On Tuesday, concerned Americans will gather in movie theaters across the country for a night of action. We Will Not Conform is an interactive experience where theatregoers will work with experts like Michelle Malkin, David Barton, and others in pursuit of real, tangible strategies to wake up our friends and neighbors and make our voices heard. This isn’t an evening about observing, it’s a chance to learn, share and engage with people as frustrated and motivated as you are.

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On radio this morning, David Barton joined Glenn to discuss his role in the event. David will be speaking with a panel of experts about the steps parents and teachers can take to begin repealing Common Core in their state.

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As Glenn explained, We Will Not Conform has been 18 months in the making. David has been there every step of the way meeting with parents, teachers, legislators, and more about what can be done at the state and local level to combat the nationalized standards. The panel discussion he will host on Tuesday focuses on that every issue.

“I’ll have the political side – what we can do to make sure this is not going into effect,” David said. “We’ll have Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks. We’ll also have Senator Josh Brecheen out of Oklahoma. He’s the sponsor of the Common Core bill in the [state] senate that was signed by Governor Mary Fallon… And one of the ladies who really got it going in Oklahoma is just a regular citizen, Jenny White… So those are the three that we’ll have at the table in politics.”

What makes We Will Not Conform such a unique event is the emphasis it places on solutions. David’s panel will be offering a step-by-step action plan those in attendance can begin implementing immediately.

“We’re also going to have very specific step-by-step plans for how any citizen can get this turned around in their state,” he explained. “So it’s going to be kind of a how-to manual as well from people who are on the inside, who have done this. And it will be a step-by-step: Here’s what you do with your local school board. Here’s what you do with your county folks. Here’s what you do with your state legislature. Here’s what you do to get it out of your state.”

What is most encouraging about the Common Core fight is how much progress has been made in such a short period of time. David recalled a conversation he had with a state senator in South Carolina illustrating that very point.

“I was talking to a senator in South Carolina who did the bill there for Common Core. He said two years ago, he only had two supporters in the [state] senate to get rid of Common Core,” David said. “This year, it was unanimous in the senate to get rid of Common Core. In two years, they went from only two supporters to unanimous.”

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