Rick Perry tired of Obama Administration’s ‘lip service,’ sends 1,000 National Guard troops to border

During an appearance on the Glenn Beck Program last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) hinted he would not hesitate to send as many as 1,000 National Guard troops to the southern border should the situation call for it.

“We’re obviously looking at every option that we have,” Perry said. “Aviation assets of the National Guard have been down [at the border] for some time… but as you know, as you’ve seen, we’re going to have to do more. And one of the reasons we’re going to have to do more is that now we are beginning to see the criminal activities.”

Watch the entire interview with Perry below:

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On Monday, Perry announced he has grown tired of the “lip service” from the federal government and will be deploying 1,000 National Guard troops to the Texas-Mexico border. This will supplement and support the state-funded border surge Perry already enacted that is costing some $1.3 million a week.

These 1,000 troops will deploy over the next 30 days as part of “Operation Strong Safety.” In a press conference, Perry said the national media has focused on the unaccompanied illegal immigrant children crossing the border. According to Perry, those children make up on just 20% of the daily crossings. Meanwhile, the scores of dangerous drug cartel and gang members entering this country illegally go largely unreported.

“Over the years, I have repeatedly called on the federal government to live up to its responsibility of protecting this great nation by securing the border,” Perry said. “Since 2008, more than 203,000 criminal aliens have been booked into Texas county jails… These individuals have committed more than 630,000 crimes – and that is in the state of Texas alone.”

“I will not stand idly by while our citizens are under assault and little children from Central America are detained in squalor,” he continued. “We are too good a country for that to occur.”

On radio this morning, Glenn explained why Perry’s response is the “best [he] has seen so far” and questioned – given the severity of the situation – whether this latest action goes far enough.

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  • Take 2

    Good. Period

  • You’reNoGandhi

    ” Glenn explained why Perry’s response is the ‘best [he] has seen so far’”

    Glenn is so pathetic for taking scum like Tricky Perry at his word. Tricky wants to run for president in 2016, so he needs to grandstand.

    Hey Glenn, what are the Guardsmen going to do? I’ll tell you what they’ll be doing: acting as paid coyotes. As soon as an illegal spots one of the Guard the illegal will surrender to the Guard and then be processed. By processed I mean given free food, water, cloths, shelter, plane tickets and every type of welfare there is for Americans and more……. permiso.

    Between Glenn Rice Christian and Tricky Ricky Perry the illegals should be even better assisted in overrunning America.

    • Jack Naugle

      If you had read the article and responded in an intelligent manner rather than just slander those you don’t like (Rice/Perry) you would know that only 20% are children. The National Guard would be turning back or imprisoning and then sending back the adult criminals trying to take advantage of this crisis.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Well what else was he going to do? Let rapest and murders crossing the broader to do evil things.

  • James Spradling

    That’s $1.3 MILLION per week.

  • Pearls to Swine

    By the way, just a related point to consider. Your segment emphasized the compassion of the American people facing a challenge when it comes to handling this crises imposed by the Obama administration. As an Israeli, I would just like to point out that this is the very challenge that we in Israel are going through now in deciding the most humane yet effective way to handle the security crisis that has been hoisted upon us by this president in his promotion of Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood.
    It is my opinion as a religious and Gd fearing person, that when faced with an existential crisis a person has the moral obligation to consider their own life before the life of the threatening party.
    Getting back to the Mexicans, if 3000 Americans have been murdered by illegal aliens coming from Mexico not to mention the rapes, drugs, disease, and other life threatening issues emerging from this crises, then the illegal Mexican population then it seems to me you have no moral obligation to care for their them or their children but are instead morally obligated to remove them from your midst. Just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your perspective and may G-d watch over you! Spread the word that MANY in America are not in alignment with our President. Favor for him is receding quickly.

      I have said it again and again that all it would take is ONE rocket landing in Washington for them to change their tune. Defend yourselves, Israel! Give your enemies the distaste of ever coming against you.

      • BA94TA

        I couldn’t have said it better myself

    • jen

      Exactly. Thank you.

    • Natalie

      The Mexicans get sent back, its the people crossing thru Mexico that are given the pass to stay.

      • Feet2Fire

        And that never should have happened. Makes no sense whatsoever.

    • BA94TA

      What steprock says is true. Despite what the administration and the news media say, many people agree with your right to defend yourselves. I actually got into an argument with a customer at work today over this, they didn’t support Israel. I told them that what Israel is doing is actually the best way to handle this because, if they wanted to, Israel could fire thousands of missiles and just blow up Gaza wholesale. But they choose to risk their own troops in fighting the terrorists in order to minimize innocent casualties.

    • Anonymous

      We have a coward for president. The American people are with you and your people. Defend yourself and take Gaza permanently. We here in the US are on the verge of civil war and we are being invaded from the south. Just waiting for the first shots to ring out. So do not think that we back our president and do not judge us from his actions or words.

  • Anonymous

    To little and waaaay to late ! Will they actually be allowed to DO anything ? Like NOT letting illegals cross the border or deport them if they are already here ? Wouldn’t THAT be a novel concept after all these years of gutless politicians !

    • Anonymous

      If they could just fire back at the drug smugglers who are firing at the Border Patrol (and do it with extreme prejudice), that might accomplish more than anything this administration has done in the last 6 years.

  • Arthur Quillen

    Sent to Gov Perry Web contact page, today:

    Seriously concerned, then we should all help Texas out:

    I sent this today:

    Please advice us of how/where to send money to the State of Texas to assist with the expense you are incurring in Texas regarding securing the border to Mexico. As US citizen / taxpayers, my wife and I are appalled that our taxes are not being spent in a manner that is getting our border secured like we know it should be.

    We applaud your efforts to improve the border security and we know this expense is being borne by Texans, but for the benefit of all US citizens. We wish to help with this, even if only in our small way and if at all possible. We would like to send a $100.00 to help with this but we need guidance where/who to send this to. Since the US government is unwilling to spend money in the right way here, we want to be part of the effort, by helping your endeavor directly.

    We certainly hope other citizens will do this as well, and we hope for the best and thank our neighboring Texans for trying to do the right thing on this border situation.

    Thank you and most sincerely

    Art (& my wife Jan) Quillen.

    • Loangirl

      Mr. and Mrs. Quillen,
      That was a generous thing you offered to Gov.Perry! I feel the same way about this mess we are in. I hope we can somehow fix this problem.
      Have a great day!

    • Bill UnClinton

      As a Native Texan, I appreciate your concern as a citizen of these United States. This kind gesture is what makes us proud to Americans. Glen always says that we have to help each other, because the government will not, unless your here illegally or don’t have a desire to work and promise to vote democrat.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve got a great idea! Let’s create a “secure our border” fund. Everybody who wishes to donate can go to their employer, find out their tax rate, change their status to exempt, donate their tax rate to the “secure our border” fund and at the end of the year claim this amount on your taxes. I’m not a tax expert so I’m probably missing something here but, hey, at least you can decide how to spend your tax dollars.

    • Jack Naugle

      If we get an answer to where to send funds perhaps someone, preferably someone who is not a Texan (yet – to me Texas is looking more and more like the only State left where the common man seems to have common sense) needs to set up a website to collect donations to defend our southern border in Texas.
      There are conversations about this issue all over the internet and if a link to that web site appeared in all of them America gets a chance to respond where we have had no voice.

  • http://daveposh.org/ Dave Posh

    I hope TheBlaze will follow up and let us know when the 1,000 are on site.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    obama just shrugs it offs and golfs, he has no soul

    • Anonymous

      He has no TIME for America,he and MUCHELE just bought a mansion in THE SOCIALIST COUNTRY of KILIFORNIA for FIVE MILLION dollars. .They want to be close to all the SOCIALISTS,COMMUNISTS and ULTRA LIBERAL crowd.

      • Dena

        Please, there are plenty of us in California that can’t stand obummer!!

      • Anonymous

        California is right on the border, as we all know, so wouldn’t it be fitting if the same people he insisted we let into our country end up committing crimes against him and his family. It could happen and it would be karma catching up to him.

  • LoveOurCountry

    Should the situation call for it? Are you kidding me, it was called for 10 years ago!

  • landofaahs

    If Rick Perry had sent them there with orders to defend the border with lethal force if necessary, I would applaud it. But it seems a little like grand standing. I could vote for Rick but without the little PR stunts. If you’re going to do something make it big and make it real. All he is doing is giving those across the border something to look at and laugh at as they violate our sovereignty, laws and our children’s future.

    • Drew Darrough

      So you want the National Guard to start killing children?

      • Anonymous


      • landofaahs

        Just those that are breaking the law and invading our country. No little kid is getting all the way up here on their own. They are the weapons used by the cartels and our treasonist president.

      • landofaahs

        So you want them up here passing disease and killing our children huh?

  • Anonymous

    Rick Perry is the only Republican with guts

  • Gabriel

    I was listening to some commentator a while back and he said that Obama had opened our borders back whenever but never made it public due to sever backlash.

    When I heard that I thought conspiracy but it kind of looks that way seeing how he has no intention to secure and protect our borders.

  • Drew Darrough

    What is the National Guard going to do at the border? The children coming across the border do not want to evade capture, they are running towards the border agents. Waste of Texas taxpayers money at 12M a month for the NG to sit around and do nothing.

    • Anonymous

      Well, for starters: if the cartels or whoever are firing shots across our border to distract border agents from crossing points, I’d have the National Guard return fire.

  • Anonymous

    commenting on an article appearing elsewhere about illegals arriving in Virginia, someone said that we need to concentrate shipments of illegals to all the liberal states. sharing the burden of our border states may be the only way to make some people appreciate the audacity of this administration. absent turning them away immediately, I’d especially like to see them around Martha’s Vineyard and the Kennedy Compound, or any of our liberal uber rich areas. target the northeast and maybe they’ll migrate into Canada…..

    • Anonymous

      How about send them to the White House to be the guests of BO & Moochie?

      Another suggestion: Set them to blowing up the tunnels the cartels have built!

  • farkward B

    Finally, someone with a brain and balls. Hussein Obamaturd has neither.

  • Patrick

    Meanwhile, the scores of dangerous drug cartel and gang members entering this country illegally go largely unreported. I would like to know how many are being let in lol

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care how old or young they are, detain them all and send them all back. They must be detained first so we can get DNA, fingerprints and pictures of every single last one of them, even the youngest child. They will not be permitted to apply to enter the United States for 10 years and they must come in legally or they will be permanently expelled from our great nation. After we have sent the new one back we can focus on finding, detaining, documenting and sending back those who are already here. I say enough already, you’ve had a good time in our country but now it’s time for you to go home.

  • Anonymous

    What a great President Obama has been for African Americans. He has solidified for all times their dependency on the state; therefore, enslaving them to the state. To make things worse, he incites an invasion of illegals to flood across our borders and is hiding them all over the U.S. The cost of taking care of them for the next 15-20 years, until they graduate college, will come from social programs that benefit most African Americans. Additionally, he will raise the minimum wage, which any thinking person knows is an economically futile act of propaganda and has no real benefit to workers because the economy factors that cost into the price of goods and services within a month. HOWEVER, the harm it causes African Americans and everyone on fixed incomes is devastating; their income doesn’t go up like the minimum wage, but the cost of everything they buy does.

  • Feet2Fire

    News reports are saying it will cost $12 MILLION PER MONTH to provide the National Guard at the border. Let’s hope they are going to DO SOMETHING TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM, and are not just there “FOR SHOW.”

  • Anonymous

    Roger Simon recently posted a comment about the bringing in of National Guard to start trying to shut down TEXAS borders because Obama and holder won’t do anything!! Well this comment was that Gov Perry bringing in troops would give Gov Perry a chance to kill children trying to cross border!!!! This disgusting pile of human waste just shows the mind set for these liberal dirt bags that we the conservative thinkers and doers of America which has made Our Nation the greatest in the world, that we would shoot children???!!! What a warped degenerate mind that would say that legal action being taken against illegal actions of a president, a top law enforcement officer and the entire liberal congress and senate would support such thinking and statements and again, WE ARE THE BAD PEOPLE HERE???!!! I CAN ONLY PRAY, THAT THIS COMING NOVEMBER AND AGAIN AT THE END OF THIS ADMINS TERM, AMERICA WILL AWAKEN AND NEVER ALLOW THIS AMERICAN HATING, US CONSTITUTION HATING AND BILL OF RIGHTS HATING PEOPLE EVER IN ANY OFFICE EVER AGAIN!!! Keep the FAITH, Stand Strong and NEVER RELENT to these people ever!!!

  • John 8:37 – John 8:44

    According to some estimates, 12 Americans are murdered each day by illegal aliens.

  • Robert C Cook

    The Government can’t turn Texas. So why not destroy it from the inside with the inflation of illegal immigrants?

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