All of the hidden truths in Sharknado are revealed in this interview

In an interview with Sharknado 2 writer Thunder Levin on MSNBC, he appeared to have a little fun at the expense of the host and global warming alarmists everywhere. Was he serious or joking? Glenn interviewed Thunder to settle the score once and for all – and then got an inside look at the truth behind the Sharknado films.

So, was he being serious with his comments on MSNBC?

“Don’t tell me you are one of those Sharknado deniers,” Thunder joked before revealing the origins of biometeorology. “It’s just the science of animals and meteorology in combination, which is becoming one of the more deadly consequences of global warming.”

“Now we all know the pain biometeorology can bring,” Stu said.

Watch the fascinating and hilarious interview below:

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  • philmon

    Suicide sharks?

  • Connor Kenway

    Is it weird driving pass Al Gore in a sandwich board saying Sharknado is real and screaming at people that the “end is near and I blame Bush”?

  • Rick Chesler

    Ha! As long as it’s not Ebola-nado, right?

  • Anonymous
  • Lee Wilson

    well, that was kind of cool.. I would like to.see sharknado in DC.

  • David

    Heard the interview live and seriously was one of the best interviews I have ever heard. And then know we have to watch out for Giraffeicanes.

  • Anonymous

    When the Polar Vortex drops far enough south, we have another crisis: Sloth Sleet.

    Don’t be caught flat-footed when this crisis hits!

  • Anonymous

    I’m still trying to figure out why only sharks were pulled up into the tornados. I realize the title isn’t “Sea-Nado”, but still…you’d think that other sea life would also be raining down. I’m stupidly trying to make this movie make sense, aren’t I…

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