Rand Paul teams up with Harry Reid, touts their ‘very warm personal relations’

Last month, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) raised eyebrows with his comments about voter identification laws. In Memphis for the Republican National Committee’s spring meeting, Paul told the New York Times he thinks Republicans are taking the wrong approach when it comes to the voter ID debate. More recently, Paul touted his “very warm personal relations” with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Reid is supporting Paul’s bill aimed at creating a fund for emergency transportation projects. While Glenn said just a few days ago that he really enjoyed what Rand Paul had to say at a dinner in Texas, Pat discussed his growing frustration with Sen. Paul on radio this morning.

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“I’m starting to sour. Someone help me… I need a Rand Paul lifeline,” Pat said. “He endorsed Mitch McConnell in Kentucky… That kind of seems like a betrayal. [Then the] voter I.D. thing a few weeks ago… Something else we’re finding out this week: [He is] pretty good friends, has a pretty good relationship with Harry Reid.”

When it comes to the voter ID laws, Stu failed to understand where Paul is coming from. He ran through some statistics that show nearly all demographics support some sort of voter ID.

“Let me give you some of these numbers. Voter ID is among the most popular things that a Republican ever speaks of… Among various demographic groups, who opposes voter ID? What percentage,” Stu asked. “Among men, 19% oppose it. Among women, 19% oppose it… Retirement age people, 18% oppose it. Young people between 18 and 39, 18% oppose it… How about white people? 17% oppose it. But you’d expect that because they’re evil white people… African-Americans, only 26% oppose it… Only 32% of Democrats oppose voter ID.”

With that in mind, one has to wonder why the Republican Party doesn’t make a bigger issue out of the policy. Furthermore, why is Paul encouraging the GOP to not make a big deal out of the issue?

“We like Rand Paul, and he does things well… I think he’s trying to play the game, which is the opposite of what his dad played. His dad was Dr. No, and he said no to everything,” Stu said. “He’s trying to say, ‘Well, look, we don’t want people to be offended’… That doesn’t seem to be his thought process on a lot of other issues – minimum wage, tax hikes on the wealthy. All these things are, around the country, very unpopular… But he still talks about those.”

Another head scratcher is Paul’s recent praise of Reid. During an appearance on CNBC, Paul explained how his new legislation would pay for emergency transportation projects with repatriated taxes. The bill has apparently garnered bipartisan support, including Reid.

“Senator Reid and I actually have very warm personal relations and we’ve been meeting informally for months, both us and staff, to try and do something good for America,” Paul said. “I’m a glass-half-full kind of guy. I like Harry Reid personally. I’m working hard with him.”

“Now, I know we’re supposed to love everybody, get along with everybody,” Pat said. “I don’t get the political gamesmanship of being polar opposites on the political spectrum and then you pal around with the guy. You don’t have to hate him, you don’t have to spit on him as you pass him in the continue building… [But] I don’t understand how that happens. When you’re diametrically opposed. You don’t agree on anything that’s good for America supposedly. How is it possible?”

The interesting thing about Paul is that he is so strong on so many issues, and he has attempted to bridge gaps between the GOP and certain demographics in ways few others have. Ultimately, Pat and Stu look forward to having the opportunity to ask Paul about many of these things in the future.

“Beyond this particular issue, he’s known for being soft on the border. He’s been in touch with that sort of Chamber of Commerce sort of position,” Stu said. “Again, we can’t say enough that Rand Paul is really, really freaking good on a lot of things and has stood up for a lot of important issues, at times where it’s been really tough to do so. And in many times he’s been one of the only people out there doing it.”

“So this is not to say Rand Paul has all of a sudden gone from this wonderful guy to this terrible guy,” he concluded. “That’s not what we’re talking about. But these stances have added up lately, and it’s something I think worth talking to him about.”

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  • John Scott

    Its just more you rub my back I rub yours. That’s politics. What I don’t like is anyone who is wishy washy. Even some voters are like that. Things go South then they bail. Like some arguing Democrat’s were forced to vote Yea for the Iraq war. Back then we all wanted revenge. Yeah, today the Monday morning people out in force. Rand Paul is his own person. Doesn’t toe a line he does not feel he can support. Reid myself I dislike as a whole. But Paul still needs his support to get things passed. Its what Congress should be about. Working as a representative body of all the people.

    • Crassus

      All Dandy Randy is about is selling out and saying anything to advance himself and his career. Glenn Beck and Pat Grey might be figuring this out at last.

  • Jeff Lambeau

    If you want to WIN THE GAME, you’ve gotta PLAY THE GAME. Rand Paul badly wants to win the Republican nomination for Presidency and the only way he’s going to get to do that is playing politics and cozying up. Otherwise, they’ll put in Chris Christie or Jeb Bush.

    I mean, when BILL MAHER goes on his own show and admits he likes Rand Paul and believes he’s truly a believer of individual liberties, you know he can drag in votes from both sides of the isle.

    Rand Paul is a smart man, learning from his father’s mistakes.

    • John Scott

      Yes, Paul is far more workable then his Father. Who was hot and cold with me. Paul needs accomplishments and he knows he has to play the game

      • Michael Harrington

        Paul’s accomplishments are flip flopping, working with the worst of the worst of the enemy, and in making us sick to our stomaches of him. Ted Cruz however has not gone to the dark side.

        • William Brown

          Ted Cruz voted to renew the Patriot Act, and he’s about to do it again. Keep on riding his jock.

          • Michael Harrington

            Meanwhile rand rides Mitch’s rod

    • Crassus

      Next to Barack Obummer, Dandy Randy Paul is the biggest fraud in Washington D.C. today. Not even for dog catcher will I ever vote for this sorry fraud. The Dandy One’s idea of dragging in votes from both sides of the isle are coming out in favor of amnesty and legalizing smoke a dope.

      • SRM29

        You got to be kidding…

        You are really saying Rand Paul is worse than these?? Hillary Clinton? Eric Holder? Pelosi?

    • Michael Harrington

      Except Ted Cruz is winning the game without getting dirty, slimy, or corrupt. Poor Rand is not made up of the materials his father is.

  • RegConservative

    Just an other sell out same as Rubio , then this today>Rand Paul throws weight behind immigration reform effort,Makes calls with Grover Norquist seeking conservative support !


  • Vince Fox

    I’ve been listening to guys say they’re conservative for decades only to watch them support moderate to liberal ideas once they’re elected. As far I’m concerned he can embrace all the moderate ideas he wants as long as he makes his father proud once he’s sitting in the oval office.

    • Michael Harrington

      Ted Cruz does not endorse liberal ideologies. He has not turned to the left but kept to the right.

  • Boo2

    “Be sure the truth will find you out!”
    I do believe The Lord is ‘outing’ some of these two-faced politicians just before the election. I’m glad he is! Maybe some will wake up and see the real deals!

  • defiant1

    Keep it up Rand Paul, you continue to make a fool of yourself and show your RINO ways. Voter ID, schmoozing with Reid, immigration reform stand–look out pal, you have now made onto my $hit list.

  • Anonymous

    Paul has realized that the votes he needs come from near the center, which is why he pretends to be not be extreme Libertarian. Beck seems to be realizing his business will benefit from centrists too with all his segments about “odd bedfellows”.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    he sold his soul when he said reid has a warm personality, he is killing this country

  • Anonymous

    I recognized Rand Paul’s ambition, and consequently, his attempts to please all sides, all of the tie, some time ago. He campaigned hard for the conservatives, but the GOP came out in force against him. So he began to sidle up against the GOP’s RINO leaders, and purred like a cat for them. Suddeny he made noises in favor of amnesty, for Obamacare, et al so he could advance within the party. And, when his father, Ron Paul, appeared on the Tonight Show, to promote his new book, he was also asked if he and his son agreed on politics, he got very quiet and very serious, and stated that he and his son did not discuss politics. I don’t think Rand Paul is the one we can trust to advance the reversal of all the harm Obama has done to our country, because the GOP RINOs, including Senator Rand Paul, are in favor of so many of the restrictions placed on America’s freedoms.

  • Wulf

    When Ron Paul is asked about his son, he can hardly hide the disappointment from his face. He doesn’t say it out loud, but it seems he isn’t very happy with Rand’s choices.

  • Anonymous

    I heard you guys this morning, but if you believe that Glenn can have a friendship with atheists and others that he disagrees with on many levels, what is the problem with Rand Paul talking with those who disagree with him. You assume they will win him over. I think there is a better chance he can win them over. Talking with these guys should be fine. I have friends that are liberal. We don’t agree on Progressives etc. I am telling you, they are rethinking many things. This is who we should be talking to. You can’t always preach to the choir.

    • Michael Harrington

      Athiests are a religious choice, liberals who stole the nations future are a political choice. No to Rand Paul!

  • Anonymous

    Yuk! Harry is as affable and warm as a big wet lugie.

  • Richard

    I grew up in a mafia household.. Lucky to be alive actually.. One of their mantras is: “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer..” I live by that. Rand is no dummy keeping his enemies very close!

  • Anonymous

    Keep your eyes, ears, and mind OPEN on all of the potential candidates until it is time to finally decide. I will NOT vote for the lessor of two evils again. Maybe we need a third Party.

  • landofaahs

    Rand has made some serious political mistakes which I think will haunt him and keep him from the presidential nomination. I find him a sad disappointment because I was hoping he had more common sense.

  • AutumnGrey

    Looks like Glenn just cannot admit that he is wrong on Rand Paul. Glenn gets all tingly when Paul talks about the Constitution, but Glenn ignores that Paul is a RINO on almost every other issue. Paul functions like the establishment Republicans that Glenn hates.
    Anytime anyone gets cozy with the likes of Harry Reid, that person is complicit in Reid’s lies and corruption.

  • Hunter DeRensis

    Are you guys serious? Rand Paul is the best possible candidate the Republicans could put up, both in elect-ability and position-wise. Who cares what he says about voter ID laws? They literally affect a microscopic amount of people who possibly vote and are a non-issue. All they do is give the media something to bludgeon the Republicans with along with accusations of racism. Why can’t he be personal friends with Harry Reid? You can’t disagree with someone politically but not be friends? Anton Scalia and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg are well known for being personal friends on the court. Is that wrong? And immigration? I’m glad Rand has taken a softer turn; it’s not what I would personally prefer, but at least its more in line with an actual people in human liberty. If this is seriously the best accusations you guys can come up with, that just shows how good of a job Rand is doing. He’s the only candidate who cares about civil liberties, and he’s got all the right ideas on domestic and foreign policy.

    Yet you guys are enamored with Ted Cruz. Why? He’s nothing special. He’s a demagogic Texan who couldn’t possibly be elected. Not only that, but a lot of his positions are awful. Sure he’s good on domestic policy if you think he’s genuine. But when it comes to foreign policy he’s a tow-the-line statist. He’s not in favor of any military cuts, he’ll continually favor foreign interventions, and he’ll keep the status quo as it is. Cruz is phoney “conservative” who fights the government when it suits him, not when it’s needed.

    • Michael Harrington


      Rand Paul has a history of flip flops. Prior to his run for Senate, which was done with his family connection to Ron Paul and nothing else, he had zero influence, zero political history, zero attempts to be involved except for his daddy.

      However contrast this to Ted Cruz. Ted is out raising Jeb Bush, he fought and won in the Supreme Court on 7 issues including; Gun Rights in Washington D.C., Texas Redistricting Rights, stopping the UN from having law making, regulation making, enforcement capabilities, over the United States, in allowing a copy of the 10 Amendments to be displayed as an article of early law in courts, and more.

      Ever get hit by a bully? There are two ways to stop bullys. One is to be very strong… they wont touch you then. The other is to fight him at a time he does not have an advantage. The first has no risk. The second is very risky policy.

      Russia invaded a nation we both signed accords to protect. Russia is quite happy with a weakened pose of the United States. China has been engaging in small skirmishes with Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and Indonesia. China has had military wars with Tibet, Russia, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, the United States and South Korea since it turned Communist. It will never give up Tibet. ISIS is becoming a huge threat and is killing not tens of thousands but hundreds of thousands. They have named us an enemy and kill our people when they can. Iran is developing the nuke and has publicly stated a large number of times intent to use said nukes on America and Israel.

      The world is not friendly, there is a need for us to be strong and interacting with the world. There are enemies we must fight abroad or they will fight us here. Sun Tzu said it best, better to fight in their nation than to fight in our own. The best defense is a good offense.

  • Rufus Peebody

    Collectivists attack free enterprise, private property, and prosperity by claiming collectivism as the sole conduit for altruism while accusing individualists of being selfish and greedy.

  • Mudpie

    I thought he was great . . . still consider him better than the Dems and usual Rinos. BUT, after his string of idiocies I have totally written him off as President.

  • http://www.freekentucky.com/ waypasthadenough2

    they say during a campaign means nothing. Their records and affiliations, past
    and present, are all that matter. Questions for your candidate:

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