On Monday, Forbes released its annual “Celebrity 100” list ranking the world’s “most powerful celebrities.” You may recall Glenn came at number 34 on the list last year. This year he is ranked 39th in the world, coming in ahead of future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and late night host Jimmy Fallon among others.

Forbes describes Glenn as a “personality” based in television, but it does highlight his ever-growing media empire:

The ubiquitous right-winger keeps raking in profits from The Blaze, his hugely successful video and news site which features conservative-leaning content available online. The Blaze is also now on Dish Network following Beck’s 2012 campaign to bring his programming to TV screens. He makes a small fortune annually from his publishing imprint Mercury Ink, which he owns in partnership with Simon & Schuster, and his eponymous syndicated radio show.

Pop star Beyoncé topped this year’s list with estimated earnings of $115 million. NBA star LeBron James, music mogul Dr. Dre, and TV personalities Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres round out the top five. Radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity came in at numbers 59 and 86 respectively.

Check out the entire list HERE.