FAIL: Hillary Clinton proves she doesn’t have a strong grasp on U.S. history

Hillary Clinton’s media blitz for her new memoir did not get off to the best start. Both the left and right are chastising her now infamous “dead broke” comment as her poll numbers hit their lowest levels since 2008. Clinton had another flub during a speaking engagement in Chicago on Wednesday as she attempted to draw a parallel between her 2008 campaign against Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 primary race.

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“We have leaders in office or just out of office who have really solidified all the principles and values of this nation because they know from whence we came. Leaders like Hillary Clinton, who is probably running for president in 2016… know our history like no one else,” Pat joked on radio this morning. “There are a lot of people who didn’t know that Abraham Lincoln was a U.S. senator, but we found out yesterday that he sure was.”

Watch the slip-up below courtesy of CNN:

“I write about Rahm [Emanuel] in the book. I asked him not to read it before we sat and did our interview, but it was the very first chapter – a chapter I rightly call ‘Team of Rivals’ because that’s what it was in the beginning,” Clinton said. “A senator from Illinois ran against a senator from New York, just as had happened way back with a senator from Illinois named Lincoln and a senator from New York named Seward. And it turned out the same way.”

Lincoln actually served as a congressman from Illinois in the mid-1800s.

“How do these people seriously… have any credibility? Pelosi’s the same way. Last week she was spewing stuff about the Constitution she knows nothing about. She does that on fairly regular basis,” Pat said. “But they show their ignorance so often. And the left just keeps eating up everything they say.”

While Stu was less willing to pounce on Clinton for the seemingly honest mistake, he could not help but bring up Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) embarrassing 2011 flub in which he failed to correctly identify the three branches of government.

“So I would urge my Republican colleagues, no matter how strongly they feel, we have three branches of government,” Schumer said. “We have a House. We have a Senate. We have a president. All three of us are going to have to come together and give some.”

“A House, Senate and president,” Pat said disgusted. “Not even ‘executive.’ It’s the House, Senate, president.”

On the bright side, at least he knows there are three branches…

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  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    If Glenn Beck & Co. want to make fun of other people not having a “strong grasp on U.S. history”, then they better remove the log from their own eye first. After all, they do regularly feature David Barton on their program who has been caught numerous times rewriting U.S. history to CONFORM to his beliefs.

    Speaking of that, didn’t Glenn Beck recently write a book called “Conform” and is selling tickets for a show that includes David Barton?

    Choosing between the left and the right is a false dilemma, they are both ultimately wrong and will lead us to the same destination, first anarchy and then totalitarianism. Only after many generations and at the high cost of blood might a people ever return to a state of Liberty once that happens.

    “You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right. Well I’d like to suggest there is no such thing as
    a left or right. There’s only an up or down—[up] man’s old—old-aged dream, the
    ultimate in individual freedom consistent with law and order, or down to the
    ant heap of totalitarianism. And regardless of their sincerity, their
    humanitarian motives, those who would trade our freedom for security have
    embarked on this downward course.” ~Ronald Reagan, A Time for Choosing speech

    The keywords being: “individual freedom CONSISTENT with law and order”. AKA Liberty.

    • TimeIsShortRepent

      Interesting bit of fact rewriting to meet your own, personal narrative, there, Creepizoid.

      First, falsely invoking Scripture (Matthew 7:3) to support you own lie is Spiritual Witchcraft. Even Satan invoked Scripture when it met his needs. He must be very proud of you.

      Second, David Barton and you are not even in the same universe. He speaks from facts, history, knowledge, and he has the physical documents to back up what he says. Do you? You just don’t like what he says, since of course, no Good Lil’ Libbie does. Barton’s light of truth shines on your Doctrine of Darkness, exposing the lies of The Left.

      And finally, positioning yourself as the moral middle ground” (“You and I are told increasingly we have to choose between a left or right ” (sic)), was something even Jesus warned against in Revelation 3:16, “But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!”

      Repent of thy ignorance, and confess your sins to Lord Jesus Christ.

      Time is very short.

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly

        Hi TimeIsShortRepent

        Sorry, personal insults and accusations do not refute a single thing I wrote. As a Christian I am compelled to ask, where is your great patience and instruction that we are told to have in 2 Timothy 4:2?

        FYI, I never advocated for taking the middle ground between the left and the right, that is what you call a ‘strawman argument’. If you would have simply inquired, I would have gladly cleared up any misconceptions you may have had pertaining to what I wrote so then we could have proceeded in an honest discourse.

        Re: “Barton’s light of truth shines on your Doctrine of Darkness, exposing the lies of The Left.”

        What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?

        It’s interesting to note that every time I get into a controversy over David Barton; I am immediately labeled a “leftist”, now I can chalk up Satanist too. I guess you are either with David Barton or you are against God and America. Sounds rather radical and smacks of idolatry to me.

        Here is something you may or may not already know. David Barton is a pseudo historian who warps US history to fit his religious views based on postmillenialism. He is a Christian Reconstructionist so if you would like to have a dialogue about “doctrines of darkness” we certainly can, but you will first have to drop the rancor.

        Re: “He [David Barton] speaks from facts, history, knowledge, and how he has the physical documents to back up what he says.”

        Thanks for bringing that up, now a reasonable man can conclude that Barton isn’t rewriting history out of ignorance, it’s intentionally. At this point, I’ll simply point to Barton’s book, ‘The Jefferson Lies’ as a prime example of Barton’s deceit.

        God bless


      • Mike Nelson

        “Repent of thy ignorance…”

        That’s like calling someone “stupider”. You don’t repent of ignorance, you educate yourself… which is good advice.

        Please, when you’re on your Christian soap-box, do refrain from the name calling; it makes others look bad.

      • smokehill

        when you climb on the Christian soapbox it just suggestst that you have no actual facts to back you up.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for quoting President Reagan. The man had a way of talking directly to each of us and still believed the USA is the strongest, most caring Nation in the world. To have real Statesmen again would be a blessing for us all.
      The one thing I’ve noticed over the past several years is how Party Politics has replaced representing The People. The politicians lie directly to us all as some act illegally and criminally. What happened to the law? Hagel said yesterday he was the one responsible, yet, we know Kerry’s State Dept. did the whole thing. The law requires notification to Congress, whether they want to or not, until the courts decide otherwise. This is Criminal, ignoring the law. But, this Administration acts like a Dictator, bypassing and dismissing the other Branches of Government. Unconstitutional to say the least. Shouldn’t we all be sick and tired of the lies which the MSM reinforce and support instead of acting as the Forth Branch of Government, they suc up to the Administration instead of investigating the truth. Culpable, at least.

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly

        Hi CountryPatriot,

        Re: “Shouldn’t we all be sick and tired of the lies which the MSM reinforce”

        You would think so. Both political parties are playing a game of good cop/bad cop with us. They continually feed us red meat talking points which creates an environment of partisan hacks who defend their side whether right or wrong, which then quickly turns into party over country.

        We can scapegoat politicians from history all we want but it is ‘We the People’ who elect them and have/are letting them run amok. ‘We the People’ can undue any of their erroneous acts that were perpetrated against the Constitution at any time, there is a reason why we never do. Sadly, those who we have elected do represent the state of our Union.


        “Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. He therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of his country who tries most to promote its virtue, and who, so far as his power and influence extend, will not suffer a man to be chosen into any office of power and trust who is not a wise and virtuous man. We must not
        conclude merely upon a man’s haranguing upon liberty, and using the charming sound, that he is fit to be trusted with the liberties of his country.” ~Samuel Adams

        “History fails to record a single precedent in which nations subject to moral decay have not passed into political and economic decline. There has been either a spiritual awakening to overcome the moral lapse, or a progressive deterioration leading to ultimate national disaster.” ~Douglas MacArthur

        • Anonymous

          You are right on this point that we the people need to get our act together and no put up with corruption.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, today we seem to be more interested in celebrities than Statesmen/women and the media eats it up. With a bias media that keeps The People uninformed or provide low information voters a sense of security in their liberal candidates.
          I am afraid, that as this President and his Administration have used Executive Orders to bypass all oversight by Congress and created over 18,000 new regulations just last year. All to control The People by the Central Government similar to the one we fought a Revolution from.
          Have you noticed that now, the various Agencies are equipping themselves with Para-Military group for intimidation and to enforce the Central Government takeover?
          All I can say is that our 2nd Amendment was not a part of our Bill of Rights for hunting or plinking, but, the ability to defend America from all enemies, foreign or Domestic.

    • smokehill

      Ever wonder why most of the people who consider themselves Libertarians won’t vote for any Libertarian candidates except at the local level?

      Because most Libertarians are smart enough to figure out that the clowns who actually RUN the Libertarian Party and create their policy are isolationist morons who can’t be trusted to have anything to do with international policy.

      They’re of the same stripe as the isolationists in WW2 who didn’t think that the Japs & Germans were really any threat to us, and if we hadn’t been forced into war in 1941 would have delayed even longer — and probably caused the Allies to lose WW2 (which we almost did on several occasions anyhow).

  • David Wooldridge

    …strong grasp of US History? How about a strong grasp on REALITY?

  • Anonymous

    Well at least now we don’t have to worry about her becoming the next President.

  • Anonymous

    now if this was a republican we would have learned of it on all the main stream media, ready to make fun of conservatives, but do their best to protect and carry the water for the idiots that are liberals

    • Anonymous

      The MSM is a real problem for elections. They provide cover and propaganda for the DNC, while blaming Republicans for everything and anything, even to the point of manipulating the video and actual meaning of the opposition.
      Time to Occupy Mainstream!!!

      • Anonymous

        your post is so right on, and so sad, that a watch dog media, has turned into a lap dog, sucking up to the admin, for the little bone thrown their way, and ignoring their reason for being.

    • Mary Brenchley

      and we did when Sarah Palin made the same mistake!

      • In_the_OC

        Sarah Palin made exactly the same mistake????

      • marymuffet

        No reply thought not!!!

        • Mary Brenchley

          My bad for not responding within minutes! LoL….no need to be ugly with me. If you do your research you would see what I said was true. I’m attaching a piece from The Right Scoop for your edification. The point is the MSM (left media) will always protect the chosen ones…..

          Again, if my not replying immediately is offensive to you, then don’t comment on my comments!

          • fion

            It would seem Mary, you didn’t actually watch the video from the Right Scoop…. It’s actually a video of Clinton’s speech where she said it. Right Scoop made the disclaimer that it was necessary to watch the video before commenting. It has nothing to do with Sarah…. The point of the piece is people don’t read or think or watch before they post a comment. We just assume. We all have done it at times. It’s a good reminder to be more careful.

          • Mary Brenchley

            You are correct, and I stand corrected. Thank you for the kind reminder. Here is a different take on the story (offered tongue in cheek). And, thank you for your comments!

  • Neil Bob

    Its okay. Our president visited 57 states, and had a few more to go… :) Maybe Hillary will pick up those electoral votes.

    • Guy

      There are 57 Arab States . I believed Him .

      • norm

        Not sure where people are getting this nonsense from. There are 22 Arab states. Pretty easy to look it up.

        • norm

          AND 49 predominately Muslim countries.

    • Tiffany

      Only a earth a moving machine would be able to clean the WH house. I say start over. We must send O-vomit, Hilary, Pelosi, and the other cronies to prison. Put them in a cell with somewhere in the Sudan, individual cells of course.

      • Verna Pate-Lewis

        Gitmo seems like a great choice!

    • Anonymous

      I hope not


    Move on NOTHING HERE! ONLY news if it was Sarah Palin or some other Republican!…

    • Shawn Cameron

      Well to be fair Palin is just as much of an airhead as these Commiecrats.

  • dennis reilly

    how does new york keep voting this schmuck in?

  • Wulf

    I was under the impression that all 57 states have senators..

    • Paper Boy

      Which blooper is the most deserving of ridicule, 57 states or potatoe? It’s probably a tie, but the media overlooked 57 and executed potatoe. Thus the media has a recalcitrant bias, and they know it.

  • Smart Dude

    “How do these people seriously… have any credibility?”

    I ask the same thing about you as well.
    It just baffles me how so many sheep follow insane, unsubstantiated nonsense.

    • Paper Boy

      Government education is responsible, teach to excel on the test. American Government, American History, Ancient History, the Dark ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, Modern History are not taught. Sad.

  • Marty Howard

    The three branches of government are1. Executive 2. Judicial 3. Legislative

    • marymuffet

      Very good now tell Chuck Schummer

      • Paper Boy

        He won’t understand or care. But his constituents will reelect him.

      • Marty Howard

        would not do any good cause he be dumb!!!

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure Obama cancelled the other two…

    • Crassus

      I thought they were: 1. Obamao 2. Holder 3. Harry Weed

      • Marty Howard

        and the department of just-us!!! LOL

    • Anonymous

      they all suck

  • Sargonarhes

    She has rejected our reality and substituted her own.

  • Doug Dickinson

    you want to do something about the crony capitalist career politicians then sign this e petition

  • americanmama

    Remember when Dan Quayle misspelled Potato? You would’ve thought he committed a criminal offense!

    • Anonymous

      And he didn’t misspell it, he was referencing the card they gave him.

      • C Bauer

        Actually, it can be spelled either way.

        • Anonymous

          thwy all suck

  • Mike Spanjer

    hope she ends up with a garage full of books she can’t sell ,but yes we do need another commander in chief that our military can’t trust or respect

    • smokehill

      All of her books sell — in bulk to liberal groups and donors who pass them out like pamphlets to the Party faithful, and dump the rest to be recycled. No matter where they wind up, the carpet-munching gets to keep her huge advance & all royalties. It’s completely rigged.

      Its real purpose, as the media knows well but will NOT report, is a thin cover for bribery, corruption & payoffs to sleazy politicians.

  • Anonymous

    They keep getting away with it because none of the people who voted are as bright as the people they voted for. That’s a very frightening thought.

  • John Beasley

    They don’t sell these books, at least not to the public. Big donors buy them a thousand at a time to get around the political donations laws.

    • Saviior

      EXACTLY!! No one wants to read their drivel…

    • smokehill

      Quite right — it’s always been a pure scam to pass out illegal donations and payoffs — just like Hillary’s Cattle Futures scam, which of course the media simply buried instead of bringing forth anyone who understands the market to explain that her “winnings” were statistically impossible, even for someone who actually worked in the futures market.

  • Anonymous

    Leftists don’t need facts on their side. There’s absolutely no requirement to think and fact checking is completely unnecessary so long as you’re on then correct side of the issues. If you want a glimpse of the typical liberal idiotic, mindless mindset, watch Peter Schiff’s videos on youtube from the 2012 conventions where he posed as a liberal reporter and posed questions to delegates that came from the Republican platform and presented them as Obama’s platform or his own viewpoint. They didn’t even know their own platform, and most of them argued for the platform because they thought that Obama supported it. It’s hilarious. He tried the same thing at the Republican national convention and NO ONE took him seriously. Not a single delegate fell for the ruse. NO ONE at the democratic national convention knew that the platform was from the other party.

    It’s very revealing when even the delegates at the national convention have no clue and couldn’t care less, so long as they believe that Obama supports whatever issue they’re being questioned about. This was not even the average democrat. If it’s even possible, they know less. There are some very intelligent democrats, but they are few and far between and they’re so convinced that their ideology is correct that they rarely bother to deeply fact check or learn all sides of an issue, including the specifics of history that they very specifically quote.

  • Alethea Barnes Galke

    Shouldn’t it be the Legislative, Judicial and Executive? The House and Senate make up the Legislative and are not each considerate a separate part of the three branches.

    • Anonymous

      No duh. Are you seriously on here trying to give the rest of us a Civics lesson?

      • smokehill

        No, she was simply asking a civil question.

        if you read a lot of the comments over any period of time, you’ll notice that an awful lot of people were sound asleep in Civics class, not to mention History.

  • Anonymous

    “On the bright side, at least he knows there are three branches…” But he thinks that was referencing the Government’s branches as money trees.

  • Crassus

    They should sit this wretch down, put a bottle in front of her, and tell her to shut the hell up.

  • tim

    We have three branches of government “We have a House. We have a Senate. We have a president” So that is the change we were told about six years ago .When I went to school we were told the three branches of government were Executive, Judicial, and Legislative. But that was 40 years ago. News was a lot slower back then too, we had to wait from 1963 to 1969 until we saw the first man walk on the moon. How things change over time.

  • Paper Boy

    With these kind of missteps Mrs. Clinton will likely see another candidate arise from no-where and win the Democratic nomination. As a result, she might be exceedingly angry.

    • Shawn Cameron

      I’d love to see her lose her schit and go full on tantrum. That would be funny as hell.

      • Paper Boy

        Indeed, as there is no greater wrath than a woman scorned,

    • Anonymous

      who cares

      • Paper Boy

        Progressive socialist liberals care very much.

  • Equis

    These people are unbelievably stupid or senile….

  • landofaahs

    Heck, Hillary doesn’t even have a strong grip on reality. These democrats live in a world of make believe Alice in wonderland. They are insane.

  • Anonymous

    Look what Rick Perry said yesterday about gay people,makes H.C. look pretty good.

  • Thomas Bonnett

    What conservatives fail to grasp is that Hilary’s supporters A) don’t care, and B) are as ill-informed as she is.

    I grow weary of my conservative brethren acting as if stuff like this matters to the dunces of this nation. What matters is keeping the goodies flowing despite $20 trillion in debt. It’s time we stop trying to halt the inevitable collapse and begin preparing for the aftermath.

    • James McGrath

      The day anybody of any political standing/affiliation stops calling attention to informational inaccuracies, half-truths, lies, or or just pure ignorance is the day when the USA has given up all hope of returning to the morals and ideals we were set on by our country’s forefathers and founders. So I respectfully, but wholeheartedly disagree with you, sir.

  • David Rossiter

    Who can forget, “Happy cinco de quattro”?

  • roadrunnerrick

    not advocating violence of any kind here… but it seems, on a regular basis, many members of the “house,senate, and the presidential’ entourage… need to be smacked up side the head with one of those branches… any guesses which branch i’m refering to ?

  • Shawn Cameron

    Liberals have no respect for history because they know anyone who actually learns and knows history will know what a bag of damaged goods the libs are trying to sell.

  • Anonymous

    Schumer is nothing more than a blooming idiot. I do not understand how the people of New York voted that dunce into office, but the way New York City is going and who they have as Governor, I understand now.

  • Anonymous

    I think our country is run by uninformed politions. for instance, they passed obamacare without even reading one page of it. then they went to war in afgahnistan
    without knowing that no country has ever conquered that region. most of them do not know what is in the constitution. now if you or I don’t know these things maybe its alright. but we are not ruling this country. they are.all idiots. for these reasons alone they should be thrown out of office

    • Anonymous

      But notice WHICH politicians in particular were more than happy to vote without seeing that legislation. Every last one of them was democrat.

  • Chris Church

    Actually the three branches are the Legislative (made up of the House and the Senate), the Executive (The President), and the Judicial.

  • smokehill

    Not exactly a shocker that a corrupt ex-lawyer without a single qualification for public office …. screwed the pooch and sounds like an idiot who never cracked a history book.

    In Alabama her only job was with a real estate scam called Whitewater, whose records conveniently disappeared when the Clintons were facing indictment. Then she either took a huge bribe from Tyson Chicken …. or perhaps she suddenly became the world’s greatest predictor of cattle futures, never making a single bad call ….

    But of course there was her White House “international experience” …. serving tea & approving menus for foreign visitors

    Not exactly a surprise that she looks like a babbling fool whenever she discusses international strategy. She doesn’t understand a bit of it.

    Personally — some of my best friends are lesbians …. but this one is simply an embarrassment to America.

  • Anonymous

    Referencing the New Yorker shows where you get your news. The rest of the country does not want to be NYC and live like caged rats.

  • Know Really

    Can’t blame you for hiding behind the “Guest” moniker when you post ignorant garbage like that. As CountryPatriot said, quoting the NY’er explains why you have a perverted view of reality. ESAD. Means “eat …. and die.”

  • Anonymous

    Please point out one historical error in the article you so proudly linked to. Besides the fact that you cannot, because there is not one error of history noted, Glen Beck isn’t running for office and promoting himself as smarter than everyone else. Take his advice – read a book instead of the leftist drivel you inundate your obtuse mind with.

  • Anonymous

    Whose reality? We don’t want your reality based on false premises.

  • Know Really

    Those who are such a child / weakling as to HIDE behind “Guest” don’t deserve more of an answer than this, even if it is tempting to prove what a doom-ace you are.

    Let the record show, lawyer, that you’re admitting Clinton’s also a doom-ace by ignoring her historically-incorrect (and reality “lacking-thereof”) statement.

    And, what a surprise, Glenn is correctly reporting it. Ironic, in light of your barely intelligible reply.

    There’s some reality for ya.

  • Anonymous

    Are you saying that is a factual error? Ignorance is bliss.
    “Fascism is a totalitarian political system, in which an all-powerful central government directs a nation’s economy. Virtually no aspect of society is
    independent of the state, which is a one-party regime, dominated by an omniscient leader. Although heavily influenced by populistic themes,fascist ideology is at once anti-democratic and collectivist.”
    Now, please share with the rest of us how this is not the goal of the Progressive Movement. Which came first, the Progressive Movement in America or the Fascist Movement in Europe, genius? Need further enlightenment? How about this?
    “Contrary to what most people think, the Nazis were ardent socialists (hence the term “National socialism”). They believed in free health care and guaranteed jobs. They confiscated inherited wealth and spent vast
    sums on public education. They purged the church from public policy, promoted a new form of pagan spirituality, and inserted the authority of the state into every nook and cranny of daily life. The Nazis declared war on smoking, supported abortion, euthanasia, and gun control. They
    loathed the free market, provided generous pensions for the elderly, and maintained a strict racial quota system in their universities—where campus speech codes were all the rage. The Nazis led the world in organic farming and alternative medicine. Hitler was a strict vegetarian, and Himmler was an animal rights activist.”
    Read a book. Try one on the life and times of Woodrow Wilson. Then get back with us.

  • Know Really

    Clinton got this wrong, Beck got it right.
    Fact and reality:
    two things that overwhelm you.
    No wonder you hide behind Guest.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Vickie Tiffany. Back at it again in yet another guise, I see.

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