In January 2013, Glenn’s wife Tania accidentally flushed her wedding ring. After days of digging up the plumbing in the house and yard, they eventually found it. Glenn couldn’t help himself at the time, and dedicated plenty of broadcast time joking that Tania was trying to send him some kind of message. Well, the tables were turned on radio today when Glenn was forced to admit that he had lost his wedding ring somewhere in the studios – and that wasn’t the only peculiar revelation.

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I took it off in the makeup room, like two or three weeks ago, and then I put it down on the counter, and then I picked it up.  And for some reason, I put it in my pocket and not back on,” Glenn said.

So what did we learn as Glenn went fumbling for excuses?

1) He has a makeup room, where he likes to remove his wedding ring

2) He must have holes in his pockets

3) As many in Dallas pointed out over the past two days, he developed quite the bromance with Simon Sinek. As Stu pointed out, Simon spent most of the afternoon wearing one of Glenn’s sweaters like a letterman jacket. “It was precious” – Pat.

4) Glenn doesn’t have the code to the family safe (or even the house, apparently).

“This is not going to go well for me,” he joked.

“Because you just said you lost your wedding ring after you belittled (Tania) over and over and over?” Pat said.

From all of us at, good luck Glenn!