‘I will stand proudly with Glenn Beck’: Liberal educator defends her friendship with Glenn

Glenn’s new book CONFORM: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education seeks to offer parents, teachers, and students the facts they need to take back the debate and help usher in a new era of education built around the common sense principles of choice, freedom, and accountability.

As Glenn has discussed, Common Core and the problems with the American education system is an issue that has united those on the left and right. Last month, Glenn welcomed former Florida educator and founder of ConversationED.com Kathleen Jasper to the program to discuss her experience in the public education system and the work she is now doing to fight back.

Jasper is a former high school teacher and assistant principle, who began to grow disenfranchised under the George W. Bush Administration because of the volume of testing programs like No Child Left Behind required. The implementation of the Common Core standards further exacerbated the problem, and though Jasper identifies herself as a liberal, she appreciates the solutions Glenn’s book CONFORM offers parents and teachers.

Glenn has since invited Jasper to join him, Michelle Malkin, David Barton, and others in Dallas on July 22 for the We Will Not Conform live Fathom event that seeks to offer clear, tangible solutions to some of the problems facing the education system today.

Learn more about We Will Not Conform HERE.

Over the weekend, Jasper penned a blog post for her website entitled “The Two Things Sarah Palin and I Agree On” announcing the invitation she received from Glenn and explaining why, “regardless of his views,” she will forever consider Glenn a friend.

“I want to start with a positive today… That is from a website called Conversation Ed, and it’s by Kathleen Jasper… She is one of the real leaders on the anti-Common Core front in Florida and now around the country,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “She’s somebody I think who has tremendous credibility and tremendous honor and courage, even though, again, we disagree with each other on very fundamental things.”

Below is an excerpt from the article:

In 2010 I saw an article in TIME Magazine by Sarah Palin about Glenn Beck. I grimaced, “This should be good.”

As I read, she gushed over Mr. Beck, “Glenn’s like the high school government teacher so many wish they’d had, charting and connecting ideas with chalk-dusted fingers — kicking it old school — instead of becoming just another talking-heads show host.”


4 years after I read Ms. Palin’s article, I received a call from Glenn Beck’s producer to do an interview with Mr. Beck on his show. I always knew I would be on a national news program talking about education. I just assumed it would be Rachel Maddow or Morning Joe – a safe haven for liberals like me. Not on a conservative network like the BLAZE.

But I’m open-minded and willing to talk to just about anyone who wants to help me push this education movement forward.


When I finally met Mr. Beck, right before we shot the TV segment, he was quiet and kind – holding both of my hands while he gave me a thoughtful handshake. He was not at all the crazy personality I thought he would be from the FOX News Network.

As we went live on his show, he gave me a microphone and a camera knowing I disagreed with him on most issues. He let me talk about what I wanted for over 15 minutes on two separate shows. After it was all over, he complemented me and gave me a hug. He told me we would work together again soon.


As soon as I could, without being rude, I checked Facebook and twitter. Messages were coming in like crazy. Then I checked the website and saw people were making donations to our cause. Right-winged, Tea-Party Christians, who knew I disagreed with them ideologically, were sending ConversationED money. I received email after email of kind words and even prayers.


Even more exciting, Glenn Beck has invited me back to Dallas to participate in a Fathom event on July 22 called We Will Not Conform. It is an event about solutions and how we can get people motivated and inspired to move this revolution forward. More importantly it’s about action. In fact, there will be a plan for people to access so they can immediately start taking the necessary steps to stop Common Core and high-stakes testing.


So I will stand proudly with Glenn Beck on this issue and be grateful he gave me the opportunity to have my voice and message heard. This man treated me with respect and dignity on his set and provided me the platform necessary to have my voice heard. I am a loyal girl; so regardless of his views I will forever be his friend.

Read the full post HERE.

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While both Jasper and Glenn are quick to recognize their ideological differences, they are willing to overlook those things because the cause that unites them is greater than those that could divide them. It is this willingness to come together that Glenn believes is the future.

“This is where I think we’re headed… I was thinking about the border and it really kind of fits into this story as well,” Glenn said. “We’re not even talking about our citizenship in the United States. We’re talking about our party affiliation. We don’t even get up to our citizenship. We feel that our party is more important than our country, which is such a lie. I don’t even know how we got there.”

“But we have two citizenships,” he continued. “One is for the United States of America. And the other one is an eternal citizenship. It’s a citizenship that gives us access to the eternal. And too many times we’re looking at our citizenship here in the country and we forget about our other citizenship.”

As we have moved away from a national identity to a more political, party-based identity, Glenn believes we have lost sight of the duty we have to one another. If we can begin to move past party and politics again, however, there is a chance to get back on track.

“The reason why I say this relates to Kathleen – and maybe Kathleen doesn’t speak this kind of language at all. I don’t know if she believes in God or not. If you don’t believe in God, I guess you can say you have a citizenship in mankind, in the human race,” Glenn said. “But her friends, the people on ‘her side’… are the ones who are saying, ‘Don’t even look at your citizenship as a country.’ That’s the problem we have.”

“What do the parties mean in comparison to what’s happening in the world? What loyalty do we have to the Democrats or the Republicans? What loyalty do they have to us? Tell me,” he continued. “African-Americans, what loyalty does the Democratic Party have to you… Detroit, is your life better because you’ve been under Democratic rule… All of these giant cities that are decaying and rotting and have no hope in the future because of their institutions that they have trusted and empowered. Is your life better because of that?”

  • Anonymous

    More “odd bedfellows” theme. Notice that Beck continues to publicize how much he has in common with liberals. A few days ago Beck admitted he was wrong and liberals were right for opposing the invasion of Iraq. If he doesn’t get lost in the self indulgent psychological weeds, Beck’s headed somewhere in the middle.

    • Anonymous

      The Liberals were not right about Iraq and neither were the Conservatives. Both believed Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Destruction and Both believed he’d use them against us. He was aiding and abetting Al Queda at the time, minimal aid to be sure but in fact he was. So both were wrong. We all were wrong. If Glenn is willing to say the Liberal Progressives were right, then they need to be honest and say they were wrong. They just gave up sooner than others. Let’s be truthful and honest with each other about this.

      • Elena

        Sheesh…even France tht Saddam had WMDs.

        The time to have taken Saddam out, if ever, was when Ayatollah Khomeini died and left a small window of opportunity.

        Iran is poised to take over ALL the oil fields along the Persian Gulf coast, even into Saudi Arabia (KSA). That eastern part of the KSA is Shi’a. The Wahabbis have been ruthless with the Shi’a who would be more than happy to join w/their Shi’a brethren in Iran.

        That puts Europe and Japan at the mercy of sunni tyrants fm ISIL/ISIS or shi’ite tyrants in Iran.

      • http://batman-news.com bbkdilldil5

        Since I was stationed in Iraq for a year, I often wondered where did the conversation go of satellite pictures documenting the inspectors coming in one door and the WMDs going out the back door headed to Syria. Sadam Hussein DID have WMDs – he used them on his own people. While I was in Iraq (2008-2009) Military people told us that they had discovered an entire jet buried in the desert. It had been protected so that the motor and oil lines etc. were still fine (in time the winds had revealed it)…I just wonder….if they could hide a jet – why couldn’t they hide WMDs and go back later with a GPS and retirieve them? I just don’t buy the fact that there were none….I really believe they were transferred to Syria (they’ve used them). Not that I was for the war in Iraq but things sure get swept under the rug by the media.

        • Elena

          You got it!

        • Kile


        • Anonymous

          I’d question whether Hussein ever had the capability of threatening the USA with WMDs.

          • Dennis Dehne

            How difficult would it be to cross our border with a canisters of biological weapons?

          • Anonymous

            How impossible is it to prevent every possible attack?

          • Dennis Dehne

            I’d feel a hell of a lot better if our government took border security seriously. We don’t need to make it as easy as possible for the terrorists. The Obama administration is doing nothing except suing Arizona for enforcing our laws.

        • Dennis Dehne

          I agree. I read Georges Sada’s book in which he states that the WMDs were indeed flown to Syria. He was the #2 man in Saddam Hussein’s Air Force. The name of the book is Saddam’s Secrets. I don’t know why no one seems to know about this man or his book!

      • Hugh Mantooth

        Yes, it was reported that the WMD’s were not there and so the media jumped all over it. However, I personally spoke to a former desert storm vet whose mission was to find, locate and destroy any WMD’s located. He found them, handled them as he could hear and feel the chemicals slosh around. He took pictures of them before they destroyed them. Moral of the story. Don’t believe everything the media and gov tells you.

        • BlueMN

          I personally spoke to a guy who lost his thermos only to have some former Desert Storm vet find it, slosh it around, like you would handle any unknown WMD, take pictures of it and destroy it, coffee and all. Boy was he mad, and that guy was Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President and time traveler. Moral of the story: don’t believe every comment some random guy posts on tinfoil hat sites like this one.

      • Watch it


  • Anonymous

    Those border kids arrived for a minimal cost. Send them back to their parents for the same cost. This is an invisible Trojan Horse at work. There is a root cause and it’s probably kidnapping or some form of extortion to make the parents do something. It has nothing to do with you making friends of a progressive teacher.

    • Elena

      Minimal to you and me, but not to them. To most Central Americans, $1000 is a ton of money and took them quite a while to acquire it.

      The problem is a border that is not sovereign.

      Bundle them up, give them a sack lunch, put them on a C-130 bound for the capital cities of their home countries.

      • Malcolm Atteberry


      • Anonymous

        No! Mexico let them in send them back to Mexico let them deal with this mess.Why we should pay for all of this we pay enough for others.

  • Elena

    It’s about the country — not abt political parties!

    Are we willing to stand up and return to Constitutional governance or not? If so, we are going to need to give up all those handouts fm the federal spigot.

    • Chad Millard

      My experience so far from a large number of liberal friends is that they believe the Constitution to be outdated and that it has no bearing on modern life. These people are all in their 40’s and above, btw. So the answer is “no”, only parts of us are willing to return to Constitutional governance.

      The other portion; they don’t want to.

      • Mike Nelson

        Don’t want to, don’t care, or don’t know what it means?

        I have a lot of contacts with this view as well (no bearing on modern life), but they tend also to be people who become offended at things like intrusions into their personal lives, bureaucratic waste, and gratuitous spending (on issues they disagree with). They don’t much seem to care about those things when it’s something they agree with, however. And many of these people are highly educated and hold well-paying jobs, or even own their own businesses.

        I really don’t think that segment lives in reality, when it comes down to weighing the results of their actions and priorities.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent point. This will be Hillary’s undoing. The people are tired of Party over country and principal.

  • Anonymous

    I have respect for this teacher!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    The morality, liberty, and prosperity of a free country run contrary to the subjective decrees of the “interests of society” put forth by those quacks, charlatans, and academics who conjure up the ever-shifting mirage of collectivist illusions.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely think that we should move forward on things we can agree upon, however, just becasue the devil and you agree on something, do I get in bed with HIM?
    We must fundamentally ask ourselves, why do we believe such and such? Glen says Common Core is bad, Jasper says it is bad. Okay, that we can agree…now the real test. The solution is where we are not going to agree. There are many things I can agree with Ralph Nader, Noam Chomsky about, but their solution is not even close to mine. Jasper sounds like a reasonable person, and hanging with Glen I can actually see her changing how she views the world.

  • Anonymous

    20% cannot make the 70% believe in what crap they believe,PERIOD!Look who they elect to the WH and made in 6.5 years to a mess,its took many jenerations of people to build this country and its took liberals only 6.5 years to destroy.

  • Paul

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

  • PrepSteader

    I’ve finally had all the Beck-eese happy thoughts beaten out of me. Amerika has lost her soul. I just can’t see a realistic way out of this. It’ not that over 50% of Amerikans voted for King Obama – it’s that they voted for him twice after seeing who he is. If “Blessed is the nation whos god is the LORD,” what then is the status of the nation who rejeced the LORD as our nation has done? Our blessings have been removed and our nation is in a death spiral. Our place among nations has become a laughing stock, our top military leaders must pass a litmus test of being willing to order troops to fire on anti-Federalist American civilians disloal to the Crown, and our Fed’s economic decisions are those of a Banana Republic or one of Europe’s PIIGS nations who’s currency is starting to crash.

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