This Student Just Dropped the Mic in Debate With His Teacher Over Definition of Terrorism

The left took over the education system long ago, but the arrogance of some teachers still has a way of causing your jaw to drop to the floor. The latest offender is a 12th grade English teacher who got into a verbal sparring match with one of her students over the definition of terrorism.

In a video that is now going viral, the student uses facts to support his arguments and even points to the definition of terrorism found in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. But the teacher refuses to concede, going so far as to say she’s “smarter” than the dictionary.

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“The teacher is incorrect, and what the teacher says about the dictionary towards the end is unbelievable,” Glenn said on radio Wednesday.

“If this teacher were teaching my kids — and I don’t care if it was about the definition of something that wasn’t being politically charged — and I had tape, I would right now be saying, you must fire this teacher. Just the sheer arrogance.”

Watch the insanity unfold in the video below.

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