Mayor de Blasio sides with unions in battle over NYC schools

There are only a few opportunities in life to make a real difference by standing up for what you believe in. The next one is coming on July 22.

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Will Cain, co-host of TheBlaze’s Real News, has been exposing Bill de Blasio’s campaign against New York charter schools for several months. Today, he released Part 3 of his Blaze Digital Original series “Alise vs. The Mayor”. Back in February, Mayor de Blasio brought down the gauntlet on three charter schools operated by Eva Moskowitz, leaving hundreds of kids without classrooms to return to this fall. Will’s kindergarten-aged son attends one of those three schools. “Alise vs. The Mayor” he examines the issue of charter schools in New York City through the eyes of Alise, a student at Harlem Success Academy, and her mother.

  • AlexisJaime

    The video is marked as private.

  • Anonymous


  • Andrew C Eden-Balfour

    Oh and the slash in education across red states aren’t going to make children pay the price? Mr. Beck you really need to lay blame on all sides, including conservatives and libertarians instead of just blaming leftists and progressives, because nobody takes you and your ideas seriously when you allow yourself to become a partisan hack.

    Not to mention that charter and private schools don’t perform much better then public schools, so really schools in general are performing piss poorly, whether it be private or public.

    • Satisfied Customer

      I can agree with a lot of that, right up to the point you try to tell people that they just won’t be allowed to send their kids to properly certified private schools, or home school with a state approved curriculum. When you start trying to tell people that they have no right to choose how to educate their kids, you are violating their constitutional rights to purchase any education they want for their kids, provided it meets the regulations of the state. I can’t find anywhere in the Constitution that indicates the Government is the only entity capable of, or legally entitled to, educate children. This is about forcing conservative’s kids into the propaganda mills.

      • Andrew C Eden-Balfour

        …… Please cite where I said that parents shouldn’t be allowed to send their kids to private schools. Because I never said that, I said that private and charter schools, as well as home schools don’t perform much better then public schools. The fact that you pulled something like that out your own head and claim I said it really shows how biased you are when it comes to this sort of issue.

    • Robert Ditzler

      Well Andrew, let me explain something to you. I am a 12 year Catholic school graduate. Our academics were far superior to public education. Most charter school academics require a 70% or higher passing average as opposed to 65% in public education. In my graduating class, we had 6 students that finished in the top 85 students in the nation. (That is the top 85 students, not 85%! That means in the top (point five) .5% in the nation) Our leaders are incompetent. On both sides. Yes, I am conservative and believe in small government intervention across the board. Education is in the top three things that we need to spend money on. EDUCATION, not the unions associated with the educational system! This fight is about the corruption of the NY politico and saving our children’s educational standards so stop sounding so “uneducated” and go inform yourself……………. *and the government wonders why parents are home-schooling………????

      • Andrew C Eden-Balfour
        • Anonymous

          And you think that doesn’t happen in public schools? My dad was a high school teacher. He never worked at a school that didn’t try to game the system in one way or another. He was vocational ed, so his classes were considered electives, and he saw this from the vantage point of an outsider. Even if they were doing it through legitimate ways, like teaching strait out of standardized test, the simple truth is the system is railroaded by some bureaucrat’s idea of what students should and shouldn’t know. 50 years ago, there was very little oversight of local schools by most states and the federal BoE didn’t even exist. Then, we were kicking butt and taking names, leaving other countries in our educational dust, especially in math and science. Adding a ton of hoops for teachers to jump through means they do a lot of hoop jumping and have less time to teach. The best way to ensure schools are preforming at the optimal level is to have a robust range of options for competition. Competition maximizes efficiency and results. Our system usually does the opposite. Schools that under-perform whine that they are struggling because of a lack of money, so they get money from the state or fed where it’s wasted. Then they send in inspectors and evaluators ensuring the faculty pays more attention to them than the students. Let the teachers have the power of what they teach with minimal government intrusion and reward high-preforming schools with more funds. If a school under-preforms long enough, rework it entirely or shut it down. Allowing parents to choose like this will force schools to get better to compete for more students and higher-quality students.

    • Tj Joulwan


  • Charles Hollier

    Private schools do so much more with half the money. Public education is more about indoctrination. Not education.

  • Plow Comms

    Those who oppose the spontaneous nature of liberty and prosperity attempt to discredit cultural evolution because it conflicts with their fatally conceited confidence in mankind’s limited intellect.

  • Anonymous

    Of course he sides with the unions as they are part of the money laundering/democrat leftist machine. People like DiBlabbio portray themselves as standing up for the little guy, the poor and downtrodden. Yet, they want to deny a good quality education by banning vouchers so these children can escape the failing, miserable public indoctrination centers posing as schools. DiBlabbio and his ilk are hypocrites of the highest order as most of these democrats/leftists send their own children, if they have them, to expensive private schools. They disgust me.

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