In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby on Monday. In his majority opinion, Justice Samuel Alito wrote that forcing companies to pay for certain types of women’s contraception they object to violates the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

To put this case in perspective, Hobby Lobby is an Oklahoma-based retail chain owned by the Green family. Because of their Christian beliefs, the Greens were willing to cover 16 of the 20 birth control methods mandated by Obamacare to its employees. The four they objected to involve drugs like the morning after pill Plan B.

Needless to say the left was not pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision. Leftist activists took to social media in the aftermath of the decision to post slogans like:

“Birth control – not my boss’s business!”

On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, guest host Dana Loesch decided to rework some of the more popular progressive slogans into phrases a little more in keeping with the reality of the situation.

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Here are some of the more apropos slogans Dana proposed:

“Not my boss’s business — but I want my boss to pay for it!”

“Hands off my uterus — just give it your dollars instead.”

“Women united will never be defeated (so pay for our birth control).”

“Not the church, not the state, women must control our fate (please finance our fate).”

Ultimately, as Dana explained, a woman’s access to contraceptives has not changed – there are as many restrictions now as there were before. What has changed is an employer’s right to exercise its freedom of religion.

Front page image courtesy of the AP