Al Sharpton differentiates between ‘shoplifting’ and ‘robbery’ in Michael Brown case

Al Sharpton was in Ferguson, Missouri on Sunday standing alongside the family of 18-year-old Michael Brown who was shot and killed by a police officer last week. Speaking to a congregation at Greater St. Marks Family Church, Sharpton sought to draw a bizarre distinction between shoplifting and robbery.

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On Friday, authorities confirmed Brown was a suspect in the robbery of a convenience store, which occurred just minutes before the shooting. Police released surveillance video allegedly showing Brown shoving a clerk before leaving the store with a $50 box of cigars.

According to authorities, however, the officer who shot Brown did not know he was a suspect. Instead, Brown and his friend were stopped “because they were walking down the middle of the street blocking traffic.”

Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others have criticized the Ferguson Police Department for releasing the surveillance footage that appears to indict Brown. Sharpton used his speech on Sunday to offer further condemnation.

“I have never in all my years seen something as offensive and insulting as a police chief releasing a tape of a young man trying to smear him before we even have his funeral or his burial,” Sharpton said. “First of all, if this is the young man, y’all quit trying to exaggerate. That was shoplifting, not robbery… Robbery, you break in, stick something up. Shoplifting, you take some cigars. It’s wrong if he did it, but call it what it is.”

If you happen to be interested in the semantics, Breitbart reports there is actually very little difference between shoplifting and robbery under Missouri state law:

Shoplifting is punished as stealing in Missouri. Stealing consists of taking property that belongs to another person, without the person’s consent, or by means of deceit or coercion, and with the intention of depriving that person of the property… Shoplifters are subject to criminal penalties, including jail time and fines, as well as civil penalties.

On radio this morning, Stu offered his own distinction between the two that contrasts Sharpton’s reasoning. As Stu explained, the assault of the convenience store clerk – as seen in the surveillance video – supports the notion the incident was a robbery.

“I will say this. The difference, I would say, between shoplifting and robbing would be a physical altercation with a store employee,” Stu concluded. “And remember, once again, we were told that initially there was no reason [to] suspect Michael Brown. Then we were told that there was a robbery call, and he may have matched the description of the person who did the robbery. Now we learn [it was] one of the greatest descriptions of all time [because] it actually was him. It’s on tape occurring.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • ken.

    sorry al, but breaking in is called burglary, sneaking something out is called shop lifting, using force is called robbery. the truth is the truth even if your dead, are we supposed to lie, just because someone is dead?

    • CatheS

      Watch the video. He was confronted by a clerk, and physically assaulted him to make his getaway. That’s where Stu says it became robbery, and according to law, I would tend to agree.

      • Thebabydoc

        Also assault under the laws of all 50 states.

      • BeeSmart

        He also returned to threaten the clerk with physical violence. Another element of robbery.

    • Dave S

      force can be merely physical intimidation or a threat and the threat can be implied … It does not have to be actual FORCE

      • ken.

        physical intimidation and threats are force.

      • BeeSmart

        But there was ACTUAL force used when Brown grabbed the clerk by the neck.

    • crazyottojr

      They call making silly ignorant statements while sounding illiterate “Going Sharpton”

    • Tricia Anthone

      “…breaking in is called burglary, sneaking something out is called shop lifting, using force is called robbery.” Excellent. Sharpton is full of sh*t; trying to paint this imposingly large* and violent-prone 18 yr. old man a naughty little boy.
      *See the video

  • Nunya bidness

    I wondered with this has to do with the killing of an unarmed boy?

    • Guest

      He may have been unarmed but when you bullrush a copy EXPECT to get SHOT. End of story.

    • Tom Flores

      He may have been unarmed but when you bullrush a cop EXPECT to get SHOT. End of story.

      • howdy doddy


    • Tom Flores

      Did you see the size of that kid? Lol. Are you kidding me? The only thing missing were skittles and ice tea…lol.

    • Joe Momma

      18 and 300lbs makes him a man. A 300 lb man charging you can kill you. He deserved to be shot.

      • taliesin319

        He did not stop- he rushed the cop, hence the multiple bullets.
        If in fear for your life fire directly for center mass and don’t stop till they drop. I’d do it to anyone who put both feet in my house and came at me. Invade my home and approach my personal space and I know you are not here to pray the rosary. A policemen told him halt.
        He had a gun in his hand. The perpetrator is 300 lbs and 6’4. Despite the bullets his body wall was enough to absorb them and his anger was such as to keep him coming on full force. He is now dead. One wonders if none of this occured how many people would be dead in the future at this angels gentle hand.

    • nicle

      Nunya I have to agree. I wish that Mr. Brown never robbed that store because look at the domino effect that happened all because of his actions. One thing that is feel is the disconnect if the police did not know Mr. Brown robbed a store why then was there an altercation and a shooting??

      • Joe Momma

        If you are walking down a street, in the middle, and a cop car comes, can the cop tell you to get TF out of the street? Yes. When a cop makes a lawful order and you tell him to F off might he stop his car and try to talk to you? Yes. And when he attempts to exit his vehicle can you push his door shut and punch him in the face? No. Can you reach in the vehicle and attempt to steal his gun? No. Can you get shot for that? Yes. And when you run after that altercation can you be chased? Yes. And when you realize that you are 300lbs and too fat to get away and decide to turn around and confront the chaser can you be shot? Yes. There you have it. I know it’s hard for the likes of you to comprehend but I laid out a pretty clear map of how you get to “an altercation and a shooting”. The only thing to dispute here is the “he said, she said” stuff. I find the police version more credible every day. A friend of the dead guy from a “snitches get stitches” neighborhood has ZERO credibility.

        • smokehill2

          Your scenario is so far about the most likely to be correct.

          We can already see how much credibility there is among the “witnesses” from that community. The general trend was that this cop got out, chased this innocent little boy for no reason at all, and then shot him multiple times in the back. A couple of witnesses, puzzlingly enough, said that this big bruiser came at the cop. Apparently they hadn’t got the word from the race pimps who were trying to get the right LIES out to the media and demonize the cop.

          It is obvious that all those fine citizens who said the cop shot him in the back are LIARS, and I’d look hard at prosecuting them. The autopsy now proves that, with no room for doubt, and the powder residue shows that most of the shots were done at some distance, rather than standing over this helpless “boy”” and executing him, as some “witnesses” claim.


    • tonybigs

      Two scenarios:

      1. Mr. Bidness did not commit a robbery minutes before police encounter.
      2. Mr. Bidness did commit a robbery minutes before police encounter.

      How would Mr. Bidness react and respond to the officer?

    • Girard1974

      It sounds so less serious when a “man” is described as a “boy.” Except being able to legally drink an alcoholic beverage, Mr. Brown (not “Master” Brown) fulfills all of the requirements to be known legally as a “man.”

      As for the rest of the charges against this man, like others I’ll let the jury sort that out. But one thing appears absolutely true: Mr. Brown robbed that convenience store during which he physically “shoved” the clerk/owner.

      So at least as far as the “robbery” is concerned, I believe the jury will have little doubt – let alone any “reasonable doubt” – that will require them to return a guilty as charged verdict.

      • taliesin319

        Unless it is predominantly black and they pull an OJ so the Philosophy so pedominant among them can overcome anything like facts and evidence. It is best described as the determination to.
        “we gon giv it ta da man ” aka, the OJ maneuver

    • MaRiNuS ScHuNcK

      a 6th 4 270LB 18 year old is the weapon,

    • eric

      Americans stopped calling black men “boys” in the 60s, in the 70s or 80s further south. I, personally, would never refer to a fellow as big as Mr. Brown as “boy”, armed or not.

      • Tantalus XVI

        OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Burn!!! lol

      • nam vet

        We stopped call them “boy” to avoid a violent reaction from “boys” AND men.

    • howdy doddy

      has to do with the fact he also attacked the Officer in his veh and tried to take his gun that also is against the law and an arrest able offense and gives the officer the right to shoot in self defense if charged by this punk

    • elevenoclock

      Are you purposely misspelling or are you unaware of the correct spelling. Just curious.

  • Joe Momma

    Sorry, Al. When you get caught “shoplifting” and use force to get away with said shoplifting, you have become a strong arm robber. Man, that guy is a moron.

  • tonybigs

    The incident stopped being “shoplifting” when the clerk (owner?) was shoved.

    From that point on Mr. Brown and his accompanying people had self-knowledge of having committed a crime with violence. How did that knowledge affect Mr. Brown’s actions after the crime and a very-soon-after-the-fact encounter with the police? That’s what evidence and sworn testimony may show.

  • WrinkledThought

    That’s like saying there is a difference between Marxism and Communism – it is still theft and thuggery! Oh, wait, consider the source. Never mind, my bad…….

  • David Loving

    OK. Let’s say you have a lawnmower in your front yard. X drives up, puts it in his pickup w/o your permission and takes off. That’s theft. Next, let’s say you’re mowing the lawn, the guy drives up, shoves you away from the mower, puts it in his truck and takes off. That’s robbery. Stealing property in a store and shoving a person on your exiting is robbery. Robbery = Theft + Force.

    • smokehill2

      If you want Reverend Al to understand, you’d better stick to words of two syllables or less.

      And using Ebonics would be helpful. The Most Reverend Al has never been exactly proficient in English. Probably because he got his alleged title from a mail-order divinity school in Nairobi.

      • BeeSmart

        If you can stomach it try watching his TV show. He is a riot with his malapropisms, misused words and freelance grammar. It is like the old Amos and Andy Show. They were negative TV stereotypes rightly banned from the public airways. He has set back most positive images of Blacks 75 years with his TV minstrel show. But even mentioning this clowns lack of education and stupidity is racism in the liberal dictionary.

        BTW how does MSNBC allow him to participate in the “festivities” in Ferguson then actually report on the events. What a dishonest and pathetic excuse for a “news” show. Liberal guilt taken to new nights. Try getting an educated African/American to host the time slot.

        The fact that liberal TV producers would allow this mans’ display of ignorance and buffoonery on TV just proves how they love to allow Blacks to put their worst foot forward while claiming to be “HELPING.” Thanks but NO thanks.

      • taliesin319

        He could have asked assistance from his protégée whom we NY era remember as Tawana Putana.

  • MaRiNuS ScHuNcK

    so is Al Saying that the shop lifting is much better than robbery ,though once he was confronted by the clerk and then assaulted him what would Al call that one ,whats the charge for getting pushed out of a moving car huh JAY WALKING

  • tinwhistler

    Does Al get a piece of the family’s almost certain multimillion dollar settlement with the town?

    • Thebabydoc

      There will be no settlement. In China they’d get the bill for the 6 bullets (plus any that missed).

      • BeeSmart

        You are naive. The money negotiations are already underway. The payoff is coming soon. Young Brown’s death is just a tool being used to pry open the State treasury. Jackson and Sharpton will be given “donations” for their help in getting this incident the public attention needed. The Brown lawyers will have their hands out too. The Brown family will be last and least in getting “paid.”

        After a time they will be used as props in the next “outrage” where Sharpton needs a “name” to draw attention to his next production.

        • Donna Graffagnino

          Exactly, just like Trayvon’s family is being used as props in this fiasco.

  • Connor Kenway

    Why do Al Sharpton always looks like a guy who shoved his head into a fish bowl one size too small and his face just got stuck like that? As for the case lets get all the facts before the angry mob claims he is racist and decide to lynch him.

    • smokehill2

      The real irony here is that if that crowd of rioting, looting “demonstrators” could actually get their hands on the officer involved, they’d lynch him in a heartbeat just as fast as they burn down their neighborhood stores and shoot each other.

      There really isnt much difference between these mutts and those fine folks who used to pose proudly for photographs alongside their lynched victims.

      Says a lot about “community values” in that particular community.

  • Bill Norton

    The only truth known so far is Al Sharpton is an opportunist ass.

    • David2u

      Al Sharpton is a Hearse chaser……

      • Jeri107

        Only the black hearses tho

    • great grandma praying for them

      who is paying for all the police to keep peace in Ferguson Mo???? and preventing people form burning and louting ????taxpayers???? 2 wrongs do not make a right. The young man lousing his life and the the other wrong things going on now. the louting and burning.

      • workingmotherof2

        yes, taxpayers are paying for the increased police force. Not the people of Ferguson because they are all eating their way through their welfare checks.

        • Nkl

          There are many homeowners and taxpayers in the city of Ferguson. Get your facts straight.

        • Pam Korzenowski

          You are really misinformed.

      • Pam Korzenowski

        Traffic ticket revenue makes up about 80% of the officers’s salary in Ferguson (NOT taxes). Also, 86% of traffic stops in Ferguson in 2013 were black citizens, vs. an overall black population of approximately 63%.

        “If the city were to try to be seen as not targeting blacks, but maintain similar revenue levels, then it would probably have to pull over a much higher proportion of whites,” said Jeff Smith, assistant professor at The New School and a former Missouri state senator.

        Ya think, “probably” ?!

  • Re-Peet99

    And since when does an 18 year is entitled to steal cigars from some one trying to work and earn a living; then threatening that person by assaulting them. Does also make it his right to be confrontational to a law officer stopping to question him?
    There should have been a less life threatening force used; such as a tazer perhaps. Even then would the neighborhood riot over that? If any other minority neighbor had an incident such as this; would they riot and destroy businesses; threaten the police and destroy equipment? Hard to find examples; but if you research the data the records show what is obvious.

    • BeeSmart

      Don’t think there has been a police related killing of a minority in Ferguson in a very long time if ever. So what is all this talk about “police hunting down Black children.” Just makes a mockery of this incident and most serious people, except liberals, totally discount the grievances and emotionally charged slogans being peddled in Ferguson.

      The presence of Sharpton and Jackson causes most people to just shut down and discount anything whether true or not about the incident. There own worst enemies. Racists everywhere are rejoicing since this “proves” at least to them their crazy race based rantings. Bet you can’t find 10 white families that would EVER move to Ferguson.

      Don’t see any “helping hand” liberals flocking to integrate Black neighborhoods. After this display the old saw of “living in peace together” can be postponed for another 50 years. Just what the race baiters want. The plantation mentality continues and the Democrats get all the votes. And can fund raise on this for a few years.

      The liberal talking heads on TV can make all the excuses about “black rage” that they want from their 100% white, doorman protected buildings in Manhattan or their exclusive Conn. homes. The truth is they could care less then a penny about the average Black family anywhere in this country. It is all about the elite class pitting working people against one another while they line their piggy bank accounts.

    • taliesin319

      With that massive body wall a tazer would have been no worse than a bee sting. He could twist a neck around so quick he would detach it from the axis.

  • eric

    In Texas, he committed robbery. He could have been shot by the storekeeper to prevent his leaving after the commission of a felony.

  • Hugh Jass

    Does the store owner get his cigars back?

    • Thunderthud

      They have to be held for evidence by cops who are clueless about humidors. They won’t be fit to smoke by the time he does get them back.

      • Rob

        They’re Swisher Sweets. They never WERE fit to smoke.

        • Thunderthud

          Never mind! The media has used the term cigar too loosely.

          I don’t like koolaid in my cigars NOR in my beer.

        • smokehill2

          But they’re really popular among the ghetto mutts who stuff them with weed so they can smoke openly in public.

          • Thebabydoc

            It’s called a BLUNT.

        • BeeSmart

          Where were his skittles and grape soda. Thought you had to be coming from the local store with these items to be shot. Will protesters be giving out cigars during protests like the liberal morons in Florida did with skittles? They never even knew they were a component of a drug like mixture Martin was concocting. Maybe cigars are used for some ghetto smoking ritual the world at large is unaware of.

          Guess they don’t know how to make “sip-sip” in Ferguson. Smoking is bad for your health. Brown did not learn that in school.

          • taliesin319

            Well, the grape soda and some skittles were piously left at the ” shrine ” of the person who will follow in the saintly footsteps of the Holy Saint Travon of the Sanctified Skittles. If this latest
            candidate for the Community of Saints makes it to his Beatification ( needs one miracle ) He will then rise to the level whereby in time and with 2 other miracles can own the title,
            St Micheal of theBlessed Purple Drank. Halleluia

        • Donna Graffagnino

          they were gonna be emptied and used for blunts anyway…

      • Daniel Brofford

        He was not going to smoke what was in them he was going to put his own stuff in them. WEED

    • Michelle Calhoun

      Didn’t his store get burned down? Think he lost more than a box of cigars. Poor guy.

  • jfreddick

    Unfortunately, Reverend Sharpton’s law degree came from the same place as his divinity degree…a Crackerjack box!

    • Bill McClure

      You forgot the quotation marks around “reverend”

    • crazyottojr

      actually toys from the CJ are worth more. Shoplifting is theft without force and Robbery is with force. This man used force no question.

  • Carl David Ford Sr.

    The two best things that could happen to help race relations in this country is if Sharpton and Jackson would just die already….although Jesse and Al were both treated in the emergency room last night, they banged heads diving for an open mike…..

    • itzjesme

      I AGREE! I am not a racist and I know that this story would have never hit the news had it been a black cop or a white offender. Al and Jesse are the biggest racist in this country and I am embarrassed for the blacks in my family that they are associated with those two idiots, if only by the color of their skin.

  • mofo13

    You “people” can go back and forth about the semantics of robbery vs. shoplifting as long as you want. None of you are experts, but ALL of you are hot to try and spin and fold and BEND this somehow to a way that justifies the unjustified murder of this man in cold blood. NONE OF IT MATTER in the shooting death. WND OF STORY. If that kid should be shot dead for jaywalking, then all of you should be executed by hanging for being stupid moronic idiots.

    • Dave S

      I am an expert ….. and he wasn’t killed for stealing cigars … he was killed for assaulting a cop who had every intention of going home to his family.. You are the moron … too stupid to even know what the facts are… and even stupider that you cant understand them. I hope you get the race war you are pushing for

    • haveittodayray

      Reserve your judgment until all facts are in. Main stream news will never report about his past arrests, past felonies, and past gang membership of the “bloods”. Wait reserve judgment until all facts and evidence are in.

  • Stephen C

    fake rev

  • Dave S

    The un convoluted message from these animals…. We are going to do what we want when, how we want and WITH YOUR stuff and if you dont like us, we are gonna burn you place down and if you try to impose your stupid laws on us … we will use our allies in the media and on the left to persecute you until you die… and if we decide to beat on you… you better just lay there and take it .. cause Its racist if anyone defends themselves from our ape brothers

    • BeeSmart

      Notice they remain on the plantation while they act out their robbery, looting and assault activities. Try this in some other neighborhoods and the body count would be a bit higher. As long as they harm themselves it is like watching a slow suicide.

      Maybe if they were looting 5th Ave. shops or Beverly Hills stores they might understand what actual power would be brought down on their heads and the fact that as long as they stay put they can continue to do what they want on the liberal defined plantation. Just vote Democratic come November and other peoples money will be used to repair the damage the community inflicted on itself while blowing off steam.

      This Michael Brown could have been a monster or saint it does NOT matter it is just an excuse for the poverty pimps to gin up things. It is almost like a stage play where all the actors have a role and it is played out at every opportunity.

      Sharpton and Jackson are the directors and political figures, right and left, bit players. Money is raised and the minstrel show moves on awaiting the next chance for a repeat performance within the confides of the defined low income arena. Even the POTUS only gets a bit part in the performance.

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Sharpton is trying to split hairs because the real TRUTH is now starting to come out. As Kevin Jackson so eloquently said this morning “Sharpton is irrelevant”. Obviously Sharpton’s irrelevancy is floating to the surface again like scum.

    And this is coming from a snitch!

  • Brad Donald

    He has never helped a situation he injected himself into. He shows up just to throw gas on the fire.

    • Dave S

      He helps himself

      • Today22011

        Passes the hat ?? Charges membership dues for his organization ??

  • David2u

    Shoplifting is when someone steals or attempts to steal a item by secretly sneaking the item out of the store. It became strong arm robbery when Brown took the cigars by fear & force. The difference is one is a misdemeanor with a penalty of up to 6 months in jail & a fine… versus a felony and up to 5 yrs in a state prison.

  • dazzy

    So which was it when he made up the story about Tawana Brawley?

  • dazzy

    Al got wind of the new video so he’s stretching things as far as he can to keep people from thinking about it. For instance, I’m thinking right now, how the hell does anyone take him seriously?

  • AsSeenOnTv

    He choked the employee before walking out of the store… He committed a strong arm robbery.

  • Robert Whitlow

    All this is nothing more than a distraction from the perpetrator’s actions in the seconds leading to his being shot. It appears from statements made by witnesses that Brown ran from the policeman then turned and charged him at which time the officer opened fire. Now six shots may have been excessive, I do not know since I was not present, but if Brown would not have charged to officer I doubt he would have been fired at. I see no reason for the riots taking place if the person shot was ultimately responsible for the officers actions.

    • Ferrari fan

      You shoot until the person stops coming towards you, that’s how they are trained and for good reason. If it took six shots for Brown to stop coming at him then that’s how many it took. None of the shots were center of mass though, so the officer’s aim was a bit off, probably due to getting punched in the face.

    • Dave S

      Once you shoot ,, you keep shooting until the threat is completely eliminated and 6 shots…. thats about 3 seconds of shooting or less

    • Thorgo


  • RockyMtn1776

    Roughing up the clerk shows a giant bully taking what he wanted and daring anyone to stop him. That alone should have been a hate crime, there is no way the media or his “friends” can use the so called gentle giant video without showing what an mean person he really was. t’s called social justice when a black kills a white person but when a white kills a black, it’s called a hate crime. That friends and neighbors is the America of today. Welcome to 1984.

    • Grable Cheek

      this happens all the time,and as far has j jackson and al sharpton are concerned its show time i will never call them REVERANT,they got that to cheat on there taxes not to preach the lords words, they stir the blacks up not help them!! the smart blacks no better and when they try and help black americans AL and Jess call them uncle toms(they are the racist)not the true american blacks or whites,

  • Charles Singleman

    Al, know the law. You are once again coming off as the stupid ass you are. This is my opinion of Al Sharpton. (Legal Disclaimer) I am allowed to state my opinion.

  • Bob Fish

    I believe I’ll wait for ABC’s audio of Officer Wilson’s radio call for backup before I jump to a conclusion…….

  • LieutenantSword

    Larceny is larceny. Plain and simple.

    • Dave S

      larceny and robbery are two different things there fella

      • Bryan Bell

        robbery is a form of larceny. shoplifting is a form of larceny.

      • LieutenantSword

        I presume you’re referring to the “by force” indicated in the “Webster’s” definition of “robbery”. Regardless, both are taking of another’s property. The rest is semantics.

        • Dave S

          No I am referring to “by force” as in the statutes of the state where I was sworn to enforce them … No its not semantics …. Its called elements of a crime and can mean the difference between a slap on the wrist and a long prison sentence.. Its the elements that make the difference between a misdemeanor and felony

      • LieutenantSword

        Oh… fella

  • Reliquary

    So lets say there is this guy ..and he is pointing a gun at me….. So I charge at him ….. And he is the one with the bad judgement???? I don’t know, but my opinion is that if i charge toward a guy pointing a gun at me… I am not the epitome and/or poster child for common sense.

    • Today22011

      Maybe just so arrogant of his size and weight he refused to believe he could be stopped. Maybe high on something ?

      • BeeSmart

        The expression “so what are you going to do shoot me” is a macho retort that has killed more young Blacks in this country then drugs, car accidents and police put together. Other black men with guns usually respond immediately by shooting the inquisitor.

        Seems that when facing a gun some people become Superman and really believe the other person will not shoot. This delusion is usually a death sentence.

        There have been cases of a man laughing at a 22 cal gun and asking right before being killed “what are you going to do with that pop-gun?”

    • BeeSmart

      The fact that he had already assaulted the cop was a factor. The fact that he was a very large man of undetermined age and was very aggressive was a factor.

      Maybe the cop should have had a “fair fight” with this behemoth and risked permeant injury or possibly death to show compassion for the thug. Wish some huge white guy attacked Sharpton in the same manner and he had to explain his reactions. But then he has armed “security” within arms reach most times.

      Looks like the first three shots were ‘wounding ones.” So much for the shot to wound method. Did not even slow the charge down. One last shot appears to have stopped the rapid charge at the cop.

      Facts really don’t seem to matter at this point and I think the officer will be sacrificed on the alter of political correctness and liberal guilt. Blacks seem to like lynchings as much as the KKK did. Problem is educated lawyers and liberal commentators also like a good lynching from time to time. Balances the scales in their sick minds.

      Been a while since the Duke rape case and the Florida acquittal so the blood lust is rising among the elite liberal class for another white sacrifice to their political correctness god.

  • averagejoseph

    If the residents of a neighborhood have decided that a cop is guilty and the boy is innocent without knowing anything about the crime at all EXCEPT that the boy is black, it’s pretty obvious who all the racists are.

  • icy69hot

    Hea, Sharpton, I have never in my long life seen someone stir up the crowd to fever pitch to riot over something that hasn’t even been to trial yet, but you do that way too often. Let’s not forget your loud mouth during that Trewalla Brawle case in NY State where you had the crowd convict without any evidence and when it was presented you ran like a coward and never stated your sorry for your actions. You are a race baiter and a loud mouth.

  • Dennis Mirante

    Al Sharpton is a racist pathetic ass

  • Cheryl

    what in the hell is wrong with Sharpton – is he THAT STUPID to make comments like this, so it’s OK to steal and shove people around now, oh wait “not the poor black people doing this” he is disgusting, the truth will come out and then what?? you won’t hear no apology from this idiot just more preaching about the poor blacks, hey why don’t you try to better your society

  • ed

    In the video, he also gives his little friend stuff who is carrying it out of the store.. why hasn’t he been charged?

  • Linda

    He stole and he assaulted a store owner. The video shows the character of Brown.

  • Linda

    Shoplifting is usually taking something concealing it, robbery is where someone takes something and doesn’t care if anyone sees them do it or not and often assaults someone.

  • mike house

    thief is a thief and he got what he deserved

    • TG

      wow! are you serious??! he got what he deserved?

  • in_awe

    This also goes to the state of mind of Michael Brown when he was contacted by the cop.

    Brown knew what he did at the store and probably assumed that the store owner had contacted police and figured that was the reason why he was being stopped. Only the cop didn’t have that information, so he certainly did not expect to be assaulted for just telling Brown and his fellow robber to get out of the street.

    The toxicology tests will reveal if Brown and his companion had any drugs in them that might cause an aggressive response to the cop’s order.

  • Bill Traub

    Oh, let’s not smear an 18 year old robber who pushed a clerk around and attacked a police officer. However, it’s ok to accuse a police officer of murdering an unarmed church goer. Give me a break Al.

    • Today22011

      Was a church goer ?? Really ? Hadn’t hear that one. Were any of the looters church members too ?? Pity for the neighborhood . Less places to shop, longer walk to convenience store, employees of burned business out of a paycheck. Nice going you neighbors.

  • DJ

    Was this the same Rev. Al Sharpton who leaped all over the Tawana Brawley case, where the alleged crime was never committed?

  • samiannie

    He looks like an overgrown bully.

    • haveittodayray

      Main stream news will never report about his past arrests, past felonies, and past gang membership of the “bloods”. Wait reserve judgment until all facts and evidence are in.

      • TG

        contrary to popular belief NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE LOOK ALIKE! this is not even Mike Brown!

  • Eliezer Torres

    Using massive body weight as a weapon is only stealing?

  • Valerie

    I imagine that the young man who wasn’t shot is telling his story the way he was told to. A lot of states would also indict him of murder by association in committing a crime !! So, if he’s lying, doesn’t that mean he could also be held accountable for all the destruction that’s been caused since? The video is the evidence of a robbery so i can only imagine how any young man might react when confronted by a policeman.

    • haveittodayray

      Its called the “felony murder rule” and yes he can be charged with murder also. Main stream news will never report about his past arrests, past felonies, and past gang membership of the “bloods”. Wait reserve judgment until all facts and evidence are in.

      • TG

        contrary to popular belief NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE LOOK ALIKE! this is not even Mike Brown.

  • Tim F

    Al Sharpton, get the heck out of my state.

  • Today22011

    Al Sharpton should have stayed where ever he was previously. He really called this one wrong.

  • KathySue

    So tired of Rev Ass Sharpton. Since the civil rights era ended and the mob has
    No use for a rat he’s become irrelevant. Guess he needs to find something to do
    To fill his pathetic, useless life with. I was so hoping the mafia would fit him with
    A brand spanking new pair of cement boots. Guess I just watched to many episodes
    Of The Saprano’s. Well, I can always dream, can’t I?

  • Today22011

    Pity for the neighborhood . Less places to shop, longer walk to convenience store, employees of burned business out of a paycheck. Nice going you neighbors.

  • jagermiester

    In Texas a strong arm robbery is a first class felony.

  • Keli Grantham Steadham

    Actually, the Chief said later that the officer did think that maybe Brown could have been the one involved in the store robbery, after he stopped them. Maybe he didn’t get the information until he had started pulling away, and that could account for his backing up, if that really did happen.

    Either way, theft is theft. But if you want to split hairs, shoplifting would have been done in secret, hoping no one saw you. Brown didn’t care if anyone saw him, he was getting those cigars. And the moment he put his hands on the clerk, it took it far beyond shoplifting. Sharpton would say anything to make a black person look like a saint. Sharpton is a race-baiting idiot.

  • SAFA

    Was it really HIM? People (even friends) have given false testimony before under duress. Did the shop owner or an employee report the crime? What did he say about it? Sorry, you can’t believe everything you see and hear these days. Remember the young boys of the Central Park Five in New York who were accused of raping the white woman? They spent all those years in prison based on false testimony and coerced confession. Friends manipulated to turn against friend. EXONERATED after all those years, and media barely even mentioned it. This is why I am so skeptical of the word of the police department. All of this emphasis on property….that is what insurance is for. How much is a human life worth? What about the psychological trauma to all those witnesses? Wow and Wow!

  • Boomhauser

    Al Sharpton knows robbery~!

  • Maria Tonita White

    Look like all those people protesting, about this case dose not work, maybe the are on welfare, nobody protested for the baby that was killed, and many others, so only when someone does something to then is when the goes crazy.God helpUs.


    LAPD gunned down a mentally disabled black kid a couple days ago. Where’s Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson?

  • haveittodayray

    Mainstream news left off some more facts. Main stream news will never report about his past arrests, past felonies, and past gang membership of the “bloods”. Wait reserve judgment until all facts and evidence are in.

  • ProfessionalLaw

    The officer may not have been stopping Mr. Brown for the robbery. However, Brown’s actions may be explained by the robbery. Did Brown think that he was being stopped because of the robbery? Certainly someone who just commits a robbery might be high on adrenaline, he already made one poor judgement. And based on what the media reports….Mr. Brown committed the Colorado equivalent of robbery. And the police are not going to spill details about this. That would taint the jury. I suspect regardless of what happens, the town will riot again when the Grand Jury does not indict the officer.

  • S. Marcantonio

    It is alleged that sharpton will be dying soon with brain cancer – good riddance, the sharptons, jacksons and same kind were motivated for gain to keep black youth illiterate, unemployed and practice crime by brain washing them about racism, victims of whites , etc., instead of helping them get on their feet and educate them to be prosperous citizens. In Europe black and whites are equal have same rights to free education & medical like everybody else they turn out well educated with excellent jobs without pulling strings or help they will not accept hand outs.In the UK if 2 people are talking behind you and u do not see them u can not tell one is black & one is white same accent and mannerism they feel at home and equal, most of them are very successful . A sharpton would not survive in the EU, he would go to jail for spreading racism.

    • prtyfdup

      He certainly looks like he’s dying from something. I really don’t like to wish pain and suffering on anybody but I don’t think he’ll be missed by most of us.

  • prtyfdup

    Sharpton, did you see the video? Robbery is defined as

    The Elements of Robbery

    The penal codes of each state define robbery in different ways, but the definitions contain the same basic elements. Robbery generally consists of:

    The taking, with the intent to steal, of;

    the personal property of another;

    from his or her person or in their presence;

    against his or her will;

    by violence, intimidation or the threat of force.

    Essentially, robbery is theft accomplished by violence or the threat of violence. Since this element of force sits at the core of robbery, a vital question in a robbery prosecution concerns the timing of the violence. If, for example, the violence only occurs as the robber attempts to escape from the discovered scene of a theft, the charges brought might include larceny and resisting arrest, but not necessarily robbery.

    The use or threat of force can also be slight, and the amount required to turn a theft into a robbery depends on the parties involved and the situation. If a small amount of violence or intimidation is enough to force the victim to turn over their property based on the natures of the victim and the assailant (if, say, the assailant is large and powerful and the victim is slight and elderly), then a robbery has occurred.

    While the thief doesnt have to use very much force in order to commit a robbery, a certain amount is still required. Purse snatchings, for instance, require some resistance by the victim before the theft rises to the level of a robbery. If the robber can remove the purse without any force in excess of what is required to simply take the purse off the victims person, then a jury may determine that no robbery has taken place.- See more at:

    Shoplifting is defined as

    Shoplifting is the act of knowingly obtaining goods from an establishment in which they are displayed for sale, without paying for them. Usually shoplifting involves concealing items on the person or an accomplice, and leaving the store without paying. However, shoplifting can also include price switching (swapping theprice labels of different goods), refund fraud, “wardrobing” (returning clothes after they have been worn) and “grazing” (eating a store’s goods while in the store)

    So let’s see if we can figure this out you dumb ass Sharpton. I believe he was robbing, by definition.

    • Trish P

      And there’s robbery and there’s armed robbery. As opposed to theft (shoplifting included).

  • MaRiNuS ScHuNcK

    does he know the difference between be quiet and SHUT THE HELL UP !

  • Thebabydoc

    This was inarguably a “strong arm robbery,” theft under the implied threat of bodily harm. This also makes it an assault under the law of every state in the nation. Unfortunately this truth does not fit the Sharpton and Jackson narratives so they’re gonna keep pissing on your shoes and tell you it’s raining.

  • Kentucky red

    If you walk in and take somebody else’s stuff by force I consider that a robbery!

  • Cordirose

    Hey Al…stealing is stealing!!!!!!

  • Daniel Brofford

    If I go into walmart and take something off the shelf and stick it in my pocket and walk out the door and loss prevention catch’s me that is shoplifting ie theft. if I go in and do the same thing and this time I fight with them or put my hands on them in any way I have just turned a theft into a robbery. this thug was a criminal and he knew that so that is why he wanted to get away so bad. He knew he was going to jail for a long time. I do feel bad for his parents but on the other hand I don’t know them so they may have been part of the problem. I’ve known parents in the past that has smoked crack and shot dope with own kids so just to assume that they were good parents may be a stretch. I see people all the time trying to sell their food stamps and their kids go hungry so they can buy dope. For them to allow Al Sharpton and Jackson and the nbp to come in and do what they are doing kind of tells me what type of people they are. I don’t see how they think this will help them. Obama could not have planned this any better and if he thinks that the citizen’s of this country will sit by and let him declare marshell law he has to be out of his rabid mind. He has set race relations back by 50 years in this country since he has taken office all by design. Where he’s made his mistake is thinking we are dumber then we are. Both blacks and whites for the most part see what’s going on. hopefully we will beable to stop him in his tracks

    • Bro’ Joe

      You have been bamboozled by the Ferguson Police. This issue is about one thing… and one thing only.
      Why was an unarmed human being shot at least 6 times by a police officer?

      • Edward

        Brown was shot six times because he was attacking a police officer for the second time and the first five shots didn’t stop him.

  • Bro’ Joe

    Michael Brown did not initiate the physical altercation with the store clerk.
    The store clerk did.

    • Wazoo2u2

      The store clerk tried to retrieve the goods Brown was stealing. Brown used his size and probably a threat of great violence or even murder, along with a quick choking, to silence the clerk. The clerk did not call it in for two reasons
      1. He feared (with good reason) for his life from a thug who many cjlaim was a member of the bloods gang
      2. A customer was already calling it in.
      3. Now the store owner wants to stay silent because he knows people who think like you will burn his store to the ground if he tells what really happened.

  • BeccaBoo

    Al Sharpless IS A F#CKING IDIOT!

  • BeccaBoo

    This right here tells the true story of MB”s character

    • Bro’ Joe

      I can easily Photoshop your face onto that picture also.
      What does an undocumented picture prove?

      • Wazoo2u2

        That you will never believe, regardless of all evidence that the shooting was justified.

      • BeccaBoo

        you poor dumb soul……..

  • Bro’ Joe

    Store owners always tell the employees not to resist while being robbed. That’s how people with no common sense get killed.
    All he had to do was ask Brown if he was going to pay for the $50- worth of cigars. And if Brown then walked out of the store, call the police and have them handle it. The clerk was well aware that there was a security camera recording the entire incident.
    From the words of Forest Gump… stupid is as stupid does.

  • BeeSmart

    Al Sharpton by his exaggeration and outright lies just proves his motive. Robbery is using force or threat of force to take or retain property of another person. If that thug was not using force and then returned into the shop to threaten the store employee maybe we should all have our eyes tested. Sharpton KNOWS this and continues to whip up the local mob. Anyone who defends this man is a ideologue and as bad as him.

    When and if he loses control of the forces he seeks to release my guess is he will become the first victim of the violence he craves so much. He is a criminal. Always has been and always will be.

  • TG

    I’m just shocked that these people find something funny about any of this! Its not funny. And lets be real, there is a difference between robbery and shoplifting.

    • Wazoo2u2

      I don’t think anyone views the death of a young man as funny. People see humor in the irony of Sharpton’s prevarication, and a sad irony in a large swath of the communities of color who will never believe, regardless of evidence the shooting was justified based on the threat a charging 6’4″ man who had just pummeled and tried to kill a police officer posed at the moment the officer fired.

      • Bro’ Joe

        Ever hear of shooting into a person’s legs to stop them?

        • Edward

          Only in Hollywood movies Bro’. Real life doesn’t allow you to be wrong, and legs are hard to hit. (particularly when the subject is running towards you) It should also be pointed out that the first four “warning shots” that hit Mr. Brown in the arm did not do much to deter his aggression.

      • TG

        Really?? Read some of these asinine comments. Some of these jerks absolutely attempt to make light of a death. I’m sorry but without actual footage..there is no evidence that the officer was charged upon nor is there any evidence that this young man tried to kill an officer. I wasn’t there and neither were you. So how can you draw that conclusion? The unfortunate facts are…witness accounts will be skewed, the officer’s accounts will be skewed. so we will never get the story of how it all transpired. I beg to differ, there is nothing justifiable about shooting someone 9 times.That is a shoot to kill mentality and we should not condone such. I also think you make a terrible assumption about communities of color. Not everyone of color thinks the same. The problem for me is the manner in which information has been relayed. I believe you are to have respect for authority, but how easy is that when authority often times has a preconceived idea that all people of color are thugs or up to no good. They then act on this preconceived generalization, and we end up where we are now, a dead kid in the street. I can give you countless examples of this. Google Sean Bell, John Crawford, Amadou Diallo, Jonathan Ferrell, Kendrec McDade. THAT is the issue. I think for most of the Nation that should be the issue. Why do we always end up here?

  • thedogwalker

    New accounts say the officer knew about the robbery after he stopped Brown. When all is said and done, I think there will be no indictment.

  • TG

    Most of you had already formed an opinion well before the ‘video’ was even released. Lets discuss the video, has anyone even seen it in its entirety? Or just what the media has allowed you to see. Personally I would like to see the entire clip.

    No one –white, black, yellow, pink, purple deserves to be gunned down. Lets be honest here, we dont have all the facts, and I dont think we ever will. But at the end of the day the police are to protect and serve. Anyone here who feels that this officer was doing his job needs help! You dont have to shoot to kill. Im gonna be truthful here, this country is full of stereotypes and those who love to play the race card and because of that…things will never change. We will never see that right is right and wrong is wrong. Instead we all continue to get lost in the fog of the aftermath. Its sad.

  • David Hiersekorn

    The distinction is very simple. Robbery is theft by means of force. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown beat-down. Any force or threat of force is enough. What occurred in that video was a robbery.

    In Missouri, there are two degrees of robbery, depending on whether you use a weapon. Robbery without a weapon is a Class B felony punishable by 5 to 15 years in prison. (Mo. Stat. § 569.030.)


    He used intimidation as his weapon. And the store owner was so intimidated, he did not even report the robbery. A store customer reported it. And the fact that the officer who shot Brown didn’t know is pretty inconsequential, except that BROWN most likely thought the officer was addressing him, BECAUSE of the robbery. He was on the defensive then , again, used his demeanor and size as his weapon.

  • Joshua Ward

    I’m sorry but Mr. Al you are keeping African Americans from progressing. It’s your state of mind that keeps us all of all races from blending into peace. I think the time to raise against hate race groups is now. Just like the ice bucket challenge lets challenge ourselves to rid our nation of these people who prey and get rich off of this media coverage. He’s dead even though he made mistakes celebrate his life and thank God he is in heaven.

  • Miles

    To listen to this man speak and not shake your head in disbelief, makes you twice as dumb as he is.

  • Miles

    MSNBC must be desperate

  • Betty Sines

    Al Sharpton was only there in hopes of getting some $$$ for his self. THEY booed him off his little stage when he asked them to “dig down deep”… They didn’t like or want him either!

  • Mike Rarey

    It’s theft or shoplifting when you steal something.

    It’s burglary when you enter or remain in a structure with the intent to commit a theft or other crime.

    It’s robbery when you take something from someone by force or threatened use of force.

    Mike Brown absolutely committed a strong-armed robbery.

    I don’t think Al Sharpton has ever seen a law he didn’t understand.

  • taliesin319

    In no case has dying improved the character of the deceased. If in life he was a first class punk then you may be sure that in the God’s Hall of Judgement, a first class dyed in the wool punk fell first to his knees and then to his face, the proper position for hope of mercy and it is to be hoped the visible and sincere picture of a soul begging the mercy of God. God judges. If he awards this person before him with the
    generous gift of a stay however long in Purgatory ( a place every bit as hot and uncomfortable as Hell ) that person before him will never cease to praise him hereafter. He may have had no knowledge of the Ten Commandments and moreover has an immature human cerebral cortex. Or God may see something entirely different and the end will be a place where there is nothing and never will there be anything but hate. Hate at every level. Unrelenting hate emanating from all who form the ranks. Noone will ever think of them either in Heaven or in Purgatory. They are lost to the entity they chose to serve. Always ones own choice. Let us hope mercy was the

    • Bro’ Joe

      Please show me the verse regarding Purgatory in the bible?

  • The_REAL_Voice_of_Reason

    I’d be curious to know if Mr. Brown was intending to actually smoke the cigars he stole or use them as wrappers for blunts…….

  • Bro’ Joe

    There’s only one issue about this case.
    Why did a police officer “shoot to kill” an unarmed human being?

    The “feared for his life” defense won’t fly, since he had no fear of getting out of the car to chase Brown. And even if Brown did rush him, he could have easily stopped him by pumping the 6 bullets into his legs. Sounds like the same old cop B.S. to me.

    • Marc

      LEOs are trained to shoot centermass to STOP a threat, not injure.

      • Bro’ Joe

        Too bad for this cop then. He wouldn’t be looking at alot of years in prison… had he not listened to that inane advice.

        • Marc

          You apparently have NO law enforcement or military experience. We are trained to eliminate threats by any means possible. When a 285# behemoth is charging at you, that constitutes a threat. And it appears, from most of your comments, that you simply are a troll trying to agitate others. I, for one, do not engage the likes of you in conversation. So when you grow up and learn to have adult conversations, I might reconsider. Have a nice life.

          • Bro’ Joe

            Sorry kid. I served in the Big Red One Infantry. That’s the trouble with you cops. You always assume too much.

    • Scott

      Bro’ Joe You apparently don’t understand that, in law enforcement terms, a firearm is considered strictly to be used as deadly force. It’s only to be used
      when the officer reasonably fears his life is in jeopardy or that he
      faces serious injury, or others face death or serious injury. If an
      officer does not fear death or serious injury to himself or others, he
      must use less than lethal force. For that matter, anyone that knows
      anything about firearms used for self defense knows that you can’t fire
      them to scare or wound someone.

      With this information in mind, you can now answer your own question.

      • Bro’ Joe

        So what you’re saying is that, if I just “pointed” a gun at your head, you would not be scared? Lol… you’re funny!

        • Scott

          Bro’ Joe Wow! Way to troll your way around the intended message. LOL

          But, I’ll humor you. You actually made my point. In the scenario of a person pointing a gun at someone’s head, the victim would likely be in fear for their life, so the use of deadly force would be justified.

          And yes, I am hilarious, just not in this particular case. :)

        • Equis

          What he should of done was comply with the officer’s initial request…how about that there was a conversation before this all occurred.

    • Edward

      “Feared for his life” certainly will fly if the reports of officer Wilson’s injuries from the first encounter can be proven. When someone breaks bones on their first assault and is returning for a second attack there is ample justification for use of deadly force. Evidently those “unarmed” arms were still quite capable of serious injury. (not to mention the report that Brown had attempted to arm himself with the officers weapon during the first encounter)

  • Bro’ Joe

    The cop is goin’ down no matter what. If the local prosecutor doesn’t get a conviction, then the Feds will after. He is going to be made an example of what happens when police abuse their authority.

  • Guest

    Michael Brown actually PAID for those swishers/cigars or whatever. The police must have edited the footage from the convenience store & cut that part out. Here’s the unedited footage, showing that he & his friend PAID. He also left some on the counter because he wasn’t able to PAY for ALL of it.

    Edit: If link does not work click here for direct YouTube link.

  • Cindy Perry Faircloth

    I can’t believe the black community is dumb enough to believe Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson are out there for their benefit!! Where are they when their commuities are being shot up by black/hispanic/white/gangs murdering their own innocent people!!! NOWHERE!!!!!! Because that does not get them any AIR TIME.!!! Why aren’t they trying to help get communities safe from violence. because it is of no benefit to them!!!

  • Rene Sasse

    “First of all, if this is the young man, y’all quit trying to exaggerate. That was shoplifting, not robbery… Robbery, you break in, stick something up.

    How about those people who ” SAW ” the young man get shot in the back, shouldn’t they stop exaggerating ?

    And let’s buy Sharpton a dictionary because this is what I found for ROBBERY :

    robbery legal definition of robbery

    Robbery. The taking of money or goods in the possession of another, from his or her person or immediate presence, by force or intimidation.

  • jdavis27107

    I really hate the guy died. When will people learn though, that crime and breaking the laws of the land will lead to ultimate death. We blame the police for doing their job and opportunists like Sharpton and Jackson (not reverands) try to build their names by making thugs look like innocents. Try this, tell youths to stop stealing, robbing, assaulting and tell them to be good citizens.

  • Artman

    It became robbery when Brown used force to take the cigars.

  • Bro’ Joe

    The Ferguson Market attorney said police did not see the video until after the unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, was shot dead in the street.

  • Cap_Curmudgeon

    Either way, the store owner loses and he has to sell more merchandise just to break even. One box of cigars might equal an hour without pay.

  • 2 IT too

    RED CHINA economic TREASON and POST America
    globalist MAFIA USURPATION stands behind literally
    EVERYTHING that’s destructive in 2014.

    are, one and all, bribed, compromised, vetted and ‘on board’.

  • Paul Roger

    True Bill; Sharpton is a couple steps down from National Enquirer……

  • John Sharman

    He needs to go to Chicago and address the much bigger issue of blacks killing blacks. The majority of gun shot victims are black and roughly 90% of the murders are black on black.

  • Richard Staccone

    REALLY AL???

  • Bro’ Joe

    This must be another incident of a cop in Ferguson, using his gun to protect his life.

  • Laoshir

    It is a known fact that Al Sharpton is a race baiter and opportunists. If only the crowds would have booed him like they did Jesse Jackson when he asked for donations.

  • marco polo

    Al will have no comment when its all on the table, just like the Duke lacrosse case. Someone should cram about 10 cigarillos in his mouth. I’d encourage race debates in the USA, if it meant the Als and Jessies could only speak after facts are out.

  • guest

    Okay people open your eyes. The video clearly shows Brown reaching over the counter taking a “bag or box” containing something which has now been identified by all as “cigars” and handing the bag/box of cigars to Dorian Johnson. Dorian Johnson looks at the bag and says something. Brown reaches over the counter a “second time” and takes several more handsful of whats been identified as cigars. Dorian Johnson then lays the first bag of cigars back on the counter because it was obviously not the cigars Johnson wanted or liked. Brown drops then gathers the second haul of cigars. At no time does money enter the picture. Brown and Johnson head towards the door and the store clerk runs after the men. Brown grabs the clerk by his neck and shoves the clerk violently and intimidates and bullies the clerk. Johnson and Brown exit… the clerk follows out the door then the clerk immediately goes back into the store looking distressed, shaken and very upset . Dorian Johnson should be arrested as an accessory to the robbery. Hanging around with people like Johnson may very well have been Brown’s problem and the reason why “Big Mike”, as Johnson called Brown, took the cigars in the firstplace..

  • jhannon

    Nonsense. Robbery is taking something from someone in person with the use of force. Shoplifting can happen without anyone being aware of it–that’s the goal. Anyone who knows anything about criminal law knows the difference between robbery and larceny.

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