Glenn joined Megyn Kelly’s FOX News show Wednesday night, expanding on his recent comments about liberals being right on Iraq and his unhappiness at ultimately being proven right about the rise of a caliphate in the Middle East. Back in 2011, Glenn warned that radicals would push for an Islamist state based on Shariah law, and that the impact of such a move would destabilize the Western world. In recent weeks, that prediction is closer than ever to coming true as Iraq comes close to falling to ISIS, a militant group that puts an Islamist state at the forefront of their agenda.

“No one is willing to take the people in the Middle East at their word, and I don’t know why,” Glenn said.

He warned that if people don’t take the time to see what else is coming over the horizon, they will miss more than just the caliphate.

“If, God forbid, Iraq is lost and Iran is brought into this and it is a caliphate, you’re gonna see a civil war in the Middle East, and that is going to be bloodshed like you can’t even imagine,” Glenn said. “And we should be nowhere near it.”

He added that the President needs to immediately push for energy independence as a sustained conflict could result on skyrocketing gas and food prices.

Glenn also said that liberals were right when they said the Iraq invasion wouldn’t result in spreading freedom and democracy, and that he wasn’t willing to waste any more lives or dollars on the conflict. Glenn has, however, stated that America needs to stand by Israel and support their right to defend themselves.

“I’m not willing to spend any more treasure – we’ve spent $2 trillion, how many lives have been lost? You are never going to bring freedom there, you’re never going to do it. They have to want it themselves.”