Hillary Clinton’s media blitz for her new memoir did not get off to the best start. Both the left and right are chastising her now infamous “dead broke” comment as her poll numbers hit their lowest levels since 2008. Clinton had another flub during a speaking engagement in Chicago on Wednesday as she attempted to draw a parallel between her 2008 campaign against Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 primary race.

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“We have leaders in office or just out of office who have really solidified all the principles and values of this nation because they know from whence we came. Leaders like Hillary Clinton, who is probably running for president in 2016… know our history like no one else,” Pat joked on radio this morning. “There are a lot of people who didn’t know that Abraham Lincoln was a U.S. senator, but we found out yesterday that he sure was.”

Watch the slip-up below courtesy of CNN:

“I write about Rahm [Emanuel] in the book. I asked him not to read it before we sat and did our interview, but it was the very first chapter – a chapter I rightly call ‘Team of Rivals’ because that’s what it was in the beginning,” Clinton said. “A senator from Illinois ran against a senator from New York, just as had happened way back with a senator from Illinois named Lincoln and a senator from New York named Seward. And it turned out the same way.”

Lincoln actually served as a congressman from Illinois in the mid-1800s.

“How do these people seriously… have any credibility? Pelosi’s the same way. Last week she was spewing stuff about the Constitution she knows nothing about. She does that on fairly regular basis,” Pat said. “But they show their ignorance so often. And the left just keeps eating up everything they say.”

While Stu was less willing to pounce on Clinton for the seemingly honest mistake, he could not help but bring up Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) embarrassing 2011 flub in which he failed to correctly identify the three branches of government.

“So I would urge my Republican colleagues, no matter how strongly they feel, we have three branches of government,” Schumer said. “We have a House. We have a Senate. We have a president. All three of us are going to have to come together and give some.”

“A House, Senate and president,” Pat said disgusted. “Not even ‘executive.’ It’s the House, Senate, president.”

On the bright side, at least he knows there are three branches…

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