To watch the news or not to watch the news: Obama caught in another lie

As of late, it has truly seemed like déjà vu all over again at the White House. In May, then Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Obama knew nothing about the long wait times and deaths at the VA until he read about it in the newspaper. You may recall Carney employed a similar excuse when it came to explaining how the President learned about the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, and the Department of Justice spying on reporters.

But now it appears as though the White House can’t keep its excuses straight. During a fundraiser in Seattle, Washington on Tuesday, the President reportedly told attendees he doesn’t watch the news because “whatever they’re reporting about, usually I know.”


On radio this morning, Glenn questioned what is true and what is false when it comes to this presidency.

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“President Obama said at one of these fundraisers that he’s not ‘overly partisan.’ Didn’t he say we have to punish our enemies? And here’s one of my favorites, he also doesn’t watch the news,” Glenn explained. “You don’t watch the news? Hold on just a second. What is your excuse every time a scandal happens?”

While Obama’s remark about not being “overly partisan” has dominated the headlines, his offhanded barb at the news caught the attention of the White House travel pool report. According to CBS Seattle, the President made the comments during an event with donors.

Needless to say, Glenn was curious as to who is actually telling the truth. Does Obama really know about all these things ahead of time and his team is using the news as an excuse, or did he lie to during the fundraiser? The truth remains to be seen, but Glenn was ultimately angry at the press for not holding this Administration accountable for anything.

“You know, I’m not mad at the president… I am disgusted by these people that claim to be reporters. Disgusted by them,” Glenn concluded. “He doesn’t watch the news because he already knows everything that’s in the news? So that leaves us at a place where there’s no accountability because I can’t tell if that’s the head of the dog or the tail of the dog.”

  • celsma

    well, his mouth was moving wasn’t it?

  • Perceptions

    Liberals have become so used to the Press covering for them that they don’t even bother trying to keep their stories straight anymore. Remember how Hillary was named after Edmund Hillary or how she had to run for cover from sniper fire in Bosnia? Or what about the one where Obama released his birth certificate. That was the best one. So fake a middle school kid with Photoshop could do a better job.

  • Shemp

    0bama is so far beyond a “tangled web” of deceitful lies…it’s a complete impenetrable wall of lies, that’s miles long…think we could set it up along our southern border?

    • Bonnie Somer

      so right

  • Brenda Lynn

    Look, I think everyone is starting to realize this guy isn’t really a President. Americans have been duped by this whole situation. He got put into this position to get the New World Order rolling, and that would be Soros and his gang in control of these things. The real question is how to get out of this mess?

    • Heather Wilt

      Maybe you were duped. I was not. I never bought the horse crap he was selling.

    • Barbara David


      ☗☗☗� ☗☗☗ ☗☗☗ ☗☗☗� ☗☗☗

    • Todd Lanter

      Amen to that, hopefully we can win in 2014. Pray hard my friends.

      • Jon Bar

        Amen to that! They call us crazy? They must be gods to know so much of what is true and honest. Especially when they booed God three times to keep Him off their platform. Dr. Savage is right when he concluded liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • James

      Did anyone else notice when Obama ran the first time, it seemed like his supporters had some kind of weird gaze to their eyes? Kind of like they were in some kind of hypnotic trance similar to the way people who belong to cults look. They all got very angry when any legitimate questions were asked and flocked to his speeches from all over the world. Didn’t care what he did to get there or where he came from. It almost seemed like there was some kind of mass-hypnotic event taking place.

      • Anonymous

        LOL, and you republicans wonder why us Liberals think you are all actually crazy. That is the most paranoid, out of touch with reality thing I have ever heard. Perhaps Obama promised things he never intended to follow through on, but that is politics as usual. It is wrong and I hate it, but singling him out for that just shows how much you conservatives want to destroy him no matter what BS you need to pull.

        • Thomas Michael Lovett

          I love how you can tell exactly what political party James belongs to from one post alone – and more importantly, that all conservatives are just like them. That’s what you basically just said right? “…republicans wonder why us Liberals think you are all actually crazy” – I’ll admit, plenty of people reach extremes, but they don’t all come from one party.

          If you’re gonna make a point, don’t be arrogant.

        • James

          You basically just said perhaps Obama’s a liar, but that’s just politics. Lol. I never singled Obama out for his politics in that statement, did I? Am I missing something I said? I singled his supporters out. If you read my statement instead of just ranting you might not look crazy anymore. And by the way, I am in no way what so ever a Republican or a Democrat. I am a searcher for the truth only, however those who are intelligent enough to use critical thinking are usually found within the Republican Party, as some don’t just take a statement as fact simply because a conservative article or liberal article says so.

        • Anonymous

          No, he is correct. Just remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it’s not true.

        • edad Martin

          I don’t think you really believe what you just said, you cant really think that none of the crisis we face now have been because of obamas poor leadership? ,you dont see in consistency in his statements and actions over the last 2 terms?You dont see the world laughing at America,I know putin is laughing! I dont think anyone could be that naive.

      • Anonymous

        Some call it a cult of personality.

    • Chuck P

      Aside from the “new world order” stuff, which I think is a bunch of tinfoil hat stuff, I agree with you. People were duped. For the life of me I never did understand how they were duped, but I understand why-a lot of people just didn’t like Dubya. Obama was a great speaker, has a charismatc public perona (at least did), and fit the bill for a sort of “anti-Bush.” I don’t remember the entire field of Democrats in ’08, but I think any of the others would have been, well, less bad.

      • James

        Chuck, it’s okay to stay simple and you may live a happier life because of it, but denial of truth is wrong. The New World Order and globalization are synonymous and nobody denies globalization. The crazy ones are those who deny fact even while they are staring it in the face.

        • zemla

          Agreed, globalization, in its more “digestible” form, is on the cover of many books I own from the business section of the bookstores. Here’s a line from one of them-

          “As a manager in the global economy, one must dispose of the idea that his/her corporation is sovereign, or that it owes any allegiance to its base nation”

          Globalization is,in simple terms, the consolidation of economic and political power for the purpose of efficiency. And,of course, power. Why they call us tin foil hat people for reading books written by the people who advocate globalization, I will never know.

      • zemla

        Mike gravel was one of those running and I voted for him, in one of the debates he leans over the podium, looks right at hillary and Obama (who were side by side like good lil soldiers) and he said “we all know who’s going to win this)….

        Shortly after, mike gravel goes bye-bye from the race.

        Still wrote his name in.

      • Anonymous

        Are you under a rock? Kissinger: Hopes Obama can take us to the New World Order. Daddy Bush talked about in 1991. It is the plan of putting all nations under a single world government without representation for total control of distribution of all resources. Heard of Agenda 21?

    • Anonymous

      Notice when he’s call the US a state. That is lingo for state under United Nations.

  • AsSeenOnTv

    The question is not nor has it ever been whether or not Obama is lying.. The question has been and always will be whether or not he tells the truth.

  • George Huff

    Impeach this Kenyan, narcissistic, egomaniacal, socialist, communist Usurper in Chief!!!

    • Lori Kaye

      Impeachment is for a real or qualified president and other politicians, however
      barry soetaro is a criminal. He never legally changed his name, has a fake birth certificate, a social security number from a state he never lived. He needs to be carried out in handcuffs. He is constantly giving money to muslim brother -hood and just yesterday gave 47 million to Hamas. I COULD go on
      look up Joe Apriao in az about his investigation. Also check out Walid Shoebat. Barry was also discovered using another name howard Bunnell and a different social security number.
      find on utube

  • Anonymous

    In a discussion about US society with my brother-in-law who is from the military dictatorship Burma (a.k.a. Myanmar), I told him that a free and honest press is essential. Otherwise we couldn’t hold politicians to account. Well, we have a free press but not an honest one today. It sits on so many stories so not to show Obama’s true performance record. Witness Candy Crowley covering for Obama during his debate with Romney in 2012. It was so glaring it left Romney speechless.

    • Anonymous

      You are totally correct. The free press should be the watchdog but instead is Obama’s and this administration’s lapdog.

    • zemla

      Left me quite surprised too

  • Anonymous

    He’s the Cliff Claven of Presidents. I’ve been saying this for years! Knows everything about everything,…. in his own mind.

  • Mike Barnes

    The only explanatiom is that Obama is a sociopath pathological liar. Aided and abetted by an enabler MSM that backs up his lies for him.

  • Connor Kenway

    So what is the truth? Is he watching and finding this out on the News being incompetent or is he listening to his advisers and still being incompetent?

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the slip of tongue was the result of No Teleprompter. It’s known BO cannot speak coherently without the teleprompter help — someone else’s words,

  • Anonymous

    It is a fact—Obama is a HABITUAL LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    On closer inspection, the Bamster was probably being truthful at the fundraiser. He does indeed know what “the news” is before it is reported, since he and his people TELL the media what the news is!

    • zemla

      Lol, WAMBAM! Nice one u212

  • Anonymous

    ARE YOU Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • landofaahs

    Glenn, Obama told the truth. He’s not listening to the news, he’s listening to CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, public broadcast. Those are propaganda not news. Duh!!!

  • Pearls to Swine

    ISIS Leader Threatens Obama: ‘We’re Coming for You’

    Thursday, 24 Jul 2014 04:33 PM

    By Andrea Billups

    The radical Islamist group terrorizing Iraq and ousting Christians there has threatened President Barack Obama, U.S. sources revealed.

    “We’re coming for you, Barack Obama,” the group threatened, according to Elissa Slotkin, acting principal deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, in a story published by The Hill.

    The group’s insurgence inside the country has drawn the attention of U.S. officials who have called it “worse than al-Qaida.”

    “It is al-Qaida in its doctrine, ambition and, increasingly, in its threat to U.S. interests,” Brett McGurk, a deputy assistant secretary of state, said in testimony during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing Wednesday.

    McGurk was blunt in outlining the group’s intent, calling it “no longer a terrorist organization. It is a full-blown army,” the Hill reported.

    Former Homeland Security head Tom Ridge also signaled the strength of the group and its capacity to create terror, adding that ISIS’s threats had been on the intelligence community’s radar for a long time with the ability to enter the United States unnoticed.

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    “They’ve got a lot of fighters who are from European countries that are visa waiver countries, which means all they have to do is shave their beards and look like normal, responsible civilians and walk into the United States of America without a visa,” Ridge said. “It’s a real challenge for our intelligence community to identify them and get their names on a watch list.”

    Known as ISIL or ISIS, short for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the group has powered throughout Iraq in recent weeks, commandeering the police force and entering homes where residents have gone missing at the hands of marauding posses. Whole towns are under siege by ISIS forces, and the group has suggested it will overtake Baghdad, a threat that led Obama to deploy about 750 troops to the war-torn nation, The Washington Times reported.

    Christians are under particular assault by the Sunni terrorists, being told to convert or die,Al Jazeera reported. They have also been pressured to pay a tax, and those who have fled have been robbed at checkpoints by insurgents.

    “There is not a single Christian family left in Mosul,” Bashar Nasih Behnam, 52, told The Guardian.

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  • D Weldon

    I can tell which end is which…the man shows his ass all the time!

  • Jo Jo

    I’m frightened for my children and their children. This is only the beginning, and I think that in God’s plan, Obama is playing a key role.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, when you have to lie you do eventually get caught up in your own lies.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure that he and his cronies approve the news stories on all the liberal rags

  • Cindy Perry Faircloth

    Glenn, don’t you mean: “The head of the donkey or the ‘tale’ of an ASS”??

  • Alex Clawson

    Perfect explanation of my cops would confiscate guns if ordered to to do so. People are very naive about which side of the thin blue line the police stand on.

  • Softie

    While genetic traits are inherited from the two parents, cultural traits are learned from influences such as family, friends, and media.

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