Why did Pat agree to eat his underwear on Wednesday’s radio program?

We haven’t even reached the 2014 midterm elections, but talk of the 2016 presidential race is already heating up. The Republicans just announced Cleveland, Ohio will host the 2016 Republican National Convention, as the media continues to debate everything from Hillary Clinton’s viability to the chances of Mitt Romney making another run of it.

While the GOP candidate pool seems to be wide open at this point, there are only a few names being tossed around on the Democratic side. Clinton has endured a rough media tour related to the release of her not-so-successful memoir Hard Choices, and the idea of a “President Joe Biden” just seems like a sick joke. Then there is Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who made headlines for her bizarre assertions of being 1/32 Cherokee. Ethnicity aside, Warren is a tried and true progressive with a record of fighting income inequality and bashing big business.

Despite the disproven Indian claims, Warren enjoys the support of the media and far-left types. For those reasons, Glenn and Stu both believe Warren has a very good chance of securing the Democratic nomination in 2016. Pat, meanwhile, could not disagree more. On a recent episode of Pat & Stu, Pat vowed he would “eat his underwear” if Warren is in fact the Democratic candidate for president. Once Glenn learned of that bet on radio this morning, he had more than a little fun at Pat’s expense.

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“All Pat is trying to do at this point is find a way so he doesn’t eat underwear… You’re eating your underpants,” Glenn joked. “The left loves her. The media loves her.”

“There is no way Elizabeth Warren wins the Democrat nomination… [with] as much as she has lied and twisted truths,” Pat maintained. “It worked in Massachusetts. It’s not going to work for the whole country.”

Stu was quick to point out that President Obama managed to get elected not once but twice, which should tell you how much the American people actually value honesty. Pat, however, offered an interesting alternative Democratic candidate who could have a really good shot at the nomination should he choose to run.

“I think the Democrats are in real trouble, though. They’ve got nobody,” Pat said. “In fact, I think right now, if Al Gore jumped into it, he’s the clear winner… And I can’t believe he hasn’t realized that. I think the time is right for him, where if he stepped in and said, ‘I’m willing to take the reins of this country and get this agenda done,’ I think he wins.”

“I think he would win the nomination,” Stu agreed. “He didn’t run in 2004 because he was busy making millions of dollars.”

While Pat and Stu were certain Gore could succeed in securing the nomination, Glenn was still not convinced.

“You’re not thinking like a Democratic Party strategist. We’re not talking about average Democrats. We’re talking about the strategists,” Glenn said. “They will see Elizabeth Warren: Native American woman… They love her.”

Ultimately, Glenn is more than willing to get on the Warren bandwagon just to see Pat have to eat his underwear.

“I think there’s such a chance, I’m willing to put my entire fortune in backing her,” Glenn joked. “First Native American woman. I’m just saying…”

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  • landofaahs


  • Anonymous

    Jeez people
    The non nutritional content of underware aside, Warren and Gore are two alternatives that make Hillary Clinton look like a good choice for POTUS
    Heaven help us all if even one of them wins.

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention Valerie Jarrett, the sleeper.

  • Anonymous

    Why is everyone forgetting Valerie Jarret? Remember the “it’s time for a woman president” meme and think who is more likely to succeed Barak Hussein Obama, Valerie Jarret or Michelle Obama or Elizabeth Warren?

    • Crassus

      You’re overrating Jarret big time. She’s just a petty functionary relaying orders from Soros, Buffet, Goldman Sachs, et al. Plus scoring drugs for her boss.

      • Anonymous

        “She’s just a petty functionary relaying orders…” Like Obama was before he was elected president which is my point – under the radar. Most people don’t know who she is, just like they had never heard of Obama, the junior Senator from Illinois before 2008.

  • Forest Black

    Your harbour, safe from the storms of confusion conjured up by today’s liberals, progressives, and mass-media clowns: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • RMF

    Gee, What a gaggle of losers.

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