‘This isn’t America anymore’: Washington Redskins trademark canceled because name may be offensive

After reading this article you may want to ask yourself: Are we living in America anymore?

On Wednesday, The United States Patent Office ruled the Washington Redskins federal trademarks for its name must be canceled because the moniker is “disparaging of Native Americans.”

According to TheBlaze, the 2-1 ruling means that the team can continue to use the Redskins name, but it would lose most of its ability to protect the financial interests connected to its use. For example, if others printed the name on apparel or other team material, it would be more difficult for the team to go after those groups.

While the debate over the political correctness of the Redskins name has been raging for a number of months, team owner Daniel Snyder has, thus far, refused to change the name citing tradition. On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu reacted to the landmark decision.

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“They’re going to have to change the name now,” Pat said pessimistically. “They just have to change the name.”

Glenn, however, pleaded with Redskins brass to continue to stand firm despite the pressure. In fact, he encouraged the team to make as much authentic merchandise as possible because he believes there will be a market for it.

“Don’t do it, Redskins,” Glenn pleaded. “I will tell you this. Washington Redskins, you make official stuff and give us some sort of way to verify that the money goes back to you, and I’ll buy a Redskins car from you… I mean it… Hello, kids. Go out and buy everything Washington Redskins you can today because it will be a collector’s items.”

When you consider the names of other sports teams – the Cleveland Indians, Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Golden State Warriors, Florida Seminoles, etc. – you have to wonder why the outrage seems to be so limited to the Redskins.

Last fall, Glenn and his team looked into claims that Native Americans were deeply offended by the term ‘redskins,’ and it simply wasn’t the case.

Political correctness aside, the Patent Office’s decision could prove to have much broader implications. If a trademark can be revoked because a few people find a team name offensive, what other trademarks or patents can be canceled.

“Think about what’s happening here,” Stu said. “You’re taking away the trademark of a company that’s probably worth two to three billion dollars. Just taking it away, so that anyone can use it for any reason… And all you need to say is you think it’s disparaging.”

“Why can’t they do that with Exxon… and anything that Exxon has ever pioneered,” Glenn asked. “Why can’t the president just say, ‘You know what? It’s in the interest of the United States government and the United States of America that we take all their patents.’ You just cripple the country.”

Ultimately, as Glenn explained, this debate all boils down to one thing: Freedom.

“Look at what they’ve done. This is a freedom story,” Glenn concluded. “On Friday, the dog ate our homework [at the IRS]. Baghdad is on fire. And look at what they’re doing. It’s all about watching the other hand. It’s really dangerous… You tell me we’re still living in America.”

  • Flex Rockhard

    Ridiculous. Anyway, heres their new name (so as not to offend one or two people): “The Non-Descript Personages of Indeterminate Origins.” Serioously. Snyder should name his team something so ridiculously NON OFFENSIVE that it offends EVERYONE.

    • Elton Robb

      That would be sweet, poetic justice.

    • Anonymous

      Good one, Flex.

    • Mike Nelson

      “Washington Scalpers” sounds great to me, and it’s reflective of the fauna found in their home environment.

  • Chuck Somerville

    Or pull a ‘Prince’ on them… “The Football Team Formerly Known as the Redskins”

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the stench of political correctess. This rgeime has one thing in mind, embarass the USA and decrease its standing on the world stage. We are now the CPUSA’s toy.

    • Bert31

      I think you meant Democratic Party when you say CPUSA. Correct?

  • Anonymous

    We have reached another “police state,” Bet “O” is doing the policing y applying pressure to the post office.

  • leber47

    I agree… they should have to change their name and remove
    the part that is offensive! Just call them the Capitol Redskins or The Eastern Redskins but definately get rid of the offensive ‘Washington’.

    • Gus Cross

      By all means! I can’t think of any name more disgusting or inept!

      • Anonymous

        Which name is unanimously more disgusting than Washington, D.C.? PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama! The PRESIDENT part must go!

    • Anonymous

      What’s wrong with the name Washington? It’s a state and Glenn is from there. Maybe the team should be the Virginia Skins since the stadium is in Virginia and not in Washington DC

      • james c

        Stadium is in Maryland. DUHHHH

        • Anonymous

          Oh. I looked at the website and there was an address in Virginia.

  • Hugh Jass

    The forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden has often been depicted as an apple. I am offended at the name of apple, therefore we should get rid of the apple trademark.

    • Mike Nelson

      I wonder if you know how apropos is this sentiment 😉

    • Anonymous

      No! Not yet , anyway. Their stock just did a seven away split! Nothing bad can happen to them until I sell my stock! Lmao!

  • Wulf

    The Fighting Irish mascot is offensive to Irish people. The Cowboys should be called the Cowpeople in order to avoid offending anyone who is not a boy (or who is a boy, depending on how you like your offensiveness).

    I will not be satisfied until all bad thoughts, ill intentions, and mean people have been eradicated. Barack will bring the Unicorns back to us.

    Seriously, though, if multiple Native American high schools have the Redskin as their mascot, it would seem they probably have more important issues to worry about.

    • Anonymous

      I am offended by all the thug mafia union labels. Get rid of Steelers and Packers. Dodgers reminds me of draft dodgers, they are out. Giants are insulting to short people. Patriots are an embarrassment to progressives/commies. Saints and Padres? need I say any more? Seminoles, Braves go with the Redskins. 49ers greedy capitalists. Yankees are a poke in the eye to southerners. Mets just suuuck. Reds=commies. White/Red socks are offensive to poor people who can’t buy clothes, even in thrift stores. Same with the Knicks short for knickerbockers. What is left? Some birds, marine animals, mammals, adjectives and some fictional characters.

      • Anonymous

        The Dodgers were originally from Brooklyn and were called that because the team would dodge streetcars on the way to where they played. The White Sox already changed their name, they were the Black Sox. Nobody wanted to stick with the name because everyone would remember the 1919 Black Sox scandal instead of paying attention to the games.

        • Bert31

          Another epic fail on your part. The white sox were called the white sox in 1919 and since their creation. The black sox are 8 individuals who were nicknamed for their gambling scandal. The 1919 Chicago White Sox gambled away the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds. They were never at any point officially named the Black Sox.

  • Anonymous

    I smell the stink of Harry Reid or his minions in this, I wonder what a communication trail between him or his staff and the Patent Office would show, that is unless they were lost into cyberspace like the IRS e-mails.

  • vadave

    Now the U.S Patent Office is in the business of meting out “social justice.” It’s only a matter of time before some Patent Office bureaucrats hard drive crashes causing a loss of email evidence tying this government overreach directly to the White House.

  • Craig Johnson

    They should be proud of the name! I think we should stop all the taxpayer money going to them, if they can afford to file silly suits like this!! Anyway, if the Redskins
    paid them for the name–I bet they would smile alot!!

  • rambler

    The patent office has business being involved politically and it may put itself out of business. If the gov won’t protect a patent or will cancel a patent because the owner has “misbehaved” then why have patents at all? The gov is looking for all sorts of ways to threaten and control the public.

    • Anonymous

      That would be a HUGE suppression of free speech by any company that would fear losing is trade marks and patents. Can you imagine apple actually standing up for something in the first place, but to be PC incorrect? Fascism and tyranny. This is all that comes out of DC these days.


    Given the effeminate nature of most DC wonks seen on TV lately, call the Redskins the Pansies.

    • Anonymous

      If you re-brand the Redskins as the Pansies, you will have the same problem with the Gay Mafia. A far more applicable moniker would be the DC Traitors.

  • Anonymous

    Do native American’s have red skin? Well, just rename the team the Washington Sunburns if the name Redskins is that important and put the original name in parentheses like it was a crossword clue or something. Actually in all seriousness the name is a two part one so if they have to change the words on merchandise things can be the Washington Skins or maybe the Washingtn Reds and show an Apple instead of an Indian. That way a baseball team and a football team can be the first to have the same name but be from different cities and states.
    Update: there are a bunch of teams that have the same name and are different sports. This logo thing may be like how different bands used to use the same name but only one was the original.

    • Jeff Lambeau

      “That way a baseball team and a football team can be the FIRST to have the same name but be from different cities and states.”

      *COUGH*… Cardinals? (St. Louis/Arizona)

      • Bert31

        I never reply directly to fawnday. This is an example of someone who does not realize how blind they are (and willfully so).

        • Anonymous

          Not willfully. I just don’t see the point of lots of stuff. I understand the tradition of the name and why the name is honoring a coach instead of a group of people but at the same time most people would never have heard of the coach and just go with what the logo is.

          • Bert31

            There is no Constitutional or legal basis for this retraction of the copyright. NONE! You are currently reading something that is the truth. You are either smart enough to grasp this or you aren’t.

          • Anonymous

            I know there’s no legal basis for the logo and team name being retracted. Saying that it’s because the name might be offensive is even sort of silly. OK, maybe not sort f, it is for real. It might be outdated because nobody remembers why the name and picture were originally given to the team and the reason is personal to the team and trivia lore to the fans but it’s not offensive. Heck, if it was that bad every native American tribe would take off after every name describing natives and tribes. With regards to pirating merchandise once the name is in public domain it may be that in order for the team to profit from stuff they would have to say they are the official team. Or something

          • Anonymous

            Instead of re-writing history and changing the name, would it not be much – so much – better to educate a new generation of people of the accomplishments of these people, instead of relegating them to the dust bin of history? This is part of American history. Not just “personal to the team” or trivial. Can you imagine that our country, at some point, stopped celebrating MLKJ day, because no one can remember who he was or what he did? Lets not celebrate Thanksgiving, because of the indoctrination by our miserable schools, the kids think the Pilgrims came here because they liked to travel. That is your argument. Do you know why Yankees are called that?

            The Team needs to take the bull by the horns and start an national education program with the public to counter all of this corrupt history that is spouted out as fact. The Indian nations should also be speaking out. It was in honor of them after all.

          • Anonymous

            What the glory are you talking about with all the history? I heard this morning that the Redskins had a totally fantastic coach who was Native American. The name Redskins is in honor of him. That’s why it’s personal to the team. Maybe he was the first minority person to have a coaching job or something. Which is historical but maybe not something that many non-sports fans would care about.

          • Bert31

            The owner of the team denied that the name was solely named after the coach (for what that denial is worth to you) and claimed that it was the fact that the team had the most Native American presence of any football team at the time. He also wasn’t a full-blooded native either. That means it was named to HONOR the members of the team LITERALLY.
            There is no pirating that can occur now. Logo pirating is now a moot point because you don’t have to pirate the logo to make money off of it. Have you ever been to downtown DC? There are street vendors like crazy around there. Those small time street hustlers will price the team out of its net profit next year. They won’t have the competition of licensed apparel to compete with since the team just lost its licensing rights.

          • Anonymous

            Well. If the name is honoring the team in general then it HAS to be changed. The term was probably fine eighty years ago up to whenever but it’s a slur nowadays.Or whenever it was first thought of as a slur. It’s like if people say the N word or ethnic groups are referred to as the name that is derogatory to them. It’s why Japs Potato Chips changed their name to Jays and any advertising depicting blacks in a certain way changed. Sports teams change names all the time, the Chicago White Sox were originally called the White Stockings but was shortened because people figured newspapers would shorten the name anyway and put an x in the name to headline it. Since the term “Redskins” isn’t supposed to be used for first Americans it doesn’t seem right the team should have the name and a picture of a native either.I understand about the popularity of the team and that it brings in money but why is is bad in one case and not in another? That’s like mixed messages. Maybe they can keep the name but have a picture of a red potato or something..

          • Bert31

            Ahhh you have sucked me back into replying to you!

          • Anonymous

            Yup, gotcha!!! :)

      • Anonymous

        Oops. I’ve never heard of the Arizona Cardinals.

        • Bert31

          San Francisco Giants (baseball) New York Giants (football)

          • Anonymous

            Gulp! Shows I know more baseball team names and where they are from than football teams.

          • Bert31

            Shows a very limited knowledge of sports in general to me.

          • Anonymous

            That’s true. I’m prety much a casual fan. Like some sports not all and whatever team is playing when I want to see any games is ok. Although I look for Manchester United games specifically.

        • Anonymous

          Not that any of this matters, but the St. Louis Cardinals have a Single A minor league team called the Arizona Cardinals. My brother was a pitcher for them. When my wife saw a T-shirt for the Arizona Cardinals, she bought it and told the guy at the store that her brother-in-law played for the team. He asked her what position. You can imagine the look he have her when she said “Closer”.

          • Anonymous

            Bet he apologized all over the place. Either that or was starstruck. Or both.

    • Anonymous

      Reminds me of the joke where two guys were commenting on Green Bay,
      with one stating that the only thing in Green Bay were the Packers and prostitutes, to which the other replied, hey, my wife is from Green Bay. To which the first, with razor sharp wit replied, oh really, “what position does she play”?

      • Bert31

        There really aren’t a lot of prostitutes in Green Bay. Try visiting if you haven’t.

  • landofaahs

    I’m all for the change. They should change the name to “The DC Foreskins”. Any DC politician will do for a mascot.

  • Bert31

    I am going to change my name to Redskin. Why? Because I can.

  • Anonymous

    The Redskins have a legal team on the payroll, so let them do their job and sue the DC illigitimi. At least get a judge to issue a stay to hold off the Obama admin weenies until Obama is out of office, then the Redskins can deal with the next admin. or take it all the way up to the SCOTUS.

  • DES

    So, now the Redskin name can be pirated. How much pirated merchandise will be sold? That name will be all over everywhere, but, not by the owners of that name. They will lose. They will lose profits that pay the NFL and those very high salaried players. They will lose the tradition that has been admired for decades and decades.
    I hope they can resist the pressure and remain the team that I was watching on TV in my Dad’s lap when I was 5 or 6 years old. Now they say we were wrong to like the team named the Washington Redskins. We were wrong to wear the red sweats with the Native American Chief logo showing pride, power and honor.
    I grew up in the heart of the Iroquois Nation, so Indian(as were called when I was young) culture was all around us. My school logo on our football helmets was very close to the Redskins except ours was a full headdress. No one ever complained about the Redskins name. Tribal kids in our school were always proud of them and their name. They said it could ‘Strike fear” or “show heritage of a proud people”.
    Now, my country has come full circle since I was young. Nothing left to be proud of when your government can tell you what you can name your business. Shouldn’t the market decide? If there is denigration, then people will stay away and the brand will disappear. The old American way has been run over by the PC Gestapo. I will forever Hail to the REDSKINS

  • Josie

    I did not realize that censoring was part of the patent offices domain.

  • Chris Miller

    In satirical sports news, the Redskins have agreed to change their name to the Washington Bureaucrats. Their new mascot is now a filing cabinet.

    • Crassus

      I believe we have ourselves a winner here.

    • Bert31

      Every NFL team will change it’s name to Communist Squad Nos. 1-32.

  • David Garber

    I guess next It will be “Trader Joes” will have a name change. It is offensive to everybody named Joe.

  • james c

    I hope Snyder moves the team to just to jerk their chain.

  • Calvin Snelling

    I am testing the waters to start a grass roots lawsuit to go after companies like Nabisco. I am highly offended when they use the term Cracker in their advertising and packaging. we need to stop this now and maybe some financial reperations should be awarded.

  • jeepscout68

    Seems to me that this patent office ruling is a violation of the first amendment rights of the Washington Redskins. By the way the team was named so in honor of their first coach who was an Indian. In addition over 90% of Indians have no problem with the name.

  • Anonymous

    Do we know what a majority of Native Americans have to say about it?

    • Slayer88

      Yes, a majority do not care.

  • mudslide

    …aaaand the pussification of Amerika continues…..

  • Gregory Erb
  • Anonymous

    The liberals have way too much time on their hands and get some glee out of tying up court systems and resources for bragging rights in forcing the crap de jour down conservatives throats.

    Since they have too much time on their hands how about keeping them busy with a flood of anti-abortion bills in all the states? Perhaps it won’t be wasteful. The “permissives” are having a fun time watching conservatives scurry about putting out fires. The liberals are pyros.

  • Bonnie Somer

    i think redskins is not offensive the pc police are just gng too far it is Washington that offends me

  • landofaahs

    It’s interesting they are rehashing this now. It’s amazing it starts back up after the sterling guy announced he was going to hire investigators to see if any other NBA owners ever used questionable language. There was dead silence after that announcement. Why? Could it be a deliberate behind the scenes effort by Obama and democrats to establish “Government controls all property and private property rights are only if the government allows it”? Just asking because it seems mighty queer how events are unfolding. Follow the money because the federal governemtn knows it is going to have to steal massive wealth in order to sustain the “Deep State”.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, most Native Americans do not find this offensive. It is the agenda-drivenl, PC police that find it offensive. Our government is out of control, drunk with power and needs to be slapped down. Many agencies of the government are being used to harass, spy on, punish, intimidate and micro-manage groups or people that don’t tow the leftist agenda. Time to tell them to go pound sand. Do not comply.

  • Anonymous

    Just name them the Washington Rednecks. No one cares if you offend poor white people…. They could turn the stadium into a NASCAR type of affair with camper parking!

  • Anonymous

    The following should not be construed as Legal Advice. Readers are advised to seek the advice of competent legal counsel before reclaiming the United States of America by returning abusive politicians to whichever abyss they slithered from:

    Will growers, packers, grocers and chefs be required to rename their potatoes?

    Will Washington force Glenn Beck to change his name, because it might be offensive to the D.C. government’s “beckerheads”?

    If Washington threatens dirtbags, and D.C. offends gays, will Obama’s monkeys remoniker Washington D.C.? Did Bill Clinton’s monkeys remoniker Lewinsky?

    When the seat of government stinks worse than the seat of an Okie outhouse, does calling it something new remove the stench, or must it be replaced?
    ——————————————————————————————————-Through our Constitution, we gave the United States of America the Rule of Law. We did it as Sovereign states. We did not create the United People of America. ——————————————————————————————————-
    As laws of commerce, patents were normally immune to short-term political whim. Goobermints use patents to grant rights of manufacture to inventors for finite periods. Copyrights protect intellectual property, usually for the author’s lifetime plus fifty years. Both were created to protect commerce, not political correctness.
    United States’ courts rely on legal precedent as much as actual laws for guidance on how to decide individual cases. ‘Case Law’ expedites legal process. ‘Judicial Economy’ has as many pros and cons as Alcatraz once did, with escape just as difficult. As the world dumbs down (and what segment of society is immune?) pros include brilliant jurisprudence by wiser justices of the past. Cons include unjust decisions issued by less-qualified judges, by acts of commission and omission, whether driven by Ideology, Corruption or Just-plain-good-old-fashioned Dumbth! ——————————————————————————————————-By abusing patent law, Obama sets legal precedent for government to grant political rights, which our Constitution dfines as G-d given. Due to time constraints, the Supreme Court of the United States grants writs of certiorari (accepts appeals) to less than 10% of appellants. The fact is not lost on these Legal Beagles that overloading the courts with lawsuits over their uncontitutional behavior works to their advantage.
    Impeachment was the founders’ preferred method of dealing with tyrants. ‘Factions’ (‘political parties’) are not mentioned in the constitution. Not anticipating today’s ‘Partisan Gridlock’ could have their bones spinning in their graves.

    Unite to stop Barack Obama’s latest unlawful, unilateral actions to dissolve the Constitution of the United States of America. Whatever his motive, we cannot allow him to do so. The Declaration of Independence makes perfectly clear how to deal with tyrants: “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute a new government, laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such forms as to them shall seem most likely to affect their safety and happiness.”

  • thedogwalker

    Gee, an arm of the Federal Government goes after something it doesn’t like. Sound familiar?

  • William Peterson

    Trademark and Copyright are property protections provided by the government. Is the Obama Administraion saying “bitch” and “ho” is not offensive to women and really the vast majority of people? That any version of the “N” word is not enormously offensive to the vast majority of people? Well our government has issued thousands of
    copyrights with this vastly more offensive speech than “redskins”. Our president even parties with these incredibly offensive people that peddle this tripe at the White House. The people that have been pushing this issue are nothing more than a bunch of talentless, jealous, losers with delusions of grandeur that they are going to be the next Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King. I guess we need to rename the state of Indiana to Native Americana. This is insane.

  • Charles Pacek

    The Cleveland Browns were named after a moniker given to boxer Joe Louis, aka “The Brown Bomber.” Which is, of course, offensive. Time to change that team name, too. I can make a list, really.

  • Equis

    Not only do I think this is ridiculous but it is absurd how far these people are taking these issues and the government should keep their nose out of the private business sector with this type of nonsense. What they are proving to everyone is that Washington has the power to bully private business whenever they feel the need to push their agenda. All they have to do is yell fire where there is no fire and the left comes running with bells on.

  • Anonymous

    SO Stop the insanity become a keyboard warrior and share these free songs
    to fight the war of ideas between TYRANNICAL GODS WHO WANT TO RULE US
    https://soundcloud.com/user262008952/warriors-plea NEW ORIGINAL FOR OATH KEEPERS FROM AN OATH KEEPER

  • Rion Loisel

    Well I guess my Saints have no chance if this decision by the patent board stands. We all know that when the atheists are offended by the Saints the libs will be licking their chops to take out another piece Christianity even if it is just a sports team!

  • Native Pride 1973

    As a Indian I must say that I am glad that they did change that name. Not that I was completely upset or outraged by the name, but I do feel that the name should be changed. I know that most white people that support the name aren’t racist or trying to be demeaning in anyway, but the name itself is a demeaning moniker for my race. I wan’t outraged or insulted by the use of the Redskins as a name and I wouldn’t be opposed to them using another Indian-inspired name, but I would like for them to approve the name first with the India tribes, especially if they were to use their names, much like Florida State did by asking the Seminoles to use their namesake as their nickname.

  • Shamuz Alonzo

    Revolutionary Marxism failed, in part, because it deprived human aggression of the internal channel of private property, redirected aggression outward, and thus gave rise to the most ruthless dictators.

  • D J Flesher

    Lets YOU and I Make a List… A list of all the names of teams or groups which YOU and/or I find personally offensive.

    on my list is “Yankees”. I believe the originators of this name were
    the Brits, verbally attacking the colonials back in the 1700s. With no
    PC at the time and some spare spinal column to boot, the colonists took
    that calumny in stride and adopted the name as their own. But think
    about it for a second.. “Yankee”…. it means jerk-off, a totally
    offensive term in anyone’s language. I know it offends me. WE SHOULD
    REMOVE THE NEW YORK FRANCHISE RIGHTS immediately and ban that word from
    print nationwide.

    Leaving sports for a moment, how about “QUAKER”? Should anyone be allowed to use that slanderous term for the members of the
    “Religious Society of Friends” or even its carry over to grain
    products sold to children? Slander for profit, is it?

    is another accusatory name for religious people who were perceived as
    heretics when the Wesley brothers first organized the “United
    Societies” to study scripture. LUTHERAN and other religious monickers
    were also meant as derogatory terms by those who hated them, and it
    offends me when you call anyone by those names.

    Even “CHRISTIAN”
    is an accusatory term, not used by the early “Saints” or followers of
    Christ at all. That defamatory name only appears twice in the entire
    Bible, where the people at Antioch were verbally attacking us Saints.
    “Christmas” is OK, it is a mass for an individual we honor, a
    celebration of a man’s birth, but “Christian” is slanderous.

    to sports, what about the Atlanta FALCONS? A name for a football
    Team? Give me a break. The Falcon is a female. Her mate is the
    Tiercel, identifiable because he is somewhat smaller than she is. So
    the implication that a football team is a bunch of fat females is
    totally offensive to me and should be to all birds and females, how
    about you, sportsfans?

    BUCCANEERS? PIRATES? Are we encouraging our children to be swashbuckling thieves? Offensive!

    New York JETS? Jet is a term for ‘black’ so this is just some more code-speak by would be slavers.

    BROWNS? Having friends of Indian descent, this is just more derogatory
    rhetoric about minorities and skin colour. Stop harassing my friends.

    “Angels”, “Padres”, “Saints”, and “Cardinals”: these names are very
    offensive to me; they are taking a “holier-than-thou” attitude about
    themselves that has nothing to do with the violent bloodsport games they

    That is just the beginning of my list. Please post yours,
    too, because I don’t want to inadvertently offend you or your

    And once we stop the derogatory language, the
    name calling, and we all know what NOT to say, just think of the
    peace… and especially the endless silence it will bring.

    Can’t we all just get along????


  • Fongzilla1970

    Just to jerk their chain if I owned the team I would rename it the Washington Communists and put a hammer and sickle on the helmets.

  • VD65

    I know the President had an interview and they went on and on asking him about this which they shouldn’t have but he is being dragged into this by the press. Quite frankly I am tired of him being blamed for everything. This will get settled in court. They have been trying to get them to change if for some time. One case lost but this is another time and people have different views about things. If they took away their trademarks they can appeal it but they decided to take Ms. Blackhorse and her friends to court instead. She is the main instigator and what is funny is the American Indians came up with redskins. They coined the word historically for a name to separate them from white skins and black skins, etc. They have copies of speeches made in the Smithsonian where a Chieftain is making a speech and used the word. It became common place as representative of the American Indian and it was not considered derogatory. They are using the fact that some nasty people have used it that way but essentially that isn’t why the word was coined in the first place by American Indians themselves.

  • LarryKingOfTheDullards

    Racism?? Really?

  • Elton Robb

    Yeah, yours. After all, your name is Glenn, right? you are named after a person that owns a copse of trees, right?

  • Bert31

    Okay, fair enough. The state name of Oklahoma is Choctaw for “Red Person.” It’s time to change that.
    If the patent is taken away from the Redskins, it essentially means that it’s okay for everyone except said football franchise to use the moniker Redskins.

  • Anonymous

    I guess to you everything is racism as long as it suits your agenda.

  • leber47

    Well, certainly! You should know by now… if you can’t find anything to criticize with… you can always accuse them of ‘Racism’ [works every time]
    Way to go, Glenn Coughlin… you’ve followed their commands as directed.



  • Anonymous


  • lil’ will

    Will this s**t never stop? YOU are offensive!!! I am offended by you and your kind!!!

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