As of late, it has truly seemed like déjà vu all over again at the White House. In May, then Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Obama knew nothing about the long wait times and deaths at the VA until he read about it in the newspaper. You may recall Carney employed a similar excuse when it came to explaining how the President learned about the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, and the Department of Justice spying on reporters.

But now it appears as though the White House can’t keep its excuses straight. During a fundraiser in Seattle, Washington on Tuesday, the President reportedly told attendees he doesn’t watch the news because “whatever they’re reporting about, usually I know.”


On radio this morning, Glenn questioned what is true and what is false when it comes to this presidency.

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“President Obama said at one of these fundraisers that he’s not ‘overly partisan.’ Didn’t he say we have to punish our enemies? And here’s one of my favorites, he also doesn’t watch the news,” Glenn explained. “You don’t watch the news? Hold on just a second. What is your excuse every time a scandal happens?”

While Obama’s remark about not being “overly partisan” has dominated the headlines, his offhanded barb at the news caught the attention of the White House travel pool report. According to CBS Seattle, the President made the comments during an event with donors.

Needless to say, Glenn was curious as to who is actually telling the truth. Does Obama really know about all these things ahead of time and his team is using the news as an excuse, or did he lie to during the fundraiser? The truth remains to be seen, but Glenn was ultimately angry at the press for not holding this Administration accountable for anything.

“You know, I’m not mad at the president… I am disgusted by these people that claim to be reporters. Disgusted by them,” Glenn concluded. “He doesn’t watch the news because he already knows everything that’s in the news? So that leaves us at a place where there’s no accountability because I can’t tell if that’s the head of the dog or the tail of the dog.”