Incredible love story: Husband and wife pass away within hours of each other

We’re all suckers for a great love story. After all, in the immortal words of Matt Maher, love will hold us together. Yesterday, Glenn told his staff about one love story that had captured his attention: an elderly couple from California that died within hours of one another.

Don and Maxine Simpson had been married for 62 years. They had both become seriously ill in recent weeks. Don fell and broke his hip two weeks ago and Maxine had been battling cancer.

The family had recently moved them to a relatives house, where they insisted they remain in the same room to be close to one another.

According to The Daily Mail, Maxine was the first to pass away, and as she was being taken out of the room her husband died as well.

Granddaughter Melissa Sloan said, “I knew in my heart this is what’s supposed to happen – Grandma and grandpa are supposed to be together and grandma and grandpa are going to die together.”

  • Cohas

    what a great Story

  • Yo Mamma

    Morphine helps the sick slip away

    • msjoeshmoe

      I believe it helped my dad. He passed the same way as Mr. Simpson.

  • Tim F


  • Jayne Nielsen

    This is what epic and eternal love is all about. God bless them both!

  • Hoodoo H

    Beautiful story…

  • Bruce Sullivan

    This is truly a wonderful story. I wish everyone loved, and passed this way. Unfortunately, both of my parents died horribly. My Dad was shot to death, and my Mom died in the hospital because of a medical mistake. I wish these two an eternity of love and peace together.

  • fidlin1

    Who wouldn’t want it that way. Fairy Tale stuff.

    • Mercedes Waggoner


    • Emily Richard


      ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚♚�♚ ♚♚♚

  • ripper69

    I would love to go that way. How wonderful!

  • William Oscar Hand

    Wish I could have that kind of ending, but , sadly, I only managed 27 years before a horrible divorce. I will never be married again, and even if I was, I do not have the years left in me to be with someone that long.

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