WATCH: CNN mocks Hillary Clinton’s latest financial claims

It’s safe to say Hillary Clinton’s book tour – aka the kickoff for her 2016 presidential campaign – is not going according to plan. Her media blitz got off to a rough start after she came under fire for claiming her family was “dead broke” upon leaving the White House. Meanwhile, book sales are not as strong as expected. And now it looks like even Democrats are beginning to turn on Clinton.

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“There is some amazing audio from CNN that shows that even the left is no cloning longer buying the lies of Hillary Clinton,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Please run Hillary Clinton. Please run her. Because I don’t know how you get past this.”

In an interview with The Guardian published Saturday, Clinton was asked how she reconciles her wealth with her Democratic talking point of income inequality. With income inequality set to be a “central bone of contention” in 2016, writer Ed Pilkington asked how Clinton could “possibly hope to be credible on this issue when people see her as part of the problem, not its solution?”

“But they don’t see me as part of the problem,” Clinton claimed, “because we pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off, not to name names; and we’ve done it through dint of hard work.”

“Excuse me,” Glenn asked exasperatedly. “Didn’t you hear the guy you worked for? You didn’t earn this. You didn’t make that.”

On Sunday, during a discussion about The Guardian interview, CNN’s Alison Kosik couldn’t help but break out laughing after hearing Clinton’s latest claims.

“I want to emphasize: This is not Fox. This is CNN – the Clinton News Network,” Glenn said. “How are the Clintons going to survive this? Seriously, how are they going to survive this?”

Glenn, Pat, and Stu agreed that Clinton’s comments about wealth may very well prove to be more damning than Mitt Romney’s infamous 47% comments in the lead up to the 2012 election.

“She’s terrible. I don’t know what she’s doing. If she wants to run for president, this is obviously a terrible way to go,” Stu said. “All of these statements are far worse than anything Mitt Romney said in his 47% speech.”

“Isn’t that the truth? She’s offended everybody here,” Pat added. “She’s offended the average working person because the average working person… makes $40,000 a year. And she’s offending people with money because she just said they did it through hard work, implying that others who have a lot of money don’t. Like it’s just been handed to them.”

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  • Anonymous

    “And she’s offending people with money because she just said they did it through hard work, implying that others who have a lot of money don’t. Like it’s just been handed to them.” She must be thinking of the Kennedys.

  • Wulf

    The “dint of hard work” now apparently means giving speeches. Must be truly difficult, especially when you don’t have to even worry about using facts or providing any beneficial information…

    • Phydeux

      Well you know what a grueling job it is to fly commercial airlines, wait on a Town Car to pick you up, sleep at hotels, and then the speech itself! Oh, all those minutes standing in one spot in heels!

      We “little people” have no IDEA how hard that can be!

  • Anonymous

    Killary Clinton is a LIAR!

  • Max Lightning

    If you can’t manage your own personal financial problems, then you can’t manage a country’s financial problem, and we have serious problems. Down with Hillary

    • Phydeux

      Its not a matter of management or mismanagement. She comparing paying the mortgage on multiple million-dollar-plus estates to the average family trying to keep up on ONE house with 3 bedrooms.

  • Cathy Haynes

    She is so full of crap it’s oozing out of her ears. I don’t even make $40,000 a year, and yes, I am offended, $100 million, really? She can come do my or my husbands job any day and she would find out what hard work is. I wish her and ole slick Willie would come and live in my house for 1 month and see how well they do on my and my husband’s salary. Yes, I would let them in my house if they didn’t talk and they can figure out how to rob Peter to pay Paul and still get to eat. I would even invite the Obozo’s just to let them see what the Unaffordable Health Care Act has done to my household.

  • 13citizen13

    CNN must have someone else in mind to support. I don’t think they’d dis her without someone else in mind. Michelle maybe?????

    • Anonymous

      That’s the point Mr Beck was trying to make here..the anchors are being totally dismissive of her…and this is one the great liberal bastions left in this country..and they’re laughing at their Queen? What gives?

  • Kachina Lively

    Her attempt to relate to Middle Class is a miserable failure but it goes to show Americans what she is capable of..pure manipulation, lies and deception..

  • Mike

    Please make them go away!

  • Roachster

    Oooh, ouch! CNN dares to mock the Clintonistas.

  • dennis reilly

    I’d like her to explain the dint of hard work? will someone who can please question her!!!!!!

  • Lee Stamper

    Thank god she does not have a son

  • Watch it

    “….because we pay ordinary income tax, …. ” . . NOT !

    Everyone else doesn’t have money hidden from the IRS in offshore accounts like you and Willie, liar Hillary.

  • Anonymous

    Damn Hillary Where Is the $6,000,000,000.00 You Missplaced Before Leaving Office?

  • drgary

    sorry are out of touch. you seem to forget that the laws of rational thinking that apply to everyone else do not apply to the clintons. you forget that her husband was caught outright lying to the american public and a grand jury and people just poo poo’ed saying things like all men do it or all politicians lie. the liberals won’t think twice about voting for her and many women will vote for her just because she was a woman wronged by her husband. short of someone producing a video of her holding a gun to the head of a dog or a child and pulling the trigger, democrats and liberals will not care about her comment at all and will most likely actually rush to her defense. common sense in our great country is dead.

    • George Hammerbacher

      Could not have said it better than that. Good job.

  • landofaahs

    Only democrats can be so mentally insane as to claim on one hand that if you have millions like the Clinton’s, you are poor but if you’re average citizens and your family has a GROSS income of $250K a year, you are considered millionaires and billionaires.

  • Jenn

    how stupid can a person get…oh wait…its Hilary after all…pffft…

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Although Hillary has become a laughing stock and is showing her true colors of absolute hypocrisy (especially about income inequality), the only way she won’t win in 2016 is if she doesn’t run because there are hard-nosed Liberal Loons who will vote for her no matter what.

    I wonder what Hillary will claim to be next? Homeless? Jobless? Worthless???

    Hopefully the morons who didn’t get out and vote during the 2012 election will this time. I blame them as much as I blame the idiots for reelecting Obama again.

  • Anonymous

    Hillary’s hypocrisy is pungent. It is absolutely galling to listen to her trying to put another one over on the public. Her progressive mindset completely sets aside the wise axiom that “one cannot have it both ways.” To listen to her speak in public, from both sides of her mouth, is a measure of how little regard she holds for the average American and their ability to critically listen to and assimilate her talking points. Beware of her head-fake as she attempts to distance herself from Obama, while her private agenda is to double down on Obama’s policies, regulations and executive orders…”caveat emptor.”

    • PeterMoss

      Hillary is all about Hillary. Watch this video:

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Doc, I passed the video along to a liberal cousin who, in the past anyway, has been a staunch supporter/disciple of Hillary Clinton, going back to before 2008.

  • Admiral America

    She’s so beyond ridiculous that not even the mainstream media can support her lies! If she manages to get elected then you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the election system is 100% rigged.

  • PeterMoss

    Enough already with the Clintons!

  • Tim

    Let’s not forget this quote from Obama. “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Obviously something wrong with how the left thinks about how hard we work to barely make ends meet. According to CNN 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. They are all out of touch.

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