Liberal Constitutional scholar concedes: ‘I think there is a case against the President for exceeding his authority’

On Wednesday, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) announced he is planning to file a lawsuit against the Obama Administration on the grounds of executive overreach.

“The Constitution makes it clear that a president’s job is to faithfully execute the laws. In my view, the president has not faithfully executed the laws,” Boehner told reporters. “This is not about impeachment, this is about his faithfully executing the laws of this country.”

The decision has garnered mixed reactions from both the right and the left. On radio this morning, Glenn played audio of Fox News’ Neil Cavuto grilling Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) about the lawsuit and liberal Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley telling MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki the suit may be warranted.

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“Now, I saw on Neil Cavuto a clip with Michele Bachmann,” Glenn said. “Neil goes crazy on her. Neil says, ‘What are you doing? John Boehner is suing the President of the United States? That’s what he is doing?’ ‘Yes, well, because he’s overstepped his authority.’ I don’t know object anybody else, but I can’t take it.”

Cavuto pressed Bachmann as to why, after more than five years of lawlessness, Boehner finally decided it was time to file a lawsuit. He went so far as to call the stunt a “waste of time.”

For her part, Bachmann maintained President Obama’s attempt to “establish lawlessness in the United States” is a big deal.

Watch the heated exchange below:

Glenn admitted that his reaction to the news was much like Cavuto’s. He views Boehner’s action as a “shallow political trick” that is “sickening.” This morning, however, Glenn awoke to find that liberal law professor and Obama supporter Jonathan Turley believes Congress actually has a chance to win this case.

“Jonathan Turley is a guy who likes the President’s policies, a guy who wants all these policies, but he is a Constitutional scholar,” Glenn explained. “On this particular case with the President, he’s been ringing the bell for the last two years saying, ‘If Congress doesn’t act to curb the President’s power, we are losing the Constitution. We are losing the balance of power,’” Glenn explained. “Remember, he is not a guy who, like me, doesn’t like the President or his policies… He’s just saying the President is being lawless.”

During an appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball on Wednesday, Turley explained that even though he is a fan of the President, he cannot overlook the line that has been crossed.

“I think there is a case against the President for exceeding his authority,” Turley said. “I happen to agree with the President on many of his priorities and policies, but as I testified in Congress, I think that he has crossed the Constitutional line.”

“When the president went to Congress and said he would go it alone, it obviously raises a concern. There’s no license for going it alone in our system, and what he’s done, is very problematic,” he continued. “He has effectively rewritten laws through the active interpretation that I find very problematic. While I happen to agree with him, I voted for him, I think this is a problem.

Watch Turley’s comments below courtesy of Real Clear Politics:

While Glenn did not elaborate as to whether or not Turley’s remarks swayed his opinion on the issue, he did commend the law professor for speaking so candidly.

“This is the kind of thing that America needs to hear,” Glenn concluded. “These are the kinds of things that my friends on the left need to hear. You don’t have to believe me, but you have to start hearing the truth.”

  • landofaahs

    Lets hope an Obama executive order would not allow the people from Mexico responsible for this vanilla extract label of non contents from Mexico, to come into the country. Mexico cannot survive the brain drain

  • Mike Nelson

    Maybe Boehner (pronounced: bōnər) would find some approval in the electorate if he started the Impeachment process, instead.

    Blah blah blah, it won’t matter because Ried won’t allow it to the Senate floor, I know, I know. But maybe SOMEONE in the fed gov’t could do their job, yes? At least it would take up their time instead of all the untoward games and bickering, and prepare a new Senate to take action if it does change hands in November.

    I am so bitterly disappointed in our government.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe if they at least got the ball rolling the American people might be better informed to vote enough of the Senate democrats out of office in November. Then we can seriously start impeachment processes for Holder as well.

      • Anonymous

        If November finally favors the senate with a republican majority, impeachment will certainly be the next step. The scandals are too numerous to ignore any further.

        • Anonymous

          conviction in the senate requires 2/3 vote.

          • Fred Giles

            I think to save their careers, a lot of Demos would turn on him in a heart beat

        • Mike Nelson

          I want you to be right, but I think they’ll instead say, “oh, it’s not worth it now; he’s a lame duck and we don’t want to ‘waste’ the time…”

          But I *SO* hope you’re right!

      • BevM

        Can we really? With the Mississippi Senator, Thad Cochran, and several other R Senators shamelessly using their own campaign funds to fund a robo-call to Black Democrats asking for their votes AGAINST State Senator Chris McDaniel, telling them to stop the Tea Party from stopping the first African American president doing his job, and getting 40% of them to vote AGAINST McDaniel instead of FOR Cochran – so old he can’t remember things he’d said days earlier – can we really trust ANY Republican to do the right thing? When Cochran has to beg Democrats to vote for him, essentially breaking the law because they likely have no intention to vote for Cochran in Nov. I’m in OH and we don’t have open primaries, which is how all 50 (or 57, depending on who you believe!) should be. Cochran would have lost that race if it hadn’t been for the Republicans’ foul play. For us to believe that Republican Senators would stoop to that level leads me to believe we can’t trust ANY of them, except for a very small few.

        Having Withholder in charge of the DOJ, we’ll never see justice in the next three years. We can’t trust either party – they’re different sides of the same coin. Our entire govt. is as corrupt as can be and I don’t think we can believe any of them will vote to impeach the usurper that is stealing power left and right.

        Thank God SCOTUS ruled against Barry Hussein’s Recess appointments and it remains to be seen what will happen with the decisions made by the alphabet entities, NLRB being the main one, during the unlawful recess appointments.

        The ONLY thing I’m positive of is that our country is one hot mess and the FEW good guys are so outnumbered that it will take decades to fix the damage done, if it’s even possible. Barry Hussein’s Fundamental Transformation is going better than he could have ever expected and we’ll all pay for IMHO, the rest of our lives. How soon before the next major crisis? How much more can America stand?

      • zemla

        You already know if the sitting president goes we get Biden, you already know they aren’t going to impeach every guy we don’t like, you already know the majority of the sitting republicans ultimately will “adjust management” for the same path. I feel your hope, but I recognize that globally we are on a trajectory that has very little to do with politics at all.

        • Anonymous

          At this stage I rather see Biden in charge since he only says stupid things but don’t think his bite would be as bad.

          • zemla

            I’m pretty positive Biden is much more embedded in this game than his ridiculous comments let on, but than I thought, “jsnh is onto something”….biden wouldn’t be as bad because he isn’t half the “salesman” that Barack is.

    • Marti Settle

      Mike, I disagree with you. However, we all know that Congress has been very active in passing legislation that would improve employment, decrease our national debt and many other great ideas. But, all of Congressional work dies on the desk of one man, Harry Reid who seems to have “presidential powers” in his brainless skull. I sincerely wish that the American public would differentiate between the House of Representatives and the Senate. Under the balance of powers, Congress (new laws should originate in the House of Representatives where, when voted upon) proceed to the Senate for consideration. But since the democrats control the Senate, they decide which bills are put on the floor or into committee for consideration. As anyone with half of a brain knows, all of these bills are sitting on Harry Reid’s desk where they die! Harry Reid is holding all Americans captive from the truth. He is an ancient, demented old man who should be fired and thrown out of politics. Harry Reid has a mean streak a mile long and is the most hateful of all senators ever to live. I wish the folks of Nevada would quit inflicting this monster upon the rest of America. The reason he gets re-elected over and over again is because of the liberal unions in Las Vegas. When America gets sick and tired of it, they will boycott Las Vegas demanding that voters of Nevada recall Harry Reid and remove him from sight. He is ugly, disgusting and overtly nasty. Thanks Nevada for your giving us the “Hairy Armpit.” I will never return to Vegas under any circumstances. They will not get a single penny from me or my family.

      • Mike Nelson

        I’m not sure how you disagree with my position, based on this post… rather, it sounds very much like we’re in agreement on the process and premise.

        I have to say though, that it hadn’t quite impacted me fully until reading your post that the motto, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” is a LIE.

        Instead, what happens in Vegas is a yoke upon the rest of the country, based on the sitting powers in DC, and THAT is a sad commentary, indeed.

      • olf

        I’m afraid your right. He is a huge stone in the path and must be removed, but he’s one of many minions he just is one of the worse one. We have lots of trash to remove, we must act together with sound mind and principles as to not be distracted by their conquer and divide MO. They are very evil and slick in their ways. We must stay cool and collected so we can out smart their plans. An angry man cannot think clear.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s take the Senate. Then we can stop the destruction.

      • Pat

        What happened to the post I just typed? Put it back!

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t take it.

          • Pat

            betspotter, who in the heck did?

          • Guest

            Harry Reid – it’s in his drawer with the rest of the bills that will never see the light of day 😉

          • Pat

            Oh my, now it will never be found. You are correct, if it is there, it will never see the light of day. Good one!

          • Pat

            That was my question to you. Are you now my echo?

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think the Senate can refuse to allow articles of Impeachment from the House, to come to the floor of the Senate. I think they have to act on those articles whether they choose to or not.

    • Anonymous

      Reid has got to go he is the one that Blocks Everything he did not even win re-election legally!

  • Anonymous

    Neil Cavuto is getting to be just like Bill O’Reilly in not letting an individual speak their piece, and that is the VERY REASON that I stopped watching or paying any attention to him.
    It’s like “My opinion is the only one that counts”, by the way, what was the reason that I invited you to be on my show.

    Neil is becoming a ‘Blow Hard”, just like O’Reilly.

    • Anonymous

      What gets me, and this is happening more and more lately, is that Glenn took stand WITH Cavuto on the issue. Glenn’s words, he is using “shallow political tricks that are sickening” just tells me how wrong Glenn is on certain topics. Later, he sways to the opposite side. I’m really starting to doubt many of Glenn’s stories. He’s just too much in love with someone/something.

  • Robert Freedom

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    • Anonymous

      It goes back to Stalin days, followed by Khrushchev, who maintained that Russia will infiltrate the world with communism. America is too dumbed to have taken heed of their words.

  • Anonymous

    Obama SHOULD be Impeached!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Rather than upset the low information voter now, wait until the new congress is sworn in. It had to say what could stop the current anti Obama (and therefor anti Dem) momentum. So why chance it now? Can’t it wait 6 months?

      • Pat

        Will we still have a country to save in six(6) months?

        • Anonymous

          Just about.

          • Pat

            What does that mean? Just about. Please explain.

          • Anonymous

            If the American electorate decline the lazy status-quo of not to get informed about things and candidates and seriously embarks into do research , investigation about issues and candidates?…the vote will be an educated one setting basis for the right individuals in the incoming mid-term election,…and as corollary for the next incoming 2016 presidential elections,…..if this does not happen chances are that our country will be lost at point of no return.

          • BevM

            I totally agree, and with the internet availability, there’s NO excuse for voting uninformed. However, as long as RINOs use Democrats to keep a VERY long time incumbent in power as they did in Mississippi on Tuesday, I don’t think we DO stand a chance of keeping our beloved America. I believe the current usurper will NEVER leave the WH and his plans of the Fundamental Transformation include him in the Oval Office indefinitely. The ONLY thing most of DC is concerned with is their reelection. Screw us! They DON’T care about what we want, they all lie until elected, then they do as THEY please.

  • Anonymous

    You Think—–I know he exceeded his authority!

  • Dave Posh

    Neal, ever heard of “the straw that broke the camel’s back”?

  • Craig Johnson

    Cavuto needs to apolgize to Michelle—I can’t believe he was so out of control! We all know Obama has overstepped his authority & most of us have been complaining along with Michelle for years about many problems

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you all remember Obama’s words of his intentions to deliberately overstep his authority – “I have a phone and a pen …”
      Don’t you all recognize a ” .. dare to stop me” .

  • Poptoy1949

    The guy in the Oval Office abusing the Power of the Presidency ? He has been doing it for years now and all of a sudden you see it as a problem. Ya think? Then do something and make it stop. That is why the United States is a Republic…..”The Rule of Law” is paramount. Stop him from breaking the Law by what ever means necessary. He is not Above the Law. Common sense People, just good old Common Sense, will put and End to all of the goings on. Follow the Damned Law.

    • BevM

      I was truly amazed at the 9-0 decision by SCOTUS AGAINST Barry Hussein’s interpretation of Recess Appointments. For not even one of his liberal Judges to vote in his favor pleasantly surprised me. Now if we could only get them to take away his “pen and phone” we MIGHT stand a chance.

    • Bolton

      Oh, yea, and we have the department of justice to make sure the law is followed. If something doesn’t die with Harry Ried, it will with Eric Holder. Now, what?

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Neil sounds like an obnoxious drunk – complaining and offering no solutions, while not allowing anyone else to offer their solutions

    • Sabrit

      Have to agree… WHY would he not let her Finnish a thought…. LOUDLY talking over her, very frustrating to ATTEMPT to watch.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t help but wonder why he is doing this now. He has let every lawless act of this fraud and those in this administration slide. So, what happens if the “Obama” judge rules in favor of Obama? Full dictatorship? Particularly interesting how Boehner made it quite clear this had nothing to do with impeachment. Why not impeach? There are dozens of impeachable offenses.

    • Craig Johnson

      He is doing it now, I think cuz it is TIME!! Also, it is ime for Obama to resign-he may get the hint & do it!

      • Anonymous

        Obama resign ? When did a voluntary resignation ever happen?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be clear about something, shall we?

    Boehner suing Obama?…..who out there will swallow this one?….who?

    Nor Nancy Pelosi or , Harry Reid, or Barack Obama, or Jarrett, Schumer, John Kerry , The Clintons, …absolutely none of them liberal-democrat not even their sold-out republican (RINO’s) associates / affiliates,….none of them have to be worry about this for Mr Boehner is just attempting with desperation to protect his position as there in Washington….Mr Boehner is just talking….just as Mr Issa does.

    Boehner on this predicament on legal action about Obama or anyone else there in Washington?…no-no,..let’s be realistic.

    The man is saying what he knows the America public wants to hear,…he is presenting a posture, an image,….nothing real ,….just a farce,….but the majority out there knows this…correct?

    In simple words;……

    It is a fallacy, a gesture, a fake, a make believe ,it is not real, another deception,….in every day words , another bloody lie!

    Mr Boehner is saying,…”I”,….and “in my opinion”,….not saying,….” according to the law”,….so since is not fundamentally be conducted by the body law, but under his (Boehner) interpretation of the law (personal and not officially) , there is not way this is going to fly well,…it is a waste of time.

    To the average one out there is music,…. for they are hearing something they want to hear ( and Mr Boehner knows exactly what to say to reaffirm his position in Washington posing as concern public service,….which in reality he is just manipulating the situation,….and he is good at it) but the conduit to perform what has to be done will end into nothing,….WAKE-UP AMERICA !

    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

    • ugottabkiddingme

      Connect this to what is going on with the IRS and the Benghazi scandal. Stop and think this through. This is not an act in isolation from everything else. Boehner is filing on behalf of the House of Representatives, not suing him personally. This is a calculated move, and there are some in the House (ie: Gowdy) that know what they are talking about. We need to put down the vitriol for a minute and just THINK about this. I’ve lost what faith I may have had in the ‘public servants’ of Washington, D.C., but at some point, some thing has to be pivotal. It’s coming to a head, quickly. Let’s get this in front of the SCOTUS.

  • Anonymous

    I think Cavuto needs to go over to msnbc along with some others on FOX. But there are still some ppl on FOX whom I like.

    • BevM

      They get fewer all of the time. I like “The Five” for entertainment, and Megyn Kelly who gives them h3ll and is afraid of no one, otherwise FNC is totally in the tank and off of my TV screen.

      Watch The Blaze. MUCH Better!

    • zemla

      Controlled opposition

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to Turley for always going by the constitution and calling it like he sees it. So many libs don’t really care about the constitution or our country or morals or anything really…something I realized when I accidentally happened upon this Russell Brand/The Young Turks video on Youtube last night…both the people in the show and the commmenters were pretty creepy and scary and were more interested in attacking Judge Jeanine’s appearance and making misogynistic, disgusting comments than in refuting her opinions and presentation. If this is what the younger generation i like, we’re really in trouble.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt it Obama cares about anything being Constitutional, he knows he will not be removed from office. We have an Obama Senate, a Congress full of RINOs, spineless cowards that they are. And to top it all off, about 48% of the population who could care less as long as their government check arrives on time. Apathy rules !

  • Anonymous

    I meant to add, but he made a point at least twice to mention that he agrees w/ Obama and voted for him. Libs almost always do this when they criticize him. God forbid they’d be mistaken for a conservative–SO uncool.

  • Richard

    This will NEVER EVER HAPPEN! Yet here is the Laws No! it is NOT time for IMPEACHMENT it is TIME to treat him for what he really is a TRATIOR to AMERICA and should be tried for TREASON! not IMPEACHMENT!
    What Clinton and Nixon did was grounds for Impeachment but what this TRATIOR has done much worse, bring Illegals from other Country to help destroy America. This is now grounds for TREASON.
    Everyone wants to let this TRATIOR off the hook with IMPEACHMENT! HELL NO! our Fore Fathers would have SHOT this TRATIOR and we did Remember John Brown who rebelled against America and was convicted for TREASON. But today this is what we are stuck with sad to say.

    ****JAG HUNTER here:****.
    *****TREASON against American and our Constitution stands as a criminal act only so long as criminal consequences are visited upon those found guilty in commission of the act.
    Enforcing the law of TR…EASON requires that we are vigilant in looking for and recognizing those intent on the destruction of the United States, arrest them when we find them, prosecute them, and them punish them as a jury of their peers commands.
    TREASON against American and our Constitution ceases to be a crime once we stop enforcing the crime of TREASON.

    But what is a TRATIOR?
    trai·tor [trey-ter] Show IPA.
    1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
    2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country (OBAMA).

    World English Dictionary.
    traitor (ˈtreɪtə).

    ****a person who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause or trust, etc (OBAMA).
    ********10 MOST FAMOUS TRATIOR*******.
    10. GUY FAWKES conspired against the British aristocracy in 1605.
    9. ROBERT HANSSEN In 1983, Hanssen turned to the unity of espionage for the Soviet Union.
    ***8. JANE FONDA TRATIOR to American Soldiers sympathetic to the war in North Vietnamese party.
    7. BRUTUS wait for his uncle, along with a group of senators who then attacked Caesar with their bare hands.
    6. WANG JINGWEI traitor in the history of China.
    ***5. THE ROSENBERGS Rosenberg was involved in espionage against the United States government affairs, he acted to steal confidential information and replace it with the Russians, He and his wife, Ethel, was executed on June 19, 1953.
    4. BENEDICT ARNOLD Arnold conspired to surrender the American fort at West Point, New York to the British plan failed and he was beaten back and fled to the sea.
    ***3. ALDRICH AMES Ames entered the Soviet Embassy in Washington in 1985 and offered to do business with the American secret for one reason, namely money he is harmful to more than 100 times of U.S. military operations. He got at least 4.6 million dollars from this business and 10 people were killed because American agents discovered by the Soviets.He was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, his wife Rosario deported to South America.
    2. VIDKUN QUISLING He loved Hitler and is a firm believer in the doctrine of Fascism.Quisling was appointed prime minister “puppet”, Quisling was tried and also the deaths of as many as 1000 Jews during the war. He was executed in 1945.
    1. JUDAS ISCARIOT Judas betrayed Jesus to authorities of Rome betray his friend for some money – thirty pieces of silver.
    ***11. OBAMA is ever one of these people.
    Just a little History that you might like to know EVERY ONE OF THEM IS OBAMA ONE WAY OR ANOTHER and should be tried for TREASON and a TRATIOR

    • Anonymous

      Respectfully, allow me to rectify that Mr Barack Obama (the so called ‘president’) is not a traitor;….the man is not from here as forced to believe he is.
      The man is an outsider implant from Mombasa-Kenya hired by a group of local globalists to serve as a front-face / propagandist / token figurine / poster-child, if you will ,…in order to facilitate the systematic ongoing destruction (from within) against our great country.
      Many out there, know this,…others suspect this,…and nobody talk about this nor anything is done about this , for bribe and intimidation has been served largely,…and so fear is at hand among politicians and others related and outside the political spectrum.

      • Richard

        I agree he is from Kenya but look at what a Traitor is

        But what is a TRATIOR?
        trai·tor [trey-ter] Show IPA.
        1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
        2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country .

        World English Dictionary.
        traitor (ˈtreɪtə).

        ****a person who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause or trust, etc.
        So what is he then? Isn’t he betraying YOU and I and this GREAT COUNTRY?

        • Anonymous

          Well, yes,…let’s say that,….however the man could /can / should / must be treated as just as regular felon-criminal;…be exposed, arrested, charged, convicted and throw in jail;…..let’s consider this for a moment;…..

          It is said before, that Mr Obama cannot be impeached,for impeachment is for real presidents, and is so happens that Mr Obama is an illegal and falsify presidential-look-alike figure…a fabricated pawn.

          Ground for impeachment such as dereliction of duty, etc,…seems to be not applicable on his case .What it is for him, and for associates around him, is a regular legal case on basis of illegal representation, and occupation on a public platform – on false pretenses -, corruptive endevours / total fraud.

          What – perhaps – what is needed is someone in the inside the farce ( a whistleblower) – tired to be manipulated through BRIBE, and INTIMIDATION – to step foreward,…and as result a “domino effect” is to be generated,….the American public will be informed in amplitud and so,… a coast-to-coast and nation-wide demand for exposure, charges, conviction ,arresting, and jail time will be the final point .

          It is so happens that whistleblowers (altough the current administration are doing herculeans efforts to silence them all) there are out there dime a dozen,,,,aren’t they?

          And so, because all is and has been a fraud, and illegal, everything done by his name and under his name (indictments, executive orders, laws, etc, etc, )…everything becomes , automatically – BY CONSTITUTION – becomes “NULL” / invalid.

          Attempts to activate an impeachment for this man (Obama) has been done before , but the legal spectrum at circuits 5, and at circuits 7, and 9 ,… always thrown the cases away.

          In addition the Supreme Court – as it is designed now – will never go for it for is part of the band of supporters for the current administration.

          Now, is there , or would be a whistleblower?
          Although is kind of difficult to think in these terms…, the person ….and persons are really there….and they are emerging ever so often lately….are they not?
          In addition it looks that there is also a robust legal array ready and well prepared to take action.;…the moment has to be sized when the time is appropriate , but not before……and yet the time it seems to be right now.

          And then,…on second thought….perhaps impeachment is the way to go ,…although, in order to do that , we will have to call the Kenya-man (Obama) as real president before we throw him to jail…along with all his associates and affiliates ;….perhaps….everything is already in motion and the current administration somehow senses it.

          Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

          • Anonymous

            Whistle blower(s) ? Where and who will be willing when the IRS agency is deeply involved in covering for this administrations’ scandals.

          • Anonymous

            Correct , indeed you are,….and yet, perhaps we can take this into consideration;….

            The current administration seems to be waiting for enough montage on ‘calling for resignation’ or calling for to fire someone (about any of the so called ‘scandals’…which are in reality very serious things)……then they will do it,….. and with that reaction the administration hopes to put everything at easy;….just look for it.

            Scandals?…..blast it! calling these serious issues just ‘scandals’ they are very serious events.

            Calling for resignations?…calling for to fire somebody,… to take the easy door?

            What is needed is a complete clean-up from root in others words a witch-hunt style,a solid legal erasing, no truce, no mercy,….do the current administration has mercy for the American public?….yes?….or….no?.

            We have;…..NSA, IRS, APA, Benghazi, Fast And Furious, Obamacare project, Veterans fiasco, long long time hidden…no to mention horrendous economy, poor national security, ,illegal immigration,..massive illegal practices and fraud surfacing at virtually daily basis..etc,…etc.

            Don’t we have (we, the people),…don’t we have enough material to expose, accuse, arrest, convict, remove from power, and ultimately sent to jail the members, associates and affiliates inside and related to this un-American, unconstitutional , corrupted and fraud-base current administration?…..Yes?….or….No?

            We have;…..NSA, IRS, APA, Benghazi, Fast And Furious, Obamacare project,.Veteran Administration scenario,… to mention horrendous economy, poor national security, ,illegal immigration,..massive illegal practices and fraud surfacing at virtually daily basis..etc,…etc.

            Don’t we have (we, the people),…don’t we have enough material for it?….Yes?….or….No?


            A robust and powerful legal ensemble should and must team-up with Rep Trey Gowdy to launch the massive impeachment – way expected for log time and well deserved – against the un-American, corrupted, insidious and fraud-base current administration that for long time has been conducted the ongoing brutal attack – in so many ways,…at so many levels – against the good people of this great nation.

            The action is way, very way overdue,…no more talking no more waiting.

            Doing this now, will serve to create a much better scenario for cleaner 2014 and 2016 incoming elections.

            What we should, could, and must do is….MASSIVE MEGA-IMPEACHMENT against the entire current administration for their ongoing insidious assault in so many ways and at so many levels – to the good people of our great country.

            And on this, since the congress does not have any teeth , much less stomach for it, (for they are bribed and intimidated and so in fear) we, the people have, should , must hire external powerful legal array (and we all know they are there) to get the job done.

            Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s summize briefly something here, shall we?

    Actually the entire liberal-democrat spectrum think they are above the law …for the American people seems to accept anything they do;…Mr Obama ( the so called ‘president’) just follows the road of illegality and is taking advantage in all this.

    The fundamental stone against the law tapestry is the very first lie to the American public;….Barack Obama himself to be the very first unconstitutional , illegal , and fraudulent so called ‘president’.

    In the first place , to be the very first unconstitutional , illegal , and fraudulent so called ‘president’.

    And once there ?….in his ill-acquired presidential platform ?….the exhibition of lawless action, just like a regular felon individual , not abiding with the law in any way, shape or form;….

    Actually the so called ‘president’ (Mr Barack Obama, the Mombasa-Kenya external implant in his ill-acquired presidential platform), this man, ignores much more than that,..ignores The Constitution, any law, rule, regulation, or any ordinance or mandate from the American guide line spectrum;….

    Obama VS The Constitution

    Obama disregards The Constitution

    Obama does not respect The Constitution

    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

    • BevM

      What else would you expect from a man that’s raised by America hating, Card Carrying Communist grandparents, then mentored by “Uncle Frank” Marshall Davis (likely baby daddy if you look at pics of them side by side), “attended school sparingly, drank heavily and did drugs enthusiastically” per his book Dreams From my Father, and said “if the political winds shift in an ugly direction, I will stand with the Muslims” (and many STILL claim he’s not a Muslim!) and all of those he CHOSE to befriend, two of whom are domestic terrorists (Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn) and who’s FIRST EO was to have all of his records hidden, written Jan. 21, 2009. That doesn’t count his lack of a voting record in his short time in the state senate, nor his lack of experience with a REAL job, but spending his time as a Community Organizer, using tax dollars to further his agenda. EVERYTHING about him is all about his agenda and how he wants to change the greatest country in the world to knock her down to size, make her just another country. LIAR IN THIEF and MURDERER.

  • Richard

    Harry Ried, is also a TRATIOR, and he has too much power! He is just as Guilty for selling land to China at his GAIN. look at what he tried to do to the Bundies but they stood up just like WE the PEOPLE need to do, to Puppet Master OBAMA and all his PUPPETS both Democrat’s and Republican’s. It is time to show the WORLD that Americans are tired of these PUPPETS in Washington. WE the PEOPLE are going to put them to their crooked Government and their Reign as Hitler’s GOONS! Obama is not only Anti American but Is a Muslim and the Modern Day Hitler and America Put him o his Reign of Terror

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i would just ask Neil, given his assertion that “Rome’s burning”, what useful actions do you think Congress can take, Neil? The only power to control a rogue Executive is stopping the money, impeachment, or legal challenges through the courts, and you just poo-poo’d all three. So, if controlling the appropriations, filing articles of impeachment, and trying to get a cease and desist from the Judicial are all “laughable”, what options does that leave for the House other than lettin’ it burn, Neil? While I agree with him that none of the strategies will work because the fix is in for the new world order and the fundamental transformation of our republic into a socialist ghetto state, the first two options definitely won’t fly. so the only thing left to do is to try and use the courts. Neil, if you’re really concerned about “Rome burning”, why don’t you challenge your colleagues in the media as to why they are not only refusing to fight the fire, but are essentially adding gasoline to the blaze by turning a blind eye to the rampant corruption, lawlessness, and decay this administration has been fostering for the last five years?

  • jalina susan stutte

    They need to Impeach Eric Holder, Obama, Harry Reid!

  • Kevin

    Wow Glenn, we seam to have seen two different interviews. Neil seams to be the Manchurian reporter, using MSNBS Tactics of over talking as a weapon to attack, trying to stop the investigation and de funding the executive branch. Like it’s to late, so why bother. Over and over Neil labeled America as “Rome is burning.” I don’t know about you, but that label is even more of a reason to STOP Mr. Obama and his minions from lawlessness and investigate them all and prosecute them as soon as possible. The attacks on America from with in need to stop Glenn, remember?

  • Anonymous

    Right. I also think they should start with impeachment charges against Harry Reid and Eric Holder, then move on to the president.

    • zemla

      Why, so they can all be pardoned by the next elected president?

  • Anonymous

    He didn’t just exceed the law, he broke the very laws he swore to uphold just as he ignored laws he swore to uphold, he fails his obligation with malice, with intent and continues to ignore all intentions to inform him of these acts….If you and I can be arrested for breaking the law intentionally and be restrained or charged, then should not a Faker who cannot produce a valid BC be removed from the Oval Office..?

  • Anonymous

    Cavuto is just frustrated like the rest of us at this situation where the Congress seems powerless to stop Obama. But I think the lawsuit may be the way to go until we can take back the Senate and impeach him. As long as the Dems and Reid the Rotter control the Senate he won’t be impeached. So in the meantime, sue him. Whatever it takes to slow his relentless destruction of our country.

  • Anonymous

    What about Ben Shapiro’s idea to use the RICO law to prosecute Obama. Seems to me that the President is in our face breaking laws..why can’t he be prosecuted under the RICO law?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    “A criminal administration can do virtually anything, without any sort of real consequences,” Shapiro writes. “Impeachment is rarely used – in the entire history of the United States, there have been just 19 House impeachments, and just eight of those ended with full removal after a Senate trial. No doubt the founders intended impeachment to be utilized far more often than it has been…But in practice, impeachment has been a failure.”

    Instead, Shapiro proposes, criminal prosecution of the Obama administration under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act should be on the table.

    That act was created as a response to the mafia–it was designed to undermine mob claims of plausible deniability. It was created to hold command and control structures accountable for activities taking place down the chain. Shapiro writes, “Congress expressly worried in the RICO law itself that organized crime was using its money and power to ‘subvert and corrupt our democratic processes.’ Clearly, those worries were understated. Now the chief threat to the democratic process comes not from the mafia but from within the government itself.”

    RICO does not rely solely on the Attorney General to prosecute–and in Eric Holder’s America, that’s a good thing. Civil suits may be filed under RICO, turning citizens into “private attorneys general…undertaking litigation in the public good.” Americans become the check on the executive branch–and Shapiro argues for the changes to the law that would make such action possible against what he terms the “Obamob.”

  • Jenn

    it shouldn’t be “Boehner vs Obama…is should be “THE WORLD VS SATAN”

  • Jayne Nielsen

    The unanimous vote from SCOTUS nullifies Obama’s recess appointments to the NLRB!!!! NOT ONE LIBERAL voted in favor of this ruling, which not only slaps Obama upside the head but it made Dirty Harry Reid see red….literally. HA!

    I just pray Hobby Lobby prevails on Monday as well.

  • Anonymous

    Come on my show and let me constantly interrupt you. Right Neil?

  • Anonymous

    I wish someone would pound a bag of Oreo’s into Neils big mouth.

  • Bill Coffman

    Please tell me why we have no men of action in congress any more. It seems that all that is left I posturing?

  • Anonymous

    taking over America by owning the Media the administration hippie adviCzars follow Lucifer-the father of lies!

  • Anonymous

    i’ve never seen cavuto be such idiotic obamazombie! oh yes defund executive branch!

  • Jonathan Kendrick

    Democratic methods that support liberty rely upon independent opinions formed apart from the corrupting influence of centralized government.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of court cases the Supreme Court case of Hobby Lobby it seems like the government taking sides on forcing one side to accepts the other side individual wants, freedom of religion, and individual rights over another person freedom of religion ,individual rights to exercise running their business per their religion . Hobby lobby is not discriminating these people are free to get their extra insurance coverage on their own for obortion drugs and to act as individual outside !! What the government doing by this manadory coverage is forcing one individual rights over another freedom of religion rights and their individual rights !! When will obama administration obama with these regulations come out on the side of radical Muslims that Christians cannot wear the cross or Jews cannot wear the Star of David beacause it offend Muslims and create a hostile work enviroment for their religion !!! But the Muslims will be free to wear Musllim religion garb or symbols ,and pray five times a days beyond everyone else coffee,smoke,lunch breaks !!!! P.S Don’t let obama with his regulations to set the precedent where the gov has a governent preference of one individual rights and religion and freedom over another group freedom of religion and rights at their expense !! This is not about discrimination this is about obama forcing something on you and control ,because another group wants for the progressive to get their votes which they can do as a individual and free to do so !!!!!!!!!!!!!! and no one is stopping them !!!!!!!!

  • aznative

    I think we should arrest everybody in this administration and congress for high crimes and treason including members of the courts. We are letting a handful of people destroy everything this nation was founded upon. Arrest and abolish it all, not one more dime and let’s start over. This illegal foreign govt now operating in our nation will never fix itself, it is too far gone, too corrupt and they have spent trillions illegally and brought hundreds of laws because of their treasonous actions against our constitution and we the people. This willful and deliberate act of treason against our nations sovereignty must stop.

  • aznative

    A real American president and congress would cut all illegal agencies, kick the UN out and deport all illegals and close our borders now. He would cut of all funding of terrorist nations and secure our borders and protect our sovereignty.

  • aznative

    God please protect the greatest nation to ever exist from the pure evil we are seeing. Restore your glory and the liberty of our founding fathers and cause those to repent who are so filled with evil and hatred towards our nation. Cast out and rebuke the enemies in our midst in Jesus name. Give us a mighty restoration of our nation and constitution. Give American patriots the wisdom and courage to defeat those who are intent on destroying our freedom and liberty. This nation
    Needs to be returned to the light on the hill for all nations. Shut the mouths of those who condemn our great nation for their own agendas. Give us victory. And exile all our enemies. As you did in the days of the bible you wiped out tribes and exiled evil, it is time Lord for a flood of biblical proportions to cleanse our country of this pure evil. Amen.

  • Carol Maurice

    I agree with Boehner, we need to stop this president by making up his own rules.

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