Is an Israeli/Palestinian-type conflict coming to the U.S. southern border?

Last week, Glenn discussed the disturbing report that Central American news agencies were encouraging people to travel to the United States border with their children because they will be welcomed with open arms. This report follows the Obama Administration’s declaration that there is a “humanitarian crisis” at the southern border as tens of thousands unaccompanied immigrant children flood into the country.

It is believed some 60,000 children will attempt to cross the border this year alone, and last month the federal government set up emergency temporary housing for these children at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio. On Monday, the White House asked Congress for an extra $1.4 billion in federal money to help cope with this problem. President Obama said the U.S. would continue to house the children at two military bases.

So what is the end game? It is no secret the Obama Administration and progressives on both sides of the aisle are looking for a way to grant amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants already in the U.S.

On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn asserted that the Obama Administration has orchestrated this so-called humanitarian crisis in order to advance its progressive immigration policy. On radio this morning, Glenn took it a step further – explaining why he believes the U.S. will soon be embroiled in a two-state clash much like Israel.

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In the case of the influx of children currently at the border, the media and Administration will play to emotions as they try to build the case for why these children should be allowed to stay in the U.S. While Glenn recognizes the big-picture endgame of what is currently unfolding, he is unsure of how it will play out:

Somebody far smarter than me has got to listen to me carefully on this because I can’t figure this one out,” Glenn said. “But what’s happening to us right now on our border is we’re being made into Israel. I said this about six or eight years ago. I said, ‘They’re going to do to us what the left has done to Israel.’

Look at what’s happening. When Israel became Israel, what happened? They started to say, ‘They stole our land.’ It was legitimate. It’s the way every country is formed. In fact, this is more legitimate because it didn’t happen through war. It came through the United Nations. A body of the world came together and said, ‘Yes, those are their borders.’

So what happened? The Arabs didn’t like it. So they take all the Palestinians and they put them in the Gaza area, and they put them in refugee camps in Jordan. They say: This is just going to last a little while you stay in these refugee camps and work it out.

What happened? Those people have lived in those refugee camps for generations now. Nobody knows how to even live anymore because they have, for generations, raised people in those camps. And what do they do with them? They just use them to pit people against each other. They are using those people.

So here’s the thing. What are they doing to our border? They are making camps. I’m warning you right now, mark my words: If it lasts five to 10 years, they will say exactly the same thing. ‘You know what? We should give them their own state. We should give them Arizona. We took it from them in the first place. That’s land that we stole from Mexico.’

You mark my words: It’s coming. They are making a Palestinian plea, and you’re watching the beginnings of it right now. Mark my words: That’s going to go all over today, and everybody is going to call me crazy. Whatever.

Somebody needs to do some research and figure out what should they have done in the very beginning to flip that argument. What were the off ramps that Israel could’ve taken that would’ve short-circuited that argument? Because we need to short-circuit that argument. And it is not amnesty. There’s another way. I don’t know what it is, and I’m not smart enough to figure it out.

But I’m telling you that’s what happening: They are, right now, building us into Israel. And those on the border are going to be the Palestinians. Watch.

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  • Crassus

    This opening of the borders and the forgiveness of student debt are nothing but blatant attempts by Odungheap to create a generation of Democratic voters that will keep these egg suckers in power for eternity. We are all Marxists now.

  • landofaahs

    There is a conflict coming on the border but whether it’s Israeli/Palestinian or not, I don’t know.

  • Anonymous

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  • Scott Roger

    We are a Nation of States. We have a federal kidnapping law against transporting minors across state lines without parental consent. Start there.

    • Doug Brown

      So show me one Federal prosecutor who will file charges. Not gonna happen…

    • Anonymous

      If any of it can be tied to immoral behavior the Mann Act comes into play.

      • Mudpie

        Lot of sexual activity going on apparently. But who do you think you are, some kind of citizen living in a constitutional republic? How dare you suggest that the govt. be held accountable!

  • Anonymous

    All obama is doing is baiting United States citizens into a fixed coin toss game with a coin with heads on both sides. If with a revolt of spanish people in our South Western states in the end that leads in Mexico annex our south western states. Our country be far weaker military and less economically sound is one side !! The other side if we annex Mexico our country be far weaker with less educated and poorer population of Mexico and many of them siding & wanting a Chavez type government !! I say we not playing this game that is fixed against U.S citizens !! That we all take care of U.S land and Mexico take of their land and no movements take one in another lands !!! Plus it don’t help the Mexicans people to be better off without having a strong U.S on it’s border to help out what it can ,by enlarging Mexico land area !! Or the other way where United States go completely downhill when it annex Mexico which don’t make sense either !!!

    • MisterMister

      Israel didn’t STEAL any lands. They were attacked by Arab nations and those attacks resulted in lands being RIGHTLY acquired by Israel. Tough luck. They lost land because of their own aggressive actions! Israel has made several offers for lands to be given to Palestinians on several occasions. The Palestinians themselves have rejected those offers. Get educated and stop regurgitating intellectually dishonest leftist/progressive propaganda!

  • landofaahs

    It’s amazing to me that we allow the media to frame the illegals as nothing but down trodden latino’s searching for honest labor to feed their poor children. How many are drug dealing murderers and muslim terrorists who came into America through South America and how do we separate those in amnesty?

    • Shane

      The illegals tell the BP that they are fleeing the Cartels; this is not true and the liberal MSM will not tell the truth.

    • shirley sherwood

      Well if the muslin terrorists haven’t come across, they probably will just a matter of time. We have an evil president and his posse just as bad.

    • Anonymous

      A democratic representative from here in Texas was just talking yesterday about how these kids need to be sent back to their respective countries. He also said that many of the older boys that are sent are recruited into the drug cartels before they make it through Mexico. I just couldn’t believe that I was hearing that from a democrat, but he represents a district that is along the border and is being hard hit by this problem.

  • Anonymous

    America will become the next Apartheid State (in the media) to be publicly scorned for its non-inclusiveness. Attempts to close the border will be met with ridicule from the idiotic Left who will stage a False Flag to garner International support and UN intervention into the manufactured crisis. So much for a sovereign nation…

    • Shane

      The Left is not idiotic, they are traitorous. Obama hates America and is doing his best to destroy it.

  • BlueMN

    “Is an Israeli/Palestinian-type conflict coming to the U.S. southern border?”
    I doubt it. US religious fanatics aren’t building settlements on the South Bank of the Rio Grande in violation of international law.

    • Shane

      Wrong, Mexicans consider the entire Southwest to be Mexican territory and the gringos who occupy it are the enemy. Mexico plans to take back the American southwest by flooding it with Mexican immigrants both legal and illegal – La Reconquista.

      • Elena

        Correct. This flood of immigrants is NOT fm Mexico. It’s fm Central America — Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador.

  • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

    Like, it’s time to fortify our border with walls, concertina wire, land mines, and guards with machine guns. That would go a long way toward solving the problem.

    • Shane

      Don’t forget armed Predator drones! We are being invaded by uneducated peasants who can’t speak English. Impeach Obama now!

      • Max

        “… invaded by uneducated peasants who can’t speak English?” Have you been to Atlanta? We’re not just being “invaded,” The “system” is manufacturing uneducated peasants, of all colors, who can’t speak english; and the peasants are proud of it. And I bet if you look real close, the same is happening in a city or town near you. Impeaching the current governmental figurehead which was chosen for us will not fix this. Better get used to the fact that fat, lazy, and stupid as a box of rocks is the new normal.

    • Mike Nelson

      I want to agree with this, but the fact is, those guards can be flipped in a second to keep people IN.

      We have forgotten how to be a free people.

  • Pearls to Swine

    Glen, Glen, Glen….. The world gives Israel a hard time because we are Jewish, not because they give a damn about the “Palestinians”. As much as you would like America to be Israel, I don’t think you can compete with us when it comes to international hatred and condemnation, we win the prize every time. Sorry bud.

    • Shane

      The Left are allied with Muslims now because they have common enemies – The USA and Israel.

      • Pearls to Swine

        Glens theology is a modified replacement theology where in some convoluted way he (like much of his audience) believes that America is the continuation of the nation of Israel after the exile of the 10 tribes. Although I like Glen very much and respect him immensely, I feel that this point is (as we say in Yiddish) “Narishkite”.

    • Guest

      Oh please, stop trying to play victim. Everybody and their mother knows that Isreal is by far the most powerful country with the most powerful military in the Middle East. The reason most countries give Israel a hard time is because their leadership acts like a bunch of jackasses when asked to actually sit and hammer out deals.

      I was born in India, most of my family is from India… you don’t think it pisses us off when Pakistan keeps trying to take parts of Kashmir away from us? Or that the country that we border is basically the Taliban’s headquarters? We’ve had 6 to 7 major terrorist attacks on our soil in the past 10 years but our leadership isn’t going to just invade Pakistan and bomb the crap out of them and kill innocent civilians just because… that’s INHUMANE. The fact that our leadership in India uses a strong hard-lined stance against Pak (we have used aggression when necessary) while still being open to compromise is why majority of the countries including the U.S. side with India on the issues of Kashmir.

      • Pearls to Swine

        In a total dated from June 2013 there was of that date 2000 Jews murdered by Arab terror in Israel since the Oslo “peace” accords were signed. That is not to mention all the Jews killed and wounded outside of Israel during that time.
        I am sorry for your 6 terror attacks over the last ten years, but really, you need to get a grip on reality. Until then, you just prove my point.

        • Adave

          And how many Palestinians, Lebanese, etc. have been killed by Israeli’s since then? I’m a proud Zionist, but Israel is not completely benign. In the same way that I love America more than life itself, but criticize her actions, even though I believe Israel has every right to continue existing, I cannot agree with every action she makes. God Bless America and Am Yisrael Chai!

          • Pearls to Swine

            So I guess you would agree then that America deserved 9/11 ?

          • Adave

            I’m sorry to inform you of this, but your logic is completely fallacious. Before I explain that though, I wish to point out that we both disagree with “Guest.” However, my disagreement stems from the undeniable fact that due to the constant misinformation spread about Israel, many people remain blind to the truth—that the state of Israel has done a lot more to move towards peace than their opponents, including giving up land multiple times.

            Regarding the logical fallacies, I must begin by exploring “Guest’s” comment, which stated that the reason Israel has few supporters throughout the world, which is unfortunately true, is due to their defense tactics. His logic is based on the premise that Israel murders innocent civilians out of cold blood, which is absolutely false. In actuality, defense tactics such as their preemptive strike on Syria, which is debated by scholars to this day, and strategic seizures of land, e.g., the Golan Heights for defense purposes, are the main reasons for their relative lack of supporters around the globe.

            Your response to him was fallacious because it omitted a key fact, that Israel (much like ther est of the world) is not perfect. For that reason, I stated that although I support Israel, we cannot ignore the things they do wrong. I won’t get all philosophical on you, but to simplify the problem with your response regarding 9/11, the logical basis of your statement relied on a twisted version of my statement: “Israel deserves the attacks against it due to the wrong or ethically questionable actions it commits sometimes.” Because I do not see the behavior of relatively benign nations like Israel or America as a justification for cold blooded murder of innocent civilians, I could not possibly see 9/11 as justifiable. Therefore, your statement is completely invalid.

            Finally, I’d like to add that I knew victims of the Hezbollah war, suicide bombings in Israel, and a victim of the 2005 London bombings. They did not deserve their deaths. Although there are disagreers to my slightly deontological point of view, murdering civilians in almost all cases is wrong and it should only be done sparingly as a last resort.

          • Pearls to Swine

            After sifting through your lengthy prose I found a line that seems to be the point you are trying to make:

            “In actuality, defense tactics such as their preemptive strike on Syria, which is debated by scholars to this day, and strategic seizures of land, e.g., the Golan Heights for defense purposes, are the main reasons for their relative lack of supporters around the globe.”

            I disagree and I use the history of the Jews among the nations as proof of my point that antisemitism is not based on the actions of the Jews themselves but on a cosmic plan which is being acted out on the stage of world history.
            The Torah itself states that “you will be a Nation that dwells alone” And we are. And we have been for 3000 years.
            And I am happy about that fact because I see it as proof of Gd manifesting Himself within the context of history revealing a divine Will that will one day unite the world.

          • Adave

            My “lengthy prose” also contained logical proofs as to why both you and “Guest” were wrong. Given that you chose to respond to only one point, can I safely assume you agree with the rest of my post? I will respond to your point as soon as you create a proper response to more than one sentence of my post and retraction of your post implying that I would consider the horrible September 11th attacks a justifiable action.

          • Adave

            I guess you have no response due to your inability to form a logical counterpoint. I hope you keep your opinions to yourself when you’re not on the internet. Otherwise, you make our people look like delusional simpletons.

          • Pearls to Swine

            I quoted the part of your lengthy statement which was relevant and gave you my response to it.
            I am sorry if you don’t understand my response.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    The UN never sanctioned Israel taking land that was owned by the Palestinians.

    UN 194 allowed for the Palestinians to return to their homes.

    Israel stole their land and left them in the refugee camps.

    If Glenn Beck cared to understand the real facts of the issue he would have addressed UN 194.

    Instead he works for the good graces of his Zionist benefactors.

    • Julie Jenkins

      While I don’t get into the Jews Rule The World realm I will say there is a lot wrong with how Isreal has dealt with its neighbors. The original state as formed by the UN, without middle east countries being part of the council, was about 1/3 the size of current Isreal. After forming Isreal continued to expand their borders, even going against the UN. This is why the fighting exists now. The Gaza Strip was once part of Egypt, that’s why its been such a violent area, when it was ‘only’ the Palestinians they were displacing much of the ME countries were just put off but not upset. Palestinians were not well liked even among their neighbors. But, when they stole land from Egypt, with the aide and full support of the US, this new world of Arab resentment to the west was ignited. For this is why I do not support Isreal, even after 9/11 when so many jumped to their side “now we know its like”.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        The myth that Palestinians are not well liked is based on the bigotry promoted here and the swarms of Palestinians that were made homeless in 1948.

        Okies weren’t much liked when they desperately fled the Dust Bowl in the 30″s driving down farm labor wages throughout the West particularly California. Watch the “Grapes of Wrath” to see how that plays out even in America.

        You will never hear a Palestinian make their case on Glenn Beck or any major media, even 99% of liberal media. Rachel Maddow won’t touch the Palestinian issue. Jews may not rule the world, in America they certainly own this issue.

  • Guest

    If the government wants to house anyone, why don’t they start with helping the people of this country!!!! Frustrating and disgusted!!!

    • Anonymous

      Be careful what you ask for, they have all those FEMA camps that the want to fill with someone!

  • The Angry American

    They came over no problem..send them back the same way..if not then by gun point!!

    • Anonymous

      I think they should send them all to Washington DC. Then they can see how much of a non-issue it really is.

  • MicheleandMarty Zimmerman

    If the government wants to house someone, why don’t they start with
    helping the people of this country!!!! Frustrating and disgusted!!!

  • reggiemay

    Cloward Piven on speed. Think of all those kiddie on welfare.

  • David Perlman

    For this to become anything close to Israel the UN with have to form a special body (like UNRWA) whose sole purpose would be to feed these people forever.

  • Raul A Diaz


  • Shane

    The traitor Obama is not enforcing our nation’s immigration laws, and he traded 5 Taliban officers for a deserter – impeach him – Sign the petition to Impeach Barack Obama, our lawless President!

  • Anonymous

    If this massive illegal immigration is not stopped now, it’s all over for America, And…we will deserve it for not forcing our elected officials to obey our laws. We are fast losing our language, culture and American way of life. What does our government do ? Import even more both legal and illegal. What we are really seeing is Cloward/Piven in action and it is working beautifully !.

  • Mark Park

    The border states will have to take matters into their own hands. Do you really think those cretins inside the beltway give a damn about the kids, or the states?

  • ajhb

    so how do we stop this. I am so sick of all these problems and not being able to stop any of it. I vote but obviously that is not doing anything. What else do we do. Give me something to do not just tell me what the problem is.

    • Guest

      I know the feeling!!

  • Anonymous

    I hate to be crude, but long before it gets to the point Glenn’s making, it’ll go in a very, very different direction–what’s euphemistically called “ethnic cleansing” when it happens over in the Balkans or some other foreign shore instead of here.

    As Ralph Peters put it some years back, we are descended from the same “happy-go-lucky slice of humanity” that gave the world ” . . . such recent hits as the Holocaust and Srebenica.” And we will be bloodily efficient at it: “It’s the difference between the messy Turkish execution of the Armenian genocide and the industrial efficiency of the Holocaust. Hey, when you love your work, you get good at it.”

  • Anonymous

    My question is how are they
    paying the smuggling fees and cost of then crossing Mexico? Who
    benefits from then entering the U. S. ?

    How are is our economic
    system going to support these children and their education, housing
    were will the money come from. f

  • Bobby Key

    maybe if we put all the illegals on federal land and make them raise their own gardens and build their own houses like our pioneers had to ..they may just change their mind and attitudes about coming over ..anyone who hires them should be fined .. no welfare .. no hand outs ..that is way better than we treated our Native Americans .. my family came here in 1631 .. they didn’t receive any food stamps .. what say You ?

  • Babylonandon

    Its called DEMOGRAPHIC JUSTICE. Michelle Obama used to give speeches on it.

  • Aunt Ruth

    dogs……………everyone is afraid of
    Get in line. Come to America legally.

  • Shari520

    The immigration issue is actually two separate problems which politicians have combined for their own benefit. First, the actual immigration policy, which has nothing to do with entrance into our country (like it or not we have and have had a open border policy) but only regarding citizenship. We have abandoned the give us your hungry, tired and poor policy which made our country great and have turned instead to give us your privileged, educated and entitled, which well we all see the results of that. Now for the big one, the borders.
    Our southern border has been a corridor allowing the movement of goods, people and ideas for thousands of years. Think I-45 only bigger. When Ronald Reagan was running for President the first time the crossing between El Paso TX and Juarez Mexico was already the busiest in the entire world, and the entirety of the border was absolutely the busiest in the world. Policies like NAFTA have only increased this traffic flow. Here’s the problem, the infrastructure has not been built to handle the traffic, let alone the increased traffic. Think of downtown Dallas with only two lane highways. Everyone would be off roading. 9/11 caused those already slow lanes to be slowed down further, kinda like shutting it down to 1 lane. And now you understand the problem. And why none of the ideas currently proposed are going to work.
    First, the Republican idea, fences are just cheap walls, and walls have never worked in the history of humanity (see Berlin Wall, Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall, ect.), not only do they restrict and consume much needed resources from their builders but they offer a false sense of security which usually ends in the builders getting their butts kicked. Now the Democrats idea is just to ignore the problem and pretend its not there. So much so that Obama thought it was cool to make my idea into a joke when giving a speech in El Paso a few years ago.
    So here’s my big idea! Water borders have proven to be the most effective in human history, not because they serve as barriers like the moot that Obama joked about, but because the often serve as super-highways offering the ability to regulate the transfer of vast amounts of people and goods. Exactly what we need! And water would be a very beneficial addition to the American Southwest. I propose we build the Great North American Canal. This would not only offer the ability to regulate in a effective manner the vast traffic flow, it would allow the irrigation of vast tracts of currently unproductive land on each side of our border. Transforming a dangerous problem for both the USA and Mexico into a wonderful beneficial meeting.

    • Watch it

      “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,….” written by Emma Lazarus in the 1800’s, before we handed out all sorts of welfare, housing etc to immigrants. There were no social programs to support immigrants then as there are now.

    • Tyler Casey

      i am an advocate for the wall.

      But, after reading your monologue I think you have a good idea…

      I submit to you a combination of the two: The canal would be great. There could be energy resources {hydroelectricity} , agriculture benefits (as you mentioned), and all the necessities that come with establishing permanent townships…the canal, however, is built in chambers to regulate the displacement of water…that could be done, but it is a LONG and sometimes ‘shallow’ border… I think having sections walled (like the edifice of a castle adjacent to a moat) along the canal, with walkways…or even driveways…would create a solid impediment.

      I know some areas would need direct access to funnel water in (for irrigation, or even port travel)….in this case, the ‘exposed’ terrain can be seeded with indigenous cactus plants and thorn bushes–another natural barrier (and quite nice to look at)…

      I do think the idea of a water-way is the best I’ve heard so far, but there NEEDS to be a solid—like 5X the great wall of China solid—structure along the border…This wall in essence “becomes” the mountain that cannot be crossed…so easily….To your point about [the failed walls of history]: Hadrian’s wall: a curb compared to today’s modern building capabilities + that wall was poorly maintained and unmanned most of the time…GWoChina: built by a tyrant and a fool–no public support=obvious collapse….and the Berlin wall severed a cultural group: we are keeping Mexicans and whatever isn’t an American citizen out…

    • Anonymous

      They swim across the water border in south Texas. That’s why they used to be called ‘wet backs.’

      • Shari520

        They also walk, drive, ride buses and trains, and fly in airplanes across the border daily legally. The problem is not their legal entrance into our country, it isn’t their legal activities in our country. The problem is the illegal entrances, the illegal activities. And the more politicians have made stupid idiotic decisions which discouraged legal behavior the more those illegal behaviors have hurt both our communities. And news flash the human cost in blood, sweat and tears has been much higher in the Mexican border community than ours.
        I can remember a time when kids growing up in Nogales, a border community would go to elementary school in Mexico, and then the junior high-high school was on the US side. And these education services were paid for by this local community of both Mexican and US citizens. Now it has been a few years since I was in Nogales but even then the unconstitutional federalisation of our educational system was causing difficulties in this community. I did see on FOX news the other night that this practice still continues. Though at this point US citizens are becoming upset because they are now paying tax dollars (which should not be involved anyway) for the Mexican children. So really, your telling me that its the Mexican half of these communities fault that some Washington idiot voted to use your tax dollars in a unconstitutional manner and interfere with their local school district? You say they eat our food, but we are not only importing more and more of their food, they pick most of our food that grows in this country. In fact, if we mandated that the agricultural industry followed the same laws the rest of the country has to live by food costs would be at least 3 to 4 times higher than they already are. Not that I’m advocating that I think minimum wage and other labor laws have been horribly damaging to our nation. But we need to stop allowing those who create problems to point fingers at someone else and believe them. Our walls aren’t working, just ask Andrew Tahmooressi, or any of the US border guards and yes, we have built them along parts, like there in California where we are doing nothing to really check traffic obviously. I am not saying the Mexican government is handling things any better than ours, their not. But I am unwilling to allow their failures to be excuses for our leaders. We do not have anything near a coherent border policy. And that is absolutely our problem and our fault, and actually has nothing to do with immigration.
        PS I grew up in New Mexico, and live in Texas, so I am directly impacted by our border situation.

        • Anonymous

          I have few concerns about those that come here legally. Those that cross into this country illegally have started off by disregarding our laws. My experience growing up in south Texas was not the same as yours. Every morning Mexicans poured across the border into Brownsville in order to attend the public schools there. When I started school, I had to attend a private kindergarten because the public one was taught in Spanish only. And I’ve been out of school for 30 years so this has been a problem for a long time. As for the people that pick produce, many of them are here as documented legal workers. You can call the Texas Workforce Commission and get these employees from them. We have clients that do it. This will only get worse too. Because businesses can legally hire these people and they don’t have to offer them healthcare. It’s a way around ACA. As more companies realize this, employment issues will only get worse for Americans.

          • Shari520

            Reply to Tverle
            Your right, things here in TX are sure different than they were for me growing up in NM, never the less I have been here for about 20 years, and have kin that have been here since the founding. My previous point is that ignorant politicians who are uneducated to the real issues affecting those of us who live close to the border have been making the decisions, and not so surprising they have been poor decisions. Like the latest immigration act which exempts legal and registered illegals from Obamacare, this results in a $5,000.00 per year per employee tax break for employers who don’t hire US citizens but instead hire immigrants who are either legal or registered illegal. This is not their fault, this is not the companies fault, this is the fault of legislators who did not fully understand the consequences of their actions. And this is only one example, as you so clearly stated this has been going on for decades. Few people know that during FDR’s era, in the midst of the great depression someone had the bright idea we should deport the hispanics that were taking good American jobs. We not only deported a large number of folks who were unable to produce proof of their citizenship, we deported over 40,000 actual provable US citizens because they had hispanic surnames, some died shortly after, as they were abandoned by the country with no money and unable to speak the language and communicate their most basic needs. These actions did not show any beneficial impact on the US economy and there is no evidence that this benefited one US citizen or even helped them find work. In fact there is evidence that this did cost jobs that were desperately needed.
            A friend who grow up in Dallas recently shared a story with me and anyone else he could get to listen. His wife had left England to attend college here, they met then, and both got jobs in Germany, where they married before returning stateside. When they again got jobs in Germany she had trouble getting her passport. So they went to their local INS office. Where they were assured the problem would be easily resolved because she was not from Mexico. She naively asked, why this would make a difference? At which point the INS officer informed her with a grin that this would cost her about $60,000, about 10 years, and a whole lot of luck if she were Mexican. This disgusted both her and her husband.
            I know personally three members of the same Mexican family who immigrated here about thirty years ago. One swam illegally and then became naturalised about twenty years ago, the other two came legally and followed the procedures step by step, they finally got their citizenship last year, after spending well over 100,000 dollars and only because of their kids. We can not continue to discourage legal behavior and expect to see legal behavior. We have to start thinking about what the long term consequences of laws and policies. However this is separate from the very real traffic problem which exists on the southern border, the amount of goods and people moving in both directions across our border is astonishingly vast and ever increasing. Attempts to decrease or restrict this flow cause economic losses in both countries, and increase the illegal and dangerous flow. So it only makes sense that rather than trying to stop it, we should try to legitimize it and regulate it so that it’s effects will be good and not bad. Our policies of the last decade or so which have tried in a large number of ways to restrict, or outright halt this flow have been provably hurtful to both ourselves and our neighbors, time to rethink. Especially since the current main problem is not Mexico, but south, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador. Lucky us, Mexico is in between.

  • Thom Thomsen

    All these folks traveled from countries south of Mexico, thru Mexico to get here. Did Mexican authorities not know they were being invaded? They had to have help in getting to the US border. Mexico’s laws are much more draconian than ours. Even more here than it first appears.

  • thedogwalker

    And what happens when these “poor children” grow up? They join gangs like MS13 and the Mexican Mafia. This has happened time and time again.

  • Liberals have no morals

    There is no lower form of America hating scum than a democrat.

    • Guest

      And, increasingly, the Republicans. GO GALT!!!! Vote Libertarian!!!

  • shirley sherwood

    I just made this very comment to my husband this evening about the Israel concept. I can see this happening here. We have an evil president rght now in office. He needs to go No more playing around. He is creating an atmosphere to call “Marshall Law”. When kids are n this country without supervision, whats the nex step. Let the parents come over now to take care of their kids. This is America full of immigrants who did it the legal way. There are laws in this land for a reason and those who are set in place to make sure laws are being adhered to. PERIOD!!!!

  • Greg Montoya

    It also has started with the California department of motor vehicles, I reported a CROOKED DMV person issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens after I was informed by a customer of mine his relative does it and wanted to report it,didnt know how so I did and even offered to call this crook for the dmv investigator to verify for them , however the investigator has sat on the criminal offender at the dmv now for six months done nothing and the dmv crook makes about 1,000 a day or more, so we should not expect nothing , unless someone out there has a investigator with large u know what to do something, ANYBODY ???? contact me at facebook, u too glenn

  • Anonymous

    This land is your land, this land is my land, from California…

  • Tyler Casey


    Legal Citizens of the United States are hereby called to the border lines with Mexico to establish and maintain a permanent presence where construction of a magnificent wall will be underway…All parties and private citizens are to purchase and lay claim to any land {not otherwise owned or controlled} within 3 miles of the defined geographical border. Upon successful colonization of border property, the [citizens united] shall communicate with local government municipalities and other parties or private citizens willing to aid in wall construction.

  • Betty Bryant

    Lebanon used to be a Christian country then they very kindly took in Muslim refugees, much like we are taking in Mexican and Central American refugees. It didn’t take long for the country to be taken over by the refugees and now it is a Muslim country. These people need to be sent home now, by train, bus, plane, horse drawn carriage, or whatever. We cannot allow them to get more of a foothold on this country than they already have. Quit putting them in camps. Just turn them around and send them back to wherever they came from. If they are children, they have parents somewhere. Do not let them loose in this country.

  • mjmaf

    To fix America we have to start at the top – when the man is holding a golf club instead of the steering wheel it is no wonder we are going off the track and over the cliff

  • Shari520

    Reply to Tyler Casey:
    I think you missed some important points. First, the flow, traffic in the American Southwest is actually a good thing. I know that sounds strange, but it is true. When we look at the periods over the last 1,000 years when it has been choked and impeded we see blood, desperation and death, even more so in the past 500 years, and absolutely so in the past 100. When people, goods and ideas have flowed freely we have all benefitted. This is different from amnesty and dual citizenship. This is simply a healthy normalised traffic flow between stable states, rare as this has been recently, these are periods of abundance and benefit to the whole region, and I would suggest both South and North American continents, possibly the world (this did impact WWI and WWII).
    Second, the canal stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of California allows the building of infrastructure capable of regulating this and even larger traffic flow. It is kinda like going from the previously mentioned two lane highway to one of those super-freeways in Hong Kong with the on and off ramps which allow a stable, and regulated traffic flow.

    Third, those of us along the border would not only be the one’s to most benefit from this, we would finally have the tools to make this a true benefit to both our nations, if we build the pipeline from Canada all of North America. Mexicans are not our enemies here in the USA. Yes, some do commit crimes, beyond not having the right papers (which unfortunately is a crime more and more US citizens are also guilty of). Believe it or not, US citizens commit crimes in Mexico too. The majority of Mexicans in the US are here legally, came here legally, and conduct themselves in a legal manner. The problems that are inherent in any group have been increased directly by our, US and Mexico’s policies over the last 100 years. Rather than encouraging healthy, legitimate behavior we have been actively encouraging unhealthy, illegitimate behavior. I say we turn this around, and start acting like we are neighbors. Because we are neighbours!

    • Anonymous

      In a neighborhood, we might be neighbors, might even be friends but neither extends permission for our friendly neighbors to enter and begin to live in my house and eat my food. A neighbor and a friend would ask first.

  • Anonymous

    either that or they will fill the FEMA camps

  • Anonymous


  • Satanic Soldier

    ok so we have immigration issues that need dealt with and a president that should be impeached. Now, my biggest concern is the war ships off our coast with long range missiles on them. What is their motive?

  • Alex Deal

    I’m a teacher. I just sat though 3 days of professional development changing our whole method of teaching to acommodate “English Language Learners.” We’re being told that we have to “close the achievement gap” between English speakers and English Learners. They said it won’t hurt our native speakers at all. Yeah, right. Google – SIOP.

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t you know that the Southwest is really Atzlan? It’s all part of the “reconquista”. If you aren’t up on this, just audit a Chicano Studies class at any of the publicly funded universities in California.

  • bucketnutz

    Not unless it is done by vigilante groups, because the Mexicans are doing exactly what Obama wanted them to do

  • Sherrijean Husser

    With all the homeless people in this country, has Obama ever opened up our military bases for them?? That’s my question. If not, then why for illegals? What is “illegal” any more. When is anyone going to stand up to this dictator and start impeachment proceedings???!!!

  • Garret Hoffman

    There are organizations in California which have been making this exact argument for more than a decade… “The USA *STOLE* California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas from Mexico, and we should just give it back”… One such organization is called MEChA (which is an acronym for something, I can’t remember what off the top of my head), which has a stronghold in our university system.

  • Anonymous

    And then God laughed and laughed…..

  • Emerson Fortier

    I’m telling you. We should annex Mexico. All these problems would disappear. Crime in Mexico? Oh how does American Military Police power measure up against the cartels? Immigration problem? No longer, citizens could (in time) move back and forth as they please. Further more this would give our nation something to unite behind, as well as open up new economic opportunities in an area of decimated economic activity. Sure we would now have a new version of the mob in the south western US, but over time their activities would come to the same level of violence as gangs in other parts of the US, all in all far more negligible than is currently happening behind our border. I for one, believe that we should annex Mexico for a stronger Union, a safer Mexico, and a stronger people in the United States.

  • suz


    the short answer: put them in gitmo/detroit? (humor).

    what we do w/the refugees at the border now, is follow the law.

    the immigrants wouldn’t be there if they weren’t invited. find the source of the invitation (bho) and go after that. illegals cannot stay because the ‘humanitarian crisis’ is not a real one. YES, WE KNOW THE LIVING CONDITIONS in their homeland are atrocious. we cannot fix that. WE CANNOT FIX OUR OWN. america is weak right now. we have a corrupt man at the helm who has the backbone of a snake. we cannot give land that has already been claimed to the refugees. (enter your argument for natives here — i’m w/you). AS AN ASIDE: many at the arizona border are flipping us off, are sick and complaining, arguing entitlements, criminals. i have sympathy and compassion for children, not for that. SO enforce the laws and the immigrants won’t come. they are to be fed and accommodated temporarily (days-few weeks) and then passage home. sound harsh? yes. sometimes harsh words are necessary to say. sometimes a hard remedy is necessary to do.


    let’s go to australia for a bit. the aussies keep a controlled population. they’re very particular how many can stay. the main reason for this is, they claim, the land is unsustainable over a certain amount i.e., water systems, infrastructure, etc. unsustainability.

    israel cannot sustain the giving away of land the palestinians want. to do this is suicide to the country. REMINDER: this is what the arab world wants. in this it’s very simple: israel cannot give away land it needs to defend its borders and i’ll throw in israel should not give away land that has been already claimed SO that argument is over. (enter your case for palestinians prior to 1948 — no palestinian state was formed/no land claimed).


    i cannot and would not offer resolutions to problems that have been created out of sheer divisiveness. yes, there are victims here, like the children of the newly divorced, but the more we try to play the king’s game he’ll just keep creating new ones. THIS IS THE POINT where we draw a line. THE CRISIS IS, WE CANNOT HELP YOU.

  • Robert Starkand

    Our government has been setting up refugee camps throughout the country for years. It’s not just the current southern border situation.

  • Sam Fuels

    It’s important that each of us reject the tyrant’s designs for absolute despotism:

  • Anonymous

    Glen Beck ignores the simple historical fact that Jewish settlers stole, and keep stealing the land of the natives, the Palestinians. He cannot distinguish between oppressors and victims. Israel today has yet to keep its promise to the UN to give equal rights to all denizens of Israel, that is, to not deprive the Palestinians of their rights. Why? Zionists donor dollars and Christian Zionist idiocy.

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