Are we witnessing the beginning of the ‘Bubba effect’?

Given the mounting political and social tension in the United States today, Glenn discussed the concept of the ‘Bubba effect’ on radio this morning. Glenn has been talking about the phenomena for a number of years now. Following the death of Trayvon Martin in 2012, Glenn described the triggers that would lead to the Bubba Effect:

1) People feel they’ve been pushed over the edge by an overbearing government or force

2) Someone responds with violence

3) The rest of the people, even though they know the violence was wrong, feel the government is worse so they support the person who lashed out

So how does that relate to the current immigration crisis and lawlessness demonstrated by this government? Glenn explains:

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  • Brenda David



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  • Anonymous

    A lot of what you say is truth. Problem is you a voice in the wilderness and turning the other cheek is only going to get both sides of you head damaged. The recent gun grabs in Conn. and Mass. gives me pause. The first thing that happens before turning a country into any other form than the Democratic Republic we enjoy is to disarm the people and then control the press. They already control the media . I will not wait for step 2.

  • Suni Godbold

    Brenda David…please go peddle your wares some place else.

  • Suni Godbold

    Clint Eastwood said, “getting a vasectomy because your neighbor has too many kids makes as much sense as giving your guns to the government” I agree!!!! Where has MY AMERICA gone??? My grandchildren will never see it or enjoy it. So sad! I still have some the confederate money my grandfather had. Not that it means anything except I remember the stories and the family values, right or wrong. A man protected his family, land and the religion of his choice. He also rejoiced in the knowledge the the Constitution was the law of this land. Now I ask you, ‘What Constitution and what respect for our leaders?”

  • Anonymous

    We have to know what the root of the problem is in the US. The slow turning away from the foundation of the USA has been brewing for quite some time. Socialism is a curse that grows slowly by the powers that promote it. If you study Stalin’s reign, you might understand why these things are happening today. The US has been infiltrated with the socialist doctrine since those days. The blame lies in the people themselves, who have allowed this cancer to proceed. There might not be enough time to save the country it once was.

    • Anonymous

      Sad but true! It is because people do not know world history that these evil elements can promote their sick version of their “truth”. It is a curse upon this nation that is for sure. May GOD help us, wake up America!!!

  • Anonymous

    it’s a win-win for the authoritarian socialists….they just keep pushing and either 1) no one pushes back and they win, or 2) someone pushes back and it gives them the excuse to “release the hounds” and they win. it’s at the point where if islamic terrorists set off an explosive nuke or a dirty bomb in washington, dc while congress and the president were there, i’m not sure whether my strongest emotional reaction would be one of terror, anger, or gratitude. i mean the biggest danger to our republic is coming from within our own government, not from the middle east. it’s our own government and the political elites of both parties who are working the hardest to destroy individual rights, Constitutional rule of law, and national sovereignty, bar none.

  • Johnathan Read

    In Glenn’s scenario the person that Bubba kills is 100% inocent.

    What if there is evidence that he he 100% guilty of Terror related activities or crimes yet the Feds refuse to presecute.

    While Bubba does not have the right to take the law into his own hands,he does have the right to a Federal government that will inforce the laws and one that does not bow down to outside influences.

    Bubba needs to be tried for his crime but he also deserves a trial of his peers.

    The Bubba Effect will not always be cut and dried or black and white.

  • Gabriel

    Just remember the constitution is the law of the land and it’s on our side if we choose to accept it.
    The Government can go rouge and I believe it has. We have every right to speak out and protest peacefully. We have every right to defend our lives when met with real in your face threats. We have every right to challenge our own government when they go beyond their authority and break Constitutional laws.

    Our brave men and women put their stamp on the founding documents with their blood when they died to defend our nations freedom and legacy.

    I’ve always wanted to join our military to be all that it can be. I wanted an honorable code to live by. I wanted to be a hero who the enemy fears but the innocent can run to for help.

    If you asked me if I wanted to join today I’d say forget it. Times have changed and soldiers today fight for Governments instead of people.
    The brave men in women in uniform and our Vets can’t even get the respect they deserve from our own Government unless they are used for political theater so a politician can win support.

    There’s no honor in fighting for tyrants and their agendas.

  • ken.

    we don’t FEEL we’ve been pushed over the edge by an overbearing government or force. we HAVE been pushed over the edge by an overbearing corrupt and criminal government. if we don’t respond, we will lose our country and freedom worldwide will be gone forever. defense is not violence, the 2nd amendment is intended for we the people to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government destroying our country.

  • landofaahs

    Sadly the Bubba effect usually lasts about as long as a snowball going through hell.

  • IT 2IT

    ————————-“PASSIVITY breeds VIOLENCE.”—————————-
    REAL doctor
    Informed Radio

    4 decades of stand down as our
    economy was STOLEN to RED CHINA.

    4 decades of stand down on CAP-stone directed,
    funded, and hyper engineered
    cultural DEBASEMENT.

    4 decades of stand down in the face of
    AGGRESSIVE predictive
    programming and behavior modification
    —————————–at the service of the FINAL EUGENICS agenda.

    4 decades of STOLEN elections,
    snuff outs of whistleblowers and crusaders, false flags,
    psy ops, mind control and grisly, orchestrated conflicts.


    “YOU out there who SAY you follow Christ.- – –
    —————-the REAL Christ faced and stood up to these
    ————————-VERY SAME forces!
    ————–He didn’t just sit on his duff singing about heaven.
    ——————————–He STOOD UP and was KILLED for doing so!”
    Informed Radio

    Franchise slum brands and ARMINIAN heretic ‘eye cons’
    ————————-WILL NOT!
    —————————————CAN NOT!
    ——————————————————–SAVE YOU!





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