Glenn: We’re at the end of the highway and there is one exit left before World War 3

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Below is a transcript of Monday’s monologue

I want to have a conversation with you today about something really important.

If you are a longtime viewer of this program, you have seen me in the past make predictions, and I am going to make one today, but I need to take you back to the very beginning because this one I urge you to hear and then follow through on. I want to take you back first to September 11, 2001. We all remember it. We remember exactly where we were, who we were talking to. We remember the whole day, honestly, the shock.

Our comfortable little worlds had been shattered. We didn’t know what to do. We had no idea. Sadness, fear, knowing that this whole thing could just come apart, we didn’t know, knowing that we were at war but not even who we were at war with. Then the next day happened, and the next day will always be the most important date to me. It was 9/12, September 12. We were never prouder to be Americans, and it wasn’t just because the flag. It had nothing to do with that.

We had stood in line that day to give blood. We hugged each other. We stopped, and we asked strangers, “How are you doing?” We looked at one another. We loved one another. For one moment in time, we saw each other as human beings, and all of the labels just vanished. There was no pretension. There were no classes. There were no political parties. We were just human beings looking out for one another.

We weren’t, you know, naïve enough to forget our differences. We knew that we were still different, but we put them in their rightful place, low on the priority list. We’re at our best when we live like that, and that’s what America used to be. America, when we are at our best, we look at the things that unite us, not divide us. Our humanity reigns over polarity. It used to be that we were calling ourselves a melting pot, and that’s what it meant, we’re all in it together.

Today, September 11, our kids don’t even know what September 11 is, and September 12, 9/12 is a distant memory for most. And people are put right back into their little boxes. We’ve all done it. Everything about them is assumed. There is vitriol and hatred.

We have to find the way to lay our differences aside and to see each other as humans and as Americans first before the next big tragedy, because the globe is spinning into chaos, and what I see happening next is going to make the banking collapse look tame by comparison. And I want you to understand the cascade effect of all this because in the end, men’s hearts will fail. In the end, the human heart collapses, and I believe it’s already happening in some places of the world.

We are more than just political animals. We’re just animals. When you have a seven-year-old holding up a human head, and the world says, meh. I want to show you the timeline and take you back here for just a bit. In 1999, I talked about a guy I couldn’t even pronounce his name. I was on WABC in New York, and I think we had just bombed the aspirin factory or something, and I remember because conservatives were saying that I was trying to help Bill Clinton.

And he had just bombed the aspirin factory, and I said, “It has nothing to do with politics. Have you read the words of Osama bin Laden?” Most had not. They didn’t know who he was. I couldn’t even pronounce the guy’s name, and that’s not a surprise for anybody, but I didn’t even know how to pronounce the guy’s name. I’d never heard of him before. I read about his name, saw that’s who we were targeting, and then decided to do my own homework and look into him.

And I got so frustrated at one point, a caller, I said, “Look, within the next ten years, this guy is going to rain blood and bodies and buildings in the streets of New York.” Will you then wake up?” Well, it wasn’t ten years. That was in 1999. It was September 2001 where he rained blood, bodies, and buildings in the streets. It was too late. We could’ve done something, but it was too late.

In 2003, I started talking about the head of the snake being Iran, that we could not mess around with Iran. And I started talking about the 12th Imam, started really looking into the 12th Imam and didn’t really understand it in ’03, but when we were going to war, and we started to ramp up about going into Iraq, I started paying attention to Iran and what was going on. And I said at the time there’s going to come a time, if you don’t act soon, there’s going to come a time you’re not going to be able to deal with Iran.

In 2004, I figured out that the Republicans were lying to us because there was stuff happening on the border that didn’t make sense. They weren’t protecting our values. They were going on some other set of values. They were going on their interests, what was politically expedient for them. That’s when I started pulling away from the GOP.

The housing crisis in ’06, I started talking about that, in ’07, the stock bubble. In ’06, I was saying, “Please don’t take out these loans. Please, they don’t make any sense. Listen to your values, not your interest of getting a house, not just somebody who’s trying to sell you something. Listen to your values. It’s not going to work.” And as that started to grow, I saw the stock market up about 14,000, and I said, “This is insane, because none of it is real. There is a collapse coming.”

At this point in ’07, we were in the middle of an election, and what were Republicans saying to me? Republicans were saying, “Shut up. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Besides, there’s a bigger problem. It’s Barack Obama or it’s Hillary Clinton getting into office, and this isn’t going to happen. And even if it does, you’re hurting the chances of the Republicans because the Republicans were the ones who did it all.” Really?

Stop looking at your political interests and start concerning yourself with the values. So it collapsed. At about this point, I started talking to, it was right around here that I started saying, “This is a highway. These are off ramps. There’s things on the horizon, and if you don’t take this off ramp, if you don’t get off here, if you don’t get off here or here or here or here, at some point we run out of road. There’s nothing left.”

That’s why when I started sensing all of this in 2009, we started the 9/12 Project. What was the 9/12 Project? The 9/12 Project, a lot of people will think that it has something to do with the Tea Party. It had nothing to do with the Tea Party. If you remember, I was against the Tea Party. I said that it was about taxes, and that’s not what it was about. It needed to be about values and principles.

Follow me here, values and principles in 2009. Then I started talking about the European uprising with a little book called The Coming Insurrection, and I said there’s going to be Nazis, and the old hatreds of the 1930s are going to start rising up. But that was a conspiracy theory, and I was an anti-Semite bigot for even bringing that up.

Then we did Restoring Honor in Washington, D.C., principles and values, Restoring Honor. Then I started talking about the caliphate and how the left and the Islamic extremists would unite to collapse the Western world. First, they’d go after Israel, and then they’d go after the rest of us. That was insane. I followed that that summer with Restoring Courage. We continued on that vein in one form or another, and then we did Restoring Love.

That brings us to here. We didn’t take any of these exits. We mocked. We ridiculed. Why? Why? Whether you’re a Republican, and you mocked here for your political interests or you’re a Democrat, and you mocked here for your political interests, that’s the only reason why we didn’t get off. There is one other reason, it’s too horrible to look at these things. It’s too horrible to imagine any of these things. All of these things have happened now.

All of these things were insane to say at the time. They were too hard to imagine. I understand. I don’t want imagine them. I say to people all the time, they say, “I don’t want to hear any more from you on your predictions, because they tend to come true.” Try living with me. Try being me. Do you think I want to think these things?

I believe we’re at the end of the highway. This is it. This is it. What’s the answer? Let me just speak to the religious in our audience – gospel principles. That’s it, live like Jesus, live like Gandhi. I don’t care who your model is. Live like Buddha. You’ve got to shed pride. We have got to shred wanting stuff. Buddha said that life is suffering. I don’t agree with that.

Yes, actually when you understand that suffering is caused from desire to have something, whether that be I want my kids to get better, that causes you stress and suffering, to I want that car, stress and suffering. I don’t care what religion you’re in, we have to start living eternal principles, and we have to start softening the heart. I don’t care what religion you’re in. I don’t care what party you’re part of. I don’t care if we disagree with each other. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.

What is coming is all of this stuff, all of this stuff. The caliphate is here. We are headed towards World War III. I hope we don’t get there. I don’t want to get there. I don’t know how to tell you not to get there, because we’ve missed all of the exits. We are headed for massive European anti-Semitism. Europe does this over and over again. We’re headed there.

We’re headed for a collapse beyond our understanding because we got off the gold standard. What’s our money worth? Did you notice that this weekend Russia and China finished the de-dollarization of their relationship? They don’t deal in dollars anymore with each other. They don’t have to. Which side do you think China has just picked? They picked Russia.

Which side is Russia on when it comes to the caliphate? Oh, that’s right, Iran and Syria. What side are we on? Saudi Arabia. Gee, that puts America in the position of World War II where you look at World War II, well, you’ve got communists, and you have fascists. Well, neither of us want to live under communism or fascism, oh, but we really don’t like the Nazis compared to the communists, so we’ll just cozy up to the communists.

It’s almost like who do you want to cozy up to? You’ve got Iran running a caliphate, or you have Saudi Arabia. Well, we really don’t like Iran, but we kind of like Saudi Arabia. It’s World War II all over again.

I thought about this all weekend. I thought what can I possibly say to you, what can I possibly say to you on how to get out of this? I don’t know. I’ve already said it all. We are now down the highway. There’s no more exit ramps. What you have to be is the impact zone. You have to be the parachute. You have to be the one that helps society absorb what’s coming.

If we don’t stand and stand together across all political parties, all lines, all classes, and we just help each other, and we exercise the human heart – it’s a muscle, if you don’t use it, it ain’t going to work – if we don’t do that, I don’t know if we survive. I don’t know who does. I don’t know who does, but the world is about to change.

I have a guest on here in a few minutes, I can’t wait to talk to him. I’ve never talked to him before. I don’t know much about him other than he was writing for the Village Voice, which I don’t usually go to the Village Voice for, you know, anything that I would agree with. But I want to show you something.

In the Village Voice, he wrote to a reader who wrote in and said this: “Hi Andrew, I’m writing because I just can’t deal with my father anymore. He’s a 65-year-old super right-wing conservative who’s basically turned into a total a**hole, intent on ruining our relationship and planet with his politics. I’m more or less a liberal democrat with very progressive values and I know people like my dad are going to destroy us all. I don’t have any good times with him anymore. All we do is argue.

When I try to spend time with him talking about politics or discussing current events, there’s still an underlying tension that makes it really uncomfortable. Don’t get me wrong, I love him no matter what, but how do I explain to him that his politics are turning him into a monster, destroying the environment, and pushing away the people who care about him? Thanks for your help, Son of a Right-Winger.”

How do you respond to that? This guy responded in the best way I…This is the best thing I’ve read in a long, long time. Here are the highlights: “Dear Son of a Right-Winger, Go back and read the opening sentences of your letter. Read them again. Then read the rest of your letter. Then read that again. Try to find a single instance where you refer to your dad as a human being, a person, or a man. There isn’t one. You’ve reduced your father – the person who created you – to a set of beliefs and political views and how it relates to you. And you don’t consider your dad a person of his own standing – he’s just “your dad.”

You’ve also reduced yourself to a set of opposing views, and reduced your relationship with him to a fight between the two. The humanity has been reduced to nothingness and all that’s left in its place is an argument that can never really be won…

The world isn’t being destroyed by democrats or republicans, red or blue, liberal or conservative, religious or atheist. The world is being destroyed by one side believing the other is destroying the world. The world is being hurt and damaged by one group of people believing they’re truly better people than the others who think differently. The world officially ends when we let our beliefs conquer love. We must not let this happen…

So we must protect and respect each other, no matter how hard it feels. No matter how wrong someone else may seem to us, they are still human…Love your dad because he’s your father, because he made you, because he thinks for himself, and most of all because he is a person. Have the strength to doubt and question what you believe as easily as you’re so quick to doubt his beliefs. Live with a truly open mind – the kind of open mind that even questions the idea of an open mind.

Don’t feel the need to pick a side. If you do pick a side, pick the side of love. It remains our only real hope for survival and has more power to save us than any other belief we could ever cling to. Your friend, Andrew W.K.” That is the best advice I’ve heard in a long time. Andrew, who writes for the Village Voice, oh boy, that goes against everything politically, doesn’t it? Uh huh.

When there is comfort, there is no growth. When there is growth, there is very little comfort. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and grow and exercise the human heart just a bit.

  • Type 53

    Get some rest, Beck.

    • Guest

      Get some brains, pal.

      • yourpaled

        The events of 9/11 really struck me hard at the time. It was an event that was too hard to believe. But, considering what is happening today in this world should make people think about what they are seeing. The world is full of deceptions, like magicians performing tricks in front of your eyes that are obviously false. After researching that tragedy and reading many views and investigations, it is absolutely impossible that a plane could bring down a skyscraper the way the WTC 1&2 came down. The way all those thousands tons of steel melted into nothing. The way all that concrete vaporized into dust. There wasn’t enough energy in the fuel to destroy those towers so efficiently. What was truly used is still a mystery that only the perpetrators know about and our eyes have been deceived yet again. They are truly magicians.

        • Richie Whitmore

          Maybe the secret government mind control serum they were storing in the planes and buildings burns hot enough to do those things. Magic!

        • R.J. Brownlee

          I take it you never had trigonomics, metallurgy or physics in school. Jet fuel burns approx. 10 times hotter than premium gasoline. Which means the melting point of the steel will be reached faster. Being that it was enclosed inside the building it was as if it were in a forge. keeping the temperature stable and extremely hot. Once the floor buckled then the weight of the upper floors pushing down with gravity and the heat. There was nothing to hold it together. That’s why it collapsed in on it’s self. Science can explain the whole thing. But conspiracy theorist can, have and will claim foul. Some people have very vivid imaginations when they can’t accept scientific logic.

          • landofaahs

            That’s not even considering carpets and other chemicals inside. Plus the added weight of any cement poured for floors.

          • jim

            Hmmm that’s interesting- as far as I know other than on 9/11 -No steel structured skyscraper has ever been brought down by fire ever. Anybody have any examples of this happening other than on 9/11 ???

    • Connor Kenway

      Get a life that does not revolve around attacking Beck.

      • landofaahs

        Mine revolves around Christ. Does that count?

  • Bob George

    Somebody is a little too amped up for a Tuesday morning. Love it

  • Mary Casanova

    See, Glen’s not the only one who sees it. We are being pitted against each other. We spend so much time and energy hating each other, that we are overlooking all the true evil that is going on. If we expend all our energy arguing, there will be no one left to question the government, the religions, and the nut jobs out there. We are letting it happen. We have to get over ourselves. WE are America. I’m not, you aren’t. Only we can be. Glenn isn’t amped.He’s frantic. He’s one of the poor sorry bastards who sees it coming. He’s not chicken little. He’s the voice of reason.

    • af

      What’s the difference between amped or frantic or the voice of reason or hopped up on amphetamines?

      • Mary Casanova

        TAP (Toxic Amphetamine Psychosis) Has a lot more lip chewing and skin picking. Frantic, can be shrill at times, but relies on factual components (and not invisible worms coming out of the skin) Glen does show his panic at times, but he doesn’t chew holes in his tongue.

      • Candice Lee-Harvey

        i THINK Glenn is like a Paul Revere….. Glenn is amped.. on on fear!! for us all!

    • jim

      Lol-He sure is frantic-!
      Glenn Beck Calls 911 After Accidentally Eating Halal Pizza

  • G….h.i

    Glenn you can’t play both sides or convince uninformed to hardened liberals to except what they already have but don’t want.

    You can’t expect good to come from tyranny and in order to have liberty you must push those forces back that threatens your liberty.

    The reason we are about to have another world war is because we have people in power here at home who refuses to honor our laws and principles. We have become a lawless nation who throws the masses to the wolves because of their misguided beliefs.

    Obama and the rest of the left would rather lie to us and arm the wrong people overseas. They would rather encourage carnage in the Middle East and do nothing when they have absolute power to do so.

    We are heading for a world war and trust me there are no exits to get off.

    The fact is that we’ve been lied to for the past 6 or so years by democrats and the MSM on the economy and Iraq. We are still being lied to and it won’t stop anytime soon.
    Because we are being lied to and the American people are angrier and more confused now than ever before.

    I don’t watch your show to learn about moral principles or whatever. I watch your show because your one of a few out there who actually tells the truth and reports the facts.

    I had to go to another website to get a better perspective in what’s happening around the world and here at home because your whole message is about making peace with those hell bent on destruction.

    I’ll be the first to say that I’m am no threat to anyone that I disagree with but I promise I will not allow some radicle to threaten me and my family.

    I’ll do whatever it takes to take care of my loved ones.

    But as far as apologizing I have nothing to apologize to the left or extremist for.

    They know exactly what they are doing and they lie to cover up more lies.
    Just tell me the truth let me figure out what to do next but don’t try and convince me it’s in my best interest to do something you want me to do.

  • ken.

    the leftists are going to bring violence against us, no matter what we do or don’t do. we have to stand for our principles and not just give in and give up just to try to stop violence and war, which is going to happen anyway. either we fight for our freedom and whats right or we kneel as slaves to the evil masters.

    • Debra Oneil

      or die well, as Jesus, Gandhi, King and Bonhoeffer did

      • landofaahs

        Jesus rose after 3 days. Gandhi won’t, King might and Bonhoeffer probably will at the end.

        • sneadster

          Gandhi was running an experiment of self control and slept naked with his niece … not such a good man as some would presume.

          • ron

            gandhi was killed by his own people for endlessly giving in to the muzzy who always wanted more.

        • Debra Oneil

          have you read romans 2?

    • jim

      The Left /right paradigm is the politics of division-and the right are no angels either just look at what is going on in Israel

      Right-wing demonstrators in Tel Aviv wore neo-Nazi shirts
      Not only did the demonstrators beat leftists, they wore ‘Good night left side’ T-shirts, photographs show.


      • Candy

        YOu need to explore the differences between ‘right’ and ‘left’ in Europe and what we know as ‘right’ and ‘left’ here in the US. There is a difference. A long time ago Glenn did a show on that subject. You just have to look into the beliefs to see the difference.

        • jim

          That may be so -but in a broader sense-The Left-Right Paradigm concept theorizes that the main two(in this case the US) opposing political parties utilize their tremendous hold over mainstream media to dramatize political distractions and engage in covert warfare and operations, in grand performances of bureaucratic rivalry meant to propagandize and divide the populace.

          Divisive issues are purposefully fed through the major media outlets to divert attention away from the ruling class’s hidden and ulterior (and sometimes global) agendas.

          By drawing attention to the differences between the two embedded political systems, ideologies, races and classes, the political groups obscure political clarity and divide unity among the masses.

          The tactic creates confusion and frustration among the population, which enables the ruling class to increase and consolidate their wealth and power through maintaining an illusion of a two-party system of checks and balances that actually works.

          Just saying …

  • landofaahs

    The only real exit is Jesus. There is no avoiding the economic collapse that is coming worldwide. Be grounded in Christ.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    history repeats itself, and there are no “exits” for anyone, other than the final exit. don’t pick a side? one side says, “you have 24 hours to forfeit your beliefs and embrace islam, otherwise we will kill you.” sorry dude, i will never try to understand or love inhuman scum like that, and i will consistently support their extermination, along with all the other virulent animals masquerading as human beings. evil must be destroyed, and love is not up to that task, mmkay?

    • Joshua Richards

      Why isn’t love up to that task? Unfortunately, sometimes there is no alternative. If you give yourself over to evil, you must be stopped, no matter what it takes. “May God have mercy on your soul, because I will have none.”

      It is possible for God to change the most evil heart. However nations are not responsible for waiting for that to happen.

      Romans 13:3-5New International Version (NIV)

      3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

  • Connor Kenway

    I say we just cut ourselves from the world and kick anyones rear that tries to invade.

    • David

      It will not be that easy. There are people here who will actively collaborate with the enemy and throw open the gates when the invading army arrives. We tried isolationism leading up to WW2. Imperial Japan acted too swiftly and attacked us. If they had waited until after Germany first crushed the UK, then the Nazis would have had their full forces arrayed against the Soviet Union and would have also crushed them as well. During that time, Japan could have eliminated both British forces in Asia and finished off the Chinese. At that point, only the US would have remained with enemies on both sides looking to invade us. While the US is the only country in the world to ever win a war on two fronts, those two fronts were never fought on American soil. If we were the last opposition standing, it would not have ended so well.

      • landofaahs

        Sadly they are in charge and in the White House.

  • af

    I would have been roundly laughed out of my jr high debate team for this sort of gobbledygook. Get it together man!

    • Type 53

      Incredible empty noise, isn’t it?

  • Dawn

    It is all written in the Bible.. Read it..God bless our souls..Jesus Help those who are lost.

    • landofaahs

      We will not have a ww3 without God having a hand in it and guiding the outcome. Jesus repeatedly said “Fear not” After all he said he is with us to the very end of the age. I KNOW that it is true and I am way past just believing it but knowing it. So take heart and realize that salvation is nigh.


    Beck doesn’t understand that all of this has been pre-planned by the Globalist Elites. They want a One World Government (New World Order) with themselves as supreme rulers. Their motto: Out of chaos comes order.

    • happymchappy

      Tighten that tin foil hat of yours a bit more please.

      • landofaahs

        I prefer one made of gold or silver. Better reception.

        • sneadster

          Copper is a good conductor as well.

          • landofaahs

            Not as good as silver and silver has many more industrial applications and uses not to mention medical. But copper is good to have.

    • Christina

      You must be new.

    • landofaahs

      The best laid plans of men and mice often turn out quite differently than what was planned. They are the one’s who are miffed and stare like deer in the headlights when their head is being put in the noose. They never get it.

  • FriscoWalt

    I see “son of a right winger” as the typical Dem liberal,my way or the highway.I’d wager he was a very privileged child.

  • Landree

    The same guy who’s saying “choose love” made statements like “it took me a year to start hating the 911 victim’s families”.

    • Watch it

      Out of context

    • Bully Pulpit

      and today he said “choose love”.

      • Landree

        Modern Glenn chose to endanger an innocent man’s life by continually falsely accusing him of being a main terrorist in the Boston bombing. Now, his defense in the resulting defamation law suit is that the man defamed himself by being accused. Beck takes no responsibility for his shameful actions. If Beck had integrity, he’d apologize to the man and settle with him. Where’s Beck’s love in those actions?

  • Winter Dryden


  • whenthedevilvisits_dot_com

    Glenn could be saying “all is well, nothing to worry about, just believe in Christ” and everyone would take swing and still not do one thing to change. He could say, “let’s get along, let’s use love to change the world” and everyone would take a swing and still not change. He could say, “WWIII is this time next year” and nobody would change. He really should be speaking to those who have the same heart as him. Forget the others who do not use love as influence. They are not going to change. All we can do now is get busy building our ark.

  • Paula Nolan

    It is all very close, and no one does anything except talk. I’m a very strong minded person but I have always tried to listen to all sides of an argument I have never been truly fearful of mankind in my life. Two days ago for the first time in a very long time I picked up my bible… it will not save me from evil but faith will strengthen me for what’s coming.

  • Harry N Bonnie Marcus

    No way out except to be ready for Jesus!

  • Chris

    Arabs have pent up anger, when your angry you have to have something to hate. Back to Abraham and Sarah , they feel like they got cheated out of their birth right, blessings are supposed to go to the first born. Jews claiming to be the chosen people. So, Arabs feel like they got a dirty deal. God said let Issac be the inheritor when in tradition the first born gets it. Ishmael is the older brother. So, they feel like they should’ve got it.

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    Wow I try not to be nasty to people who don’t agree with me, but I know from time, to time, some of them have gotten under my skin. I am going to try very hard in the future to do better. And pray that Glenn is wrong, although he’s normally not.

  • mark4java

    Is there anything bad that he hasn’t predicted? None of it really has come true. One day it will. I don’t understand his need to over-dramtize everything.

  • Bob Young

    Isnt it interesting how the miscreant obama, who received the now meaningless Nobel Peace prize for doing nothing, will be the single cause of WWIII? Thats what you get when you elect a smoother sounding Al Sharpton as president. Incompetent, inexperienced, unqualified, unaccomplished, marxist, islamo-nazi sympathizer, and anti-American is what we got with obama.

    • landofaahs

      The liberal elite of the 30’s loved Hitler too. They have a problem with enemy identification.

      • ken.

        the problem with liberals is not enemy identification, it’s that liberals identify with our enemies.

  • Mary Casanova

    Tuna and TP guys. Stock up.

  • Costel Ungureanu
  • Costel Ungureanu

    Sign the petition your voice against Sharia Law…….

    • BlueMN

      LOL You should rename it, “Lunatic Watch List Registration Form.”

      • David

        You have no experience with Sharia Law. I have seen in in my wife’s native Indonesia. It is NOT something I ever want to see here, and neither should you.

  • Linda Potter

    It is the empirical thirst of man to be right that suffocates the rational love of man. Have we digressed as civilized citizens when an open forum, even between a father an son, is strangled? Have we lost our ear for tolerance and open thinking? Maybe. Too bad, maybe.

    • David

      Read Machiavelli, Cicero, and Nietzsche. Man is corrupt and selfish. True Altruism (sacrifice for absolutely no benefit what so ever) is an aberration in nature. Only faith and religion teaches Altruism as something to be respected.

  • Cory Liberty

    Truth is as long as we have guns we have liberty. Those that didn’t take the well warren path will have the best chance of survival.

  • Quek

    Problem is Glenn, we are going to be in WW III. We have past the point of no return. I wish it wasn’t so but it is. The question is really where is it going to start. China and Japan? The middle East? A major bomb on our soil? Russia expands a few more countries to big? It has been set in motion as surely as Chamberlain’s time. The time to avoid it has come and gone. Many don’t understand how devastating the war will be. Our aid will end over seas and they aren’t ready for that. Nature abhors a vacuum in all things. We created the vacuum of leadership. It will be filled and is being filled. The question is what does the world look like afterwards? My conservative guess is a loss of 20 to 30% of the world population. It will change things.

    • David

      I think 30% is too low. It WILL be a nuclear arms exchange followed by “The Post Atomic Horror”(Star Trek TNG; Q’s kangaroo court). America’s retreat is the harbinger of a new Dark Age. The collapse of the Roman Empire and the Bubonic Plague (one in three dead) only caused Europe to fall into a near stone age while Asia remained strong. This time, the entire world will regress.

  • lance

    One life will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last

  • Weetbix 69

    Go to Youtube and search “Harbinger” When you watch the link, there are several, and read this again, it will support what Glenn has written here.


  • Dr Clifford Brickman

    The Still, Soft Voice

  • Dr Clifford Brickman
  • Rachel L Rondina

    Soon the rapture will happen and cut this short. We all know what happens after that. Just sitting here waiting for the trumpet call.

  • TaoTeChing

    Has Mr Beck said what would start WWIII? What did he say?

    • Chris

      The Arabs have been starting the war, their the aggressors. They want everyone to be their Islam and if not they will kill you.

      • TaoTeChing

        I guess that it was something like that he meant.

  • Bob Anderson

    I will never forget 9/11, nor will I forget 9/12. I was onboard the USS George Washington, on 9/11 we started catching planes. The next day, we sailed through New York harbor, I will never forget seeing the smoke rising over the city. I am retired from the Navy now, however, I took an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic, to me, that still holds.

  • Rhonda Hubler

    Creator God is the master planner; everything that is happening in the world today was prophecied in Ezekiel 38. God will do the fighting for Israel and Israel will win in the end. As the US we should have stuck with Israel, we have not, so therefore we as a nation will fall as all the others. The only exit for anyone right now is accepting JESUS CHRIST as your personal saviour. There will be a mass exit soon, called the rapture, after that you WILL go through a horrible time on this earth like none other, also predicted in the Bible in Revelation. What the world needs right now is Courageous men and women to stand up and tell the truth of who they are and what they believe from GOD’s word so that others are given the chance to accept the free gift offered. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that WHOSOEVER believeth in HIM should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 May Creator God’s Spirit go out and soften hearts to hear, understand, and respond to the truth and take that last exit.

  • JLWright

    Modern day America and freedom will not be healed or saved until it mournfully deals with the damage done to its children caused by its adulteries, divorces, fornications, children born out of wedlock, passive and politically correct Christianity and gay marriage – which has codified sodomy into law. As a result devious schemes of evil and fraud are rising and are overwhelming the benefits of God’s miraculous gift – the best Constitution and Republic ever known to man.

  • JLWright

    Can the liberty of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis – a conviction of God in the minds of the majority of the people? (Thomas Jefferson)

  • nicle

    Wondering why you don’t run for office instead of calling it all out? Perhaps you should DO something constructive and not be a finger pointer, doom sayer, wh
    iner and RUN and serve and see if you can make a difference, a huge change?

    • Chris

      He’s a journalist, makes his living doing what he’s doing.

  • 2 IT too

    “The turn on event for WWIII —WILL BE
    ———————circa 2020,
    ——-AFTER the GLOBALISTS enable
    ——————-compllete RED CHINA rearmament,
    World Net Daily

    As we OBSERVE our controlled FAKE media
    makes NO mention of today’s 61st anniversary
    of the now 21st century DEFIINING – – – -KOREAN WAR……..

  • Jew Whisperer


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