O’Reilly: It’s No Accident the Left Chose the Name ‘Resistance’

This week on O’Reilly Friday, Glenn and Bill O’Reilly discussed this week’s shooting that targeted GOP House members. In light of the horrific events, O’Reilly described how the so-called “resistance” has opened the window for extremism on many levels. Additionally, he addressed how the name itself is no accident.

“Now, the resistance is tied into, as you guys know, World War II and all of the countries that the Germans occupied. There was a resistance, so that word is not an accident,” O’Reilly said.

In fact, the underlying message is that Trump is akin to Hitler. Consequently, as a member of the resistance, you can pretty much do or say anything with full acceptance.

“You don’t lose your resistance ‘cred’ so therefore it starts to build in the nut’s mind, like the one who went and tried to kill the Republicans. Not only are they justified in these kinds of acts, but they’re heroes. They’re heroes. Kathy Griffin thought she was going to be a hero in her precinct for doing this,” O’Reilly explained.

So what’s the answer?

“You have to out it. You have to discuss it. [People] hear this ‘resistance,’ and they don’t know what it is. They don’t know what the subtly is and what they’re trying to get across — that Trump’s a Nazi. Okay? That’s what they’re trying to do, to demonize him to the point where anything is acceptable in opposing him, any action,” O’Reilly said.

Both O’Reilly and Glenn agreed that what occurred this week amounted to domestic terrorism.

Enjoy the complimentary clip or read the transcript for details.