Glenn shares an exciting update in the Get TheBlaze campaign

Now through August 25, the FCC is collecting public comments in regards to the proposed merger of Time Warner Cable and Comcast. This merger would allow two of biggest cable monopolies – with the worst customer service records – to dictate what 30% of America can see on cable TV. Ultimately, this means less choice, less competition, and higher cable bills.

On Monday, Glenn asked his listeners to make their voices heard by visiting and filling out the FCC comment form. As he explained, just 10,000 comments would make a big impact for the FCC would be unable to ignore the response. On radio this morning, Glenn announced more than 8,000 comments had already poured in.

“Right now, there are six companies that control [70]% of everything that is on television, everything that you see reported in news or entertainment. That is a monopoly,” Glenn said. “And there’s no way around it without going through the government. I’m not a guy who likes going to the government, but I will tell you: This is very bad for news, information, and entertainment.”

Earlier this year, TheBlaze released a video that simplified just how little choice there actually is on television:

Because of Monday’s overwhelming response, Glenn decided to up the ante and make a new goal.

“I’d like to make a new goal. I’d like to see if we could do 30 to 50,000 comments,” Glenn declared. “If they can’t ignore 10,000 [comments], what will the attorneys and the FCC and Time Warner and Comcast have to do and say when they’ve got 50,000 comments saying, ‘This is bad for the public interest.’”

“All you have to do is think about this: Do you think combining Comcast and Time Warner will make your rates go down or up? Do you think innovation goes down or up? Do you think choice goes down or up,” he continued. “Competition is good… Stop the mergers. They’re getting too big and too dangerous. Go to and speak out for the public interest.”

You can submit your comments to the FCC HERE.

  • Tracy_Andersen

    I remember the combining and dissolving of the gas companies, based on anti-trust legislation.

    Do we want gas companies dictating gas prices? —Oh, wait, gummint has taken it over to do just that.

    Same thing with the combining of these two companies. No competition, which limits programming diversity, and allows setting prices wherever they want, with no competitive objection. Sounds like corrupt gummint all over again.

    Well, we shall see who prevails in this mess — common sense or greedy money.

    Interesting, all around.

    Laus Deo

  • soybomb315

    For years Glenn has said cable is a dinosaur and the future is internet-based information so that is where he is headed….Now he flip-flops, what gives?

    • Publius

      How is he flip-flopping? What he said was true, but there is still a fight to be fought with the FCC and the cable companies.

  • ge

    Wow, the phone company was broken up for this very same thing… A MONOPOLY!!!!! So now the cable companies are doing the very same thing….. It means less competition for others….

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