

        Good for you for being the parent your children need. If I can ask the questions I want to ask, I will be able to boost my savings account in no time….

        Why are there three generations(muon, electron and tau) of particles that make up matter?

    • Craig Johnson

      You are exactly right!! Government should never be in charge of teaching our children!! “THEY” do not give a rats ass How well the kids do. They only care if their agenda is being taught. What a way to keep the slow kids up with the smart kids. Everyone is equal-now days with Common Core. Hense the name-common!!! Hold the smart ones back, so the slow don’t feel bad!! Everyone is equal!

    • Anonymous

      AlexisJaime, Thanks for not taking the easy way out and blaming the schools. I have taught for 26 years, and I am about through. The decline in education is the responsibility of everyone, especially the voters. It’s going to get worse with common core, as soon as the infrastructure is in place, the curriculum will follow. Who’s curriculum? Depends on who are political leaders are. Do you know that once common core is in place, the federal government is in charge of education, not the states, counties, or local school boards. Open your eyes people. Do you know that Multiculturalism has become a part of most degree programs now, especially the Masters programs, in some form or another. Look up the article “The Faces of Whitness,” easily found in a google search, and read that. See if that doesn’t make you sick, and realize that it is being taught in all multiculturalism courses across the nation. What do multicultural classes teach: History was written by white men, and therefore is inherently incorrect. One of the goals of common core is to rewrite history to reflect the truth. Whose truth? The progressives of course. I could go on and on, but my point is that each of you have some responsibility here in seeing that education does not continue to decay. Don’t expect teachers to hold the line while you sit back and ignore your responsibilities as a citizen and voter. How many school board meeting have you attended?
      Alexis, I am not directing this at you, but at all of us, me included.

      • AlexisJaime

        I agree with you about common core. I believe the better more achievable goal should be for voters to ensure government doesn’t take away the parent’s right to educate their own children. That way the parent can fulfill their primary job, which is to care for their child physically, fiscally, mentally and emotionally, along with their education needs without the INFLUENCE and CORRUPTION of government.

        As far as how many school-board meetings I have been to, well, I have been to ZERO. I am 19 and have no children and when/if I do have children I will not let government educate them.

    • Manbehindthecurtain

      As a person that might be a boomer or an xer, I am ashamed of how effing bad we are as parents. To allow the loss of the knowledge we had growing up. Not teaching the basics of US history and more important the why we did things, has allowed the nonchalant view of our freedoms. It will be so much easier to steal them from the sheeple we have raised.

      • AlexisJaime

        I agree with you.
        If we observe the attitude, etiquette and behavior of people my age, it is fairly easy to determine which one of us had parents that impressed their knowledge and wisdom onto their children.

        The problem is many parent nowadays are helping to perpetuate a victim mentality and knowledge about how to use a system for their bread and butter, while ignoring the chains that keep them enslaved to the state.

    • Richard Denkmann

      born in 1987, i cant stand being lumped in with this generation, ill claim gen X

      • AlexisJaime

        There are ALWAYS people within any group who fit like a round peg in a triangle hole, which is why it is called a generalization, instead of a uniforming doctrine.

    • avgjoe

      these are good lil LIEberals ignorant & dont care just give me my check & booze & let me watch about important things like dancing with the stars, American, the latest on miley cyrus ect

      • AlexisJaime

        There are plenty of people on the right with the same mentality. Statism, rather is be faith in the state or a belief that the state has the right to control the people, is a problem that crosses party lines with ease…

        • avgjoe

          Yes RINOS believe that BUT theyre no different than teh LIEberals who caused the problem

    • Fletcher Wilson

      Not the wall up a dang mountain.

    • Cesar_The_King

      I went to school IN GEORGIA, and I knew all these answers easy. I mean, this is stuff I learned about in elementary school, and I’ve learned so much more about them since then. (and having learned about the civil war from schools in both the north and the south, “What was the civil war about” is a surprisingly nuanced question.) These people are pathetic, and as someone born in 1993 (so part of this generation), I absolutely hate people like this, and do my best to either avoid them or educate them. I mean, these sort of people have been around for a while, but… well let’s just say whenever I meet people like this I begin to understand why Eugenics used to be a popular idea. Not saying it was a good idea, but I can see where it came from.

      And I am SO thankful that my parents did take an active role in my education. For summer vacations, we’d usually go someplace both fun and historical. Like one time, we took a trip all along the eastern seaboard, from DC to Philedelphia to Boston, visiting revolutionary war sites like the Concord Trail, Valley Forge, and Independence Hall. There’s a much better way to learn history than just having a book read to you. You may not need to go absolutely everywhere of historical value, but the ones you do go to leave a much stronger impression in your mind.

    • Dave H

      Thank you staying awake and becoming aware!

    • 75skydog

      America will not survive this intellectual holocaust against our youth but those rith eyes to see like you will make it out to safety so take heart

  • Barnara Apon

    The first time I had ever heard of Glenn was on Fox…He told true history the way I was told…not from history books and teachers….they where boring facts…Glenn like my Dad and Grandmother tells history by storytelling…and he was the first to bring out what has been removed from history books over the years…I told my children like Glenn, my Grandmother and my Dad…in story telling…they are now both close to fourth years old…they know the true History of our Nation and other places..and they have passed the stories down to their kids…The art of Story telling is an awesome tool to teaching and learning… That is the reason I am a BIG fan of Glenn Beck…..

  • Steph

    This was a terrible sampling of the population as a whole. Going to one place that is likely to harbor airheads guarantees an extremely biased sampling, not to mention the sample size was very small. Sensationalized stories like these cause unfair stereotypes about this generation.

    That being said, the people that Watters spoke to are complete morons; and for the sake of future generations, I sincerely hope they don’t reproduce.

    • Cameron Channell

      Nobody claimed this was a suitably random population sample. The point is these are things that EVERYONE should know after going to school. And your claim that a beach on Memorial Day is likely to harbor airheads is a bit presumptuous. A warm holiday on which most people don’t work is likely to get a pretty good variety of the population to show up at the beach. As for unfair stereotypes, there is still time to prove them wrong, although the youth of America isn’t off to a great start.

      • troy

        A collection of of drunk frat bros and thonged bimbos is not a “good variety of the population.

  • Brian Thompson

    This is why we need to stop allow citizenship by birth! People should have to pass a civics course to be able to vote! You need to do the same walk through Congress and State Legislatures and see if elect officials get them right?!?!?.

    • Malcolm Diaz

      I’ve made this exact argument before. The fact that citizenship is handed out the moment you are born has rendered it valueless to so many. You don’t have to earn it, you get bombarded with press about non-citizens getting all the same benefits of being a citizen…and viola! We have basically taken citizenship and relegated it to a “gold star” like your kindergarten teacher would hand out when you remembered to erase and clean the chalk board. Imagine if you could not enjoy all those benefits until you made a conscious decision to become a citizen…how much more value might a person place on that entitlement? Citizenship means almost nothing to those born here exactly because it was handed out like a cheap burner phone.

  • hiker359

    I don’t think age is any indication as to awareness of history. If they didn’t learn basic history during their formal education, why would most people learn it in their careers? I think voting should be contingent on passing a basic citizenship test before being able to vote at all(the same on you have to take to become a US citizen) and prior to each election, there should be fundamental test of an awareness of US current events and the basic platforms of the candidates in the election. An ignorant electorate does no good and is one of the greatest contributing factors the the insanity in Washington DC today.

  • JJ-JetPlane

    This video puts far more emphasis on the people that got questions wrong than got questions right. A camera crew and this reporter probably went around LITERALLY ALL DAY asking people these questions, and of course, showed us the worst, dumbest ones.

    It is far less startling to think that probably 5% of our population gave these answers, not 95% of the young people on the beach. But of course, that is what this video would lead you to think.

    Clear your mind of biased, agenda-driven news people.

    • Michael Rice

      Biased agenda? Like claiming something as fact, like you just did. Is that what you mean?

      The test scores and other academic reports back up whaty was shown in the video.

      Get your head out of the sand.

    • Tyson Litz

      It must be bliss to be as ignorant of actual facts as you are.
      Have you honestly never seen the polls & studies performed by reputable groups & universities that show stats like 11% were able to name who the vice president is? Or even who their senator/congressman is?
      Like I said, bliss.

  • PrayerBurden

    This made me cry. Come on! These are EASY questions!!!

  • Rayne Eileen Pinion

    Im sure this footage is cut to get all the bad answers because I am 20 and know all of the answers to these. Roll ALLL the footage please

    • AlexisJaime

      They claim they didn’t cut out any correct answers. I don’t know if that is true or not, but either way it is sad.

    • Malcolm Diaz

      Thinking that because you knew the answers means all 20 year old people must as well is a bit naive, don’t ya think? Stupid people…of all ages, exist. Don’t get so caught up in the “Hey, I’m part of that group of people” aspect of this that you refuse to see what is plainly in your face. If it makes you feel any better you can hit youtube and see footage like this about “old” folks too…if that makes it easier for you to swallow that young “hip” people can be dumb as sh*t too.

  • Alexis Little

    Voting age at 35? I’ve met plenty of “dumb” 35+. Like the 50 year old man I talked to last night who still calls gay men “faggots” and African Americans the n-word. We don’t need to increase the voting age, we need to increase our interest in education. We have stopped caring. Most of my friends went to public schools and I bet they would answer every question correctly because they studied hard and paid attention. Blame the people who are raising children to not value education. Take the TV remote and the french fries out of your kids hands and hand them a book for crying out loud.

  • Justin Anderson

    so many butts.

  • Barnara Apon

    I love to comment…but that line coming in to tell you that there are more comments drive me nuts…it jumps right on top of the comment your typing to the point you cannot tell ( just happened again) if your typing is correct… Please…find a better way…

  • Randy Blackstock

    The movie Idiocracy is no longer fiction but now a reality.

  • JLT

    There is no common core for history… so this has nothing to do with common core but rather the lack of importance placed on teaching history properly in schools

  • nickey

    I’ve learned all these things in school. Do I rremember them off of my head, no. I’m in college but history isn’t something I focus on. Its not necessarily that we are not taught these things its that we choose if we are going to remember them and if we value them important. My focus is on the mineralogy and structures of the earth, not who won the cold war. (Though I was a little sad some didn’t know washington was the first president 😉 )

    • Malcolm Diaz

      History does not repeat itself. Stupid people who choose to ignore history…they repeat history. My career as a developer requires exactly zero knowledge of history to do what I need to do but my ability to see, understand, relate to and even help change the world around me has a lot to do with history so there is a lot of importance there as well, is there not? I mean it’s the difference between seeing a news report outlining one group fighting or hating another in the Middle East and being able to draw on your knowledge of even general history of the area coupled with the things that you have experienced yourself to fully or at least better understand what and why this is going on or…just being another “typical” American who can only shake their fist at the TV and spout out a generic “Stupid terrorists!” or some other such thing. It is always going to be better to know than to not know, in the grand scheme of things.

  • Tracy Shumack

    This is such a pathetic show of our education…I have had children in the public school system for 17 years, and for the first time, I will homeschool my 7 year old next year for 2nd grade. The things that have happened to her and that she has been taught this year makes me more than angry. I am very nervous and scared, but looking forward to the challenge that we both will face next year. I know deep down I am doing the right thing for my child though.

    • Laddyboy

      God bless. Have strength in your endeavor. You might want to contact your church for guidance. If they do not know, contact your board of education for the home teaching curriculum needed. They SHOULD be able to guide/help you.

    • Pat L.

      Yes, you are doing the right thing. God bless you and your daughter. I know that she will learn much more than she ever would in public school.

  • Anonymous

    And these people VOTE???? OH LORD! God help us!

  • Michael Rice

    They aren’t passed out drunk. They aren’t putting him on. They just don’t know. They have no clue. They’re to busy taking feminist studies and white privilege classes to know.

    I don’t care if they were the dumbest people there. This amount of stupidity is bad and it’s the fault of an education system that is failing.

    I guarantee some of these idiots are honor roll and Dean’s List students.

    I have a twelve year old who could get every one of those answers right and could have for the last four or five years.

    • Kaylyn Klingmeyer

      I bet she can answer all of those questions because that is what they are learning in school. I know my third year in college I won’t be learning an ounce of American History because I don’t need to know who fought in the Revolutionary war to give a patient an IV

      • John Gabriel

        Kaylyn that is something you should be learning in middle school….and I hope you are not learning history when you are in your 3rd year of college you should be starting your curriculum in your major.

  • Shawn Henderson

    when I was growing up my parents worked with me. after they came home from work. I blame the lazy parents. easier to blame someone else than look in the mirror.

  • Kaylyn Klingmeyer

    These few people do not show the intelligence or knowledge of everyone of that age group.

  • Placidio Juan Rivera

    this just goes to show you looks do matter, because with out them these hotties are in serious trouble. Green is a great color.

  • troy

    People now are so ignorant to elementary facts. I just watched a video of a TV show host who didn’t even know what caused the tides. “Tides go in, tides go out… you can’t explain that” lol

  • -Matthew ☺ Carr-

    Smart people are clever enough to avoid that stuff and not so big headed as to want to be on TV

  • Anonymous

    First off, there may have been 10,000 people who gave all the right answers – we’ll never know.

    Secondly, just because these people don’t answer (some of) the questions correctly doesn’t mean they weren’t taught properly.

    Thirdly, in light of one and two, what’s the point of this post again?

  • J Deezy

    2 things.
    1) You idiots blaming the common core need to go take a breather. These are a bunch of drunk college kids and the “common core” program did not exist while these kids were in grade school.
    2) More of the girl in the yellow bottom please

    • Kevin

      this guy understands whats going on

  • Logan Peterson

    So specifically picking attractive females and guys with booze in their hands is selecting people by random, okay Bill O’reilly you trickster you.

  • gman

    And…For the Fox reporter…right over there is not Great Britain. It’s Ireland. Dumbass

    • Anonymous

      *Facepalm* They are BOTH over there smart one. Wow… I dont know if your being sarcastic or real.

      • TTAS

        He’s being a liberal. Faux news, right?

        • Anonymous

          Faux News. Like that is the only source of news I trust… they are ignorant beyond belief. I even tune into C’n’Nothing to check facts…

  • Kevin

    I’m very insulted to be lumped in with this crowd. There will always be very stupid drunk people wandering on vacation. Don’t represent the youth using these people.

  • Brendan Burke

    Its hilarious that Pseudo Historian Bill O even conducted this after his bull with Killing Kennedy , Bill buys the Warren report hook line and sinker !

  • Anonymous

    nevermind the hidden racism of telling the black guy he should know why the civil war was fought- or that the civil war was actually fought over slavery

    • Anonymous

      Oh can it. Everyone regardless of race should know the events that led up to the Revolutionary war AND Civil War. Matter of fact slavery was NOT the main reason the war was fought.

      • OpenMinded

        Nowadays if you try to tell anyone that the Civil war was fought for other reasons as well as slavery then you are likely to be called a racist. Economics was one of the main reasons.

      • Anonymous

        That’s what I was saying.

    • A-Train

      well… shouldn’t everyone?

  • Joshua Lookout Smithers

    Hahaha, Boom! Go you good things. hahaha. Only in the USA.

  • Anonymous

    Broken.. Wait what? Is this blog filled with patriots? Majority of adults won’t be coming out of High School knowing most of these answers. I don’t even expect them to… It’s not our education system’s fault , it’s if these interviewees actually gave a crap about what was being taught.

    • Anonymous

      Dude, I am an average college kid who could have answered all these questions without a problem. It is IMPERATIVE that we know our own history.

      • Anonymous

        Our history, or the history they want you to think happened? What about the damage control that was done after Lincoln was assassinated, & his pet project The American Colonization Society?

        • Anonymous

          Your point? These guys couldn’t even get right which president fought in which war. That there is more shocking than deeper details like the true reasons the Civil war was fought. No it wasnt over slavery.

    • A-Train

      I’ve been taking accounting classes for five years… and still know all of these.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll bet some of these young people went to college, a few may have even graduated.
    This is the future of America that Saul Alinisi and others worked so hard to achieve. It wasn’t done overnight but they achieved their goal. Common Core is the final touch.

  • Van Snyder

    How long has it been since anybody read “A Nation at Risk?” We knew in 1983 that socialists were ruining our education system (and some might argue it was intentional, not boneheaded); it’s only gotten worse since then.

    • John E. Jones

      How many have read the dumbing down of America?

  • Braden

    Honestly this is unfair. Quizzing college students on history they were probably taught ONCE over 5+ years ago. What about other subjects? What about world history? What about questions relating to their MAJOR? They were probably on break after finals and had just crammed for classes. The last thing I want to do is try and recall some old US history while I am enjoying myself on the beach. Obviously the questions are basically general knowledge but the “sample” or survey conducted is completely inaccurate.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a college student that could have answered ALL these questions and history ISN’T my major.

    • Tony Clifton

      Really Braden? They were not asking hard questions. Who did we fight in the Revolutionary War, Civil War and WW2? I can’t imagine that studying for their Women’s Studies final pushed that out of their heads. These people are incredibly stupid.

    • A-Train

      lol… I can answer these after being awake for five days studying, while strung out on vodka and red bull. not. that. difficult.

  • Earl Downing


  • desselle0010

    And they want to throw more money at education.

    • Anonymous

      Actually grades K – 12 are taking the biggest hit out of all of them, and then are expected to repeat their junior and senior year in college, and it shows.

  • Jason Wilkins

    They may be brainless but at least we are putting out some good looking women. Better to be dumb and beautiful than dumb and ugly. Some redeeming feature.

    • A-Train

      at least most dumb and uglies are nice.

    • Anonymous

      If this is comment is serious thats even more deperessing than the video.

  • Robyn Weinbaum

    this is long island, puh-lese.

  • RedMeatState

    but I’ll bet they know how to nasty!!

  • naedrdmk

    Good grief. This is what happens when parents and society do not enforce the idea that an education is a good thing and not something you endure until you are old enough to apply for foodstamps.

    • Jason Wilkins

      That is a spot on comment. Education used to be honored and people who were educated were admired but now education is so undervalued. We have a plethora of negative words for “smart people” who excel in studies.

      • OpenMinded

        C. M. Kornbluth . The marching morons.
        Or to quote Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us!”

  • Manny Gongora

    the interviewer points out to the water and says Britain is just across
    the water. He was at Jones Beach, NY and the beach faces SOUTH!!!…
    Just as dumb as the people he was talking to.

    • Anonymous

      He was clearly being sarcastic…..

  • Tucker

    Sorry folks. This is all taught in school grade after grade. Not all kids are students. Kids and parents are, by and large, to blame. Not teachers and government officials.

    • Anonymous

      They are trying very hard right now to make it impossible for parents to teach their children within their own homes. Home schooling is going out the window, and trust me it isnt the teachers pushing it. They want to make sure you are learning THEIR version of history, and in truth the media tries to portray parents as slow, uncaring, and over disciplined. What effect do you think this is having on students?

      • Tucker

        I’m not entirely sure where you are coming from. Nowhere in any part of my, nor anyone else’s public schooling, was this a problem. I have met many successful college students who were homeschooled and currently have relatives and family friends teaching their kids at home without issue. As far as “their version of history” is concerned, it’s like I said above. ALL of the questions asked above are part of public education curriculum, year after year. Schools and teachers aren’t always the same caliber, I understand that. But this isn’t an agenda. This is an issue of teenagers being more concerned about their social life and popular culture than their own history.

        • Anonymous

          Dude, you need to get with the times. Just because it hasnt happened yet doesnt mean the are not trying. I saw the reports and the attempts by the boards to try and pass laws that restrict kids from being taught in their own homes just like it is praticed in Germany. This is not a conspiracy, this is fact. Get with it and you will see where I am coming from. Just because it simply hasnt ‘happened’ yet doesn’t mean someone isnt trying to take it away.

    • A-Train

      it’s all of the above actually. someone had to teach and parent those teacher and parenters.

  • Burt

    This is what you get with lack of discipline. Our country is absolutely screwed.

    • Syberlink

      This is what you get when unions and progressive have total control of our kids education. Ask them if you should tax the rich. Ask them if Conservatives are racist. Ask if the government should spend what they earn. I bet they can answer all those questions.

  • Jae


  • Susan

    OMG these people are SO DUMB!!!! Read a book on history just once!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You dont even have to go that far anymore. Just Google it and you could get most the answers quicker than reading a book.

  • Anonymous

    And yet…. I’ll bet they could tell you all about Rosa Parks, MLK and Harvey Milk…

  • Wulf

    Those attractive girls just have to post pictures on Instagram or social media sites, and will make lots of money based on their looks. They don’t have to worry about being smart.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t even pay attention in school and i knew all those answers. What are the kids now a days learning? Then again don’t tell me!

  • Anonymous

    Let’s not put total blame on the school system. These are the kids in class who never paid attention, didn’t read the book, copied someone else’s homework and tests. No matter how good the school, these students are just dumb – attractive, but really dumb. And somehow they get trough life often very successfully.

  • Anonymous

    My head hurts…How are people this dumb? There are movies about this stuff for crying out loud!

    • Syberlink

      There are no dumb students, just bad schools. Its more about Unions and Common Core then about the students.

      • Anonymous

        “It’s” and “than” ironic again!

        • Syberlink

          Thank for the correction. I’m sure correcting my spelling errors will fix common core and the progressive school system. Your correction proves that public school and standardized testing sucks.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, sure there are. Take a look at your average university for a plethora of examples.
        You cannot place all the blame on the education system (although, yes, a large portion of it goes there). Some belongs on the parents and some belongs on the students themselves (particularly when they are older) for being lazy.
        I had an excellent jr high history class, but I barely scrapped by. Part of the reason for that was my inability to keep up, but a bigger part was my lack of interest and effort.

  • Caleb Denton

    This is the result of teaching to a standardized test for funding. I can’t believe this.

    • Syberlink

      If you write the test and teachers only teach the answers, you control what is learned. A teacher should inspire to learn about everything not just what a company at Common Core tells you to teach.

  • Anonymous

    What we will never know is how many accurate responses were edited out.

  • Anonymous

    You know I decided to go hang out with some of the graduates in my area, and asked them a few questions on current politics, and holy crap they were sharp. I will have to go back and see what they know of past history.

  • Mark Wolf

    Wtf is up with that dude’s collar?

  • Anonymous

    The Obama administration is there for only ONE(1) REASON: The two-witnesses of Revelation, chapters 7 & 11, leaving only 144,000 equally divided Anglo-Saxons & Jews left alive after 3 1/2 years of witnessing against US. After all, last time “we the people” were ruled by “forbidden foreigners”(Non-Anglo-Saxons) as predicted in Deuteronomy 17:15 was in Egyptian Captivity 4000 years ago. No! I’m not a racist Glenn, I’m only saying that our 6,000 “given” years are over and it’s finally time to “pay the piper,” as they say, or complete the 1st-born blood covenant of DEATH made 6,000 years ago for us! No? Tell me that again Glenn on Wednesday, September 24, 2014, which is the correct date for the next annual feast of Trumpets(Spiritual War) against us, because also as written, “Yahweh does nothing without 1st warning his people!” At least now “we the people” also will have a necessary scriptural “scapegoat” to be set free, because the sacrificial Lamb already has been sacrificed for us, don’t you know? Watch…

    • Paul

      Sorry I nodded out. Were you saying something?

  • Wulf

    Maybe the scariest part was when they didn’t know that George Washington was the 1st President. I’m not even 40 year old, and I can remember that bit of info was etched into my brain by first or second grade.

  • Justin C Corcoran

    at 4:58 hes a reptilian shapeshifter illuminati bacon hating facist… lol.

    • AlexisJaime

      LOL That’s mp4 for ya.

  • Anonymous

    The South.

  • Kader

    I wonder how many people they interviewed that aren’t showed. Although some shocking and dumb answers. I’m sure this is a small slice of the pie.

    • AlexisJaime

      You could always test that by going up to random strangers and asking them the same questions.

  • Anonymous

    If that’s Jones Beach, I’m pretty sure Great Britain isn’t in the direction of which the reporter pointed..

    • AlexisJaime

      Duh, that was his point, to see if she would dispute him.

      • Anonymous

        Duh? I mean, if I’m not mistaken, the discussion was on history not geography. So you can’t really blame someone for not catching that when their mind is trying to focus on history itself.

        • AlexisJaime

          Duh, as in a sigh indicating one(you) pointing out the obvious.

          If someone can’t think about more than one topic at a time, then that is truly sad. And yes, I can blame someone for not catching that. In this case she not only didn’t catch it, but actually said, “REALLY”…

          • Anonymous

            “If someone can’t think about more than one topic at a time, then that is truly sad.” Loooool how do you look right now? You shouldn’t be blaming anyone, it’s not your business anyways. Worry about yourself let them continue to not care as they have shown.

          • AlexisJaime

            Have I said I was going to attempt to force them to learn or not let them “continue to not care”? The answer is simple, NO. Also, who am I blaming? And what am I blaming them for?

            What does, “Loooool how do you look right now?” even mean?

      • Anonymous

        At first, I did not realize the hesitation in his response and the ‘second take’ he makes after pointing. Fair play to him.

  • tyler

    just because somebody doesn’t know the history of the US doesn’t mean they are stupid. Now, some of the people in this video are certainly stupid, however I know people who are very intelligent with technology and mathematics that have no skills or knowledge with any type of history.

    • AlexisJaime

      Did they actually call them stupid?

      • tyler

        I think its pretty obvious that’s the point. To show how stupid teenagers are. Agree?

        • AlexisJaime

          No, the point is to show how ignorant teens like me, are. Stupidity and ignorance aren’t the same thing.

        • Syberlink

          The point is to show how progressive schools do not care about our children.

    • Ryan

      How can you learn not to repeat mistakes made in the past if you don’t learn history? Many of our congress men and women fail to learn how-to avoid those mistakes.

  • Alan Tuttle

    Here’s the interesting thing about Americans: they can’t help but answer the question! We’ve been taught in our schools and such that if you do not answer the question, you’re stupid. So, we’re forced to yell out whatever comes to our mind. Just about every other culture would tell the reporter, “Hey, I don’t know the answer. Sorry!” But, in American culture, not only do we answer the question anyway, but we’re somewhat proud of our ignorance. Tee hee *giggle*giggle*

    • AlexisJaime

      Not all Americans. But yeah, basically a lot of people here in the US are very ignorant and not the least little bit bothered by it.

  • Syberlink

    This is more about teachers and schools, then about student and kids.

    • Anonymous

      “than” oh, the irony!

      • Syberlink

        oh the proof that progressive schools suck.

  • Vintage Rock

    Maybe, just maybe, the ones at fault for the lack of knowledge these kids have are the kids themselves. They can look any of this stuff up on the Internet in about 10 seconds. But they don’t care because it’s all about money, popularity, who looks good and who wins the pot of gold…

  • Leslie

    I was born in 1992 and I knew all the answers. I always feel so smart when I watch Watters world, but then angry because hardly any of the people know the answers.

    • AlexisJaime

      I almost always feel the same way.

  • Bob Glick

    Apparently the more cleavage you show the stupider you become.

    • Syberlink

      or the more aaass

    • AlexisJaime

      I must be genius. My boobs are nearly nonexistent.

  • todd

    Glenn. I am an avid supporter of all that you do and your ideals. I am also a proud republican, and a Superintendent of schools. Our education system is not broken. Great strides are being made to hold teachers accountable, and at the same time we have a long way to go. When you make statements like that it diminishes the hard work that those of us in education are doing every day trying to effectuate change.

  • Will Grundmann

    How about the girl in the yellow thong bikini! She could think the south won the civil war for all I care.

    • Bryan Bell

      I’m with ya there….I would have gotten in trouble, ‘cuz I would have said “hey, the answer is right under that green thong…..mind if I take a peek?”

  • Henry_Wotton

    Right – because Long Island Beach during Memorial Day was bound to be full of geniuses? Talk about an awfully small (and wildly inaccurate) sample size…

  • Thomas R Carter

    It’s a shame but those girls don’t have to be smart

  • Steven B A Martinez

    Well,..the girl in green with the big boobs did pretty well. lol

  • Sebastian Mansali

    Call me a naysayer, but at the end of the day all of the historical questions that these young people were asked simply require nothing more than mere memory, which is the lowest predictor of one’s intellect according to the Bloom’s taxonomy. Essentially, these people not knowing historical facts doesn’t make them stupid (As I’m sure they were taught these facts in school, but had just simply forgotten them over time). What I am more concerned about in both young and old people are poor mathematical ability and English usage , both of which are two skill sets which are truly important.

  • Ryan

    Hah! I wonder how many of these folks being interviewed weren’t wasted ! Also, I wonder how many people answered every question correct? Of course they’re only going to show the dumbasses

  • SomeOneSpeical

    Pretty sure several of them weren’t serious in all of their answers. That being said it was clear when when they were serious about their correct answers and yet still uncertain in the correctness of their answers.

    Frankly you can find stupid anywhere if you look for it. You can also find genius if you look for that as well.

  • Mike Levalley

    who cares theyre hot!

  • Eric

    Basic questions they may be, I still only knew 3/5… But why should that bother me? I care less about history now than when I was force-fed the material in high school – it’s pretty useless knowledge aside from trying to impress your girlfriend’s father who happens to be a historian.

    Kids come out of high school knowing more about chlorophyll and The War of 1812 than they do about how to live a budgeted life, balance a check book, or plenty of other more useful things. The educational system needs reform, but not necessarily in the history department.

    • AlexisJaime

      I suspect few think history is more important than basic math and life skills, but history and the lessens learned from observing history can help a person understand how mismanaging a checkbook(personal or national) has consequences.

      History is important, and like most forms of knowledge, it is free and easily available to anyone with a computer or a library card. People who know history, generally are well versed in other topics. The reason why is because knowledge isn’t limited to one topic and a person who seeks knowledge in one area, generally seek knowledge in others.

      A person utterly ignorant of history is likely ignorant of other things.(not calling you ignorant)…

    • John E. Jones

      Because if you don`t learn from history you keep making the same dumbass mistakes. like for instance, Alexander the great, the british, the soviet union or nobody elese has ever defeated afgnaistan. WE DIDN`T LEARN OUR HISTORY THERE. Same in Viet nam.

  • Brennan Cheung

    He should have asked them “How’d the moon get there?”

    • Justsomedude

      I question the validity of this video when the person in charge of it has no concept of how gravity works.

      • AlexisJaime

        How does gravity work?

        • Justsomedude

          Things with mass attract other things with mass.
          This is how tides work, which Bill O’Reilly had no idea about.

          • AlexisJaime

            That’s not what gravity is or how it works. You are describing the effects of gravity, not what gravity is or how it works.

          • Justsomedude

            “The tides go in the tides go out, you can’t explain that.” -Bill O’Reilly

          • AlexisJaime

            Pointing out the ignorance of O’Reilly isn’t an answer to my question. The tide coming in and out is an effect of the tug of war of gravity between the earth and the moon, but that doesn’t explain how gravity works.

            Your original comment that I replied to was this, “I question the validity of this video when the person in charge of it has no concept of how gravity works.”

            I ask again, how does gravity work? If you question the validity of this video because the host doesn’t understand how gravity works, then you must be able to explain how gravity works.

            I have news for you, no one KNOWS how gravity works. We understand its effects and we have theories on how gravity works, but no proof of how it works has been discovered. Einstein theorized that it is a result of the warping of space and time, but it is still a theory.

            My point is simple, O’Reily is a statist idiot who is being faulted by you for not knowing the same thing you are ignorant of.

  • Janson Smithers

    I knew more than they do when I was 10… 25 years ago!

    These kids truly have no clue how stupid they look.

  • I’m your Huckleberry

    Watch it with sound and enjoy the scenery! Easy on the eyes BUT DUMB AS A ROCK!

  • Matt

    Pretty sure it’s just because they’re drunk…
    Still sad…

  • roberta4343

    wow they are just so busy having fun playing and gaming they are not paying attention you don’t need the school to teach you, pick up a book on history once in while, study some basic science or something. quote from psych on the Indiana jones episode, I do not repeat myself, contrary to popular belief there is such a thing as a dumb question, and if any one is confused by what they hear, yea, there is a book in the gift shop called a dictionary pick it up and read it once in a while, now who is ready to have fun.”

  • Nick

    The superiority complex present in these comments is disheartening. I was born in 1990 and I refuse to say I’m ashamed of my generation. The fact of the matter is, for years, the previous generations claimed the country was doomed because of the current generation; yet now you claim superiority? Talk about repeating history. I’d bet the bank that each generation had their fair share of incompetent individuals, unfortunately technology hadn’t progressed enough yet to highlight your respective generation’s incompetence.

    Secondly, you do realize this video likely chose the worst responses. It doesn’t accurately represent an entire generation; statistics anyone? You guys are so smart right? Lastly, history is not the sole decider of IQ. Although I do remember some history from middle school/high school, I’m sure many individuals can put me to shame. However, I’ll likely run circles around many individuals in respect to my engineering field. You can know a little about everything but sometimes we need individuals to excel in certain practices. I’d bet some doctors and great minds don’t know all these questions, are they dumb?

    The fact of the matter is every generation had every type of individual. Every generation succeeded and failed in certain areas and this will continue to happen. As to comments claiming we’re too incompetent to vote? Please get off your high horse. We are all in different situations and points in our lives, therefore, we have varying stances on current issues. Unfortunately, how anyone votes has little impact because it has become more about Republican vs. Democrat rather than what is right for the country. Maybe some of you “sheep” should open your minds.

    • John E. Jones

      Both political parties have had their share of idiots. GW wasn`t any better than Obama.He suckered us into A war with Iracq . every grave in Chicago got up to vote for JFK lied to us about not going to viet nam,He and lbj had swinging doors on their bed rooms.the last realy great president we had was Ike. We`re still paying for trumans blunder in Korea. I just looks like it keeps getting worse with each generation. outside of progress in the health field is our world better off than it was say60yrs. ago?

  • Anonymous

    ANY excuse to question the girl in the hot yellow tiny bikini bottom

  • DJ

    Every American should know our basic history. That which the question were. Basic. To not know the Father of our country is pathetic. To not know what the civil war was for is pathetic. Especially a black man. Our schools have been going down hill since the “No child left behind” began. This core curriculum has added to it. I’m glad I will be long gone when this country implodes.

  • Ron Jeremy

    Who cares how smart they are with asses like those!!

    • AlexisJaime


  • ComeOnPeople

    This isn’t even funny, it’s sad……..

  • Dion

    Those were all easy questions, but other than being a history teacher who really needs to know that information? So to call these people dumb and stupid is pretty messed up like who really cares about what number president someone was what’s the difference between the first and the 24th president I bet people don’t know that unless they google it Cus I sure as hell don’t know the names of every president and the order in which they were in office.

    • AlexisJaime

      Who called them dumb and/or stupid?

      • Nick

        A large amount of people in the comments.

        • Dion


          • AlexisJaime

            I can’t reply to your other comment because you used the word ‘shyts’ which caused it to go to the moderator for approval. However I can read your comment since you replied to me. I will answer your question.

            Your question was, “Around the 4:50 minute mark he says “was anybody smart” and then says he attracts dumb people. What does that mean to you?”
            To me that means whomever said, “he attracts dumb people” displayed a poor command of the English language, being that the word “dumb” describes an inability to talk.

        • AlexisJaime

          I was actually referring to the people who made the video or were in the video. I should have explained better or not assumed you meant those people.

          People in comments will almost always make comments that don’t make sense.

  • Anonymous

    I had to stop watching this… I felt like my brain cells were dying with the stupidity of these people.

  • Jason Naujok

    I refuse to believe this is the average intelligence of American citizens around my age. This is unbelievable with how stupid they are, its just flat out right appalling.

  • Jason Fox Johnson

    All of these people graduated high school long before Common Core was in place, but thanks for throwing a book plug in there. There’s plenty of dumb people, plenty of smart people.

  • Darlene Wayman

    Consider this: yes, they could be considered “dumb” for not knowing basic history; HOWEVER, I just wonder, if we’d had guys on the same beach in each decade since the turn of the 20th century asking the same types of questions, would our parents, and grandparents have been able to provide correct answers? Notice I said same TYPE of questions – geared for their generation’s history. Yes or No? Our education system may suck by our standards today but consider the percentage of children who now get at least a rudimentary education even though they may not be history, math or English whizzes. In our parents (I’m 60) and grandparents days, there were many illiterate people and/or undereducated. My own father only went through the 8th grade so he could stay home and work on the farm. He might not have been able to answer questions like those, but he could fix a car, build a house, etc. There are many kinds of education. If a guy can’t change the oil or fix a flat tire, but he knows history is he smart or dumb?

  • Sargonarhes

    I’ve been out of school for a long time now, but in my opinion I learned more out of school than I even did in school. Schools today are not really a place of learning but more of an indoctrination center.

    To any one that says America deserves to fail because of these stupid people like this, I hope your prepared to have to fight them off. Because if this system goes down these idiots are going to be among the crowds wandering looking for food.

  • Brian Darwas

    Too bad Spain and Portugal are across the Atlantic Ocean from New York, not Great Britain. . . so, the interviewer fails as well.

  • Mayz

    I don’t know much about the cold war, but I could have answered everything else.

  • nahor88

    Only one I didn’t know was why it was called the “Cold War”, if you missed anything else shame on you.
    Those girls will be dated for their body, and then dumped once the guy has had his fun and realizes how dumb they are (unless the guy is just as dumb).

  • AshG

    This is more about a generation of spoiled brats who don’t care to learn anything other than what it takes to advance than a broken education system that doesn’t do its job. I’m willing to bet that each of the people highlighted here passed the test that required them to know the information, but immediately shuffled it off to mental recycle bin once the test or course was over. It’s why all of my tests are cumulative, to head off this brazen idiocy.

  • Gary Lang Jr.

    I guess if you are that hot in a bathing suit, worldly affairs are not important.

  • Tina Sorensen

    This is not a true representation of our youth, though. I get miffed a bit when these are shown. They are purposely picking young people on the beach, who do not care about these type of questions right now. Poor setting for a “testing.”

  • Darrell Habel

    All I can say is – it’s sad people don’t know what their countr’y history is about.

  • Renae Singleton

    We didn’t have the WWW when I was in school and growing up. What is terrifying is that kids/young adults these days DID have the internet and can find out ANYTHING they wish in this world…yet most of them (I SAID MOST) seem so STUPID. Maybe we should dump the web and go back to Encyclopedia Britannicas…you DO know what an ENCYCLOPEDIA is, don’t you?

  • Dion

    Those were all easy questions, but other than being a history teacher who really needs to know that information? So to call these people dumb and stupid is pretty messed up like who really cares about what number president someone was what’s the difference between the first and the 24th president I bet people don’t know that unless they google it Cus I sure as hell don’t know the names of every president and the order in which they were in office.

  • Jill Hodges Betts

    My 14yo daughter can answer every single one of these questions. You cannot just blame the schools. It is ultimately the parents responsibility to make sure their children are properly educated. Shame on their parents.

  • Robert

    Ah yes, Fox News taking 6 or 7 different people who have no knowledge of history and encompass it over an entire generation in order to shock viewers. I’m not making excuses for these people but when you have time to ask a large amount of people, one can simply edit out all of the correct answers (which they don’t want to show the viewer) and only show the ones which will enrage the viewer, thus getting Faux News more attention.

  • Joanie Jones Hardy

    Pull your thong over your head.STUPID

  • Christopher Butler

    Bad information on one of those questions: No one the Cold War, we just lost less bad then Russia. We spent waaaaaaaaaaaay too much money to claim a win.

  • Dion

    Those were all easy questions, but other than being a history teacher who really needs to know that information? So to call these people dumb and stupid is pretty messed up like who really cares about what number president someone was what’s the difference between the first and the 24th president I bet people don’t know that unless they google it Cus I sure as hell don’t know the names of every president and the order in which they were in office.

  • Garren Folts

    Lets Play WHAT DO ALL THESE WOMEN HAVE IN COMMON? Well Janice it looks too me each one of them are very blessed in the breasticular area. Well John I dont think that’s a word. Its okay Janice the Audience gets the point. Janice, see all the fine ladies and gentlemen asked were, as most would agree, on the more “Attractive” side of the line, especially that one in the yellow bottom, hot damn. JOHN!! pull yourself together. Oh….sorry Janice, anyway, this doesn’t really prove anything about our education system, dont get me wrong it could be much better, but do people actually belive the majority of students are this well “dumb.” John, be nice, these students probably weren’t worried about that kind of stuff in school, i mean look at them, there gorgeous, they were probably worried about the net pep rally or something. That you are right about Janice, but id also like to see that test done on adults, and somewhere elsewhere than LONG BEACH…..CALIFORNIA. I mean what idiot decided that would be a great place to ask common knowledge questions, they don’t portray “surfer dudes” as retards for nothing folks. So chill out bra, catch you on the flip side.

    • Anonymous

      You watched the video right? In what world does looking across the Pacific Ocean get you to England?

      • Garren Folts

        I noticed that, i think he was just speaking in a relative term, i mean technically you could point from California in the direction of the United Kingdom, but makes more since to point East.

        • Anonymous

          No, he wasn’t. He was standing on the east coast facing directly towards England.

      • Anonymous

        He was in NY and looking across the Atlantic Ocean.

        • Anonymous

          No kidding. The poster above doesn’t realize that Long Beach, CA faces west.

      • Garren Folts

        Yeah, i mistakenly took ” a beach on long island” as “long beach.” my apologies.

  • Governor51

    Those girls better hope they never get fat. If they do they’ll lose the only thing they have going for them. :-)

  • Jeanie

    It is not a reflection on the educational system, idiot. It’s a reflection on how poorly children pay attention, study, do homework and remember.

  • Connor Kenway

    I saw a video that people thought Godzilla is a documentary about climate change. They think Godzilla is a result of global warming and thought it was all real. I mean their is a moron born every day.

  • Ryan

    This hurts me ;-;

  • Anonymous

    If you fall for any of this propaganda you are as dumb as the people in the video…

  • FedorTheGreat!

    We’re basically turning into a nation of retards.

  • zanezuccaro

    i was born in 2000 and im still shocked how stupid people now a days are…

  • dan

    I literally dont know one person that doesn’t know the answer to any of those questions… this is a dumb video… people aren’t like that.

  • Anonymous

    Technically Pres Lincoln, while residing in the White House, was living in the South. The Mason–Dixon Line, which symbolizes the cultural boundary between the North and the South (Dixie), demarks the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland, which is north of D.C.

  • Lara

    I just hope they don’t vote.

  • jerseymike1126

    is it really that hard to go to a crowded beach and find a half a dozen idiots? youtube glenn beck rally and you will see the same level of dumb

  • Thomas Dorney

    There you go America pointing blame as usual. The parents of these people and the people themselves are a disgrace. Period! The girl in the Thong bikini and her two bikini wearing airheads will be hugging the pole. Hope their parents are proud. I am ashamed it is in my own backyard. I can see where Queens, Nassau and Suffolk’s tax $ is not going. Another great American Holiday of disgrace. Have another chug of beer America. You deserve it.

  • Anonymous

    To be fair, to the average person, they don’t care about history, or think those facts hold any meaning to their daily lives.

  • Ethan Park

    This is so retarded. And I’m talking about the reach for ratings. I know plenty of uneducated people who know the answer to these questions. Way to pick a beach with a bunch of young drunk students who probably could care less about studying; then pick the most idiotic interviews out of them.

  • Happy

    Yankees… Dumbing down America since 1861!

    • Ethan Park

      I’m sure the Brits are happy that these dumb Yankees saved them in the World Wars considering they were literally dying.

  • James Bond

    A few questions about one subject is not very representative. Just saying.

  • Christopher Midkiff

    Bunch of stupid people…

  • Joseph Green

    no, you know what the real problem is? reporting these days. this is the most trite, lazy news tactic i’ve ever seen. People watch the news to be informed, not to laugh at some poor people being put on the spot. Unless it’s Bill O’Reilly, of course, which people watch to get their daily dose of ignorant old white guy.

    • Libertarianistical

      So… A media outlet could never have fun according to your standards, right?
      And this should be common knowledge; this isn’t like trying to name state capitals, which is much less ubiquitous.

    • tj

      Hannity, O’Reilly, Maddow, Mathews etc etc etc are by no means “news” If you are watching them to be anything but “infotained” or indoctrinated you really need to turn the TV off and find some “real” reporters(HINT they are NOT on the alphabet networks or Huff Post and their ilk.

  • Dr Moon

    Amazing and these are the kids going to the supposed Ivy League schools. We’re doomed.

    • Ethan Park

      I’m pretty sure it’s some 2nd tier state school, community college, or no name private school that only locals have heard of.

    • Anonymous

      Do you really believe that? Then here, have some more Kool-Aid.

  • Krista Mccurry

    Just asked my 12 year old the same questions plus some others, she got them all right. Feeling much better about the video. Lol.

  • Danny VanWinkle

    This is ridiculous. I hate when people post things like this. I’m sorry, but this is not the norm. This is a few uncommon morons. Who is George Washington? I’m sorry, everyone knows these answers. I’m not doubting that some don’t, but most do. They don’t show you all the people they had to ask to find those who didn’t know the answers. I simply can’t believe that this was filmed without finding anyone who got the correct answers. This is not news. This is simply making us look bad as a nation. It’s not funny. I don’t know who is more dumb, those in the video or those that think they’re proving something by making it.

  • Anonymous

    When the girls lose their looks, their giggling, “I’m just stupid” won’t be cute anymore. They get away with their stupidity because they think they can get by on their looks and unfortunately, they probably have. When the looks fade? They will just be plain dumb.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be curious to know how many people were interviewed as well as the questioned asked of ALL the participants so that FOX could get the results they desired for Mr. O’Riley’s show. Otherwise they have some nice cut jobs and editing. Don’t forget FOX news just cares about ratings. Oh and Jay Leno did this for years…..its called Jaywalking.

  • Teddy Heaton

    Technically…. we did fight ourselves in the Revolutionary war. … Just saying.

  • TexanEDM

    There’s no way this is real.

  • Stephone Valadez

    These girls are an anecdote for society… You can’t use this as a basis for why Obama got elected…he was the better candidate I knew the answers to all those questions and even though Obama isn’t the best president in the world I’m not stuck on the conservative hate train and blind to the good he is and has done but using little things like this to control a population has been a tool of the GOP for years. There are plenty of ignorant people who don’t know enough about this country but just like there are those who blindly voted for Obama don’t think for a second that that kind of social ignorance isn’t reaponsible for the conservative polarity of all the red states

    • Jason Jermaine Smith

      True story. I sometimes visit right wing sites to see what the others are thinking and it rarely leaves me with any hope for the country. Thankfully there are more progressives in the country and all they need to do is vote to fix stuff.

  • Khym

    I especially like how this begins with an ad full of stupid people pumping a common product like it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER!!!!!

  • Ruxy Walsh

    try asking someone not wearing a bikini w/ a hot bod, most of them get by on their looks

  • Jacob Hoffman

    Fantastic representation of our entire generation! We are all so dumb and don’t know anything.
    I laugh when I think about what current adults may have said on the internet about their children’s generation.
    Please, take a step back and realize how much of this video was cut out. YEAH EVERY PERSON ON THE BEACH GAVE A WRONG ANSWER.

    • Guest

      please note the sarcasm =)

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it was pretty apparent they picked the 6 dumbest people to keep showing them over & over. But that’s “fair & balanced” you know????

  • Guest

    So many trackers on this website, disgusting. Quit tracking people’s habits eh?

  • Charlotte Daniels

    History was my least favorite subject in school and I did what I had to to pass it, but I still knew the answers to the questions. The problem with youth today is we have so many STUPID reality shows on tv glorifying drinking, teen pregnancies, etc etc and that’s what they choose to watch instead of some of the more educational shows. School is not the only place you can learn about our country’s history.

    • Anonymous

      And ironically a great, GREAT, number of those inane cr**** shows are on Fox.

  • sd

    Round of applause fox news, cheap laughs at the expense of kids. I am glad that this is what entertainment is nowadays.

  • Jeff McCandless

    Ok, so there have been dumbasses since the beginning of time. This has nothing to do with the education system! I’m a hardcore conservative and fan of O’reilly, but come on, show all of the interviews, not just the dumbasses!

  • Forever American

    Born in 1943 never went to college and I can put these dufuses to shame.

  • Anonymous

    Several of them kept repeating, “I feel stupid”. The correct response would have been, “yes, you are stupid”.

  • Meminski

    I was born in Mexico in 1976 and knew every answer. I guess I was paying attention at school. Sad to see the world getting dumber and dumber as you can see this going on also in my country of origin.. :-(

    • Anonymous

      Please! Promise you’ll take California with you when you go back! Please!!!

  • Cedric C. Carter

    What’s even MORE troubling is how flippantly most of these people answered the questions. Then some (especially the young ladies) were laughing at their own ignorance. It’s NOT funny”! It is SHAMEFUL!!! This country’s OWN worst enemy is within it’s OWN borders. Very very SAD!!!

  • Diane M. Roach


  • Nicholas Knaus

    Totally an excuse to show t and a on a news program. They chose the people for something large and It wasn’t cerebral!

    • Nicholas Knaus

      Literally asked the girl in a thong to turn around.

  • John Hoegemann

    This is the mentality of the people in office too!

  • Jules

    This is hilarious and horrible. Where is our education system? Have these people no shame?

  • Matt Babbit

    These videos really upset me. This is a prime example of propaganda associated with disproportionate reality. Notice how it’s the same 5 people who have gotten all the answers wrong. You mean to tell me he spent a full work day–even half a work day–on the beach conducting interviews and these are all the people he interviewed? Also, notice how no one over the apparent age of 27 was interviewed. There are just so many holes in this process, it’s egregious. What Mr. O’Reilly and Mr. Watters do here is nothing more than perpetuate ongoing profiling that disproportionately portrays my generation as full of slack-jawed morons. It’s picking on the generations, which is especially disturbing considering that this is the education system that the baby boomers and gen-x have put in place. Conservatives, do you still want to cut the education budget after viewing this? Mr. O’Reilly, what exactly is your impetus for change–or, as I assume, are you just too perpetuated with the “holier than thou” disposition that I believe plagues your generation? This editorial is trash, arrogant trash, and it puts organic journalism to shame.

    • Savannah Hughes

      *high fives*

      Honestly, my generation has been filled with some of the most brilliant people I know. In fact, most of my friends still in school today are already world changers, working in everything from international policy to hardcore community service work. The statistical errors and logical fallacies in this video are disgusting and frustrating. The facts in this “report” are being made to fit opinions, not the other way around.

  • Aimee Larsen

    Let’s be real. 300+ years ago there were no public school systems. People learned a skill or trade or studied books and wrote them. Very few people ever did both. They worked from young ages along side a master as an apprentice, they became farmers or craftsmen by trade. No one was ushering their children off to school by the masses and expecting a little over two handfuls of people to teach them ALL history, ALL math, ALL science, and so forth. Education has ushered in a more educated society but with that comes expectations that aren’t realistic. Some people are meant to work labor, some are meant to write, some are meant to heal, some are meant to educate… Why do we have this equal for all mentality instead of those who work the hardest are rewarded; those with diligence and determination should reap what they sow. We can NOT blame our schools for kids lack of knowledge…it takes a village, not a video game!‪#‎glennbeck‬ If we want to do better for our youth then we have to do better. Not just expect better.

  • David Patrick Maurer

    “We don’t everybody know our own history.” or english, apparently.

  • SeanCaroon

    Do not blame the parents! I knew the answer to every question. My parents left my entire education up to the public system, and I learned and retained all this stuff before 12th grade even though I hardly cared to learn it. My parents never taught me a thing about history or other standard subjects and did not push me to achieve academically. This is about two things, 1) effectiveness per dollar of education spending, and 2) low IQ people outbreeding smarter ones.

  • Daniel Dreamer

    We ding, ding, dinged her a lot.

  • Butch

    Very scientific study done.

  • David Patrick Maurer

    there is a simple solution: national curriculum. national testing. nationalized funding (ie, every district spends the same amount per student). no tenure. merit-based pay.

  • Chris

    I am from one of the worst high schools in west Virginia (considered one of the least educated states) and this makes me absolutely sick. I am 17 years old, almost a senior, and when i look at these people, I just don’t understand. I go to a terrible highschool in terms of test scores and I know that you will get out of school what you put into it. This is not the governments fault and its not the schools. Its the parents and the children. There is also a point where you cannot blame the parents because the child should learn to take responsibility for themselves. People are dumb because they choose to be; not because the government is failing.

  • Thomas Cantwell

    Lord help us!

  • Thomas Marquez

    Did you see that dudes eyes transform? Start at 4:53 and around 4:57 his eyes tranform. Reptilians are amoung us….

  • troncarter

    so he’s finding the dumbest people on the beach and interviewing them. i pray I’m right.

  • faxxmaxx

    Parents are even dumber than their kids for paying colleges for absolutely nothing but a piece of paper. Employers would never hire a single college grad if they took the time (likeHome Depot) to test applicants. This isn’t the first video of its kind, and proves that colleges all across this nation are nothing more than babysitters. No one should be allowed to vote unless they know at least as much as new citizens who are tested prior to receiving citizenship.

    • Jesse OR

      … This video proves nothing. It proves that they can choose the most ridiculous answers from a very tiny segment of the population. This is all video editing for entertainment – to take it as some scientific fact is a joke.

  • TomA

    I was born in ’56, and when prayer was taken out of schools, that’s when our country started to go downhill. I also served 20 yrs. in the Army and am proud of it. There are kids now, that can’t even recite the “Pledge of Allegiance”, or sing our “National Anthem”. I’m ashamed of our education system, and pray that we can turn this nation around. We need to bring back our forefathers family values and put prayer & discipline back into our society, or we will become another socialist government run country. In order to vote, everyone should have to pass a US History test first. I am fearful of my grand-kids having to grow up in this mess. Everything has to be politically correct, and oh, don’t offend anyone, or you may be sued and put in jail. Please fellow Americans, lets wake up before it’s to late.

    • First Last

      i stopped reading after this whole ‘prayer out of school ruined our country’ whining began.

      our forefathers believed in freedom of religion, not institutionalizing our children to be good little christians.

      • RhetoricalQuestion

        Respecting prayer in schools is NOT the same thing as ‘institutionalizing.’

        • Jesse OR

          Uh, yes, it is. Any prayer in any government institution is preferential towards some religion, and would cause undue influence towards that religion. The argument is ridiculous. Teach your kids about religion at home, there’s no need for it in schools.

        • First Last

          a child individual choice to have a prayer in school is fine, setting a time by the school directly for prayer is ridiculous.

    • Matt Babbit

      let’s not forget what’s really wrong with the country, like the pretentious and condescending old folk who think they know everything, yet somehow think that the name of our national anthem really is “National Anthem.” By the way, Voter restriction laws, your 20 years of service in our military (which i still thank you for and respect you for, despite how you’ve proven your ignorance), and mandatory religious lessons in schools are all examples of socialist political policy. The world has changed since ’56 grandpa, wake up. Also, you must not know much U.S. History yourself. If you did, you would know that the “family values” of our forefathers got us nowhere, and our standing as a global super power really came as a result of A) becoming a lender nation during the World War Era. B) Forcefully replacing governments elected by constituents with blood-thirsty dictators during the cold war. and C) having our own economy driven by corporate scumbags who don’t care about you or your family. I’m not saying any of those things are wrong, they brought us where they are today. However, I don’t think that any politician prayed long and hard before making any of those decisions.

  • Sarah

    First of all, every student that graduates high school has to have passed a US History class. If you really expect me to remember every war, who we fought, and every detail, you are the ignorant one.

    I don’t completely believe this makes these people “dumb”. Ignorant, sure, but I don’t see why not knowing these things is the biggest issue. I passed the classes as a high schooler, and now I’m off taking engineering courses in college. I wouldn’t call someone dumb because they don’t understand calculus. We all just have different strengths. I shouldn’t need to know every detail of history just as you shouldn’t have to know every strength of a material or the physics behind how an object moves.

    Some of the questions, come on, who George Washington was? I can somewhat agree, those should be obvious.

    The only thing you can really blame the education system for is lack of competition. Everything is handed to students now because there can be no winners or losers. There is no longer motivation to work harder to earn grades.

    • RhetoricalQuestion

      These aren’t details; just name associations. Details would be dates and names of battles.

  • Savannah Hughes

    I have a lot of things I could say about this, from the idiotic cherrypicking to the uncalled for comments from the interviewer to the demeaning way the buzzer sounded at the end of a wrong answer.

    But all that is irrelevant when you look at the undertone of the segment: knowledge elitism. I am the first to stand up and say that learning is one of the most important things that has ever graced this earth, but this is not how we are to foster it. If the older generation expects us to care about, or even remember, what has happened in the past, this belief that young people can never know anything or do anything relevant has to stop. It teaches everyone that instead of encouraging knowledge by sharing information, it is fine, even honorable to shame and put down people for not knowing.

    We can all laugh it off as a political joke, but if it’s okay for Bill O’Reilly or Glen Beck to tease and prod at people who know less about something, that gives a free ride to every bully who has ever picked on someone for being “dumb,” “retarded” or “stupid.”

    Do not put an end to learning, encourage it.

  • Dan

    Is it me or do Mr. Watters’ eyes get all crazy and 4:59?

  • P&S

    Calm down folks, scantily clad women drinking out of solo cups at the beach is hardly representative of the America population.

  • bill

    So you picked all of the idiots….reeeeeeeeeeal journalism, not!

  • davspa

    As long as you laugh about it you can be stupid, right? Never have understood that.

  • cmd594

    The internet and social media has created an environment where anyone can be a star. Fame is the shibboleth of the American elite — not parentage, not education. Fame is the path most young Americans see to achieving status. Look around at the celebrity magazines at the grocery checkout. Read the narcissistic verbal diarrhea of the millennials on Facebook, or watch it on YouTube. I’ve spent over a decade working with (and leading) the new generation. They’re smart, folks. They are idealistic and optimistic. They know how to use the tools this world has given them. And their tool is the Internet — the pathway to fame. This video and its semi-viral nature do nothing to dissuade them from this path and convince them that education is the way to go.

  • Amanda M

    I’m in no way defending people who don’t pay attention in school and who don’t value American history…. but that’s not the focus of school anymore. I graduated college only taking one history class focused specifically on World War II (my major is more science based and I used high school AP credits to avoid additional history classes). If you asked me today anything about history that isn’t World War II, I wouldn’t know the answer. Not because I’m stupid or inconsiderate or that the education system is failing, but because I haven’t needed to use that information in my daily life for the past 8 or 9 years. I now have a master’s degree, I consider myself reasonably intelligent, it’s just that this information is not relevant to my career.

    • porkypig

      You should learn about it, it’s the only reason we have anything that we have in our lives at all.

    • Mr Ghue

      Knowing more would shape your world view. If we forget history we are doomed to repeat it. Our president for example, railed about policy of the former administration in the middle east, yet he makes some of the same errors. He makes many of the same errors of the Carter administration. He seems doomed to repeat history.

  • Gary Clelland

    Just throw more money at the problem – that’s the usual way we handle things!

  • Leon Brimm

    Love these videos, especially on the Blaze..imagine 20 years ago when Beck was a burn-out and a drug addict, I am sure he would have had a hard time with similar questions.

  • Mr Ghue

    Dumb and pretty. Every man should own 2 or 3.

  • e rad

    all these comments yet what are we doing about the problems we see in America? we should be trying to help them not just write comments on a story and tsk tsk our heads at what our country has become. I agree with Gary Wofford who said that our youth is “Ignorant, self-centered, drug and sex addled fools as a voting block is perfect; the progressives are the shepherds and we are now a nation of sheep.” too bad for them

  • RJ

    I agree with many of you. But I do have to point out that much of this material is not taught in colleges and universities across the U.S., unless it specifically relates to a student’s field of study. I (relatively) recently graduated from college and found that many of my peers were unaware of a great deal of this as well. The only reason I knew these answers was because I payed attention in grade school and still remembered it. For many kids, they were just required to go to school and thus chose not to learn/retain this information. I was at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia and had the opportunity to talk with many citizens of various other countries (although the majority of the people were from Russia). We discussed everything from military forces and world powers, to the education systems and cultures. I was shocked to find how unanimous the consensus was regarding how ignorant and uneducated everyone viewed the U.S.

  • Anonymous

    And these people can vote!!

  • Erik Larson

    Technically, George Washington WAS the second president of the United States, so that one responder was correct. John Hanson was elected and served a one-year term as president under the Articles of Confederation from 1781-1782.

    PS, I know my U.S. and modern World History better than the vast majority of you people here, and I am a “millenial”. Also, I’m a scientist but historical literacy is important to ME. The ignorance of these people is reproachable, but we’re not all uneducated.

    PPS I voted for Obama, and I don’t regret it. Period! And if you want to argue with me over that one, prepare to get “schooled”!

    Let the downvotes begin!

  • James Bushey

    Anyone noticing the jump cuts? This has been heavily edited. I’m not saying some of these people didn’t give the wrong answers, but others are clearly edited in and that isn’t worthy of a news station

    • RhetoricalQuestion

      Is that really what you’re taking away from this?

      • James Bushey

        Oh please don’t misunderstand, I know our schools are a joke. But, I can’t just ignore something that has cuts in all the wrong places. These “answers” were input by the editing room for most questions. While kids are doubtless being taught lazily they are hammered with the answers to these basic questions. The government can’t control without the populace believing in the government, and that’s why I believe that the majority of the population are well informed about these simplistic questions. Do you understand what I mean?

    • Mike tompson

      Yea but the thing is, NO ONE should be answering these questions wrong.
      So even if they selectively choose the those that got it wrong, it’s pitiful.

  • Anonymous

    The parents are the problem

  • sami

    Every school teaches this, because if there is one thing that high school history classes cover, it is war. The real problem is that students are obtaining the knowledge for the sake of the test and failing to retain it for the future.

  • Anonymous

    Living Proof that the separation of school and state is a far more vital cause than the separation of church and state. Banning the Gubmint from establishing schools should have been right in there with banning establishment of religion. Allowing The State to operate the educational system, especially on a monopolistic basis, is a terrible terrible idea.

    • Jesse OR

      Firstly, the government does not have a monopoly on schooling. Period. That is a fact. Secondly, the federal government does not have some overarching control over what is taught in schools – some public schools are better than others, and different towns/counties/states choose different curriculums and offer different resources. That will always happen. Thirdly, I can guarantee all of the subjects mentioned in the video were taught in school. I can also guarantee that the kids didn’t care enough to actually learn it beyond the next test.

  • RhetoricalQuestion

    This post gave me cancer.

    On another note, boobs.

  • jackie

    i mean honestly purely by the fact that the one girls “bathingsuit” is a thong…did he really expect any brain cells hahaa

  • Texas Oil

    I honestly am speechless. My 8 yr old brother could have answered those questions. I was blessed to have had the privilege to go to a Jesuit High School. I feel bad and embarrassed for these people as my peers.

    • Jesse OR

      Really? Because you went to a Jesuit High School you’re automatically more knowledgeable than other people? I’m 18, went to two different public high schools and knew those answers. It’s more about parents and getting kids to apply themselves than the type of school you went to. I guarantee all of those subjects in the video were covered – they just didn’t bother to learn it.

  • J money

    I am speechless that they were not able to get these questions correct but I am upset that this whole thing even took place, it was more of a show of superiority. O’reilly needs a humility check. How about we ask him questions someone of his education level should no. No one person is better than another!

  • Anonymous

    It’s the PARENTS, people. The parents are horrible people who let the Internet raise these idiotic droolers.

  • Sarah

    That’s pretty bad when I know the answers to those and I’m a Canadian, but they don’t know the answers to those and it’s their own country. Rather shameful.

  • JR

    Listen, not every millennials are stupid, okay. I wasn’t born here, but i know the history very well, because i’ve always interested in history. I think some of these might be really good at crunching numbers, but not interested in history. I do not think they’re dumb for that.

  • JR

    Glenn Beck wants to raise the voting age, because the majority of the tea-baggers are around that age.

  • Patricia Ginter Vanburen

    So sad that American History is not taught now. They do not know the presidents or the world wars. Unbelievable and many of the ones questions are in college now. How did they pass a college entrance test? My last name is the name of a president, thought not a well know one, and I asked a senior in high school if she had ever heard of him and she said no. We learned about every president even the least know. So sad that schools are failing the children.

    • Jesse OR

      American history has been taught in both public high schools I went to in two different states. I’m currently a freshman in college.

      To address your concern with Van Buren, I can assure you I never learned about him past maybe the fifth grade, when we had to memorize a list of the presidents. If we had wasted time on him, any more than his name, it would have been a disservice to us. In a world where information is always readily available, memorizing useless information is obsolete.

  • The new clevage

    Poppin your colloar hasn’t been cool since 2003

  • Jesse OR

    People blaming all schools and the federal government and all of those other non-factors are ridiculous. I can guarantee that if those kids went to public school, every subject touched on in this video was taught. That they didn’t bother to learn it past the next test is not (somehow) the fault of the federal government, which has very limited input in schooling despite the core standards, or atheism, or whatever other crazy pathetic excuse you have for your bad parenting.

  • Dylan Poulos

    …yes, most of these questions are easy questions that US citizens should know. Mainly the president questions.. that was rough.. But why bring up college. This is stuff taught in grade school through high school. I’m a biology major and I haven’t thought about presidents, war, or anything not related to meiosis, genomics, chemistry… ect. in like.. 4 years. Ask them questions about their majors and they may not be as “dumb” as everyone thinks. Some people don’t find history as interesting as others do. I’m not defending them, cause there were some easy questions in there, I’m just saying it’s harsh to call these people stupid. I didn’t know all of these answers either.

  • Jimmy Le

    Honestly these questions are the easiest questions regarding U.S. History that I have ever encountered. I see how everyone is blaming all schools and the government for how these “young adults” are ruining society and the future of the nation. I cannot agree to that. Its just that these individuals are taught time and time again on these subjects and the education is there and present for them to access, but it is their choice if they want to use it or not and keep it in their head. Sure, we can say that these are some facts that everyone must know, but at their age do they really care? It can’t be said for everyone but isn’t age itself a big factor? As people grow older and become more educated in a specific field they may even completely forget about simple things like American history even if it is ridiculously simple. Why? Because they don’t need it. All they need are ideals because of those issues and the problems that they have caused and solutions to solve them. Sure history is the example but ideals are the core. Being force fed isn’t the key, we just have to present the information so that they are willing to accept it.

  • Elizabeth

    While I do agree that it is unfortunate that our education system does a poor job instilling the importance of history into students’ minds, I find people’s knee-jerk, “Wow, look at how stupid American young people are!!” reaction really simple-minded in itself. I probably would have gotten several of those questions wrong myself, but I was/am also at the tops of many of my college classes including notoriously difficult courses such as genetics, organic chemistry, calculus, and numerous foreign language classes just to name a few off the top of my head. You can call me stupid, but you would be wrong.

    The unfortunate reality is that most history teachers present the material in a way that outright encourages memorizing facts without really thinking about what they mean, spitting them out onto a test, and then forgetting them. Teachers give students “memorization tricks” such as “Civil War starts with a C, and Confederacy also starts with a C. Remember to match C with C on your test, and you’re golden.” This taught me, as well as many of my classmates, that this was the correct way to approach education, at least in a history course. Hopefully educators can discover more effective ways of getting students to truly appreciate the value of what they’re learning rather than cramming facts into their brains for a few minutes before a test and then going on with their lives.

    • Anonymous

      There’s a difference between stupid (lacking intelligence or common sense) and ignorance (lack of knowledge or information).

      You and those in the video fall in the latter category because of the reason you explained, a poor educational system.

      • Elizabeth

        Correct. A lack of one type of knowledge hardly translates to a lack of all types of knowledge, however, which is obvious, yet too many people get high and mighty and act as if it does. I don’t know that much about history, but I can talk your head off about genetic modes of inheritance if you would like. I don’t treat people who can’t do the same as if they’re idiots for lacking the same information.

  • Anonymous

    Give them a break, they’re way too busy learning about much more important things in school, like global warming… err… climate change… err… global climate disruption.

    History? Pffff…. who cares about a bunch of old dead racists?

    It’s so much more fun spending time partying and posting a bunch of selfies on twitter anyway.

  • Ellen

    This comment section is incredibly disturbing. People need to understand that this is the media attempting to portray millennials as inept, uneducated, and technologically obsessed. This is not the case. The O’Riley Factor set out with a point in mind, they were going to make this point no matter how their interviews turned out. Notice that the interviewer is continually speaking to the same people over and over? They are searching out the most ignorant people on the beach and praying on them with a few outliers who know the answers but answer them without confidence or intellect. The older generations strive to portray the millennials in all of the aforementioned ways all of the time because change is not comfortable for anyone. We are a generation with new talents and intelligence that the older generations struggle to grasp. To them, we are stupid, uneducated, ungrateful children. I believe we are in fact intelligent, inspired, young adults with a new way of thinking and understanding things with new tools to do just that. Is it our fault we are taking advantage of these tools. Granted the obsessions with social media may be our greatest hindrance, the previous generations got us to this point and they must trust we can continue their “legacy”, good or bad, this is what we were given to work with. And so we will…

    • Anonymous

      Did you even watch the video? Your complaint is common — that Watters has to spend hours at a time cherry picking a “few outliers” to get the interviews they want. And, every time Watters has to explain, that is simply not true, and that he has to edit out a lot of the same interviews due to time constraints of his segment.

      • Jimmy Le

        The thing is the interview is only in one small area, in one state. There is no diversity in the survey and that creates such a narrow point of view.

      • Ellen

        Yes, so he says. But if you knew anything about the way that media manipulates a story you would know that when editing he chose only the most ignorant people on that beach.

  • John Harvie Garrett

    I thought I was a dumb old country boy but I guess I aint that dumb!

  • Guest

  • Guest

    ..this is crazy

  • tom

    What’s really scary is that these people vote and that’s why this President is destroying this Country, Period! Blame the School system. Teachers do not hold the students accountable.

    • Jimmy Le

      You cannot tell if they vote or not since voter turnout for people at this age is ridiculously low compared to middle-aged and older individuals. Also the President really has no authority to fix these problems because these laws are either propositions from states(which are voted on by the people residing in the state) or proposed in Congress and ratified by the president mostly because of partisanship.

    • Anonymous

      Right now in education there is such a culture of Bend Over Backwards to Get Kids to Pass that the kids know it. The borderline kids, who might have done the work if they were actually held accountable instead of their teachers and their schools , do as little as possible knowing the teachers will give them chance after chance after chance til they squeak by at the last minute knowing just barely enough to get through some stupid state test. Then your average kid watches the teachers breaking their necks to save the borderline kids and says, “Why should I work so hard? Those do-nothing kids are passing…” The idea that “passing” means you actually know anything is another joke. It means you could have gotten a 45 one marking period on a classroom project or unit of ten weeks that you completely blew off—-say, on American History. And you still could pass for the year if you did enough extra credit on another unit. AND if you happened to fail Social Studies altogether, but squeaked by with a 65 on everything else, many schools will still graduate you. (I worked at one of those.)

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, the quality of public education depends greatly on the area where a child lives. I live in Montgomery Country, MD, where some of the best public education is. None of my friends are history buffs but I guarantee we’d be able to answer all of these questions. If your parents aren’t wealthy enough to put you through private school, you might not be lucky enough to get a good primary and secondary education.

  • Kevin Tucker

    Bet they ALL could answer 100% right who twerked on national tv and when Kim & Kanye are getting married. Our government has turned our educational system and children into mediocre sheeple.

  • Kiley

    I just graduated from college with a bachelors in chemistry, and I knew all of the answers. Apparently, it helps that I was raised in a good school district in the south versus long island.

  • EiferB

    As a Long islander, I’m ashamed of these people… Also, I feel like this is ripping off Mark Dice.

  • Anonymous

    A New song for the Federal MOB FROM GOD!

  • Glenda Autry Taylor

    I can’t believe she said George Washington was the second president and Lincoln was the first, they were really dumb and should be ashamed of themselves

  • ILoveChipotle89

    It’s not so much the education system, its more of the lazy, disinterested, unmotivated, students that pollute the schools of america. The students are more interested in being in youtube and world star hip hop videos than learning and educating oneself in order to see a better future.

  • ImafanNotaCritic

    Damn, he asked simple questions, and they could barely get ANY correct. Just pathetic. And now they are trying to shovel common core or rewrite history by flatly lying about the Constitution or History or Science. Kids nowadays have enough trouble with utterly moronically easy stuff, but now with the way Osama is interfering with schools with his asinine programs, kids don’t stand a chance! And spelling! With the spread of texting, becoming lazy about spelling has become widespread. It is to the point where trying to understand what passes for texting nowadays is almost impossible to de-crypt. Is it as someone said, stupid parents mean stupid kids? No wonder US kids are falling farther and farther behind other countries. I have been out of school for awhile but it sure seems like the quality of education is lacking. I took physics and mathematical analysis for fun in HS. Nowadays it seems like they have trouble just speaking english coherently. Taking advanced mathematics or history or science is apparently not available or not possible due to lack of ability?

  • Anonymous

    Are we desperate for ratings? The only real purpose of this video is to exploit women. Why are conservatives such dogs? I don’t expect that of them.

  • john lee

    wow…. these are the people of my generation?? i joined the marines coming out of high school with a 4.4gpa…. i knew all of this stuff growing up in korea….

  • Greg Worthington

    So actually, traditional public education works very well for middle class and wealthy neighborhoods. It’s the poorer ones that have always been consistently underresourced, undervalued, and overlooked. Even the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, though it has had by far the biggest positive impact, has not been enough to support poorer traditional public schools. Currently both Republican and Democrats are backing measures that hurt traditional public education, they have been backing such measures for over a century, and these measures only make the push for further privatizing and profiting of education by corporations. It’s not even a conspiracy theory and there’s plenty of research and stories to prove it. Just go do your homework folks. And yes, I know what I’m talking about as I’m a former teacher in one of the most infamous school districts in the country as well as currently studying education policy in a graduate studies program.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to see some good videos of how stupid people are, go to Youtube and look up “Mark Dice” OMG you see how stupid people are.

  • Greg

    Is this a scientifically valid experiment? I have a roomful of students who can explain why not. is this the dumbing down of the media? My cat can answer that one. Presenting feel-good answers to people who want them It is a proven success. Any student of history knows that.

  • Mike Schucker

    Your interview is biased crap. Try asking people other than drunk college kids. A couple of them still had their beers in their hands.

  • jerry

    meh who cares. its history. nobody cares about this crap unless if you’re going to be a history teacher.

    • Steven Dorsey

      History repeats itself because each new generation or civilization makes the same mistakes as teh last one. You could study the history of about any civilization that has fallen and see controversies and things they went through, and seee that our civilizations or countries are going through the same things. Heck there are modern controversies in the United States now that we think are these new problems we are facing here, that the founding father’s era was going through in their time to. It’s important to know History, so we can know what happened when others faced the same things we are facing.

    • Anonymous

      oooh boy, do you make yourself sound dumb when you say this.

  • Risa Jones

    Watch Hetalia. You’d learn a lot about history that way. And GO PICK UP A TEXT BOOK YOU SORRY LOUTS. No seriously. This is the kind of thing that makes people on other countries go “Oh for f* sakes…”

  • Diana Marie

    Quite honestly, I’m pretty sure they just picked the dumbest people and only showed them, along with a few people that actually somewhat knew what they were talking about. I am 17 and I would have gotten all of those questions right. God, please help this generation.

    • dfb69

      Nope! Start asking the people in your life the same simple questions. You will be SHOCKED on how uninformed these nitwits are

  • Anonymous

    The teacher unions need more money. Yup, that’ll fix it.

  • Claire

    This is just sad. It’s pretty simple/known information.

  • Alan

    Stupid Americans

  • Elijah Cooper

    What was the civil war about… “You” should know

  • Ash45

    No wonder George Santayana said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

    Granted these aren’t questions you’d absolutely need in everyday life, but you should at least be aware of your country’s past and how it’ll affect you in the present.

  • Alastair Paragas

    I came in as an immigrant 7 years ago, when I was 12, and yet it’s sad that I know the answers to these questions compared to your average natural-born American. As Jefferson said, “An informed citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as free people.” Liberty and our republican way of government can only be kept through the ages if the very citizens themselves can partake in educating themselves, especially with all the resources freely available to us online and on public bookstores.

  • Me

    Of course if you ask the drunk kids on the beach your going to hear dumb answers. Typical fox propaganda, I can’t wait to make a video showing stupid adults and or republicans.

  • Robin Crandall

    Submitted for your approval: A world where there exists an article of clothing that affects the mental processes of both those who wear it and observe it! The bikini, especially effective when worn by nubile young women!

  • Anonymous

    Riiight. Because the dirty dumb old Republican rednecks down south are smarter. Idiots exist everywhere. To blame this on the young generation is laughable.

  • Samuel Needleman

    I can’t understand why i am so eager to combine genetic information with the dumb girl in the fluorescent yellow thong. Clearly, mating with her would not beget intelligent offspring, and would thus be deleterious to the survival of my gene pool.

  • Derrick Waguespack

    “Seriously, how do you graduate from the 5th grade not knowing any of that stuff,” Glenn asked.

    It’s sad to say, but my 5th grade teacher was an idiot. She tried to tell me that Abraham Lincoln was not president during the Civil War. When I told her that he was indeed president from 1861 to 1865, she said “Yes, but that was way before the Civil War.”

  • Anonymous

    The truly sad thing is that I, an Aussie, know the correct answers to all those questions.

    • Matthew Davison

      I know right, Am british and I knew all of those…. Cold in russia.. Sheesh.. Pear Harbour.. Am embarrassed..

  • Sean-Patrick Murphy

    In the famous words of “The Newsroom” “you are no doubt a part of the worst period generation period ever period!” The dumbest people ever they need to be shipped off to an island and then blown up

  • Anonymous

    I had to stop watching at 3:30. Sadly, not a one of the buffoons interviewed could pass the US Citizenship Test.
    But hey, at least most of the girls looked cute in their string bikinis.

    • Anonymous

      I think that’s why he picked them.

  • Anonymous

    Fire liberal teachers, problem solved!

    • Anonymous

      Just by saying that I’m going to put you in the same level of idiocy as those in the video.

  • BLazed

    clearly they are spending too much time at the beach and not enough at school

  • Anonymous
  • BLazed

    these are either hired actors or illegal immigrants..

  • roger

    wow french china wow is all I can say I have seen retarded clams look better than these people did .

  • BLazed

    and this is why you have morons today who claim the holocaust never happened. if we do not learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it.

  • Linda Halasa

    History was never my thing, but these were basic questions that a first grader would know….who doesn’t know that Washington was the first President? that’s disgusting and pathetic. If that was my daughter, I would slap her in the head when she got home for embarrassing herself like that…….a real shame….very sad

  • Anonymous

    Dumber than a sac of doorknobs!

  • Shawn Cameron

    I just wish someone would tell Jesse Watters that wearing those shirts with the collar flipped up like that is the international symbol of d***heads.

  • Shawn Curtis

    I find it a little ironic that the people that are the most outraged are from the generations that screwed up the education system by demanding that political and religious bias be injected into their children and grandchildren’s education. Don’t be outraged at the kids for not being educated properly by your generations, be outraged at yourself for not doing enough to prevent it from ever happening.

  • John Adams

    This country is in trouble

  • Anonymous

    I swear he picked the dumbest looking people on the beach to ask. And you know he didn’t keep the clips of the people who got it right….

  • Jay Two

    If they gave all the right answers….does it make them any smarter? I can find MANY “educated” people that can answer these questions, but work for a sleazy corporation making squat. I could also find MANY “uneducated” people that cannot answer some of these questions that are making millions. Go figure

  • Barbara LaValley

    Scary thing is they VOTE and seem to have zero knowledge of history. They seem live for today only. The future of our country is not looking very promising .

  • Rachel Sherman

    In their defense, being able to say definitively what the Civil War was “about” is a toughie

  • Mike1378

    OMG, we are doomed as a nation. “A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.” – Benjamin Franklin

    • AlexisJaime

      Ben was a smart guy, even if he was a philanderer.

  • Robert Wright

    I like the one with the thong

    • AlexisJaime

      There was only 1?

  • T-money

    You see, the thing is. I just don’t care to remember this information. What’s the purpose?

    • Anonymous

      This is where your teachers failed you. You should have been told why it was important to know. If you don’t know history, you don’t recognize when govt figures are being stupid over something that has *already* been worked through before a million times in history. You don’t recognize patterns of thought and patterns of behavior in our country, in human behavior, in political issues— so you have no background from which to make any educated decisions based on fact rather than the latest sound bite on the internet. You are not able to reason as well. You don’t have a true appreciation of what people went through to create this amazing nation we live in, and what the laws are for, how those laws came about and what conditions created the need for them, because you don’t know the background. People with no historical understanding make stupid statements about the reality of the Holocaust, believe all the crap that different political parties throw out there because they never learned otherwise…
      This is why people don’t get separation of church and state, the electoral system, the need for restraint in decisions about war, the importance of a global economy, the way history looks back at Presidents that struggled during their presidencies, the fact that the guy who said we fought each other during the Revolutionary War is actually RIGHT, though the interviewer corrected him, and the kid probably did mix up the Civil War with the Revolution. (As many families were broken up over whether to rebel against Britain as were torn apart over the issues of the Civil War.)

      Sorry to get all teachery on you. But if you’re voting for government representatives, you have no right to do it uninformed. It’s too dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    Right now in education there is such a culture of Bend Over Backwards to
    Get Kids to Pass that the kids know it. The borderline kids, who *might*
    have done the work if they were actually held accountable instead of
    their teachers and their schools , do as little as possible knowing the
    teachers will give them chance after chance after chance til they squeak
    by at the last minute knowing just barely enough to get through some
    stupid state test. Then your average kid watches the teachers breaking
    their necks to save the borderline kids and says, “Why should I work so
    hard? Those do-nothing kids are passing…” The idea that “passing”
    means you actually know anything is another joke. It means you could
    have gotten a 45 one marking period on a classroom project or unit of
    ten weeks that you completely blew off—-say, on American History. And
    you still could pass for the year if you did enough extra credit on
    another unit. AND if you happened to fail Social Studies altogether, but
    squeaked by with a 65 on everything else, many schools will still
    graduate you. (I worked at one of those.) Then they go to college, God help us all. Community colleges take anybody. Anybody. So if they have basic reading and writing skills, they can take courses in whatever, but never make up the info they lost because of that 45 in American History…. and so it goes….

  • Anonymous

    With 2 daughters, one with a Masters and very accomplished (Dallas), the other a free spirit in Seattle, and can tell you they both act like that. Clueless about serious conversation. On the other hand, they went to the same public school, had many black friends, don’t understand what all the NOISE is about race…

  • David Donald

    Anecdotal evidence is not proof that the education system is broken. How many stupid people did they interview vs. smart people?

  • Steven Gibbs

    It’s almost like they have an editing team, asked drunk kids easy questions, waited until they got the answers wrong then put them all together. “We don’t edit out the right answers?” That’s actually bullshit.

  • Derek Haake

    Most comedians do this to show how stupid people can be when you put them on the spot, blind them with a camera, and ask them random questions. It’s almost pathetic that a “journalist” would do this to prove a point. While the education system is broken in this country, this is not the way to prove it. Sadly, this video makes the broad assumption that everyone is just like this handful of people. They don’t show you the people that got the questions right, but the ones that got them wrong. Who knows how long it took them to get this footage.

  • CapnKirk

    To be fair most of these people are drunk off their butts

  • C. C.

    Let’s be realistic here, folks. It is true that the education system in America is in serious trouble. However, while it is easiest to point fingers at a broken system, we must not ignore the fact that education begins at home. Teachers are powerless when a child is not encouraged by her family to strive for excellence in her OWN education due to its imperativeness to her future. There is pathetically little an educator can do when a student arrives with zero interest in learning. When phone calls home result in absolutely no collaborative effort to help that student succeed, the teacher, the school, the education system is left to be blamed. There is no recourse. The uninterested student voices his anger, out loud, in class, at being FORCED to attend school. Thus begins the behavior, which robs those select few students who actually DO want an education, of precious time to learn. More phone calls home ensue, which are met with more blame toward the education system – after all, isn’t it the school’s job to RAISE the whole child? The school year progresses. The belligerent student turns in no work, thus earning a failing grade. But heaven forbid the student should be held back to repeat the grade and actually learn the required material . . . that would damage his precious ego. The parent continues to be angry with the school. The child learns that his power is unstoppable! He doesn’t have to do a darned thing – except be a distraction and a behavior issue. Guess what? The following year, there he is – at the next grade level. Assessment time looms forebodingly ahead. His scores are incorrigible – because he has learned nothing. It’s the teacher, the school, the education system that is at fault. Not the parent. Not the student. And the cycle begins once more.

  • Alex Mundo

    Hey Glenn, way to interview drunk people edit the most ridiculous answers and claim our education system is cracked. These are just the idiots who didn’t pay attention in history and just drank half a case of beer. definitely an accurate cross section of America . . . . however some of these answers are deplorable. Did you have to pay Jay Lenno for stealing his bit?

    • AlexisJaime

      This is a fox news bit, not a glenn beck bit. Glenn isn’t part of fox news.

  • Tyler

    And if you look in this thread you’ll see millennials claiming they’re not like this and that they’re disgraced by their own generation along with older people claiming they’ll be the downfall of the world- the irony of course is that they’re all idiots and are too busy worrying about placing blame to try and solve the problem.

  • Cary McCall

    The only thing this proves is that stupid people exist. Trying to say something about the education system by showing up where the dumbest people hang out really only says something about the agendas of the people who made this video.

  • Jollykolly

    I would like to say this. I know the answers to these questions and it does not mean I am doing any better with this information. These facts no longer are relevant in the world we live in today. For these “kids” also 18-25 year old students have spent their whole lives force to learn about things that will never help them earn a living. Its about surviving in todays world with what you can bring to the table. Ask those same people what they do when they aren’t relaxing on the beach and you might be surprised that they are a big part of their community.

    • David K

      One comment: “Those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat it”.

      • Jollykolly

        So you think the people that don’t learn about the cold war are going to start another…… there is a lot that has happened in the past and no one can know all of it. @disqus_SW12u2lWUr:disqus

        • David K

          It was specifically in response to “These facts are no longer relevant in the world we live today”. How can that be if these facts are how we got to the present? The present is built on the past. The mistakes and triumphs of the past have made our present what it is. Wouldn’t it be better to understand what those were so that we can emulate the good and avoid the bad? The problem is that most people today, if they know anything, only know facts, and not the causes and consequences of events and decisions. Of course we can’t know everything, but the less we know, the more doomed we are to repeat the mistakes of the past.

          • Jollykolly

            George Santayanas’ point/ comment is invalid. The questions that were asked to these people are merely facts. Facts in which give no understanding to any “mistakes” that you speak of.

          • David K

            The facts are the mere beginning of knowing history. That’s the point. If you don’t know the facts, how can you know anything about them? How can you know if they were mistakes or victories? What caused them to be so? This is why we should study history.

          • Jollykolly

            The point I am trying to make is that there is a lot more to history than knowing about wars. What’s the benefit of having everyone know the same history compared to knowing different history. Say…how the stock market started or how food has been moved through people or a million other things about history.

  • acn684

    Meh. I think videos like this are stupid in it’s own study. I’m sure there are dumb people out there but If I went up to Bill O’Reilly and threw him some elementary science or math questions out of the blue, he’d probably look just as dumb. While I agree that most of these questions should be known by grown adult’s that went through the education system, same can be said for a lot of things that regular/smart people will probably forget when they get into their adult years.

  • Mahbanoo

    I am an undergrad at the University of Maryland. I knew the correct answers to all these questions. I am pretty sure most of my friends do too! You cannot judge 37,000 undergraduates based on three or four ignorant students. Those few kids do not represent an entire university. A better question would be how did their parents raise them ignorant?
    Please do not bash Terrapins. We have a few nobel prize winners at our university. I think that is enough evidence that Maryland is a good school!

  • shanks

    I remember a segment about 1/3 of the US population between the ages of 18-25 could not point out Florida on a map…..

  • Natalie Mithqal

    That “you should know” comment re: the civil war was a bit racist. Though if you’re going to send someone out to ask the general public questions, they should have some common knowledge themselves. Like when he points to the ocean saying across from where they stand is GB, when it’s actually Portugal/Spain. Know your geography!

  • KBH

    this a typical of fox simultaneously standing for U.S. History and showing hot women in bikinis. that’s why they are #1 in the ratings.

  • Marisa Esposito

    First: They sure did avoid interviewing white men…but, then again, why would Fox News want to draw attention to how equally stupid white men can be? That goes against the very philosophy of Fox News (white men aregreater than equal.) Also, they sure did spend a lot of time with the girl in the thong…I’m pretty sure she’s the only one who got a “from the back” shot. So, what was that really about? Even if she enjoyed the few minutes of fame, it’s still an example of blatant manipulation and violation of the public. They told her they’d be quizzing her on American history for a bit on the O’Reilly Factor, when, in reality, her body was used for entertainment on television, masked by a seemingly more noble subject.

    The hidden curriculum is everywhere, and is not born from education, but seeps into it. Someone explain to me how on Earth we are supposed to educate our young public to value things like history when these same individuals who are wrongly pointing fingers at education are (1) demeaning all human beings who aren’t white men and (2) are objectifying women on glorified, national television, all in the span of about three minutes. It’s not the fault of public education that these young people seem to no longer value this historical information. Things like history have become irrelevant and obsolete in an contrived and deception-drenched social landscape served to us on a silver platter by the media. Not by schools.

    Those in power who accuse teachers want us to turn our backs on public education so that they can continue to pull our strings and make us dance like puppets in a way that pleases them. As a future educator, here’s my message: Until the rest of the American public imprisoned by consumerism starts to read between the lines and wakes up to find the hidden curriculum, we will continue to perform dances of racism, violence, sexual assault, homophobia, bigotry, and worse. Public education is THE way to break free of all strings and all chains that limit the entire human race.

  • Marisa Esposito

    First: They sure did avoid interviewing white men…but, then again, why would Fox News want to draw attention to how equally stupid white men can be? That goes against the very philosophy of Fox News (white men aregreater than equal.) Also, they sure did spend a lot of time with the girl in the thong…I’m pretty sure she’s the only one who got a “from the back” shot. So, what was that really about? Even if she enjoyed the few minutes of fame, it’s still an example of blatant manipulation and violation of the public. They told her they’d be quizzing her on American history for a bit on the O’Reilly Factor, when, in reality, her body was used for entertainment on television, masked by a seemingly more noble subject.

    The hidden curriculum is everywhere, and is not born from education, but seeps into it. Someone explain to me how on Earth we are supposed to educate our young public to value things like history when these same individuals who are wrongly pointing fingers at education are (1) demeaning all human beings who aren’t white men and (2) are objectifying women on glorified, national television, all in the span of about three minutes. It’s not the fault of public education that these young people seem to no longer value this historical information. Things like history have become irrelevant and obsolete in an contrived and deception-drenched social landscape served to us on a silver platter by the media. Not by schools.

    Those in power who accuse teachers want us to turn our backs on public education so that they can continue to pull our strings and make us dance like puppets in a way that pleases them. As a future educator, here’s my message: Until the rest of the American public imprisoned by consumerism starts to read between the lines and wakes up to find the hidden curriculum, we will continue to perform dances of racism, violence, sexual assault, homophobia, bigotry, and worse. Public education is THE way to break free of all strings and all chains that limit the entire human race.

    • Guest

      Public education is nothing but drag on the preparation needed to compete in the global job market. Why are all the tech/engineering jobs going overseas or going to individuals who are on a work visa in the US? Because their are very few qualified graduates coming out of the public colleges and universities.

      The US has fallen way behind in just about every major academic category especially in fields like Math and Science. If we want our kids to actually learn something liberal professors/teachers need to shut up with the constant agenda based lectures and repeated left-wing rhetoric and start teaching. This unfortunately will never happen, since things like “tenure” give them no incentive to do their real job.

      Public education is nothing but a cesspool of liberal ideology. The system in this country is broken and tanking fast.

    • Anonymous

      Public education is nothing but drag on the preparation needed to compete in the global job market. Why are all the tech/engineering jobs going overseas or going to individuals who are on a work visa in the US? Because there are very few qualified graduates coming out of the public colleges and universities.

      The US has fallen way behind in just about every major academic category especially in fields like Math and Science. If we want our kids to actually learn something liberal professors/teachers need to shut up with the constant agenda based lectures and repeated left-wing rhetoric and start teaching. This unfortunately will never happen, since things like “tenure” give them no incentive to do their real job.

      Public education is nothing but a cesspool of liberal ideology. The system in this country is broken and tanking fast.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so sick of seeing videos of ignorant pathetic people for entertainment. That sort of entertainment is shameful. One kid can study and leave a class understanding and wanting to learn more, while another can leave the very same class having not paid attention to a thing and not caring to learn. That’s why in the same graduating class, you have some kids that go on to MIT, while others have no aspirations for higher education or motivation to work. That was certainly the case in my school. How about we look deeper at what motivates kids to learn. I think it ultimately starts with the parent’s example.

  • Slick

    Nice popped collar douche.

    • Anonymous

      He’s just trying to fit in.

  • Sesshomaru Sama

    Born in 88 and I knew them all.

  • keegan

    Maybe if we would properly fund schools instead of being completely obsessed with lowering taxes, this might not happen… Publicly paid university would be nice as well. Just a thought.

  • Marvin Marcelo

    them thongs… err, what was the question again?


    I love how people can turn a portrait of historical ignorance in America into a bashing of progressives.

  • Jin Ju

    Ok, so as I was saying before my comment was deleted by the site owner, I don’t remember Bush or Obama ever taking out a dictator. I’m tired of them getting credit for the courage and action of our soldiers that are actually fighting and “take out” dictators.

  • Leslie Stevens

    Was that all a joke? The Cold War was named because its cold in Russia etc etc etc. Crikey!

  • Jin Ju

    I don’t get it. What’s with the deleting of comments? Why do you keep deleting comments that are posted on here?

    • AlexisJaime

      They aren’t deleted. It is the way the commenting system works. I know, weird. If you click on “sort by ???” and choose one of the options and then scroll down to your comment(s) you will see all the replies to your comment grouped together.

  • sabbathblck6

    What scares me is the fact that I’ll be alive when that generation of Americans comes into presidency. :(

  • Blake

    I can’t take this guy seriously with his popped collar. WTF?

  • Michael McPartlin

    I love how interviewing a bunch of intoxicated students on spring break is a tool to measure educational effectiveness. Honestly, who cares about all these facts? I know them because I was taught them, but what relevance do they have in the world? None. The education system is flawed, but it has nothing to do with not knowing who won the Civil War. The system is flawed in the STEM fields where we are consistently falling behind our European and Asian competition. Times have changed, STEM subjects are more important than regurgitation of some meaningless history. Let’s stop focusing on the past and start worrying about how we can change the future.

    • Anonymous

      Obama’s got the future all taken care of. Nothing to worry about!

      • Michael McPartlin

        Right, because Obama is the reason our education system is failing, definitely. Bush implementing NCLB was 100% effective in moving funding from the schools that need it into the schools that are already achieving highly. Teaching to the test is a problem and it is the product of a crappy republican administration.

        • Anonymous

          The education system was failing long before NCLB.

          Plus, NCLB is history something we shouldn’t know anything about, like the Civil War, according to you. Let’s focus on the future. That was great advice…..

          • Michael McPartlin

            It isn’t history if it is still completely relevant and one of the regulations on our education system today. The outcome of the Civil War, while it was important, is not affecting us today. George Washington is long dead so we should tell kids who he is, but don’t be surprised when they forget it. It isn’t relevant at all. If I were to ask you a question about a science topic you learned in 5th grade, you would be absolutely clueless. I am opposed to teaching science history as well. It is unimportant to know who Watson and Crick are. In case you don’t know, they are the two scientists credited for the discovery of the double helix DNA model. I’m sure you found a similar answer when you googled that. The reason you don’t know those people is the same reason why college students could care less about the past of our government. You done here?

    • HTFP

      I can’t decide if you are joking, intoxicated on the beach or just plain old stupid. If you don’t know basic history you will be a risk to the world if you are taught any technology. STEM is worthless or worse without understanding what has preceded your existence. You need to understand the context within which the technology exists. Places like Caltech or MIT, the places that are in the forefront of nearly all “STEM subjects”, wouldn’t accept any of those students who were interviewed. An uneducated person with computer skills is a dangerous person. Get yourself a book and learn to read. It will help a lot. It’s amazing what a bit of education can do.

      • Michael McPartlin

        Right. Understanding the Civil War is completely relevant to stem cell research, finding alternative energy, solving the issues of global climate change, and many of the other hot-button topics of today. The funny thing is that if those students were doing groundbreaking research then MIT and CalTech would be more than happy to take them. You think MIT cares if students know basic US history? Get your head examined. You think European schools and Asian schools care about history from 100+ years ago? No, they don’t. That is why they will bury us in the next 10 years or so. Currently, STEM is all that matters. We are looking to make progress and knowing random trash is not going to get us there.

    • Nadia Decker

      It wasn’t on “Spring Break,” it was on Memorial Day. The POINT was to see if these mongoloids knew why they had the day off.

      • Michael McPartlin

        Hahaha “mongoloids.” Someone didn’t have a fun social life in college. Get out and live a little bit. It will do you well in the future. I know I drank and celebrated Memorial Day. Who cares? It is just a day to celebrate our armed forces, future and past. Reciting random military victories is irrelevant.

        • Nadia Decker

          Cool story, bro. I’ll get out more, I promise.

          • Michael McPartlin

            A “bro” with a degree in biology and a masters in science education. Good luck reciting useless and archaic facts about about our countries past. That will suit you very well. I think we are done here?

          • Nadia Decker

            ooooooh. WATCH OUT! We got a bad ass over here everybody! I am graduating next semester with a Bachelors in Political Science and Economics. “Useless and archaic facts” that I know, nonetheless. & yes, we’re done.

  • HTFP

    A group of students complained to a dean about me, an instructor, last semester. They hadn’t gotten their birthright A on the first test. Given how quickly publishers are bringing out new text editions and how expensive they are, I told the class they could choose edition 7 or newer-essentially 7 or 8 of the required text. One student blamed her poor test grade on me. Why? She did what I’d said, right-“any edition after 7″. That’s all she had heard, she said (failing to: read the syllabus, read posts on Blackboard, read the name of the required text listed in the registration materials, read the warnings about the required textbook posted in the bookstore)-her own admission. The book she used had a different title and author. She effectively stirred up others who wondered why they too didn’t have their A. “Why do I give so many tests?”, asked Dean. I should give fewer tests on larger amounts of material but make each test more general. Why wasn’t I spending valuable class time reviewing the text chapter by chapter using PowerPoint slides? How come some sessions are spent discussing material in the text while others include material not in the text? (…as in, how can students skip classes if they can’t be sure that they can cram from the text and still get the A they deserve?). A big concern by the Chair and Dean: A student omitted reading only a few paragraphs in the text and he lost points on the test because he got questions covering the skipped material wrong on the test. The tests should not be so specific, says the Chair. Have two tests a semester with more general questions. And this is the “Star of the State University of X system!” Yeah, I’d hate to see what’s happening in the 62 other campuses. LOL. You wonder why the students appear dumb? Ask administrators making $200,000 who spend their days admonishing faculty members for having any standards and expectations. The SUNY system has so many high priced administrators I hear they are building campus Number 64 to house the excess ones. And, yes the place I’m employed is government issue.

  • some guy
    • some guy

      My point here being asking people questions on the street is never proof to anything, as they get uncomfortable and answer incorrectly; some weird dude is coming up to them and shoving a recording instrument (its not micro at all, its large and in your face) in their face presumably to show their every fault to the world.

      Oh yes, and the “best” part about this is that then in the editing phase you can easily just pick the stupidest answers and only post those.

  • Sue Bell

    these aren’t normal average college students. you picked out the dumbest
    looking people you could find offered them 15 seconds of fame to show
    off there beach bodies and then put them on the spot. and you
    interviewed like 10 people out of the thousands that go to college. way
    to clump and entire generation into 1 IQ in 5 minutes . I could have
    answered all of those questions and I know 99% of my friends could to.
    and if we couldn’t what does that say about the generation before us
    that was supposed to teach us this stuff. and there crappy lessons plans
    created by gov to makes America look good, and avoid truth and replace
    it with little white lies. just remember that every older generation
    always call the younger generation stupid, but takes no responsibility.
    either way, I wouldn’t have been chosen to be interviewed by this perv cus I
    don’t wear bikinis.

  • HTFP

    “and if we couldn’t what does that say about the generation before us that was supposed to teach us this stuff.” Now there’s taking responsibility for your education and for being an adult!

  • Chris Masek

    I don’t understand how asking a bunch of most likely intoxicated youth beach bums is even close to considered relevant information to anyone.

    • Michael McPartlin

      Exactly, what did these people honestly expect? I have been to college spring break locations for partying and you would be surprised if the college students on the beach could tell you their first and last name.

      • Michael McPartlin

        I mean memorial day. There was a similar video done during spring break though.

  • Dillyn

    This isn’t a very fair representation of today’s youth. I am 21 years old and answered all of these questions correctly. Ask a couple of beach bums and and course this is how they would answer.

  • HTFP

    The hope, Michael McPartlin, is that college students would be sufficiently motivated to know about the world that they would learn some basic facts whether or not they were taught them. You’d think they would be acquired by incidental learning processes. The questions asked would probably be answered correctly by 4th graders who are engaged in the educational process and answered incorrectly by college students (who are not engaged in learning but who are) attending college to get the piece of paper. We should save colleges for those who want to become educated and simply give out the degree to those who don’t on the very first day of registration. Those attending to get the efficient degree ruin universities for those wanting an actual education. This phenomenon is most evident in generic state universities (not counting flagships) and much less common in the competitive private schools but separating out students by goal (education vs degree) would go a long way to improving all schools.

    • Michael McPartlin

      They are answered incorrectly by college kids because college kids have taken meaningless information in their brains and replaced it with information that is relevant to their field of study. That is why. Did you even go to college FFS. Can you remember everything you learned from your basic science coursework? I doubt it. That is exactly why people don’t care about US history anymore.

  • Carrie C

    This entire video is a sham. It’s highly edited for the show’s agenda. Did you really expect that this would be an enlightening video on how we’re smarter than we think? When you take a camera crew out to a beach to interview drunk idiots who just want to be on camera no matter what the context is, you can create any scenario you want.

  • Anonymous

    History is a much under appreciated linchpin of social understanding and cohesion. It also helps defend us from our enemies.

  • BrainFood

    The title of this is a tad broad of a statement, “This video proves just how broken our education system is.” The reason for this is, in a Philosophical manner, that the snowball simply will not grow after the initial foundation if the snow does not stick.

    The educational systems are just fine. It’s the fact that it’s not sticking. You simply cannot blame educational systems for this when so many are under the impression that it’s going to be ‘useless’ after they finish school. They do not understand that, no matter what subject, it’s important to continue to build on this knowledgeable foundation in order to continue to progress intellectually. You can actually use some of the information obtained – whether it be in a debate, general conversation, or just so you can understand a small detail in a movie that you saw because it contains some history in it. The discipline is what matters – how else are you going to strengthen your thought process without so much to study? It’s taken for granted.

    I’m only 21-years-old, and always infuriated at the amount of non-sense that people tend to spew out of their mouths. In this case, it’s the fact that it’s not the educational systems fault. It’s the fact that so many lack ambition, for they feel what they’re being taught is completely useless and unnecessary. They solely go by the impression that if it’s not going to help them to any advantage, that they’re wasting their time on it. Another factor making it worse, is detail as small as the title of this article and/or video. It’s giving society a reason to blame someone, other than themselves, for failing to absorb the education which was taught. Rather than owning up to their failure because they simply didn’t care, or didn’t try hard enough. If you look at the non-sense shown on TV, in movies, these new trends, the over-controlling lyrical publicizing made by artists – the list goes on. It’s society, the people, who are the problem for this. Not the educational systems.

    Any other intellectual has absolutely NO issue with it, and if they do, it’s because they feel it could’ve been taught a little different. But regardless of preference, it was still taught and understood, ultimately. Ambition is dying, in turn, intellect is dying.

  • AndrusskenN

    These people can vote. This is why Common Core is important to liberals. If these people ever got educated, Democrats would be screwed. Keep ’em dumb!

  • Billy the reaper

    Wow umm.. umm. Umm. Wow.. it’s sad five years ago when I was still in High school my teachers actually had 2 tell the class texting dialog wasn’t allowed in essays.. I thought are u fn serious.. and now I see why… ask um who John Elway is and they can tell u… ask them who George Washington was and they don’t know… yep America’s pooch is screwed

  • Pitahson

    “I feel stupid” and the ding goes off. anyone catch that at the end with the chick? hahaha

  • Zach

    Can someone explain to me why they are interviewing college students in a subject for which there are no Common Core standards to show why Common Core is failing?

    …and then they turned the mic around asking them what complex arithmetic has to do with plane geometry, and they all went dead.

  • Ryan Murphy


  • Arman

    Um, the question is – should this sugar-coated information be indicative of our education system’s success in the first place? Its not about how much fluff you can stuff your brain with, it’s about learning and spreading wisdom. Clearly our education system isn’t designed to teach that which transcends worldly knowledge, but apparently it’s also failing at what it was designed to do… fill our heads with relatively nonsensical information. What a defiling world this is!

  • Arman

    And why is this fool’s collar popped? Almost looks as stupid as that girl with a thong on and red solo cup in her hands. Pride and vanity…woeful desecration… Look inside yourselves people!

  • Shalimar

    This “survey” showed less than 20 people and included a population not many would expect to answer these kinds of questions correctly! The surveyer’s “data” is little more than skewed information fit nicely into his little biased box. People always use “data” to prove a point and always have a goal. Never be swayed too easily!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he had found kids this age outside a library or coming from after school activities instead of chillin on the beach if the results would have been the same…

  • Renee Bernadette

    As a mother of children in the public education system, I have to say that I am thankful for the opportunities my children have, in wait- a CALIFORNIA PUBLIC SCHOOL (gasp!). My daughter is becoming bilingual (I know, some of you white people just hate that) and she excels. She is learning more than I ever did in private school for sure! This is the first time in American history that regardless of race, gender, religion, economic status, heritage, or disability, that there is equality in schools, and in most public schools bullying is not being tolerated. I am so proud as to how far our country has come as far as making education accessible- yes it has a way to go.
    If you think that by posting a chopped and edited (also sexist) video of a few camera hungry young people is an actual portrayal of the public education system, then you are kidding yourself. This is not news, and not even entertaining. Instead of pointing fingers at politics, if you really care about education, why not DO something to ensure more children don’t fall through the cracks? How involvement in our schools? Encouraging children AS WELL as parents??? Oh, and a little FUNDING never hurt either!!!

  • Natalie Troutt

    “I looked for girls who were attractive…”?? What?? Because if you’re an attractive female, you must be a moron. Obviously the people in the video were pretty uneducated, but he definitely seemed to seek out more women. I shouldn’t be surprised.

  • Gisselle

    We learn it, but sadly we don’t memorize it.

  • Doug C

    Too bad the Civil War was NOT just about slavery. It was just a small part of it. Learn your history guys.

  • anton wyler

    How about we see the un cut full recording. I have a feeling seeing as this is an incredibly biased news channel with one of the most ignorant reverse thinking hosts that this was cut together to make them look worse than it originally was.

    I agree the education system has gotten worse in some area’s but much better in others. The students are not the only problem, its teaching styles and lazy parents who want no kids left behind. I see parents fighting schools when their delinquent child fails, they want them passed regardless.

    This great news piece also fails to show the amount of students who do know all the answers to the questions and could more than stump the host and his associates with their own questions about science and progression into our own future, as well history. They want you to think that students are now stupid to sway your feelings, and later your votes. Look at both sides.

    I’d rather be a lion for a day than a sheep for life….

    Come to your own conclusions based off of unbiased research not just what the media tells you. It goes for the Liberals and the Conservatives.

    • Sean Swanson

      Nice quote from Mussolini :-)
      Viva la Destra !

    • Michael McPartlin

      Thank you. Glad that there is a sensible person out there.

    • MHolme10

      Couldn’t agree any more. Wrote the same thing myself a little while ago in a comment. Frankly most news aired on TV is pretty biased nowadays, and most of the older population doesn’t see it at all. I can’t watch CNN or FOX news without picking apart all of their reports for biased opinions and representation of facts or worse “facts.”

  • Sean Swanson

    FYI, the Girl in the yellow thong is 16 years old.

    • MHolme10

      wait, i’m curious how do you know that? not trying to be a douche asking this question btw just wondering.

      • Sean Swanson

        Goes to school with my daughter

        • MHolme10

          wow it feels even more wrong that they’re interviewing her then. not only is she a minor wearing bearably anything, but there’s a very good chance she hasnt been taught some of those topics in school yet depending on the curriculum of the state/school she attends. way to make a poor report FOX news

    • Captain Crunch

      who cares if she is 16. if you are at the beach wearing a thong you are going to get photographed.

  • Rach Santa

    Was it really necessary to show the back of that girl’s thong bathing suit, much less the front?

    • Sean Swanson

      Agreed, if they were to at least ask her age, they would not have put her on.

    • MHolme10

      I’m not complaining. You think they chose her because of her smile?

  • Guest

    Am I the only one that would like the thong girl’s number?

  • Matthew

    “I apoplogize but in my mind individuals who are found drinking on the beach at the beginning of summer do not represent the majority of a generation and definitely do not show what the “average college student” is today. Although I do know people similar to those who are in this video, the majority of people I have met in college are very intelligent individuals who have spent most of their lives being told by the older and wiser that they are from a ignorant and unintelligent generation. The interesting thing is that I cannot see any wisdom or productivity in making these generalizations. What good are you doing by constantly bashing, believe it or not, the future of this nation?

  • Louis

    Just saying, the interviewer was really racist when he told that dude “you should know this.”

    • peashooter

      How was that “really racist?”

  • Ian Da Ous

    Abraham Lincoln did live in the South…. Washington DC is in Virginia which was part of the South right?

  • LaSadie Hall


  • Jillian Reynolds

    What bothers me about this, is the fact that it is not always the education system that is failing. Sometimes, these kids just do what they need to do to get by and “get the grade,” and they show zero interest in the topic of study. They just regurgitate the facts in order to pass a test, and then they just throw all their knowledge out the window. They are clearly not doing their part, either. Now I’m sure, some teachers kind of fail their kids and don’t teach a lot of important historic details (*cough cough* Vietnam), but we also have the internet readily available at any hour of any day. The kids are to blame here, as well.

    I’m 21 and currently in college and I’m lucky enough to attend one of the top universities in America, and I’m studying Political Science, a very competitive program at said institution. And I graduated high school in Clark County, which is one of the worst school districts in the nation. I had teachers that didn’t care, but I also took it upon myself to learn what I needed to learn. I didn’t always rely on a teacher to selectively tell me the facts. I was also lucky enough to have parents that pushed me forward and urged me to do what was necessary for success in school, and I’m sure some of these kids may lack that support system. Regardless, they can watch Youtube videos of cats for hours, why not make use of the internet for learning just a bit of history regarding this wonderful land they’re so lucky to live and study (….and drink) in?

    Less complicated point: My generation pisses me off. How did half these people get into college……? The girl in the yellow thong makes me face-palm so hard–her parents must be so proud they’re sending her to school to learn nothing (unless she’s getting scholarships, in which case, what a waste)….

  • LaSadie Hall

    teachers and parents can teach this all day long, you can put a mega phone to the childS ear NO BODY IS HEARING IT OR OBVIOUSLY CARES :(. So how would you keep their interest besides reciting the story over and over again and doing a pop quiz that they still…probably wont remember ?

  • Brad

    This is cannot be real, there is no way that people do not know the answers to these questions.

    • Brad

      i accidentally put the word is in the first part. Please ignore it.

  • carl

    I wasn’t born here and I knew the answers to every question. And no, I didn’t have to study them to become a citizen as I’m not yet one.

  • Marco Torreano

    if this is the only post with my name attached to it… Then the comment section of this site is actively censoring people’s thoughts and views on things…for propaganda sake…AKA a very large contribution to the problem…Hitler burned books and that was frowned upon for obvious reasons… how is censoring an open forum for discussion more acceptable?

  • Rory Welper

    Given that voters decide how much of our tax dollars are allocated to public education in the primary and secondary education levels and the anti-tax mentality that has gripped our nation, am I surprised?….Not in the least.

  • GablesStyle

    congratulations on finding the dumbest and also the hottest people on the beach to interview and draw audience.

  • John W

    This is absurd actually… Who cares if people at the beach do not know what exactly happened in history. If you were to do this test in front of an office building I will argue you would get much better results… This is like going to a hair salon and asking someone how to split a molecule. I’m sure if you asked them about their forte they would give you much better results. The only people I think that could all these questions correctly would
    be the people on jeopardy and they are few and far between.

    Intelligence today is very different than knowing very specific historical moments, This video is irrelevant. and its is a sort of rheological Fallacy appeals to the majority. But they also went to a place that obviously the majority is not motivated about history and current events because maybe they have the ability to get away from it all… Possibly

    Education of history has nothing to do with taking care of your family which is way more important (IMO) than what other people want from you…

    Look at the Industrial Educational Complex.

    I would rather be called Ignorant by people on the internet and be a part of “world Ignorance” and have a family that I love and felt belonged too.. than be able to answer these ridiculous questions and spend all my money getting the education that would entail one to anwsers questions like these on the spot.

    Also look at Thomas Sowell “The Vulgar pride of Intellectuals”

  • Ben Hoffman

    Let’s keep in mind half of the people are on the beach drunk and partying, they were set up for failure…

    • Frank Wright

      Even if they were stone cold sober, the results wouldn’t be any different.

  • Frank Wright

    Even more embarrassing would be asking them about their alleged Constitutional rights. Rights that have been stripped from our citizens by our government over the years. Heck, even our Nine Stooges don’t understand this very simple document. Their pathetic, incorrect, completely absurd and unconstitutional decisions prove it.

  • Ispyadouche

    Why is his collar up? You would think the camera man would let him know his collar is screwed up making somehow look dumber than the rest of the people on this video.

  • JW

    they are encouraged to vote?

  • Jeffrey

    “hey you, drunk kid. Act stupid if you want to be on tv.”

  • PacoTaco

    Obviously staged. Only a retarded conservative like Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck would say this proves anything. Tell drunk teens to answer questions wrong… genius.

  • Erin McKenna

    These kids are a product of test – based education. They began school around 2000 at the time of No Child Left Behind. They were not taught to understand what they learned. They were taught how to memorize facts and regurgitate it on a standards-based test. As an educator in the system since 2000, it is infuriating to see the value of teaching go to waste. There is no time to teach, only time to push kids ahead so they can memorize the next fact. The education I received in the 80s and 90 is no longer. There is no longer any joy in learning and this is now the product that we see. We, in education, are now forced to maintain this facade of learning. You can’t blame one single administration. You can only look to the shift in educational purpose, this mindset, and where we went wrong as a country.

  • mike

    Yeah I graduated from public school a year ago and everyone I know would know all the answers to these questions. I don’t know who these people are in the video but my public school curriculum DEFINITELY covered anything that happened during or before the Cold War. I know the answers to more recent questions (about the Middle East) but I’m not confident that all my classmates would know the answers to them.

  • Grant Olson

    Gosh, i wonder if they hand picked the few people who answered incorrectly…hmm…stupid fox “reporters”

    • Giusto

      And, you know this how, Mr. “No Need For Punctuation?” On second thought, I see how most people would “seem” intelligent to you.

      • Grant Olson

        Hmm…you should crucify me over the internet for missing punctuation :) I guess not being an english major on a Fox News Comments page makes me an idiot…You’re right, you must be smarter than I am. Btw, get off the internet.
        Liberals everywhere

        • Giusto

          You are a funny, predictable liberal! Please, do the world a favor, and take your own advice. Or not. It doesn’t really matter.

          • MHolme10

            Hey Giusto, I am here to defend Grant seeing how you’re being pretty rude behind your keyboard right now. I have witnessed this exact interview and I can tell you this was deliberate in who they chose. I also have a friend who witnessed an identical interview conducted by another FOX news reporter two years prior. And in both instances they cut out the interviews of the people giving correct information and only focus on the idiots. This is simply an example of poor reporting by FOX news. They do it, CNN does it, most mainstream media that is on the television does it. There are obvious biases that need to be discerned by people like you AND Grant. Please stop being rude and think critically about how this interview was conducted, and by whom it was conducted by.

            Was that enough proper punctuation for you? You’re on the internet, get over missed periods.

  • JoeMo

    the girl in the green thong doesn’t need to know anything to impress me

  • poignard

    Damn.. we should pay teachers more!

  • Philip Ebersole

    none of these are school students. These are morons who have been dumbed down by fox news and the main stream media

  • Bart

    Every country has stupid people who knows nothing of their country’s history. This isn’t just in the US.

  • john

    look at the people being asked those girls haven’t relied on their brain since puberty

  • John doe

    funny but yet sad video, and O’Reilly is such a douche.

  • Charles Andrew

    and for some reason we give these idiots the right to vote. how am i supposed to confidently look into america’s future with these ignorant fools voting on our nation’s and my generation’s future leaders

  • Clovis Castay

    Guy thinks hes some hot stuff with his polo collar popped up sure is making me upset, especially when hes asking the questions hes asking, way to be the superior.

  • Patrick T McLaughlin

    This interview by no means is a statistical triumph. It simply shows that a few millennials “randomly chosen” through stereotypical factors are not up on their History. No flavor of History is a topic used in any I.Q. test that I’ve come across. To me these people have had little interest in History and that’s that. They may be very good in a myriad of other subjects and could possibly put other “groups” to shame.

    If people are unhappy about something all that’s needed is to effect change. Badgering and criticism doesn’t get any one any where fast. Take action or keep your opinions to yourself.

    I was born in 1975 in a different country to a highly educated U.S. and foreign couple so I was blessed with that cultural experience. Having experienced the oppression of ruling parties I can see through the smokescreen of the political campaigns much more clearly than the current U.S. population and I say this only because the U.S. government has adopted tactics employed in the 70’s through today where I lived in order to ensure the correct candidate sat on the Presidency. The campaigns there were, and still are, just a show put up to apease, please, stimulate the public. Make them think they can vote and that there is a democracy.

    The U.S. is not there yet but believe me when I tell you all that I’ve lived this before…

    Power is a very corrupting addiction. I saw it well in 2004 when I was wearing my DCUs while driving my M1114 HMMWV through the streets of the once most beautiful city in the world, Baghdad, Iraq. As I saw it it all made me reminisce of where I grew up, it wasn’t as shocking to see the hunger, destruction, devastation, yet the willpower of the few to succeed in that nightmare by taking advantage of their newly granted freedom. These few people went into business and in a matter of a few months were EXTREMELY wealthy. FACT is that the education level in Baghdad at the time was through the roof. Most your men we encountered had Masters and PhDs yet were unemployed before we toppled that government. Now they could flourish.

    What will you do for your country?

    SFC Patrick T McLaughlin. Ranger, Ranger Instructor, Army Instructor, Airborne Jumpmaster, Pathfinder, Rappel Master Instructor, Air Assault Instructor. Infantry all the way baby!

  • Tòñy Iŕízãŕŕy

    I’m 22 Years Old and I live in New York ( same state as the people in this video ) And i’m amazed how these people couldn’t answer the most simplest questions about our Nations History.. It’s Very Sad.

  • Patrick T McLaughlin

    You know what really drives me nuts? The fact that Americans cannot write, spell, conjugate, speak, read or write the Nation’s Language. Forget History and focus on the basics folks. One may lead to the other… a means to an end.

  • Stacie Streck

    I wish I could be ashamed, and I am, but not without saying that I honestly couldn’t answer a good number of those questions. If it doesn’t pertain to people specifically a good number of people won’t remember it unfortunately.

  • Laura Kipp

    Why did he only interview very young women in bikinis?

  • Rolling Eyes

    Maybe her G-string was too high up her ass.

  • Andrew Paulus

    Alright, I am no history buff, but everyone should have been able to answer AT LEAST 90% of those questions. I am going to college next year as a business major, but this all is still necessary to know. Sad really.

  • Larry Maher

    If everyone is so f’in dumb how come I can’t find a job? I took an internet IQ test for $25 and scored 220!

    • Cait O’Connor

      There is no such thing as a 220 IQ…so you got pretty ripped off.

      • Larry Maher

        No? Dang. Maybe it was 230?

        • Michael McPartlin

          You are an idiot. Look up the IQ scoring distribution.

          • Larry Maher

            You listen to Glenn Beck! and I’m the idiot? Oh man, that’s funny:) Oh and do you mean the ‘mean score distribution or the standard deviation’ or maybe the correlated variant? Then of course, there’s P values (has somein to do with urine, I guess) and ‘null’ hypothesis and the quantum theory that says all we can ever know is the probability of an event occurring but not when or how and then… ah forget it. Let Glenn explain it to you. He can call God for you.

          • Michael McPartlin

            I don’t listen to Glenn Beck. This video showed up on my news feed. I love that you throw in random statistics terms to try and sound intelligent, but at the end of the day you are still an idiot for thinking that you have an IQ of 230. You have absolutely no idea what you are even saying, Larry. Lastly, I am going to tell you that I am not religious, so once again, your assumptions make you look like an ignorant moron.

  • David

    obviously a study asking random drunk college girls about american history is not going to have a very bright outcome…

  • Ken Head

    It’s not “our” public education system. It is the government’s public education system and the government runs it. If you want an education system that works for you and your children, then you are going to have to stay away from the government’s system and pay for your own.

    • R Tumenggung

      Ken, this is certainly not the case in other countries where youth are better educated and less proud of their ignorance than young people in the United States. Education is the last thing you want to leave to profit-seeking organisations if egalitarianism or fairness or ‘democracy’ are considered to be public virtues. Also, when you say that the public education systems in the U.S. are not ‘yours’ you seem to be abdicating any responsibility for the state of affairs. The United States didn’t reach its current situation without the support and contributions of its citizens, including you.

      Americans are as responsible for the brutality of American imperialism as they are for the appalling state of popular ignorance. The performance of these idiots makes the link between the two so obvious it slaps you in the face. A know-nothing approach is a formula for making it worse.

  • MHolme10

    It’s pretty obvious there are really stupid people out there that don’t know the answers to these simple questions. But as someone who has witnessed this man interviewing people at the beach I can promise you that there are far more who answer the questions correctly that they purposely do not air. Yes the education system needs to be revamped, but honestly, this is an example of poor reporting. And yes I followed this man enough for his time there to get an accurate idea of how much is left out of this video. This was made to purposely mock people and the education system. Way to try and make this generation look like morons, like Snookie isn’t enough on the air.

    How about doing something more constructive for our education system than interviewing our dumbest people.

    • MHolme10

      Also if you think college students aren’t drunk on the beach at 11am you’re poorly mistaken. It happens, and a lot earlier too.

  • Adele

    Because everyone is focused on specializing now to make money, we choose to forget our history except to get an A in history class. Then it’s gone, poof. Unless that’s your passion, etc. I know I don’t know the answer to all those questions, and I know I do not vote unless I am educated on what I am voting for. I know I knew all the answers in AP History, but now it’s just been pushed aside by other classes and doesn’t take priority in my mind. I think many are in the same boat.

  • don cook

    I have wondered why so many young people voted for Obama. I know now! Are they not teaching kids this stuff in school, or is it just that the kids don’t pay attention? And if they are teaching it, how do the kids pass exams with these questions on the exam? Something stinks in American education!

    • Hoknec Boucldu

      Some kids don’t pay attention. How could you be so dumb to believe that if a Rep was in office anything would be different? Even South Park teaches that you have a vote between a turd sandwich and a giant douche.

  • Stephanie Ketcham

    Okay so I got most of these right except for one. For some reason I thought Lincoln was from the south. Oh well.

    • Anonymous

      He was born in Kentucky, which was considered “the south”, although not part of the confederacy.

  • Andy Finnegan

    This just reinforces the stereotype that Americans are dumb

  • Blues Brother

    When someone doesn’t apply oneself and just coasts through life, don’t blame the educational system. Blame the parents and/or the kids. Flash: you don’t need to go to school to educate yourself. Consider home schooling or better yet teach your kids how to learn, to discover learning resources in the community like using the library. That should be the real goal of education, instilling an interest in learning, getting excited about learning. Instead teabaggers want to teach the bible as science. There’s a major problem that is difficult in not impossible to circumvent: when the parents are morons to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, I knew all the questions…hahahah. School ed.. Fail.

  • konor

    play assassins creed 3 and you’d answer most of the questions!

  • Random

    Ok im 16 and not even close to being the smartest kid, and im in lowest class at my high school(Jesuit New Orleans) and have 3.3 gpa. I can tell you mostly everything about all of these questions. South Carolina was the first to secede, and sparked the war. Revolutionary war was to become free of the king, not because of taxes and that we considered ourselves American. Cold War was basically a technology race and to prove that one was better than the other, and to become the worlds strongest nation.

    • Random

      all of this stuff is basic, it is not hard. people get to caught up in wanting to be famous and have outlandish things. Stephen A Smith said it the best, “Not everyone can be Jay-Z and Lebron, they are special. Anyone can be me, go to college, get a good job, make money, and be happy. Be what you can be and make the best of what it is. If that is flipping burgers, picking up trash, firemen, electrician, etc. You can always be somebody, the only job lower than you is no job. If you apply yourself and work hard, you will get somewhere.

  • Dan Moore

    Just shoot me now. These dingbats are an american embarrassment.


    idiot conservatives. DIEEEEEE

  • Jenn

    This is what happens when we put our overall focus on the wrong things. I guarantee if you ask these kids questions about celebrities or the latest fashion designers they would receive almost perfect scores. Our education system isn’t perfect, but I believe this primarily comes down to a priorities matter. Our priorities are so backwards anymore it’s very saddening. Most of these kids see college as a time to party, not to truly educate themselves. Our messed up priorities don’t just lie with this younger generation either. Our whole society is backwards.

  • propcontrol

    Instead of blaming one side or the other, how about looking at the root of the problem: the school system and its curriculum, the fact that teachers let failing students to pass, the fact that jocks are allowed to progress even they can hardly read or write etc…High school in this country is a soap opera filled with needless pressure on those kids who should be there to learn and not worry about popularity.

    Parents are to blame too for having too many expensive, needless toys to pay for causing them to both work, not being there when the kids come back from school, too tired to cook good meals and supervise homework…Live within your means.

    Born in the fifties in the USA but raised all over Europe in their school system and boy is there a difference.

  • nadyac

    Yes, it’s embarrassing. However, I want to say something about the comment “This is why I insist the voting age be raised to 35.” I hope no one really believes that waiting for these people to reach age 35 will all of a sudden make them know all of this information. Besides, all that stuff is rote memorization. Rote memorization of facts about our country doesn’t equate to critical thinking which is what (as far as I’ve been told) we’re stressing in college. I am not excusing these people for their ignorance but I don’t think we should be so quick to crucify our education system based on the inability of a few young beach-goers to answer these questions. A handful of teenagers at the beach is not a representative sample of our entire country’s education system, and if you think it is, then sorry, but you’re also being ignorant and you should strongly consider taking a basic statistics course.

  • R.N.T.NC/SC

    Behold the final blow in our ultimate undoing….

  • Lauren Murray Bennett

    I shutter to think that so many people think that they came blame everything on one political party. I’m an educator in a pretty conservative district. I see plenty of students like this. Our curriculumn is pretty progressive, we teach to a high standard. Just because it was taught over and over doesn’t mean its retained. I kid you not, dome students do not see the value, so it washes over. But, that’s not to say all are like that. I have bright students as well. Then there are the intelligent ones who throw their education away. That’s the saddest of all. Support teachers by supporting legislation that enables them to teach! Educate parents to support teachers, not punish them because they can’t except a low grade because Johnny worked hard, so he deserves a higher grade…geez…..if he can’t do it, then he shouldn’t pass!

  • psychenudity

    Just look good, look good doing it, attract , be attractive, dress envy worthy, be cool, look the part, fake it till you make it, blah blah blah blah – with those messages POUNDED into 2 generations worth of Americans and the tidal wave of cultural Marxism with the slow infiltration of Communism into politics & the educational system – and we are supposed to be surprised at this? Millennials : you have done a great job of becoming a worthless generation…..oh, but you’re really great consumers! Yay!

    • Hoknec Boucldu

      Blow me. I am part of that generation and I can promise we will do more for the world as a whole then most generations before us. Just because some ass hat decided to go to a beach and question attractive people that are drinking at 11 a.m. doesn’t give you the right to group the entire generation into one.. Go back to working at Hardees you half wit.

  • Anonymous

    Some of these girls are lucky they are pretty lol

  • Lauren Stiles

    Watter might want to look at a map sometime. He pointed out to the water and told one of the girls that England was “out there.” Wrong! Jones Beach faces south, so he was pointing at the Caribbean. England is north and east of Long Island. Guess those bikini babes weren’t the only bimbos on the beach that day.

  • Kevin Haggerty

    I think this speaks less of America and more of New Jersey.

  • Anonymous

    So what group wants to cut education and what group wants to improve it. Ask yourself that question.

  • Avaholic

    You know, I was homeschooled all 12 years, and only have 1 year of college under my belt. Funny thing is, I knew the answer to every question that Jesse asked. I also know the answers to a lot of questions he didn’t ask about the civil war, revolutionary war, etc.

    • Hoknec Boucldu

      Most people know those answers…

    • Anonymous

      The most pathetic part of that interview was the Black guy not knowing what the Civil war was fought for. How can someone who race cry’s about slavery so much not know anything about a war that emancipated them? I’m and so beside myself right now with this.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that the new education curriculum is now “dumbing down” the history curriculum. The main and most valuable,patriotic,and inspiring historical information will be gone.

  • Hoknec Boucldu

    I see comments about blame teachers, blame schools, and blame the system… Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe some students just don’t care enough to pay attention. Before anyone feels the need to grammar police me, that wasn’t meant to be a question.

  • Jenn Rockefeller

    I’m appalled at how little people know about the history of this country. That one girl answered “the French” to almost everything! SMH. It’s really sad. It makes me weep for the future of this country.

  • Anthony Tisi

    My four year old knows more answers than these sorry excuses for Americans. I genuinely fear for my country after watching stuff like this

  • Debra Mcdaniel

    I’m so embarrassed to see parents waste money on these young adults.Its never to late to learn a little history at my age and a veteran so glad I could still answer those questions.But for them just ridiculous and what did they do in history class not to remember this stuff??

  • Anonymous

    I think the goal was to show a bunch of young girls in bathing suits.

  • mya

    i work at an elementary school as a tutor, a lot of times teachers don’t have the time to get to science and social studies because the school district wants to focus on math and English. I see teachers have little to no time to teach these subjects. Most students learn these things ,more, when they enter middle. They enter not really knowing the basis.

    • Anonymous

      Of course they don’t have time, how can they have time to teach all of the subjects when classes are so short and school ends at 2pm? They cant, and this is exactly why the school hours need to be extended. Teachers crying about pay and long hours need to get a off that wagon. They are just as much to blame for how the education system is failing.

  • Muzamil Panezai

    I am not American,I am Pakistani but I went to states (NewEngland ) for few time but I know the answers to whole of Questions,I found people the same specially late teens( lets exclude early teens etc).its not only about US particularly when asked about foreign relations they were blank let me quote only one example like they thing whole Muslims or Asia is in middle east hehe.

  • VeronicaV

    Honestly, while history is extremely important, I don’t think that we should judge the quality of the education system on a person’s ability to regurgitate facts. Our education system should be teaching students how to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. So, in this scenario, if those people on the beach had demonstrated that they didn’t know the facts off-hand, but that they knew where to find them in the future and how to apply that information appropriately then I would say that they were not stupid and that the education system had done well. However, many of them couldn’t answer the questions or demonstrate they could use problem solving skills to ascertain a plausible solution so I would say they were examples of a failing educational system.

  • Doug Plank

    This is EXACTLY why most youth today would vote for the President based on his BS lies. They have absolutely NO IDEA what Socialism is and why we spent so much time FIGHTING the socialists. Our parents fought and died against it and now we have lunatics leading this country down a ruinous path and people are just fat and happy as long as they get their mailbox money! They have no concept of true patriotism, sacrifice, and the values that made this country great. As long as they can “party on” why the hell should they care. They actually believe the Democrat/Socialist lie. “Sure man, sign me up for some free sh-t.” “Heck yeah, I love that welfare..why should I work? Now get outta my way so I can work on my tan or flash my boobs.” Lazy, apathetic idiots!

  • FTO

    Despite our many faults, America is one hell of a great country and idea that continues to evolve. In hoping to do my part, can someone give me rock solid proof that our economic system is a socialist system and that our government is communistic. Perhaps if I can approach my representative with evidence, he can begin to affect the change we desire. One additional point, you do not need to prove that we make use of socialist ideas because we managed to grow the greatest economy in the world, the greatest military in history, and defeat our Soviet adversaries making use of the evil, socialist ideas enacted in the New Deal. I mean no slight to any one party. My goal is to find the truth, not unlike Socrates and Aristotle.

  • AlanT

    I could have answered every one of those questions without even thinking about it. It’s simply amazing how the dumbing down of America has taken root. What is being taught in our school system? My tax money is not going for education any more but as a form of babysitting by the government who instead talk BS and pass it off as smarts.

  • Dizzy Deb

    The only thing I could add to this discussion is that it is deliberate. Our government changed the way our teachers teach, they are no longer allowed to be teachers. They just get the children ready for a stupid test, pass them and if they have money get them in college to make more money for the colleges if they don’t have money pass them so they can work at Mc Donalds. Either way they are taught to be stupid sheep and if they come out smart it’s because they read alot of books and researched things on their own. We can’t brag on the teachers anymore unfortunately, but we can blame the government that regulated what the teachers teach.

  • AlanT

    It’s totally stupid the way people leave comments. Instead of starting a new comment they latch onto someone elses’ comment and reply as if what they say has anything to do with the first reply or the original comment. Start a new comment unless your comment is directly related to the original comment started by someone else. I see about 30 comments attached to one persons comment and many don’t have anything to do with the original reply or comment. Talk about real stupid people.

  • Soleil

    Look at the demographic… he asked people on a beach who were probably drinking. I’m 18 and I knew the answer to all of these questions, plus more useless information. Perhaps the problem with the education system is we are trained to repeat information instead of actually learning it. While it is true a lot of teenagers are that stupid, a lot of adults are that stupid as well.

  • Ben Dean

    Come on now, you know he was targeting people that he thought didn’t know the answers. Many of them had been drinking and seemed to be at least fairly intoxicated. I would also bet that their is some people asked these questions who gave correct answers and they just didn’t show. Could some people my age be this dumb? Sure, I am sure their are idiots in every generation. Most of the people my age that I know though could answer most if not all of these questions correctly. This is partially just O reily trying to make our generation look stupid, therefore discrediting Obama getting elected as he received alot of the young votes.

  • arendt2

    It’s funny because anyone who thinks a few cherry picked interviews out of probably hundreds constitutes meaningful data is also proof of how broken our education system is *ahem, comments section, ahem*

  • Warrior KM


  • Anonymous

    These young people don’t know these answers not because they are stupid. but because they are not longer taught history. Our educational system has failed them. I am 52, not an old man (in my opinion) and we were taught all about specific battles of WWII in both the Pacific and European theaters, about the Revolutionary War, and about the Civil War and history in general. I am embarrassed for these “kids” but I don’t blame them.

  • Z z z

    But that ass… educate yourselves on that!

  • валера гатауллин

    I am pretty sure the US didn’t win the “Cold War”,in fact, there was no winner in “Cold War”, the only thing is that the country which ended the Cold War was the USSR with Mikhail Gorbachev. In addition, Reagan did not win it, he just signed the treaties on termination of nuclear weapons which was the idea of Mikhail Gorbachev who actually did something in order to end the Cold War, he destroyed the Berlin Wall.

    • Michael J. Fell

      Nice revisionist propaganda there…comrade.

      • валера гатауллин


  • Aura Lea

    I would like to point out the obvious issue of sample validity. There were 14.8 million high school students in the US last year. This interview covers, what, six individuals? Is it possible that this isn’t a relevant sample? Over-generalizations such as this one hinder the conversation about education rather than helping it. How can we make any assumptions based on a few bikini-clad people on a beach? While there are valid issues in the field of education, this is not the way to have a productive conversation about them.

  • Michael S

    Smart people can sound extremely dull sometimes, and dull people can sound extremely smart at times. One easy way to sound smart is to point out other’s dullness. It is SO easy to point out problems, SO easy to point fingers at others and to point at results such as the people featured in this video. Working towards solutions is not easy, nor was a single attempt made here. One was not even suggested. The correspondent did not spotlight stupidity as well as this program spotlights the stupidity of itself. They identified a girl as “the girl wearing the thong” which was incredibly tasteless to do on television. I liked Bill a LONG time ago, before he sold his soul to entertain.

  • Hank Cinnamon

    Leave it up to FOX News to attempt to quiz a bunch of drunk college/young adults at a beach, when they probably don’t even care what this country is built off of. The problem is that the title of this video is very misleading because there were a few answers that were either correct or even some that were close to being correct. Meanwhile you have people who are analysts and reporters for FOX News who are supposed to be responsible for informing people, yet they either misinform people or don’t know enough about the facts so they assume information, therefore skewing it.

    Loved the last answer “who was responsible for apprehending Saddam Hussein?” Yeah, of course, which irrelevant jackwagon did they need to plug? Lets see, probably the stupidest man who has ever lived in the white house. I don’t even like Barack Obama, but that question screamed “HEY, WE ARE FOX NEWS AND WE ARE SUPER BIAS!” When did Saddam Hussein and his soap box derby racers ever “threaten” the United States? That is right, he never did, you could actually blame, surprise surprise, the United States for arming Saddam’s regime in the first place. Its not like Osama Bin Laden was more responsible for threatening people’s lives in the United States, but was the question of “which president was in the white house when Osama Bin Laden was captured/killed?” NOPE! Because then Fox news would be forced to give props to Obama, something that since day 1 they have never done.

    • Michael J. Fell

      You are, at best, a case of the pot calling the kettle black…

  • Guest

    I live in the area in which this was filmed. This is the same area in which parents of young students are fighting, tooth and nail, to get rid of Common Core (A new controversial learning system in which the students are tested in areas of study to determine their strengths and weaknesses to focus on. WHICH HAS NO EFFECT ON THEIR FINAL GRADE). Why would parents fight against Common Core? They claim the testing is too stressful on the students. So these parents ‘Opt’ out of the Common Core testing because it isn’t mandatory. However, the students prepare for these tests a few weeks in advanced so those who don’t take the tests spend around 2 weeks sitting in the back of the classroom playing board games and talking about new updates on the Kardashian family.

    The new world we live in is a sick society focused on making every child a ‘winner in their own special way'; a society that ensures that every loser still gets a trophy. This instills an idea in the children’s head that no matter how little of an effort they give, they still won and ‘tried their best’. These same children will do terrible in college, if they make it there, and will fail in the real world… and who will their parents blame? The schools.

    As a result of the declination of interest in education displayed by parents, these children will believe that it is not important(monkey see, monkey do). These children see their parents fight against productive learning and listen to their parents blab about how wrong the school is… how is their child ever going to listen to a teacher or professor after hearing that? Well I’ll tell you this, it isn’t a big deal. Because countries like India, who actually make their students learn this important fundamentals, will soon take all the responsible professions that require more intellect than that of a 10 year old.

    To those parents who are opting their children out of the testing and stuffing pills down their children’s throat all day because it’s ‘too stressful’ on them… Why don’t you ask your children in 20 years from now, how stressful their dead-end job is that doesn’t include benefits or pay enough salary to feed their family and live in a nice neighborhood. I’m sure it won’t be as stressful as a few High School exams(sarcasm).

    Go ahead, set your child up to fail and blame the schools. Less competition for me to get a job in my field…

    Having all that said… this is Fox News and the O’Reilly Factor; which is all a bunch of brainwashing BS in my opinion. It’s obvious that they ONLY interviewed the drunk trophy women there… and then a few drunk ‘brawlic’ men. They’re all holding red cups…

  • Nathan Connolly

    Oh, boy. The irony of Fox News pointing out how stupid Americans are. And nice popped collar, D-bag.

    • Michael J. Fell

      Oh, boy. The irony of someone who’s probably never watched FOX News making a stupid comment about them being stupid.

  • emil

    you dont even need to be American to know the answer to those questions. it is comman knowledge in the western wourld. hilarious.

  • Andrew Chang

    I feel stupid. ding* HAAHAHAHAHAAHA lmao

  • Anonymous

    10/10 would bang all of them.

  • johnbdey

    Problems with this:
    1. All of these kids are drunk or high, don’t expect their brains to work right. 11:00 am is late for college day drinking.
    2. This is a blatant eye-candy piece that features only 2 male respondents
    3. Stop popping your collar, you look like an idiot.
    4. Stop assuming that a guy who looks black “should know what the civil war is about”. He could be any range of ethnicity.
    5. Spring break 20 somethings are not a randomly selected pool of respondents that accurately represent a broader population of America.

    If you guys actually take this seriously, Glenn’s point is thus proven, because you are the idiots.

  • Fayiz Dabdoub

    They find the most ignorant, drunk college people to answer these questions.It doesn’t mean our education suck, it means they are idiots.

  • George Allegro

    Although attacks upon the liberty of some, such as the “rich”, are a common tactic by those who oppose morality and liberty, it should be clear that an attack upon the liberty of some is an attack upon the liberty of all.

  • Anonymous

    Any one watch ‘Jay Walkng’ with Jay Leno?

  • Anonymous

    Humans in all countries for the most part only retain information that is either important to them or information that they use every day. To say the educational system is broken based on the video is not quite right. I guarantee, all the questions asked were taught in school, private, chart, and public. Education can’t force people to care about the information they are given. I could ask math questions that were taught to everybody in the country including Beck, Waters, and O’riley, which they probably couldn’t answer and yet were surely taught. I can ask science and grammar questions as well that most people would not be able to answer. Lets put blame on the right people. Each individual is in charge of their own education. You can have the worst teacher in the world and still be taught all you need. You can have the best teacher in the world and still learn and retain nothing. Watch “Are you smarter than a 5th grader,” if you don’t believe me. I would be willing to bet that if you went to the “smartest” countries in the world and asked random citizens questions, the majority wouldn’t remember them either.

  • sam holmes

    no the school system isnt broken it is dead i was forced to drop out of highschool and go to the ged in my local comunity collage to get my deploma

    • DinoBeliver

      Did they spell your name right on your deploma?

  • Eli

    Why don’t they interview college students who are going to school to actually learn, not to get drunk on the beach? I do not think that these people in the video are “average college students.”

  • Tara Brennan Okin

    I’m a product of public schools and I can answer all of those questions.

  • Anonymous

    I was close to 35 before I gave a hoot about the political scene.And while I could answer most of the Questions Jesse asked in the Video, I know many people who are clueless to American History. Many people find it confusing, and I was surprised when having a conversation with my sister a fairly smart individual, (retired teacher, Valedictorian) how little she knew about the political process. She just took her husbands view….and this to me is sad considering he is die hard democrat. Since that conversation I have heard her and my younger sister also a Elem. Teacher say they were wrong – that Common Core is No good. The Point is you can be smart and Not Informed. We need a Term Limit Revolution…we are way over due. We have to demand it because the Politicians do not want it. It was in the (Newt Gingerich) Contract 4 America and they couldn’t agree with anything other than to Dis-agree. We have to insist that this be part of the RNC Platform!!

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure about intelligence but there were sure some hot bodies on the beach

  • Andy Les Pahl

    Even though the civil war was about state’s rights initially, Fox still found a way to make a black joke. Fox News at its best.

  • jpetey

    They definitely made people look more dumb than they really are. I’m sorry, but I refuse to believe the average person my age that is a college student is really dumb enough to get these questions wrong. I refuse to believe it. This is just to make our generation look stupid. Give me a break. How about next time who asks some average people who aren’t just out drinking on a beach, and I bet they at least get most of the questions correct. The older generations think they are so much smarter than us, when in reality it is just not true.

  • DinoBeliver

    I don’t care if they were drinking. They were simple history questions not advanced Calculus or Organic Chemistry. I could be completely s$itfaced and still tell you who America fought in every war and why.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just remarkable how many imbeciles there are out there. And, we give people like this the right to vote???? If there is a “Higher Power” in this Universe listening…please help save this country from morons like this.

  • Anonymous

    He only asked 5 or 6 people, relax. Of course they won’t show the hundreds that got the answers right. This is how statistics are used

  • vtriplei

    It’s broken but not in the ways this videos shows.

  • Ryan M Carroll

    I’m Canadian and could have answered every question, correctly.

  • Anonymous

    The shocking thing about this video is that we are no longer shocked by what we see here … it’s become the norm and we’ve grown accustomed to the lack of knowledge exhibited by our college students.

  • Andrew Carrieri

    Britain’s not in the direction the host is pointing at :58. Jones Beach faces south, not east.

  • Melissa Ann Catherine Wilkerso

    Wow, so lets legalize pot so everyone can be this uninformed. Go America!

  • Zach Lim

    This is more general knowledge than education. Just cause a few people on the streets can’t answer a history question does not mean that the education system is broken. Why not ask a question about science or math or literature? If no one can answer those questions than I’ll truly believe the education system is broken

    • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      Or ask them the prices of nail polish.

  • Josh Kaleo Wells

    I was born in 1992 on O’ahu in Hawai’i. I know the answers to all of these questions and then some. American History isn’t fully emphasized in our state’s education system as is Hawaiian History- there are entire kingdoms and royal lineages, social systems, political scandals and warfare to learn about in our history. I could answer a few of those questions as well.

    All in all, the education level of the individual does depend on the institution, but insofar as their particular self-study and interest will take them.

    One of Hawaii’s Former Public School Students

  • ayoub ana

    this is miami ?

  • Anonymous

    I learned all this in grade school in the 60’s.

  • Earl Downing

    I was born back in 1934 during the great depression the son of a share cropper started to school in 1940 a country school that taught up to and including the 8th grade my eighth year I went over in to another county by riding my bike 1 mile to catch school bus to go 11 miles to school up till that time I was only allowed to go half day because I had to plow in the fields by doing my home work at night at night by keosene oil I still maintained a+ average and in 8th grade my dad made me make a choice quite school and work give him my money to buy alcohol or leave I left at age 13 at 16 I joined the marines, and yes they made a man out of me, I was a V.P. of a major insurance company after thirty years retired owned a medium size trucking company with in come over one million per year all this you can read in my book( boy from lulu) by earl downing for more info go to my web site( boy from downing ) can order from archway books, amazon books, or barnes and noble thank you I am boy from lulu earl downing

    • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

      Congratulations, Earl!

  • Eric Grenier

    This doesn’t shock me at all…I basically stopped participating in school in the 5th grade. I thought what they were teaching was garbage, and a waste of time. I got all F3’s in 6th grade, and they still pushed me through until High School until I finally dropped out. I knew every answer in this video. I could probably be good at any job I wanted because Math and English were never a problem for me. I know people who graduated High School, and even went to college who are completely clueless. Many of them can’t structure a basic sentence, or even spell. This country is full of self centered numbskulls. It’s an absolute shame, and a joke at the same time…

    • Eric Grenier

      I’m also self-employed…lol.

  • Hector Andres Castañeda Revill

    hola saludos

  • Jack Jackson

    who cares most of those girls were hot

  • david j baugh

    I do not care if a human being shows no interest in history and therefore knows little about history. but to call them dumb people..?.. cmon. ok.. can you play the national anthem on guitar? no? youre a no talent piece of garbage. does that make sence?

    • Reliquary

      really??? really??? This was not brain surgery or even, as you put it, playing guitar… this was basic history any person living in this country should know…. you don’t make any sense and yes it is spelled with an s not a c…

  • elizabeth cohen

    I knew the answer to each and every question; I am 60 years old and I am scared to death that this is the future of America. I guess in the next war the South will win. Good god. The cold war was because it was cold in Russia. Is anyone else as frightened as me?

  • Sheryl Miller

    Drunk, stoned, stupid bimbo MORONS. Friggin’ f____n idiots. They should ALL BE SO EXTREMELY EMBARRASSED. My dog knows more than these idiots.

  • Anonymous

    the progressives have been working on this takeover for a hundred years. they took what worked in every progressive president and put it in their racist-narcisisist-celebrity-marxist-socialist puppet teleprompter-in-chief! hussein-obama mentors adviCzars in his administration are the god is dead movement hippie radicals! we’ve been living fourty years in the desert of liberalism under the devil Media- no coincidence we called it the boobtube(boobytrap)tube!

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Watters asked the wrong questions. Ask them the prices of nail polish.

  • Anonymous

    Hey folks quit picking on the progressve movement. They have the right to be ignorant and I wish you would all stop trying to educate the progressives. The less educated people there are the less competition I have. And… business has been great!

  • Had Enough

    So pathetic!!!! If they were my children first off I’d tell them to put some clothes on, save some mystery for after the wedding. Secondly I’d sue the educational system!!!!

  • aemoreira81

    At least they have their looks going for them…because they don’t have their brains!

  • J. Nev

    Charlotte Iserbyt – Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World


  • Micah Hoskins

    Born in 1990, answered every question correctly. Yes, my generation is mostly ignorant though. I do not blame the teachers, although some teachers should have better performance. I do not blame the government, although it appears corrupt. I put most of the blame on the parents. Notice i said “most”. Sometimes you do get that kid that refuses to pay attention or do homework, yes. The PARENTS should have been more strict on focusing in school. The “time out” and the “no phones for a week” and even the “no going out with your friends” does not work. A parent must also help guide their children through school. Teachers should be some of the most respected people in this country for devoting their career to shaping young minds to better educate them. It’s not the teachers fault if the student refuses to pay attention and learn or the parent refuses to make their child sit at a damn table and do his/her homework.

    Most of the people in this video are examples of pure ignorance. I do not see how they were allowed to walk across a stage and grab a diploma if they can not even tell you who fought in the Civil War, Who we fought against in WW II, or even have knowledge about our FIRST president!

    Now, I am not claiming that I was a “straight A’s” student, but DAMN… these kids are just… wow…

  • Anonymous

    This is just more proof that teachers, school board members & VOTERS must get their heads out of the sand (or iphone) – otherwise we are going to look like the 3rd world countries Obama wants us to be.

  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Richard Nicoletti

    History is not boring … it’s about people. You have to bring historical figures to ,life for them, not just read from a book. Illustrations … show the human side of what went on in our great history. And make sure that every student knows their states and capitals. No one got out of my class without knowing their states and how to find them on a map.

  • Mike Knowlton

    Progressives have been selectively BREEDING stupid voters since LBJ and maybe before. How? By paying stupid people MORE for every kid they breed while lying on their butts sucking on the public teat. Look at how the welfare system operates. (You have to ignore all the smarmy rhetoric about “helping the children,”) You’ll see it’s all about making sure each generation has more dependent welfare rats to vote progressive/communist oligarchs into power. They ignore the Malthusian crash that’s coming in favor of their own immediate wants.

  • potatolicker69

    I agree that a lot of people are ignorant but I think this is pretty slanted. I would like to see the result of an actual scientific study that shows every answer. “I looked for guys who were drinking.”

  • emmaline repp

    Does anyone find it interesting that he says: I looked for girls who were attractive? It was 75% women in bikinis, which tells me that attractive women in bikinis were what this segment was really about. Not to mention letting you know that, yes, most women in bikinis are pretty dumb (while highlighting a couple of men of color). I’m just saying.

  • Robert

    I wish Glenn Beck could write in sentences… maybe he shouldn’t be allowed to vote until he learns some grammar. “We don’t everybody know our own history.” <- Learn how to speak properly before you begin to criticize others. Your own blog proves how broken the US education system is.

    • AndreainAtlanta

      You’re aware that what you read is transcribed from live audio, right? Someone who does three hours of live radio, as well as a TV show, is going to have some clunky sentences. And if you’re going to pick nits, you might want to take an English refresher course on the proper use of ellipses.

  • Mikey Lavelle

    I’m English and I know more about your history then they do! Absolutely disgraceful.

  • Anonymous

    After my school experience in 14 different schools, I’m really amazed at what teens don’t know. I’ve come to the conclusion that education starts and is enhanced in the home. If you have kids, what you offer them most importantly is the benefit of your own knowledge. I’m constantly surprised at the people, young and old, many, many members of congress, even presidents. And I don’t want to forget the people in media. I’m totally bewildered at most of the ideas and beliefs that are out there. I have a teenaged grandchild who has made the comment that she hates stupid people. The intolerance of youth.

  • David Manhart

    What is seriously sick, is that Sarah Palin is just as ignorant as these people. Yet she actually has a following.

  • Anonymous

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    • AndreainAtlanta

      Why don’t you “neavigate” yourself somewhere else to troll?

  • Tyler Pyle

    Obviously our educational system is pretty bad but I’m in this age group. I’m a millennial, born in 1993, and I knew the answers to literally all of these questions. You want to know why? Because I actually paid attention and read the books in school. The reason why so many people in America are so dumb is because they just don’t care. Don’t solely blame the educational system for people just being dumb

  • rosalinddunlap

    Common core should be dead in the water, it is a complete mess by all standards.

  • Da Amezola

    The GOP Voter Base

    • AndreainAtlanta

      Yes, because democrat government school children are brilliant, right? They know enough to, like, capitalize the first letter of every word.

  • mmt

    Forget Voter ID, let’s have a voter US history test.

  • Terry Adams


  • Terry Adams

    I wish I had not watched that

  • ombuendia01

    I think these people were just pulling Jesse’s leg. No one is that dumb.

  • Cheryl Case Palmer

    As a retired teacher this does not surprise me. My hands were constantly tied to teach my students (mind you this was 3rd grade) ANYTHING that wasn’t in a scripted textbook. I felt like a criminal. There was NEVER time in the day for Social Studies or Art, Science, Music, or Current Events… let alone History. I am PROUD to say that when my door was CLOSED I took every opportunity to include these subjects in my lessons- despite a State agenda to stress only reading (with reading selections chosen by a STATE appointed curriculum committee) and math. There are many teachers trying to do the same thing… but there is more and more pressure being put on us to teach to “The Test” and push students to the next Grade level with NO KNOWLEDGE of historical subject matter that is often only included in the Standards for a SPECIFIC Grade level… if they didn’t get the 3rd Grade History Standards in 3rd Grade… they NEVER will. This part of the curriculum never spiraled between grade levels. I don’t think that this is a coincidence. God Bless the teachers who are continuing to try to TRULY EDUCATE their students despite Federal and State agendas to limit their knowledge. These poor students have no idea that those who do not learn from the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat it.

  • HistoryBuff123

    As someone who is about a month away from having a credential in Social Science, this breaks my heart to see but sadly it does not surprise me. One of the problems is that even though this is taught they do not remember it. Why? because as a nation we do not seem to actually be teaching our children to internalize and remember what they are taught instead of remembering it just long enough to pass the classes and then completely forget it.

  • disqus_irCdmAu8It

    In order to take over our nation, to destroy our culture and allow the Democrat Party to take over, they have made our kids stupid. But, we allowed it. We are to blame.

    • ryanomaniac

      Beat comment.

  • Me

    We can attribute having the first black president to the youngest voting groups. The ones who couldn’t answer who was the first president. It was cool to vote for a popular black candidate instead of the platforms they were running on. My comment has nothing to do with race whatsoever. Only with the uneducated has a loud voice in the arena of life. I listened to a newly graduated senior recently while at the barber. Question: what are your plans for college or employment. Reply: my parents have not worked as long as I can remember. They are on welfare and disability and nothing is wrong with them. They have money in their pockets and never work, so I have already filed for my free money. That’s my plans, and was completely serious. This is what parents and the government are pushing for role models. A few generations of this and not knowing history will be a goal for achievement.

  • steamed

    I love Jesse Watters…

  • Melissa Mosley

    I guess if people were not as self absorbed as these people in how they look they may have had a chance for some brain cells to hatch. They are borderline idiots but hey at least they look hot on the beach! Prayerfully they wont breed

  • Mikal

    and we wonder why we can’t keep our allies. Who are they again?

  • Kevin Geary

    We have a school system, not an education system. And it’s not broken, it does exactly what it intends to do.

  • Witchhazel

    This is America, yes we have Democrats and Republicans. Some call them progressives/liberals or conservatives/religious zealots. Let us not forget we have independents as well. It is what it is. We used to have one of the greatest education systems in the world, we also used to have fewer spoiled children, not both parents working, and a lot more compassion about life and improving ourselves. That does not mean that all is lost now. Instead of playing the blame game that is so familiar in congress and the house of representatives, how about we stand up as individuals and take responsibility for how the education system has declined and work together to solve this problem. Everyone on here is so busy blaming someone else and that includes soldiers, teachers, the media, anyone who voiced an opinion about how stupid these kids were on the video and Glenn Beck. Back in the 60’s and 70’s our parents thought we were stupid as well because the kids drank, smoked pot, experimented with drugs and listened to Rock and Roll music. People are only as dumb as they let themselves become. If you want to learn you will learn, if you have a disability but want to learn and work you will learn and work. Anyone who wants to live in the country has the freedom to make choices. If you want to sell your soul to the government, then you will jump through the hoops to do just that. Wake up people nothing in life is free, kids these days think everything should be handed to them, well who raised them, who let them learn to think like that. Not just the parents but also the media, making a decent living and learning to live on a budget is not enough to be proud of anymore. Competition for better homes, better cars, bigger debt that is the norm now. Stop and think about what you are doing before you’re ready to quit on America, or think someone else is going to solve today’s problems. It is up to each of us as individuals to work together to stop the downward spiral. Make sure your kids know what hard work is, that they do not get something for nothing or by cheating and lying. You have to be willing to want to help each other, work for a better tomorrow. Stop the blame game and set an example that you can be proud of and so can your kids. The whole tone of the chat on here seemed to be to argue about who is right and who is wrong and who to blame. Stop being haters and thinking you have all the answers, we all need open minds and a willingness to get along. Does it make you feel better about yourself to put others down for their opinions? This chat started out to discuss how bad our education system is, but really it is about how quickly we turn on each other instead of working for solutions. Let’s get to work and quick wasting time!

  • shortfuse71

    Let’s just legalize pot. That’s a brilliant idea. Oh, let’s legalize prostitution so these girls can make a living.

  • Don

    You can not remain a free people via ignorance. Most people a no clue about anything of value. They don’t understand traditional values vs moral relativism. Free market vs Marxism. Real values vs the intolerance of political correctness. We will fall from within, I would say we have already fallen, we lack the name change; Amerika or USSA.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    Give ’em an iPhone so they can Google it. They can’t think without an iPhone.

  • liz Rodriguez

    What a shame, Americans should give the interview to prove their citizenship.

  • ryanomaniac

    That’s where the term Libtards came from.

  • Shirley Carroll

    I’ve been a educator (in math) for 30 years. I’ve seen some truly wonderful reforms in our educational system lately, but I am quite concerned about the growing disconnect in accountability and work ethic which I suspect is partly responsible for the decrease in performance that we are currently seeing. For example, in math our focus has shifted to teaching math conceptually rather than procedurally and almost always students are working within a group setting. This is an awesome shift in teaching math, however we are then told that we shouldn’t have our students memorize their math facts…it is just suppose to come to them! Somehow we seem to be sending the message that memorization is bad, that you can’t achieve without the group, and that it is a group accomplishment rather than an individual accomplishment.
    Another important factor in this educational equation is that it seems the idea of traditional learning (and also in a more global sense – traditional values) has taken on negative connotations. Just because something is deemed traditional doesn’t mean that it is wrong. We should hold on to the traditions that have made us strong and always seek to improve…whether it is in the educational setting and in our core values. Imagine what the world would be like if we held ourselves accountable for our own learning and actions!

  • lillapoyka

    at least some of them were good looking and one of them had a killer ass

  • citizen

    this is what happens when being ‘smart’ in school is not hip

  • Shelley Skinner Swindler

    My eight and ten yr old children watched this in horror. They also knew all the correct answers! Of course, we homeschool! Sigh….

  • SK Turner

    So you ask a bunch of smoked up, coked up, drinking young people irrelevant questions on a holiday, expectnstraight answers and this proves your education system is broken? What kind of liberal logic pill did the Blaze take on this one. Stop inciting emotions and go back to confusing people with facts.

  • Behning Brad

    As a baby boomer, we all had massive amounts of American and world history. I can still write a paper on every war we have been involved in, why it was fought , why we won, and probably name the president, leader or dictator and most of the generals and major players of the wars. Today, if you ask a millennial who Hitler, Mussolini or Tojo was they can only tell you one of them had a funny mustache

  • laurelj100

    . . . and so those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it :-/ We really ARE doomed

  • dumpling321

    LOL @ “I feel stoopid” *DING*

  • Tim Dixon

    We must show our children the importance of knowing history.

  • Steph Curry

    this is completely sad….:-(

  • David Stokan

    To be safe, half these people are probably drunk off their ass. Other than that, HOW THE HELL DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO GEORGE WASHINGTON WAS!?

  • cantstandthewaste

    I was a lousy history student as history bored me at the time, and I knew the answers to these. I have since become much more interested in history, thankfully.

  • Bruce Straight

    Looks as though the dumbing down of America is working – full force

  • Gerhard Meyer

    There must be something weird about being the superpower. Nobody knows anything, if it did not actually happen in their own state. Very strange, most young people in virtually every other country, whether English speaking or not knows the answers to these questions, and they are not even Americans!

  • MrLiberty1776ma

    Instead of COMPLAINING about how BAD Society is How about we start with Educating EACH about the NON-Aggression Principal/ VOLUNTARYISM/ wait for it ANARCHISM and by Removing ” OUR ” Mental Malware PLEASE WATCH THIS Video I know it may seem boring at first but I PROMISE Watching this in its entirety is WORTH Every Second!!! >>>>

  • tim1967

    this makes me sick DUMB ASS KIDS

  • Jake Hutcheson

    You do realize the people complaining about this are largely the people who raised these kids right?

  • Daniel Hoffman

    How in the name of god do ya sit through four required years of history class and not know these answers….Please enlighten me !!!!!

  • Johhny “the rat”

    Hard to keep my mind on the story. Crazy good looking women.

  • Sir_Ronald

    I was born in 1970 and well, I knew every answer.

  • Guest

    Because manipulating the voting age to suit your political needs is a good idea. Glenn it isn’t like you to just throw away american ideals like that. Though, i’m not surprised by the, once again, focus on young people. It seems popular, and it’s no wonder why the young have no problem turning away and preferring stupid: they’re just fitting into the mold they’re told to be in.

  • Shane Tyler Yorks

    Yes, let’s go after the children again, because it makes us feel good about ourselves. Glenn, all this talk about waking up has seemed to put everyone asleep. People in this country need things to fall and break badly enough that it hurts, or they’ll never wake up and see the light.

  • Darrel Sapp

    Even not paying attention in history class, I was able to answer most of these questions. People voted for Obama only because he was black which was the worst reason to actually vote for anyone. The government is doing this on purpose so that the people don’t learn from their mistakes. It’s all going to repeat it self, and this time we wont win.

  • Guest

    In a world where looks are over intelligence.

  • SgtBluu

    I am 16 years old, homeschooled 6th, 7th, and 8th grade and now homeschooled again 11th and 12th grade, graduating at 17 and going to computer programmers degree. What I’m getting at is I learned more in those 3 years of himeschool, we focused in History, politics, and economics, I was able to have a professional and an intelligent political discussion with anyone and usually either bring it to a stalemate or win the debate. I have always represented my group in political discussions, and history debates. I bought the same history textbooks and compared then to mine. You can’t blame these kids! The history books brainwashed us to believe the blacks were enslaved and tortured (in which ever race was enslaved, and very few were tortured, as a matter of fact the slaves loved their families because the families took very good care of the slaves) they are not taught presidency except for current, and we are still as of 10th grade being taught that Columbus founded America. Our society is failing, and it’s all in Oblunders agenda. You people did this and now I have to pay for it. You people allowed your uneducated kids to vote for this man, and y’all never rose up and took this country back over. So now my kids have to live through a destroyed America.

  • Jonathan D. Stull

    i was born in 1988 n i knew the answers to these questions

  • Allexander01

    Ask about “Who did America fight in the Revolutionary War?” and “What was the Civil War about?” you heard the answers, but ask the girls how to have sex and the answers will be rich of variety

  • Kiwi

    Welcome to MY world. I knew the answers to these questions in highschool and got made fun of for it. Ended up getting kicked out for telling a teacher that she hated children and couldn’t bully me. I have a GED and they all have diplomas. I’m more American than any of these kids.

  • Inza Ulm

    Now I know what my grandson is being taught in school……Nothing…. I also know that teachers make more than I do annually. I am a registered nurse. I save lives and can discuss subjects with many generations since I care for people greater than 95 yrs and less than 21 yrs. Maybe nurses should teach and teachers should work a real job like nursing. What an experience it would be for teachers.

  • Gayla Recktenwald

    There should be a little quiz before you are allowed to vote in an election. A lot of these people don’t know because they don’t care. And they won’t bother to educate themselves about most things related to history or government because they don’t care.

  • Deskrider

    It is starting to sink into the vast majority of Americans that the “War on Drugs” is an idiot, and failed, attempt at keeping drugs from the hands of our citizenry. Why is it that no one sees our Public Education System as an equal failure? I have a daughter, who has a master degree in communications, who didn’t know where Europe was. Geography was not her thing, but she didn’t know this most basic of information. She is not stupid, and she is highly motivated, but the PES spends far more time babysitting than educating. Why are we wasting the money on this completely failed endeavor. Even our colleges have had to dumb down to handle the incoming students. Why does everyone think so many foreigner come here for their college degrees? It is not because the education is better, as our national arrogance imagines, it is because it is so much easier to get a degree in our watered down system. Quit being simple minded, we need to get rid of the public school system for much the same reason we need to get rid of drug laws…. it does not work.

  • Natalie

    And Some people actually think blood is blue until it hits oxygen. If we don’t know our history, we will repeat our history.

  • Dr. Karl Stalin

    The illegals should fit right in to our public education system.

  • Joey

    This is hard hitting News? this is just like Jay Walking from the Tonight Show. Anyone who gives normal answers are edited out . And just the silly people are shown .

  • Terri DuBois

    OMG. Keep working on your tans, stupid-asses! And BTW, STAY AWAY from the voting polls! Esp. that donut-head in the neon green thong……truly sad dumbass kids……

  • Sebastian Mansali

    Nothing in this video is indicative of a poor education system, as they were probably taught all of this material but either forgot it or didn’t care. At the end of the day, not being able to recall historical facts doesn’t make these people stupid. I bet most of you commenting on their ignorance probably aren’t good at math and science, both of which are actually difficult skills which the majority lack.

  • John Beach Hubbard

    They were too busy touching up their nails and lipstick during classes. But, realistically, maybe those classes were never offered. They have politically correct instruction that has replaced all that “dead white guys stuff” about the Founders, etc.

  • Lisa Blake

    I hope these idiots don’t breed.

  • GrimesGator

    Fitting they would have the Poster Boy for DUMB on the front of this article Glenn Beck

  • Patricia Kathryn Bonitz

    Not funny. That’s why our country is in trouble. It’s sickening!

  • Patricia Kathryn Bonitz

    I knew everyone of these questions. What are these kids learning anyway?

  • Ceylon Byas

    Fox should feel real proud how they have dumb down the people who follow them/s

  • Colin Daly

    i was born in 1993 and i dont understand what the big deal is. Jerry Jones sexts and hes old like you guys, rich, famous, prolly doesnt know much US History. I mean George Bush is pretty stupid too cuz hes had his speeches written for him and put us in the worst war/economic recession in the history of the world.

  • Analytical Critic

    Opinions and anecdotes, even funny ones, are completely useless in making any valid inference regarding education and politics. It’s in the data, dummy:

    tl;dr version: Democratic states rather consistently outperform Republican states, though to reduce any issue as complex as education or politics (or their intersection) to such a dogmatic interpretation would be infeasibly simplistic.

  • poundtown

    That girl in the neon thong could get it

  • lee luna

    Sad,I wish he would had asked them what is a headway…they’ll say “about ten pounds”…rimshot!

  • Guest

    This is made up. People can be this dumb about their own history. Even me that i’m from mexico know all of those first grade questions..

  • Al Ramos

    This is made up. People can be this dumb about their own history. Even me that i’m from mexico know all of those first grade questions.. What i mean “first grade questions” is i mean elementary questions.

  • Jay Dillon

    Which show had the geography lesson with a map and pins, in which a few people identified Australia as France? That’s one of my favorites.

  • Dave Marriott

    the education system has been dumbing down students for decades.. keep lowing the bar people.. keep that conveyor belt running.

  • Sane_Person

    I don’t need to watch another video of stupid people to prove to myself that our educational system is in trouble. The fact that anyone pays attention to Glenn Beck is much more convincing evidence of that.

    • studi30

      Beck is on the Republican side. The dumbing down of America is being done by Democrat, union school teachers. You must have been dumbed down.

    • kakello34

      Then why are you here azz-clown?

  • Mr. Moderate 49

    I was a history teacher and am not surprised . History is often not considered as important as reading, science and English. It is very hard to get kids interested in studying the past. I was very good at it because I stressed how the past relates to the future. All that said judging our education system by asking people history questions is not an accurate measurement. The break down of the American family is a large part of the problem for educators today. It is also an impossible job with low pay for the amount of education required. Thus the best and brightest don’t teach like they do in Japan where educators are paid well. The conservatives can say it is not about funding but having worked as an educator for 30 years I can tell you we don’t get the latest and greatest stuff. Give teachers time to prepare for the classroom and expect results and yes test the kids or you don’t know the outcome of your efforts. The Common Core is essential because it is what kids need to know to get a job – It is not a curriculum but a set of skills. Each state or school district can design their own set of lessons. It only applies to math and reading and is not in federal law and was created by the governors association.

  • Kevin Jewell

    Everytime you idiots elect another Republican to office in D.C. they take billions out of education and pour it into military spending, only they proceed to spend trillions in military adventures.

    • kakello34

      You’re an idiot

    • Doddlin

      Because money is the reason people learn, right?

  • tgoyer

    They’ll know that Washington was a white slave owner. That’s “all you need to know”…

  • fredderf

    If they were smart and unattractive they wouldn’t make it on T.V. To be fair make it like a game show and pay people for correct answers even if they’re not standing in front of him with their butt cheeks hanging out.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    “All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu
    Obama Jihad against climate change and for navel gazing

    The liberal media has kept Americans duped for decades, and people still believe the lies they tell about Republicans being to blame and
    Democrats being benevolent.

  • IReadit3

    Marry the girl who described Russia and the US as “Frenemies” during world war II. She actually not only knows the history she perfectly describes the dynamic.

  • Ryan Howell

    As a historian these kind of videos hurt my soul. My circle of friends would know these but my generation at large doesn’t care about history or current events. Part of me wants to bring back a form of a literacy test(some basics, like they questions he asked) to make sure each voter is informed and has the capacity to make a good decision.

  • woodybailey

    Well I am sure they know who Kim Kardashian is though.

  • Nathan

    Is being ret@rded a new fad?

  • Josh Hernandez

    Please people do not generalize the millenials. Not all of us are this stupid. Not all of us cater to the progressive narrative

  • Kevin Hulki

    Are all the girls on that beach super hot? Yamma hamma!

  • Barry Leeper

    This country is in a heep of trouble!!!
    Ladies and gentlemen your tax dollars hard at work at the dumbing down of America!!!
    They don’t know who we fought to gain our freedom…….but I will be ding, dang, dong if they don’t have their self esteem!!!

  • teekay51

    I am convinced this is primarily a department of education problem and the cadre of issues associated with the changing of family unit definitions. I grew up in the Ozzie and Harriet – Leave it to Beaver era. so excuse me for staring favorably at the past.

    Thanks to all of the federal government “help”, teachers today do not appear to be teaching, they are instead forced to learn common core methods, but mostly to coach and prep students to take government mandated tests. If the kids fail in great numbers, they lose their jobs and any chance of finding another one in the same field. Let them teach, that is what they signed on for; not to be a tool of a progressive ideology driven government.

    With the sad statistics on single parent households, the problems cannot see the end of the tunnel. Single moms are fantastic, except the resources to raise kids are severely reduced over dual-parent homes. This is really starting to look like an irreversible cultural shift that began in the 70s and 80s.

  • Roger Turner

    Is the beach really the best place you could think of to ask these questions? Not to say that there isn’t validity to your point, but if you had asked these questions someplace else, you might have had a different outcome.

  • Donna Fletcher

    this is sad & funny at the same time. I’m still blown away by the
    fact that more people aren’t concerned w/ what has happened to our
    school systems. It certainly costs us a lot whether we have children in
    them or not.

  • Fred Yarmolowicz

    Who cares what they know? The T and A is awesome

  • Nabob

    The chick in the neon bottoms better be thankful she’s hot….

  • RDiBerto67

    If these folks and their children are the future of America, we are so screwed.

  • Marty Juergensen

    Don’t forget the parenting (or lack there of) in the equation of this sample not doing their share… sad days in America.

  • Max Lence

    voting age should be raised to 60

  • Richard Roberts

    Watters is pretty dumb also. He pionts to the water and says that great Britain is straight out there. Long Island runs east to west. The direction that he is pointing to is south. There is South America in that direction, not England.

  • Jim Monk

    Af,ter watching this, I think my IQ is now in the minus range.God help us.

  • jimbo124816

    I was born in 1945, and even though I have forgotten some things over the last 7 decades, I still knew all of the answers to those questions. Do they not teach anything in the schools anymore?

  • Jon Richards

    The progressives count on this ignorance.

  • Missgto

    The intentional dumbing down of America. Karl Marx would be so proud! Let’s teach about diversity and gender “benders” and why personal responsibility is just plain evil, but over bloated, corrupt big gov is good….fill the mandatory classes in colleges with more BS of that type….both lengthening the time it takes to graduate, costing more in student loans and not preparing them for the “real world” as well as indoctrination into Socialism and creating a class of over educated, under achieving, over indebted stupid people..

  • K9Jeeper

    The irony here is that Bill O argued with a 4 star general by making the asinine statement that the Allies brutally mowed down German prisoners of war at Malmedy in WWII. WHEN IT WAS THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Once corrected, Bill O argued with a GENERAL. So those with low IQs should not make fun of other idiots.

  • spikeandjack

    At this moment, about four blocks from my house, teachers are picketing for more money for “education.” It’s getting laughable.

  • jsteele

    School is not meant to drill common facts into students’ heads, they develop writing, reading, and research skills. Of course they learn these things, but can you honestly say you remember everything you were taught in school? Google exists now.

  • Bev

    Has nothing to do with the Common Core, education reform-yes, taking away a well-rounded education and focusing only on math and language arts. I can ask Glen Beck questions he cannot answer, how does that prove anything but he doesn’t know. There is absolutely nothing wrong with our educational system EXCEPT testing-industry regimes. Let teachers teach!

  • Steven B

    Nice, cherry pick young people’s answers. But history isn’t taught much in schools anymore. Try doing a real poll.

  • Ryan DeVries

    … I’m 13 and answered all of these answers correctly…

  • geaaronson

    Actually the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8 lays the responsibilty of the welfare of the nation on the federal government. The US Department of Education is perfectly legal in its formation.

  • William Chamberlin

    Im 11 years old I knew every answer to these questions it’s scary eh? The average american has an IQ of about 99-100. i on the other hand educate myself I read book’s everyday……..yes, yes, yes I play video games but only on the weekends………….unlike these retarded people who probably watch TV all day everyday and probably will for the rest of their lives. God this generation is screwed

  • AlexisJaime

    Shut-up stupid.

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