The Philosophy of Partying? Some incredible advice from Andrew WK

Andrew W.K. wrote a viral column for the Village Voice last week, advising a son who wrote in to complain about his “right-wing” father that he needs to re-evaluate his outlook and start thinking of his dad as a person first. The column’s themes of love and unity struck a chord with Glenn, who invited him onto his TV show to talk more about how people could come together see one another as people rather than enemies on the opposite sides of the political aisle.

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To start, the two discussed the need for people to cast off the cynicism and anger that often infects politics.

Andrew said, “The confusion that we feel in trying to decide what we think, what we believe – that’s natural. I think it’s actually very healthy to dive as deep as we can into beliefs and ideas and opinions, and allow them to make us passionate and to inflame us at times. But to never let them replace who we are deep down, which is a person. And the worst we lose sight that other people when they feel different than us, they aren’t people. And when I’ve felt that way it is frightening.”

During the conversation, Glenn admitted his own words in the past tended to inflame the partisan divide in the country. While he still believes all the things he said in that past, he has been trying to change his language and approach so that the message connects with even more people and results in an America united around core principles and values.

“I do believe in freedom and justice and mercy and all those things, and that’s what I felt like I was fighting for, but I got lost in being a part of the problem. But people will tell me ‘you can’t give up’, but I’m not giving up. I still believe those things, I don’t believe in the way we were trying to obtain those things or defend those things,” Glenn explained.

“To be humbled occasionally doesn’t mean you’re a weak person,” Andrew explained. “To be weak in terms of being open-minded and open-hearted isn’t a flaw. In fact, to be too proud to have moments of being humbled, that’s more flawed than anything. it’s a way to hold onto what you are without letting it cut you off from the rest of humanity.”

Andrew explained that his outlook comes from a positive place that he calls the “philosophy of partying”. He said it comes from “celebrating being alive” and connecting with inner joy.

“It is OK to be happy in life. Even through all the strife, maybe especially during times of great pain and suffering. We still have to be able to stay close to that joy because we can’t save the world in a bad mood.”

  • Mark Lawson

    I am incredibly proud of you both for making this move to teach the healing of the words “Forgive” and “Unite.” Whether those were the actual words is not important. What is is the message. I am deeply impressed by Andrew. Continue buiklding bridges like this. Both of you. It will be our salvation as a country, and as human beings.

  • AlphaRooster

    Andrew W.K. always pops up in the strangest places. I’ve always viewed him as a down-to-earth kinda guy. I always watch out for his random interviews and have yet to be disappointed in his messages.

  • Kathy Hayes

    I’m glad that when Beck has been challenged to take responsibility for his contribution to the divide, that it appears he listened. It seems like he’s changed over the last month and I hope it sticks.

    • Grazzly

      He’s fake as thrift store jewelry.

      • Michael David Davis


        • Grazzly

          You can’t even spell dipshit, dipshit.

          • Michael David Davis

            So you don’t deny being a dipshit. You just challenge my spelling of it. Which makes you the actual dipshit, dipshit.

      • citizen

        excellent rebuttal sir /s

  • Type 53

    Good heavens, what feel-good, kumbaya twaddle. To the prophet Beck, deeply meaningful.

    • Ken

      prophet? Seriously?

      • Type 53

        No. But Beck likes to think he is.

        • Connor Kenway

          Does reality hurt you. Point to me where he once said he was a prophet. In fact a blind man can see the things Glenn sees it does not take a prophet to connect the dots.

        • ray

          ok kind of like you do with Obama…… mr I am going to destroy America from within while all these idiot liberal white folks vote for me, then he or his ways will destroy all the freedom you though you had, not o mention the lazy liberal nation, old people and handicapped people will be discared, and hard working conservative MALES will be enslaved (which is already the case anyway).

  • William

    We may be looking at the voice who can speak to and help the culture. He seems to have a way of being able to put his hands on things that seemed intangible to some, and bring it to the clarity anyone can understand. I like Andrew and the more I hear of him, the more I like him. I hope he continues his endeavor. Good stuff.

  • Alex G

    I saw him at the House of Blues ten years ago. He broke his leg 3 days before the show. He partied hard in a freaking wheelchair.

  • Dana Shawn

    I have partied with Andrew…Columbus, OH…hands down the most genuine, humble and selfless…(can you tell I could go on for a while?). After the show, exited out the back doorand as per the usual, group milling about hoping to get face time. I did Concert Catering for National touring artists from Motley Crue to Taylor Swift to Women of Faith and many in between, so I have a pretty stringent litmus test for artists. There had to be 60 kids out there and at one point in the show he told stage security to stand down, then invited everyone up on the stage. He came out the back and talked to EVERYONE OF THOSE KIDS. The ones he had met previously… He knew their name, remembered where they had met previously and any bits of info they really needed to share or get advice from him. He stayed out there until 3:30 in the morning…no joke. I did get his signature tattooed on my leg. Greatest Dude, number 2 would have to be Ronnie Milsap.

  • David Callow

    absolutely amazing

  • David Bartelt

    I don’t buy it. Glenn Beck is nothing more than a wolf in sheeps clothing. He will twist and spin this interview in the future.

    • mobilemann

      i’m a bleeding heart liberal; in terms of ideals and values, but who knows, don’t be close minded about it. It’s unfortunate but true; eye for an eye leaves the world blind.

      • ray

        why is it that liberals dont want to change their ways at all, yet its conservatives whom are close minded….. have liberal ever figured out their hypocrisy?

        • mobilemann

          Well in your case it’s a matter of intelligence. Read my post again.

          • Candy

            i believe ray put his comment under mobile man but meant to put it under david. See, that’s how things get so screwed up. Misunderstandings and then vitriol. Maybe I’m wrong here but I look for a way for things to make sense and others just jump on the bandwagon.

          • mobilemann

            Hard with no context, but you’re right. Prime example, even if it was meant somewhat playfully.

        • THX1139

          I think “liberal” and conservative” are horrible labels to begin with. At best, they describe tendencies more than anything exclusive. It’s all from a person’s perspective. But since you brought it up… give me an example of something that “conservatives” as you put it are open minded about?

    • ray

      and you will be expecting the government to pay your way in the future ……….wait that already here for liberals

      • mtnvortex

        What both Ray and David are doing now is the exact opposite of Glenn and Andrew’s message in this video. Just saying. Also, Ray, before you continue, I am not what you would call a liberal. mobilemann said it right.

  • jonsen

    I think he stumbled into the power of that guy protesting abortion in front of the school. Actually seeing the result of your actions rather than some detached experience is a powerful thing. His point about eating meat is similar, which is why I believe most hunters and farmers respect animals and the environment more than those who only see food as something that comes from the grocery store or restaurant.

  • Lola

    You can’t save the world in a bad mood.

    • Connor Kenway

      Then we are screwed.

  • Ian Gregory Young

    I party with my friends by playing games. Parties and for having fun and enjoying the moment me and my friends enjoy LoL, Elder Scrolls & Planetside 2. Glenn may hate games but in many ways it can be viewed as a interactive movie.

  • Bobby Davidson

    is it me or is just REALLY hard to press play on a video with Glenn Beck in it?

    • SRM29

      Just you.

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